Mercedes-Benz AMG Brings Three New Cars to Gran Turismo 6

May 22nd, 2013 by Michael Leary

It’s easy to lose track of things when you’re still coming off of the sheer excitement surrounding the GT6 reveal at Silverstone last week, and it’s possible that you may have missed this interesting bit of news regarding the muscle Mercedes-Benz’s AMG division is bringing to GT6.

In addition to the SLS AMG GT3 we’ve already seen in the GT6 launch trailer, a Mercedes-Benz press release also confirms both the E63 AMG and A45 AMG will be making their first-time appearances in the game.

For a closer look at the two new vehicles making their way into GT6, check out the videos below:

The new models should be a delight to take around the track with the improvements made to the tire and suspension models, and the SLS GT3 was already present both on track at Silverstone courtesy of professional racing driver and AMG Driving Academy instructor Jan Seyffarth, and on the virtual track in the current development build of GT6.

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  1. May. 24, 2:45pm

    Where is the slk series, and the s class,We also need more cadillacs and lincolns!!! The mks AWD ecoboost twin turbo and the lincoln Mkr RWD concept and the cadillac v series and many more!!

  2. May. 24, 5:16am

    I hope we get both 4wd and Rwd versions of the E63 AMG

  3. May. 23, 10:17pm

    Still no base model S class :(

  4. May. 23, 3:01pm

    If these cars don’t sound right it’s gonna be a waste. And like someone said below where is the c63 black 2 door??

  5. May. 23, 2:32pm
    Pit Crew

    Kaz said this: I can say you will see a lot of interesting things come up in the months ahead.

    It’s only been a week or so since the announcement. I highly doubt that this will be the only cars we will hear about destined for GT6.

  6. May. 23, 1:49pm

    Ok 3 new AMGs is good news. The bad news is that is only 3! Where is the following?

    1) SLS black series,
    2) C63 AMG black series
    3) The previous generation SL65 black series
    4) The current generation SL500, SL63, SL65
    5) The SLK55 AMG…..
    6) The legendary SL73 v12 amg from the ’90s

    Don’t PD think that those are essential additions? I mean what is the point of advertising “more than 1200” cars if you miss all or even some of those cars?

    I mean if ever there was a german car that embodied the definition of “Gran Turismo” it was and still is the SL.

    • May. 23, 4:49pm

      there could be more to come. We can still hope.

  7. May. 23, 8:33am

    Off topic but I hope a ford f150 or a raptor version is premium. That would be fun on toscana and chamonix

  8. May. 23, 6:01am

    Nice to see some new Mercedes cars, the SLS GT3 looks great, but the C63 coupe would be better than the big heavy E63.

    • May. 23, 8:10am

      They still have the c63. They just added the E63

    • May. 23, 10:56am

      C63 Black would be even better. The E63 is still a freaking awesome machine though!!! :D

    • May. 23, 10:58am

      Yes of course, I wrote that the C coupé looks so much better than the one (4 doors) already avaliable in GT5 :)

  9. May. 23, 5:04am

    Beautiful beautiful cars!

    PD must make a note on how these AMG’s ACTUALLY sound, notice the burble when changing gears? The ACTUAL AMG V8 brute sound? Please for the love of my own sanity and for justice to AMG for making those V8’s , do it right!

    BTW wheres the C63 AMG Black??? sigh.

  10. May. 23, 3:30am

    I like how PD are focusing less time on Japanese manufacturers this time, but I seriously hope they have a premium version of the Toyota Supra!

    • May. 23, 5:08am

      So you didn’t notice how the whole GT6 reveal was surrounded by Nissan :P
      And we have only seen +- 15 new cars for GT6 out of the how many new ones? 200?

      And yes I would love to see a premium Supra but only if the 2JZ sounds like the 2JZ.

  11. May. 23, 12:27am

    I am still hoping that this means more GT3 cars, a Livery editor would be icing on the cake. Maybe I am just still cooling down from the Nur 24.

    • May. 23, 12:33am

      Lol, you may still be cooling down but the race it’s self had a good 10 hour cool down

    • May. 23, 12:56am

      Really is a shame, I love seeing the cars racing while the sun is rising. Also a shame that the GT5 Nur 24 is for LMP cars, I’d go for some hard GT racing in GT

    • May. 23, 4:56am

      “I’d go for some hard GT racing in GT.” What we need is a race mode that allows you to set custom parameters for opponents, while still being able to win credits (amount based on PP or something). It is just a video game after all, give us ways to earn good spending money without having to go online. What few career races we get, especially with the limited entry requirements, get stale quick. The endurance races I would love to do in GT cars – or better yet, normal cars that I have built up and customized myself to compete at that level. Give us some challenging (but winnable) races to give us some sense of reward and pride for building our own race cars. Or maybe I want to compete in a cup race in a field of only Fairlady Zs, or have a shootout with a group of very different cars that I’ve built to similar specs.

