Sony Executive Expects New Gran Turismo Info “Rather Soon”

August 15th, 2012 by Jordan Greer

While speaking in an interview with VG24/7, Shuhei Yoshida, President of SCE Worldwide Studios, made some encouraging comments regarding the Gran Turismo series:

“Kazanori seems to have started talking about, so I won’t be surprised to hear more about their plans, our plans, on future Gran Turismo rather soon.”

Kazunori has, indeed, mentioned the game regularly in recent months. It is also interesting to note Yoshida’s mention of “our plans”, referring to Sony Computer Entertainment, which will fuel speculation that GT6 may appear on new hardware.

The next opportunity for a major announcement from Sony or Polyphony Digital is the Tokyo Game Show, which kicks off September 20.

GT5 Photomode image by ShaolinMasta.

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  1. Aug. 18, 5:54pm
    SZRT Ice

    Lol, these guys obviously know how to milk the “hype-train”, and the masses fall in line every time…. All these posts dissecting hot air. There’s not even bread on the table, let alone an appetizer. And not a clue as to the proper “silverware” for the meal, yet there’s all this clamour going about. Personally, I’ll believe it when I see/hear it.

    • Aug. 19, 11:03am

      Thumps up for that Statement Bro :O)

    • Aug. 23, 9:26am

      Did someone say brad and train? It is my lucky day!

    • Aug. 25, 1:14am
      SZRT Ice

      @ Flagmo-T: Thanks, I’m looking forward to GT6, but the milking BS gives me horrible deja vu.

      @ gamerdog6482: Huwha?!?!?!?

  2. Aug. 16, 5:39pm
    Serious seb

    FLAGMO-T : “Well Other companies is getting ready too” :

    Right !, the game “Project cars” in developpment begin to catch up GT5 for graphics end lightning/reflecting effects !! …maybe could it be better if the physics follows …!!!??

    Take a look , for guys who don’t know it : it’s amazing !!!
    with special original tracks like califor,ia highway !!

    …but i can’t wait for GT6 !!!!

    • Aug. 17, 7:27am

      I didn’t know about this project – Man!! That last California Highway vids – Took me some time to figure out if it was real or game – Wauuu – Best ever – Thanks Bro – this should fire up P.D. for the Visuals and it’s Probably PC we see here, but if the PS3 can handle this as well, then GT6 could arrive on PS3, but again why should it, Sony Needs to conquer the market again..

      Project Cars is deffo a Buy for me for the PS3 :o)

    • Aug. 17, 8:36am

      Slightly Mad Studios has recently revealed that Project CARS will no longer be released in 2012.

      On the company’s Facebook page they announced that the game will now be out in March 2013. Alongside this bad news however comes a brand new video full of alpha footage. The footage shows off the Ariel Atom 3000 on full graphical settings. Let us know what you think of the game below.

    • Aug. 17, 10:02am
      Serious seb

      …my god !! i just test it with pad !! it’s incredible for a pre-alpha version .. physics is very cool, good tracks, nice and clear menus, lot of parameters like hour and “speed of the time ” ( cool for appriciate shadows), difficulty, very good sound and view !!! i feel the same plaisir than GT5 !

    • Aug. 17, 12:13pm

      Serious seb – Is it possible to get the hands on a Pre-Alpha version like you talk about – I would love to test this out Like Now!! :o)
      Uhhh It tickles in my brain already :O)

    • Aug. 17, 5:52pm

      Hope there will be over 22 cars on track and BTCC. Will be looking forward to it

    • Aug. 17, 6:21pm

      I can Only say, go into to the Forum sign up, and pay the 10 Euro’s to have a Junior account, and then you can Drive the Monthly releases right on – I’ve done it now, and just installed the game, so Ya baby I’m exited I’ll be back with more feedback..

      maybe GTplanet should start a Project Cars section already – because it’s flying already :o)

      Jordan I’m sorry for maybe spamming this thread with The Project Cars, but it will hopefully do something good for all of us, regarding GT6 :o)

      Project Cars _ go for it.. :o)

    • Aug. 18, 9:28am

      I’ve commented on this game before (like 6 months ago) and no one payed attention. Well I’m glad you see it now.

