Gran Turismo 6 Rumored to Include Large Number of Tracks

July 25th, 2012 by Jordan

While helping out with the Polish GT Academy 2012 finals, Lucas Ordoñez made an interesting comment about Gran Turismo 6‘s development, which he’s reportedly involved in.

According to a reporter on hand at the event, Lucas suggested the series’ next flagship title would include a very large number of tracks. Though the Polish source article is not clearly translated by Google, but we now have a full translation kindly provided by native Polish speaker and GTPlanet reader, Alex (Vatrox):

“We are not sure whether to consider it a rumor or a verified information, but you can be sure we are the first in the world to report it. What’s the matter? The day before yesterday (that would be 23 of July – Vatrox), “our” guy Jacob took part in the GT Academy finals held in Warsaw. Beside competitors, there was also well-known Nissan’s driver – Lucas Ordones. So what?

Well, Jacob managed to chat with him for a bit asking about Gran Turismo series and it’s future. And the information he managed to get is very interesting. Lucas gave away that Gran Turismo 6 production is in progress and we will be very surprised how accurate and well-reproduced are all the tracks. Also, the amount of them will be simply jawdropping.

Asked what platform it is being delevoped for, he replied
enigmatically: “Now, that’s a very good question…” How much truth is in that? As a Nissan’s driver and the face of GT Academy he obviously knows more than an ordinary mortal. And GT6 is certain for some platform.”

Representatives from Polyphony Digital have, of course, already been spotted at the Bathurst circuit, scanning and photographing it for Gran Turismo 6.

Over 25 different circuit logos also remain on GT5‘s “Remote B-Spec Racing” website, though they are not currently available in the game.

GT5 Photomode image by NBDESIGNZ.

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  1. Snake1405

    Like MGS5, i’m waiting this game for this generation, many rumours and the possiblities are high! :F

  2. Tvensky

    I realy hope it comes for ps3!
    ps3 still is good enough for me…

    • Nah, it’s not. I really expecting that GT6 will really really unbelievably epic and solid (well i like forza car presentation and modification, really wanted GT6 can beat them TBH). Not some glitchcy stuff and unsolid job again. If ps4 can do it, than it better in one

    • Nah it’s not

      Nah, it’s not. I really expecting that GT6 will really really unbelievably epic and solid, well i like forza car presentation and modification, really wanted GT6 can beat them TBH. Not some glitchcy stuff and unsolid job again. If ps4 can do it, than it better in one

    • TeamCZRRacing

      @Nah I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. A person creating an account to write a comment, and then creating another account just to write the same comment again. What?

    • tpark103

      Yeah he forgot the punctuation on the second. Bizarre

    • TeamCZRRacing

      @tpark103 That still doesn’t explain why he created another account just to post the same comment again, just with punctuation fixed. That’s like PD creating a new company every time they wanted to push out an update for GT5.

  3. kennylmao

    What Will Ferrel’s life narrator in Stranger Than Fiction will probably say:

    “And while fans hear rumors and start to speculate about the next installment of Gran Turismo, little do they know, it will be at least another ∞ years before the release of GT6.”


  4. Finduszip

    I really hope they mean racing tracks and not music tracks.

  5. Rushton1996

    The roumors have officially begun!!! Maybe this means that an announcement is not far away, and also a release date!!!

    • TeamCZRRacing

      32 Septemberoctobernovemberdecember 2037 on the PS9.

  6. TurboProp

    Right kaz, checks in the mail….

  7. sind3ntosca

    In Indonesia, there’s Sentul Track…. but I think Kaz won’t include it. I will be very amaze if he include it, cos i’m Indonesian. Hahahahahha…

  8. GooStuff

    I would translate it this way:
    The amount of the tracks is jawdropping.

    Lucas also admited “the production process of the GT6 is advanced”
    Asked about the generation of the platform answered: “well… this is a good question…”

    • another_jakhole


      Advanced? Could he have meant that GT6’s development is in its advanced stages?

