“Highly Significant” PlayStation 3 Title “Yet to be Announced”

SCEE CEO Jim Ryan has made new comments which may support Vice President Michael Denny’s statement that Gran Turismo 6 is coming to the PlayStation 3 console.

From an interview posted on the official PlayStation Blog:

PSB: Where does the PlayStation 4 announcement leave PlayStation 3?

JR: Typically history can help us only so far here. We’re actually still selling PS2s in regions such as the Middle East seven years after we introduced PS3. There are a number of reasons why the transition might be a bit more accelerated this time round, but PS3 is a very important part of our portfolio, certainly in 2013, 2014 and probably beyond that.

I’d point to the software line-up on PS3 that we have coming up – God of War: Ascension next month, The Last of Us, which is looking great, and Beyond later in the year. And there’s other stuff yet to be announced which is highly significant too. There’s a lot coming on PS3 and it’s going to be very important to us for some time yet.

His answer was similar to Michael Denny’s (who was also present at this interview), who also cited The Last of Us and Beyond, but perhaps let Gran Turismo 6 – which would certainly be a “highly significant” title for the console – slip out.

Thanks to “Tesla” for the tip!

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  1. CaddyKOP

    I don’t really want GT6 on PS4, I mean, yeah, it would be nice, but what about the people who can’t afford a PS4? I don’t think it’s fair to be forced by Sony to buy their newest product just to be able to get a game that we’ve wanted for a long time.

    Wait, what am I saying, this is a humongous business we’re talking about, of course they’d force us to buy the 600 dollar console to get the game. -_-

    1. ThatBlokeThere

      Yes. It IS big business. No company in their right mind would release something That won’t sell exceptionally and then doom one of their biggest franchises’ latest game to the same fate?

      That wouldn’t make sense at all. If anything, it might knock down the PlayStation fanbase’s numbers down by a few.

  2. Razgriz1972

    Hopefully GT6 is on PS4. I love the game but there were was a major flaw. Loading times, and server issues hopefully if GT6 is on ps4 then it should force them to start a fresh and hopefully sort these flaws out.

  3. DYLAN777-is-not

    If pd/sony was at all smart they would get gt6 out on the ps3 this year. The ps3 is nearly gone and gt5 was half a game that is now infected with hacked cars. Gt5 is dead. Gt6 should be an easy make: take gt5 and tweak it, polish it and give us more goods and rid us of the bads. It’s been years since gt5 was released, come on pd or sony make you can make it happen. The consequence will be a dieing fan base. If gt6 is on the ps4 then it’ll be out in probably half a decade. It’ll wreck their record of 2 GTs per PS and we’ll be stuck with hacked, past its prime GT5. Forza anyone?

  4. TokoTurismo

    Okay on second, I want GT6 on PS3, cause DriveClub is going on the PS4 after all. Putting GT6 on PS4 with DriveClub would be the stupidest idea yet on everyones part, so please Sony, GT6 on PS3. Oh wait, that seems very likely to happen anyway which is good. :sly:

  5. TokoTurismo

    I think I’m going to wait until E3 2013 arrives on June, to see whether GT6 is going on PS3 or PS4 (would like and hope its on the PS4 though.)

  6. DarkShadow177

    This has made me all excited. Finally something about the next gen GT. I think it should be on PS3 because GT1 & GT2 were on PS1, GT3 & GT4 were on PS2 and GT5 & GT6 should be on PS3 and so it will go on for ever. To me there is nothing wrong putting GT6 on PS3, heck why not put in on PS3 and PS4.

    1. tpark103

      It’s hard to say if that will actually happen however if the pattern holds true to form you may be correct.

  7. M3fury

    Kazunori once said They don’t want to make the fans wait like they did with GT5. That would explain why there’s no information about GT6 at all. I’d love to see sony at E3 with a trailer of GT6 and and a release date for 2013 holiday.

  8. Hentis

    Here’s something for you to consider. The video of the Acura NSX which was released in January and the o e of the Corvette at Willow Springs how do we know if these videos showing these tracks were not created using the Dev kits for the PS4?

    I would also consider that GT6 may come to the PS3 but in Prolgue form, with GT6 for the PS4. I won’t be surprised on bit.

    1. DeeJay574

      Because of the graphics? For me there is not much improvement over GT5, so I dont think this can be PS4.

    2. Pit Crew

      The Corvette at Willow Springs was a GT5 video, according to the gtplanet editor who ran the story.

    3. Hentis

      No disrespect to the GT planet editor but how does he know that it was done for 100% with the PS3, PD won’t tell them it was done via the new pS4 Dev kit.

    4. Pit Crew

      ^ Did you even look at the video? I think Jordan summed it up well enough in the blog. He pointed out the NSX possibly being a GT6 car as he did the revamped Seattle and Apricot Hill tracks. How you can be sure PD even used or had access to PS4 dev kits in 2010? Speculations are infinite…

    5. Hentis

      These videos were not produced in 2010 they were produced in 2012!!!!
      PD had a hand in parts of the development of the PS4 and you mean to tell me they never took advantage of that? Yeah you’re right speculations are infinite!!!!

    6. Pit Crew

      ^ Didnt say the video was produced in 2010, I asked a totally different question, but your to busy trying to be mad cause someone would dare to question your ” opinion” based on a tidbit of public knowledge you’ve chosen to make a Federal case over.

      Ill stick with Jordan facts over your indifference to them.

    1. infamousphil

      GT5 was “announced” soon after GT4 was released. That’s just how GT works… Deliciously dysfunctional.

    2. huhobanut

      No I mean when was an official date announced …. I think it was nov 24th 2010 … When was that date announced ? Months .. Weeks before ?? Anyone know ?

  9. pay2021

    I dont know why so much fuzz about that, for me its pretty clear:

    “Look at the games coming out on the PlayStation 3 like The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, GT6, and then on the third-party side of things another fantastic Assassin’s Creed, GTA,”. Sony’s Computer Entertianment Europe’s Senior Vice President Michael Denny.


    1. Tenacious D

      We don’t hate the PS3. But we acknowledge that it has limitations, especially after six years on the market.

    2. infamousphil

      I sit… Relieved… To read yall’s acceptance of what’s to come from PD next. Now, if yall would allow them at least a couple of years for them to do it right for PS4? Can we all just enjoy what’s available now?

  10. kollosson

    The only downside i can see about a PS3 release of GT6 is the loading times, GT5 is a great game all said and done but the loading times are awful and i can’t see how that can be changed especially if GT6 had more features and content than GT5 ( which is what you would expect ) the only light at the end of the tunnel is GT4, that had massively more content than GT3 but i can’t remember the loading times being any different, all this speculation is interesting though, hopefully we will find out more at E3, unless we get another Sony announcement around the time Microsoft are supposed to be announcing the next XBOX, which is April i believe….

  11. Stumps_GTI

    What surprised me more is that the humble PS2 is still selling…

    That being said, along with what he added,
    “but PS3 is a very important part of our portfolio, certainly in 2013, 2014 and probably beyond that.”..
    Gives me hope that PD can squeeze that bit extra required to bring us a truly “polished” GT6.

    I don’t have a crystal ball, nor am I a visionary, but if the features promised/cut from GT5 can be implemented, then I’d say we’ll have one hellofa game presented once complete.
    PLUS the refinements that have been talked about so much on the forums. I’m sure PD are keeping tabs on the “wish lists”.

    +1 for waiting with baited breath. :)

  12. SubaruWRC555

    I’d also like to see some kind of pit stop strategy editor or something. I just got burned on a pit stop in my league cuz the screen would not let me choose my tire correctly so I had to re pit to put on correct tire:(

  13. JeremiahTB

    From a auto manufacturer standpoint, I think they would want whichever gives them the most eyes on products as possible as quickly as possible. I’m not sure how much say they have, but considering it’s a huge boost in advertising for Ford, Nissan, etc. I would think they would like GT6 to be for whichever version gave them the best marketing quicker. But obviously it’s up to Sony in the end.

