GTPlanet Weekly Rewind: The Premium Standard

November 16th, 2012 by Michael Leary

Aside from looking forward to the second installment of this very feature, I’ve had quite the busy week and you’ll all be glad to know it included a fair dosage of GT5; a game I’ve been playing more and more since last week. Funny how that works, isn’t it? I’m still quite a long way from being as interested in the game as I was in late 2010 when the game hit the shelves but that doesn’t mean I can’t come back to it from time-to-time to enjoy several lapping sessions, some photo sessions and maybe even some senseless spending of credits on cars I already have — how is that not fun?

Now let’s quickly address some confusion that’s been had over the Rewind’s weekly features. Last week, after introducing the Picture, Vehicle and Tune of the Week there were guidelines which were devised to get you all to provide feedback on what would be included in future installments of said segments but somehow, perhaps through no fault of my own, the guidelines weren’t as clear and concise as I’d wanted them to be, so let’s resolve that now. The following are the guidelines which pertain to the Picture, Vehicle and Tune of the Week segments:

  • If you’d wish to suggest something for either one, if not all three of the segments drop me a private message with your choices. No more than two per week.
  • Entitle the PM “GTPlanet [blank] of the Week”. Where, of course, you’ll substitute ‘blank’ with the segment you’re providing suggestions for.
  • You cannot elect your own work.
  • When sending me a PM promptly link me to whatever it is you have in mind. Don’t instruct me of where I should go for your suggestion.

If you’re wondering “Why two per week?” it’s so I’ll have a considerable pool to select from without having to read a long list from one person and practically ignore everyone else who submitted their own suggestions. Now that this has been cleared up let’s move on with things!

GTPlanet Picture of the Week

This week’s entry, courtesy of Taiga features the Jaguar XJR9 in the aptly titled “Cloudburst”, a bid to get Group C-era machines back on the track and out of the abandoned cold.

Have a suggestion for next week’s featured image? Drop me a private message and let me know.

GIMP Tutorial: Cleanups – Standard to Premium

Our very own Nato_777 has put together a fantastic tutorial for GIMP users, detailing how to take one of the many Standards in GT5 and give them a Premium makeover. The tutorial walks you through the process, step-by-step, showing you how to clean up the jagged edges and the various modeling setbacks to make things nice and clean. The featured vehicle in this tutorial is the Tommy Kaira ZZII but the techniques learned can be applied to any of the Standards throughout the game. To view the tutorial in all of it’s splendor have a look here.

It’s interesting to find out just what GIMP users have to go through as opposed to Photoshop users. It’s a great tutorial and if you’ve been making weird faces at your Standard car photo shoots, then this is the tutorial for you!

7th Generation Corvette Coming to Gran Turismo 5?

If, by some strange occurrence, you were unable to read this piece of news when it was uncovered last week, the upcoming C7 Corvette made an unexpected appearance in Gran Turismo 5’s dealership demonstrations and was reported by our very own jstickboy13 in his thread here.

What does this mean? Well, if I were a gambling man I might say this could possibly mean the C7 is scheduled for inclusion in GT5 at some point, but you never know what the guys and gals at PD have in store.

GTPlanet Vehicle of the Week

This week’s featured vehicle, courtesy of diegorborges, features BMW’s nimble 135i. The 1 Series is BMW’s second best-selling series worldwide and is unusual for it’s class as it features rear-wheel drive and a longitudinally-mounted engine, among other things.

Of course, at the top of the 1 series mountain sits the BMW 1M.

Have a suggestion for next week’s featured vehicle? Drop me a private message and let me know.

GTPlanet Tune of the Week

This week’s tune features the Chevrolet Camaro Cup Car tune done by Leonidae@MFT of Mad FinnTuners Co.™. This tune looks to closely replicate the real Camaro used in Cup races, and as such features a 55/45 weight differential to simulate the impact on performance as the real cars are lighter yet less powerful.

Exactly like the Picture and Vehicle of the Week features, if you have any suggestions for the upcoming Rewinds be sure to drop me a private message and let me know.

GTPlanet Secret Santa 2012

As we grow closer and closer to the Christmas holiday it’s about time you signed up for the GTP Secret Santa. GTPlanet’s Secret Santa is the exchanging of cars in Gran Turismo 5. You will be matched with two people, whom you will be gifting a car out to and receiving one from, respectively. For all the information be sure to stop by the thread here and sign up! I know I will.

Thanks to MOTORTRENDmitch for holding this spectacle and let’s all make our virtual Christmas one to remember.

That about does it for this week, and while I was going to write up a couple of thoughts about GT5: Prologue I’ll just save it for next week. Remember, if you’re a Formula 1 fan the sport returns to the USA this week in Austin, Texas at the new Circuit of the Americas and of course I’m going to tune in.

There was plenty to cover this week and there’s going to be plenty to cover over the next several weeks, so if something suggested wasn’t featured it will be in due time, just be patient. Until next week keep racing!

GT5 Photomode images by G.T.Ace and max351.

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  1. Nov. 20, 11:28pm

    Well, from the race I saw on youtube I’d say so, those buggers kept spinning around yet kept going! Feel free to leave a review to MFT thread, you can then request a tune for a car you like.

  2. Nov. 20, 10:14pm

    Lovin the Camaro tune. Those would be a fun spec series.

  3. Nov. 19, 12:56pm


    The pic of BMW is my photo

    • Nov. 19, 1:23pm

      Oups sorry, I missread.

