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Microsoft Doesn't See Sony's PS5 as Competition for the Xbox

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Xbox Series X Prototype Unit Likely Reveals the Console's True Form

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Xbox Series X Won't Get Exclusive First-Party Titles for At Least a Year

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Here's What the Xbox Series X Might Look Like From Behind

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Microsoft's Next Xbox is Actually Just Called 'Xbox', Apparently

Gaming 84 Dec 19, 2019 by Michael Leary

Last week at The Game Awards, Microsoft made the surprise reveal of its next-generation console, the Xbox Series X. The fourth iteration of Redmond’s video game console is a drastic… Read More »

Microsoft Reveals Next-Gen Console: "Xbox Series X"

Gaming 194 Dec 13, 2019 by Michael Leary

Microsoft has finally revealed the name of its next-generation gaming console. Say hello to the Xbox Series X. In an unexpected move, the world premiere came at The Game Awards… Read More »