    • Aug. 18, 5:26pm
      Serious seb

      I agree with youTeppish, but 6 month ago , the graphics didn’t reach the actual quality !! i remember the video with steering wheel, without hands !! ?? lol !! Flagmo, i hope you enjoy too with this demo… i don’t want you to lose your money !!! . Maybe i would buy the member account for more tracks … NOW stop the reply , it’s not PCARS forum !! ;-) !!Sorry Jordan for this pollution .. but good green pollution !!!

    • Aug. 19, 8:05am

      hahaha Seb – Ya lets stop this Positive Spamming Doh! :o) – But i already bought a junior Toolbox account and It’s swinging OrsM Bloody hell It’s good, and also quite amazing staff doing this Game, i really like the idea that they are building this game with the members Suggestions and testers ‘Love It – BTCC will probably arrive as well, because óf it’s importance in motorsport Race Styles, so ya i guess i will – 22 players Dunno ? But it’s deffo worth to follow the developing on the Forum, because they are doing a great job in the Slightly mad studio ( Love the name )

      Ohh ya back GT5 :o)

      ANybody who Car’e’s -> Me PSN: Team_MoFF-No2 from DK

  3. Aug. 16, 5:04pm

    And gran Turismo 6 is probably going to be a improvement on physics and standard cars into premium cars

    • Aug. 17, 9:46pm

      Don’t bet on all 800. Maybe most.

    • Aug. 22, 9:51am

      They should get new premium car, and get rid of some pointless standards

  4. Aug. 16, 5:03pm

    So I guarantee you it will be for ps3

  5. Aug. 16, 5:02pm

    Okay I think GT6 will be out for ps3 because every system had 2 gran Turismos
    Ps1=gt1 gt2
    Ps2=gt3 gt4
    Ps3=gt5 ???
    So I guarnt

    • Aug. 22, 9:52am

      Ps3 had gt5 prologue >.<

  6. Aug. 16, 1:48pm

    Well Other companies is getting ready too, and even though the GT-Series Fan pack is Huge, the Newcomers for this kind of Gaming is much larger and means Dough in the oven for new Loyal Fanbread, and they will be going for the next great race game regardless the Style and what we here think is the best, and they will probably stay on, even Forza is Pushing on and will be doing anything to rip GT6 for any great effort by keep steering towards HQ stuff, and with all the mention about how Much Forza is sending as DLC and bla bla here on this News, they will do more and better because we discuss it like that – So!! PD and Sony has too be upfront on the News section in any kind of magazine Internet reviewers sites etc just to keep the Freshness and hopes up That GT6 and PS4 will be on top of them all..

    Hehe Just a objective Theory as usual, but it makes sense to me..

    PD and Sony don’t have the Luxury of being the best ever anymore, Only in the loyal fans perspective which is Cool and great, But It’s business as usual when it comes down to it, and new customers are the Future for a company anytime ..

    Let’s see and hear something Sooner then later ..

    • Aug. 16, 3:25pm

      To enhance my theory Read this article where GT5 and Forza is mentioned to not be as great as Grid2.

      And Please!! You got to respect the Reviewers that tries it out, they wouldn’t say good stuff about the bad stuff, so Lets just see these Reviews as Something that K.Y/P.D/Sony can use as a positive Feedback to perfect the Driving Sim GT6 before releasing it, because K.Y is considered a legend in any Race game developers mind, and he is considered a great Developer of Race Games with top nutz quality knowledge and specially with all hes Knowledge from the real Racing world ( the man is a Tough Cookie on the tracks ) and further more P.D has the Professional Team To accomplish Great results, so it’s all good, from a Mature view point.

      But What do they all say about Codemasters upcoming Grid2 ?
      Here is a list of the different Game sites, we all know for great reviews and Honest objective opinions on the Games we love to hate, and Love..

