Kazunori Yamauchi Cautious on Gran Turismo 6 Release Date

August 13th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

As more Japanese speakers have had the opportunity to review the stream from the GT Asian Championship 2012, Kazunori Yamauchi’s comments on Gran Turismo 6 have been clarified.

When asked when the next game will be released, he offered this frank response, as translated by AndriaSang:

If I carelessly say when it will be released, you’ll end up with people saying things like ‘it’s been delayed again!?’ so I will no longer say at this type of event.”

Kazunori-san is, of course, nearly always asked about upcoming release dates during media interviews, and generally offers ambiguous answers that are open to interpretation.

The next opportunity for an official announcement on future Gran Turismo titles is actually close at hand, with Gamescom, Europe’s largest video game expo, starting this week. Sony’s press conference will be streamed live on August 14 at 17:00 GMT/UTC. Update: no new information was revealed at Gamescom.


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  1. Aug. 23, 9:21am

    kaz dont give a release date please! when i found out about gt5 i was disappointed so many times at the hold backs. my personal opinion is theres a few things in gt5 that could be improved. gt6 will be so good when it arrives as pd have gt5’s material to work with. gt5 had gt4 material to work with and it turned out amazing. ive loved the gt series since gt1 and owned many copys due to over playing them. it will take about 4/5 years but we need a little more in gt5 to keep us all going (not cars because theres plenty) maybe tracks or more available cars to RM.

  2. Aug. 15, 12:39pm
    mister dog

    Couple of years boys, couple of years…

    • Aug. 21, 11:55pm

      Couple of years, I doubt that one. Your looking at 4 or more. By the time they start, get half way done, then do a complete 360 and start another engine for the Ps4, I take it back I say 5 or more before we see another GT game, unless there is a vita one on the way.

  3. Aug. 15, 8:41am

    he should be cautious on promising DLC as well, or even delivering on the multitude of vague bullet points on promotional material his marketing team wrote up to generate sales.

  4. Aug. 15, 6:57am

    poo! i wanted to know! lol

  5. Aug. 15, 1:21am

    You’re only delaying the inevitable, Kazunori.

  6. Aug. 14, 8:32pm
    Bobert power

    Good luck keeping that promise Kaz.

  7. Aug. 14, 5:35pm

    “If I carelessly say when it will be released, you’ll end up with people saying things like ‘it’s been delayed again!?’ so I will no longer say at this type of event.”

    Have to agree with Kaz there. Its hells arse opening on here if a GT game gets delay. Personally I dont blame him for the above comment.

    • Aug. 14, 9:48pm

      I think that’s the best and most accurate description I have heard regarding what happens here when a GT game gets delayed.

    • Aug. 15, 5:19am

      +1 Seems to be getting the message about managing expectations here. PD could go further by educating on the complexities of getting the new title to market. The politics, the logistics, the licensing, not to mention the programming and online requirements. The algorithms, 3D modeling and rendering alone in titles like GT5 are immensely complicated. Assuming that GT5 is likely written in C++ / open GL or a similar derivative and then ported across to PS3 via an equally complex scripting engine to work with the PS3’s hardware, we’re easily talking over a million lines of code…The end user simply does not understand how many moving parts there are on these types titles to make them work, recover and update.

    • Aug. 15, 3:02pm

      Jordan, Sorry I tell it as it is. Yes its disapointing that we have had to wait th amount of time for GT5 and then it gets delayed but at the end of the day I managed to wait that little longer and deal with it. Why cant most other people.
      It happens.

  8. Aug. 14, 3:05pm

    Gran Turismo for the Vita. Please be announced at Gamescom. This title would bring in so much for the Vita and would give me something to do on the vita for a long time while waiting for GT6!!!

  9. Aug. 14, 2:37pm

    I hope GT6 doesn’t go on PS4. Not everyone is going to be able to afford a new system and it will be irritating if it does go on PS4. Buying a new system that will be the better part of $400 for GT6. Needs to be on the PS3.

    • Aug. 14, 3:07pm

      Get a job … ??

    • Aug. 14, 3:17pm

      @tofudrifter Even if you have a job, spending $600-$700 on a gaming console is a pretty risky move. That money could be used for soooo many more important things.

    • Aug. 14, 3:59pm

      Like what? A set of cheap tires? Spending $500 on an inevitable console that will be around for the next 6-7 years is hardly a “risky move”… you can always sit there and wait for the price to come down, but I’ll warn you, you may quickly change your mind when you see the beauty of the gameplay, which will suck you into desperation to purchase. HAha

    • Aug. 14, 11:33pm
      Pit Crew

      HKS has a point. A number of GT5 players, though not quite in their thirties are independent and have Kids and a significant other. These things will take precedence over buying that PS4 or Orbis or whatevs, in its first year or first 7 months and even that purchase will be a risky splurge.

    • Aug. 15, 5:22am

      @tofudriver get a brain, everyone have personal priorities, stop with the argument “get a job” jeez

    • Aug. 15, 7:56am

      @ occasionalracer,lol you are so right

    • Aug. 15, 11:10am

      look the PS4 is stil more dan a year away . Nobody will stop you to save som money
      Oke let us say the PS4 costs about 600 euros , you dont have to be rich to save som money for a PS4
      i am saving for 2 months now 40 euros every month .

    • Aug. 15, 11:24am

      @occasionalracer Not everyone can afford to buy a $500 console. Some people got bills and rent to pay and kids to feed or college loans to pay off. If you have $500 laying around and you’re not doing anything with it then go ahead but a wise man would wait for a better deal. When it comes out you’re most likely gonna get the console with probably one controller and a game or 2. I’d rather wait for a price drop. I won’t be missing out on much, just better graphics, that’s all.