      On topic: It is indeed great that GT is adding more non-Japanese cars, but sorry I’m not a Merc fan. The only Premium models I want from that brand are the 190 E Cosworth and the original CLK Black Series. But just in general, this game needs more significant American and European Premiums. This coming from a primarily Japanese car fan.

  12. May. 22, 11:33pm

    E46 please and double the chilli

    • May. 23, 2:14am

      I second that. E46 is the best M3. Need it premium

    • May. 23, 11:54am
      e30 freek

      Err hello what about the e30 m3 lol

  13. May. 22, 11:29pm

    More legendary Group C race cars!

  14. May. 22, 11:16pm

    PD only I WANT is a SPA 24h (time/change) track /// OK-thanks___ NEXT__ HI-FI SOUND IN THE CARRRR<<more detailed CAR sound IN GT6 ___OR (Engine Sound)!?!_______PD please do Something FOR This.. PleasEEE!!!!!!!

    • May. 22, 11:21pm

      Im old fan GRAN

    • May. 22, 11:32pm

      Sorry if Im drunk…!

    • May. 22, 11:37pm

      sorry if my english very bad >google translate YoO!!!! LOL:)

    • May. 22, 11:39pm

      ha- haaaaa YOOOO

    • May. 22, 11:43pm

      I need backup !!!

  15. May. 22, 11:08pm

    癸巳年(蛇)四月十四 2013-5-23

  16. May. 22, 11:04pm

    No seasonal events already?

    • May. 22, 11:05pm


  17. May. 22, 10:32pm

    PD, please have Cadillac V-series machines in the GT6. The CTS-V sedan/coupe/wagon and the ATS and ATS-V would all be great, rwd, modern American muscle cars, in addition to the new 5.0 Mustang, Corvette, and Camaro.

    • May. 22, 11:22pm

      good luck getting the caddy CTS-V I dont think one has ever been in the game although it would be sweet alone with the new Z28 concept but Im not holding my breath, Hopefully a list of all the cars will show up somewhere I’m hoping to see a 70 Roadrunner,69 GTO,& something from Linginfelter

    • May. 22, 11:42pm

      I was just going to say that! I was going to say how the only high performance luxory car I would ever want is the Cadillac ctsv etc. The Mercedes may be altogether better but the Cadi aint bad plus it looks 10x better and its American and its a Cadillac. Ive never enjoyed how Mercedes cars look. The gull wing is the only exception, its a good looking car. And yes I also agree we need the new awesome muscle cars the ZL1, more mustangs, some original muscle cars like the judge, roadrunner, dodge dart, the firebird, the nova

    • May. 23, 12:36am

      The ATS is an absolutely fantastic car, and you can take my word for that. That magnetic suspension of Cadillac’s at work in a sporty little car in the same category as the new BMW M4, good stuff. Keep in mind, this is the suspension system so good that Ferrari had Cadillac develop it for the 458 Italia.

    • May. 23, 3:52pm

      @DITCHLINE, the first gen CTS-V was in Need for Speed Most Wanted, Need for Speed Undercover, NFS Prostreet, Forza 2, Forza 3, and Forza 4, while the 2nd Generation is in NFS World, Forza 4, and the Coupe is also in Forza 4 and Forza Horizon. I think there’s a good chance we’ll see the -V somehow.

  18. May. 22, 10:12pm

    Another AMG that would go well with Gran Turismo’s way of doing things would be the SLS AMG Electric Drive. Yes, it’s electric, but that thing has more than 700hp and around 1000 foot-pounds of torque. That thing is a beast.

    • May. 22, 10:27pm

      would be great to have a few electric cars that can really compete with petrol powered cars.. well the tesla model s is a good start..

  19. May. 22, 9:59pm
    Fire Yoshi

    Speaking of adding cars, I would really like to see some Gran Turismo classics return to this game, like the Dodge Intrepid or the Alcyone. :)

    • May. 22, 10:15pm

      The Intrepid is such an ugly car, but it looked so damn cool back in the 90’s. I remember it almost looked like the Viper, but with 4 doors. I would love to see those cars from GT2 back too. The old Neon RT and the Avenger too (The Avenger was in GT2? I think it was).

    • May. 22, 10:27pm
      Fire Yoshi

      The Avenger was, yes.
      Eh, it’s not a looker, but I actually like the Intrepid. lol It was considered sports luxury for average citizens back in the 90s.

