Hyundai’s Veloster, Genesis Coupe in Next Gran Turismo

A team of Sony / Polyphony Digital engineers were spotted at a high-end tuning shop south of Los Angeles, capturing exhaust sounds for the Hyundai Veloster Turbo and Genesis Coupe on a dynamometer.

The news was posted on Cobb Tuning SoCal’s Facebook page (the post has since been removed from the page), along with a note mentioning the work was being done for “a video game coming out in the near future”.

Sure enough, a team of Japanese engineers can be seen in the photo, along with what appears to be the back of U.S. Gran Turismo producer Taku Imasaki.

Interestingly, the tuning shop is a mere half-mile away from Hyundai’s U.S. headquarters. Thanks to R_Lar for the tip!

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Comments (267)

  1. Jareski

    We need a new Ram. The Laramie they gave us sucks. Give us truck guys some more love. We need the Ford Raptor, Ram Srt10, and the Mopar Ramrunner!! And a Cummins Turbo Diesel, with black smoke!

  2. danger23

    I have a idea for GT6,intead of trading cars how about getting into the”salesmen thing”,lets say your looking for a certain type of car,then you find it from the for sale list only for online users offcourse,lets say a player wants sell a car that you want,it goes into detail of how many miles it has,how many races,if the player bought it new or used,how much you pay or sell depends on mileage and parts.then engine details,exuast details,”this might be to much for pd to handle”.But i want this gt series to be as real as get,more damage meaning in real life you don’t run into a wall at 70mph and just bounce off it with a dented fender,your probably not goin any where after that,smoke coming out the hood of the car,driver could be hurt or killed that might that be taking it a little to far. but now you ether haft to get new car that you spent days and hours tuning or spend some money getting it fix,that’s if your car isn’t totled, because the millions of dollers you get from races are only good for buying cars and tuning parts nosense to me.let make people spend some of those millions on repairs and appreciate what they bulit,lets make people drive with a sense of skill and not be reckless.those poeple that run you off the road to win.If this was in place it wouldn’t be none of this going on.Pd seems to have somethings in place to make this game the monster of all racing games,but in my eyes it could be “GODZILLA”.Now let talk after market parts for engines,like different types of turbo’s,intercoolers,manifolds,exuast,brakes the list goes on, everything down to real life mechanical issues, blown turbo’s,flat tires after runing over debri left from somebody else’s car,oil leaks,broken tire rods,tow trucks.Or at the start of a race you start with all the pieces to your car,but after it’s all over half of your front bumper is gone,or you might haft to retire from the race.All i can say is watch a race from start to finish and all the drama that’s around it then you’ll understand what i’m talking about.That would be a dream racing game for me.But like i said it might to much for them to handle.Maybe they could do this type of stuff on ps4,”MAYBE”.

    1. w115ter

      i would ! gt needs more of these lower hp hot hatches , aventadors and the like r good but remember kaz’s 1st idea for gt , ‘ i want to drive my car in a game’ , or words to that effect , jeez i couldn’t even afford the tyres on an aventador , a D plate xr2 mk2 is more attainable lol

  3. RCslayer

    By the time GT6 comes out these cars will be old news. Would be nice to get them as DLC cars and , Zl1, Gt500 etc.

  4. Rushton1996

    hopefully this means Kia will be included as well and the Top Gear star in a reasonably priced car will be in the next GT game

    1. DuskTrooper

      Why would that top gear part be included with GT6? I can understand the track they use to be included, but adding a segment of that show to GT just doesn’t make sense.

    2. DYLAN777-is-not

      Yes i really hope the reasonably priced car thing will be in gt6! One guy replied to this saying it would make no sense… Im dumb founded by that remark. Only people over a certain iq should be able post. Either that or they should have a disclaimer at the end of their posts.

    3. Dekropttiv

      Says the one who’s post is grammatically incorrect… Don’t bash other people just because their opinion is different than yours.

