Two “Top Secret” Australian Locations Coming to GT6


While the inclusion of Australia’s Mount Panorama Circuit has yet to be confirmed by Polyphony Digital despite having been scanned some time ago, according to a report by they are looking to flag an announcement at Mount Panorama around the time racing season is set to begin.

“I’ve heard the rumours,” he joked, “We haven’t announced that yet.”

“Australia is still coming out of the winter, we are hoping that we might be able to make some kind of announcement around the time it becomes racing season.”


Italian gaming website, toured the offices of Polyphony Digital and while mentioning more track and vehicle announcements are on the way in the form of paid and free content alike, Australia will be represented in-game with “top secret” locations.

“From here [to] December 6, there will be further announcements in terms of additional tracks and cars, and support after the release will be huge, in the form of both free and paid content. Australia will dawn with a couple of tracks / locations top secret for now…”

Yet another interesting bit of news in the same article is the Red X2010 and 2011 being updated to 2014 spec for inclusion in GT6. As any of this news has yet to be officially confirmed by Polyphony Digital, it would be best to take these rumors with a grain of salt.

Credit to DarhtMossco and mcalva98 for the tips!

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  1. Vinylshark

    They want to keep the Redbulls in?
    Those were the worst cars that have been included in any GT game.

    Completely pointless, unrealistic and ruined every fun online as long as the lobby host didn’t put the power points low enough to keep them out. Sooner or later there will always be someone who picks the X1, because he can only win with that junk on 4 wheels.

    I wouldn’t mind to see some V8 Supercars tracks like Eastern Creek, Sandown, Barbagallo or Oran Park.
    I was always hoping for a V8 Supercars DLC for GT5 with the new cars and maybe 1 or 2 tracks.

    1. stiggylab17

      what the hell, they are not oh so unrealistic as you may think. Modern day racing as you may well know is limited by regulations, down force, fuel, tires, etc. The x1 was designed not to follow any of those rules. Granted I don’t like the car being driven by an idiot any more than the next person, but it is indeed a real possibility. The two big problems with the car would be the price to build such a specialized car, and the fact that if it was built, the driver would have to be trained to handle jet pilot G’s.

    2. Amac500

      No, the car ignored physics too. The fan on the bottom would force te car to chew itself up. It happened to the 2J back in the day too. The fan sucks up any debris or gravel on the track and sucks it through the engine. The car isn’t a viable possibility for more than 2 laps.

    3. ScotteDawg

      One thing you forgot there, Amac500 – In the video on GTTV it was pointed out that the X1 would cost $5million in fuel to just do ONE lap of the Nuburgring Gran Prix circuit!

      stiggylab17 – What the hell? Do you not research before making comments? The two big problems are not what you stated but are the cost of actually running one (see above paragraph) and that even a jet pilot couldn’t handle the G’s! He would turn into a human milk-shake on the first corner!!!!

  2. Amac500

    I honestly find the Red Bulls too be the most pointless car in the game. Those things are so fast and delicate they need there own tracks too actually competitively race another car. I wouldn’t mind if it was not included.

  3. Youngun

    Thank god, little x1 hate. Tbh im glad theres an 2014 version coming, must be a big step up.

    Also, saw the nike one as an award, seem legit as the Nike TWO is in game, shown via The concepts video

  4. tpark103

    I love how PD is keeping the anticipation and hype going. They have mastered the art self promotion. The only problem that I have is that I to have been let down in the past my PD. With all the hype surrounding the release of this new title with its tracks, cars, and physics, Im preparing myself for a few shortcomings.

  5. Swagger897

    man… i got all hyped up looking at the first picture thinking it was an in-game shot. I knew the second was real life… I wsh they would start revealing screenshots every week or so..

  6. Koolad

    Once that it seems clear that Mount Panorama will be in, my bet for the second location is… a photomode location, e.g. Ayers Rock or the like…

  7. SnakeOfBacon

    I have a sneaking suspicion that while one track is Mount Panorama, the other one is either Melbourne or Surfer’s Paradise

  8. GTHEAD87

    So weve pretty much been told everything added to gt6. Personally I would have liked to find out when I bought the game. Now people expect this and more.