  10. Aug. 14, 1:26pm
    RB26 2jz

    Just imagine how much the PS4 will cost…. Atleast 600-700$ to begin with then it’ll be dropped down to about 450$ 2 months after the release… I’m gonna get one though, for sure, if GT6 will be worth it I’ll buy the PS4

  11. Aug. 14, 12:55pm

    @gamerdog6482 – I meant that the way in which he was speaking sounded like GT6 was coming ‘reasonably’ soon, but he was trying to cover his own back by saying that he isn’t quoting any release dates.

    • Aug. 14, 8:27pm

      I still think you are drawing inferences from nothing.

  12. Aug. 14, 12:46pm

    I might be the only person here hoping for this, but I would much rather have GT6 on the Playstation 4 than on the PS3. Think about it, KY said it himself that they had to push back on the premium car models because the PS3 wasn’t powerful enough. And we’ve all seen the terrible shadows in GT5. And it isn’t just GT5, pretty much all games have pixelated shadows in this generation of consoles. And don’t consider me a graphic’s whore, but they sure as hell help us get amazed and forget we are playing a game. Also, with more processing power and more RAM the physics can get a overhaul for the better. I just think that the PS3 is way too outdated for a new Gran Turismo…

    • Aug. 14, 2:56pm

      I agree, but the majority seems to want it on the PS3 so it’s only fair that it’s on there.

    • Aug. 15, 1:12am

      The PS3 is plenty powerful enough. PD just has not been able to optimize everything correctly.

  13. Aug. 14, 12:42pm

    GT6 has to be a launch title on the PS4, Sony are not going to be making that mistake again, titles like MGS5 and GT6 are system sellers, they know that, think how many consoles GT6 could move? The late launch and poor launch titles of the PS3 gave Microsoft a massive slice of the gaming industry. The playstation has always been the premier console since the PS1, it was Sony who made playing games cool cos before then you would’nt tell anyone you played video games, it was something you did behind closed doors. In order to get back ontop the next Playstation needs to be launched before the next Xbox AND with great launch titles and GT6 needs to be amongst them.

  14. Aug. 14, 11:51am

    So for all the people who moaned about constant delays (constant being one) We’ll be left even more in the dark.

    But at least we know its coming, and Kaz has a rough idea of the release date, and he did say a massive chunk of GT5 went on rewriting the code from scratch, which wouldnt be the case for GT6 as it will just use the existing code… So while it maybe a year or two max, talk of 7 years just sounds like people are butt hurt over having to wait for GT5

    • Aug. 14, 12:39pm

      some are happy to wait that much time, in fact they’re hoping for it to take that much time, i think is unacceptable

  15. Aug. 14, 10:27am

    Those shoes are awesome.

    • Aug. 14, 11:37am

      no, not really… maybe for running…. :)

    • Aug. 14, 1:21pm
      RB26 2jz

      Lol, just notice his shoes nothing else

  16. Aug. 14, 8:27am

    G4 will have a live stream of Sony Gamescom show at 1 EST/10 PST.

  17. Aug. 14, 7:07am
    flink racquet

    All the details Gran Turismo 6 is ok, but Kaz when “suggests” that a release is away, and the years, maybe push until GT5 academy edition. Is that the last new GT-R, or DLC for GT6. I’m awaiting a news…

    • Aug. 14, 8:20am

      He never suggested that a release was “away”. He didn’t say or imply anything, that is the point.

    • Aug. 14, 10:13am
      Pit Crew

      Dang his (Kaz) “safe” answer already taken out of context.

      He should “gag” himself. Unbelievable the drama that pretty clear cut answer is starting to brew.

  18. Aug. 14, 3:35am

    I’m intrigue.
    What is cautious in term of video game marketing?
    Because you gotta pre launch it a way or another.
    I think two or three years is cautious to be honest.
    14 months is about a good timing if theres delay.

    • Aug. 14, 8:21am

      But that is exactly what Kaz is trying to avoid. If they say it will be done in three years, and then it gets delayed, the fans will go crazy.

  19. Aug. 14, 3:29am

    When PD and Kazunori started making GT5 in 2004, there wasn’t the awesome and fast technology that we have in 2012. It must of been hard to work with dated technology and then keep getting the newest equiptment back then. So now that they started working on GT6 in 2011 (early), we can possibly see GT6 in about a year in a half or maybe 2 years from now, thanks to the newer technology that we have now. This is what I hope for.

    • Aug. 14, 2:58pm

      Plus, there are a whole lot more modelers working on cars/tracks. The detail won’t need to improve. GT5’s content is already detailed enough. Obviously tracks like Trial Mountain need updating.

  20. Aug. 14, 3:19am

    I`ll give it 7 years

    • Aug. 14, 8:22am

      Sounds about right.

  21. Aug. 14, 3:03am


    • Aug. 14, 8:23am

      I hope you realize that the GT9-R is not a Porsche.

    • Aug. 14, 11:17am

      I don’t think he does….

    • Aug. 14, 1:24pm
      RB26 2jz

      No he doesnt

    • Aug. 19, 10:53am

      “HE” haha. i stand corrected. pretty sure it ain’t sporting a took-took power plant ‘n’ hardware list. cheers for the heads up though guys.

  22. Aug. 14, 2:54am

    Who cares about a release date…… how about confirming that GT6 will be on PS3………… screw the graphics, give us proper race craft :D

    • Aug. 14, 2:59pm

      It’s not only about the graphics. Most everything will be improved, including physics.

