Bathurst Circuit Scanned for Gran Turismo 6

Following on from the GTPlanet blog post late last week, GTP members have been back to the famous Mount Panorama circuit at Bathurst to catch the Polyphony crews at work.

GTPlanet member Froudeybrand was on the mark to tell us the original news and has gone further to grab these pictures, supplied by a relative, of the track modelling teams on-site. Meanwhile GTPlanet newcomer jjh101 filmed this short video as he drove around the circuit yesterday, spotting crews around the circuit. He’s managed to trump that with a second video, accosting a photographer for a chat!

Although the photographer isn’t seen, we can hear their conversation:

jjh101: G’day. Seen you guys here for a few days, wondering if you guys are here for a game or something?
Photographer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… A [?] game… Err… Gran Turismo?
jjh101: Oh, Gran Turismo?
Photographer: Yeah, yeah.
jjh101: Is it an update or… Do you think they’re making GT6 or…?
Photographer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… Gran Turismo 6 [?] Bathurst
jjh101: Oh really?
Photographer: Yeah, yeah, yeah
jjh101: What sort of camera you guys using?
Photographer: Canon… EOS… 5D

Assuming the photographer is correct, this means GT fans probably won’t get to see Bathurst in DLC for GT5, disappointingly. However it also means that Gran Turismo 6 is at least 2 years away, given earlier remarks from Polyphony regarding the time taken to recreate each real track for GT5, giving us a first glimpse into any kind of timeframe for the next full game in the series.

Many thanks to jjh101 and Froudeybrand for their information and investigation!

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Comments (298)

  1. ScotteDawg

    Oh yeah, why would Bathurst have been mapped for GT6 if GT6 ain’t due out for another 3-4 years? Because, my friends, it will come out as DLC for GT5! Bit of a no-brainer that, huh?

    “Oh, but GT6 is already finished and will come out with the PS4!” I hear you say… We said the same with GT5! Two years AFTER the release of the PS3 and GT5 make its appeaance. It’s all about timing for both Sony and PD, not, I repeat, NOT what we want!

    Something to keep in mind is the fact that, at the end of this year, the Australian Touring Car Championship finishes up and next year is the start of the World Touring Car Chmpionship! This will put every Australian track on the world map and every man and his dog overseas will want to race at Bathurst.

    For some, that dream will come true, for the rest of us, we have GT5!!!

    1. ENFORCER 98

      what do you the australian touring car championship finishes up and the world touring car championship is next year !?
      V8 Supercars is its own thing has NOTHING to do with the WTCC

    2. ENFORCER 98

      what do you mean the australian touring car championship finishes up and the world touring car championship is next year !?
      V8 Supercars is its own thing has NOTHING to do with the WTCC

  2. ScotteDawg

    BRING IT ON!!!

    As an Australian, I want the Mount Panorama circuit as DLC and am willing to pay up to AU$20 for it!

    I also have a lot of American friends who know of and have seen Bathurst who also want it but, alas, would not pay as much for it!

  3. TomBrady

    I really can’t believe you’re going to title the article “Bathurst SCANNED FOR GT6” based on the “evidence” you have. That’s about as inconclusive as the video of bigfoot and UFO’s floating around the internet. Seriously, the guy hardly spoke english, I guarantee you if he had asked if it was being scanned for GT5 he would’ve said “yes GT5”.

    1. Esgaloth

      Might i remind you that the makers for Gran Turismo are japanese, so the fact that they even speak english to some extent is a miricle. Although I don’t rule out your judgement, its just that it seems to make sense if his english isnt the best.

  4. BirelChris

    Judging by the confidence the man was talking with, it could just aswell be for GT5. He didn’t even know what he was talking about, it was just him doing his job.

