Twin Ring, Trial Mountain, and Tokyo R246 Featured in Latest GT6 Seasonal Events

August 20th, 2014 by Michael Leary


A new batch of A-Spec races are now available, ranging from a beginner’s challenge to that of an expert while overtaking as many opponents as possible within the allotted time.

Beginner Level Non-Race Car Challenge

  • Twin Ring Motegi West Course, 3 Minutes
  • Period of Availability: 08/20/2014 23:00 – 09/03/2014 23:00
  • 500PP Max, Sports/Hard compounds or less
  • Gold: 70,000cr, Silver: 42,000cr, Bronze: 35,000cr
  • Gift: GT Military 007-W

Intermediate Level Non-Race Car Challenge

  • Trial Mountain Circuit, 5 Laps
  • Period of Availability: 08/20/2014 23:00 – 09/03/2014 23:00
  • 550PP Max, Sports/Medium compounds or less
  • Gold: 90,000cr, Silver: 54,000cr, Bronze: 45,000cr
  • Gift: GT Polarized 002-P

Expert Level Non-Race Car Challenge

  • Tokyo R246, 5 Laps
  • Period of Availability: 08/20/2014 23:00 – 09/03/2014 23:00
  • 650PP Max, Sports/Soft compounds or less
  • Gold: 135,000cr, Silver: 81,000cr, Bronze: 67,500cr
  • Gift: Silver Chrome

Be sure to stop by the new GT6 Seasonal Events forum for in-depth analysis and discussion, and tips and tricks.

GT6 Photomode image by carfanatic46.

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  1. Aug. 28, 1:13pm

    Used the Suzuki GSXR/4, Lexus LFA Nurburgring Package, and Ferrari Enzo to complete those challenges. It was a piece of cake :P

  2. Aug. 27, 1:31pm

    I just install 1 update by 1 an the it works for me :)

  3. Aug. 24, 7:06pm

    AI is still sorry but it seems like the penalties are not active this time around. It took me a couple of tries but I beat this with a Speed 12.

    • Aug. 24, 8:23pm

      *sees kjb’s message, jumps on his PS3.* thanks!! :D

  4. Aug. 24, 1:24am

    Just wondering like that, are the AI any better on the expert-level race event? Do they still collide everywhere? Oh and are the penalties really touchy or is it just, y’know, if you mess around you’ll get what you get?

    Last expert events I kept getting rammed and all that so… just curious. I really don’t wanna miss this silver chrome.

  5. Aug. 23, 8:32pm

    Hey Terronium-12 not sure if this is the right place to ask this but are you gonna start doing the weekly rewinds again I really enjoyed them and always looked forward to fridays

  6. Aug. 23, 11:19am
    GT5 Level 41

    In this order, BMW M4 Coupé, Alfa Romeo TZ3 Stradale ’11, and the Huayra 15th Anniversary Edition if your looking for an OP quick cash in.

  7. Aug. 22, 10:20pm

    PD really do struggle with creativity when it comes to “Racing” content. Apart from each event having a different track and PP, it pretty much is the same. And worst, no tyre/fuel depletion as a result of such short races.

    At the end of the day, it’s still chase the rabbit format. And maybe qualifying as well and since the AI is still so bad, just make it challenging enough by selecting the AI cars 30-60PP or more than ours based on the entry requirements to compensate?

    That is why I only enjoy TT events (which the event and rankings should be permanently open at least for the life of the game in my opinion) and world rankings should have this built into Arcade TT mode in the first place.

    Wonder when they’ll have real racing seasonal events by placing real users against each other.

  8. Aug. 22, 7:50pm

    I wouldnt put the game down if this was available it would put those 10+million cars a little bit closer to own as well.

  9. Aug. 22, 10:16am

    please give more strict criteria for car choice, like in GT5. Oh and LMP cars have got kinda boring from the beginning of the Expert Level Races.

  10. Aug. 21, 10:42pm

    It’d be nice to have technical races like the S race at Willow but with lower PP cars. Not all advanced level drivers want to drive their ZR-1 or 458 to be in a challenging event. Nonetheless, thanks for the seasonal events.

  11. Aug. 21, 9:56pm

    I must be an intermediate driver. I can always pass the beginer and intermediate races easy. I always struggle on the expert ones. Lol!

