Turn 10 Confirms Next Forza 7 Car Pack for March 6, But Can You Guess Them Now?

It seems racing game developers are big on surprises in 2018. Latest case in point: Turn 10 has dropped the hints for the next car pack out of left field, and it arrives next Tuesday.

Some context: we’d forgive players for expecting the car pack later in the month. While the first Tuesday of each month has usually been the new-release spot on the calendar, the last two packs have shown up later. The first pack of the year didn’t show up until January 16, and the Chiron-headlining Dell Gaming pack arrived February 15.

Community manager Brian Ekberg confirmed the back-to-business schedule in the latest Week In Review. In addition, that means a set of seven vague clues from Turn 10’s John Schommer:

  • Car 1: Better than coffee and rolls with butter and jam.
  • Car 2: People may walk for fun here, but it’s more fun to drive there.
  • Car 3: You may go even faster if you hit the brakes without knowing what you are doing.
  • Car 4: It may have done no better than fourth place, but it led the way to a return to victory.
  • Car 5: “Show me a good loser, and I will show you a loser.”
  • Car 6: Love him or hate him, he has accomplished what few have in racing.
  • Car 7: What turns your crank? Turbos? Supercharging? Electrics?

Alongside the next car pack, Forza 7 will receive another title update. Presumably this will add more features in preparation for the return of ForzaRC.

As luck would have it, March 6 is also the beginning of the Geneva Motor Show, at least for media. Forza used last year’s show to unveil the Tamo Racemo in FH3, so we wouldn’t bet against a tie-in this year.

The one car we doubt will be a part of proceedings is the new Toyota Supra, however. The Japanese giant’s road cars are famously absent from the game. Then again, it will be shown in racing-style concept form…

Have your guesses? Share ’em in the comments section!

Featured image courtesy of AnimaVesta.

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