      I’m personally looking forward to See and Try out and possibly buy Grid2 ( Ps3-ps4) But Of course i wont miss out on GT6 ‘Not a Chance, it will be OrsM!!

  7. Aug. 16, 10:27am

    Oh no, is 2010 again…

  8. Aug. 16, 8:57am

    “It is also interesting to note Yoshida’s mention of “our plans”, referring to Sony Computer Entertainment, which will fuel speculation that GT6 may appear on new hardware.”

    Or it may be a GT6/Super Slim bundle, or a dreaded possibility of a GTVita game being made before GT6, that Sony will also probably force PD to work with crossplay with either GT5 or GT6.

  9. Aug. 15, 10:48pm
    Grand Prix

    Pffff, “soooooon!”





    • Aug. 16, 10:27pm

      bwhahahahahahahahahahahhaha….ahh,me belly hurts now

    • Aug. 17, 9:47pm

      these jokes referring to PD’s lateness aren’t funny any more.

  10. Aug. 15, 10:43pm

    codemasters grid 2 looks great.

    • Aug. 15, 11:04pm

      Yes it does! Oh wait…. no cockpit cameras. That’s a deal breaker for me. Why they had then before and now don’t is odd, all the competing has it, why would they step backwards?

  11. Aug. 15, 9:56pm

    oh no, the ‘S’ word hehe

  12. Aug. 15, 7:59pm

    GT6 will be a PS3 title without a doubt.

    The PS4 is still 2 to 3 year away at least and I doubt the final specs have even been decided upon let alone handed to developers for programming.

    Sony have said the ps3 has years left in its lifecycle, so there’s no way they would lose out on the next Gran Turismo title not being part of that.

    GT6 will be an evolution of GT5 – essentially what it should have been all along. The cars are currently modeled to potential PS4 standards (evident in photo mode) so PD are already prepped for PS4 and GT7 – but that’ll be in about 5 years time.

    • Aug. 16, 1:15am

      I dunno, It’s looking more like year to a year and a half, given all of the rumors… I’d actually bet on seeing revealed it at E3 2013… And the PS3 (and other current-gen consoles) really ARE on their last legs… Sure, GT6 running the same way (FPS, Polygon count, etc.) just with fully-fledged features and a bit more content would work on the PS3, but there isn’t much room for improvement, which I’m sure PD is aiming for in terms of the GAME’S specs.

      And look at the dev cycle of the previous-gen consoles – about 6 years between each one, and we’re pretty much already at that point now, though that doesn’t have much relevance in terms of a development schedule – I was never saying that.

    • Aug. 16, 1:18am

      I agree with OP.

    • Aug. 16, 7:24am

      If that’s so, they’re developing gt5.5

    • Aug. 16, 7:36am
      Pit Crew

      Hopefully we will know more after the TGS next month. All this speculation and guesswork without any real credible source intel is tasking on the mind.

    • Aug. 28, 10:11pm
      SZRT Ice

      If they announce the next gen consoles too early, they lose out on potential PS3 buyers. They will release GT6 on PS3, but PS4 and GT7 prologue will be out shortly after. I guarantee you, GT7 is what we are now playing a dumbed down version of. (Photomode res’). PS4 will sell itself, but PD will make sure to have something ready for its release.

  13. Aug. 15, 7:18pm

    I don’t about anyone else – but I’m still having a great time playing GT5 on my PS3. I just reinstalled it on a new PS3 and am working my way up thru the levels again. Those first levels are very different now with some driving experience under my belt. I’d forgotten that there’s some good races in there. It’s like a whole new game…er…sim.

    Sure I’m interested in what the next GT6/PS3/PS4/whatever combo looks like but for now I’m enjoying the heck out of what I have.

    Just my $0.02 worth.

    • Aug. 15, 7:54pm

      I’m right there with ya. Started fresh a few days ago and it feels like new again. GT5 is as great as it was in late ’10 as it is now.

