GT6 Update 1.17 Released, Brings Lexus & Alpine Vision GT Cars


The latest Gran Turismo 6 update has just been pushed live, and – although it’s quite a bit smaller than the 1.16 update which introduced B-Spec mode and Midfield Raceway – it brings two highly anticipated Vision GT concepts: the Lexus LF-LC GT Vision Gran Turismo and the Alpine Vision Gran Turismo.

Both cars can be obtained for free by completing a lap in their new corresponding Seasonal Events, where new Alpine racing suits and helmets can also be won for a limited time. A bug has also been resolved which affected players resuming a Championship race from B-Spec mode.

lexus lf lc gt vision gran turismo-9

The free 1.17 update weighs in as a 397MB download. As always, visit our Gran Turismo 6 forum for more analysis and discussion as our community digs through the game for additional, undocumented changes.

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  1. Speed Fiend

    Do these two new VGT’s seem a bit underrated in terms of PP?
    Alpine @ 600PP dominated GT3 Spa race even lapping a few cars. Lexus on the super gt500 motegi and it too destroyed competition with a 600pp setting. IMO they should both have a higher PP rating, particularly the alpine.

  2. TamasToth

    I really don’t mind “fake” cars at all in this VGT project. The basic idea behind it seems quite interesting. But how come that we get this “vision” Lexus but no GT500 class RC F at all? That could be a fresh new “real life” raving car.

  3. FiftyBelowZero

    People in this comment section:

    “Stop wasting your time PD”
    “I will buy Project Cars and ditch GT”
    “Yay, another fake car!”
    “Disappointed it’s not Red Rock Valley”
    “Why isn’t it Course Maker”

    1. theformidlog

      Lol were getting spoiled with free cars and everyone’s like “Where’s Course Maker???”

  4. Blood*Specter

    Psychopulse I agree and I’ll take it one step further. If you look closely at GT6 during races and replays you will find that the track and background scenery look third rate in comparison to the cars.

    The lack of movement by the trees and shrubs, the textures of track surface and various buildings and people look almost first gen. That is to say they are not 3 dimensional objects. The cars suffer from glare around the door/hood and trunk panels. The effect makes the entire game look bad. Almost cheap. And you could NEVER say that about PD prior to now. I really hope this changes with the release of GT7.

    Right now if PD keeps the standard cars and continue to go without massive update/improvement of graphics, tuning adjustment, driving feel and sound, why would any of us buy their next offering?

    I will wait for game release and initial review before deciding if I want to buy GT7.

    1. Johnnypenso

      The problem for PD is the legacy assets. Carrying over old cars and tracks without completely reworking them to next gen standards if that is in fact the case, is going to make the game look inconsistent and disjointed. If you look at DriveClub and Project Cars videos on YT at 1080/30/60, everything is made from scratch to PS4 quality, there are no leftover cars/tracks/textures from older games. DC and PCars have set the bar very high in that regard IMO, and it will be a mistake on PD’s part to port over any old assets without a massive buff and shine to them to bring them up to speed.

    2. Tenacious D

      Well, leave it to GT Planet to have people remarking of GT6 being a bad looking game…

      Whatever. I’ll keep racing it – after they fix the tranny bug anyhow – and am looking forward eagerly to the appearance of GT7.

    3. Johnnypenso

      I guess GT6 is paaaaarect and we should never point out any of it’s flaws right TenD?…lol.

  5. Psychopulse

    Is it just me, or do the in-game promo shots actually have better graphics than the actual game? I’ve noticed that with practically all the in-game promo shots i.e. the cars being featured on in-game tracks. A case in point, the Alpine VGT cockpit view promo photo at Matterhorn has a level of graphical detail unseen in GT6.

  6. wudy201

    This is awesome two more “fake” cars added. The Alpine video did show a full size “real” car in it didnt it? but i guess that dont matter and still makes the Aline VGT a “fake” car. Anyway I love both new VGTs and really cant wait for the Bertone VGT that just looks insane. The Lexus VGT I feel like its a really fast car I havent put it up against other cars in its class but either way I love the feeling of the car and the handling is perfect for me. Now the Alpine to some getting used to. it felt like the slower the turn tbe more it understeered. Also the braking was the weirdest thing it felt like it took forever to slow it down and it just felt like it didnt want to slow down but after I took it to some tracks with a lot of slowing and turning like cote d’ azur, Brands Hatch, Streets of Willow, Silverstone Grand Prix, Motegi road course, Suzuka, Cape Ring, Route 5 and Madrid I got the hang of the braking of the car and then the car became fun and it honestly is one of my overall favorite cars in the game to race. Keep bringing more VGT cars Im having a blast driving these cars and cant wAit for the last 15 to show up.