    1. Flagmo-T

      Ya- It’s like listing to the old Yello Magic Orchestra Joke – Ahhh I only speak English ahhh Little Little Hahahahah Ok Mr.yohida :o)

  5. Thenextbob

    Im not understanding something:
    Why PD dont update an put in this track at GT5?And why have PS4?Is the PS3 updates keep coming i think we wont need PS4 :/

    1. Flagmo-T

      Thenextbob – the only reason why i mentioned a new PS4 is that, they can’t update the Hardware in PS3, and i do think that Nvidia and more stuff in the PS3, is more or less outdated regarding new methods of dealing with the Polycount and shaders and so on.

      It’s true that more updates for the PS3, will still make it better, but the Limit is reached for a lot of things.

      And i would of course rather be with out the need for a new Playstation, Who wouldn’t – because it’s expensive and will only make our GT series being a lot more expensive to buy :o)

      I agree Thenextbob, lets have all the Tracks we thought would be a part of the GT5 release and also forthcoming tracks like Bathurst, Silverstone, Albert Park, Hungary ring, uhhh still to many tracks to mention :o)

  6. Flagmo-T

    Well Lets have a new updated Playstation 4 – before we even considering GT6 – GT5 looks OK, but Not really amazing, the only thing which is looking great and amazing, is the Car models from the top draw, and the PS Rendering and a few tracks ( 80% ok looking ) There is to many lowpoly stuff on Standard Cars and Tracks overall – EX: Spa ( which is the Latest track) Has so lowpoly Trees around, that even Rfactor Mods is looking better DoH!!.. ( I know they bla bla otherwise and so on)

    I like GT5 a lot as a Race Game, but I’m quite disappointed in many ways in the developing of GT5 and has been that for ages – It’s not really Good enough in my Book..

    EX: All standard Cars with stickers and Race stripes and so on, should be updated, or should have been updated before GT5 even was released, same goes for lot of stuff in the Tracks, and The shadows and sprites ( smoke Dust gravel ) it’s looking ridicules when thinking PS3 2012 – It’s not good enough!!

    Happy weekend if you are able to have one after reading my Reply .. ( Sorry!! I don’t wrap things in )

    BtW – Bathurst is very welcomed and that is anytime, But this is PD and Sony we are talking about, so don’t expect to much friends even you FanBoy guys.. which will hate me even more now :P – So be it, * I’m a payer and not a friend of PD/Sony * .. :o)

  7. gt_spec86

    If they are gonna have this track in GT 6, they should at least have all the australian cars as well, including those legendary Walkinshaw HSV’s from the 80’s and Ford Falcon!!!
    Old AND new!
    And I will seriously abandon this game if they don’t have all the cars in premium by then and more options in terms of upgrading.
    In forza, I can swap engines between the same marque, my old Datsun 510 has over 600 bhp!!!
    Tire pressure, camber, height… Gran Turismo has been a big disappointment and i don’t think 6 will be much better.
    GT 4 is actually better, it’s a fact!

    1. Esgaloth

      GT4 was the biggest dissapointment in the series. Although, i can say the updates have broken GT5 beyond repair, i’ll stay on GT5 before I EVER go back to GT4 or Forza. Forza is unrealistic as hell and GT4 fealt like i was playing Mario Kart. Tell me, what do you have your track settings when you race online? Cause you definetly dont play real as can be from the sound of it. I personally run Le Mans Endurances every friday.
      LMP, GT1, GT2
      Grip: Real
      Slipstream: Weak
      Tyre Wear: On
      The only thing we dont use is damage cause that system is broken.
      Also, i can live with a standard version of the car. Its hard enough to get rights to a premium Oreca Viper when sony’s up your butt trying to get your game out. If GT5 had been released in 2011. it would have had at least 500 or more premiums.

  8. Rushton1996

    I’ve been checking GTP for nearly every day in the last week and a half. But no new news about the update and dlc. Please PD, announce something PLEASE!!!

    1. Foxiol

      I think PD being a Sony company had to wait for the release of Journey this week, and maybe is the main reason for not giving us DLC this week. (or maybe has nothing to do with that) Most of people play more games not just GT5 24/7 and if they want to sell some other things like this game which is a downloadable game they have to give it a ‘window’ so people that enter in the PSN see it and maybe buy it. If you have a 20 PSN card for example and you play GT5 all day long but yo also play other games and the DLC is available with this game but the DLC for GT5 is 10$/€ and the other game 12$/€ you need to decide which one to buy and probably get the GT5 (old game) DLC and not the new released game.
      And for Sony that sucks and the people who made the game of course.