  9. if got new tracks i hope kaz will include Sepang where i live in.yes sepang track is one of those SuperGt track hope this dream will be comes true

  10. If the AI is non-existent like in GT5 (follow the rabbit), it won’t matter because it will be as boring as GT5 is now. Online you say? Well, there are many, many games/sims that do on-line much, much better than GT5, on-line isn’t what made the GT series unique.. If there’s no ”there” there, I don’t care how many tracks there’s going to be. I hope they work on A-Spec and the racing in GT5, not just a bunch of cool content for online multi-player.

    • BlindZenDriver

      I don’t care that you don’t care about on-line. Sounds to me like you won’t be happy until the games has power ups and rockets :-)

    • deviln3

      I just wish they had more of a personality.. I want to see them spin out more and make mistakes. Or at least account for the user’s pace slightly. I like that its on-line proper form racing but professional drivers make mistakes too.

    • Quakebass

      ^ That’s actually why I do endurance races on ovals in difficult-to-drive cars with tire wear and fuel consumption on… The AI makes mistakes, and the competition is usually pretty equal; (at least with FGT’s, FF1’s, and NASCARs) no rabbit cars… Though I’d rather it be like this on regular circuits. I know that PELNTY of people HATE oval tracks.

  11. Normalaatsra

    Premium Tracks and Standard Tracks, imported from GT4 xD

    • Buzz17091991

      Haha, this would be silly! :D

    • MSTER232

      As funny as it sounds, I don’t think PD are cheap enough to actually import tracks from GT4. People would start complaining about the graphics and that it looks like a PS2 game with PS3 cars.

    • Buzz17091991

      To be honest, GT5 has some tracks with PS2-graphics. Look on the Trial Mountain Circuit or Deep Forest Raceway. The top gear test track isn’t good, too.

  12. SaintSaiya

    10 years, Can’t wait!!

    • Tvensky

      I think “IF” GT6 comes to ps3 then it will take about 3 – 4 years max..

      24 November 2010 GT5 came out, so my logic is November 2013 or 2014….

      still a lot of time to wait… and if ps4 will about to release then I hope GT6 will be available for both ps4 and ps3 (that seems most logical to me)…

    • mokalovesoulmat

      I guess the GT6 will available for both PS3 and PS4. :))

    • e30 freek

      ^I was thinking that aswell

  13. ferhound

    All cars premium or more tracks?

  14. karelpipa

    hype is starting guys, dont let him get you! :)

  15. This is going in the right direction.. (safe to say so far)

  16. shurnster

    Hopefully there will be a rumor about GT6 will have a large number of (premium quality) cars.

  17. Where us Long Beach?

  18. Quakebass

    Hmm… I wonder what other knowledge the GT Academy graduates have of GT6’s development? I’m betting that they’d be fired if they said too much… Also, considering that “which Lucas Ordoñez is reportedly involved in”, I wonder if PD will incorporate some sort of fake mini-GT Academy into the career mode of GT6… That would be interesting.

    • tpark103

      Mini GTA in the game would be a fantastic idea. Just something else to keep up the fun factor. I’m sure the GTA grads know more a lot more than we can all imagine. Of course when are in the know on projects of this nature secrecy is peremount!

  19. marktyper

    I wonder where GT6 would be if in PS3 or PS4 . Whatever it is, I will always be getting it cause GT and PD is part of who I am and my entire life as an enthusiast.. Even though there are things in GT5 that wasn’t there, I’m still hoping for GT6 to be totally different.. I know Engine sounds sounds to be lacking but gameplay wise, I’m totally amazed about it. IF PD will have some more new ideas like the idea of Forza Horizon, that will totally expand PD’s rank.

    • Engine sounds aren’t lacking,you just need a proper amp to get the best from it and i have compared Forza 4 and video clips on the same set up and gt was closer to the real cars than forza.

      I asked my friend to listen with me and even he agrees that GT was closer and he doesn’t care about racing games.

    • BMfan: you truly are a fanboy. Engine sounds are a joke in GT5. You can be honest about it or delude yourself.