  5. OmarBaez53

    Wow, ive seen a lot of comments, requesting these two and more Hyundai vehicles, and now i see a lot of comments disliking the idea of including them on next GT.

    Hah, i kinda like how complicated people can be and i admire how some game companies are able to actually make a game to be accepted(wich no company has done these last years, people seem to be imposible to satisfy latelly.

    1. DuskTrooper

      It’s not that people are impossible to satisfy, its that these video game companies just usually don’t deliver what fans want.

  6. PeterWRC

    It`s lovely! We have seen video about how the PD recorded the sound of the R35, but its never appeared in GT5. They are deaf IMO. Every low-budget developer can make good sound in their game, why the PD not able to make it??? Without doubt, the GT5 is a good game/sim, but with proper engine sound, it would be exciting and brilliant. I hope it will be made for PS3.

    1. Dominic Toretto

      yup… true, & its almost impossible to hear the difference between a turbo engine & an N/A engine, the only Rotary engine that actually sounds like a Rotary is the 787B

    1. I'm Motarded

      It’s great that they used that technique, but why don’t the cars for shift 2 sound like that?
      The rolling road method is tried and tested, produces satisfactory results (when processed correctly) and is a hell of a lot cheaper. That’s why people still use it.

      Hiring a track-per-car for two hundred + cars just isn’t feasible, nor do most owners of “borrowed cars” and “museum pieces” tend to lend themselves to the idea of some lunatic thrashing their expensive machinery, tyres, brakes at said track. It also takes time to organize, arrange and complete. It’s a lot quicker to arrive, run the car up on a local rolling road for an hour, then leave. Than travel maybe 150 miles for a 1+ hour track outing (weather permitting), not including setting up the recording equipment, briefings, scrutineering, setups etc

  7. miskolciart

    Sorry guys but I doubt this is for GT6. Appstore on my iPad just showed me there is an update for Asphalt 7, what it does include is a Genesis and Veloster Turbo.

    1. TokoTurismo

      Which country is this “Asphalt 7” game made from? Because it clearly has “a team of Japanese engineers can be seen in the photo, along with what appears to be the back of U.S. Gran Turismo producer Taku Imasaki.” written in there.

    2. Pit Crew

      ^Dont even waste your time TokoTurismo. He’s another misguided underinformed, im gonna make my own truth you just gotta believe me NoOb.

  8. colj00

    omfg is all i can say

    im gonna keep my “kazunori yamauchi is god” poster on my wall forever…

    thank you pd for recording engine sounds, i am more than happy

    cant wait for this gt6 now

  9. VaioStreams

    Now i’m excited about GT6 and please put the Gen coupe 2.0T and the 3.8 V6. you’ll have a very happy camper. and i don’t even need car damage!

  10. BIOHAZARD9519

    If this is for GT6, then I hope it comes out sooner than I expect. I don’t want another new game with cars from 5-6 years ago.

  11. gamerdog6482

    What I don’t understand is why this has so many comments. I mean really, guys. It’s not like they are saying GT6 is coming out tomorrow!

    1. flink racquet

      my mate peter works at hyiundai in deer park near melborne and he said gt 6 is out befor chrismas this year. he said their will be heaps more hyundais, maybe 50 all premium.s

    2. Pit Crew

      Doubtful PD shared that info with Hyundai or any car dealership. We will know when Kaz announces it formally.

      Bad Rumors are just that.

  12. LR-MR-Cole

    Which wont be for atleast another 2 years (GT6) so why cant these cars be in GT5, cause by the time GT6 does come out the veloster will be in its Gen 2 and the Genesis Gen 3 model looks, so they will be old news. Why not add to the 5 car 2012 line up in gt5

  13. v13esim

    I think all you guys read was veloster and went straight to the comments. Did any of you even see how the article said Genesis coupe also?

  14. liampage123

    I see this car all the time, neat looking thing! Lets hope they are capturing the sounds better than GT5!

