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BMW M4 GT4 Coming to iRacing This Year

Long-running PC racing sim iRacing will further expand its BMW lineup with the addition of the M4 GT4 later this year. The good news comes courtesy of the iRacing Motorsport Simulations team itself, who shared details of a visit to Turner Motorsport — one of the largest BMW privateer teams in the world — earlier this week.

BMW Concept 4 is a Toothy Tease of Next Bavarian Coupe

With Frankfurt in full swing, BMW used its local show to unveil this, the Concept 4. It previews the German marque’s next midsize coupe, and if that front end is a sign of things to come, the next 4 Series should be all smiles for the camera.

YouTuber Modifies Financed BMW M4, Now BMW Wants Its Money Back

If you like driving the newest car you can get your hands on, new car finance is a wonderful thing. Leasing a car this way allows you to spread some of the cost of a brand new car over a long period of time, then give the car back and get a new one. Those folks who have a brand new car every three years like clockwork? Car finance.

Why BMW’s Switch to Front-Wheel Drive Isn’t the End of the World

Yesterday BMW unveiled its new 1 Series. The 1er, as BMW fans would call it — also known by the hilariously inappropriate model code of “F40” — forms the start of the BMW range. If you want to pay as little as possible for a car with the BMW roundel on its nose, you’ll want a 1 Series.

PlayStation BMW M6 Wins Nurburgring 24 Hours Qualifying Race

With the 2019 ADAC Total Nurburgring 24 Hours (and the GT Sport World Tour event) just five weeks away, preparations are well underway. This past weekend saw the six-hour qualification race for the main event, and it yielded a victor that will be familiar to racing game fans.

BMW M8 Coupe Leaked Ahead of 2019 Reveal

It rather seems that BMW is developing a bit of reputation for leaking. Not in terms of its build quality and shutlines, but of upcoming models that are supposed to be under wraps.

The BMW M2 is Dead: Long Live the M2 Competition

If you loved the BMW M2, we’ve got some bad news for you: BMW has killed it off. There’s some good news too though, as BMW is replacing it with a “complete reworking” of the model, that it calls the M2 Competition.

This Pristine 1989 BMW M3 Sport Evo is the Ultimate E30

One of the most requested cars on GTPlanet for a little over four years was the BMW M3 (E30). With the arrival of v1.15 of GT Sport, the community rejoiced at finally getting its hands on the elusive car. Now for this week’s Want, we take a look at the real thing.