      Exclusive games help each other or in that case don´t interfere with other releases.

      Could be that or PD is preparing a little big huge DLC to compete against Forza´s Porsche DLC. PD announced only the new feature for us to share our GT5 photos in a web site…but what about the rest because we know that with the next update comes the DLC content.

      My bet is that next week we´ll see some news or even get the DLC.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Your right Foxiol. You know what. I think some others including me, should wait just a little long. Who knows, the GT4 Track Pack and cars, with the newest update maybe something super. :D I hope the update and the DLC will be bigger then Forza’s own to be honest. Don’t give up Kaz and PD, show em what ya got. No rushing now. ;)

    3. Esgaloth

      I honestly wouldn’t be suprised if GT5s next dlc was Porsche, after all, theyve wanted proper Porsches in GT for a long time, no thanks to EA. Honestly, i’ll jump in a 911 RSR as soon as it hits Gran Turismo

  9. Teej123

    Well hopefully gt6 has a better gearbox ranger like the use ofa clutch and hopefully a lot more cars that us younger people would have.

  10. Amac500

    GT6 they better just take the time to get it right. Better damage, tire punctures, tire barrier impact, mechanical failures like suspension or gearbox, etc. Then release GT6 and just stay on that and sell us DLC stuff. And if we are working on GT6 I want a track maker, not generator, and some kind of livery maker or editor. We can’t complain about tracks if we can just make what we want ourselves! And Forza has had a livery maker since Forza 3, that’s the area Forza beats GT5 in!

    1. BkS

      Forza has had a livery maker since the very first instalment. But to carry on what you said, I’d like to see tire pressure tuning available as well as upgradeable brakes and a BMW E30. I honest wouldn’t care for engine swaps but if they put them in, that would be rad. I’d love to see better cinematic replay cameras too. The ones on GT5 suck ass.

    2. jensen198

      “they better take the time to get it right”. With gt5 we had to wait ages and ages, and when they gave us a game that wasn’t close to perfect it was so annoying. I reckon they had better get it right, and not take 5 or so years to do it!

    3. slick1ru2

      Don’t forget multi class racing. That is the heart of many series and GT not having it is a glaring omission.

    4. Amac500

      Yes yes yes slick1ru2, class racing is a simple thing I’ve wanted forever! I mean, if the ultimate point in the game is Le Mans racing we need class racing, and 16 cars like in arcade, not 12, a prototype and GT class, so simple! They should add WEC, that’s what they should do, because it still feels a bit in complete if I can’t race against other cars of the era. Then like how we have endurance races, we should have a class race folder and move Le Mans into it, etc.

    5. Esgaloth

      I dont mind the livery crap. but give us diferent skins to use on our RMs and TCs, same boring ZR1 skin, UAGH

  11. Amac500

    So what’s the plan then, we are getting one new track added and that’s it? What happened to 2 years of GT5 before working on GT6? Disappointing, but that’s just me.

    1. TomBrady

      Stevo, if GT6 is on ps3, you’d have to be insane to think it will take 5 years, even by PD’s time it won’t be even close to that long. Some people just have no clue, gt5 didn’t take 5 years but even if it did, it was the first game on this new platform, GT3 took a while to make and was low on content for the same reason, gt4 came out quickly with much more content because the ground work was already done. Not to mention in this “5 years” that everybody claims gt5 took, they produced 4 games, where have you been seriously? I shouldn’t have to explain this, it’s day 1 stuff bro

  12. kultclassic

    gt6? when? in 5 years? what a joke.. so were now back in the gran turismo loop of waiting for a new game to bring us all the things we wanted from the last game…

    1. Esgaloth

      Maybe it wont take forever if people wouldnt ush PD. Quit whining and be patient, otherwise you wont get crap out of it like the last 3 GT games.