  9. Turbo_snail

    I just wanna flog a boganified ford falcon v8 supercar around skyline getting sideways and listening to the bogans on the mountain burning out a portaloo

  10. Eyes Fried Open

    I hope the second track is Hidden Valley, Wish they would include Pukekohe Guess im going to have to try make that one with the track creator. :-(

  11. sayba2th

    Oh boy, Oh Boy, Oh Boy, finally some GT love shines on Oz. C’mon on Kaz you have woo’ed me with your track offerings from our humble little continent now wow me with some Aussie V8 Grunt!!!! It’s love and marriage, you can’t have one without the other

    1. ScotteDawg

      Calm your jocks there sayba2th! Remember, there are 200 new cars being added and we have not even been shown one quarter of them… That leaves over 150 cars to keep our imaginations ticking over!!!

    2. sayba2th

      150 + cars to go, that’s hard thing to do SD, esp with Jalponik, TGS and if it’s not there then we are only a few weeks of the Bathurst 1000 that we should hear the other track / tracks from here. And the thoughts of what Iconic Aussie cars we may be getting well you are asking a tough thing to do cuz!

    3. ScotteDawg

      Sorry bro, that’s the way it has to be! I’m as excited as anyone about what could be, but I’m not getting myself in a tizzy over it…
      Ahh, who am I kidding here?
      If you scroll down a little bit, you’ll see a sort of Aussie car “wish list” I did…

  12. Johnnypenso

    Good news indeed. Interesting little tidbit about flat tracks being so much easier to map that those with more extreme elevation changes. Gives some insight into why so many tracks in GT5 are flat or nearly so.

    1. 2012GT325

      If by those you mean Ford/GM cars (Holden/etc), then I’d agree with that as well. Nothing wrong with having more RWD premium cars.

    2. 05XR8

      I think they’re waiting to see what the Volvo V8SC will look like so we can have a full grid :) check the V8 Supercars Thread for updates and progress.

    3. sayba2th

      HSV and FPV, can’t have one without the other. Some of the old Group C would be spectacular (Brockies dayglo Bathurst winning VK for starters) The A9X Torana, Walkinshaw VL Commodore, HK Monaro, HDT’s just to throw a little flavour in the mix!

    4. nismo n13

      I’d personally like to see some older gmh cars like a9x Torana or maybe some old commodores. Vl turbo wouldn’t be bad…

    5. ScotteDawg

      What GT6 really needs is some cars in keeping with the US muscle that is already in the game. Example:-
      Holden – A9X Torana (SLR5000), XU-1 Torana, HJ Monaro, HJ Premier, WB Ute, C60 Coupe Concept (AWD Monaro), Torana Concept, VF Commodore sedan and the Efijy (concept car)!
      Ford – XY GT-HO Phase III, XC Cobra and the FG Falcon
      HSV – E3 GTS, Gen-F Senator, Clubsport R8, Maloo R8, XU8, XU6, XUV, Coupe4 (AWD Monaro), W427, SV5000 and SV6000.
      FPV – F6 Typhoon (2004), Super Pursuit, GT Spec R Cobra (sedan and ute), Force 8 and XC Cobra concept (2008)!

    6. sangdude82

      @ ScotteDawg

      What about the winner & runner up cars from 1992 Bathurst 1000?

      Winfield Team Nissan Skyline R32 GT-R & Shell Ultra-High Racing Ford Sierra RS500.
      That win from Mark Skaife & Jim Richards brought the end of the Australian Group A Touring Cars Championship and the Australian V8 Supercars Championship was born. So I reckon that GT-R should be included in GT6 and the Ford Sierra RS500 as a bonus.
      Jim Richards’ response to the booing Aussie crowd was legendary . ‘You guys are pack of a******s’ :D

    7. sangdude82

      @ ScotteDawg

      Oh, sorry about that lol. I didn’t mean that way. I’m well aware of your overwhelming knowledge on Australian Motor Racing.
      I’ve mentioned them wishing those 2 cars will come to GT6 as DLC in the future.
      I’m gonna race against you a lot on Bathurst :D
      It looks like they gonna confirm the inclusion of Bathurst at the Bathurst 1000 next month though.

      p.s. Tokyo Game Show was utterly disappointing.