    • Aug. 15, 1:16am

      Exactly, who cares about having non-jagged shadows? And the physics are fine how they are. He have plenty of Simulator, but not enough game.

    • Aug. 15, 11:23am


  23. Aug. 14, 1:36am

    The way in which he (Kazumoron) Is speaking makes mw think that GT6 is much closer than we are all expecting…

    • Aug. 14, 1:37am


    • Aug. 14, 10:54am

      Really? This is exactly why KY said what he did. They literally say “no comment” and you take that as meaning “we are almost done with GT6 and its release is not that far off.” I would love to hear your reasoning.

    • Aug. 14, 3:00pm

      Ignore the blathering idiot.

    • Aug. 14, 8:29pm

      Who are you talking about?

  24. Aug. 14, 1:06am

    Kaz is the one who delays the Sun’s beams from reaching Earth by 8 minutes.

    • Aug. 14, 1:30am

      No, that would be Einstein.

    • Aug. 14, 11:33am

      That is hilarious, because it’s true.

    • Aug. 14, 7:38pm

      I’m glad he does, we’d all be dead otherwise as the Earths surface would be inhabitable, lol.

      Take your time Kazunori, get it right.

  25. Aug. 14, 12:29am
    Grand Prix

    So he delayed the delay of the release date…..


    • Aug. 14, 5:06am

      lol :-D

    • Aug. 14, 10:05am
      Pit Crew


  26. Aug. 14, 12:05am
    Pit Crew

    Im just hoping GT6 is one of the last good titles designed for the PS3.

  27. Aug. 13, 11:27pm

    “I reckon deep down PD are starting to cr@p themselves because Turn 10 are starting to run circles around them.
    And if they aren’t.. Then PD are in for a BIG surprise”

    I’m speechless. How can people be so dumb?

    • Aug. 14, 1:29am

      I’m speechless. How can people be so dumb? <– I say to you.

    • Aug. 14, 2:44pm

      So if you had the opportunity to hire either Turn 10 or PD right now for a project, which would it be? 5 years ago, the obvious choice would be PD, but now Turn 10 are up in there on PD’s level.

      PS: Mechanical Engineers aren’t dumb… If you think they are, then I’m speechless.

  28. Aug. 13, 10:48pm

    Why do you care about the car number? who the hell drives all 1000 cars? If I were KY I would focus on the cars that were favourites in GT4 and have the GT5 collection in there too plus the cars released since and will be released after and have a steady flow of dlc support (they could learn from forza 4) The online is perfect maybe just make it look a little more presentable. Thats it don’t even bother trying to put damage physics send those useless resources to something useful.

    • Aug. 14, 2:39am

      Lol have you ever played online with more than 4 people? And even worse having some1 not from the same country your from? It’s horrible, it’s soooo laggy in a room with a full room and last I actually raced with penalties I got a 20 sec penalty for some1 lag bombing on me and sent my car flying into a wall at 300 mph on Tsukuba circuit LOL

    • Aug. 14, 10:56am

      Of my ~400 cars I’ve driven 99% of them.

    • Aug. 14, 11:35am

      I’ve driven over 700 unique cars at least 50 miles in GT5. So, I do. I love the diversity of cars, just wish we had more american and british cars.

  29. Aug. 13, 10:27pm
    Madman Apex

    …JUNE 2021

    • Aug. 14, 9:18am


  30. Aug. 13, 10:20pm

    I dont care how long it takes as long as its done rite 100% and they fix the engine sounds.

    • Aug. 14, 2:13am

      Yeah, that and a little bit more ways to customize the car

    • Aug. 14, 4:36am

      As long as gt6 is better than your spelling, I’m in! :)

    • Aug. 14, 6:38am


      You mean A LOT better customization

    • Aug. 14, 11:09am

      I want better pacing in the game.. Like take a while to work my way up to high end cars
      I want to spend more time with lower end cars and work my way up

  31. Aug. 13, 9:51pm

    A very interesting approach to a question in an attempt to avoid some complications down the road. I do wish that Polyphony did have all the time they needed to perfect GT5 (of course to a certain point).

  32. Aug. 13, 9:39pm

    This is my take on it all:
    Interviewer: “So, Mr. Yamauchi, when are you planning on releasing GT6?”
    KM: “Yep.”

  33. Aug. 13, 8:09pm

    Good – This is likely a cause of the forced release by Sony, because there were so many broken promises in terms of release dates with GT5. If there hadn’t been a confirmed date until later, Sony might’ve given PD more time, and likely a better product for the consumers.

    • Aug. 14, 2:41am

      I agree even gt5 was rushed by Sony but I am on Sonys side about gt5 since it took 6 years for a game that should have taken 3-4

    • Aug. 14, 8:00am

      Rushed by Sony = why GT5 is the way that it is now. Do not let Sony make you rush GT6, Kaz….we do not need anymore incomplete GT titles.

    • Aug. 14, 1:56pm

      “because there were so many broken promises in terms of release dates with GT5”

      Bull. It was only delayed twice. Learn what an official delay is and not what random sites misinterpret it to be.

  34. Aug. 13, 7:56pm

    Many years after the PS4 is released, most of us know the drill already.

    • Aug. 14, 2:42am

      Ps4 won’t be released not until 2014 you wait and see

  35. Aug. 13, 7:53pm

    In the words of Kaz almighty: yep.

  36. Aug. 13, 7:46pm

    GT6 will be released on 6-6-’16 with an evil laugh and the words “thanks for waiting”. :P

    • Aug. 13, 8:24pm


    • Aug. 13, 8:26pm

      I would be happy with that. It would give them enough time for there to be 0 standards, maybe even 1250 premiums. Also, it would give them enough time for the PS4 to come down in price, maybe even a slim version.