  13. Froudeybrand

    If you jump in the forum and read jjh101 does Motorsport tafe class or some such and his teacher was informed about it getting scanned for a possible game the whole gt6 is indeed a speculation but whos to say that these guys didn’t get a briefing prior to the project. I would assume they aren’t taking random photos that at the start of the week or hell (if it is a PD crew from Japan.) prior to flying out to Oz that what game it will be for how they are going to attack the mountain as it were.

    Maybe someone should jump in the forums start a thread about speculation and alike in there.

  14. raceur

    This report does not follow GT Planet’s usual high standard of reportage.

    Firstly, the title claims without qualification that the circuit is for GT6. The basis of this is a hasty conversation from one source. While the source said GT6, that doesn’t preclude a DLC option in GT5, and PD may also change their mind.


    “However it also means that Gran Turismo 6 is at least 2 years away, given earlier remarks from Polyphony regarding the time taken to recreate each real track for GT5, giving us a first glimpse into any kind of timeframe for the next full game in the series.”

    again leaping to a conclusion. PD may have improved their track creation techniques. Maybe Bathurst is DLC for GT6? Who knows.

    Previous posts have done a very good job of reporting rumour. This isn’t one of them.

    All that is known for sure is the track is being scanned for GT.

    1. GRAFX21

      “All that is known for sure is the track is being scanned for GT.”

      Could of ended it short right there. lol.

  15. Sh0cKwAvE

    emm i think i must go to be a game creator so ill bring u the best racing game as u like it …heh if anyone read a forum with all the things that we want to be in the game they will make the best racing game ever!i wish GT get more better with the upcoming updates

  16. SaintSaiya

    I just hope for gt6 sony take advice from PD in regards of ps4 hardware, if ps4 could handle a ultrarealistic gt game, it could handle anything

  17. Lambob

    MY wishlist in order:

    Appreciate PD > Get Sony PS4 > Get GT5 A-Spec Expansion > Get GT6 for PS4 at hardware launch as premiere title > New steering wheel to compete with Thrustmasters’ T500 or a rev2 with rotating shifters.

    1. Youngun

      New Steering wheel that wont brake the bank is a good idea, would love a 458 replica wheel with all the buttons on the wheel for everything or even just using the idea instead of just randon bottons, its a wheel used to drive a car so dedicate a lights button, dedicate a horn button Dedicate a TC…ABS…etc etc, rotating paddle shift is necessary, and a bigger diameter wheel.

  18. aronh17

    People need to set their sights on a Pirache DLC because the license has been released by EA and Forza 4 is getting a Porsche pack. Unless Microsoft’s deep pockets bought the license, I remember Kazunori saying Porsche is top priority. Watch!

    1. Youngun

      they only bought a sub licence, at great cost… again lol. we need them… cant be best racing game without the best drivers cars or fastest cars meaning Huayra and Agera R

    2. Quakebass

      There was a claim from Turn 10’s head developer:

      “While we respect EA’s need to run their business as they see fit, we’ve regularly collaborated in the past and hope we can find our way back to that approach. Forza had the exclusive license for all Ferrari cars, for example, on the Xbox and PC platforms. But at the end of the day, we’ve always found that we just weren’t willing to block other racing games from having Ferraris outright, as we believed that this would do nothing but hurt the racing ecosystem.”

      – I trust Turn 10 with that statement; they used to have more than 35 different Porsches in the older games through a sub-license deal, but now EA cut that off as well. They allowed Ferrari in GT5, too.

    3. ithis

      From your quote: “Forza had the exclusive license for all Ferrari cars, for example, on the Xbox and PC platforms. ”
      So they do not hols rights on other platforms. I wander who does on PS3.


    I wated for Gran Turismo 5 for 6 years, so I think GT6 will be out in the next 8 years or so =(

    I hope it doesnt get delays every year again.