    • May. 22, 11:13pm

      And lets not forget the Intrepid made the Cab Forward design popular due to how functional it was. That design is what probably made it look a bit weird.

  20. May. 22, 9:50pm

    I wonder if they’ve gotten a NASCAR license. So far they’ve been silent on the matter, so I guess that means “no.”

    • May. 23, 12:37am

      I wouldn’t say that. They just announced the game and haven’t said anything about how racing series will be included.

    • May. 23, 2:16am

      Actually they said they will have all the same cars from GT5 plus a bunch of new ones so yes, NASCAR is in. But what use is it wiith such a small amount of ovals. UNLESS, the course maker will allow for making ovals, that would be great

  21. May. 22, 9:49pm

    Dag… When I first heard there’d be a 4-cyl AMG I was more than a little skeptical, but that thing sounds pretty B.A.!

    • May. 23, 12:56am

      Yeah that exhaust on the A45 sounds amazing i love that pop it’s subtle but noticeable. I might have to Trade the 09 STi in on it.

  22. May. 22, 9:23pm

    The A45 and E63 are nice, but I like proper race cars, so the SLS will do just fine.

    • May. 23, 9:25am

      You know the 190E Cossie is a 4 banger right?

  23. May. 22, 8:59pm

    Ferrari 400i anyone? How about a Nissan Skyline? Or a Peel P50!? Or maybe even a pre-riced Civic. I’m crossing *my* fingers.

    • May. 22, 9:36pm

      Dude you’re kidding about a Nissan Skyline right? This will be Gran Turismo 6. Kas and PD are so in love with the Skyline they would marry one if it was legal in Japan. There shall be Skylines so I’m hoping you’re just kidding.

    • May. 23, 2:23am

      No, he’s right. I feel that we’re lacking a bit in Skylines.

    • May. 23, 5:10am

      Definitely, I still cant find a Skyline anywhere.

    • May. 23, 1:03pm

      You couldn’t have picked a worse Ferrari.

  24. May. 22, 8:37pm


    • May. 29, 12:38am

      You want muscle cars eh? How about Australian muscle cars? Here are a few I want in GT6!

      Holden – Torana (LC, LJ, UC, A9X SLR5000), Monaro, Kingswood & Premier (HG, HT, HJ, HQ), Efijy, Brougham, Commodore (VC, VK, VL, VS, VT, VY, VZ, VE)!
      HSV (Holden Special Vehicles) – Clubsport R8, XU8, XU6, GTS, Senator & Maloo (ute)!
      Ford Australia – Falcon GT (XR, XT, XY, XA, XB, XC), XY Falcon GT-HO Phase III, XC Falcon Cobra, Falcon (XD, XF, AU, BA, BF)!
      FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) – F6 Typhoon, GT-E, GT spec R Cobra & F6 Tornado (ute)!

      Google them if you don’t know what they are…

  25. May. 22, 8:22pm

    BMW M Sport Brings Three New Cars to Gran Turismo 6!

    E28 M5
    E34 M5
    E30 M3

    I wish.

    • May. 22, 8:36pm

      The E30 is great, but I prefer the E36. Nothing like an old inline 6 BMW coupe. And the E21 323i too!! Oh, and what about the 8 series that we had in GT2. It was the 840ci, I believe.

      Okay, I’ll stop here. It’s like “GT5-before-release” all over XD

    • May. 23, 5:11am

      Speaking of BMW..
      Bring on the 1M baby!

    • May. 23, 9:23am

      You’re not the only one buddy!

  26. May. 22, 8:07pm

    Still waiting for more BMW’s -_-

  27. May. 22, 7:46pm

    probably sound like butt.

    • May. 22, 8:05pm
      Tenacious D

      Most of my cars in GT5 don’t sound anything like a butt. You must have a bad install. ;D

    • May. 22, 8:40pm

      If they sound like GT5’s AMG’s then they won’t sound like butt. They will sound like V8 machines, which is perfect.

  28. May. 22, 6:19pm

    A bit disappointed we won’t get the C63 Black Series at the game’s launch, but hopefully it will be added later.

    • May. 22, 7:27pm
      e30 freek

      How do you know?

  29. May. 22, 5:56pm

    I’ll be converting the E63 into the Erebus Motorsport V8 Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG V8 Supercar(whew!) thank you very much!