  37. Aug. 13, 7:35pm

    Expect delay just like GT1-GT5! Don’t get too exciting, he’s just playing you. :(

    • Aug. 13, 8:54pm

      He’s purposely trying to AVOID delays with this info – if no release date is placed, haow can you know that a game has been delayed…?

    • Aug. 13, 9:19pm
      e30 freek


    • Aug. 14, 12:09am
      Pit Crew

      ^Pretty much his “breakdown” of the situation.

      Like it or not Kaz is mastering the “short and sweet” reply.

  38. Aug. 13, 7:23pm

    The point of this is?

    • Aug. 13, 8:28pm

      It’s a big deal. It means the PD is taking GT6 in a way that they didn’t take GT1-5. They are obviously a bit more concision of what people think of them, which means (some would say) GT6 is probably going to be a whole new direction for Polyphony and Yamauchi-san.

    • Aug. 13, 11:24pm

      Not a whole new direction. It looks like they’ll be taking a more conservative approach with GT6’s priorities. It won’t change Kaz’s vision all that much. They might be setting their focus on “less” features now. GT5 was overkill.

    • Aug. 13, 11:27pm

      Wow, no, that’s a stretch gamerdog6482. He said he was cautious on the release date so they don’t have to keep bumping it back like GT5 and can avoid that marketing fiasco. Come on dude, how did you get to that? That’s ridiculous.

    • Aug. 14, 12:14am
      Pit Crew

      More like a change in philosophy on how Kaz and PD discuss development and release dates, timelines etc to the fan base and gaming press. (no offence Jordan)

  39. Aug. 13, 6:52pm

    Beer & hoes

    • Aug. 13, 9:20pm
      e30 freek

      Lol wtf

  40. Aug. 13, 6:33pm

    I reckon deep down PD are starting to cr@p themselves because Turn 10 are starting to run circles around them.
    And if they aren’t.. Then PD are in for a BIG surprise

    • Aug. 13, 6:55pm

      It’s funny because PD can easily take on Forza. Just put some more variety in the car roster, fix the sounds and throw us some DLC content more often…that’s all.

    • Aug. 13, 7:03pm

      it’s funny that as easy as it sounds, we are still waiting for better engine sounds and car roster since GT3, I guess PD can’t easily take down Forza, they don’t even try

    • Aug. 14, 1:25am

      They should be, but probably aren’t- maybe that’s the problem. They don’t even try and that’s a shame. Why don’t they hire more people so they can pump out more content? It’s not like they can’t afford it.

  41. Aug. 13, 6:24pm

    Hoes & beer!

    • Aug. 14, 12:35am

      Yeah, I love gardening drunk.

  42. Aug. 13, 6:21pm

    It was deffinently a good move on his part to not say it. Telling the public a date puts them in a confined position where it’s either rushed out too fast our the so called “boo-birds” fly and people complain. Take time to get it right, heck finish the game and say your releasing it in a month once it’s done. All totally fine, just don’t neglect GT5 in the process, and I don’t think they’ll neglect it. Only reason GT5 hasn’t had a new content is because of the Nissan GT Academy deal. I believe we will see Spec 3.0

    • Aug. 13, 9:36pm

      Honestly, in my opinion, if six years from now PD, who has said nothing, suddenly says “GT6 is out THIS TUESDAY!!!!!111!111!”
      They would become the greatest game developer ever.

    • Aug. 13, 11:31pm

      Lol, and I hope that’s how it happens. Idk, when I’m excited and I’m waiting for an announcement and they say “9 months”, well now I’m bored for 9 months, lol. It’s like how Radiohead releases cd’s, last time 7 days before it came out they announced it and put up a music video. Unfortunately I know game companies can’t due it because they wabt to market it and do all the pre-orders and special promotions, but I wish it would just magically appear like that lol.

  43. Aug. 13, 6:16pm

    I think he did right. Better not be disgusted when they move premiere of GT6, but better to have a surprise.

  44. Aug. 13, 6:00pm

    in other words – be patient it’ll be out when its ready

  45. Aug. 13, 5:48pm

    Beer & hoes!

  46. Aug. 13, 5:31pm

    Are people seriously expecting a release date THIS early in the development process?? Are we even sure if it will be on the PS3 or the next console?

    • Aug. 13, 5:32pm

      Isn’t Sony making a new PS3 Slim?

    • Aug. 13, 5:38pm

      Not sure, but I don’t know how smart that would be considering that the current models are doing fine (life and performance wise) maybe if they come with some new feature of some sort, otherwise a simple redesign would probably be seen as a waste of money by Sony and PS3 owners..

    • Aug. 13, 6:34pm

      Well Nuuj, as great as the PS3 is, it is still 3rd in sales behind the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. The PS3 Slim deal would e to boost sales until the PS4

    • Aug. 13, 8:52pm

      Well, consider this: Look at GT5’s goals (ALL of them) – then look at which ones were completed. Not very many. GT5 is likely the most ambitious game to date, so a 100% complete GT5 with all of it’s goals filled out, I think, would be a worthy GT6. And it wouldn’t take all that long, compared to creating a game from nothing (per-say) – We’ve already got the engine in place, plenty of cars to upscale (and still some are needed), and tracks to be added. Aside from more a bit more content added to the content we have, it’s mostly physics adjustments, menu reworks, sound quality upgrades, and a more thorough and robust single player mode with more events and event types. This likely shouldn’t take as much time as a rework for an entirely new game, like the jumps from GT1-2-3-4, although we may be surprised, considering how advanced the engines are in games these days.