  13. doodlemonoply

    “Red X2010 and 2011 being updated to 2014 spec for inclusion in GT6”

    Soo, does that mean that there will be an X2014? lol

  14. TokoTurismo

    That photo above, I would love it to look excatly like that in GT6, so beautiful. *.* If not than, no prob, I just want those two tracks. :)

    P.S. I’m surprised those mindless HATERZ aren’t whining to this too…..

    1. Flagmo-T

      You sure often encourages them/usTme TT ..

      There isn’t anything to be sure about just yet, besides mount Panorama – The rest and like this post is suggesting is just guessing, and for me, I have some Favorites, but in the end, anyone would do as the second one to be announced ..

    2. sayba2th

      Waaaaa! “I don’t want stupid Oz in the game its in the wrong hemisphere (sniff sniff) so I don’t wanna drive upside down, it’s the Ass end of the world (sniff sniff), I will get bitten by a spider or snake and a shark will bite my car in half waaaaaaaaaah! Happy now Toko see what you did you made me troll!

    1. ScotteDawg

      Adelaide (for those of you that may not be familiar with the track) had two layouts.
      One, as you all may know, is the Clipsal 500 track, but about 18 years ago we had a Grand Prix circuit, which is basically the Clipsal 500 track with a few “streets” added to it!

      For a street circuit course, Adelaide was held in the highest regard by ALL F1 drivers, who very nearly boycotted the Melbourne GP when they (Melbourne) won the tender to host the Australian GP over Adelaide!

    2. sayba2th

      The Adelaide GP circuit layout made for a fantastic track. Nice knowledge bomb to drop on the Jr’s and uninitiated Scotte!

    1. sayba2th

      Me too, Oran Park was a kick ass little track that even had an overpass crossover point. Sad that it was demolished to make way for a housing estate

    2. TomBrady

      Yea that’s another great one. Australia has awesome tracks. So does America. Both countries have a bunch of hidden gems.

    1. 05XR8

      Phillip Island is a MOTO GP circuit and would fair well in the game. If its two circuits in addition to The Mountain, I say Phillip Island and Adelaide but, we can’t rule out a Sydney course. More likely Homebush as its in the city, rather than Eastern Creek. You know what? Delete my comment. I’ll just wait. All this speculating is doing my head in. I was better off when I just waited for the ads on TV to tell me Gran Turismo is coming.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Actually, Phillip Island was a rectangular road circuit in 1928 until 1935 then triangular until 1940. The track was not used again until 1956 and in 1960 to 1962 it was used for Australia’s first endure races.
      Due to extensive damage to the track surface, the race was then held at Mt Panorama!
      The track was non-operational until 1967 and was not a MOTOGP circuit until 1989! It is used for all types of racing still, though not the V8 Supercars AT THE MOMENT!!

      Yet another knowledge bomb, proudly brought to you by S.E.Dawg Productions…..

    1. ScotteDawg

      The photo above shows Albert Park, but it doesn’t mean the track will be in GT6! More favourable to the market would be the Gold Coast Indy Circuit!

    2. 05XR8

      YEEEAAAHHHH, I didn’t think of the GC. if they can replicate the bumpiness it would be awesome. But, Phillip Island has to be one. 270kmh into turn 1 with the view of the horizon, ships, birds flying by and time change/weather gets my vote.

    3. CarreraGT

      Um, Homebush isn’t in the city…

      If they add another track it would have to be something with International significance i.e. Adelaide, Albert Park or Phillip Island. A Sydney city course would be nice though!

      Besides none of the other Australian tracks are special enough to be included anyway, there’s plenty of great international circuits I would like to see first

    1. KM964

      I know. Hopefully they won’t give them to everyone at some point. That would cut down on the stupid 10 year olds using them in lobbies.

    2. ScotteDawg

      If it is a joke, it’s not very funny!

      Nah, if they want to add the Red Bull, let them, but only as DLC and it should cost $70 so only the true X1 drivers can get them and the little kids can’t!

    3. HuskyGT

      I appreciate the effort put by PD on creating the Red Bull.