  14. Rapid46

    Just watched the assasins creed black flag trailer and its being developed for both the ps3 and ps4, surely this could be possible for gt6 also?

    1. HKSBro92

      Could be. Need for speed Most wanted was for both 360 and PS2, NFS carbon was for 360/PS3 and PS2, NFS prostreet was for 360/PS3 and PS2 and NFS undercover was for 360/PS3 and PS2 sooooooooo yeah it could be possible but let’s just wait and see.

  15. ChicoMaloXD

    If the give us dedicated servers it will be real good even on PS3.
    If they don’t the game will suck as much as GT5 on this aspect.

    Please put more effort on the online part of the game. Online weekly events with special in-game prizes, realistic rules, even competitions and filter bad players.

  16. SubaruWRC555

    For everyone who bitches about the graphics gimme a break. Just go to trial mountain and check out the lake on the downhill run to turn 13!!! Looks like need to get a boat out there and do some fishin!! So what about the shadows and blockyness of some of the cars.

    I hope it comes on PS3 and it better have some V8 Supercars on it!! Lol

    1. RESHIRAM5

      If it’s gonna feature the 2013 models (probally will due to PD favourtism towards Nissan), To make it like real life the Mercedes cars would have to burn your feet if your using a G27 lol.

    2. Tenacious D

      I hope it comes out on a system which will have the horsepower to render the world, physics, A.I., weather, lighting, daytime transitions, damage and other features properly. If it’s made for PS3, PD will have to do a lot of cutting back in several areas to have a hope in heck of improving anything.

  17. GTHEAD87

    Gt6 will be awesome. I can’t imagine it being too much different from gt5 apart from more premium cars. Cant wait for it, i hope it is on the Ps3 as i won’t get the ps4 until a few faults have been fixed after relise. I do pray for more retro hot hatches.

  18. kollosson

    I think if GT6 does come out on PS3 it will be a more polished more complete game, more content, no standard cars, all premium but what i really want is more tracks especially classic tracks, GT5 just does’nt feel like a GT sometimes without those classics that we love, Midfield, Apricot Hill, Seattle etc its like a sequel to your fave movie with some of the major characters missing, it never quite feels the same, so i’m hoping to see the return of those if not all the classic tracks.

    1. HarVee

      I agree, would love to have midfield again! Same goes for Red Rock Valley and the “Super Speedway” from GT3.

    2. grazbro

      10/10 bro. Drop in Prologue if you have it. That is a polished version of what I thoughr GT5 was going to be like. The graphics and smooth in-car view where you can read all the dials etc. Quantity of vehicles should not be the milestone of GT6.

      Time to add quality to the game from all aspects of what is already there and what is new to be added.

    1. HKSBro92

      I agree! TT was so ahead of it’s time. It was a beautiful game. I hope PD didn’t forget about it.

  19. fordskydog

    Wish list:
    -More cars, new cars, historic cars, JUST MOAR! More licences, like Porsche. Well, mainly Porsche.(Glad they got Ferrari, makes me think Porsche is possible)
    -More tracks, Sebring, Bathurst, Nardo,etc., old GT tracks
    -Race control, flags, pace cars, etc. Perhaps switchable rules (club racing to full FIA rules). It would even be great to allow one person in a lounge to be race control. Like they could have 9 little screens to keep an eye on all the races, throw flags by clicking on a little corner on a map, deliberate and rule differently depending on who the driver in question is, wait to make decisions until after the race and give post-racing time penalties or grid penalties… I digress
    -Even more realistic tuning options. Corner weights, tire pressures, adjust boost, possibility to blow up the engine?
    -Online lounge content and creation filters
    -Better race timing. interval to cars in front and behind, lead car and last car. Color system in race timer screen. Personal fast sector, overall fast sector, etc.

    So this is all content stuff. I think the current graphics are fine, and frankly hard to improve (save for blocky edges and shadows). But what do I know. Anyway, I’d like to see the Ultimate Driving Simulator become the Ultimate Racing Simulator. I’d be happy if it came to PS3.

    1. Fire Yoshi

      I really doubt Porsche will ever be on a GT game. EA is being being very stubborn with their copyright with them. I’m not even sure how Turn 10 managed to squeak Porsche into Forza 4. lol
      I wish both Forza and GT games could have them, since I spend an equal amount of time on both franchises nowadays.

    2. Pit Crew

      *I’m not even sure how Turn 10 managed to squeak Porsche into Forza 4. lol*

      Turn 10 payed EA the Sub-License fee. 10million or so big ones.

    3. RESHIRAM5

      I say no to flags. They make me want destroy my game whenever I go off coarse “black flag” and Blue flags, gosh I hate them in real life too.

  20. Seijuro808

    Really hope GT6 is an early release title for the ps4. Mainly to see how the game can be vastly improved with the n new hardware.

    But releasing the game on either just the ps3, or just the ps4 has its benefits.

    A PS3 release would mean instant profits from the already well established player base. An immediate jump in revenue is always welcome.

    Ps4 release would be a greater long term investment. Gran turismo is one of Sony’s STRONGEST franchises, if not, THE console exclusive title that is definitely a system seller. Having gt released with the console to show off its new abilities and premise has led to monstrous sales, and an ADAMANT reason for people to pick up the new console immediately ala gt3 and ps2.

    1. fordskydog

      In my opinion, the improvements to be made to GT are in the area of content more than graphics. So I think I would be happy if it came to PS3. GT is pretty much tthe only game I play, with a very occasional exception here and there. So if it does come to PS3, I won’t have to buy a new console until GT7 drops, hopefully after the PS4 price has come down some.

      It would be awesome if the graphics were far betyer in the new title on the new system, but I don’t think there’s much gains to be had in the actual graphics. Maybe the blocky parts could be fixed, but I think any extra power would go to higher output bandwidth, like the new 4k standard.

      I think there are a few places to make the content better. Newer cars that have come out since GT4 release. More real life tracks, like Bathurst, Sebring, Nardo, and old GT tracks. Actual race control with flags and rules, filters for setting up and searching for online rooms, and even more realistic tuning for us gearhead nerds. I would like to be able to set the corner weights for example, and how awesome would it be to set your simulated boost level via the upgraded ecu? AND BETTER ENGINE SOUNDS.

      I think my expectations are lofty, but I will be happy no matter what. Great franchise with lasting power.

    2. JeremiahTB

      I hear that a lot with every system iteration. “The graphics are so good with the current system, I don’t see that much improvement to be made with the next one.” Then you look back at the old one after the new one has been out and then you hear “dang those where bad compared to this one”.

  21. Turbo-Kai

    i would appreciate if a prologue comes to PS3… because I don’t wanna spend again money for a new console only because of one game! GO PD!!!

    1. KFM

      That’s my feelings. I _may_ get a PS4 just because of how much money I’ve sunk into my PC just to play modern titles, but I wouldn’t buy it solely for GT6.


    Ugh, I just can’t get over how terrible Sony is when it comes to hyping their own products. Even when it comes to DLC, everything is all hush hush and secret. Look at this guy, Jim Ryan. Never heard of him before and yet here he is with some smug smile, “I know something you don’t know” crap.

    Here’s the follie of Sony’s attitude. There will always be a Gran Turismo sequel on the horizon. We all know GT6 is going to eventually come out, but I’d rather know as much in advance as possible kind of like how GT5 was hyped for 5 god damn years! But when it comes to GT6, its all tight lipped and this guy comes out and stirs things up… why? I mean, Kaz has right to do it, he’s been doing that to fans for years but this random Sony guy? How annoying!

    1. JeremiahTB

      I hear ya on that. I understand making an impact at E3, but that hype only lasts for a week or so. After that it’s all the same hype. When the news has been out for a few weeks it doesn’t matter when or where the announcement happened.