    • Aug. 13, 10:22pm

      Most people in the console gaming community came ro the consensus that Xbox sales are so high because their owners have had to replace their systems (sometimes on multiple occasions) which kind of negates Microsofts boasts about sales, The Wii is generally a cheaper product that reached out to a much wider market than either Microsoft’s or Sony’s machines..

      While some of us PS3 owners have felt the sting of faulty systems, the numbers don’t even touch Xbox owners who know of the “red ring” all too well; if it is being constantly RE-bought of course it will appear to sell more, technically it has..

  47. Aug. 13, 5:29pm

    If Forza beats him out of the gate with their 5th installment it may be game over I’m afraid.

    • Aug. 13, 5:40pm

      Not if Forza 5 doesn’t improve their nordschleife. If it’s the same track as in FM3&4 i won’t buy the game.

    • Aug. 13, 5:46pm

      I’m pretty confident they will release before hand, GT’s have always had longer development times than Forzas, which is why Forza has almost caught up to GT in Title Numbers (Forza at 4, GT at 5) even though we’ve been enjoying GT’s since the PS1..

      The advantage will go to GT though if that happens, because if it does they will add features and vehicles that Forza didn’t have etc. which is usually what Forza does when releasing after GT..

    • Aug. 13, 6:37pm

      Forza doesn’t make big improvements from version to version and the renderings are still garbage. Places like Le Mans are totally out of scale. Driving the Peugeot 908 with an ibises camera is like looking down a run way just to get to the windshield. Forza is still why behind the graphics and pusics of GT5

    • Aug. 13, 6:53pm

      Forza is still behind in some areas like day/night time option, weather, and other stuff. But with all the money they made with all those monthly DLCs I’m sure Forza 5 will improve.

    • Aug. 13, 9:21pm

      GT5 didn’t really make any big improvements either.

    • Aug. 13, 10:28pm

      ^ It did, but it didn’t at the same time. New physics (You can FINALLY roll your car…) new types of events (NASCAR, Drifting, etc.) and larger race grids, but there was a LOT of disappointment along side this; low track count, short career mode, terrible paint system, low resolution and several useless copies of some pointless models. So if you balance it out, it may have downgraded from the previous game, but JUST the improvements? There were a LOT.

    • Aug. 13, 11:37pm

      What do you mean no improvements? GT5 was a light year step ahead of the series other games. The premium cars were the biggest thing, the onboards. The graphics improved greatly, now they are fantastically real (i.e. that side-by-side vid of the real Nürburgring and the GT5 one). Weather effects, day no night transition. There were HUGE improvements. The sim racing game more then doubled in realism, that’s huge.

    • Aug. 14, 9:33am

      Okay. First, the game contradicts itself with graphics. Sure, we have premium cars and some great looking tracks, but there are also 800 cars from PS2 and some tracks do not look good. I would say the graphics improved in some areas but not the whole game overall.

      Second, GT5 has all these features but they’re inconsistent and there’s no focus at all. They feel like a shallow afterthought. Only weather/day-to-night on a few tracks. They don’t even try to take advantage of them by using them frequently throughout the game’s short career. We have RMs but can only do them on 17 street cars. They try to show off the fact that the game has these racing disciplines when they receive little attention. Rally received better attention in previous GTs, NASCAR only gets one event that’s doesn’t even demonstrate real NASCAR racing and the Jeff Gordon bit IMO felt like a gimmick and was forgettable. Super GT only gets 3 10-lap races, not even a real championship. Seriously? I mean, I can go on.

    • Aug. 14, 10:08am
      Pit Crew


  48. Aug. 13, 5:20pm

    It’s always good to here news. If he doesn’t want to let’s us know when he should let us know what to except. Obviously he can’t tell us about things that he doesn’t want the competition to start working on but, if we knew what to expect we could start getting excited.

    • Aug. 13, 5:25pm

      Your comment is unreadable. Work on your grammar.

    • Aug. 13, 5:28pm

      The problem with him letting us know what to expect is that too many people will start saying what they expect and then it just becomes another problem with people not getting what they thought they would get.
      Then they blame Kaz.

    • Aug. 13, 5:31pm

      @BMfan does have a point in that. +1

    • Aug. 14, 8:08am

      Targa Florio? Isle of Mann TT? Silver State Challenge (so I can use the Option Stream Z for what it was made for)?

  49. Aug. 13, 5:12pm

    I see Mr. Yamauchi learned his lesson. Smart thinking man, but I hope you’ll share us bit of info about GT6 and what it’ll have. Such as having the Yas Marina Circuit? :)

    • Aug. 13, 6:41pm

      Tracks are still being added to GT5, he is schedule g a trip to the Shanghi Circuit in Chiba to look at it for GT5, I’m 90% sure Silverstone will be out at sone point, you could still have Yas Marina in GT5, not too unrealistic. I personally would like to see Sebring added. Triple Crown of Endurance is the 24 Hours at Daytona, the 12 Hours of Sebring, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. We have 2 of those locations, I want the 3rd :)

  50. Aug. 13, 4:56pm


    • Aug. 13, 5:32pm

      I hope so,because I’m sure there will be newer models when the game comes out.

    • Aug. 13, 6:41pm

      See I hopenot because I have developed this weird nervous twitch everytime I see a GT-R

    • Aug. 13, 9:58pm

      With some Hoes and beer to boot!

    • Aug. 14, 1:38am

      NisTurismoSan 6

  51. Aug. 13, 4:31pm

    Translation: “When I feel like, fool” He’s a boss.

