GT6 Update 1.12 Released: Includes New Track, New Online Features, New Cars


The latest update for Gran Turismo 6 is now available, and it is one of the biggest yet, bringing one of the longest new tracks ever to be featured in a console racing game.

Named “Circuit de la Sierra”, it is based around the lake near Zahara de la Sierra, in Andalusia, Spain. The area is just a few miles from Ronda, the GT6 Photo Travel location and the city which played host to the game’s international launch party last December.

Here’s the formal change log provided by Polyphony Digital. Of course, be sure to check our forums as GTPlanet’s community reveals more undocumented changes and modifications. The 1.12 update is 484MB in size.

Vision Gran Turismo

The “Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo” has been released. The design concept FT-1 is honed to perfection in this rendition to enhance its features and designs required for pure racing competition.

The car can be purchased in the “Vision Gran Turismo” section after the update, but you can also acquire the car by completing a full lap in the limited time seasonal event, regardless of the lap time achieved.


Sierra Time Rally

The “Sierra Time Rally” has been added to [Special Events]. In the first original long course “Circuit de La Sierra” modeled after the Ronda region of Spain, players will attempt to complete a lap around the course within the allotted time.

Time will be extended by passing the checkpoints, and your score will be calculated according to your distance driven. Overtaking other cars will raise your combo level, and there are other possibilities of raising your score based on your driving skills. We invite you to check it out.


Quick Match

[Quick Match] has been added to [Online]. When the event is selected, players will automatically be matched to other players around the world for a quick and easy online race.


Additional Cars

The following cars have been added to the [Dealerships]. You can also access these easily from the [Recommended Cars] section.

  • Toyota FT-1 graphite
  • Nissan GT-R NISMO ’14*

*Players who participated in the “GT Academy 2014” Online Qualifiers will receive this car free of charge.

Additional Gauges:

[Additional Gauges] have been added to [Custom Parts]. You can select instruments to add to three gauge slots, selecting from boost meter, water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, tachometer, speedometer, oil pressure gauge, and fuel pressure gauge.

Steering Controller

Official compatibility has been added for the Thrustmaster T300RS. It is possible to reassign keys from [START] – [OPTIONS] – [STEERING CONTROLLER]

Force Feedback

– [FORCE FEEDBACK] that could only be adjusted from [START] – [OPTIONS] – [STEERING CHARACTERISTICS] before can now also be adjusted from the [DRIVING OPTIONS] displayed in the [QUICK MENU] before driving.

– Also, the force feedback that was only adjustable under [FEEDBACK STRENGTH] can now be adjusted in [FEEDBACK MAXIMUM TORQUE] and [FEEDBACK CENTER SENSITIVITY] sliders. Now it is possible to set the steering sensitivity near the centered position, and the strength of the feedback during extreme cornering independently.

– Force feedback can now be adjusted on 200 degree lock-to-lock type controllers such as the GT FORCE RX.


– The motor assist control for the Toyota TS030 Hybrid ’12 has been changed. Because the motor assist only works when the car is at full throttle (over 80%), the motor no longer comes into effect during partial throttle positions while cornering.

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Comments (224)

  1. GTfanda

    1.12. SOUND ISSUES
    PD, please release next hot fix to sound issues that started with 1.12.
    In online lobby with more users engine/skid sound suddenly disappears.
    Sometimes it helps to return to lobby and reenter the track, sometimes not.
    We cannot properly organize our online races.

  2. TiLCHi

    I don’t know if anyone’s noticed this already but for some reason the new GT-R NISMO isn’t a ”normal car” nor is it a ”racing car”

  3. Markus Bobrik

    Ich bin schwer enttäuscht von diesem Update…seit 3 Tagen macht meine PS3 nichts anderes ausser Installieren…Fehler…neuer Versuch…Fehler…Spieldaten schon mehrere male gelöscht,neu heruntergeladen und dann beginnt das wieder von vorne…Und Suppoert bekommt man von seitens PD auch nicht. Hab die schon über ihre FB Seite angeschrieben,bekomme da aber keine Antwort. GT6 ist für micht unspielbar und scheinbar auch der letzte Gran Turismo Titel…Das es keine Ausdauerrennen mehr gibt konnte ich noch aushalten aber das ist echt eine zumutung!!!!

    I am very disappointed by this update … since 3 days makes my PS3 nothing else except install … error … new attempt … error … game data already deleted several times, downloaded again and then starts again from the front … and suppoert you do not get the part of PD also. Did the written already on their FB page, get there but no answer. GT6 is for micht unplayable and apparently also the latest Gran Turismo title … That there are no more endurance races I could stand it but this is really an impertinence !!!!

  4. Tenacious D

    I still find the FFB to be too weak, and mine was only on 5 originally. On 10, and it’s still a little limp. Maybe another ninja update is in order. Still, with my settings on 10, 8, the response feels more like what I’d expect. Lose grip, and FFB fades to about zero.

    Anyhow, about the track. It’s what I expected. It’s lush, it’s long, it’s sweeping, it’s scenic, it’s a track made for cruising or high performance racing. It was never meant to be a Nurburgring II, so PD pretty much hit it out of the park in my mind. Anyone who watched the demo videos should have known exactly what they were getting.