    • Aug. 16, 10:41am

      Yes, still loving it. Still play almost every day. Still check this site for news almost every day.

      You have just reminded me to back up my game. No way I’m going from level 38 back to nothing.

    • Aug. 16, 10:30pm

      oh i know a cat,who cracked a……

    • Aug. 16, 10:34pm

      …,oh a low down moggie

    • Aug. 16, 10:35pm

      i forgot,thats your $100 worth to us aussie’s,we get charged more…

    • Aug. 17, 8:05pm
      Tenacious D

      Well, keep in mind that there was a slight physics/tire model improvement over GT5.0, so most likely you ARE feeling it as a new experience, for a reason.

      In any case, I expect GT6 to be on PS4. Like others have said, GT6 on PS3 will only really be GT5 Spec IV.

  14. Aug. 15, 7:14pm

    I think GT6 will be released within a year or year and a half from now (possibly 2013 Christmas), and will be a PS3 title. I think PD are also working on GT7 for PS4 right now which will be released a year after PS4 is launched.

  15. Aug. 15, 7:02pm

    All the hype about the PS4 and refusing to buy it is ridiculous.

    Has GT5 not given you $350 worth of entertainment by itself?
    (Think of all the movies, clubs, whatever)
    $299 PS3
    $50 GT5

    Not to mention any other games you play.
    I could care less if the PS4 cost $1000, I’ll be buying on launch day.
    These systems always end up paying for themselves 100 times over.
    Between the PS3, Xbox, CSRE, and games I’ve got $2K invested easily.
    Start saving because it’s coming, and you’ll want it regardless what you say now.

    • Aug. 16, 1:16am

      “Start saving because it’s coming, and you’ll want it regardless what you say now.”

      – Couldn’t have worded it better myself.

    • Aug. 16, 1:25am

      No, no it hasnt. I love GT5 and I play it loads, but there is no other games on ps3 I play, and no matter how great gt6 is, it’s just not worth more then $60 dollars to me. Sony needs to do a lot to make ps4 tantalizing to me. If its good I’ll gladly buy it, but I’m not going to get it based off of one game.

    • Aug. 16, 7:45am
      Pit Crew

      Youll be blessed to have the resources to purchase an Orbis console (PS4 Sony’s in house designation) on launch day, however some face different financial obstacles which will delay their purchase of said system substantially.

      I think it’s only fair to be sympathetic to all monetary situations and give peeps credit for taking care of “Home” first.

    • Aug. 16, 10:42pm

      THE TOSS

    • Aug. 17, 8:09pm
      Tenacious D

      I will have to say that the only reason I bought my 360 Leet is Forza.

      The only games I have on it are Forza 2, 3 and 4. And frankly, I’m all Forza’d out.

      The only games I’m buying, other than a pitiful few PC titles, are Playstation games. And when PS4 comes out, I’m a Day 1 in-jumper, GT6 there or not. I’m a gamer, and after SEGA quit making consoles, Playstation has had the killer library to me. Not being a big PC gamer, the MS library just has no appeal.

      Go SONY, go Kaz!

  16. Aug. 15, 6:41pm
    Madman Apex

    GT6 is going to come out on the PS4 as a launch title because it will force about half of the people that bought GT5; to buy a PS4 AT FULL LAUNCH PRICE. as of DEC. 2011 there were 7.4 million copies of GT5 sold. Sony CAN BE GUARANTEED about 3.7million PS4s will be bought because of GT6. thats almost $1.9 billion dollars sony will clear just because of GT6.
    yeah its coming out for the PS4… and it wont be complete and you will still have to DLC buy Spa and Motegi and the speed route x

    • Aug. 15, 6:48pm

      If the launch price is $600+ then I’ll just wait, but if its something realistic around $400, then I might consider it.

    • Aug. 16, 7:52am
      Pit Crew

      In this present global economy with that thinking, Sony may bite their nose off dispite their face.

      Dont assume just to be critical. We wont be buying those DLC tracks for GT6. Decisions like that are what hurt GT5 initially.