  15. w115ter

    veloster this , veloster that , i’ll put a mil on right now that 90% still drive it with assists , all 186ps of it , seriously though its about time every1 got off their high horse about the amount of asian manufacturers in gt , i’d say theres loads more quality cars from asia still to be added , dont get me wrong ford , bmw , mercedes , renault etc could all do with new models but really need to see older fords, beemers & renaults ,rs , xr ,3 series from e30 on , clio williams , & the real r5gtt , love to punt a raider round the ring lo

    1. w115ter

      eat me amac500 , whats youre problem ( AGAIN !) thinking the heat has died down from last time ? get over it & evolve , assists r for n00bs / cheap players ,
      hows ur buddy Sonic doin since u called him out , so u could kiss ass to some1 u thought was better than him ,

    2. Amac500

      Seriously dude, you have a problem. In something that is about adding a new car you go and say “I beat 90% are still driving with aids”. What does anything inthis article have to do with driver aids? And when the hell did I call out Sonic, I don’t have a problem with him? And if I was kissing your ass why would I even respond to your main comment about how you pull aids into crap for no good reason? It’s like there is some skip in your brain or something. Before you go off on some unrelated tangent, here is the issue I raised: Why are you bringing something about people using driving aids into a conversation about new Hyundais coming into the GT Franchise?

    3. Amac500

      For the best Pit Crew, lol. Gott’a love a car with 3 doors, because if they gave me that 4th door my passengers would all wonder into traffic, they’re just bit smart enough not to. Red lights, stop signs, even traffic jams, they just keep wondering out that 4th door. I’m glad to see a modern car company preventing these inevitable actions.

  16. Pit Crew

    It is impossible PD may have a dyno?

    Jordan clearly states PD/Sony crew was at aSouthern Cal Tune Shop.

    PD may have a Dyno but not for this data gathering.

    Good or Bad every GranTurismo has been heavy on Japanese cars. (Kaz is Japanese PD is Japanese corporation) Given GT5s 60% i think (Quakebass knows) bias towards these homegrown models, its a given seeing that the 2 GT6 cars we have seen are not US/European models, a since of “more of the same” will creep into there thinking.

    We may not always agree, buts lets attempt to be fair. (me included) Attacking peeps opinions may lead to a unnecessary beef.

    Complaints are free just like giving Kudos for a job well done, but unfair judgements, especially unprovoked ones, on a persons intellect are dubious wastes of energy and sometimes make these threads resemble a Modern Warfare forum.

    1. sdf

      If you read my post again you’ll see that what i have said was:
      “It is impossible that GT6 may have a dyno?”
      “GT6” not PD, a total different thing.

      You can’t complain for something when you have 0 data to back up your complains.
      It’s totally irrational.

    2. Pit Crew

      @ VenOm yeah i messed all up this morning

      @ SDF my bad bro missed that GT6 part please forgive.
      A Dyno would probably be greatly appreciated by the GT Drag Crowd.

  17. sdf

    I like the fact that cause some PD people spotted recording a Hyundai means that PD will only record Korean/jap cars or the new GT will have more Korean/Jap cars, cause the car is in a closed space or the mic isn’t big enough the recording will be rubbish and so on….
    It is impossible that GT6 may have a dyno?
    It is impossible that PD is there just to gather data?
    It is impossible that this Mic is Sony’s latest high-end mic? the hell you’ve concluded that cause they spotted recording a Hyundai there will be even less US/EU cars?
    Based on your logic cause they haven’t been spotted to record any US/EU cars at all, there won’t be any US/EU car in GT6 at all….
    And on the top of that … if you think of it for a nanosecond you realize that all this complains and assumptions comes from a photo that have immortalized a millisecond from a procedure that may took 1-2-3 hours…

    Something is really wrong with you people.

    1. Whodoyouthink

      ^^^^ Yes this!!

      All I can think about is if I will like the car. It’s tough to have interest in these everyday cars.

      I think PD is going to a good job with their sound engineering. I have at least SOME faith in them to do well. They will learn from their mistakes.