    • Aug. 13, 4:32pm


    • Aug. 13, 4:54pm

      +1 Kaz is the man. What a great answer to the question everyone wants to know. I’d rather hear that then be disappointed when and IF it gets delayed

    • Aug. 13, 5:23pm

      ^ :tup:

  52. Aug. 13, 4:04pm

    He looks tired.

    Let the man be.

  53. Aug. 13, 3:59pm
    e30 freek

    Sounds like he has learnt something this time around

  54. Aug. 13, 3:38pm

    Kaz is being smart by being silent. Just leave the man to work on his game and enjoy Twin Ring Motegi.

  55. Aug. 13, 3:21pm

    People shouldn’t pressure him. Let him decide when it’s ready to release. What they should be asking about is if/when new tracks and cars are going to be released for GT5.

    • Aug. 13, 3:31pm

      But then I’d die of old age before I get GT6.

    • Aug. 13, 4:35pm
      HKS racer

      To help them recover from stress we all should quit GT series and grab a decent pc for Assetto Corsa will it be ready, so PD can rest,

      rest in peace.

    • Aug. 13, 4:39pm

      BWX – We will die of boredom anyway – But Helps on it’s way- Grid 2 is the probably the next race game to raise the margin for Glamour and Bling in a Race game, and hopefully it will be a Semi Sim Race Game, then i will be a little more joyful growing old, because GT5 just doesn’t doit for me anymore on a daily basis..

      GT6 will No doub’t be Awesome and still be the King of PS Race Games, lets hope that i wont second that opinion in the future.
      Maybe GT5 will finally arrive on PC, when GT6 hits the shelf’s, because we do need a PS4 to play it..

    • Aug. 13, 4:51pm
      HKS racer

      Grid 2 is going to be half arcade and CRAP. If I have to buy that **** I’ll stick to rFactor big times instead.
      Grid 2 will have no race cars no dashboard view and no grid 1 livery editor. What an epic fail.

      About pc games, let’s not forget Game Stock car by Reiza. I’ve heard very positive things about it.

    • Aug. 13, 5:42pm

      HKS – Game Stock Car Looks amazing, specially in this kind of setup Hehe – well I’m still looking forward to Grid2, but of course, the HUrrah has to wait.. I do enjoy Rfactor But I-racing the most when talking PC Racers, and Rally Is deffo Richard Burns Rally, even that it’s 8 years old :o)

    • Aug. 13, 5:43pm
    • Aug. 14, 1:36am

      Triple screen FTW

    • Aug. 14, 7:24pm

      @Flagmo-T Your last request doesn’t make sense – GT will never be on PC, as Sony owns the IP and it’s quite literally PlayStation’s most popular series (yes, even more popular than both Uncharted and God of War). For anyone to buy the GT IP, it would cost them probably hundreds of millions of dollars, and that’s if Sony’s looking to sell, which I guarantee you they aren’t.

      As for GRID 2, I hope it will keep the same driving model as the first game, which I really, really liked. I think both GT and Forza – and possibly even NFS Shift – could take a few lessons from its damage model. You actually had to take care to avoid contact, otherwise you’d most likely find yourself with a mechanical issue of some sort. As much as I like GT, I don’t like the fact that even with damage turned on you can still basically shove your way past anyone with little to no penalty. (Overall, I still prefer GT though. :P)

  56. Aug. 13, 3:18pm
    lancashire lad

    Like i said

    PS4 launch title,lets hope they get it right this time.

  57. Aug. 13, 3:11pm

    Well, at least he now starts talking about GT6.

  58. Aug. 13, 3:03pm

    They need an event creator where you can choose the opponent AI and their PP levels. We can create our own championships this way!

    We should also be able to compete against our own and our friends B-spec drivers!

    • Aug. 13, 3:18pm

      But then people could simply make the AI drive Fiat 500s while they’re driving a Red Bull and earning crazy money off of it. Hardly fair, is it?

    • Aug. 13, 3:31pm

      Hardly fair? Power Points curve. Done. You get 4cr for winning that race. And who said anything about getting cr anyway? It could be just for fun. You could share events with friends to challenge them, etc.

    • Aug. 13, 3:49pm

      Or only make the winnings 500cr like in GT4.

      It wouldn’t interfere with A-spec at all and be it’s own side game. I race for the fun, not for the credits.

    • Aug. 13, 3:52pm

      TeamCZR, hardly fair to who? yourself? he’s talking about a solo A-Spec racing series, not online.

    • Aug. 13, 3:55pm
      STR8 6 SHOOTER

      We won’t need an even creator if we have a lot of A-spec events. Not enough A-spec events was a big complaint so i think GT6 will have a lot. I think an event creator is a horrible idea.

    • Aug. 13, 4:51pm

      @micantony Yes, offline. That’s why I said “AI.” :)

    • Aug. 14, 1:32am

      Why? Why not have both?

  59. Aug. 13, 3:00pm
    Pit Crew

    Talk bout loyalty, his shoes resemble the colors of his race car. Kaz is so Gangsta.

    • Aug. 13, 3:15pm

      We need Fast and the Furious DLC in Gran Turismo!

    • Aug. 13, 4:30pm

      @Dr. Frogg Why? Most cars that are in the movies are in the game.