    The one issue where the game hangs for a split second at certain points is likely because PS3 has to dump a bunch of ram quickly to load in more assets. As others have said, this is from having a console which just isn’t big or powerful enough for what PD wants to do. But for what we’re getting, I’m way happy.

    And if this was made with the Course Maker II tools for the most part, or all, we’re in for a treat when we get it on our hard drives!

  5. research

    Major advertised features still absent. No shuffle racing online which fans are screamimg for. No offline Event Creator to take industry-stomping advantage of the incredible assets within this game. No qualifying or standing start options offline. No decent hood view or FOV adjustment to give adequate immersion.

    Yet the decision-makers at Polyphony Digital have found the time to add paintable brake calipers, paltry “custom rear wings”, and silly dashboard gauges?

    This is time spent poorly, to put it very kindly.

  6. dalegribble17

    Games crashes Cars make no sound Tires make now sound Can’t join lobby’s Another gtr Stupid update Get us something other that Jdm crap were not all Jdm guys

  7. ei8ht6ix

    Thanks PD. The new FFB is great and Sierra is fun. . . but half of the time my car has no sound, while I can hear other people’s cars fine.

  8. HisSuppleness

    After the update this morning the force feedback on my DFGT feels amazing. I have always had trouble controlling snap back and lift off oversteer but with the new update i find it much more controlable. The feel of the bumps and rumble strips has also improved.

  9. SpawnBlack

    I’ll be home in the next hour and half. Is anyone still having problems with the game since the new update? Of course you are because there can be no quick fix where PD is concerned at the moment. But in all seriousness, This issue needs to addressed as quickly as possible. There are many who have played GT6 since it was released and everyone has expressed that they should have waited to bring it out on the PS4 long before this blunder. The one upside to all of this is that we are not paying for the new tracks that are being uploaded and the new cars which there are not many of.

    If PD are smart they will come up with an idea that will bring the steering wheel dynamics back to it’s original state when the game was released. The feed back and feel of the cars is virtually non existent when turning the wheel. As I’m going through a bend/corner, when I turn the wheel it kind of turns a little bit more with no resistance leading to less feel. I have to go now but I will endeavour to get used to this mess before my next championship on Friday 10pm UK time. Thanks PD

  10. F1Racer68

    Regarding the Force Feedback, I will say that the recent hotfix has improved on the changes introduced in 1.12 update. Overall though, even before the hotfix, I was pleased with the changes introduced in 1.12.

    I drive a G27 and use both street and racing cars regularly. I always found that the FFB prior to 1.12 was too “strong”. The resistance in the wheel when turning was so strong that it masked the fine details of the road such as bumps, wheel hops, tire slip, etc. Ironically, it is exactly this resistance strength that those that are complaining want back. They just don’t realize what they have gained. Yes, the wheel feels lighter, but you feel so much more now.

    Now I do fully admit that the resistance was too weak after the 1.12 update. I feel that now that the hotfix has been applied the FFB levels are almost perfect. I run an endurance league where we run VERY FAST tire wear in order to encourage pit strategy. In my initial testing since the update I have been able to gain at least 1 additional lap on my tires due to the improvements in the FFB. I am able to feel the loss of front grip much sooner, and therefore am able to adjust to it quicker. This means that I am not abusing my front tires as much as I was before.

    Overall, a vast improvement in my opinion.

  11. beseiden

    Hello every1,

    My experience with this new update (1.12) was very interesting.
    I was working yesterday when the update came out and i begun to fear the update because all the complaining about the FFB. The GT series always had good FFB in comparison with other games on the PS3. I got home, made the update (no problem there, just some time waiting), and obviously went straight to the new track to check it out.
    I loved it, but the wheel behaviour was somewhat diferent, it reacted in a more direct way to the car movements on the tarmac (i raised the FFB torque and strengh to max).
    It feels lighter than before, but i can control the car much easier because the input of the wheel seems to me more direct and sensible.

    Later yesterday i had a race of my racing league (50 min around Brands Hatch GP) and i was a little worried about the outcome of the race.
    Turns out I was very consistent, didn’t made a single error, even with old tires, and my lap times were faster than before.

    To me the change feels more positive, but i understand that we all have different styles and tastes.

    As for the other news on the update, the cars look awsome, the GT-r Nismo it’s amazing, and in the Sierra track it’s just great :D. The Toyota VGT it’s a serious cornering machine, it eats km’s without effort and in the Bathurst track it’s very stable, made a 1:58:xxx (not a bad time)
    The Sierra track will be excelent just for cruising, i found myself respecting the lanes in the practice part (too bad no incoming traffic, no im not a nfs style games). I like the blind corners and the fast pace. Great adition for the game. The arcade style of the Sierra Time Rally it’s very addictive. I’m yet to make a perfect, keep trying it. great option to return to once in a while.

    The quick match option seems a good alternative to the ppl that has no patience to find rooms.
    Made two races, came 2nd in both, had no connection problems. Funny upgrade.