  23. Stephanos82

    Why do you keep going on and on about the graphics? Better physics is what you should seek.. Cardboard suspension that barely flexes and no tire pressure.. Have a look at the mclaren f1 video in tsukuba. See how the nose goes way up and down during accel and decel. In gt5 it’s almost static.. Tires don’t get sqeezed by gravity, they don’t flex, suspension barely moves yet some people think it’s realistic.. Have you even even been in a car?
    Kazunory pls man, download Live for Speed! Get the free version no need to buy it..
    The come back again and claim that Gt5 is a driving sim

    1. Magic Ayrton

      You are so right.. but the view out of the cockpit simulates suspension movement.. also the Mclaren has a lot of suspension movement.. but take a Nissan 370Z or Porsche 911 (real cars) they do not have a huge amount of suspension travel these days.

  24. BWX

    If GT6 is for the PS3, I won’t be buying it. PS3 gfx looks like garbage to me, even the best PS3 gfx are so outdated it is ridiculous. My GTX670 looks great, but GT6 should be on the PS4, and make my GTX670 gfx look outdated. Come on PD.

    1. KFM

      Or in two years when his PC blows the PS4 out of the water. It’s inevitable that PC’s will overpower consoles, but while I agree that great graphics help set up an atmosphere, I have no reason to have the ability to see 2048×2048 textures for five miles in 1080p at 60fps.

      I’d settle for some AA like my PC has, though. *sigh*

    2. HarVee

      Is graphics all everyone cars about anymore? Geez, no wonder games are not good as they were in the 90’s.

    3. KingK76

      Just FYI, your GTX670 is far more powerful then the GPU in the PS4. It’s actually 2 times more powerful.

    4. BoneSawTX

      HarVee – Apparently so, at least with the kids. It’s all about graphics and no talk of actual game play. GT5 graphics are fine besides the shadows and some of the tracks. Even those i could look pass if the game play was great.

  25. KilzoneStrife

    @HarVee … Im not sure how much to go into detail here, Im not sure if you would understand that having GT6 on PS3 is detrimental to the PS4.

    I would not say PD are “lazy devs”… BUT, they 100% lack time management skills. Maybe, their project leader should spend more time in the office. Detrimental to PS4 as those tracks, cars etc will simply be ported to PS4 later and actually look disappointing. Why?
    They would be the equivalent of throwing Trial Mountain into GT5 and calling it a PS3 track. As far as “standard cars” go, Trial Mountain is a “standard track”. So PD would just chuck the PS3 assets to PS4.

    As for polished up GT6…
    GT 5 is very polished… but, 9/10 things that people want polished is hardware related. So apart of more tracks and cars, what do you want out of GT6? You WILL see ZERO upgrades in every other area. So how would it not be GT5.5?

    I wanted Asyncronous Racing with dynamic weather and time. Its a feature ALL next gen racers are going to have, its what we assumed GT 5 would have (the clocks on the Prologue screen misled us),
    Im really interested in knowing what you want HarVee,
    so I can tell you based on PS3 specs what is possible and whats not.
    We must be realistic here. My cellphone has better ram than the PS3, and some people still have unrealistic expectations, yet GT5 pushes the PS3 to the limit. The screen tearing is proof of this.

    1. HarVee

      Screen tearing has more to do with the way GT5’s game engine was internally designed, not so much the hardware the game is running. Even if GT6 was a PS4 game that utilizes the same game engine(s) GT5 had, screen tearing would still be present. The vertical refresh in GT5’s game engine(s) doesn’t sync up with your televisions internal refresh rate, which causes more than one frame to be displayed at one time.

      As for “GT5.5” this is exactly what GT6 should be. If you take a look at GT2 & GT4, they were both designed using a more advanced version of their respective predecessors game engine. GT6 doesn’t need to be an entirely new game from the ground up per say, as all it really needs to be is a more extended version of what PDI developed for GT5. More content, more features, while still utilizing the same game engine(s). This is not only the most simplest development method, but the cheapest too.

    2. HarVee

      Also, you say that PDI are horrible at time management, but you must understand the only reason why GT5 took as long as it did was because PDI had to essentially develop an entirely new game from the ground up. Where as with GT6 they shouldn’t have to, at least they shouldn’t if it were to be a PS3 title.

      I’m not even going to respond stating the things I personally would like to see in the next game, as this news section isn’t a wishlist thread.

    3. KilzoneStrife

      Firstly, the game engine was designed around the hardware, that means it was made with its limitations in mind. Even before GT5 released, Kaz said PS3 limited him. So those hoping for GT6 on PS3 to fix that problem is out of luck. Same for shadows and Anti.Aliasing issues.
      Im just saying, no moaning from people when it releases as it wont/cant be fixed.

      Also, I would not expect it to be a polished game at all. Like I said, EVERY 1St party dev have split their teams for current/next gen titles.

      Naughty Dog eg, has two teams working next gen.
      New IP and next gen Uncharted but 1 smaller team working on The Last Of Us. Hence, the delay.

    4. HarVee

      Kazunori says a lot of things. Most of which seems to be unproven. You worry about graphics, instead of what matters the most – Game play. It’s the racing aspect that draws players into the game, not anti-aliasing and high-def shadows. I also fail to understand the screen tearing bothers one so much. It’s a common graphical artifact in most games – much like the bloom effect – that has no significance on the game play.

    5. KingK76

      To “HarVee” Vsync has NOTHING to do with a game engine. The reason GT5 does not utilise Vsync is due to the fact that GT5 on the PS3 can not keep the frame rate above 60 fps the entire time your playing. In those instances vsync can actual negatively effect performance and lead to the frame rate going even further below 60 fps then it already does. Vsync can be activated in any game regardless of engine. It is only used however when the developer Knows the game can maintain the target frame-rate (vsync can also be enabled when A 30fps cap is used.).

  26. KilzoneStrife

    I have a question for those that want GT6 on PS3.

    This year, we will have The Last Of Us, Beyond Two Souls and possibly GT6.

    With that said, if you look with regards to PS1-PS2-PS3 transitions, 1ST party devs usually leave it up to the 3RD party devs (EA, Activision etc studios) to keep games coming for the older console as all internal studios turn their attention to the Next Gen console.

    So, my point is, you guys do realise, if thats the case once more, you can forget about EVER having a “Spec II” or possibly even a shred of DLC for a GT6 on PS3? I doubt PD would even patch it like they did GT5, but who knows.. maybe it wont need patching, right?

    So, would you be angry if they released GT 6 and NOT support it next year? Like Turn 10 abandons the players of the “older iteration”s of Forza?

    1. JaySamurai

      Hmm you raised an interesting point my friend!! I’m not sure us GT fan’s are ever going to be happy regardless of outcome, but I hear your message though. Like you mentioned, they better come with a very polished GT6 on the PS3 though. I think they stand a chance if their using GT5 as a template from 2010, they just need to modernize the game as a whole for that up to date experience that other games are giving at the moment.

    2. HarVee

      I’d be perfectly fine with PDI not supporting GT6 a year after its release. GT6 should be a much more polished version of the foundation they built with GT5, and therefor shouldn’t need much updating.

    3. Pit Crew

      @KilzoneStrife In a previous post, you said you werent playing GT6 if it comes out for PS3 so I gotta wonder why you care.

  27. KilzoneStrife

    @Tenacious D Post +96757999778999999

    Harvee, people like progressing technology.
    Originally, we going to just get GT:HD with all GT 4 cars in HD for PS3 and pay 99 US cents per car.
    Would you have liked that?
    I wouldnt have.
    We need an advancement in technology as GT 5 is struggling to run on PS3.

    1. researchALLwars

      hey buddy why not use the ‘reply’ button ………………………………………………………………………………….its riiiiiight here ^^^


    2. KilzoneStrife

      I am hitting the reply button :/
      My phones browser is hit or miss with replying/or going up to the top of the page. Not sure why.
      Firefox Mobile has issues on here I guess.