    My 2c. If you can’t add fake cars without destroying other parts of the game, please stop adding fictional non-existent cars.
    I’m not complaining about the stupid fake cars a la unlicensed racing game, but if it’s going to involve destroying other parts of the game with bugs, then don’t update at all.
    But that’s just a single person’s wish.

  8. FranchiseJuan

    Did they add in the generic interior to the cars with simplified interiors in this or the last update? Great addition for those of us who mainly play in internal view.

  9. Devil240Z

    How much more VGT junk do they have to poop out before they do something meaningful like put in an event creator?

    1. Chameleon9000

      Well, considering the fact that they promised the VGT’s, and never even hinted at an event creator, probably never.

    2. Tenacious D

      How about they release stuff like the Event and Course Makers when they’re ready, and not preliminary buggy guys? Or have you checked your adjustable trannies lately?

    3. Johnnypenso

      A better question would be, why were they messing with the trannies to begin with, it has nothing to do with anything else in the update.

  10. smskeeter23

    Surprisingly, despite my previous pseudo-complaint, I actually rather like the Lexus. Might be decent for some GT500 races if it passes spec. Then again I’d probably only do one or two for novelty and then shelf it again :( Sigh…

  11. infamousphil

    Solo… update 1.17 is resetting custom transmission settings?! Dang PD! Get it together man! WTH does VGT and event races have to do with a custom transmission?! Dang yall dumb ;(

    Thanks to all who noticed ;) Now I gotta redo 4 bspec GT3 grinders. I thought my driver, F. Sego, was having some performance issues.

    Thanks to the Planet, I may have not noticed this for a long time.

    1. drag lab 101

      Haven’t been in the forum for GT6 in a min.. Thx for posting that here as I haven’t updated yet, thankfully!
      That’s a major no no in the bug/glitch depo!!!
      For me that’s as big of flaw as any game could have.
      The countless hours that go into fine tuning cars/trans/suspension ect ect isn’t something I can not just sit down and replicate a 1000 different ways at the drop of a hat!!!
      It’s basically like starting from scratch in the garage depo & that is an unacceptable set back IMO.
      That would be enough for me to put this title down and never come back to it!

    2. Halcyon925

      I’m not certain if this is for other players, but I was able to update my game, play it for hours last night (didn’t drive anything besides the VGTs) and was able to get back on today and see that my transmissions were in tact. One of my cars had it’s custom transmission until I decided to take it out for a few laps. After seeing worse performance from the initial start of the driving, I went to my car’s settings to find out that my transmission had been reset after using the car. I quickly turned it off in hopes that it did not save.

    1. AbsoluteBarstool

      “Hell yeah” is a registered trademark of GregOr1971 Enterprises Limited. All rights reserved.

  12. Speed Fiend

    This update causes transmission tunes to revert back to default. WTF PD!!! Im usally the last to complain on one of these forums, I always strive to be positive in comments but it makes no sense to me how game developers did not notice a problem like this before hand.

  13. smskeeter23

    Yeah. Well I’ll DL it for the kids to play with I guess. Otherwise as usual nothing to see here. Didn’t expect anything so I guess I’m no more disappointed than normal.

    GT6 “may” have finally killed me for console racing completely. Might very well be time to move on. I guess the next couple of updates will tell.

    1. smskeeter23

      Please don’t hold your breath. The hype train has already caused enough deaths since December 2013.

  14. joaosoarescso

    Theres a HUGE bug, i don’t care about the alpine or lexus or whatsoever, so everytime i do a race with my trusty 190 E the gearbox goes to “default” everytime i finish a race, this is the biggest bug on GT6 so far and its really annoying, please fix that soon, i mean, everytime i do a online race and i have to do the gearbox over and over again -.-

  15. kollosson

    No issues with the update whatsoever, was fast and everything is fine, I think the new cars are awesome, my fave is the alpine, it’s looks fabulous and handles great .

    1. Johnnypenso

      Other than the bug that deletes all your wonderfully tuned transmissions, yeah it’s great…lol.

  16. draggerlane

    As I see comments about the downloading the update. I didn’t any problem updating to 1.17. Now my review of the cars. First off the Lexus LF-LC GT Vision GT. Well Looks like Lexus can’t come up with there own design. Had to copy Toyota with the FT-1 design. Way to go Lexus How original. The car handled somewhat okay. Not all that great I find it gets loose in the tight corners doesn’t want to stick to the road. A little sluggish for what it has for horsepower and class of car. Now the Alpine Vision GT. Design is unique and Pleasant to the eyes. That is all the good about the car. It drives like a brick. The car is very sluggish don’t want to turn in some corners and others it is to easy to turn making this car very unpredictable and a very unstable car. It is hard to brake doesn’t want to stop. All in all looks factor: very cool. Drive ability: I would have to say they need to go back to the drawing board and design a car that you can actually drive.