    1. Quakebass

      PD started from scratch with GT5 – new game engine, new servers, the works. Thats part of the reason it took so long to develop. If the game had two more years to develop, it would’ve been a complete game, I believe. I don’t think GT6 will take as long. GT5 was released late November 2010, and took 5 years to develop. PD started GT6 a little bit before GT5 was released, and it will PROBABLY use the same engine, and to add to that, they’ve got something to build off of. This could GREATLY reduce the the development time; possibly by up to two years. But remember, PD’s workforce is split between the two games, and that will add to the development time; I don’t know the workforce percentage, but I’m pretty sure that less than 50% is working on GT5. Not to mention some new content could be being developed for GT6. I’m thinking GT6 will take somewhere between 4-6 years to fully develop, and thats shorter than GT5’s PREFERRED development time of 7 years; 5 actual years of development, 2 more extra years were preferred. The 4-6 year development time is PURELY MY SPECULATION, but if I’m right, GT6 should be being released between November 2014 and November 2016. I don’t think GT6 should get delayed NEARLY as much as GT5 did, so you can cheer up a LITTLE bit…

  20. versous


    You got some good points and I hope the damage/Physic system will be a lot better next time if they want to add so much more realism.

    I found GT5 very disappointing in some aspects(Invisible walls, shadows, damage ect) If this wont get fixed/Improved, I’m not sure if I will ever buy a GT again.

    1. Youngun

      Invisible Walls was a big annoyance especially on Top Gear Test Track wen you slide off and….. bang…. ghost wall….. no fun…… but not just invisible ones, little wooden fences and invincible too, wen rallying you dont bounce off wood, you go through which is where skill comes in, especailly wen one bump and thats the lap gone…. not true to life… they carry on to get back on track and still get best time. BTW hope they keep TGTT now Top gears gone to the enemy of Forza and remove the cones

  21. Blood*Specter

    No matter what, I want them to do it right. A rush job will not be well received by anyone.

    I feel you Nuuj; However, you have to think if PD does any track properly, they need close to six months.
    R&D; Scan; Test & Evaluation. Some say we (players) do the Test & Evaluation. I’ll leave that one alone. (LOL)

    I think PD should keep their schedule tight. Hopefully that involves making premiums out of most of the standard cars and making some brand new models that some of us have been requesting. That way they can hopefully get it right the first time.

    Yes, you can see the PS3 is getting long in the tooth. And the PS4 will have to be a monster machine, with a butt load of disk, physical memory and video processing power. It’s the only way to push the realistic appearance that Kaz has said he wants. It’s also the only way to push the physics envelope and inject more realism into the driving model.
    Because GT is a franchise label, you know PD has a PS4 “Beta Mule” right this minute.

    And you have to figure PD is dictating to Sony the machine requirements they need to make GT6 work. One would have to suspect that if the PS4 can handle full blown driving physics, track and car graphics as well as weather/time changes it will be able to handle anything a RPG can throw at it. So PS4 will not be cheap…..This just in.

    I just hope he wants to expand the car base (add Porsche) and create more real world tracks, as well as pull some of the older favorites. Wonder if it’s crossed his mind to remove all the fictional tracks and replace them with real tracks only?
    That would be strange, but awesome.

    Whatever is gong down it’s going to take time. I hope we get one more track for GT5, along with steady diet of new cars and race mod upgrades to premium cars. And I hope they allow you to choose either street or track tuned type race modifications for each car.

    1. Nuuj

      +1 totally agreeable, I think “Standards” will hopefully be a thing of the past–and so long as we see this attitude of buying licenses/contracts from other companies sadly there will always be that one car/manufacturer that PD can’t include in their game..

    2. Quakebass

      I don’t think standard or premium class will ever exist again; all of the cars will be high resolution, and there wouldn’t be a barrier, so no actual resolution “classes”. They shouldn’t have even existed in GT5, but they did due to the early release. I think GT5 will just be a bad memory in PD’s eyes when GT6 comes out. I don’t really care how long it takes to make the game, as long as PD keeps supporting GT5 with strong DLC and Updates, and as long as GT6 is on PS4 AND a release title. Hopefully I can afford a PS4 whenever it comes out…

    3. Doober

      removing the tracks original to the series is bad idea. This is what sets this game apart from forza in my opinion. not the idea of original tracks but the actual tracks themselves like Special stage route 5. That has been in the series since it first began.