    3. HarVee

      You make a lot of redundant posts that have nothing to do with my statements at all. I’m saying GT6 would be a better video GAME if released onto the PS3 system. Why is that so hard to understand to you?

    4. HarVee

      Never once did I say technology shouldn’t progress. And where does 99 cents per car fit into my statements? I never stated anything about that, as that in itself a totally irrelevant to my posts.

    5. Tenacious D

      I don’t understand how making a game on a system which has already been maxxed out is going to be better in any way, shape or form.

  28. mr_pepps

    We’re all overlooking the main feature of gt6: realistic damage.
    A firm shunt into the first turn and your car’s fkd. Your driver is seen in an animated short walking back to the pits. Game over.

    1. researchALLwars

      I like it. Maybe not the ‘main’ feature- but a big improvement to be sure. I would absolutely love to see an opponent make a mistake, suffer a hard hit disabling the car, and then on subsequent laps we could see his car sitting in the grass- sometimes smoking or getting towed away. Beautiful.

      Based on the history of GT (and logic), we probably won’t see such damage worked in for GT6- as there are quite a few other things that rank higher in importance (a.i., sounds, leaderboards, realistic events, telemetry, tire physics, track total, livery, etc). GT7 is where we should start to see some major damage and raceday mishaps. mmmmmm… immersion.

    2. mr_pepps

      Good thoughts @research – love the ‘smoking carcass’ idea as an opponents’ vehicle burns out during a race after a heavy impact.
      @harv & @pit I was joking comrades :)

    1. HKSBro92

      Like seriously people sound like they’re about to pop a vein here. Just sit and wait. Plus E3 is in 3 months. Patience people, patience.

    2. TokoTurismo

      I know right? People are going nuts and we haven’t even gotten anymore information yet. So that is why it’s best, like you said, we need to just sit and wait, and I highly agree with you on that.

    3. HuskyGT

      Yeah, I agree. It’s fun discussing about the next GT, but honestly, until I don’t see videos, news from PD and a solid release date, I can’t really take all this seriously. Let’s just wait for the E3.

  29. Nato_777

    I’m pretty sure now that GT6 will be a PS3 title and we will have to wait for GT7 for the PS4. If that is the case then they need to release it ASAP and not leave it too close to the PS4 launch and I hope the wait for GT7 isn’t too long.


    Well if GT6 is on PS3, I’m getting it at launch. If it is on PS4 I’ll get it 2014 (as I’ll get the Wii U in 2013 :) ). I might just pick up a used PS4 from my local gaming pawn shop if the price is too high.

  31. Tenacious D

    HuskyGT made a lame post with one single pro for GT6 on PS4, “-GT6 PS4 Pros: Good graphics,” so I thought I’d make one with a real list of potential benefits.

    – Larger, more detailed worlds with lots of life in them: realistic flags, dynamic breezes, reactive crowds, etc
    – Better graphics, with markedly better 3D performance and no issues
    – Better physics, even with lots of cars
    – Better A.I.
    – Better weather modeling, including puddling and evaporation rate simulation
    – Better damage modeling, by FAR
    – Modeling of aspects of wear, such as brake fade
    – Day/night transition on all tracks, with proper night lighting and headlights on all (relevant) cars
    – Better online structure
    – Larger race fields, making possible multiclass racing in more than two classes, off- or online
    – Full featured Livery Editor
    – Full featured Track Maker
    – Full featured Movie Maker
    – Full featured Photo Mode
    – Full featured data tracker, including data base of game/season/career progress
    – Spectator Mode for watching online championships or highly rated racers, and saving replays of them
    – Help from friends around the world for achieving license tests and other extreme challenges

    All of these are made possible with the higher capacity and power of PS4, and are far less likely or near impossible on PS3. As I keep saying, in order for PD to improve on GT5, they have to cut back somewhere. They had four years or more to optimize GT5 for the Cell Engine, and that was as good as it got.

    1. smskeeter23

      I think you summed up GT7 pretty nicely there ;-)

      Simply put, GT6 would have needed to be designed for the PS4 from the start for all those things to be in it for a different platform. PS4 was hardly even being talked about at the beginning of coding for GT6. Even if the PS4 is so much easier to program for you’re still talking about creating a whole new engine for the game. The only other thing you could maybe do is “beef up” a game that started it’s life out as an intended PS3 base, convert it for PS4, release it and have hordes of people PO’d about “what it should have been” all over again sans GT5.

      All the things you mention are great and I can’t wait for that day but I just don’t see it being GT6.

    2. Tenacious D

      “Simply put, GT6 would have needed to be designed for the PS4 from the start”

      Kaz was one of the developers instrumental in designing PS4 – naturally, being Vice Pres of SCE and all. And as for needing a whole new engine, not really. Every PS3 game begins on a dev kit running on an x86 PC, and so was GT5. Besides, if GT6 is made for PS3, you know full well that millions of fans are going to complain about it not being on much more powerful hardware, being a GT5.1 etc. Maybe they’ll make it for both systems, in which case, you PS3 guys have fun with your version.

      But this is all sheer speculation anyway, until E3 or a little before, if we’re lucky. Now, if amar212 will just whip up another allegory for us…

    3. HuskyGT

      I agree, but think of how long a game like that will take. My “lame post” was done thinking if GT6 was released this year for the PS4. Unless PD has been working on GT6 for the PS4 for the past three years o so, I don’t see that happening.

    4. HarVee

      “Larger, more detailed worlds with lots of life in them: realistic flags, dynamic breezes, reactive crowds, etc” – Not needed, GT is not about how a flag waves in the wind. It’s about racing and driving an automobile.

      “- Better graphics, with markedly better 3D performance and no issues” – The graphics on GT5 are fine. And 3D is not really needed at all. But knowing PDI they will implement it again.

      “- Better physics, even with lots of cars” – Very much needed, and can be achieved on the PS3.

      “- Better A.I.” – Same as above.

      “- Better weather modeling, including puddling and evaporation rate simulation” – Not really needed at all.

      “- Better damage modeling, by FAR” – Better damage is possible on the PS3, just not to a major extent. But honestly, why do you even need damage? It may be realistic, but not very useful.

      “- Modeling of aspects of wear, such as brake fade” – Again, not really needed.

      “- Day/night transition on all tracks, with proper night lighting and headlights on all (relevant) cars” – This is easily doable on the PS3 system.

      “- Better online structure” – Same as above.

      “- Larger race fields, making possible multiclass racing in more than two classes, off- or online” – We don’t need more cars on the track, we need smarter Artificial Intelligence. Although Multiclass racing would be a cool addition.

      “- Full featured Photo Mode” – Photomode is already “fully featured” in GT5.

    5. researchALLwars

      yeah us ps3 guys will just enjoy the heck out of GT6 and we’ll meet back up with you for GT7 in six years, k?

      Tenacious D, your handle is borrowed and your post is bunk. Almost half of your listed ideas are related to looks and not gameplay- and the ones that really matter can be easily handled by the old steadfast, lead-free soldered ps3, lol. I will admit to wanting everything on your magic list, but smart enough to know that even if PD started working on GT6 for PS4 from the day GT5 was complete- we would be looking at 3 more years of waiting, minimum. HuskyGT’s post was not lame (and we may rather question you for stating that so boldly), he’s merely trying to play another gran turismo before we all are too old to sit in a racing rig!

    6. Tenacious D

      Except PS4 won’t be hard to program. Modeling is modeling, no matter what platform it’s for, and that’s what takes a while. Up to two man-years for each Premium track.

      Hey, maybe Kaz will pull a rabbit out of a hat and we’ll have 20 Premium cars on track at once, but I’m not going to wager any pennies on that coming true. Movie Maker is impossible on PS3, Kaz has said that already because of the skimpy ram available.