      But I’m not amused that the X1 will still be a thorn in GT’s side. Hopefully we can deactivate that stupid fan thing now and lower the HP so it can feel close to a decent race car. I really want to enjoy the car, but honestly, this thing surpasses my abilities to the point were it’s not fun at all. I’m either too fast for other cars (group C’s and LMP’s), even taking the handicap to the maximum, or I get beaten mercilessly by A.I controlled X1’s.

    4. sayba2th

      Sorry guys but I am a great fan of the X1, however I don’t play online nor would that be my weapon of choice. The X1 something that challenges your reflexes and skills. If you are not a fan you don’t have to use but it would be a shame to take that option away

    1. sayba2th

      Great call Stig Farm!!!! What more impressive of a back drop than this for photo mode. Although there could be a fantastic tight street circuit you could carve out of the streets near the Opera house around Circular Quay and the Rocks that would make peoples taste buds flip out.

  15. Flagmo-T

    ~~ Your pick is as good as mine ~~

    Barbagallo Raceway, formerly Wanneroo Raceway, Perth, Western Australia
    Baskerville Raceway, Hobart, Tasmania
    Broadford Track, Victoria
    Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne, Victoria
    Collie Motorplex, Collie, Western Australia
    Eastern Creek Raceway, Sydney, New South Wales
    Full Lock Motorsports Park, Brisbane, Queensland
    Hidden Valley Raceway, Darwin, Northern Territory
    JDM X Park, Mambray Creek, South Australia
    Lakeside Park, Brisbane, Queensland
    Mallala Motor Sport Park, Mallala, South Australia
    McNamara Park, Mount Gambier, South Australia
    Morgan Park Raceway, Warwick, Queensland
    Newcastle Kart Raceway, City of Lake Macquarie, New South Wales
    Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit, Cowes, Victoria
    Queensland Raceway, Ipswich, Queensland
    Sandown Raceway, Melbourne, Victoria
    Symmons Plains Raceway, Launceston, Tasmania
    Wakefield Park, Goulburn, New South Wales
    Winton Motor Raceway, Benalla, Victoria
    The Farm (Private Track), Central Coast, New South Wales
    Marulan (Private Track), Marulan, New South Wales

    1. Flagmo-T

      A little more to choose from .. Mount Panorama is the only one that will be in GT series, the rest is just guessing Again..

      Street circuits

      Adelaide Street Circuit, Adelaide, South Australia
      Albert Park Street Circuit, Melbourne, Victoria
      Homebush Street Circuit, Sydney, New South Wales
      Mount Panorama Circuit, Bathurst, New South Wales
      Surfers Paradise Street Circuit, Surfers Paradise, Queensland
      Townsville Street Circuit, Townsville, Queensland

      Main article: List of dirt track ovals in Australia
      Archerfeild Speedway, Brisbane, Queensland
      Arunga Park Speedway, Alice Springs, Northern Territory
      Avalon Raceway, Avalon, Victoria
      Borderline Speedway, Mount Gambier, South Australia
      Brisbane International Speedway, Brisbane, Queensland
      Bunbury City Speedway, Bunbury, Western Australia
      Charlton Raceway, Toowoomba, Queensland
      Dubbo Speedway, Dubbo, New South Wales
      Gillman Speedway, Adelaide, South Australia
      Gympie Speedway, Gympie, Queensland
      Hobart International Speedway, New Norfolk, Tasmania
      Kalgoorlie International Speedway, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia
      Northline Speedway, Darwin, Northern Territory
      Parramatta City Raceway, Sydney, New South Wales
      Perth Motorplex, Kwinana Beach, Western Australia
      Pioneer Park Speedway, Brandon, Queensland
      Premier Speedway, Warrnambool, Victoria
      Riverview Speedway, Murray Bridge, South Australia
      Rockhampton Speedway, Rockhampton, Queensland
      Speedway City, Adelaide, South Australia
      Townsville Motorcycle Club, Lang Park facility, Woodstock, Queensland
      Western Speedway, Hamilton, Victoria
      Ellenbrook Speedway, Bullsbrook, Western Australia
      Gilgandra Speedway, Gilgandra, New South Wales