    4. Quakebass


      I agree; removing tracks seems counter-productive; even if PD needs to redraw the track from scratch, they would already know the track design, and would only be changing a few details in the background scenery. The development of the tracks would be quicker in this regard as well. I think tracks that are based on real roads (like Seattle) have some of the most relevance; the tracks COULD exist in real life, and people would recognize the areas in the track. I am from Seattle, and all of the roads (the scenery is a bit out dated now) are true to life. It would be great to see that track come back with the old original scenery variant, and a current or future scenery variant now that the Alaskan Way Viaduct is being torn down, and there’s all of these new stadiums and such. Keeping old tracks from the old games make the new games feel like they’re still attached to their roots, even for how far they’ve come since the franchise starters. Also, because the older tracks don’t really exist on the real-world, it gives GT a uniqueness.

  22. ktm300exc

    I don’t post much here, just lurk a lot getting help with car tunes, seeing seasonal updates along with other news, things like that and 1 thing I just cannot understand is why people complain so much? For me IMHO GT5 wasn’t to expensive, is the best racing sim that I personally have played and though I am not a hardcore everyday type player, the game has served me very well as I find new ways to play and enjoy it.

    I don’t get mad at the Glitches figuring/hoping that if a glitch affects me it will eventually get fixed, I don’t mind the varying interior detail levels as there is more than enough eye candy to keep me happy, and as for tracks and cars in future DLC I’m just glad that they offer DLC, to me DLC is very cool and a great way to extend a great game, I look at it as a Bonus thinking that they (PD) don’t really “Have To” offer any DLC or Updates, guess I come from a limited gaming background and or remember the old days when a game was released, and that was it nothing more added, once beaten you moved on. With GT5 I know that at least for the time being I will occasionally get new content.

    As for Bathhurst I don’t care when it comes to the franchise or on what system, as long as it’s coming.


    1. Foxiol

      I charged a 50€ PSN card yesterday for Journey (12,99€) and the rest for the upcoming GT5 DLC´s. (and i have all previous + bought Signature Edition)

      Agreed. This people just forgot about that. Old games and not so old used to be just like that…the full game as it is and without updates and more content. You just played it, finished it and done.
      Games last more now than before.

      I´m 27 and i saw how the game industry evolved. Imagine those little kids now playing with an Atari or the Spectrum. They´ll commit suicide, lol

      Let the hater´s hate and people just you and me enjoy the game. We all know what this game needs and bitching like a sissy little girl is not going to change anything.

    2. SZRT Ice

      In the old days, games weren’t released until they were finished. Under the new DLC/Update model, games get rushed out the door and we begin paying extra for what should have been included initially. GT4 from the NON-DLC/Update era was a complete PlayStation 2 game. Had many tracks and cars to please and was great for it’s time. Removing the refurbished GT4 content in GT5, GT5 is lacking in both the tracks and vehicles department. Kits and vinyls a/race mods & liveries are last Gen and GT still hasn’t made the grade gppp

    3. Quakebass


      Yeah, I was lucky enough to start in that era of gaming, having complete games that are great fun to complete. I wish that games nowadays would be like that, and then still get DLC and Updates; if games come out complete, all that is need is new tracks, cars, and events. For an extra treat the developers could add in a revolutionary new feature. Many games right now are completed, and sold 90 – 95% complete, and you have to purchase this 5 – 10% of content that should’ve been in the game in the first place. A major example is the Dirt franchise.

  23. marky5244

    The only thing that can be taken from this “conversation” is that Bathurst is being scanned for Gran Turismo. The idea that the track was for GT6 was suggested by jjh101 and the photographer agreed unconvincingly – I bet if GT5 has been suggested by jjh101 then the photographer would have agreed with that as well.


      if they’re only scanning the track’s geometry now, think of how long it takes to do that, then model the entire thing + surrounding area, i HIGHLY doubt you’ll see it in GT5 when GT6 is in development.