    The gauges… i have no idea because i haven’t tried them yet, but i hope that they work only if they have to (if the car has no turbo, the turbo pressure gauge will not work and so on)

    Generally im very happy with the update, just the FFB it’s going to be a fracture issue, im afraid.

    Take care every1 :)

  12. gigio79

    It’s 05:00 PM and I just downloaded an update (PS3) my G27 is much better than yesterday, Can you confirm if is true or I have a dream. thanks.

  13. Progress823

    This track is even better than what I thought. The GTR is nice too. Unfortunately I’m not too thrilled about the FT-1 VGT. At the least the suspension and downforce should be adjustable, and that damn 1st gear (84mph/135kpk – dafuq?). It handles great but has excessive downforce out back (730 units), which hurts the top end and causes a bit of push. Still managed a 7:59 around Sierra on R1 tyres (racing hard).

  14. Legend87

    to anyone who hasn’t yet played today.. they fixed force feedback with a small update. now its fantastic. guess yesterday was just a problem to be solved

  15. ElGreco

    I ‘ve been waiting for this update , because I couldn’t play GT since the 1.11 , but still the same thing … I download all the updates but can’t update at the game screen… I even format my HDD but still nothing . I don’t have problem with other games like COD , or GOD OF WAR , but GT is, or better say was my favorite game…

  16. 0r3n

    Beautiful track …. BUT (and its a big but) why do the special events have to be so short term… three events … nice outrun style overtaking challenge .. a welcome addition… but once all three events are golded… how many more times can you be f×××ed taking those 3 cars for another spin?… why not three “races” in carrer mode in diff categories… under 450 .. 450 to 599… and 600 and over… let us take our tuned cars (offline) and earn some credits…
    That being said we really need an update to career mode… we have so much new content ( I for one am pretty happy with whats been released thus far) we need a new international A part 2 which can have a VGT championship and a senna championship to drive the lotus in Monaco and the red bull ring… and …Endurance (24 minutes is NOT an endurance race)….
    It would also be nice to get rid of one drifting event each fortnight and instead give us a championship (5 races…)
    Its little things like that that would make so many people happy…. PD … please consider…
    and please fix my FFB… I understand that logitech have basically stopped supporting their custumers and we are all but f###ed when it comes to PS4 but really …2 days ago my G27 was working fine… what makes GT special is that you feel the scanned roads with the now feels like need for speed …. im enjoying the new content but my patients is running out.
    peace out

  17. Martin_320nm

    Likewise for me — no joy — My wheel is the Logitech Driving Force Pro (DFP) — ie. there is not much “force” with the “feedback” anymore with this update!
    I do like the look of the new Sierra track, but I don’t want to race on it until PD rectify the force feedback again.
    p.s. I have both wheel settings on max — ‘sensitivity’ setting is on 10, and ‘torque’ = 10.
    It should be fairly easy to fix.

  18. ElGreco

    And yet I can’t play even after this update !! I have tried everything , even a disc format , but still nothing . I don’t have problem with another game . I ve been waiting for this update hoping that I will be able to play again my favorite game but still nothing !!!

  19. kollosson

    This update is fantastic, the new track is awesome and the old school time attack, love it. There is always someone complaining about having problems with the download ? I have never had any problems, it seems the bigger and more impressive the DLC the more complaints we get here, everyone has been moaning the past few months about the new track, where is it etc now we have it and people are moaning but I expected that, how can people moan about this awesome DLC? but they do, I think this is the most negative fan site I have ever viewed…..

  20. moxlox

    Had a ball on this new track last night. Great addition. Done really well. Like the alternate gameplay for the special event too.

  21. Ryan Lynch

    I have a terrifying theory that they messed up the ffb on purpose to promote the thrust master. If my theory is correct my love for GT is DEAD.

    1. thegt500

      What in the world are you doing PD ? The wheel feel on my DFGT is terrible, loose and slack in the straight ahead position, vague and imprecise if turned slightly. It’s like driving on snow/ice with the tyre pressures set too high. The new track is probably awesome to drive but not with the ‘new and improved’ wheel settings.
      I’ve tried setting the sliders high, medium, low and every other which way to no effect and for me, it’s ruined the handling characteristics. SORT IT OUT PLEASE, or just go back to the old system that actually worked !!!!

    2. TRLWNC7396

      They have adjusted it to be more realistic. The force of the feedback is less than most are used to, but I find the action and response very, very nice. I’m sure they will make adjustments to the power level, but for now, enjoy the more accurate response of the car. It really IS better.

  22. warpkez

    Quick match is still broken:
    1) Disconnected from server
    2) Lobby not found
    3) Incompatible NAT2
    4) Network Time out.

    1. JDmsz

      Well since I’m hearing all these issues with the FFB on the g27 which I have, I’m afraid I’m not downloading this update because I don’t want to experience an unrealistic setting. Hopefully PD will realese a bug fix or another update next week relating to the current t bugs.

    2. TRLWNC7396

      Has NAT2 EVER been able to connect to a lobby? I don’t remember, but I wireless and have no problem connecting. It’s STAYING connected that my low-end connection can’t do with 16 cars in the room….