    • Aug. 17, 8:13pm
      Tenacious D

      We’ll have to buy FINISHED tracks?? Yeah, right, whatever. ;D

      And PS4 won’t be $600. You guys thinking it’s going to be a holodeck prototype need a clue.

  17. Aug. 15, 6:30pm

    I think I like the picture more than the article.

    • Aug. 16, 10:20am

      Bite their nose off “to spite” their face

  18. Aug. 15, 6:09pm

    Don’t read too much into that Yoshida’s comment. You’d just be setting yourself up, only to get knocked down.

  19. Aug. 15, 5:43pm
    lancashire lad

    Like i said
    PS4 launch title

  20. Aug. 15, 5:25pm

    “It is also interesting to note Yoshida’s mention of “our plans”, referring to Sony Computer Entertainment, which will fuel speculation that GT6 may appear on new hardware.”

    Sorry, not reading that into Yoshida-san’s comment at all, as it could just as easily be applied to PS3 – ie: their plans to continue poducing games for it.

    • Aug. 16, 1:19am

      Which was stated as: “which will fuel speculation that GT6 may appear on new hardware.” – He only stated that it would LIKELY create SPECULATIONS about new hardware. Never did it say that there were any given expectation of anything.

    • Aug. 16, 9:40am

      Yes, I understand the language of what was said – just not the need to infer that this has anything to do with PS4. I been around this site long enough to know the likely meltdown such a comment will cause. I just think it’s a bit irresponsible is all.

  21. Aug. 15, 5:07pm

    Their plans could be advertising.

  22. Aug. 15, 5:02pm

    I’ve lost the capability of thinking what to say. I just don’t want to go through what we all went through with GT5. I’m in a point where I’ll just sit around and continue with my life. When GT6 finally arrives, I’ll be blown away.

  23. Aug. 15, 4:48pm
    e30 freek

    I thought the ps3 was going to have a ten year life?

    • Aug. 15, 6:10pm

      I thought so too, but it seems the vast majority wants a PS4. Why? I have no clue. The current hardware is sufficing just fine.

    • Aug. 15, 6:53pm

      Yeah, it will probably overlap with the PS4. Remember the PS2?

      The current hardware is severely lacking. Sure there could be a little more squeezed out of it, but not much. At least if we want an actual GT6 and not just an updated GT5 that looks the same while racing, just have different features.

    • Aug. 15, 8:59pm
      e30 freek

      Could be right jaysin85

    • Aug. 16, 1:22am

      I’m pretty sure Sony said that the PS2 had a 10 year life cycle as well… And look how that turned out… Plus, the time between the console-gens would point to a new console this November, if it followed the pattern (obviously, it won’t this gen.), but I’m really expecting legit news about the PS4 in 2013 sometime.

    • Aug. 17, 8:15pm
      Tenacious D

      You guys need a history lesson.

      PS1 lasted 11 years – IN PRODUCTION.

      PS2 is still, after 12 years, IN PRODUCTION.

      Yes, PS3 will have a similar lifespan.

  24. Aug. 15, 4:32pm

    GT 6 seems like it could be a launch title… Not sure what to think of that yet. I like that there would be more to work with as far as the hardware, but I don’t see myself affording it at launch.

  25. Aug. 15, 4:13pm

    Good to hear ~
    Very nice pic on F40 ~

    • Aug. 15, 5:51pm

      Yeah good pic

  26. Aug. 15, 4:05pm
    e30 freek

    I think it will be on ps4 but im not happy about it

    • Aug. 15, 5:14pm


  27. Aug. 15, 3:47pm

    Make a down-scaled version for PS3 and a proper version for PS4.
    Don’t we all see this with PS3, Xbox and then up-scaled for PC? I wouldn’t know if they could but I’m talking from personal experience, example: Battlefield 3 on PS3 was good graphics. But on my PC (with everything on max graphics) it was madness!! Same with Crysis 2.
    FIFA still gets made for the PS2.