    • May. 22, 5:57pm

      AND I’ll be saving all my Cr. for the SLS GT3 :)

    • May. 22, 7:00pm

      Well I think I might just do both :)

  30. May. 22, 5:41pm

    This is part of what we want, PD. Keep talking…

    • May. 22, 8:18pm

      lo they just need bmws and lambos and Ferraris(not that gt5 was lacking Ferraris)

    • May. 22, 8:37pm

      GT5 had their bases covered on modern Ferraris, but was lacking in the classics. We only had the 512BB & the 330 P4. We need a 250 GTO, 250 Testarossa, Daytona, & a 308 GTS. We already have the Dino confirmed, so there is still hope!

    • May. 23, 1:00am

      hobanator24 You moron you left out the F50 best sounding Ferrari ever made

  31. May. 22, 5:24pm

    Can’t wait for this amazing game ;)

  32. May. 22, 4:33pm


    Omahgahd. Dat upshift from the A45…. *brappp*

    *Giggles like a little schoolgirl*

    • May. 22, 7:12pm

      … yeah, the sound will be awesome in GT6…. ;-)

  33. May. 22, 4:14pm

    I’m wondering whether that Red Bull Ring they’re driving on comes with it. Would make sense seeing as PD and Red Bull did do something together for GT5.

    • May. 22, 5:27pm

      Mentioning of Red Bull, they were at the launch of GT6. I wonder if there was anything from them.

    • May. 22, 7:05pm

      I wonder the same

    • May. 29, 1:03pm

      Not being up on my knowledge of race tracks, I was wondering what that track was! Thank you, Quintino3, for knowing it and posting it!

      The same thought was going through my head – will that track be a part of GT6? Well, from what I’ve read so far, my guess is not straight away… It may come to us via DLC though! Either way, it looks like a good track and should definitely be in GT6!

  34. May. 22, 4:13pm

    They sound lovely. They’ll have to try harder than usual to make these two sound like vacuum cleaners :)

    • May. 22, 9:38pm

      I’m sure they will find a way ;)

  35. May. 22, 4:04pm

    Cool, but I would’ve rather had more pre-2000 ones than these select two.

  36. May. 22, 4:03pm

    I love that gt6 has GT3 race cars! I’ve been saying for a while that what we needed were more European GT race cars because they are the core of the GT racing land scale, and the SLS AMG was one of the 6 models I said they needed, so I’m thrilled! Plus we got the R8 LMS Ultra, so I can cross that one off my list to. All I have left now is the BMW Z4, McLaren MP4-12C, Aston Martin Vantage, and of course the big one, the Ferrari 458!

    • May. 22, 8:20pm

      didn’t gt5 have the 458,mp4, and the vantage!?!?!?!(if ur not talkin about gt6 needing to have those)

    • May. 22, 8:33pm

      He means the gt3 versions of the cars…….would’ve thought that was fairly obvious since that’s what he was talking about

    • May. 22, 9:53pm

      Agreed I think we need at least 6 modern GT3 Spec race cars in GT6, then we could have a great race series with what we heard about online race championships in GT6.
      Looking good so far with the AMG SLS and the R8 LMS Ultra, but really hope the 458, MP4-12C, DB9 and maybe BMW Z4 or even the Gallardo could be added in GT3 Spec versions.

      And even a basic livery creator such as the one in the 1st Grid game could help a lot to make a limited choice of GT3 cars less problematic.

    • May. 22, 10:37pm

      There are rumors that the Aston Vantage GT3 will be in the game. I’m not sure if it is true, so don’t take my word for it.

  37. May. 22, 3:51pm

    I would better see old AMG mercedes :) those machines are crazy, these new ones dont have soul, and they look the same to me, all of them.. but still, I will drive and enjoy them I know that, I will never own AMG in real life, so why not :)

    • May. 22, 4:19pm

      Yeah, alhtough I love all this, I hope PD gives more attention to old sports cars too. Not like classics, but like 90’s and early 2000’s models. If not in GT6 through DLC, at least in GT7.

      Imagine having the AMG SL73 from the 90’s, or a Premium 190E Evo. An AMG C36 from the 90’s would be amazing as well.

      But these are good for now.

    • May. 22, 8:24pm

      huskygt I don’t think gt7 would be coming for a loooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnngggggggggg time lol! But if it does them im begging them if they don’t improve the crash quality them im gonna freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!cause this is just insaing how its not improved yet!!(sorry, a little off topic)

  38. May. 22, 3:34pm

    I was really hoping for a Black Series C63 but those are awesome cool.

    • May. 22, 3:38pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      Still hoping for the Black SL65(?)

    • May. 22, 7:02pm

      Any black series will do, lol, it’s all in the name. “Black Series”. Just sounds B.A.! Oh that and the fact that they come with a warning manual.