      GT5 bumped up against the performance ceiling pretty hard, so there is going to have to be some things cut back in GT6 to get it to squeeze into PS3 and be any kind of “improvement,” and I don’t like that deal. I want GT6 to be a much more bodacious, ambitious game, not a six of one, half dozen of the other warmed over GT5.2 casserole. They should be able to patch that kind of thing into GT5. More events should be easier to do than a full blown game PD will once again have a tight fit getting into PS3.

      Like I said, if they make it for PS3 first, I’ll buy it like the rest of you guys, but I doubt I’m going to be all excited about a wealth of new features, because they likely won’t exist, and will be anxiously awaiting the real Gran Turismo game to come on PS4.

  32. CSLACR

    Son’y BSing again? How do we know when they’re full of it and when they’re not?
    I can’t tell, so dubbed BS until they actually do something. ;)

    1. smskeeter23

      What’s really funny is that I just logged in here to say that same thing LOL.

      That would be sweet but I don’t actually think that’s what it is :(

    2. -Nerf-

      …How effing cool that would be. I doubt it, but my goodness. People wouldn’t see me anymore if that were the case.

    1. Pit Crew

      Me Dueces TT. Its a shame.

      So glad I was raised to look at the glass “Half Full” instead of “Half Empty”

    1. JayKayEm

      Well, the Sony chap here says “yet to be announced”. Gta5, although now delayed until September, is well and truly announced. Some say that might delayed to ps4 too……

    2. Pit Crew

      Who said PS4 was being delayed? I wish these new/not really dedicated Gtplanet News post trolls would stop making stuff up, just to stir up an already full pot of Hype.

  33. CivicturboB18

    Gran Turismo 6 for PS3 i don’t think so it will be out on PS4 in a year or two. I think it will be battlefield 4 there’s no way EA will allow Activision to take shooter of the year.

  34. Whodoyouthink

    Well OF COURSE there are highly significant titles yet to be announced. E3 hasn’t happened. Yeah, a lot of studios will tease a game and then do a full reveal at E3, but others wait until E3 to show anything.

  35. JeremiahTB

    It would be funny if Sony just shipped GT6 to stores without telling anybody first. “You don’t like our failed attempt at a hype machine? Fine, here’s the game. Just buy it.”

    1. omnibusse

      That would be very cool!!! Unfortunately, the companies want hype. Very much hype. And hype is not generated if something is already out. Hype is created upfront and I think in spite of Twitter/facebook & Co. it would take companies at least three months…

  36. Mikathechaos21

    why on PS3 and not on PS4, well PS4 won’t have start and select buttons witch are important to GT, also it would be logical as 1 and 2 were on PSone, 3 and 4 ond PS2, so GT6 should come to PS3, I’m a huge fan of the series since the first one and I hope that 6th will be just another step above eveything else!!

    1. phil_75

      Thats the best!
      PS4 won’t have start & select buttons LMFAO!!!
      Thats it everyone, off to Forza we go after PS3 as there will be no more GT!

  37. Starciller

    It makes sense for them to release it for PS3 but I will hate it because I’m getting a PS4 for Christmas and that’s actually the reason I want a PS4 the only thing I would buy is drive club for PS4 maybe the new kill zone it looked beast.

  38. Sele1981

    And Forza 5 will come on X720 and will look mindblowing… And baaam Microsoft was just again much more clever…

    1. Sele1981

      You think driveclub will be a sim? I hope project cars will come on ps4 then we dont need a GT on launch.

    2. Pit Crew

      PS4 will still be the Big Bad Wolf of next gen consoles regardless.

      Interesting the opinions about how Drive Club is “crap” considering no one here has played it yet. Judgemental lot here in the news thread. Dont be mad at Evolution for having their IP (Intellectual Property) ready to be a PS4 launch title.

    3. TokoTurismo

      ^ Excatly. What’s funny is that they’re so scared that DriveClub will own. No wonder they’re trollin. Hahaha!!! XD

  39. Hyland

    I just can’t see what new and fresh experience GT6 can bring to the table. Hell, even Kaz himself told us how limited they’ve been by the PS3 during the development of GT5. Makes no sense to me other than milking the cash cow that the GT series is.

    I’d rather see it being a PS4 title. I’m not ready for another dissapointment.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Wow… Do explain how is GT a cash cow? Hell, GT6 was in development for 2 and a half years. Not like it releases 24/7 like other games… Why do people assume GT6 would be disappointing when we haven’t even SEEN the game yet? Get over yourself people.

    2. Musolini187

      ps3 > ps4, ill take it on ps3 thank. i hope you realise not everybody wants to buy a ps3, especially during the first 2 to 3 years of its life. so bugger of will ya.

    3. Hyland

      The GT series is a cash cow in the sense of that it is guaranteed to bring in loads of money. That’s an undeniable fact and Sony knows it. Perhaps ”milking” wasn’t a very bright choice of a word in that sentence, but it definitely feels as if GT6 is just another sales pitch for them to sell more PS3s while the fans are once more stuck with another mediocre installment.

      I just have a bad feeling about this if it turns out to be true. And perhaps my concern about PD not having learned anything from GT5. That’s all.

      I sincerely hope I’m proven wrong.

    4. TokoTurismo

      Oh really? Than what about PD? Don’t they need the money to make GT7 for PS4 too? Of course they do. You don’t know how long they were behind the GT6 project and believe it’ll like GT5? LMAO!!! You also assume Sony is only doing this to milk money? Ever heard of DriveClub? People would ignore that for GT6 on PS4, and I you know that. New IP gets wasted because people were crying for GT6 to be on PS4…

    5. Hyland

      I know I shouldn’t even bother giving a proper response to that. But, I just don’t get why you and a lot of fantards are so defensive of GT, Kaz and PD? Don’t we have every legitimate reason to worry about GT6, regardless off how long it may have been in the works? It may be entirely different from GT5 but the sheer fact that we haven’t seen sith of it concerns me even more, if it is infact on the PS3.

      To put it breifly, I want GT6 to adresses the many issues and shortcoming GT5 , and I just can’t see that happening on the PS3.

      I think I’ve made my point.

    6. TokoTurismo

      Well. One things for sure is we have to wait and see what happens first. Don’t worry, GT6 was in dev for 2 and the half years already, but lets just wait first before we get worked up over this. :P

    7. TokoTurismo

      And I’m being defenesive, over the fact you’re calling PD a cash cow which their not?… Like I said, you need to wait and give PD a chance like you do with the other devs. Seriously, you haven’t even GT6 yet so believing ONLY GT6 is a cash cow just because its releasing on PS3, is just low. Other racers did it too, so doesn’t THAT make them cash cows like a certain one we know? Honestly stop blaming them for you’re dislike towards the series whiner…

  40. Drevenger

    Put some curly hair on the guy and you get Willy Wonka. Last guy looked more like troll face.
    Alright, let’s do this. GT6 on PS3 for Mother Russsssia!!!.
    I think i’m hungry. :\

  41. Hentis

    Ok im gonna wade in here, and some of you aint gonna like it…. oh well

    GT6 PROLOGUE for the PS3, around 6 Tracks mixture of old, Grand Valley, Suzuka, Willow Springs, Top Gear track, Seattle + one more.
    Around 75 premium car models. On line model much the same as GT5’s model.

    GT6 (full game) PS4 sometime in 2014/2015

    Common sense here guys. Why would they produce a full game for the PS3, “whilst having key members of their team working on the development for the PS4 as well as the PS Vita” and not developing a Gran Turismo game for the PS4?
    As much as I hate it I think GT6 will be a PS4 game but we could have a PS3 version of GT6 but Prologue. Either that or a huge Spec 3 update to GT5?

    But to be honest i’m kinda going with GT6 Prologue for the PS3 and GT6 full for the PS4 with a 2014/2015 release.

    1. Willthethrill_H

      A Prologue game makes a ton of sense. Give us a taste and then have the full blown version on the ps4…

    2. omnibusse

      I think we might see GT6 on PS3, but something like “GT6 Deluxe” or “GT6 Plus” on PS4.
      PS4: More tracks, more cars, more particles, damage model and weather-effects and day/night-changes on every track.