    1. vr6cas

      Maybe people was right when they said this should have been on the PS4. PD needs to go ahead and pull a GTA5 and release the same game on next gen because obviously the PS3 can’t handle this game. Look how GTA5 is about to benefit from next gen, GT could do the same.

    2. wudy201

      It aint the game Ive had gt6 and everyother gt game since day 1 release and i had 1 freezing problem in gt5 after I downloaded the new scion fr s thats the only problem ive ever had with any gt game. I have downloaded every update, play online and offline and Ive yet to hav a single error, game freeze, or any other probem with gt6. My ps3 is 2 years old 500gb with 112gb of space open. ive only turned the ps3 off 2 times since i own it and thats when i go on vaction for a week every june otherwise its on 24-7. My internet is just a simple comcast hookup that hangs around 10mbps dwnld speed and it stays connected wireless 24-7. My neighbor and brother both have zero problems as well so mabey some of you need to check your end of things cos if it would be a game problem it would affect every gt6 owner and its obvious it doesnt.

  23. mmdct

    FORCE FEEDBACK ON MY G27 IS GONE! Quality Assurance anyone? Major FAIL on your part. The game is WORTHLESS in it’s current state. It’s like moving from simulation to an arcade game. GARBAGE!!!

  24. thobie

    My fanatec csr wheel (acting as a logitech g25 in gt) now with this update 1.12 feels a lot more like a toy, a ridiculous one. After some laps trying to tune or change it without results, I have lost fun playing gt6, it is horrible. What have you done pd? Have you been forced by thrustmaster to do it this way, in order to let them sell more t500/300rs?

  25. mikronimo

    A lot of things, maybe too much, so PD has missed some “real world” things:
    -Quick match: random start;
    -Toyota, really amazing car, but, again, no customizable set up;
    -Sierra rally: brilliant track, funny race, but a single error and all the bonus gone…

  26. SpawnBlack

    And in traditional Gran Turismo style, I have been disconnected from the server of a Quick Race. Massively disappointed with this update. A car is a car but the change of how we set the Force Feedback has just changed things up according to how we will now have to set up the cars to race.
    The physics have now dramatically changed, which after 10 months of getting used to this version of GT’s physics, they have changed it by way of supplementing Steering Dead zones rather than incorporating it in a manner where there is no change of feel in the cars we drive according to each individuals driving style and how much force one likes – Strong or Weak. I prefer it to be Strong Feedback and then my own senses will gauge the sensitivity after putting on a suspension set up that best fits the nature of the track and myself. Come on PD put it back how it was.

  27. titleguy1

    I was disappointed. The GT-R can’t be painted, nor can the calipers. And the “meh, another GT-R” factor is still there.

  28. SpawnBlack

    There is no “Force” feedback through the steering wheel now. Got DFGT and now its just feels like a DF. Seriously messing things up PD and Kaz.

  29. KlubbinJay

    Has anyone noticed it yet that if you buy some gauges that the sound dissapear of the car during driving the car? Its a weird bug….also this need to get fixed.

    1. Streeto

      I don’t think it’s linked to the gauges, I was getting sound glitches on my standard cars, and you can’t put gauges on them.

      Also, on cars that you can see through the back window onto the dash (3rd person camera), the gauges are not there, but go interior and there they are. Weird.

    2. Efiv12

      Didn’t buy any new options, just took my ’13 Viper out on new coarse online and was driving with engine sounds only. Here comes update1.13.

  30. Levi King

    I think people who are unhappy with the ffb will just have to mess with the setting to get it to a comfortable setting.

  31. karelpipa

    whats the point of water temperature gauge and others? Do they stay only at the center of the gauge or if you, say, damage the front grill the car overheats?
    If no, its just cheesy as someone said earlier.

    1. xmarlboromanx

      I think it’s a neat little touch.. Who knows maybe in a future update they will come into play with damage or they are just there for looks…

  32. sircarltonlotus

    Brilliant update! Love the Sierra events even with srf. Beautiful track. Think it’s truly fantastic. Not sure about what some are going on about ffb. To me it feels the best it’s ever felt. Too much understeer the wheel goes light, you can now feel the car squirming under hard braking. Before anyone asks I’m using g27. The Toyota ft1 vgt is also epic! Top marks to pd

    1. xmarlboromanx

      It’s cause some people might be so used to GT, Now this is just my theory, but maybe they never felt GOOD ffb before?..I have yet to try it with a wheel hopefully I’ll get a chance this weekend.

    2. MeanElf

      Okay, I’m not using a wheel but the handling feels better even that previously using a DS3 and the default settings under the menu.

    3. DiaboLouco

      Até ai tudo bem, mas no Quick Match, não consegui correr pois parece corrida de demolição, muita batida, corrida totalmente bagunçada, ninguém respeita nada, acho que teria que ter mais regras para que valesse a pena correr por lá!!!!