  39. May. 22, 3:20pm

    They should include a black series mercedes
    But thse are great cars too maybe the new cla could be one

    • May. 22, 3:30pm

      They still can be included as DLC in the future.

    • May. 22, 3:32pm

      I hope all 5 of Black Series cars will come to GT6 as DLC.

  40. May. 22, 3:19pm

    They should include a black series mercedes but these are great cars too!

  41. May. 22, 2:19pm

    This is good

  42. May. 22, 2:18pm

    Does mercedes make vacuum cleaners now??

    • May. 22, 2:32pm

      No but I am sure there will be lots and lots of dyno whine coming through the so called “engine sound” in GT6. That’s why all the cars have a similar “vacuum cleaner” sound in GT5, they record the engine sounds on a dyno, and a dyno makes a LOT of noise, and the sound it makes sounds like a giant vacuum cleaner in GT5. They just need to figure out a way to get that sound out of the game, or record the engines, I dunno, on a TRACK maybe? They make enough money to do that.

    • May. 22, 3:41pm

      yeah I loved GT5 but Kaz & PD need to spend more effort & money to record better sounds. whenever I play fm4, forza horizon or nfs mw2, I always tell myself that ‘I wish GT5 had this sort of engine sounds’. I especially love the howling v10 engine of Gallardo. but most shocking fact is that Kaz’s beloved Nissan GT-R sounds like the real thing (with the exhaust upgrades) on those 3 games but not in GT5.

    • May. 22, 4:11pm

      Just do what NFS does…put some mics near the exhaust(s) and go nuts on an airstrip. They did that for NFS most wanted 2012 and the sounds are pretty accurate…better than Forza!

    • May. 23, 5:24am

      get a rolling road, with the dyno not connected somehow and have a little resistance on it so the cars can be under load conditions so the cars can be stationary and be given a chance with no external sounds. Surely it something could of been done, but nothing has xhanged, they never learn from anything…

  43. May. 22, 2:16pm
    e30 freek

    My mate had an e63 amg hired last Eid it was bloody quick and sounded really rough

  44. May. 22, 2:13pm

    Haha I know this is not about Euro but I hope PD will include the rare Honda Civic RR :) I hope they make DC2, EP3, Prelude, M3 E46, Supra RZ, 240Z , 280Z, etc etc etc PREMIUM

  45. May. 22, 2:12pm

    I wanted the AMG HWA Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR its probably the most popular AMG car ever built

  46. May. 22, 2:04pm

    Stop it PD, you’re going to kill me!! Excitement overload!!! Can’t wait to take the E63 for a spin!

    • May. 22, 4:22pm

      yeah, that car looks awesome :)

  47. May. 22, 2:04pm

    I would like it if they put some American sedans in the game to compete with this Mercedes like the Charger SRT8 or the Chevy SS

    • May. 22, 3:39pm

      Charger isn’t really competition haha

  48. May. 22, 1:48pm

    I don’t know if I’m the first to write this, but I can’t wait to take all these new cars on the Nurburgring, and quickly start the career online too, upgrading evenly amongst comrades.

  49. May. 22, 1:29pm

    That A45… I don’t think I’ve ever heard a louder turbo whistle o_o either that or the wheel is about to fall off…

  50. May. 22, 1:18pm

    All these new Mercedes are nice, but what I really want is Top Gear’s Hammerhead Eagle i-Thrust!

    • May. 22, 1:25pm


    • May. 22, 2:18pm
      e30 freek

      Or the porsche that runs on what you eat for breakfast lol

  51. May. 22, 12:46pm

    So excited for all the GT3 race cars. ts about time we had a true category for them. Hopefully the Team Playstation R8 makes it back and we get some liverys for the Sls GT3. Add a ferrari 458 GT3, AM V12 GT3, and we got a field of cars!

    Maybe a livery editor will be presented? Could cover for that Sls not having one..

  52. May. 22, 12:40pm

    its a shame those amazing engine notes wont be replicated in GT6 it will just be a dyson turbo

    • May. 22, 12:49pm

      Oh really I’ve played it already???

    • May. 22, 2:07pm

      Are you sure? the AMG C63, SLS, SL55, SLR and SLS sounded perfect in GT5. I don’t see why PD would screw them up.

      Enough with the vacuum cleaner jokes. You guys must be deaf…

    • May. 22, 3:29pm
      Magic Ayrton

      The sls in GT5 sounds fantastic through a decent 5.1 sound system. The other cars such as Honda NSX and Nissan 300ZX (which incidentally sounded far better in Gran Turismo 3) sound rubbish and that’s being kind… so where is the consistency??