    • Aug. 13, 5:25pm

      Oh wait. Leave that for Underground 3…

    • Aug. 13, 8:39pm

      ^ Which EA is going to utterly ruin…

    • Aug. 13, 9:08pm

      Sadly. Or what about Midnight Club 4

  60. Aug. 13, 2:48pm

    So he’s pretty much saying that they’re gonna take their time and don’t want to rush things, makes sense, looks like it’s gonna be a PS4 title, I just hope they finally leave GT5 with dignity, that would mean a final update giving us the event creator, some improved engine sounds and that would be enough to end GT5, if he leaves it at its current state, it would be remembered as the worst title ever in the genre

    • Aug. 13, 2:51pm

      You’re jumping to conclusions. At least Kaz is aware what the fans think.

    • Aug. 13, 2:55pm

      Ya, totally jumping to conclusions, which by kaz’s response is what he was trying to avoid fans doing.

    • Aug. 13, 3:01pm

      ”would be remembered as a fail”
      ”it would be remembered as the worst title ever in the genre”

      Which one? Both are wrong, but as far as GT-Life A-Spec? Fail without a final update.

  61. Aug. 13, 2:47pm

    Here’s a better idea, play and enjoy the quality game you have now and be patient for the next. The more time you give them, the better the next game will be. In my honest opinion Gran Turismo 5 is the best racing game released to date. It doesn’t have a livery editor or an insanely amazing car list, but it does have an insane amount of quality. No game out touches the amount of detail Polyphony put into the game, as well as the physics. We used to play GT3 & 4 day in and day out (at least me) before there was DLC, updates or anything and I used to have a blast. Expectations raising too high, I get the same way with other games.

    • Aug. 13, 3:09pm

      quality? where exactly? everything feels unfinished in gt5

    • Aug. 13, 3:14pm

      mikecustoms please. I have seen what you have done on YouTube and here on gtplanet. You’re just pathetic and if you don’t like this game then play something else.

    • Aug. 13, 8:38pm

      I’ve been enjoying the game for almost 2 years now, but EVERY game gets tiring after a while. Now and then I find something that grabs me for a bit, but it eventually bores me again. I’d say at this point, moving on to a new game (while playing the waiting game for GT6) is the best option if you’re bored of it.

  62. Aug. 13, 2:46pm

    So he’s pretty much saying that they’re gonna take their time and don’t want to rush things, makes sense, looks like it’s gonna be a PS4 title, I just hope they finally leave GT5 with dignity, that would mean a final update giving us the event creator, some improved engine sounds and that would be enough to end GT5, if he leaves it at its current state, it would be remembered as a fail.

  63. Aug. 13, 2:45pm

    GT6 has already been delayed 3 times and we dont even know it hahaha.
    Good answer Kaz !

  64. Aug. 13, 2:42pm

    Christmas 2013 with the release of PS4 i hope :)

    • Aug. 13, 3:22pm

      Three years for a GT title? No, more like four or five. Three years simply isn’t enough for PD to put everything they want to in the game.

    • Aug. 13, 8:35pm

      Well if GT6 is basically GT5 with all of it’s ambitions completed (I think GT5 has been THE most ambitious game EVER, hands down), I could see a three year (maybe four) development cycle. And I don’t think GT6 will require a physics engine rebuild for the PS4…

  65. Aug. 13, 2:39pm

    Nice sneakers Kaz.

    • Aug. 13, 2:45pm

      Yup. Those are one cool shoes! It was the first thing I noticed.

  66. Aug. 13, 2:28pm

    He has opened his umbrella…

  67. Aug. 13, 2:27pm

    Well if he didn’t tell (quite obvious) tall tails about GT5 release dates, no one would have said ”it’s been delayed again”. They bring it on themselves. What he should do is expand the PD team so they can pump out more games and more content. They’d only make more money and have happier fans.

    • Aug. 13, 2:46pm

      Yea but the point is, he never even gave any release dates until e3 2010 when they said 11-2-11. Then it got delayed by 10 days, that was the only real delay. Everything else was just estimates. This is what we all get for whining. Now we have no idea whether it’ll be out in 2013 or 2020

    • Aug. 13, 2:57pm

      LOL, if he said it will be out 2013, we still have no idea.

  68. Aug. 13, 2:26pm

    Well done, Kaz. :)

    That’s what we want – no false promises and guessed release dates. Tell us when you know.

    Until then – more GT5 updates and DLC to keep us going, please! :)

    • Aug. 13, 8:32pm

      We’re probably going to get less support on GT5… Didn’t you read the confirmation of the movement of workforce to GT6 being the reason for content delays to GT5?

  69. Aug. 13, 2:21pm

    Hey Kaz, here’s an idea. HOW BOUT YOU CONFIRM WHETHER IT’S GONNA BE ON PS3 or PS4. Obviously you know the answer by now.

    • Aug. 13, 2:26pm

      -_- For all we know the PS4 doesn’t exist. Until it is announced by SONY, it does not exist to us. Also, don’t be stupid, why would Kaz say whether it will be on the PS3 or the next gen console? He would be more likely to give us a release date instead of announcing that.

    • Aug. 13, 2:43pm

      No that’s ridiculous. The PS4 does exist. Developers are already working on it. What they won’t tell us is the specs of the PS4, because it’s not finalized. They can definitely tell us whether a game they’re working on is on the PS3 or not, why? BECAUSE THEY’RE WORKING ON IT RIGHT NOW. You’re the one who’s being stupid. And I guarantee you right now, they will confirm whether it’s on PS3 or PS4 long before they give an actual release date. Don’t be stupid, no developers gonna be giving release dates and then go “oh by the way, it’s on a console you don’t have yet”

    • Aug. 13, 2:58pm

      A lot of use of the word “stupid” seeing how your view is based on just as much of a guess as his view his.

    • Aug. 13, 3:00pm

      And what makes you think anyone is even ready to shell more rediculous Loads of Money for another console?