    • TakumiFuji01

      mef: Not another argument and stating “fanboy”. Go troll somewhere else…

    • Nah, it is a joke, you got something wrong in your ears

    • The actual truth

      Have you ever heard forza’s engine sound on Ferrari? I mean look at the 458. It is not that look alike compare to forza, also the LFA. PD use the wrong method to record the sound. That’s why it is not as good as forza. They just revving it up in NEUTRAL than records it. In forza. They put the cars in dyno. That’s why

    • Silence! The truth (in my opinion) is the sounds in GT5 are way to clean and in forza are way to distorted.
      An example look at the LFA in forza the sound’s far from real life, GT5 sounds closer but there’s no agressivity/ distortion.
      Obviously most people will go for the more agressive sounds in racing games.

      Both are awsome games!

    • If Forza’s sound is so great then why does their 787b sound so different to the real one.

    • another_jakhole

      At the start, I liked FM’s sounds more. While GT5 had its sounds improved, FM4’s sounds sound exaggerated for the most part. Not to mention the crashing in FM4 sounds like a cartoon. I don’t understand how some people say the crashing sounds in GT5 are bad when they’re comparing FM4 to GT5.

    • TokoTurismo

      The Mazda 787b in F4 sounds like a formula 1 car, and that car is my birthday and they screwed it up like that? See they mess up too…

      Either way I still like both games overall. :)

  20. AnPrionsaBeag

    Gran Turismo 5 is all about dashed hopes and broken promises. Given Yamauchi-san’s loose involvement and poor management of the series, why would GT6 be any better?

    • Quakebass

      Because the 4 games that came before it were great. Until we get continued bad results from the company, don’t make that assumption.

    • tpark103

      I was with you until you got to the end where you stated Kaz mismanaged the entire series. As a whole this has been an amazing ride! We hit a snag when it came to this title. It doesn’t have the something special that the others had. Remember the tuner village, remember classic dealership, remember when new car dealer ship was broken down by country. I don’t those are all minor things but things that made GT GT and there are many that I didn’t mention like the one make races etc.

      It’s a fine sim that gained at lot of bells and whistle but, lost its unique and in my opinion special touches. The stuff that made it the classic it is.

    • AnPrionsaBeag

      You’re talking about a long time ago when there was virtually no competition. Now gamers can compare Gran Turismo with the likes of Forza and Cars, not to mention iRacing and rFactor. I used to be a die-hard fan of the series and still own all iterations but GT6 won’t be an automatic buy, especially as Cars will be out when it finally gets released.

    • BlindZenDriver

      I so do not get all the negativity. GT5 is amazing.

      Is there things in GT5 I’d like different for sure. But that is mainly because there is so much to care about and most is so polished it is bloody great.

    • another_jakhole

      Ahh well said ^^^

  21. Looking forward for a LAN feature to be enabled in GT6…

  22. My hat just fell off my head.

    Also Bathuuuuuuuurrrrrst YEEEEEEEAAAAAAHHHHHHH

  23. TomBrady

    I hope this is legit, but to be real, I’m afraid the bulk is going to be originals. I love a lot of the originals, but other than what we got there’s really only 5 or 6 I think we really need. The rest of the additions should all be real tracks.

    GT does make the best originals and I love them, but the reason why real tracks are so good, is well not just because they’re real but because they’re in a lot of other games/sims as well. Having farmiliar tracks in a sim/game is important because it goes a long way in drawing someone to buying the sim.

    Also hoping for more course maker locations and options. What I really want is a GT original Touge track, like Fujimi Kaido. I don’t care for Forza very much, but I think anyone would admit that Fujimi Kaido is a bad mother f****. It’s a great track

  24. Calabogie Motorsports Park, please!

  25. RandomCarGuy17

    I hope some of the new tracks in GT6 will be original tracks from the classic GT games such as Red Rock Valley, SSR11, Grindlewald, & Rome Night.

    • TomBrady

      all of those minus the old Rome. Plus we need El Capitan, Grand Canyon, Citta di Aria, and especially Costa Di Amalfi. Plus I think they should bring back infineon. That’s really a great track, I love tracks like that.

    • VicGuanajuato

      +1000000 You’re in the right, man!

  26. MyFavoriteGame

    Here we go again with the wishlists….. sigh

  27. ADDiCT3D_2_BASs

    This best be released at least 3 or 4 years so its on the next gen console. Better sounds pl0x.