    • May. 22, 4:23pm

      Consistency is a huge issue with PD. There are examples of cars that sounded great previously and then they screwed on the sound. The most mind-boggling example would be the Saleen S7. It started sounding like a V8 (that generic racing V8. V8 nevertheless) and then they changed it in a patch, giving it a completely unidentifiable sound.

  53. May. 22, 12:00pm

    Hey, MB, how’s about an A63 AMG?!?!?!

    • May. 22, 12:48pm

      I don’t think A 63 AMG exists lol
      I just hope they will replicate at least 50 % of these 2 cars sounds :) They sound beautiful!!

  54. May. 22, 11:58am

    “Performance” sedans? LOL,… well I guess until we get confirmation of the new Viper in the game, TC/RM versions please, I’ll have to settle for Kaz’s lastest Nurburg whip will have to suffice for now. ;)

    • May. 22, 12:04pm

      Oh yeah… car transfers from GT5 would be great. And please, at least have McLaren’s F1 stealth car waiting for us at the dealership. Heck, all of the F1’s versions would be nice.

    • May. 22, 12:21pm

      In fact, all of the cars we had to pay for should be made transferable!

      Car packs 1, 2 & 3, the stealth cars, the GTAcademy cars and those special pre-order ones (which I didn’t get because I didn’t pre-order my copy of GT5)!

      ALL of the helmets, suits and paints we had to pay for should be transferable too…

  55. May. 22, 11:57am

    SWEET! I like the C63 AMG in GT5 and have been secretly wishing the new E class was in the game every time I see the MB commercial for it.


    • May. 22, 12:56pm

      You do realize that the E63 AMG is based off of the E class. I haven’t looked at the video so I cannot confirm what model year this one is.

  56. May. 22, 11:54am
    Pit Crew

    GTPlanet staff, if and when you get the data and opportunity, could we get a sample of the engine sounds that will be produced in GT6.

    I myself am positively optimistic they’ll be better. Others, not so much.

    The consistent almost daily updates concerning GT6s progress that have been provided by the GTPlanet Members and the staff have been greatly appreciated, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Coincedentally I found out Famines actual first name while browsing another gaming forum, where the editor was giving him kudos for the outstanding work that he does here on the Planet. I’ll keep it to myself.

    • May. 23, 10:49am

      Thumbs Up for your positive input PitCrew – These GT’P guys do a great job trying to give us the Good’N’Bad’s in any point of the GT world, and I also like support your gratitude for the information they put up :o)

  57. May. 22, 11:32am

    A45 amazing in fact all three will be a blast to put through the paces and see what the engineers at AMG do and how close PD comes to bringing it to virtual reality.

  58. May. 22, 11:32am

    The E63 AMG engine’s sound is great,,,,,, wish to hear the same in GT6 :)

    • May. 22, 12:23pm


  59. May. 22, 11:28am

    I hope BWM will include their Z4 GT3 aswell so together with the Audi R8 LMS we can do some proper racing on the Nordschleife :D

    • May. 22, 11:33am


    • May. 22, 2:11pm

      Indeed!We need all up-to-date DTM and GT500 cars :) Maybe FIA too :D

  60. May. 22, 11:21am

    well, two of three idc about, but the A45, that’ll be awesome, and looks ridiculously real in that video! Noice, hopefully they’ll be an M135i to compete against it.

    • May. 22, 11:35am

      That video looks ridiculously real because it IS real … it is not gameplay footage :)

    • May. 22, 11:37am
      Pit Crew

      ^LOL it is the real life car in the video ^

    • May. 22, 11:40am

      Agreed that’s the new hot hatch king. It’s also packing a turbo 4 putting power to all 4 wheels like the Evo and Subie but comes from the factory with about 40 more horse power than both.

  61. May. 22, 10:47am

    Great Newz!!!!
    and hopping to get the C63 Coupe AMG Black Serie via DLC!!!!!

  62. May. 22, 10:44am

    Awesome, I’m glad to see PD focusing more on Euro cars. I hope there’s more Mercs to be comfirmed in the next 2 months though.

  63. May. 22, 10:31am


  64. May. 22, 10:20am

    The E63 AMG is absolutely the best sounding Benz, and my favorite. That A45 is cool too.

  65. May. 22, 10:09am

    Good to see PD is focusing on more euro cars. Hope they so thw same for American cars.

    • May. 22, 1:06pm

      Japanese, European, American – seen it all before in nearly every racing game on the planet!

      What I want is some of the old AND new Australian muscle! You hear that, AUSTRALIAN muscle?!