    4. JuuWoo

      It is “broken”, there is no differences in feedback between light & heavy cars, road & race cars, Comfort & Slicks.
      For example Caterham 7 has heavy feedback & Bugatti Veyron very light, almost like driving on ice.
      Lotus 97T has light feedback even when parked. Feel feedback only when hitting the curb or going uphill.
      Its not right.

    5. MeanElf

      I had the impression that the FFB was more about the car starting to feel ‘light; as you started to loose control around corners, instead of what had been the case before.

    6. mr_pepps

      I’m loving this new update!
      The new track is brilliant and the improved steering response on my DFGT is incredible!
      CarltonLotus is right – the sensation of losing control is far more realistic now. Takes me back to a couple of crashes I had as a teenager – locking the front and going straight on into a hedge.
      I raced around a few circuits and everything felt tighter. I think the tyre sounds have improved and finally I heard the ABS working again as I braked late into the off camber steep down hill left hander on Matterhorn.
      I also think there has been a subtle change made to the AI in this update too. They seem to be a little more aware and will block me and push me wide into corners.

      All good with this update, loving it.

  33. KlubbinJay

    The update is awesome….but wth happend with the Force Feedback? O.o -_- it feels like the car is floathing. The feeling of each car is gone. :( Fix this quickly PD.


    1. AlexFFM1991

      Right the ForceFeedback ist sooo bad. Not able to drive. That’s not realistic. Very sad update…. I really hope they fix it fast

  34. funkstar2luxe

    FFB is still working fine with T500RS, the FT1 VGT sounds great, haven’t tried the Nismo GTR yet but the new track/game mode is really interresting; I can foresee PD’s intent to bring the Targa Florio to Gran Turismo 7…

  35. Rcman2k14

    Awesome update. I really enjoyed that new Sierra Track. I enjoyed driving on that last night. A bit challenging but worth it.

    1. FS7

      Agreed, PD should make standing starts, mechanical damage, fuel/tire wear & corner cutting collision penalties available in all game modes.

    2. Sauber_C9

      @FS7 You clearly know nothing if you’re asking for grid starts. PD already explained why they stopped doing that.

  36. GRAFX21

    -Fantastic Update.
    -Bought a couple new cars.
    -Earned a new car.
    -Won 3 in a row Quick Matches (good matches)

    1. nonficshaun

      Drive Sierra in full rain towards dusk and look out at the lake on any straight as you continue to drive…it’s rather breath taking for a game environment. I’ve only tried it from the interior view and there are some neat details that I came to appreciate beyond the standard list of complaints.

      Everyone should take a break and try this.

  37. TexasSlim420

    After 6 failures trying to download this update, I’m still waiting on the horrendously s l o w install to complete. That’s my gripe; new stuff in GT6 is nice, but the process is akin to dowloading a 10 minute video on dial-up. PD’s biggest fail right next to trying to sell game credits for cash. For me anyway. It is racing I want and quick updates in between. Speed it up PD!

  38. Maf369

    New gauges don’t function…
    Why introduce them if they don’t have actual feedback?
    Boost gauge stays at 0
    Really? Please introduce a patch to make these realistic… Feels extremely cheap for a “real driving simulator”

    1. HuskyGT

      I hear you. Pretty nice, but useless function really. I wanted to put a tachometer on some old cars that don’t have it, but it says that I can’t put custom gauges in them. So yeah, another pointless feature. They should’ve done something else.

    2. Rcman2k14

      As usual, people complaining about something they didn’t have to pay for. Whether it works or not, It still pretty nice. I guess people will still wine and complain about anything. Why something so small should bother you?

    3. HuskyGT

      I’ll complain how much I want to and no one has the authority or power to tell me to do otherwise. Don’t like people complaining? Skip these posts. I paid for the game, and I will keep demanding for it to improve for as long as I keep supporting it.

    4. HuskyGT

      @ Why would I have to do more tests? I already tried it in the cars I wanted and nope; doesn’t work. So yeah, my complaint is more than legitimate.

      And seriously, why is it that everytime a frustrated GT fan has a legitimate complaint about something, another one has to come and complain about the others complaint?

      And yeah, I tested it in another car that I wanted a specific gauge and it didn’t work either. So now I’m back to complain. This new feature is inconsistent and half-finished. Thanks PD for adding this little feature, but at the same time, no thanks. Better off working on some other features that would really be a game changer, or real DLC that I would happily pay for.

    5. liv4hardstyle

      @HuskyGT you shouldn’t have to test anything and yes you can say what you want about the game, that’s what the forum is for.

      It would be like firing (ha!) up a first person shooter and testing that all your guns work before starting a match.

      Expecting a game to work is not to much to ask. PD are building their castle 1 brick at a time, and, the periods between “bricks” is vast. Getting over it too. To summarise – don’t put stuff in game that doesn’t work, its illogical and down right stupid

    6. JuuWoo

      Not you Husky.

      “New gauges don’t function…” & “Feels extremely cheap for a real driving simulator”. Later after new test: “It just a doesn’t read for superchargers” … pls.