  28. oneloops

    For GT6 is essential to improve the SOUNDS A LOT ! Like Shift2 it should be enough …

    Also AI have to improve so much ! I’m bored of overtaking slow cars like turtles who brakes 50 meters before it’s needed !!!

    No overtaking pleasure with such AI !

    • oneloops

      And UK tracks please !!! They are so good… cadwell park, outlon, knockhill, donington … all with lots of fun changing levels !

    • tpark103

      -duplicate cars
      -more tracks

      We could go on and on its been said 100 times in here and in the forums.

    • Apparently a lot of people do not understand. Bad shadows are to make the game run smoother, have you seen how good GT5 looks? We’re hitting limitations on our hardware no matter what anyone says. Seeing how fast tech is moving, we’ll need new consoles every 5 years unless they will make them upgradable. Any gaming company could make insane shadows, but we can’t see that happen because our games would have drastic FPS drops. Every other game I’ve played has pixelated shadows and it doesn’t really matter. Just 6 years ago there were games being made that looked nothing like these at all, still today PS2 games are made. As I say we need new hardware, we should still recognize that these consoles have immense power and are giving us amazing games no matter what. It’s too bad that expectations get higher and higher.

  29. Ingenting87

    Being able to choose between different outside camera angles in replays.
    ONLY premium cars and more D1 cars….
    Cant be that difficult, PD………

  30. So err, great. Assuming Lucas Ordoñez has had some ‘in-confidence’ exposure to the development of GT6; he’s also an authorised spokesperson for Polyphony Digital?

    This is the most frustrating thing about the way PD operates in my mind. They can manage to pull off some brilliant public relations events, yet when it comes to articulating their road map for future releases, we often get vague tweets from Kazunoir, random comments from the Sony hierarchy or GT ambassadors like Mr Ordoñez making off the cuff remarks to journos.

    Millions of games sold over the years, a huge loyal fan base (champing at the bit for any scrap of information) and they still don’t seem too be able to co-ordinate cohesive public relations messages. Appoint someone to manage it for you properly.

  31. TheGTGuy

    Once Bathrust is in GT6 and All cars are premium with good sounds I’m sold.

  32. OK, What GT6 needs:
    – Great car selection
    – No standars (i dont care if they are less than 1000 i prefer quality over quntity)
    – Superb graphics, physics and sound (well i think those are a must)
    – Real world events with real characteristics
    – More tracks
    – Realistic Tyre system
    – Be able to use in-car settings and features (switch from track to race mode for example)

    If you want to add something else, Reply.

    • samuelesm

      being able to adjust in car settings would be hard to configure for in racing, but maybe in the menu it’s possible

    • mathieub33

      All track with weather change possibility… Daytona Superspeedway at night!
      Possibility to buy all cars new from dealers no standards to know the real millage i do with the car.

    • tpark103

      I’d would say -30 MX5’s most of them are identical. You could go down the line with the duplicates that have minor difference all in the name of reaching that magic 1000 car number.

    • carfanatic45

      -Interior car Photos
      -Improved track editor or no track editor at all
      -Livery Editor
      -More Online and Offline race restrictions

    • 300SRT8Fan

      A drive mode. Take a convertible, (WITH THE TOP DOWN!) and drive on famous routes like the autobahn, Route 66, U.S. 31, and many other famous locations. This would be awesome!

    • ADDiCT3D_2_BASs

      Livery editor Yesss!

    • Improved track editor or no editor at all? I don’t care if it isn’t improved, put it back in so I can have some more tracks when I feel like it. I’d look forward to more realistic things such as day/night/weather on all tracks and such. I don’t care about standard cars, as they are all still different in handling and the way they act. As much as people don’t realize, GT5 is a huge accomplishment in the gaming world. Being able to push those graphics and physics like weather and day/night while also pushing smoke that dense is amazing. I remember the first time I drove the McLaren F1 stealth model around Le Mans weather/time change. Best moment ever. Looking back idk why I bought GT5, it’s just immense love for the game. At that time I was in the action game/FPS phase, and still am. Something about that game that takes my mind away from shooters.

