Kazunori Yamauchi Talks GT Awards, GT Academy, and Motorsports with GTChannel

Following up after his drive in Daijiro Yoshihara’s professional drift car, Kazunori Yamauchi sat down with the Formula D champion for a brief interview now available on GTChannel.

Although no game related topics were discussed or revealed, Kazunori did encourage Daijiro to look into competing at Pikes Peak as he expands his career in motorsports beyond drifting.

Pikes Peak, of course, has been somewhat of a mysterious topic for Gran Turismo fans since Red Bull’s official blog posted an entire article on the inclusion of the infamous hillclimb track in Gran Turismo 5 shortly after the game was released.

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  1. pagandom69

    can we get DAIJIRO’s SILVIA into gt5? U know what I really want KAZ 2 put the NEW MUSTANG in the game. PLEASE!!! I BEG YOU…Been playin your game from the start (gt1) & love your work.

  2. p10der

    Next time somebody meets kaz ask him to to release Gran turismo 1 or 2 as a ps1 classic……then i can play that on my vita!!!!…cheers

  3. 05XR8

    I hope GT can have double the cars we have now(each car being different to the one you race with). Bring back qualifying and make more Super Taikyu, GT300 race cars like it was.

    1. 05XR8

      Oh, and for all those haters of too many GT-Rs. Can’t you just see how awesome the car is? I rode along in an R35 on Eastern Creek. If you’ve never had the chance to experience the R35, do it! Trust, you will never feel the same about any other car out today.

    2. Xamado7V

      No-one hates the GTR IRL; it’s the constant focus/preference it gets in GT5.
      For e.g we wait a not-inconsiderable amount of time for DLC – and surprise, surprise another GTR.

      Kaz needs to get his head out of the Japanese clouds. He needs to realize there are manufactures outside of japan.

      Don’t tell me that even you 05XR8 would be happen enough with ANOTHER GTR – especially with some of the other new cars not long ‘out’ (F12 Berlinetta, Mclaren P1 and Porsche 918 (close to production)).

    1. Moontallico

      Sorry to say, but comments like that, if not sarcastic, they’re quite worrysome.
      It sounds like you worship PD, and no matter for what it was, you would blindly give them any amount of money they asked you. No whats nor buts asked.

    2. M13rdaInTheSky

      I would gladly pay whatever they asked for any piece of software they release…
      I am with the people that have gotten WAY more than my money’s worth out of GT games… In relation to other games I purchase these have always been MY best bargain…
      Oh yeah and I own forza and don’t ever play my Xbox…

  4. Amac500

    A pikes peak hill climb would be a riot in GT5. Nurbrgring got nothing on a go around the mountain! Even free run rooms would be fun, just dropping in and seeing who turns the fastest time. Again though, it would be even funner if we had class racing in GT5, just let us set 2 class, to different car regulations, really simple.

    1. sayba2th

      You lost all credibiltiy with “funer”. It would be “more fun” if you stayed under your bridge when you troll such comments regarding the”ring” the most hallowed pice of asphalt in the world, period!

    2. Xamado7V

      “funner” – had a little lol at that X)

      Although , frankly I strongly agree with Amac, since I monumentally hate the ‘Ring. (please, keep your. PERSONAL opinions to yourself and don’t try to sell me something I hate); I just find it’s endlessness to be tedious.

      And, sayba2th, stating the obvious (a hill climb in GT5 would be great) doesn’t translate into trolling.

    3. sayba2th

      Xamado, I did not say there should not be a hill climb in the game and pikes peak would be epic. I was stating that when you compare the two and basicallytrong disregard the ‘Ring it comes across as an effort to spark strong reactions hence trolling. I understand that its not for you but you must respect the track for what it is. It’s the proving ground of all manufactures worth their salt when testing the entire capabilities of a car. Thanks cuz I went pro and lost the spell check too.

    1. Xamado7V

      A) I was merely stating that I agree with Amac – Pikes > Ring IMO.

      b) I keep the spell check since I dont want to mock someone elses spelling, when my spelling is atrocious. : )

    1. mef

      Yes, it is kind of strange that Sony bothers writing a whole article about it, and then GT5 does not include it. But it’s not like this is the only inconsistency in the game or the surrounding properties (ie gtacademy). I guess Sony is a large organization and not everything that happens is coordinated

    2. another_jakhole

      “A bizarre post on the official Red Bull blog…”

      Correction, it wasn’t Sony that wrote the article.

  5. Xamado7V

    The only reason I really hope we get Pikes Peak is to SHUT you persistent whingers/persistent hopefuls UP.

    No matter what the article, you never fail to express your hope for DLC which will NEVER happen (eg Pikes Peak).

    So bloody annoying. Oh look Kazunori drove through Scotland one weekend….

    We gunna get DLC?? new trcks?? We gettin scotish tracks?!?! :O

    Kaz: I very much like Ferrari

    GTWhingers: We get more Ferrari?! NEW DLC?? Ferrari?? This cause we gettin Ferrari?! XD

    …and done.

    1. Xamado7V

      Don’t get me wrong, there’s a LOT of things I’d love to appear in GT5 – but that ‘hope’ Isn’t expressed in a persistent-annoying fashion.

    1. another_jakhole

      Let me clarify. TOUGE!!!! Hell yea :D. The drifter said he used to partake in touge races, and that makes us want to have “touge layouts” to drive on.

  6. Zuel

    This will be good to see where Kaz’s thought are at on motorsports in a whole. As well encourging Daijiro-son into running the Pike, which he may be very well suited for. Even though there is alot of car control must of it is keeping the car in a drift. The last Japanese driver to win at Pikes Peak was Tajima Nobuhiro, Japanese nickname Monsuta Tajima. If Daijiro-son wins it after many runs on the track, think of what it would bring to the Japanese Motorsport commutiy.

  7. snaketus

    Yeah the real Hill Climb track for the Gran Turismo, oh yeah. And couple of Hill Climb cars too. That would be awesome!

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