    7. wudy201

      So having the gauges work will help what other than someones fantasy world they live in when playng this game. So what will a working voltmeter, water and oil pressure and temp, boost gauge and whatever do for anybody when playing. The damage model isnt that involved that when you hit something and bang up the car it causes oil and water temps to rise andpressures to drop and voltage drops and so what about a boost gauge all you do is add a turbo or supercharger to the car theres no adjusting the boost and it doesnt tell you how much boost you should have anyway so who care if it says 0psi or 12psi or 20psi, it dont mean anything its not going to affect the car none of these gauges even if they worked would affect the car them races are almost always a couple laps no pitstops so most races are overbefore the engine warms up. Unless you pretend like your really racing and act like your giving your imaginary pitcrew and crew cheif car feedback whn playing the gauges add to the look theres no reason to go through the hassle ofmaking them work when its not going to make any difference to the car or race. Ramming the car infont dont make temps rise and pressures drop because engines losing power and running hot or cold and voltage changes dont exist in gt6. So its just like the custom wings and wheel changes, they dont make any difference other than looks

    1. MeanElf

      Absolutely great track PD with lots of nostalgic sound effects, especially the voice :) Unfortunately I’ve only had the chance to run a souple of stages and the first full rally due to real life commitments. Should be able to get back on there later though.

      That FT-1 VGT is kick-ass too – you feel some real exhilleration under acceleration!

  39. Strop

    Did anyone else look at the image circuit-de-la-sierra-6 (Ferrari GTO and Lamborghini) above and think Out Run 2014 :-) Only thing missing was the blond in the passenger seat :-D

  40. gt362gamer

    T500 RS feels better now? Ok then, I suppose its a coincidence that now i cant feel anything in my g27. PD, congratulations, you lost the last hope i have in you guys…. Go home PD youre drunk

    1. Legend87

      that’s exactly what i tought.. they made ffb good for trustmaster and logitech will just feel crap.. if that is not going to change im done playing gt6

    2. Crozzlow

      I have a G27 and don’t feel that at all. I cranked up the torque and feedback and it makes it even harder, which I like….

  41. Lambob

    This update solidifies things, and gives relief to the abrasive FFB felt prior 1.12 on the T500 RS, now it feels tight in the turns as it should, and remains subtle everywhere else.

    The Spain track event brought a lot of smiles , the colors pop out, I love the feedback from the front wheels, I think the rear dampers are working now too, there is much positive happening in the little time I spent on it this morning, the Nurburgring feels tighter all around in the new Nismo GT, Thank you PD, this is well worth the wait. I am really impressed at the smoothness of the new track, coming from a PS3, I can’t wait to see the photorealism you will bring to GT7 on the PS4. the shortcomings in this game are always forgiven, we love to hate on you, because we’re passionate about wanting to feel immersed in your game, Kaz, to the fullest extent. Bless PD, keep em coming, and tell sony to rid of the current Cr business model, and get money from us for cars, and more Events such as this new Rally Trial, or give us monthly deals on cars that are 20Mil CR, for say 25% off or something of the sorts.

    1. BrunetPaquet

      As many +1s as I can give you. Finally a post that makes sense. Huh… I feel like the haters are gonna bash on us for saying positive things of this magnitude about GT6…

    2. gigio79

      Thrustmaster wheels is what Sony wants and I don’t know why. Fanatec and Logitech will be not supported in PS4. If somebody did not understand yet, Sony is pushing people to buy thrustmaster wheels. Is it normal that after update I have a G27 not usable and brand new T300RS supported? At this point I have to stop playng GT6 and pass to Grid autosport. Thank you Sony, thank you poliphony.

    1. nonficshaun

      Quick? No. Match? Maybe. It is still a shorter title than “Patience testing random possibility of meeting real humans who might know how to handle a car at speed, provided the planets align and the gods shine favor upon you”

      Racing people is still more intense and rewarding than the idiotic AI. For that, I will put up with quick match to a point. Even the worst human drivers are more invigorating than the prosaic seasonal opponents.

  42. Legend87

    can somebody tell me if the force feedback changes are a bug, a problem to be fixed, or is it really not going to change?? before the update the force feedback wad way better.. please pd restore force feedback as it was..

  43. GTP_federsch

    The previous relatively well done (before this update) FFB has died for me, G27. It’s a shame, I´m not enjoying this game so long ago and now less. I hope PD solve this immediately.

  44. Jack The Ripper

    Almost a year and this game is still missing the key features it was announced to have. Absolutely ridiculous. I’d rather you take another year to complete the full product rather than releasing features bit by bit. If they do this with gt 7, I am definitely not buying it. Hurry up with that course maker already.

    1. acedition333

      Agreed. It’s nice to get new features but just 2 cars? They were already in the game. Just did some tweeks to it and boom “new cars”! Course maker an some different cars would be nice.

  45. Maf369

    What’s the point of custom gauges if they don’t read/display the data on which they were made for?
    Boost gauge stays at 0
    Extremely cheesy… Honestly what’s the point?

  46. TomBrady

    What the hell is going on with the force feedback? It feels terrible now. What the hell did they do? Damnit. How do we fix it?

