Mysterious GT6 Track in Recent Vision GT Video Draws Speculation

Alpine Trailer

Over the past few weeks, users in our forums have been discussing a few seconds of video from the Alpine Vision GT trailer which was released during the car’s recent reveal in Paris.

The clip which has their attention (visible between 2:19-2:23 in the original video) is actually playing on a television next to Ken Villemin, Product Planning Leader at Alpine, as he discusses the car during an interview. The TV appears to show a GT6 replay of the Alpine, but there’s a twist: it doesn’t appear to be driving on any recognizable track in the game.


A rather unusual tire barrier in the background should make the track easy to identify, but after some lengthy discussions in our forums, no-one has been able to match up the corner with any circuit, in or out of the game.

Some have noted the landscape appears similar to Dijon-Prenois, a local circuit in central France where Renault scored their first Formula 1 victory in 1979, but it’s not a perfect match. Others speculate that it may be a generated “Course Maker” track, which would make this our first glimpse of the highly anticipated, yet-to-be-released feature in GT6.

The game on the TV in the video does appear to be running on a PC or PS3 development kit, visible at the 1:21 mark in the video. There also appears to be some 3D rendering errors visible in the curbs as the scene changes.

We may never know for sure what’s going on with this unusual video, but it’s still fun to speculate. The Alpine Vision GT is slated to be released in GT6 next month.

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Comments (37)

  1. adam46

    Realistically, I believe we’re looking at something fictional, be it course maker or otherwise. However, it reminds me of Magny-Cours just a little bit.

  2. Baron Blitz Red

    Is there any chance of it being Catalunya or a rendition of it??? There’s red & white tire barriers there along with the high fencing and trees in parts… I’m no expert, just going by memory.

  3. GT5 Level 41

    Can we just pick up the phone and ask them? You’d be surprised what people tell you if you just take the time to ask him?

  4. Pseudopod

    So, will it have an interior? I like the looks of many of the VGT cars, but I very often just don’t drive cars that lack proper interiors. Even the lower res interiors of for example the Formula GT is better than no interior at all.

    1. Pseudopod

      And I realized that this should probably have been posted in the article about the car itself, not the thread about the unknown track. Sorry everyone.

  5. ironman44321

    That’s interesting, It’s possible that it’s just a quickly thrown together section of track for the video, but it would be neat if we got a new track.

  6. Il_Conte_Sky

    Neat. Considering some months ago insiders asked Jordan to don’t publish anything on the Internal track of the SSRX, if this has ben published, it means something :)

    1. KiroKai

      Not really, since we saw Seattle, the bonus SSRX routes and more unreleased places in the NSX trailer over 2 years ago. It’s just a “this could be in GT7… maybe” tease.

    2. Normalaatsra

      @sky If I remember correctly, Jordan contacted Sony or PD to ask for permission to post an article detailing the SSRX infield course, but then got a reply asking to not post an entry up because it was still a W.I.P. track. It was detailed somewhere in the hidden-track thread.

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