    • @300SRT8fan
      YAY! Driving in the route 66 in Muscle car playing Black in Black!!!

  33. TokoTurismo

    About that city area that was in GT5’s main menu screen. Is that possibly coming to GT6 too? Because it’ll be a perfect free roam track for a new GT Life mode and what Kaz wanted it to be. :)

    • Yeah it would be sweet. A free roam area would be awesome an to have an individual server for it that can support 100 players in it at one time would be even better so you can hang with all your friends an not just 15 of them an for car clubs it would be even better i hope PD can take some of Tourist Trophy and add into the game as well, There are people like myself who prefer two wheels to four. you haven’t ever gone fast until you’ve hit 180mph on a bike completely different from being in a car plus bikes are alot of fun. and if they could put Mount Akina from Initial D into the free roam that would be sweet.

    • TokoTurismo

      +1000 KYD302. :)

  34. Unless they make a heaping load of premium cars and no SD cars, I won’t be too hyped over GT6.. GT5 had potential to deliver so much, and they didn’t give us all that is ON the game. Just take the photo travel scenes with your own car in it in the main menu for example. Good few places there we can’t actually take pics of our cars in. Or that wind tunnel which obviously is on the game disk ssomewhere but we’re not allowed to get at it. Or even the runway at the RedBull Hangar which was revealed in the initial trailer for GT5 to begin with. Such a disappointing game to the keen eye.

  35. Grand Prix

    Track list needs Rouen.

  36. TokoTurismo

    The photo looks so nice, it can even be a preview of how GT6 may look like. *v*

  37. lator-illa

    Meh who cares. So many promises…so many unfulfilled. They need to fix the sound, otherwise, even with all the tracks it would still not be immersive

    • wallpaper42

      Get a sub woofer.

    • HuskyGT

      Sound doesn’t get fixed with a sub woofer. TV speakers or $10,000 suround system, the sound is still the same. Terribly unaccurate in some case.

      By getting a sub woofer, you’ll not make the Saleen S7 sound like a V8 again.

    • smskeeter23

      I put a subwoofer on my vacuum cleaner and it still sounds like GT5. Weird.

    • lator-illa

      I do have a difference…the sound is still crap

  38. nick993

    We need Willow Springs!! All the other track logos listed are from the psp’s gran turismo.

  39. Hofstee

    I just want my complex string.

  40. Racemachine

    Yes, Road America!

  41. gman1647

    Someone buy Kaz and crew a ticket to Elkart Lake, WI. The best race track in American should be in GT6.

  42. v13esim

    More tracks in GT6?

    You don’t say?

  43. rjcraft16

    i wished gt5 had only cars, tracks, photo mode, and online mode then they could do so much more to the game and the car upgrade/customization system, i don’t care about making a track a spec and b spec are enough, i like simplicity

    • HuskyGT

      Nah, that wouldn’t happen. That would make the game unplayable for thousands, thus it would hurt sales tremendously.

  44. Beatiful picture!!!! Just BEAUTIFUL! :D

  45. Kratos_Q8

    i smell GT6 on next Tokyo game show :)

    • TokoTurismo

      YES! :) Shouldn’t get to hype about it but lets wait and see first. ;)

  46. Drevenger

    First time I see a credible mention of GT6.
    I think we are still at least 2-3 years away so ima wait before getting a hat.

  47. Kratos_Q8

    what GT6 rly need is :
    – improve AI
    – event creator
    – better track creator
    – more premium cars

    that will make the game content infinit

    • viejaloca

      * JUST premium cars. No standards. Standards=fail.

    • wallpaper42

      Also they need to find more ways of taking out the grind. Seasonal events helped but it’s still there.

  48. GTP_Versatile

    Multiple tracks or just multiple layouts… Hence the Forward/Reverse = 2 tracks… Weather/no weather = another 2 tracks.. you get the idea.