    I mean seriously, why would they break the FFB this badly? The FFB was awesome before although a little weak. Now it feels terrible

    1. TomBrady

      By default Torque is at 10, FFB sensitivity is at 8. It felt terrible.

      It’s the torque. I think torque is their word for Damper, or spring because that’s what it feels like

      Set torque to 1, sensitivity to 10 and it’s better but still not as good as it used to be

  47. infamousphil

    Excellent update PD. I like it. Now since we were informed of a new and improved course creator FIRST. Quit teasing me.

  48. Neil magree

    Today i had a great game but now i have something completely unplayable.The steering on my g27 is a complete joke .PD how could you do this, how do you think this is acceptable .This must be fixed in a patch otherwise this game would end up in the trash can .Who care about a new track when the driveing experience is ruined.

    1. TomBrady

      Try setting torque to 1, sensitivity to 10. It’s better but still not as good as it used to be.

      PD is retarded for screwing this up. FFB was one of the best things about this game

  49. nick98

    The first thing I’ve done after downloading this update was taking the FT-1 VGT to the Circuit de la Sierra. IT WAS AWESOME!!! And the Time Rally event is very fun, too!

  50. AlexFFM1991

    Did some of you guys test the g25 with the new force feedback options ? On the straight I don’t have any force feedback ….. Ist so powerless .. That’s not realistic
    Are you kidding me pd ??? Are you serious ? The wheel have no power anymore!! I think I play a cheap game. If feels like NFS !!!
    Wtf is wrong with this new force feedback S H I T!!!??? Tell me ?!!
    Bevore the update I had really nice and hard wheel feedback so I could put the car where I wanted in the corner and now I don’t have any wheel response on the straight and bevore I enter the corners it’s like driving a bobby car with plastic tyres. It feels Soo bad it’s not driveable!! I put the option on max and still no wheel response. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE GAME UNDRIBEABLE!! SINCE GT2 I played it and the steering never so bad like now !!!!
    Thank you PD FOR DESTROYNG THE game THX

  51. randyrockstiff

    well got to say this is a great update. just wondering though does the “force feedback” torque/sensitivity affect ds3 users or just wheel. also how will this affect ds3.

    1. AlexFFM1991

      The new ForceFeedback is so bad. It’s not driveable with g25 or g27. I tested all options but the ForceFeedback ist = 0
      There is no ForceFeedback. Is feels so bad.
      Just when you hit a bump or a curb you fell ist. It’s like turning on a wheel without turning it on. The steering is so light when you turn it goes 360 degree without putting any power. You just have no feel. It’s crap and not driveable. I wonder how stupid PD has to be thinking that they made it realistic. It’s Soo unrealistic.
      You just have 0% ForceFeedback until you hit a curb.

  52. CraigHyphenO

    Am I the only person who thinks that the FT-1 VGT is ridiculously dull and boring to drive compared to the original?

    1. 0r3n

      I like it… its not as much of a wild beast as the Nissan or Aston VGTs… seems more refined….I took both (old FT1 and VGT) for a spin to see the difference and I like the differences …it sticks to the track (I guess I can see your point there) but it sure felt very “comfortable” and fast around Bathurst …

  53. 0r3n

    Great update….new cars (how is that FT1 Graphite going for 500k credits yet the GTR Nismo 154k credits) …altough the bonus GTR Nismo (for participation in the academy) is much appreciated.
    Zaharah is a great cruising track… currently doing 8:50s in 600pp non race cars SS – really enjoying this new track- did the first event to open it up in arcade ….saving the other 2 events and payouts for when the multiplier bonus kicks in .in a couple of days

    But for me the unsung hero in this one is the Toyota VGT … (when it was downloading all I was hoping for was that the special event track wouldnt be tokyo or willow springs) anything else would be a bonus… Bathurst with the aim of cracking two minutes… double bonus) it looks really good and drives beautifully… sounds pretty good too IMO…
    Kudos to PD on this one….
    Now bring on the Mazda Miata VGT ans some more Volvos ;)
    I know its reading way too much into it (start the hype train) but im hoping the reference to THE FIRST ORIGINAL means that there is an intention more will come (in GT6) …

  54. showmethepuppiz

    It’s Been almost 3 months since I played GT6 because of the failed update issue, was hoping 1.12 would include the fix………but sadly no

  55. austindeckerGT5

    I kind of feel like hooking the retired PS3 (Since the File System corrupted and all my saves are gone) back up just to see whats what.

  56. GTHEAD87

    Quick race is awesome! Not had this much fun online since the first month! Zahara is pretty darn awesome too. Thank you.

  57. Rikson

    Nice update,but I hope they fix the feedback with a patch.All set to max,and it’s about 50% compared with previous version. (G27)

  58. Cloud Strife7

    gauges ……… hmmmm ok …. what’s the use if u dont use display, to really drive realistic & u cant use it on standard cars?

  59. liv4hardstyle

    not really sure if my wheel has had it but after this update my G25 has lost a lot of feedback, even with all settings to 10. anyone else had this?

    1. TheFlash05

      Yeah I thought it was just me and I was dreaming but it would seem not. There’s just no feeling in it. Ive tried moving the sliders all over the place and it just makes things worse.