    Only the PC with the latest hardware was the game seen to its full potential, now making GT6 on PS3 ONLY will be holding it back dramatically.
    Yes the PS3 has good hardware but lets be honest, its outdated now.

    Put GT6 on PS4 and go crazy by hold nothing back and let there be NO outdated hardware restrictions!

    GT6 must leave the next Forza series fanboys jaw-dropped and speechless!! HOOHAA!!! <— (spartan voice for effect)

  28. Aug. 15, 3:39pm

    Doesn’t this go with out saying.

    At some point in the future someone will announcing something about the possible future of the next Gran Turismo Game.

  29. Aug. 15, 3:32pm

    I still think GT6 will be released on the PS3

    • Aug. 15, 5:54pm

      Me too, I believe…

  30. Aug. 15, 3:06pm

    You know what I’ve read most of the BS…. errr comments on here and just said to myself…. I think i’ll wait and see what happens before putting inmy four eggs :)
    I’ve read they need to do this they need to do that they have to have it this way they have to have it that way, its got to include this, it’s got to include that…….. HELLO where does it stop?
    All this speculating to be honest is bloody boring!!!

    Go on Speculate on!

  31. Aug. 15, 2:41pm

    if GT6 is not on PS3, im not interested in it anymore.

    • Aug. 15, 4:20pm
      e30 freek

      I wont be playing it either but i want it to be awesome so it can smash forza in the ground

    • Aug. 15, 5:27pm

      Why? Forza is just another game. I really don’t see the need to smash anything.

    • Aug. 15, 9:01pm
      e30 freek

      Because they are rivals

    • Aug. 19, 8:33am

      I get the impression that they’re more like friendly rivals – so still no need to ‘smash’ anything into the ground.

  32. Aug. 15, 2:34pm

    If GT6 is on PS4 I’m not buying it, period.

    • Aug. 15, 2:42pm


    • Aug. 15, 3:04pm

      Because ~8 months ago, I bought my PS3 with GT5. 8 months. There is no way I’m buying another console for at least four years. I would prefer at least six.

    • Aug. 15, 3:29pm

      You adopt technology too late, brah. PS3 came out in 2006, you’re 6 years late to the party. I got my in 2010; and disappointed that I got it late too. GT6 will be a PS4 game no matter what.

    • Aug. 15, 3:30pm

      I would also prefer GT6 on PS3.. dont want to waste 600$ + on a new console… I doubt it would be any cheaper..

    • Aug. 15, 3:40pm

      Oh come on. We all know your guys will be buying the next Gen console.

    • Aug. 15, 3:42pm

      Unlucky, unlike some on here then, I’ve had ps3 from year one and now need something new. Games are now becoming repetitive that many have to be next gen after next year to evolve, not just gt6 but all.

    • Aug. 15, 5:29pm

      A PS4 needn’t be a waste – there will be a whole host of games to play on it, same is true for PS3.

    • Aug. 15, 5:46pm

      Did you forget that PS3 limited the development of GT5? GT6 wont be so different from GT5 if its on the PS3 would be the same a restricted developed-game because even a standard PC today is more powerful than the PS3 wich is 6 year old hardware.
      WE NEED MORE POWERFUL HARDWARE FOR BETTER GAMES! i would be dissapointed if GT6 is for this current-gen console :(

    • Aug. 15, 9:23pm

      Truth be told it really doesn’t matter what system it comes out on. I would prefer PS3 for my own selfish financial reasons. If GT6 were make it’s debut on PS4, I may not get the preorder cars like I did this time, as it may take me a little time before I decide to invest the 4-600.00 USD in a new system but maybe when GT6 goes down to 20.00 with all the DLC’s I may by a PS4 and GT6.

  33. Aug. 15, 2:23pm

    E3 nxt year with ps4 demo/proto console!