    2. Wiki

      You are totally right SDF, this pic only shows the PD team recording sounds from the Veloster but not a documental of the whole recording process. Either the absense of European/American Cars in the Next GT game, because maybe they are ’bout to finish the recording process or just started it. We dont know everything for now and this picture is not the anwer.

    3. DuskTrooper

      “how the hell you’ve concluded that cause they spotted recording a Hyundai there will be even less US/EU cars?”

      Because there always is. In every GT game there has always been more Asian vehicles than anything else. And I, like many others, are sick and tired of it.

  18. Pit Crew

    Maybe I could learn to love the Veloster turbo, but the Genesis coupe is already scheduled for GT6 Drift duty.

    1. DeeJay574

      No, the Mic is on the stand (below the handheld item).
      But I see the real problem in the closed space (room with walls nearby) and the mechanical noises of the Dyno.
      Maybe that´s the Weeeeeeeeeeeee effect of the GT5 sounds??

    2. Amac500

      Thats a great point DeeJay574, about recording in a closed space. They should probably take the car out and record sounds from inside the car, if they don’t, and get it driving by as well. If they are just getting the noises from reving the engine and editing the tone if needed, that would be why it isn’t quite on.

  19. maciej908

    Yeah!!! Cuz we all want to drive korean cars with 150BHP…
    But on a serious note… how about PD take a trip to Molsheim and take some pics, sounds etc of the cars that are produced there… Because let’s be honest I’d rather have a 1 Premium Bugatti Veyron SuperSport or any other Veyron for that matter, than 10 premium korean cars… Even if people claim it handles like a ‘boat’…

    PD we want supercars… cars that not many can afford… not £10,000 cars which we see everyday on the road…

    1. DeeJay574

      Agree 100%, maciej908!
      I also like (sometimes) to tune and drive a VW Golf GTI or drive a Ford Focus RS in GT5, but the real fun for me is to drive a car on my PS3 that I can´t own in real life beside I will win Millions in the Lottery.

      Driving a 150hp korean car is no real advantage for me personally!

    2. Youngun

      The Veloster Turbo is 201hp just like every other small hot hatch and tbf, I aint never seen one yet, about 20 focus STs and 10 RSs so I’d welcome new

    3. CC570

      Supercars are no less boring than 150 hp Korean cars. Low and midpowered “real” cars on comfort tires are what GT does best, and does better than other sims/games. I would prefer a wider selection of
      reasonably priced cars than a parade of overpowered stupor-cars.

    4. Razor

      I’m going to have to disagree there. I personally like seeing normal cars in games. Despite the fact that they might be boring in real life, it is pretty cool to use them in video games. If they had a 2005 Acura TL(dads car), I would be psyched. Give me a Sonata, a Camry, it probably won’t happen, but it would be cool if it did. But still, I would rather see some more super cars, and maybe some less known ones, such as the Zenvo ST1, Gumpert Tormente, etc.

    5. Amac500

      Hey I’m on the supercar band wagon! Hell I would be a DLC if it only contained the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta! I want some historic race cars myself. That Ford Mark IV is an all around riot, the way it handles is incredibly fun to drive. It would be pretty easy for me to change the suspension and make it handling great, but it’s just such a pure driving experience as it is. Combined with the sleek styling of cars like the Mark IV, the D-Type Jag, etc. Those would be a fantastic in the game!

      And when they add cars in the game in a DLC could they at least give it a Race Mod?

    6. Amac500

      I would certainly enjoy a 750bhp Italian car, in the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, instead of a 150bhp Korean. But, the last DLC did have some legit cars, and not Japanesse ones either. Aventador, Vantage, a Premium Group C Jaguar, that was good stuff.

  20. eight6er

    If this is for a future game, i hope they’re not only recording the exhaust. GT needs induction sounds to sound more realistic.

  21. Caliper

    That car is ugly as sin
    Someone should tell that guy to stick his hand with the mic inside the damn exhaust to get the tones right.