    • Aug. 25, 7:22pm

      I found the Mercedes vision gt to be good on Tokyo.

  12. Aug. 21, 7:42pm

    Wanted… 10-15 laps at the nurburgring at 600pp or less for a 2,500,000 payout.

    • Aug. 22, 2:39pm

      +1 this ^. Why not a decent challenge with tyre/fuel depletion to add to the equation?

  13. Aug. 21, 4:23pm

    No drift trials!! Yay!! :)

    • Aug. 22, 10:12am

      Surely you’ve spotted the pattern by now. You’ll be getting some more drift trials along with the next TTs. We just need some A-Spec endurance races with fuel, tyre wear and damage to make things a bit more interesting.

  14. Aug. 21, 3:26pm

    I’m going to try my Boss302. Can’t remember what PP it’s at (high 500’s), but I’ve been tuning and tweeking her off and on. Would love to see how well it’ll do, but the long straight on R246 is going to kill me.

  15. Aug. 21, 3:24pm

    135,000cr for 5 laps on Tokyo with a 650pp car? That’s a pretty low payout. Could it indicate high-paying events coming in the near future?

    • Aug. 21, 5:59pm

      It’s 270,000 with full log in bonus…

    • Aug. 23, 2:28am

      Not sure why you’d think a higher paying event will come soon. I can’t say I’ve ever seen that pattern before. It was only when PD raised the seasonal payouts later in GT5 did we consistently get more.

  16. Aug. 21, 2:13pm

    Queen Jennifer will destroy you!

    • Aug. 22, 7:10am

      … hey, mate, we’ve founded our cult, now … thx for your input ;) r.

    • Aug. 22, 10:16am

      I haz Kool Aid ;-)

    • Aug. 23, 9:01pm

      All hail the buttocks of Nicki Minaj.. Not a fan of the music but with junk like that who cares!

  17. Aug. 21, 1:16pm

    Expert level sports soft tyres pffft!

  18. Aug. 21, 1:15pm

    Fare enjoyed the new seasonal races, Race 1 @ Motegi West used a BMW Z4, won by 0.072…. Race 2 @ Trial Mountain used a Nissan GTR- Black Edition, won by 5.800 and Race 3 @ Tokyo R246 used a Nissan Concept 2020 to win by 8.600.. Still too easy but enjoyed them anyway to earn a few credits

  19. Aug. 21, 12:21pm

    Gotta say, the Silver Chrome paint ended up being pretty awesome and worth it

    • Aug. 22, 11:55am

      Oooh Silver Chrome, count me in!

  20. Aug. 21, 12:05pm

    Gifts should be changed with cars at last….

    • Aug. 21, 12:18pm

      Couldn’t you just take the money you earned from these races and buy the cars you want? What’s the point in having tons of money if your not going to spend on on cars or upgrades?

  21. Aug. 21, 8:32am

    650PP? What can be even tuned to get that much?

    • Aug. 21, 8:46am

      Gran Turismo Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car

    • Aug. 21, 8:53am

      GT-R R35? Lambo?

    • Aug. 21, 9:29am

      Huayra, MP4-12C, F1

    • Aug. 21, 10:21am

      First of all, who said it had to be at 650pp, it can be less. I did it with a 597pp 458… and their are a lot of cars tun-able to 630+

    • Aug. 21, 12:19pm

      I used my R35 Black Edition set right at 650pp and with those SS tires it felt like I was driving on snow, but I beat it fairly quickly.

    • Aug. 21, 1:18pm

      I happened to be in the NSX lm road car, tuned to 600pp from last week’s time trial, had no problems, did it on first try. My Gallardo is also very fast @ 600PP as well.

    • Aug. 21, 2:15pm

      if able to be used zzII

    • Aug. 21, 3:20pm
      GT CHAMP

      I used ZZII tuned at 500 PP for the first 2 events (500 and 550 PP). Tuned it at 600 PP for the final event.

    • Aug. 22, 7:09am

      … Veyron, np ;) r.

    • Aug. 23, 2:30am

      Don’t forget the Aston Martin VGT – drives like a beauty on SS tyres too.

  22. Aug. 21, 6:44am

    Did you notice all 3 tracks’ names start with the letter T?

    • Aug. 23, 2:31am

      Cue: The Outer Limits theme tune?