  34. Aug. 15, 2:02pm

    I don’t know If I want to see GT6 in the next year and a half if it’s going to be on the next Playstation. First gen games will keep you entertained…for a while. Then when some 2nd and 3rd gen games come out, you almost never want to play those first gen games again. It’s just the process of devs learning how develop for new hardware. It took extra long with the PS3 because of Blu-ray and it’s very unique processor.

    PD either needs to release for the PS3, or take the next couple of years to get quality development for the next Playstation.

  35. Aug. 15, 1:59pm

    GT6 Tech demo along with PS4 tease. Whatever Sony is going to do, they have to do it fast. Sony can’t afford to be last again. The PS4 must come out before the Xbox 720.

    Also, I think the reason the wait for GT6 wont be as long as GT5 is becuase the PS4 will use a more traditional Dual core, or Quad core CPU instead of the complecated Cell Chip. This will make it much more easy for PD to develop GT6. BluRay tech has also advanced to allow higher read speads and more space (with dual layer). With this extra space, extra power of the PS4 and extra time (from getting the PS4 development kit early) to learn the PS4, I think GT6 will be everything GT5 should have been and more.

    Of course, on the other hand, they could be announcing a PS3 game. The Xbox 360 is getting Forza Horizon to hold people over, while they work on the next Forza for the Xbox 720. PD could do the same thing, by making Gran Turismo “Open Road.”

    GT Open Road could feature a city backdrop (complete with dealerships, mod shops, and 10+ GT classic race tracks that you can drive to) to race around in. They could put in a career mode where you start as a street racer, get found by an offical race team, and then go on to being a prof. race car driver. The open city will allow you to have seamless multiplayer, almost like a racing MMO.

    By doing this, PD can work on having a better multiplayer system, have a better career mode than GT5 and be able to save most of their staff to work on GT6 for PS4.

    Sorry for the long comment.

    • Aug. 15, 3:37pm

      We’re already capable of dual layer, MGS4 and God of War III used it, we need the 8x read drives and we won’t have to install much or anything at all. I can bet the PS4 will have a USB 3.0 as well. Would be cool to implement some kind of built in capture card and have an extra HDD slot that you buy separately (to save money) to store videos on, then have an advanced video editor with encoding h.264 and direct upload to YouTube. Lol ideas…

    • Aug. 15, 5:11pm

      “They could put in a career mode where you start as a street racer, get found by an offical race team, and then go on to being a prof. race car driver.”

      Please God do not have this.

      There is no path ever in life to go from a street racer and then get discovered and go pro. Yes I know its a video game, but this is borderline offensive to people who actually do race.

    • Aug. 15, 6:30pm

      ^ +1000

      That is what NFS is for.

  36. Aug. 15, 1:50pm

    Perhaps GT6 could be released for the PS3 with optional download for upgrading to a PS4 console? Or maybe have the software on the disk and it just loads whichever version is compatible with your console. I know for myself and a lot of friends I race with, that it would be a financial burden to buy a new console. I may have to pass on GT6 if it comes out only for the PS4. I love this game and would really be disappointed if it’s out of my reach just because I have to feed my family. It probably doesnt seem like a lot of money to some, but to some of us it is a fortune at this time. The more I find out about Kaz, the more I like him, and I have to believe he will consider this issue. I don’t want to believe he is ONLY about the money. In the meantime—– keep the rubber side down!

    • Aug. 15, 3:44pm

      100% agree. Money is a matter for many of us.

    • Aug. 15, 6:25pm

      Absolutely my #1 concern as well. I was just finally able yo get a right and G27 this year which = no $ for other game stuff for a very long time :-(

  37. Aug. 15, 1:39pm

    Yea, Shuhei Yoshida may expect to hear some new info sometime soon. That doesn’t equate to anyone else hearing anything any time soon. Not that it is such a terrible thing. I am as frustrated as anyone else at the lack of GT game news and constantly hope for more updates, but i’m not going to sit here and cry entitlement. They’ve updated GT5 quite a bit and although it still doesn;t feel enough, it is what it is and no amount of internet bawwwing is going to make PD change their plans, so i’ll just have to sit tight and wait. I’m sure we all have lots of other games to play until then :) It’s done when it’s done and better for it to be RIGHT this time, than to be forcibly rushed out to yet more disappoint !