    1. Johnnypenso

      You know the car drives the way it does because of the GT physics engine right? It’s a virtual car, not a real car.

    2. SZRT Ice

      Lexus is the “luxury” branch of Toyota. And it drives that way, because testers and designers at Luxus, ran the vehicle through theirs and PD’s simulation algorithm and were satisfied with it.

    3. Halcyon925

      Either improve your driving style or change it in order to drive the car. The LS-GT performs perfectly fine, and it even corners faster than the FT-1 from my own experience. For 612 HP, it is really fast. If you think it’s a bad engine, then try to tune the transmission to get the result that you want. I could care less about the Alpine VGT, but the trick to driving that is really letting off the gas in places that you would floor it with a normal car.

    4. Tenacious D

      Lexus – Luxury Sedans, SUVs, Hybrids, and Performance Cars

      Johnny, Johnny, Johnny… always trying so hard to correct the intranets, and then you do stuff like this…

    5. SZRT Ice

      Are you insisting that the LFA and ISF are affordable, basic, daily driver, consumer class vehicles?

    6. SZRT Ice

      And regardless of whatever you were inferring, my point was to say, that Lexus and Toyota are closely related branches of the same tree, thus the similarities in their VGT’s.

      What point are you trying to make?

    7. Scheer

      The FT-1 and the Lexus were both designed by Calty so they only ‘copied’ their own work. Hopefully this will point to a new Supra or a more affordable LFA. As for Lexus being a luxury brand, well that’s what they were conceived as, but maybe we should just refer to them as Toyota’s premium brand just to keep the pedants at bay.

    8. Tenacious D

      I wonder if you’ve ever bristled at Ferraris and Lambos being referred to as “luxuries.”

      Anyhow, with the FT-86 being relatively popular, here’s hoping that Toyota decides to bring back a “premium” brand of car, namely the Supra.

    9. Johnnypenso

      Yeah TenD, you can throw a custom transmission on the Premium Supra and drive it on one of your many course maker tracks…oh wait…lol.

  17. breyzipp

    The new VGT’s might look cool but in regards to being a fun driving experience none of them come even remotely close to the Mini Clubman VGT.

  18. warpkez

    Anyone having trouble with their GT6 not working after this update?

    After the update is applied, I get a series of beeps and the PS3 turns itself off. Then when I finally get it to turn back on, the game just loads ands exits back to the desktop.

    1. BaseBuild

      Try to rebuild HDD database (warning: it’s very slow process, maybe two hours) or it’s overheat issue.

    2. stupidstormy36

      There can be several reasons why this is happening. Were there any error messages or error codes? Posting these messages and/or codes can help narrow down the issue.

      Here is what I can think of at this time. Remember to backup any important data before proceeding.

      -Is your HDD full or very close to being full? If so, you can try to delete some unnecessary data.

      -Your update installation may have been corrupted. You can try to delete the game data via the Game Data menu on the XMB. This will delete any installed data (including updates, DLC, replay data, and photo data, but not your save data file) related to GT6. After deleting, start up GT6. When the game prompts you to download the update, proceed to do so. Make sure to have enough free space on your HDD before proceeding.

      -You can try to reformat the HDD. Caution: THIS WILL DELETE ALL DATA ON YOUR HDD.

      -Your PS3 may have an overheating issue. Is the problem persistent with any other game?

      If I think of anything else, I’ll try to post them. Good luck.

    3. warpkez

      The download had become corrupted. Instead of it being 397MB, it was 368MB (router log). Somehow it passed the validation, but as a result, the game files were corrupted.

      Had to delete and re-download the lot. Not a happy camper over that.

  19. Problem

    Anyone else having an issue with tunes not saving after the update? It’s getting frustrating really, I make a transmission tune and it keeps resetting.

    1. Whitefalcon63

      I found that too. Took me a while before I realised my b spec wasn’t making as much money as he normally does because the car wasn’t fast enough.

  20. =drifting24/7=

    yes, finally!! Can’t wait to drive those two cars; the Alpine simply because it’s so pretty, and the Lexus because I want to see how it stacks up against its cousin, the Toyota FT-1 VGT. Comparos, anyone? :D

    1. strela

      Lexus 627pp VS TF-1 637pp yet on Midfield I can easily do a sub 1:04 while I realy need to push the Toyota to do the same job.

  21. Halcyon925

    From the sound of it (literally), the sound for the tire skiding sounds different, or even better than before.

  22. Tuppence870

    In before somebody complains about fantasy cars and B-Spec.

    Seriously though, the Alpine has to be one of my favourite cars not just in Vision GT, but in the whole of GT6. It handles and looks like a dream!


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