    2. Legend87

      ive noticed as soon as i started driving.. i have dfgt and force feedback its terrible after the update.. i hope it’s just a problem that’ll be fixed soon

    1. VBR

      For ruining the FFB by lowering the weight of the wheel so much that I can no longer get any joy or feel for the cars.

      If you’re gonna add FFB options then add one for wheel weight & resistance.

  60. PIGBOY

    i just downloaded the update,installed it,IT WANTED TO IN STALL IT AGAIN AFTER I ENABLED MULTI AUDIO ON ps3…FAR CANAL…I DUNNO BOSS

    1. Hentis01

      It installs it into the game, once you have finished downloading it and boot up GT6. It takes between 30 -40 minutes. Its a pain in the back entrance but its how PD does it. We just gotta get on with it.

  61. Hentis01

    Sierra Time rally is great but the screen tear and jerkiness is very noticable (47″ LG 3D jobbie here). Even in replay.
    The GT-R is welcome (lol). Havent looked at the VGT seasonal yet. Gotta goto work. Hopefully the zahara track will be made available to race in arcade mode. You can drive it in practice mode but only as far as you get to during the challenges.

    love the arcade voice as well. So 80’s

    1. Tenacious D

      Well, at least it’s an even number now. ;D

      Actually, this is one I’m looking forward to, along with the race cars we got.

  62. mickoafna

    Love both new cars. Haven’t tried the track yet or other new features but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed :)
    Thank you, Kaz!

  63. BrunetPaquet

    Ah-mazing update. I’m really liking it!

    Gold standard’d the special event. To get the track, do a whole lap of it. Best idea would probably be in the Abarth.

    Also, the quick match is… I dunno, it’s just… intimidating. I thought it was gonna be something that allows to search for a lobby with the criterias you ask from the game. Anyways… it’s something I don’t think I’ll almost ever compete into.

    Two reasons here… 1. I’d end up in the rear of the pack every time because 2. The true professionals are way above most of the people.

    …I hope there won’t be sessions where the insanely skilled will finish 30 or more seconds ahead of average people.

  64. warpkez

    AI still needs work. For heaven’s sake! I am sick of taking the penalty because the AI cannot hold a line. I have been playing Project Cars, the AI is still in “school” and it can hold a line better than this.

    GT5 had better AI by comparison.

  65. sayba2th

    Giddyup! Premo news of the day, hopefully this is the start of bigger and better things to come. I am looking forward to hooking this up, cheers PD!

    1. sayba2th

      Also on a side note I thought that we might have seen at least the Alfa VGT as part of this update. Maybe in October.

  66. VelocityX

    What a great update! The new track will be great for photos, and the FT-1 Race Verision and the new GT-R looks nice as well.
    And the quick match looks very exciting!

  67. HuskyGT

    Already finished the first challenge. It is a fun but simple track. Got 1,000,000 at first try. The voice “Time Extended” and “Overtake” is very nostalgic of 90’s arcade racers.

    Very interesting that we get custom gauges too. Kind of useless in some cases, since you can’t put tachometers on cars that don’t have it already.

    1. Tenacious D

      It’s probably yen, 100 to the western credit. I bought the Asian copy of Prologue, and that’s how it scales too.

  68. GTP_Versatile

    I’m curious about the quick match feature, downloading the update now, but I wonder… does this mean shuffle is back?

  69. Kevster823

    Finally a new update that we all been waiting for. Most Importantly Zahara is here. I’m getting in my best car for a first joy ride lol

  70. Amac500

    Zahara is finally here!!! (In time you will show your age on GTPlanet by who calls the track Zahara and who calls it Sierra). My 0 miles Miura I grinded for in February shall finally be driven! And my birthday is this Thursday, thanks for the early gift PD! :D

    1. infamousphil

      Haha, happy b-day Amac! Hopefully we’ll have a course creator before my birthday ;)

      Was just thinking while driving Sierra how awesome the course creator will be. Sierra is great fun with similar pp cars to pass works great. But a course creator with a selectable group of 50 to 100 whips to share the roadway with would be totally awesome!

  71. eclipsee

    Can’t wait to try the “Quick Match”, I hope it’s what it was in GT5 Prologue.

    By the way, you’ve a typo there @Jordan, it isn’t “Andalusia”, it’s “Andalucia”.

    1. mcfizzle

      Why did you assume shuffle when we were told specifically ‘quick match’? Your own assumptions set you up for disappointment.

    2. FoxHound Chief

      Before I read on, I saw “new online features” in the title and thought “shuffle! shuffle! shuffle!” like a giddy 10 year old girl.

      I was wrong…

      But quick match seems kinda cool, though, I might get in on that

  72. ALB123

    While most of us have been waiting for the release of this track since January, now that it’s actually here doesn’t it sort of feel anticlimactic?

  73. spongertwo22

    It’s 9:30 here on the west coast and I’m just reading this. I don’t have time to play tonight gotta get to bed, man it’s gonna be hard to sleep tonight! I’m so excited!!!!!

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