  22. shurnster

    If it’s a ps3 release I’m guessing there will be 450-500 cars.

    If it’s a ps4 release I’m guessing there will be 500-700 cars.

  23. mikecustom

    Nice PD, let’s first record all miatas, rx7s and now hyundais and leave ferraris,lambos an paganis at last or just don’t record them at all and then say we didn’t have time, trolololol…
    Gotta love PD

    1. Pit Crew

      Come on mikecustom not every cars sound is that badly recorded. The Ferrariis and Lambo are pretty accurate. The Benzs 06, 09 vettes Ford GTs etc are good to go. I feel where you coming from but your getting carried away with it now.

    2. TokoTurismo

      mikecustom is just some fanboy and troll who’s scared that GT6 is going to kick ass. He was never here before but desided to sign up to show his fear towards how awesome GT6 is going along. Let him keep trolling inside his mother’s basement. Such a loser…

    3. Amac500

      There aren’t a super number of Pagani’s in the first place to add and there are standard ones. And the last DLC did contain the Avtenador and the Aston Marton Vantage, did it not?

  24. GT HP Nut

    Hurrah! That means there won’t be only dump-status HCD6s & Clix Concepts in the Hyundai dealership, but newer & better models such as these.

  25. Traviizter

    Now show some love for Kia, Renault, Citroen, Peugeot, Vauxhall and Abarth and I’ll be very happy.

  26. TorqueHappenS08

    People if you look in the center, There is a stand, On that stand is a Mic in plain site, he is just hold a DB meter over the boom of the mic, how no one can see the mic…is beyond me, it’s like right there.smh

  27. researchALLwars

    bout time Hyundai got some love. Now how about the hot-selling Kias? Maybe some things from australia next?

    There is much more to the automotive world than Japan and Germany…

    1. Amac500

      Your right, besides Japn and Germany there is also Italy, Britian, Italy, Uninted States, Italy, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, and…. Italy I think, am I missing any?

  28. BkS

    Recording JUST the exhaust note? No wonder the sounds are terrible. Please PD, sounds make the game experience far better! Give us something that will actually challenge FM4!!!

    1. Amac500

      Well recording the exhaust isn’t all they do. I’m sure they record from inside the car when it’s driving to capture that noise and get sounds of it going by at different speeds and peace it together. What just on the exhaust for is when you go to your garage and select the car to use and the engine fires up, that’s what the main point of the soul exhaust note is. And I’ll still take GT over Forza because Forza has terrible perception from inside the car and the tracks. Watch a real world onboard going through the eases at Le Mans in a Peugeot 908 LMP, then watch a GT5 going through the eases at Le Mans in a Peugeot 908 LMP, then do it with Forza. Once you do that you will know why I can’t downgrade in pysics.

  29. Amac500

    I feel like this will be a GT5 car. “For a game in the near future” would have to be a DLC because it takes time to announce GT6 and GT6 will most likely accompany a new system, I’m 95% sure of that. GT6 I’m going to say will be with either the PS3 Slim or PS4, 75% feel of the PS3 Slim. But yeah, GT5 Spec 3.0 will more then likely happen at sometime. I think the only reason GT5 hasn’t had anything new is because they are doing Nissan GT Academy and I don’t think they would put everything out at once, disperse the release of content, just a smarter way to do it.

    1. Rushton1996

      This is a possibility, but I think they would be modelling it for GT5 DLC and GT6 at the same time because this is a far more efficient way of doing it. Maybe a Spec 3.0 will be launched along with the GT% Academy Edition. That would be a good way of doing it. Also, a new GT Series premium Car manufacturer (Hyundai don’t have any premium cars in the game currently)!!!

    2. Quakebass

      “A game in the near future” – GT5 is a game in the present. I don’t think it’ll be in GT5, but I’m not saying I don’t want it there!