      For example, Holden’s concept car – Efijy, some of the old Holden Monaro models – HG, HT, HJ, HK, HQ, some of the old Holden Torana models – LC, LJ, A9X SLR5000, the last of the Monaro’s made in 2006 (including the Coupe4 and the Coupe60), the VB, VK, VL, VT, VY and VE Commodore’s AND all models (& liveries) of Holdens that raced at Bathurst!

      Then there’s the Australian Fords – 1971’s XY GT-HO Phase III (the fastest 4 door sedan in the world in 1971) – XA, XB, XC Falcon from the 1070’s (including the XC Cobra), the XD, XE and XF from the 1980’s, the EA from the 1990’s, the BA from the 2000’s, the current G series Falcon AND all models (& liveries) of Fords that raced at Bathurst!

      THEN, we have the special department cars – HSV (Holden Special Vehicles), HDT (Holden Dealer Team), HRT (Holden Racing Team), FPV (Ford Performance Vehicles) and FPR (Ford Performance Racing)!!!

    • May. 22, 1:12pm

      Almost forgot – even though I prefer Holden over Ford, FPV did a modern concept of the XC Cobra! It looks good…

  66. May. 22, 10:01am

    The way I see it these are GT6 cars (premium x) and with. The choice of 7000 areo parts and wheels….not mention custom suspensions ..with fancy. Paint jobs and hopefully personalised livery….we will soon turn them into our own unique versions… Rock on……

  67. May. 22, 10:00am

    So we won’t have the SL65 AMG Black Series or the SLK AMG, heck not even a CLS AMG….well………….that sucks.

  68. May. 22, 9:25am

    Pff, I was hoping for some really new models, like a S65 AMG or the G65… Why not more limousines and SUV’s?

    • May. 22, 1:14pm

      Because…. THEY SUCK BALLS!!!

  69. May. 22, 8:49am

    I do miss a lot of the race car models in GT5/6 .. and maybe it’s my self to blame for some of the missed ones. I don’t do Drifting, haven’t done much B-spec and i haven’t got so much time for driving in general.. But again I can’t seem to find any info of the ones i’m thinking off :o)

    Aston Martins.

    I don’t mind that the Game has got a lot of the street Cars, so Maybe i just miss some long sunday driving tracks for it, of course lots of the real world racing tracks, are open for racing with your own normal car, in the off times, and that’s cool.

    But I’m in this for the racing, with race cars, Now some cars can be rebuild to be a Race Car, but it’s only a few..

    That’s why i’m always talking about other Race games .. I Love GT and i’m also Bored with it . But i guess that’s the real thing Love’N’Hate relationship Hehe..

    I’m Looking forward too the GT6 Demo, bcs Silverstone has been long missed in GT..

  70. May. 22, 8:43am

    Wonder if we will see a V8 Supercar version as a race modification for the E63;)

    • May. 22, 10:27am

      if PD would just throw the Holdens, Fords, Nissans (rolls eyes), and the Mercs from V8 Supercars, give them a nice blank canvas Race-Mod for each, and a decent Livery Editor… People all over the world, not just in Oz, would flip their Sh**.

      Imagine a grid of 16 RM’ed beasts tearing around Mt. Panorama at full song.

    • May. 22, 12:26pm

      I know man that would be so sick. I bet we will at least see the Altima and the Commodore!!

    • May. 22, 1:35pm

      PD sent out guys to map Mt Panorama early last year, but it probably won’t be in the game off the shelf. It will most likely be a DLC, along with Commodore’s, Falcon’s, Altima’s and Erebus Mercedes’! Once we buy the DLC and the car is in our garage, we “purchase” the car and take it to GT Auto to get the livery applied – 7 each available for Holden and Ford, 4 for Nissan and 2 for Mercedes! (I’m only speculating – don’t hold me to this! But, if you think about it, it makes sense!)

      As with the NASCAR’s in GT5, I hope they up-date the V8 Supercars on a yearly basis, though, they DID miss the past two years with the NASCAR’s, but you get my drift?

    • May. 22, 1:45pm

      Oh, another bit of speculation I forgot was the size of the rooms online or the size of the grid offline.

      With all this new stuff they’re putting in and the power of the new generation model etcetera, online rooms may go up to 20 and offline grids maybe up to 24…

      Again, don’t hold me to this!

      PS. I’d like to see some old Aussie muscle (Holden, Ford and Chrysler) and some you beaut utes (all with race mods available)!

  71. May. 22, 8:38am

    Who cares? Stop giving us updated versions of old cars, give us cars we’ve NEVER had before.

    • May. 22, 8:41am

      We’ve never had the A45 AMG.