  38. Aug. 15, 1:36pm

    So is it time to sell my PS3 Move while I can still get something for it?

    • Aug. 15, 1:48pm

      Yes! Why did you buy it in the first place?

    • Aug. 15, 9:11pm

      I bout the PS3 for GT5. I bout the Move package to justify buying a PS3 so that the wife would be remotely interested in gaming.

  39. Aug. 15, 1:24pm

    The picture is heaven. *.*

    Anyways. It’ll still be great if GT6 was released on the PS3. If the other game is going on the next gen console, and GT6 is going on the PS3 early and GT7 on the next gen console which may take years to make, you would see how good GT6 will quickly be sold. Instead of having to pay out tons of money on a new console…

    Just my thoughts.

    • Aug. 15, 1:41pm

      That picture certainly is super special awesome. It’s made me decide to spend the evening driving my GT5 F40 around night time nurb’ ring in the rain, online, in the very rare off chance that it may snow instead :)

    • Aug. 15, 5:59pm

      ^ +1 :)

  40. Aug. 15, 1:14pm

    As much as I want it to come on the PS3, it has to go to a new console. Technology requirements

  41. Aug. 15, 1:04pm

    I was wondering why you guys posted it later rather than sooner. PlayStationLifeStyle already had it lol. Anyways I can’t wait for it to get delayed…ok ok I’m kidding. If it releases for PS3 then it should take less time since they already made GT5 but it would be even cooler if it was a PS4 launch title. We’ll see.

  42. Aug. 15, 1:03pm

    People just think…

    Sony has to announce the new Slim model first…tons of games are coming in 2013 for PS3, so they have to announce it at TGS 2012 at last. All this before those games come out.

    Then we can wait and expect to know something about the new hardware but it will be not clever to talk about it if you want to sell a new PS3 model in the upcoming months.

    PS4 has to be announce first so PD can talk about the game if it is coming to that platform or if it is going to come for the PS3 to help sales for the new model.

    My guess is that…no PS4 until end of 2013. And same with GT6. They can tease us or whatever but if it is not coming for the PS3 they can say that much about the game…not even mention it because it is going to confuse costumers all around the world.

    Stop with this “hype” thing behaviour and be patient people. If they are not talking so much is just because they have other plans in mind first.

    • Aug. 15, 1:09pm

      well if it’s how it usually is with the gran turismo series, there were 2 Gran Turismos for the PS1, 2 Gran Turismos for the PS2, and if it’s continuing the same pattern Gran Turismo 6 might be on the PS3. But then again it would be nice to bring GT6 to the newer console since we’ve seen all that can be done on the PS3 with GT5

  43. Aug. 15, 1:03pm

    I’d much rather wait another few years for any GT6 news than have another rushed game, thanks Sony.

  44. Aug. 15, 1:00pm

    “Kazunori Yamauchi Cautious on Gran Turismo 6 Release Date”

    • Aug. 15, 1:06pm

      You can still give away information without spoiling the release date, that’s what GT5 did.

  45. Aug. 15, 12:58pm

    I don’t think they will announce GT6 this TGS, it’s way too soon (unless the also announce PS4)

    BTW, nice pic!

  46. Aug. 15, 12:57pm


    • Aug. 15, 12:58pm

      err, Shaolin.

    • Aug. 15, 1:31pm

      Haha! Good that they changed it, considering how all my good shots have been used already… But damn, tricked you there, with me having done the Remix and all… lol. :D

  47. Aug. 15, 12:56pm


  48. Aug. 15, 12:54pm


  49. Aug. 15, 12:54pm

    Well we know what happened with GT5, it wasn’t “rather soon”. But they’re using GT5 as the platform from GT6, so it might acually come “rather soon”.

  50. Aug. 15, 12:53pm

    F*ck yeah!

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