    3. Amac500

      But they said it would be realease for a game in the near future, not that the game is coming out in the near future, but the car is going into a game i the near future. Plus in the other article it says Sony hasn’t talked with PD about releasing GT6 yet and we are 90% sure it will accompany a new system, so it couldn’t quite be near future for GT6

  30. toospiciecc

    I don’t care if it’s on GT5 or GT6,either way I’m looking forward to driving it one day because I think it’s a good looking small car and it’s a good entry level car for GT lovers such as myself.

  31. Amac500

    Well I don’t like the car and something about 3 doors always bugged me, but hey, I won’t complain because I’m happy PD is making progress on their work and will welcome the car when ever it comes.

  32. sangdude82

    Sweet, that’s an awesome news :) PD, please do the same thing with a 2012 Chevy Camaro ZL1 & a 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 while you guys are in America.

    1. stupidstormy36

      They probably place it through too many filters and compress it too much, or something to that effect. Either it’s those, or the accidentally map the wrong sounds to the wrong cars.

    2. TokoTurismo

      ^ Nah, had to be said because for some reason he hates me. Don’t know why, don’t really care. ^-^ Haha. But I said I’ll ignore him which started hours ago.

  33. Joachim Moe

    I’m afraid I’m a bit negative here, but when GT6 will be released, this car will be found in “Used cars”

    1. tpark103

      We all have our opinions. I’ve seen whole forums dedicated to this vehicle. It wouldn’t be my first choice, but price for performance, the turbo Veloster is not a bad entry level car.

    2. viejaloca

      The veloster is an EXCELLENT car. As for design, i think its beautiful and unique. When i went car shopping, this thing stood out off the rest, it also offered more bang for buck when you put options in it. the interior did not feel cheap either. Sure, its not FAST, but what do you expect from a hatch?

    1. TokoTurismo

      And how do you know that, I may ask? What are ya, some predictor of GT? Pff. Why not stop being some TROLL on GTPlanet and zip it if you’re gonna remain as one. So annoying lately. Ignored…

    2. mikecustom

      Sorry, GT5 makes me mad and act like a troll, but regarding the sounds, they’re recording with the exact same method as that 98 video with the vector, just wait, you’ll see how sounds are gonna be the same as always.

    3. TokoTurismo

      ^ Make me. Oh that’s right you can’t, because this the internet. HAHA! >XD

      @mikecustom That’s what you believe, because you some how dislike GT THAT much to believe that… Go on, keep trolling. I’ll just be ignoring you, AND THE OTHER GUY who’s above me.

  34. Froudeybrand

    I have to ask why is this news? It’s only a Hyundai unless this thing is outrageous little beast it’s only a throw away car although a little Hyundai excel would be fun to play around in online lol

    1. tpark103

      Ahh to any car enthusiast any new additions to thrash around the track are always welcomed. This means totally new platforms to test your tuning skills on and see how these stand up to the classics. I ask you, how is finding out that new cars are being developed for our favorite sim, NOT news?

  35. Foxiol


  36. Chinese_Drifter

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Maybe PD will put in even more 2012/2013 models in the next Gran Turismo! This is a sign of something!

    1. mikecustom

      A sign of what?, if the game is released in 2014-2015 (probably) the cars are gonna be dated (as always).

  37. QuikSlvr223

    Cool, I’ve been wanting a ’10 Genesis Coupé 3.8 Track for a while now.Just not second-gen, because it’s ugly to say the least.

    1. TokoTurismo

      UMM. Aren’t PD using a 2013 model like the 2013 Veloster Turbo? Theres no need for the old 2010 Genensis because its old…

  38. TokoTurismo

    Those two cars are my favorite, and are going to be in GT6!!! I’M SO HAPPY!!! XD Thank you thank you PD! :D

    1. TokoTurismo

      It was my wish to see both the 2013 Veloster (Turbo hopefully) and 2013 Genesis Coupe in GT, and its finally coming true but in GT6. This really made my day. :)

    2. Mr-McNUGGET

      wow, out of all cars in the world, these are your favorites? You should check out this car company called ferrari or aston martin.