  42. M13rdaInTheSky

    Point Blank Period…!
    There is no reason to rewrite the code in x86 when they already started and probably got somewhere (seeing as they got to start with gt5 as a base) writing the code for the CELL…!

    Would be a Huge waste of man hours and cash….!
    Gt6 ps3 baby…!

  43. Rushton1996

    Things are starting to look up for me and others who can’t quite afford a PS4 at the moment.


    I’m just mad that Sony and PD have such terrible customer relations. What’s with all the secrecy? Start promoting GT6 already! Its a turn off to just be left here with no clue of what to expect anymore. GT5 is old and stagnant now, lets keep the show on the road and get those GT6 teasers on air!

    1. SZRT Ice

      The equivalent of yelling “uppercut!” five seconds before doing it in the middle of a fight. Giving your opponents ample time to block, evade, or COUNTER your next move. Secrecy is important at this point. Who knows what new tidbits GT has added to it’s next title. But revealing everything now gives competitors chance to mimick & imitate we before GT’s next release. And what’s the sense in that? Why is that so difficult for people to fathom? I can think of many more reasons as to why Sony is remaining silent on their production plans. That’s just one that immediately comes to mind.

    2. Tenacious D

      Dude, seriously. NO developer discusses details of what they’re working on a few years out from release. Did Kojima with ANY Metal Gear game? T10 for any Forza? You obviously weren’t around when they were joking about the awesome water physics for their new boat racing game before F3 came out. People thought they might be working on a Project Gotham racer or chopper racers or almost anything.

      You people have no clue how the industry works.

  45. TomBrady

    Honestly I don’t think people being pissed off about GT6 being released on PS3 are justified at all. GT has always had 2 titles released on each platform, there’s no reason to expect them to change that, plus the original plan was to release it on PS3.

    The things that matter most in GT or any racing sim, physics, and hopefully better mechanical damage can easily be done on PS3. If anything, I think the graphics should be dropped down to 720p so that the graphics can be more consistent (higher quality trees, no jagged shadows)

    The best physics you can get in a sim at the moment, netkar pro, will run on PC’s that are a small fraction of the power of the PS3, so it’s not like the PS3 isn’t good enough for better sim racing, GT5 is still the best looking sim until maybe Assetto Corsa and pCars finishes development. I can understand people wanting GT on PS4 to avoid waiting forever for the next generation GT but it probably won’t take as long as GT5. I think they’ll hire a much bigger team this time. GT5 only had 150 people working on it, forza 4 had 400, so it’s pretty simple what PD has to do to speed things up.

    1. RACECAR

      Another big thing that people keep forgetting is that the PS4 has far more room for development then the PS3 does so the first PS4 GT title won’t take nearly as long as people repeatidly get wanting to believe.

    2. Tenacious D

      Forza was contracted out to FIVE studios, as well as a Hollywood graphics company. If you think SONY can afford anything similar – they’re not a monopoly that mostly produces software – you’re dreaming.

  46. racefan88

    Please no….just let GT6 be on the PS4 I know I will buy it because I love the GT series…but please it makes no sense.

  47. Racemachine

    look at uncharted 2 the ps3 was maxed out but they came out with uncharted 3 and they got better from 1-2-3 they can do the same with GT

    1. TokoTurismo

      Just like Forza did on the xbox 360 as well. 2-3-4 and 4 is the best one. GT certainly can do the same with GT6.

    2. Tenacious D

      What was better about Uncharted 3 was the animation. The graphics weren’t better, the world wasn’t any bigger.

      Look, most consoles are maxxed out within the fourth year of release, certainly by the fifth, and we’re into PS3 year six. Don’t expect any improvements in GT6 on PS3 unless PD cuts back in other areas.

  48. jajr18m

    Kaz said that gt5 reached the ps3 potential, so i doubt gt6 will be on ps3, its a higher chance its coming to ps4, i hope it is, with 8gb of ram, who knows how much stuff could be going on at once in gameplay, tbh i cannot wait for gt6, they best not delay it over n over again

    1. RESHIRAM5

      He might’ve said that but it is Sony’s decision not PD and I don’t think PD tried hard enough for GT5.

    2. jajr18m

      True point that, but dont wanna see the same failure that we had with gt5, although it is a great game, i have a massive hate for standard cars, what is the actual point, and i can also remember a few cars from gt5 prolouge that didnt make it to real gt5

  49. mcalva98

    Ok guys let me tell you somthing. I will show you pros and cons about gran turismo 6 on each console.

    PS4 pros: -it will have better graphics
    – it will have a better gameplay
    – it will also have more features than the ps3
    PS4 cons: – It will probroly be very expensive ($200-$500)
    – people who have a lot of money can buy this, people that are middle class need to plan how much they will spend and wait a couple of years

    PS3 pros: – you already have a ps3 to play GT6

    PS3 cons: – people will be mad that its on ps3
    – less features will be offered on ps3 for GT6

    Remember, this is what I think what will happen, if it does not then i was wrong. But please dont say rude comments (remember its only a game :))

    1. HuskyGT

      -GT6 PS3 Pros: Bigger than GT5 without necessarily having more cars or all those unnecessary features like B-Spec. Graphics will still be as awesome as GT5’s. Probably the best GT title that will be around the corner for a couple of years since PD has listened to the criticism and hopefully they look back when GT was at its peak like in GT2 or GT4. Will keep us entertained while PD prepares a proper GT title for the PS4.

      -GT6 PS3 Cons: Some people will be mad about shadows since it seems that’s all they care for.

      -GT6 PS4 Pros: Good graphics.

      -GT6 PS4 Cons (if released this year): Smaller than GT5, or similar than what GT3 was for PS2 (although GT3 was good). We would have to wait years to see another decent GT and we will be left with nothing to play until it happens. yes, there is DLC, but we know PD. That means only a couple of cars every other year.

      If you think that GT6 for PS4 (again, if released this year) is going to be bigger and will have more features, cars and tracks than GT5, you’ll be very disappointed.

      This is a theory like yours, of course. We won’t know until we have the game in our hands, either for the PS3 or PS4.

    2. VspecZR1GT2RS89

      @Husky: That is how I’m thinking about with the pros and cons with GT6 on either console. But I know that if the PS4 is released on Xmas season 2013, there will be lots of people who will wait to get the PS4 later same with the XB 720 so a good idea for everyone is to make two versions of each game for BOTH consoles. Why, because you will please people on the PS3/360 and on the PS4/720 instead of one system.

      And since Kaz said the PS4 is a “blank canvas”, Dan Houser from R* said the PS3/360 has some life to push games further and now from SCEE Danny and Jim, there’s still some stuff on these consoles to work. So I believe that GT6 will be on PS3 and maybe later, the new one as well IMO. Even later we’ll maybe see GTAV or PCars on the PS4, but I will stick to maybe on all of the games in general.

      Now I’m wondering what Dan from T10 has to say about FM5 on the 360 or 720.

    3. SZRT Ice

      I believe you guys are missing a few things.

      #1. I believe current gen GT games are made in-house on high performance PC’s at next gen resolutions, and then downscaled for this gens hardware when ran on dev-kits (Photomode for vehicular evidence). So there could be a PS4 ver. of GT5 that could already be at next gen res. on PD’s PC as we speak for all we know that is still in it’s unfiltered full res form.

      #2. “GT6 will have so many tracks that it will make your hat fall off your head”. I can’t fathom that every track scanned for GT5/GT6 will have to be revisited to be rescanned again (unless some major changes are made IRL), so the 3D modelling data must be held in house on PC’s and texture mapping is likely to be compiled afterwards which isn’t as difficult to implement as actually as scanning/compiling data on world courses all over again.

      [“The amount of (tracks) will be such that will make a hat fall off your head.”