  49. GT6 hype train..all aboard!!! they better have this planned for ps4 otherwise it seems liek it’s going to be pretty pointless, regardless of what system it’s on i’ll probably buy it but it would make a much bigger impact if they launch it with ps4..for sony’s sake at least

    the ps3 can barely handle GT5 with all teh screen tearing and such, i don’t see how it can be made to look visually better without some more compromises

  50. This may well be true but being a pessimistic old git, ok 42 ain’t that old but personally speaking I’d rather wait for the official Sony or Kaz release then read all the fall out on here to be honest.
    Still if it s true then it’s kinda good news. So GT6 for June next year then to be pushed back till the release of the PS4 in 2015 then?
    Ooh did I say something I shouldn’t :)

  51. It had better. The GT5 inclusions were very disappointing. I am definitely switching to Forza if GT6 doesnt have a substantial increase in real world tracks and cars (ideally, more historic race and rally cars as Forza does).

    • Dekropttiv

      I own forza and it only has I think 2 rally cars and they’re both dlc. I think they have around the same amount of historic race cars.

  52. HuskyGT

    Not worth crap. Rumors will always be rumors, even if they come from PD itself.

    They said many things about GT5…

    GT6 hasn’t even been “oficially” confirmed by PD or Sony, other than the typical “We are already working on it…” that we get after each release.


      i think kaz did confirm gt6 started development last year

    • HuskyGT

      Which it is the confirmation that we always get after a new release.

      First is the confirmation of development, then the official announce. But even after official annouces with publicity, trailers, pictures and reveal of content, years could pass until we see it. Even with that said, many things are left behind or changed.

      So this basically means nothing.

  53. HKS racer

    I rember all the BS about GT5 in pre-release era. Need some proofs about all these tracks now.

    Oh and you better don’t count track variations as “new tracks” or I’ll LOL at you, PD.

  54. ChicoMaloXD

    I hope the vast majority of them are real life tracks. Especially to represent real life’s race series.
    If they put the same fantasy tracks from previous GT games, that will only show how the GT franchise is gonna be stuck for years to come and will not innovate in any way.

    If players feel like goin back in time, just boot up GT4 or any previous GT and enjoy those nostalgic tracks.

    • another_jakhole

      Partially agree. Saying that it will be stuck is a bit much.

  55. outtanames

    Until GT5, you guys should check on Project Cars, it’s several levels above GT in almost every aspect.

    • outtanames

      I meant until GT6.

    • another_jakhole

      I was hoping it’d be greater at this, but hell no. It’s only an opinion right now. I enjoy it as a whole, but something makes it feel like a hassle to play. “Le Mans” is measured horrifically. I’m hoping after each update that they tweak the real world circuits.

    • another_jakhole

      *greater than this,

      It does do a lot of things much better than GT5, I should be clear.

    • Dekropttiv

      If I’m not wrong, that’s a PC game right? Generally PC game are far better than any console game, so I don’t really think its a fair comparison. I’ve heard good things about that game though.

  56. sangdude82

    May be PD is bringing all the tracks back from previous GT games & will add new tracks on GT6 :D
    I can’t wait for Bathurst!!!

  57. Lots of tracks from past gts, a larger variety of cars like european and american classics, make the career mode longer, lots more races and don’t stop xp at level 40. I got to this at only 75% game completion
    If gt6 is on ps3, take it to the limit of its ability
    And bring back nitros

    • timbutdim

      No to nitrous – it’s a bit too ‘Need for Speed’

  58. Latetzki

    Some proper noises for the cars this time.

  59. drummermaniac

    Lots of tracks , that´s music to my ears .
    I hope that PD includes a Livery Editor in GT6 too.

    • w115ter

      I don’t agree with you’re livery editor idea , c’mon we all know how that plays out , maybe a skin change so we can have teams not featured in GT , only problem would be wheels

    • MuoNiuLa

      A livery editor in other games doesn’t cause any major problems. You’re always going to have people who abuse features. That’s not a good reason to leave things out.

    • w115ter

      sorry MuoNiuLa but that is the only reason why it should be left out , its not only adults who play GT , im not big into photo mode but have shared a pic to see if it got on GT site , it appeared within 2 minutes ,

  60. All tracks form GT5 should be in GT6 + at least 15 more.

  61. I was trying other simulators and other racing games and also waiting for some as GTR3 or Assetto Corsa.

    And i must say that GT6 better have proper suspension physics and G forces applied into the car at least as Auto Club Revolution because i was playing and i am still playing it (it is free on PC) and i must say that the physics are amazing.