    3. TokoTurismo

      @Mr-McNUGGET Supercars are not my attention. Cars like these are the ones I love because they’re fun to drive and race in. Their power and handling is just…. Perfect.

    4. Mr-mcnugget

      Gotcha, no real offense meant. I was going from a pure looks aspect. Both those are hideous in my opinion. Cheap good looking car you might ask? I honestly can’t think of one right now, maybe the 2010 camaro, BMW 1 series m?

  39. gamerdog6482

    The way I see it, this means three thing.
    1) The Hyundai Veloster and Hyundai Genesis Coupe are going to be in GT6
    2) GT6 is going to have more cars than we thought
    3) (at least the Hyundais) GT6 is going to have some great engine sounds

    1. porsche 9146

      these are two cars that fit the GT profile really, really well. why would you not expect these? (which is what you imply by saying it will have “more cars than you thought”).

    2. gamerdog6482

      It’s not that I wasn’t expecting these, I actually never gave them much thought. Hyundais are a bit ugly IMO.

    3. Boost'10

      They better record exhaust note sounds with more than some hand held crap… I think the made up half the sound in this game… Have you heard the c63 amg??? It sounds like some crap Chevy 5 cylinder engine

    1. TokoTurismo

      Oh wow, Big Ron only came back to say that. Please shut it, those two cars are my favorite so have RESPECT for them.

  40. ChicoMaloXD

    Is GT5’s facebook page Official?
    They showed some finnish car and a BMW but I’m not sure if the page is actually Official.

    1. gamerdog6482

      It’s not like they are saying we won’t have those cars. What this means is these cars are, and no more than that.

    2. Youngun

      PD should set up shop in Abu Dhabi for a few months and collect sounds from every super/hyper car on the planet lol

  41. Xamado7V

    Come on guys; we’ve had multiple GT6-related news articles and speeches from Kazumoron. Now we know about a non-SEMA car that’s going to be in GT6.

    Expect. GT6. Very Soon. ; )

    Stop being pedantic.

  42. HuskyGT

    Like I said, I’ll try not to think too much about GT6. It will come when it comes.

    That Hyundai is a really nice little car. It’s all what a worthy substitute for the tiburon should be, minus the grunty V6 sound and the italian designed body. I saw one the other day and it made me follow it for a few blocks to take a better look. If I go back to 1988 and think of the Hyundai Excel, and then come back to this year and think of the Genesis and the Veloster, I honestly can make the connection between the new Hyundai and the Excel. It’s almost offensive to compare them.

    Very well done by Hyundai. Toyota, Honda and Nissan should be very affraid. Another manufacturer that deserves some attention is Kia.

    I hope we see the turbo version of the Veloster, and of course, the Genesis with its respective sedan and coupe versions.

  43. justinq19

    Genesis Coupe is what the Mitsubishi Eclipse should have been. I can see Hyundai becoming the next premuim car brand in the next 5 years.

    I still can’t figure out why the G Coupe wasn’t in GT5.

  44. Robin.

    That picture again explains why the engine sounds have been terrible in GT forever. They shouldn’t be recorded with the car on a dyno! Get it on a straight piece of track and clip the microphone to the back and record the sound under load. That’s how most people record it so why does PD continue to do it this way!?

    As for the car I’m glad another South Korean car has been added, they are are really under represented in GT much like many European and American marques.

    1. EliteDreamer

      You get the same sounds as on the road. The dyno after all is the stationary yet moving “road.” Having the car on an actual road would be stupid because you have wind noise and tire to tarmac noise.

    2. mikecustom

      the dyno gets super loud as well, i think T10’s method is the best i’ve seen so far, they remove a tire or lift the car so that there’s no contact with the ground and then rev and go trough all the gears, so there’s no tire/dyno/road/wind noise, just pure engine/exhaust noise.