      “Hat falling off your head” is common way to say how you will be amazed by something.

      Representatives from Polyphony Digital have, of course, already been spotted at the Bathurst circuit, scanning and photographing it for Gran Turismo 6.]


      #3. Just because other 1st party dev’s are just getting their hands on certain dev-kits, doesn’t mean that PD may not have gotten “green light treatment” on a PS4 dev-kit years in advanced. Who knows how long Sony may have had general specs for the PS4 in the pipeline. They say dev’s helped them shape what the PS4 would be today and maybe PD was one of those dev’s, working on GT6 all along the way for PS4 and relaying to Sony the requirements needed to meet the demands of the game/vision he/they were trying to create. And being one of their highest selling flagship franchises with one of the most dedicated and true fan base following, Sony, who didn’t want to disappoint… delivered… Now does that sound believable to you? No? Yeah? Well it does to me…

      #4. Kaz has stated numerous times that the PS3 isn’t really suited to what he’s doing with the Gran Turismo series at this stage.

      and also…

    4. Tenacious D

      “-GT6 PS4 Pros: Good graphics.”

      Husky, dude! Were you half awake when you wrote that?? When Gran Turismo migrated to PS3, did we get the same empty six car races as before? I’m going to make a list of real pros up above.

  50. joetruckv8

    I still dont believe GT6 is coming out for Ps3 unless it coming out for Ps3 & Ps4 at the same time!!!

  51. shurnster

    I wished it was on the PS4 in my opinion. With a PS3 release it’s good, but I don’t expect anything better, except for the possibility of better gameplay like GT4.


    Listen to TeamCRZracing… “I don’t think so, not if they’ve actually started working on the program itself. If they build it for PS4, it won’t be compatible with PS3, and if they build it for PS3, then it won’t be *natively* compatible with PS4 due to the new Cell processor.” Thats the best comment. My only wish for Gt6 is that they dont sacrifice the potential it has with ps4 to keep it playable on a much more inferior machine.

  53. Ginjaninja7797

    To be honest… I think PD are going to wait and see what Driveclub is like. Then think about what to do with GT6.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      I don’t think so, not if they’ve actually started working on the program itself. If they build it for PS4, it won’t be compatible with PS3, and if they build it for PS3, then it won’t be *natively* compatible with PS4 due to the new Cell processor.

    2. Stephanos82

      I disagree! Kazunori has already stated that he doesn’t play any other games so chances are, they won’t even see rhe driveclub

    3. Tenacious D

      What HKSBro says. Drive Club is like a Combo of Tokyo Extreme, Test Drive and Project Gotham. It’s more of a sandbox racer, at least as far as the dev is letting on about. Now, there may be a GT-like sim mode hidden in there somewhere, but the focus really looks on the community club racer aspect. Gran Turismo will likely have a little of that flavor, but will most likely be the usual Gran Turismo game taken to the next level, which I suspect is a tilt towards more simulation racing.

    4. Ginjaninja7797

      Yes but, you’ve got to admit, the graphics on driveclub look amazing and I’m sure that Kaz and PD saw the playstation meeting and the driveclub demo. They must have looked at the gameplay and seen potential.

  54. Foxiol

    I hope it will be The Last Guardian. If there is a huge game, it should be that one.
    (GT6 for PS4, one year after DriveClub release)

    1. Tenacious D

      I’m hoping Last Guardian has migrated to PS4, which might explain why it’s been scarce for about a year or more.

      And the reason I say this is because LG is based in a living world, a jungle like Central America. PS4 will be better equipped to render a ton of objects like trees, foliage, birds and other wildlife, and attach all kinds of properties to them like light/reflections/shadows, individual behavior like leaves moving in the breeze and birds taking flight, etc. A few dozen arrows would easily become a cloud of arrows on PS4.

      And naturally, PS4 would be the ideal home for Gran Turismo 6, with its capacity to realize more advanced A.I., better physics, more advanced weather, day/night cycles on all tracks and a proper damage system. Not to mention more cars on track, perhaps a lot more. But we’ll have to watch the news blurbs rippling around the net closely for any hint of what SONY is really up to. Hopefully they won’t dangle us unmercifully until E3!! I swear, my hair would get ulcers…

    2. shurnster

      This is what I was hoping with either The Last Guardian and/or FF Versus XIII. Having GT6 on the PS4 a year after the PS4’s launch.

  55. A_Higher_Place

    Can’t wait for any solid information. Your news feed is getting my hopes way to high lately ;).

  56. AERO_HDT

    I believe that Drive Club is set to be the racing title at launch for the PS4. There is slim chance that Sony would release GT6 so early, as it would probably take away from Drive Club sales. Don’t forget, Gran Turismo has never been a launch title on any console and probably for good reason. PD have been working on GT6 for some time and considering the current PS3 base, I daresay that it will sell extremely well. Don’t forget GT2 and GT4 were released at the end of the console product cycle and were highly successful titles.

  57. SkierPS3

    I really DONT want GT6 on PS3. PS4 needs GT6 as a launch title, and GT6 needs the PS4’s upgraded hardware to really step itself up from GT5.

    1. JeremiahTB

      I want it on PS3. Then I will be able to play it right at release. If GT6 comes out too early in the PS4 life cycle, then it will need to wait until I budget for a new system. It’s true that a PS4 game would be better, but that’s what GT7 will be for.

  58. mrkevans

    I find it highly unlikely that gt6 will be coming to the ps3. I think your daydreaming if you think it is! What we want is a great spec 3 update with tracks like apricot hill/mid field ect and some more cars like the new dtm touring cars ect. A good spec 3 update would be more than enough to tide me over until ps4 and gt6.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Yeah, remind us how wrong you was thinking there was going to be a Spec 3 AND GT6 being on PS4…

    2. JAHHAJ

      Gt5 was supposed to have spec 3 as Kaz confirmed it. Whether it actually comes is to be seen in the near future.

    3. JAHHAJ

      I guess he Kaz never properly announced spec 3 but there was something a while ago on the GTP news page saying that Kaz announced that Spec 3 is coming. IIRC

  59. Rich S

    I think GT6 is coming, I was playing the 750 pp seasonal event on Sarthe and it was much harder than normal, I couldn’t corner cut the slightest bit w/o a penalty and one of the AI was named Ivan Pavlov the guy who invented the “conditioning reflex.” ;) :)

    1. michrulejj

      He actually got an Orphan child. He did to test his theory. So every time he put a stuffed animal in front of the child he would bang 2 symbols together and the child would get scarred. He did this all through the day and for a while. So to prove his theory, he later than just put a stuffed animal in front of the child and the child become scared. So thats how he proved it. Also he took the child back to the orphanage after that… Fun Story. And now that person is terrified of stuffed animals.

  60. Themule

    For all you know he could be talking about ACIV (which was revealed after this) or the (yearly) COD game (expected of course).

  61. clowe14f1

    Here is my whole thing instead of worrying about GT6 why don’t they just give us some more tracks and some better DLC like we were promised when GT5 was relased

    1. Tenacious D

      I would be happy with a beefed up GT5. Just porting in a bunch more events to bring it to the neighborhood of what we have in GT4 would make it a whole new game for me, and I don’t think it would be all that hard to do. Or juicing up the online system, that would make millions of fans think Christmas had come early.

      This whole fiasco is just crazy, and I’m sure those black suits at SONY are loving every frantic minute we spend yacking about it. Evil fiends. ;P

  62. Starciller

    I don’t see why you want GT6 for PS3when you could be getting it for a more advanced and better system (the PS4) it would be kind of a letdown and also means bad sales for the PS4 then.

    1. TokoTurismo

      See? Right there. You want GT6 on the PS4 so it can sell… PS4 doesn’t need a G.T. to sell well you know……

    2. Tenacious D

      The gamer world was hoping for PS4 last year. Now they’re practically ravenous for it. GT6 will push a few million more PS4s out the door, but the game library will be stellar without GT6.