      Drag strip
      Adelaide International Raceway, Adelaide, South Australia
      Alice Springs Inland Dragway, Alice Springs, Northern Territory
      Bairnsdale Dragway, Bairnsdale, Victoria
      Benaraby Raceway, Gladstone, Queensland
      Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne, Victoria
      Canberra International Dragway, Fairbairn, Australian Capital Territory
      Corinda Race Track, Charters Towers, Queensland
      Collie Motorplex, Collie, Western Australia
      Coonawarra Dragway, Coonawarra, South Australia
      Heathcote Park Raceway, Heathcote, Victoria
      Hidden Valley Raceway, Darwin, Northern Territory
      Ironbark Raceway, Roma, Queensland
      Mildura Sunset Strip, Mildura, Victoria
      Palmyra Dragway, Mackay, Queensland
      South Coast Raceway, Portland, Victoria
      Steel City Raceway, Whyalla, South Australia
      Perth Motorplex, Kwinana Beach, Western Australia
      Tarmak Dragway, Launceston, Tasmania
      Townsville Dragway, Townsville, Queensland (Closed 25/8/2012)
      Warwick Dragway, Warwick, Queensland
      Western Sydney International Dragway, Sydney, New South Wales
      Wilby Park Raceway, Wilby, Victoria
      Willowbank Raceway, Ipswich, Queensland

      Collingrove Hillclimb, Angaston, South Australia
      Haunted Hills Racetrack, Gippsland, Victoria
      Mount Buller, Victoria
      Mount Cotton Hillclimb, Mount Cotton, Queensland
      Mount Majura Hillclimb, Mount Majura Australian Capital Territory
      Mount Tarrengower, Maldon, Victoria
      Rob Roy, Christmas Hills, Victoria

      Inactive/Closed tracks
      Adelaide International Raceway, Adelaide, South Australia
      Amaroo Park, Sydney, New South Wales
      Aspendale Racecourse, Aspendale, Victoria
      Ballarat Airport, Ballarat, Victoria
      Brenock Park Speedway, Ferntree Gully, Victoria
      Brisbane Exhibition Ground, Brisbane, Queensland
      Calder Park Thunderdome, Melbourne, Victoria
      Canberra International Dragway, Fairburn, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
      Canberra Street Circuit, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
      Castlereagh International Dragway, Sydney, New South Wales
      Catalina Park, Katoomba, New South Wales
      Caversham Airfield, Caversham, Western Australia
      Claremont Speedway, Perth, Western Australia
      Gnoo Blas circuit, Orange, New South Wales
      Hume Weir Motor Racing Circuit, Albury-Wodonga, New South Wales
      Liverpool Speedway, Sydney, New South Wales
      Longford Circuit, Longford, Tasmania
      Lowood circuit, Tarampa, Queensland
      Macarthur Park Street Circuit Australian Capital Territory (Motorcycle/Sidecar racing only)
      Oran Park Raceway, Sydney, New South Wales
      Rowley park speedway, Adelaide, South Australia
      Surfers Paradise International Raceway, Gold Coast, Queensland
      Sydney Showground Speedway, Sydney, New South Wales
      Templestowe hillclimb racetrack, Melbourne, Victoria
      Tralee Speedway, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
      Warwick Farm Raceway, Sydney, New South Wales

  16. Deko Wolf-GTPT

    What if the second one is Adelaide Street Circuit? Like Mount Panorama, it also hosts the V8 series, and in addition, it used to host Australia’s Grand Prix.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Hooray, someone who remembers the Adelaide Gran Prix!

      On new year’s eve, 2000, the old Adelaide GP circuit was re-opened for a LeMans style 24hr race at which I did security for 11 hours!

  17. Terronium-12

    Albert Park is posted merely to get an idea of what’s possible.

    It was my choice, not anything ascertained from the article or elsewhere.

    EDIT: It’s been fixed but the original point still stands.

  18. Zuel

    Yes, that’s the hairpin from Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. I was wondering the same ” Why did he put this up?” What other cars and tracks are they planning to announce?

  19. GilesGuthrie

    It would make sense to announce Mount Panorama some time around Oct-13, which is when the V8 Bathurst 1000K race is.

    Australia has some great tracks. Darwin’s Hidden Valley would be a blast.

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