    3. HuskyGT

      I really don’t care if they how they do it to this point, as long as all cars sound like the engine that they have under the hood. that’s my major dissapointment since GT3 (GT1 is forgivable since it was the first game. GT2 because of the immense improvement since they went from only having like three different samples in GT1 to a whole library of different and accurate samples for most of the cars.)

    4. R1600Turbo

      Recording sounds while going down the road you have to worry about wind noise. Simply lifting the car up and going through the gears isn’t the best method either as the car isn’t under load. Dyno is the best way.

  45. RobDoggy05

    Can someone please explain to me why GT has such an engine sound problem and yet the sounds are recorded straight from the real thing????

    1. EliteDreamer

      Even though they are recorded directly from the car, the sounds are later used to replicate digitally. You can’t just take sounds from real life and use them. It doesn’t work that way.

    2. mikecustom

      they record them with really old school methods and then suck at mixing them back in the studio, like everything else

  46. Doober

    have you guys once thought that Kaz might not like that we keep spoiling the next installment to the their series? Bathurst would have been an AMAZING surprise if we didn’t spoil it. And now we are spoiling cars too? Just my opinion.

    1. another_jakhole

      I’ve thought about that once or twice and even though I agree, I feel that it’s only a tiny part of what’s to come in GT6.

    2. RACECAR

      At this point, your concerns are falling on deaf ears. People could care less, they just want everything regardless.

    3. w115ter

      true another_jakhole , its goin to be good , like always it gets better , i reckon everyone needs to raise the bar and meet pd halfway though , instead of pd giving us something great & the majority abusing it or being too lazy to fully appreciate the work theyve put into it ,

    4. GTP_Versatile

      I’d like to think of it more as gathering “hype” for the next installment. As if there wasn’t already enough…

    1. another_jakhole

      Yes, a cell phone. I can’t believe people really think that must be a cell phone due to its size.

  47. sind3ntosca

    I think that the real sound quality they captured for GT5 is great… but because of limitation power of PS3, they have to compress the sound data. So that’s why GT6 should come in PS4 format… so the sound quality will much better. And we will never see jaggies in shadow and smokes again… because i’m sure PS4 is a much powerful machine than PS3. -but i know it’s suck if i must buy new console again, cos it’s so expensive for me @_@ ..heuehu..

    1. another_jakhole

      A lot of people on GTP don’t understand that. They figure that because another game has such good sounds, all games should sound the same.

    2. dice1998

      Compression is usually for disc space. A dual layered Blu Ray disc is 50GB. CELL is a server-based CPU. the *only* limitation i can think of is that the RAM which is 256mb and the VRAM which is 256mb (and is not sharable).

      Limitation power of PS3? what?

  48. Zuel

    Spotted at COBB Tuning WOW. This may be good might see some tuned versions of both cars. COBB was the first company to break the R35’s ECU.

  49. VELOCI_2NR

    Well, half a mile from what USED to be Hyundai’s US Headquarters. Right now its a big pile of dirt. How I know? I can see it from my house :P

  50. mikecustom

    Please PD, I’m begging, gives us REAL sounds, it’s been 15 years of the same BS, enough is enough.

    1. Youngun

      Defo, genesis is the new replacement for the old coupe/tuscani/tiburon that we have. It the only Hyundais ive ever liked! Veloster is definantly a HOT hatch

    1. Tvensky

      yes, its Nokia 3310 :D makes me wonder, did PD tune up the phone so it can record sounds, or Nokia 3310 did have that option? :D

      cant wait how it will sound on GT6 :D

    2. leeson65

      If you look carefully you can see the edge of an 1890’s gramophone, which is what they use to record sound samples. Saves money that way.

      But seriously, some guy in a wife-beater holding what appears to be a cell phone vaguely near the exhaust in an enclosed space really helps explain what’s wrong with the sound in GT5. Looks like we can expect similar quality sounds in GT6.

  51. RobDoggy05

    Thats a hot car! Hope they dont use the same recording techniques as before. They should record from the exhaust and from the engine bay, (out in the open, not in a garage) and combine the two into some sort of beautiful harmony noises <3

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