    • May. 22, 9:02am

      Or the E63.

    • May. 22, 10:04am

      Or the SLS GT3

    • May. 22, 10:26am
      Pit Crew

      LOL@ Streeto. You just got Educated

    • May. 22, 10:32am

      Hence the title: Mercedes-Benz AMG Brings Three NEW Cars to Gran Turismo 6.

    • May. 22, 12:18pm

      Too many AMG’s, nobody likes german cars.

    • May. 22, 1:00pm
      Pit Crew

      Now you’re just being petty. You can’t be that definitive about what makes others in GranTurismo fanbase happy. Not to mention the consistent wishlists that appear pleading for a multitude of German cars from Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz, AMG included. Your just making it up as you go along.

    • May. 22, 2:43pm

      @Streeto I love German cars. I drive a MK3 VW Golf VR6 & it is just amazing. I find your comment completely ignorant & highly offensive because I have German ancestry. Please leave or apologize.

  72. May. 22, 8:09am

    I hope that this is not the complete MB list. I seriously hoping for any S class MB …of any generation. I have always been a BMW fan BUT I really would love to thrash the Grandaddy of the MB lineup. AND they have just released the lastest one …pretty please MB/PD?!?

  73. May. 22, 7:52am


  74. May. 22, 7:52am

    New AMG’s are junk, they better bring the Hammer and the C126 AMG :D

    • May. 22, 10:31am
      Pit Crew

      They’re not junk, you’re just petty, and would probably not be happy with the 2 cars you suggest if they are included in GT6.

  75. May. 22, 7:45am

    I keep seeing the SLS AMG GT3 with just a silver paint job and no liveries, still looks great, but i don’t want my racing car to look like a production car. I hope the reason for this is to allow the player to design their own cars in some kind of custom editor.

    • May. 22, 8:14am

      They might have the race version, or maybe whe get to modify it ourself. whe still know litle of GT6.

      Maybe next month on E3 more info about the modifying possability’s.

    • May. 22, 10:29am
      Pit Crew

      ^SLS AMG GT3 is the race version.^

  76. May. 22, 7:40am

    worst thing about this is that the sounds will probably not be reproduced accurately enough al GT1 thru to GT5
    i’m not keeping my hopes up

  77. May. 22, 7:30am

    I hope that C63 Black Series and SLS Black Series are also in the game, otherwise i will be very disapointed.

    • May. 22, 8:14am

      I thought that the article has just confirmed three? How can you hope for more? Unless you mean as DLC?

  78. May. 22, 7:22am

    Oddly enough So did I, In bright yellow :)

  79. May. 22, 7:18am

    This is old news.

    • May. 22, 10:21am
      Pit Crew

      It is for those of us that visit the GT6 forum, but as you can see from some of the posts many rarely go past the News blogs, so they wouldn’t have any idea.

  80. May. 22, 7:17am

    Did anyone else get the Oullim motors Spirra 4.6 v8 2004 in the UCD yesterday?
    Never seen that car before. Snapped it straight up.

    • May. 22, 8:38am

      Yup, it was in GT4, I have 2

    • May. 22, 1:53pm

      The Spirra was within the first 50 standard cars I bought – TWO YEARS AGO!!!

      Now, back to the talk about the AMG cars coming to GT6!

  81. May. 22, 7:00am

    Nice sounds to be accurately reproduced, I HOPE SO !

  82. May. 22, 6:52am

    So it’s SLK AMG, SL AMG and SLS AMG GT plus more!

  83. May. 22, 6:43am

    I like

  84. May. 22, 6:42am
    Magic Ayrton

    Funny, I built an AMG sls just last night on GT5 in stunning black.. looks amazing.

    • May. 22, 7:18am

      Oddly enough. So did I. In bright yellow.

  85. May. 22, 6:41am

    I’ve been hoping those cars would make an appearance in the game, and I’m delighted to hear that they will! Hopefully the new and “improved” rendering and lighting engines do these cars justice.

  86. May. 22, 6:39am

    360PS and 450Nm torque, top speed: limited to 250km/h, 0-100km in 4.6s
    That A45 AMG is quite a little beast. Love it.

  87. May. 22, 6:37am

    And no race version of the SLS GT3 like the winning Black Falcon from last weekend? :/

    • May. 22, 8:04am

      “IF” there is a livery editor someone will make one ;-)

  88. May. 22, 6:31am
    drag lab 101

    Merc Power!

    Oh looking forward to these!

  89. May. 22, 6:19am

    Awesome. A beefy little power house hatchback. Good looking too….. Very Volvo C30

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