  24. versous

    WHOA, I haven’t been here since GT5 launch. Anyway, The only thing that can get me excited is GT6 on Playstation 4 because the PS3 reached it’s limit. Ask Naughty Dog.
    I can understand it if some of you would like bathurst as DLC for GT5, But GT6 for Ps3.

    HA, you gotta be kidding me!

  25. Nuuj

    Reiterating what I said earlier, if we could get any info on when they were gathering data on Spa we could come up with a time frame of how fast we would be able to see this track, Kaz never meant to have the “2 years for each track” statement to be taken so literally–it could very well take only a few months depending on the manpower devoted to it, the question to that is whether it is being developed for GT5 or GT6 exclusively or for both, Polyphony unlike many other companies love to please the fans and devotees with whatever they can muster; which would make it no surprise if they tried their best to bring it along as dlc, but being realistic they have to move along sooner or later to GT6 so they could either have two teams creating a track rendering for each project, one full team creating it just for GT5 and upgrading it later, or skipping GT5 development altogether and putting full effort toward GT6.. Disregarding the awkward questioning we saw above that may not have lead to any real answer, I believe they would lean more toward full on GT6 development for Bathurst but keeping in mind their affinity for giving gifts and appreciation to the masses is the only thing keeping that belief from being 100%.. Back to the console war being debated, when our current systems were released they were on par with the PC’s of the time, but now as any of us can see–PC’s have blown the PS3 and 360 out of the water, and our current systems are reaching their peaks with these beautiful and amazing games tapping into all of the power and ram they can comfortably muster; which is why I see console concepts coming along in a couple years, yes the PS3 is amazing (so amazing that I’ve purchased 3 without regret–One YLOD’d and needed replacing, the other I got for my sister) but through playing a lot of the highend games on it I can see the shortcomings and glitches not coming from the game(s) but the system’s failure to handle certain aspects, Sony and Microsoft are no doubt seeing the glaring difference between the games that share console and PC versions (Battlefield, Skyrim, multiple sports titles, etc) and are no doubt at the very least developing something to answer..

    1. Nuuj

      Funny thing is: It was in paragraphs when I typed (texted) it, but it posted in one big blob.. But seeing as I don’t work for Polyphony there will be no patching.. Guess there will be trolling though..

  26. kalakanto

    Bradenhursten on GT6 or GT5 as dlc i don’t care. Just pleased to see PD working with new tracks and everything. As for the rumor of PS4 i can confirm that my cousin was… loool but anyway, i’m already ready for PS4 !

  27. TokoTurismo

    Man I knew negative comments would come. jjh101 did his very best and so far I see there are some jerks just posting so much negatives. Shees…. :rolleyes:

    1. SZRT Ice

      Not negative, just stating facts. It may actually be positive and be slated for a GT5 DLC instead! You just can’t believe everything you hear… Especially from a track scanner that says “yeah yeah yeah” as a definitive statement.

  28. bigburt82

    This is a silly post. There is no concerete eveidence that this is for GT6; the photographers didn’t even appear to speak English properly. This story is rumour and fabrication and belongs in the forums until we have some real news. When this is can be officially confirmed it scan then be posted as front page news.

  29. SZRT Ice

    Was that Kazunori he was talking to? An in game developer? Was this a detailed interview with follow up questions, cross-analyzing, and reference checking? No?

    Rumor: “Bathurst Circuit Scanned for Gran Turismo 6”

  30. Toyota2jz

    I hope the person who posted this, is wrong. The guy was probably mistaken. It may come out as part of GT5 DLC. This scanning process may be the last of its ‘finishing touches’ who knows PD has probably been working on this track for months, maybe since last year.

    Anyways, other than that, I can’t wait for the march update.
    Keep up the good work, & keep it coming. Thanks.