    • Aug. 13, 3:10pm

      People will buy the PS4… Are you high?

    • Aug. 13, 3:25pm

      Am I the only one who reads the name of this site as GTPlanet and not YouTube? Apparently.

    • Aug. 13, 8:31pm

      Based on the rumors, the PS4 is looking like a “sooner rather than later” kinda deal… And considering the time elapsed between each generation of consoles, 2013 is already 3-6 months longer than the previous gen’s life span.

  70. Aug. 13, 2:13pm

    please kaz take your time

  71. Aug. 13, 2:13pm

    I hope he’ll tell us how far the team have got with the game.

    • Aug. 13, 2:58pm
      Pit Crew

      ^ That could lead to unwanted speculations,

  72. Aug. 13, 2:09pm

    If you no longer can act appropriately when given information about GT6, you will no longer receive said information. BAD GT fan BAD GT fan. Go to your room and think about it for a little bit.

  73. Aug. 13, 2:08pm

    What a hypocrite he is. If his team, (which he leads!), were capable of some productive work times, There would be no delays at all. (Hoping in next spring/summer)

    • Aug. 13, 2:43pm

      the gt series is unlike any other series. you can’t really expect them to release a new game in less than 3 years without making improvements. gt5 has already pushed the ps3 to its limits. i think it’s wrong for people to just demand for a new title when clearly the developers of gt want to make a better game. i do not see how he is being a hypocrite. you’er not allowed to say that if you don’t know how hard they work. it’s just plain wrong

    • Aug. 14, 5:08am

      GT2 was a big leap forward (the last leap forward in series). It took 2 years.

  74. Aug. 13, 2:07pm

    Yamauchi is right, he better doesnt give us any release date if he’s not completly sure. Well done.

  75. Aug. 13, 2:06pm

    I think sometime over the next 3 years we will see GT6.

  76. Aug. 13, 2:05pm

    I really think it makes no sense releasing GT6 on the PS3. PS4 and GT6 will go hand in hand at release date I hope, what a way to kick off the PS4’s release with the Daddy of all Racing Sims…

    • Aug. 13, 2:23pm

      I totally agree, the ps3 can barely handle gt5 so I don’t want to see gt6 on the ps3. If kaz wants to see his vision of the ultimate driving sim then the ps4 is the machine to deliver it. Sony will want to hit the ground running with the new system and what better way to do that then with gt6, the game is a system seller

    • Aug. 13, 2:24pm

      wouldn’t make sense at all. They always put 2 GT titles on every console. Not to mention they’ve been working on it since GT5 was released and I doubt they had a PS4 back then.

      Not to mention, nobody wants to buy a PS4 yet. Consoles are way too expensive at first. Everybody would agree that GT5 could use some additions to it, and if they have to start from scratch with a new console, GT6 will have even less than GT5 has. Nobody wants that

    • Aug. 13, 2:37pm


      You don’t need anything more powerful to have the ultimate driving sim. Physics are what would make anything the ultimate sim, and you don’t need a lot of power to have the best physics. Look at oldschool sims like GPL, or look at Richard Burns which is still the most realistic rally sim by far. Look at netKar Pro now (the most realistic sim money can buy). That will run on computers that don’t even have half the power of the PS3, like my computer for example. I have no problem running netkar pro, but I can’t run call of duty even at the lowest res, on the lowest settings, while PS3 can do it at high settings at 60 FPS

      Physics are the most important aspect of any sim, and the PS3 is plenty good enough to handle it.

      They can also fix the shadows, 2d trees, and smoke/rain effects. It’s simple, get rid of all the anti aliasing stuff GT5 runs with. or they could run it at 45 FPS instead of 60. They also could drop the resolution from 1080x 1280 to 720×1280. Has anyone ever run GT5 in 720p? it looks great. It’s tough to even tell the difference

    • Aug. 13, 3:04pm

      I would love to see it on ps3, mainly because they can improve just about everything at current graphical levels (go to the ring in a premium car you’ll see what I mean). And also I don’t think Sony has earned my money for a next gen console when I look at the ps3. There’s just not a lot of good games on it, not ones that I like anyways.

  77. Aug. 13, 2:05pm

    I wish people would stop complaining I would rather wait for GT6 than have it half finished.

  78. Aug. 13, 2:04pm

    Wow Jordan you scared me with that pop up thing news!!

    When i saw “Gran turismo 6 release date…”i forgot about the word “cautious” and my eyes were like (O_O) OMG!!…Then just…

    (-_-) again…lmao.

    Tomorrow we´ll see nothing about GT6.

  79. Aug. 13, 2:04pm

    Wow. Kaz sees mad. You see people? We pissed him off.

    Sorry Yamauchi San *bows*

    • Aug. 13, 8:23pm

      No, it makes sense – they couldn’t stick to the deadlines they kept giving out for GT5 (3 or more, if I’m not mistaken).

      Until PD (or any other company) is ABSOLUTELY SURE they can release their product on a given date, then announce it. If you only “think” it’s “likely” that you can get a product out at a given date, don’t say anything, in fear of not meeting the deadline. It’s really just learning from past mistakes, which is good.

  80. Aug. 13, 2:04pm

    Great! He learns from his errors.

  81. Aug. 13, 2:02pm

    How crazy would it be to hear nothing until it’s on the shelves. haha

  82. Aug. 13, 2:02pm

    GT6 2018.


    • Aug. 13, 2:03pm

      At least he didn’t say “Next year” and wait until the end of 2013 to say, “Oh, I forgot to say, GT6 has been delayed again.”

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