    Most of my friends play iRacing and rFactor as well and we have a debate and we try every game in the market (NetKar Pro is one of the best talking about overall physics in the genre) and about ACR we all are agree that this game is incredible in that matter. One of the best suspension model but not as good as the best simulators of course but still is quite realistic and feels incredible with high end wheels from G25/27 (as mine) and above. Even Better with a T500RS.

    And as a fan of GT series PD must work with this because by now is going down in some aspects of simulation that are important for the overall feeling of the car.

    I was impressed this whole week with this game actually and just have to share this with you guys.

    Glad to hear about GT6 and some more thinks that Lucas said about realism and stuff. So be ready because hopefully GT6 is going to have proper model in some areas that in GT5 feels wrong or missed at a some point.

    • researchALLwars

      thx for sharing that. good insights. {thumbsup}

  62. Slashfan

    Screw the tracks I want more cars

    • smskeeter23

      And you’ll no doubt get them. They’ll all say GTR on then, but you will get more cars o_O

  63. gamerdog6482

    Which means…nothing. Rumors are rumors, what we need is a strait answer from Kaz.

  64. All that matters to me regarding tracks in GT6 is whether or not Seattle Circuit will return.

    • Dekropttiv

      Why do so many people love that track so much? I never really cared for it.

  65. xiSealHDz

    oh yeah! cant wait

  66. STR8 6 SHOOTER

    Hopefully it will come soon and on the PS3.

    • mustangfan663

      It probably will be on ps3 because gt 1 and 2 where on ps1 gt 3 and 4 where on ps2 so gt 5 and 6 on ps3

  67. e30 freek


  68. Turbo_3800

    I’d like to see the original fantasy tracks also, but in their original goodness with GT5 graphics. I was disappointed with the “Rome circuit”, it’s an ok track but I was really expecting the GT2 “Rome” track……We should petition for a new “Seattle” course or atleast the same track with higher resolution lol…..Maybe I’ll keep dreaming lol

  69. gtfanforlife

    I hope this means american tracks like Watkin’s Glen.

  70. TokoTurismo

    But I also believe what the others say not to get hyped with this, so I’m getting hyped either.

  71. w115ter

    I hope the gun-sai cycle track appears in GT6 . So they got loads of tracks , maybe GT6 will have races that have the proper region specific tracks ,

    • Blood*Specter

      You have to think they know what tracks are fav to most players. Also have to think more real life circuits are priority.
      That along with updating the cars to all premeum. Would still love to see the original SSR11.

      ButI’d take Imola over SSR11 in a New York City micro second…….LOL

  72. FlexBlur

    It’s good to have various environments like we’ve seen in GT5, I guess. Why not gathering all the “Clubman/Special Stage Routes” in GT6?
    Also, one of the brightest ideas would be to STOP making more and more cars. I don’t care about 1000 cars when I’ll only drive 200 or 300. I think that Polyphony Digital should care more about the QUALITY rather than the quantity, because I’m so fed up with buying dozens of MX-5, RX-7, NSX, Skylines that are more or less the same, just to fill my garage.
    Cars are great. Dozens of same cars are not.

    • HoSway01

      A-freaking-men! I don’t know why, but when I drive a Standard car, I get REALLY annoyed.

  73. TokoTurismo

    Yas Marina Circuit, Pikes Peak and Bathurst anyone? Along with more other tracks that was on one of the workers computer at PD? There were dozens of tracks on that thing that didn’t make it to GT5, so that means they maybe coming to GT6 instead. :)

  74. Skyline_77

    Good news I guess.

    Too bad GT6 is 4-5 years away.

  75. sanamusic

    I would like to see red rock apricot bill and midfield back to gt5

  76. Johnny Lomax

    They better try to do it this time, Rfaktor2 vill be hard to follow.