    • Aug. 23, 12:20pm


    • Aug. 23, 5:32pm

      Motegi’s full name is Twin Ring Motegi so he’s right.

  23. Aug. 21, 6:32am

    And queue the Hype Train riders:
    “waaaah we only got a seasonul?! Why peedee! This us stuped! We wunt curse maker!!”

    I for one am excited to try out these races. Thanks PD.

    • Aug. 21, 9:57am


    • Aug. 23, 2:32am

      For once, it didn’t happen…fingers crossed.

  24. Aug. 21, 4:36am

    Trial Mountain is so much fun using the X-Bow…

    • Aug. 21, 4:50am

      I’ll have to try that combination! The track is one of my all-time fave legacy circuits and the X-Bow is one really good open-wheel bomb of speed, especially for… I think it was 60k-70k for the street version and 120k’ish for the R version, right?

    • Aug. 22, 12:25am

      I did all 3 in the X-Bow.

  25. Aug. 21, 4:28am
    John Wells

    There are two circuits, one a super speedway oval and the track you’re driving. Also two small variations on Motegi.

  26. Aug. 21, 3:10am

    I like Motegi even though I never get a decent-ish time on it with non-race cars. Mainly because I’m a rubbish driver….
    BTW I don’t really understand why it’s called Twin Ring Motegi. Anyone got a clue?

    • Aug. 21, 4:29am

      I think it might be the main course plus the oval – that’s the reason that comes to mind. It could also be seen as two ring circuits which combined, make the full track.

      Try the S2000 with gears set close together. It’s tight, but can be done.

    • Aug. 21, 9:04am

      Thanks mate I’ll try after I get home from work.

  27. Aug. 21, 2:35am

    Cool. I wish they would add way more. Refuse to believe it takes much effort to put these together.

    Let’s have some championships and longer races please.

    Or just let me create me own events/championships where I get credits accordingly. Then I’m good to go for a lonnnnnng time. I would honestly take this over the track editor. A lot of good the track editor is going to be if we can’t do some cool races for $£ on them.

    • Aug. 21, 4:33am

      GT5’s track editor could be used online for cash – trust me, it will have its uses when it arrives.

    • Aug. 21, 1:21pm

      How ’bout this…bring back the performance point bonus that they had in GT5? That code is already written. I remember doing the events in cars with over 100pp less than the events called for, and winning 2-3 million credits. You could buy a 20 mil car, and have it payed off in 1/2 and hour!

    • Aug. 23, 2:35am

      Well, a slight exaggeration, but I do like the idea of the PP difference bonus coming back.

  28. Aug. 20, 11:31pm

    I have like 30,000Cr, so this would be a good chance to increase my in-game balance easily.

    • Aug. 21, 12:48am

      Three words… Red Bull Standard $$$

    • Aug. 21, 1:16am

      While I know you are likely not crazy about grinding, smskeeter23 has a point. And when you combine that with the login bonus fully maxed out, its an easy 2,000,000 a day and you do that every day, easily 10,000,000Cr a week.

    • Aug. 21, 1:57am

      Yeah the Red Bull Standard challenge was what’s up for a while after it was added, but now I’m so sick of it I just can’t stand it, even though it is a way to get 2 mil in 22 minutes.

    • Aug. 21, 2:53am

      That 140k in 3 minutes at Motegi is my new favourite grinding method. Got a mil just by trying out my different 500PP tunes there.

      About Red Bulls… I hope I could press and hold that icon to make it wiggle and press a small x that appears in the corner of the icon to make it disappear. Never touching that stuff again.

    • Aug. 21, 8:09am

      My grinding I do at Motegi too. Almost 3.000.000 an hour and way easier than RB Standard for those using DS3. I have 940 wins there already. And counting…

    • Aug. 21, 8:46am

      While I know the RB Standard event is way more profitable, I have to agree with Amac. I’m just… sick of it.

    • Aug. 21, 9:08am

      Ya me too honestly but the Silverstone race is so easy it’s hard to ignore. I may go back to the NASCAR grind at Motegi for a while though.

      I also found in the past though that you can literally do the LTW SSRX race with one hand on a DS3 while eating a sandwich lol!

    • Aug. 21, 9:34am

      HAHA! I’ve done that!

    • Aug. 21, 11:39am

      I have 30 million Cr, and I still only spend on low budget cars of around 30K with a couple of upgrades here and there.

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