  4. Nov. 18, 6:04pm

    Stunning first photo of the Lancer Evo RM at Eiger Nordwand. Has to be photoshopped because it doesn’t rain there normally does it?

    • Nov. 18, 7:18pm

      it does

    • Nov. 19, 5:10pm

      The track is available with rain, but it’s still photoshop. Thanks!

    • Nov. 20, 12:20pm

      dude. I SO wish that the spray/splash from the tires would look like that in the game. Wow. Very real compared with what you had to start with.

    • Nov. 20, 12:29pm

      Oh right, I never realised you get rain at Eiger. As for the spray/splash from the tires it looks fake.

  5. Nov. 18, 4:45pm

    this may sound stupid but are the photos with the EVO RM and XJR9 photoshopped because they look really good i wonder if its possible to get that location that the XJR9 is in

    • Nov. 18, 8:27pm
      e30 freek

      Both are photoshopped the evolution one is Eiger and I don’t know where the jag is that’s probably shopped aswel

    • Nov. 18, 10:29pm

      The Eiger one I don’t think is photoshopped because it does rain at that location. As for the Jag, the location is Kyoto Shoren in & the rain is photoshopped.

    • Nov. 18, 10:29pm

      The Jag is at Kyoto I believe.

  6. Nov. 18, 3:51pm

    Love the photos this week. Awesome rain shots. :tup:

  7. Nov. 18, 1:39pm

    Thanks a ton for mentioning GTP Secret Santa :)

  8. Nov. 18, 11:22am

    I love the pictures. I wish I could save them to my iPod :(

    • Nov. 19, 7:11am

      Turn off mobile theme.
      Then just hold your finger on the photos for a short period and you’ll get the “Save Image” command. : )

    • Nov. 19, 7:14am

      EDIT: You don’t have to turn off mobile theme, sorry. XP

  9. Nov. 17, 10:15pm

    last pic is nice

  10. Nov. 17, 7:42pm

    Really nice! I think (at least i hope) the c7 could be available in gt5 when it’s shown, which i think it’s in january or something like that

  11. Nov. 17, 5:20pm

    I want black carbon hood on STANDARD cars (ALL standard cars)

    • Nov. 19, 7:12am


  12. Nov. 17, 11:07am

    Now that’s something I didn’t expect. Thanks for featuring us here!

  13. Nov. 17, 10:48am
    Fire Yoshi

    What about the 2012 NSX Concept? Isn’t that supposed to be in the game? I hope so. :)

  14. Nov. 17, 5:10am

    For a second there, I thought one of my shots will be here. (I have a set in my gallery named “The Premium Standard”)
    Pity but I’m not sad. ;)

  15. Nov. 16, 11:29pm

    Didn’t Kaz say at one point that PD was going to eventually make all standard cars into premium over a set course of time?

    • Nov. 16, 11:47pm

      NOOOOO. I’ll find you the link for that.

    • Nov. 16, 11:53pm

      It was before he knew just how much people wanted to pay for DLC. We got the XJR-9 updated to a Premium car in a DLC pack and people cried. That might’ve been the only way we would have gotten more Standard cars updated to Premium (because Business), BUT from the looks of the Standard cars as they are now after update 2.09, I feel like they just might give us some free cars in an update.

    • Nov. 17, 12:57am

      Actually, I think I remember hearing about something of that nature, although I think he said ‘some’ of the standard cars. Not all. Probably the more popular ones such as the XJR-9, which has a standard model & dlc premium model. It’s a shame though, because we will probably never see a premium Volvo 240 Estate, since I think I’m the only one who enjoys driving it.

  16. Nov. 16, 9:01pm

    Wow, thanks for featuring the Standards to Premium Cleanup Tutorial, I hope some find it useful. I have been meaning to overhaul it visually – but it does the job. :)

    • Nov. 17, 1:00am

      Hey next week, could you smooth out the Volvo 240 Estate? Unfortunately, I cannot get the software on my computer.

    • Nov. 17, 3:00am

      That’s on my list of things to do. :)

  17. Nov. 16, 8:42pm

    Even without having anything to comment about, I like these and hope that you keep with it Terronium-12. It’s something new and it’s refreshing. Appreciate it.

  18. Nov. 16, 8:33pm

    Another awesome GTPlanet weekly rewind article. I really enjoy these a lot. :Tup: Terronium-12. :)

    I like the clean up Standard to Premium one, and wish it would happen in Spec 3.0. I wonder how the Secret Santa one will turn out, can’t wait!!!

  19. Nov. 16, 8:23pm

    Wow, my picture for the headline, thank you so much!

  20. Nov. 16, 6:37pm

    Great job once again Terronium! The weekly rewind is getting stronger! Also, nice to know that my suggestion was the chosen one for the car of the week! =)

    Keep it up!

  21. Nov. 16, 6:36pm

    Good Work T-12!

  22. Nov. 16, 6:03pm

    very good, but no mention of the cammoed up corvette that showed up out of no where?

    • Nov. 16, 6:08pm

      I considered it near the closing of the article but then I digressed because it has it’s own article.

      Considering you’re likely the first of many to inquire about it, I’ll get along to adding it!

  23. Nov. 16, 5:13pm

    Excelent tutorial! Will try is as soon as I get home :)

  24. Nov. 16, 4:52pm

    I love this new segment.

  25. Nov. 16, 3:55pm

    I love the S to P thread!

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