  77. mobiletone

    until i see it finished and on the shelf then i’m not getting hyped for this. had too much BS with GT5 to care anymore and i’ve played the series since PSX days. went over to the ‘other’ car game last year and haven’t looked back since. both great games but GT has got stale.

  78. Zyo2008

    I really hope GT6 includes a lot of classic fantasy tracks from the old gran turismos, but for this new one i dont really care for now fantasy tracks, i rather have them introduce more real tracks

  79. We’ll believe it when we see it.

  80. Rocket Racer

    More new tracks would be great indeed, hope this is not only a rumour. I´m already looking forward to Bathurst that much… :)

  81. 2019? PS4 for sure?

  82. SHIRAKAWA Akira

    My point is: GT5 sold a lot because of the hype generated (also thanks to inaccurate and misleading information), to me iit seems they’re doing it again.

  83. Bravo Amare! Haha

  84. SHIRAKAWA Akira

    Here are some quotes about the number of tracks that should have been in GT5 – please note that some of the links might not be active anymore:

    “More than 40 tracks with over 100 layouts (including all versions of Nurburgring – which nobody’s ever done before). That enough for you? :)”

    “As we were the first session and had a slight overrun, Kazunori couldn’t take many questions. However, he was able to confirm that the number of unique courses available in the game is “more than 70″”

    “Gamers may choose from over 60 circuits including the newly added Tuscany, Madrid, Rome and Indianapolis tracks.”

    “GT5 propose plus de 1000 voitures dont les plus puissantes jamais produites, près de 150 circuits et une experience de la course auto comme vous ne l’avez jamais vécue !”

    (Room299 Press Event) “[…] 100 tracks in total. […]”

  85. That’s good to know but, it’s GT6, it has to have more of everything. That’s the expectation.

    • mobiletone

      why? GT5 has less of everything compared to GT4

    • A_Higher_Place

      Thats why it’s not as good in many ways. Ahem, Infineon.

  86. Horowisewolf

    Oh boy, I can’t wait until 2020 when it’s finally released!

  87. A_Higher_Place

    Let the wishing begin :D

  88. Rod Carvalho

    Please PD include INTERLAGOS! Look at your huge fan base here in Brazil!

  89. patriotzero

    If Jordan put these newws to GTplanet News page it could be true 99.99 percent

    • L8erBaby

      No, not 99.99%. With Kaz it’s mre like 50-75% possible.

    • No, just because I report on a rumor here does not make it true. I collect GT news and rumors and try to put them in context, that’s all.

  90. Maddens Raiders

    This is great news, I just wish there were a way for PD to remove serial complainers from the “game” & GTP.

  91. This is great news! I better not see anyone complain. -_-

  92. L8erBaby

    NOTE: THIS IS A RUMOR! You never know with Kaz.

  93. DarthRaiden666

    If true, I hope it’s on PS3 and the ability to B Spec via Vita as well.

    • JasonMann

      I hope it’s not on PlayStation 3, because GT5 is pushing this console close to its limits to play this game. If they plan on adding in more detail and improve the driving experience, it needs to be on PlayStation 4, the outdated Nvidia RSX in the PlayStation 3 simply cannot handle rendering a hopefully more detailed game. The PlayStation 3 already struggles to run GT5 at 60FPS, and has dips to below 30FPS. It would only seem right to release a game such as GT6 on a more powerful platform, so that they can have more overhead and not worry about frame dips.

  94. Johnny Lomax


  95. CromaTurboIE

    gt6 only ps3 or ps4?

  96. Madman Apex

    are they going to all be unique individual tracks… or does the count include reverses and varients of the same track??

  97. SpookyVenom1

    Rumors can keep coming in, and they can give a hint on what could happen. But I know to not get too excited over rumors since they could easily be false. I will wait for official news on this before getting excited. But still, we could use more tracks here, especially the classic tracks from older games


    • Blank_Redge

      …uh… wat? o_O

      Didn’t PD **JUST** release Twin Ring Motegi, and a free Scion download after GT Academy ended?

      Honestly, there’s just no pleasing some of you people.

  99. patriotzero

    Grand Turismo 6

  100. ThaRealCreeper

    YES, please.

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