      Plus, we have no clue what this is really all about other than to create even more buzz about GT6 and the new Playstation. GT6 could be the farewell flagship title for PS3 and keep a few more fans happy with the system. It could be part of a dual strategy as many of us suspect, and a bigger GT6 A-Spec may be coming for PS4 within a year or so, maybe even at launch. Which would make GT6 PS3 the biggest Prologue in Gran Turismo history, but… hey, I’d buy it. Or it could all be a ruse to keep gamer’s attention away from that Microsoft thingie and Forza, and GT6 comes out on PS4 after all.

      Who knows? E3 is going to be the focus of attention from around the universe, that’s for darn sure…

    3. JeremiahTB

      Gran Turismo won’t sell millions of extra PlayStations. It will sell many extra, but millions? That may be inflated.

    4. HuskyGT

      Because I don’t want a GT6 with breath taking graphics, soft shadows, 3d trees and just 100 cars. If you honestly think that a PS4 GT6 will be bigger in content than GT5 if it’s released this year, then you might be wrong.

      To have a proper GT for the PS4 we would have to wait at least two more years. So, no thanks. I rather have GT6 on the PS3 since in that case I’m sure it will be better than GT5. And by better I don’t mean better graphics. There is much more than just graphics. Besides, GT5 still is the best looking car game if you compare with anything else. So many things that can be dumped, changed and brought back from other GT’s that could make a great new GT title for the PS3.

      It’s either that, or PD releasing a big spec III for GT5, even if they charge us. But it should be something worth it so they can then take how long they want to make GT6 for the PS4. But that’s never going to happen. So GT6 for PS3 please.

  63. Quakebass

    Ok, it’s looking like GT6 will be on PS3. Better get to fixing the old girl and getting a bigger Hard Drive…

    1. leeson

      Yeah I think so too.

      If GT6 is coming to the PS3, then I think it needs to be more than a GT5 spec 3; they need to do something significantly different, or significantly better. I don’t think I care that much for a GT5 with just more premium cars and tracks, it really needs a complete overhaul. Hopefully they have taken our criticisms seriously. GT6 will dictate the future of the franchise. They are either going to figure out what the fans want and deliver, or just further alienate the fan base, and someone else will come along and usurp them (might not be such a bad thing).

    2. Tenacious D

      The real fanbase seems pretty happy with GT5, even with all the warts. It’s still selling, in spite of all the caterwauling from a handful of diehards from here.

      But they definitely need to give us something in the vein of GT2 and GT4, and a lot more besides. And if they do make it for PS3, it’s going to have to be cut back in some way to allow for improvements just in graphics. I doubt any extra horsepower will get squeezed from this engine out of nowhere to allow for extensive damage modeling. We could get that Livery Editor, but bettwe weather and a proper Course Maker a la ModNation Racers but HD will likely have to wait for PS4.

      But giving us proper racing events just requires a little imagination and a handful of new code. All they need to do is look back to GT2 and 4. Manufacturer Cups. More events inline with real world racing leagues. An Event Generator. An online structure which just about every PC racer has going. Just go back to the basics of what made Gran Turismo and racing sims in general so good, and the fans will love it.

    3. TokoTurismo

      I get the feeling GT6 will be better. I know one the upgrades like brake upgrades and nitro may return.

      I agree with you on the criticism part though, very important. :tup:

  64. Erik

    An ultimate racing game should add motorcycles an cars in general just saying bikes vs cars wow I could see the fun in that…

    1. Tenacious D

      Yeah, and those motorcycle racers really benefit from having all those cars included!!

      Oh wait…

  65. JaySamurai

    If i do buy a PS4 then hopefully Codemasters will have an F1 title coming out shortly after, that could hold me until PD make a Gran Turismo on the PS4.

  66. Erik

    I’m still gonna buy gt6 don’t matter if its for ps3 or ps4 or both and I’m buying me ps4 this hype is nothing just wait ….

    1. HuskyGT

      I think being done with GT is a bit rash, but I do agree with your GT2 comparison. Finally someone who understands what really makes a game good.

    2. karelpipa

      Its not about Pikes Peak though it would be very nice addition (mainly its older, gravel version)

    3. HarVee

      GT2 was my favorite game in the series, so I’d be inclined to agree with you. I hope gt6 does turn out to be as good as GT2 is.

    4. TokoTurismo

      @karelpipa I was just basing it on how Red Bull said Pikes Peak was in GT5 but wasn’t. lol It would be cool if GT6 was something like GT2 though. ;)

  67. Erik

    Gt5 had so much hype and in the end it was a total waste of time there was no finished product it ended up an incomplete game good luck for u hyping up this c r a p let them come out with a complete game then we could get hyphey an do the Harlem shake..

    1. HarVee

      Hype has nothing to do with them releasing a complete game. Rockstar gets lots of hype for their games, and their games are very much complete. Blame Polyphony’s understaffed offices.

  68. HuskyGT

    Doesn’t mean much, but it is highly likely that we’ll have Gran Turismo 6 sooner than we think. Man, I love this! We’ll just have to wait until an official announcement though.

    And if GT6 ends up in the PS3, not only will it mean that it will be the GT most of us expected from GT5, but that GT7 in the PS4 will be one epic beast! I really hope this is the case.

    Either way, don’t worry Sony; I’ll buy GT6 for whatever console you release it for, and regardless, I’ll buy a PS4 too.

  69. Erik

    It’s hype ppl don’t feed into it ur wasting your time just wait , if its a complete game or total new game for a better system ps4 stop the hype

  70. Vwlover01

    It seems logical to me that GT6 will be on the PS3.

    Didn’t Kaz say that they were already working on GT6 years ago? Also when he was talking about the PS4 he said it was like a blank canvas.

    If they’d already started work on GT6 for the PS3 ages ago then it is highly possible that it’s nearly complete and they’re now focusing on the X86 platform for GT7. This would keep sales high for the PS3 and give the PS4 a huge title in the pipeline.

    1. HuskyGT

      He said it a few weeks after GT5’s last delay if I’m not mistaken. Seems logic to me too. And if this is true, then it’s great news, because that means we’ll have a great game to entertain ourselves for the next years so PD can work on a full GT7 for the PS4 and not just a little GT6 with mind blowing next gen graphics, but lacking on content (Prologue or some crap like that).

  71. interpunct

    I really hope they release GT6 for PS4… I kinda want a reason to do the upgrade, GT is perfect since it’s the only game I come back to again and again and again…

  72. JeremiahTB

    How many titles would be considered significant? Obviously there is Gran Turismo, but there are other very popular titles like Modern Warfare, Star Wars, or Final Fantasy among others.

  73. StiggyGT

    Look at the amount of time it took them to release GT5 (which was a long time), and then think about how long it would take them to release GT6. It seems very unlikely that we will see it in the next 2 years, let alone this year.
    + He was probably talking about GTA V when he mentioned “other games”. Sorry for the spirit breaker!

    1. R1600Turbo

      GT5 was built from the ground up, hence it’s long wait for release. For GT6 they can base it off GT5 and go from there, which won’t take nearly as long. We’ve seen this from previous GT titles releases.

    2. TokoTurismo

      People are STILL believing GT6 will take as long as GT5? LOL!! Kaz basically said that GT5 is a operating system, so that’s why it taken long. Don’t expect GT6 will take long too, because IMO it won’t. I believe GT6 is coming this year on PS3.

    3. StiggyGT

      Well, we all know PD and their rate of work. What I mean is yes, the physics are already clocked -no question. But it’s a game about cars, and we also know how meticulous PD have a reputation to be. E.g- When will we see the Ford Mach Forty? But anyway, fingers crossed, we may see it fairly soon.

  74. UrieHusky

    Could be anything if it’s “Un-announced” but with everything that’s been happening lately I really wouldn’t be shocked if it’s Prologue on PS3 as a taste for PS4 or just a flat out PS3 release of GT6

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