New Blue Moon Bay Speedway Track Layouts Found in GT Sport

Gran Turismo Sport 48 February 1, 2018 by

Since GT Sport‘s release, various configurations of existing tracks have been added to the game. It started with a supersized Kyoto layout and then the latest v1.11 update added three new Lake Maggiore variants. It doesn’t look like Polyphony is going to stop there either, as a recent discovery hints at.

Discovered and shared on the GTPlanet forums by user APXCaramel, Blue Moon Bay Speedway appears to have had a few tweaks. Inside the regular layout, various roads and markings appear to indicate a “road” version of the track that could come at a later date.

In the real world, many ovals like Daytona and Indianapolis have a different track configuration, so Blue Moon would suit the change perfectly. The post in our forums even shows a mock up of how it could look.

Much like the Indy road course, the potential track includes some large straights and even a small winding S-section before rejoining the track. The layout has potential to be a fun drive in the faster classes, especially with Sport races now starting to include Gr.1 vehicles.

It’s also possible that the roads inside the oval could make more than one layout too. A few of the screenshots show intersecting pieces of road, highlighting potential for more than one addition. All we can do is speculate at this point though, so we’ll be keeping an eye on future updates from Polyphony. There may even be a unique Kyoto layout also on the way.

Whilst not as exciting as an entirely new circuit such as Monza, track configurations would continue to keep Sport fresh. As the game grows and develops, it’s certainly a less intensive way of keeping players coming back for more.

Check out the photos below showing the pieces of road that could soon host some racing.

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