    1. Rushton1996

      If they are only just taking the pics of the track and scanning it now, it’s probably too late tol make it into GT5. However, I still hope they keep at it with GT5 and I’m also looking foward to the March update, which hope will be announced by the end of this week :)

  31. NoworytaPolska

    I honestly think, that Polyphony digital should focus more on car detail, in turn getting rid of the premium and standard labels. Don’t get me wong GT5 is by far the best racing simulation video game ever, however I still think they need to work on previous issues that need to be fixed. This addition of the Barthaurst

    1. Quakebass

      There wouldn’t have been a premium or standard class if PD had had more time to finish the game; every car would be “Premium”, but they wouldn’t be called “Premium”, they’d just be cars. I agree; slowly, PD should upgrade some standard cars to premium. The main ones on my list are the Bugatti Veyron, FGT, most of the LMP, Touring, and race cars (specifically the Audi R8 LMS and Lamborghini Diablo), Spyker Laviolette, Lamborghini Countach’s, and all of the RUF’s.

    2. AcenSpades

      and the many copies of rx7s, skylines, and everything else…….. If theres a premium version of that car, then the standard versions should have been copied… then pasted. done.

    3. Nuuj

      @ AcenSpades I always wondered why they didn’t do that? There seems to be at least one premium version of the Skyline, RX-7, Miata, etc but they opted for so many standard copies..

    1. Foxiol

      Sony is waiting for Nintendo Wii U and xBox 720 announces in the upcoming E3. They need to know how it is going to be the new one to compete or at least be on par with it. One rumour says that the xBox is not going to use optical drives anymore.

      “Microsoft is preparing new surprises for those eager to see the next-gen Xbox console in flash.

      After the Redmond-based giant annoyed all the Xbox fans by announcing they will block the second-hand games, usually sold for a mere few bucks in specialized stores, Microsoft’s new announcement will get all the bargain hunters another reason to get mad, as the next generation of Xbox, alleged Xbox 720, will not include an optical drive.

      Apparently, an interchangeable solid-state card storage system will be implemented in the new Xbox, replacing the classic optical drives. The new cards, based on a proprietary design and protected against copying or unauthorized usage by a hardware mechanism, will be the only offline distribution method for the console games.

      Microsoft’s decision to ditch the optical unit is a massive blow for those who hoped they will be able to play the games the bought for the Xbox 360 console on the next version.

      An alternative solution for acquiring Xbox games is to download them from the online environment, a process which sometimes can take very long if your internet connection speed is not fast enough.

      Most of the technical specifications of the new Xbox 720 are still a mystery, but rumor has it that the Redmond-based company will offer it in variations. The high-end model is designed for the game enthusiasts who would want to enjoy high quality graphics. AMD teased the graphic processing capabilities of the next-gen Xbox, making a comparison between the PC and console version of Avatar video game.

      The second Xbox version has a Set-Top-Box design, suited for modest living-rooms and it comes with SmartTV and gaming options.

      Is likely that only one of the above mentioned Xbox 720 models to come without an optical drive, probably to make the casing slimmer, but this is just a supposition.

      The new generation of Xbox consoles could be unveiled at E3 2012 event, and then be made available for buy sometime in 2013.”

      Still a rumour but if this is true is going to be a nice feature. BUT i am a Sony fan and i´m not going to buy an xBox never.
      Competition is good for us. So let´s wait for Micro$oft and see what happens next.

    2. Quakebass

      Xbox isn’t that bad. The only problem I have is the “fanboys” who know nothing about system hardware and software – They’re always like “OHH! XBOX HAS BETTER GAMES! WE HAVE BETTER INTERNET SERVICE! PS3 DOESN’T HAVE ANY GAMES! PS3 SUCKS!”. Unfortunately, I see the same on all sides of the argument, but I’d have to say the ones from Xbox and Microsoft are the worst. Its true, Xbox, to some gamers, has better games and internet service; these are usually shooter fans playing Halo, Gears of war, Call Of Duty, etc. (I know CoD is cross-platform, but people will say its better on Xbox because of Xbox Live. I’m a fan of Halo, and a few other games on Xbox, and nearly EVERY ONE of my friends have one; thats my reason to get one. I don’y think the Xbox is terrible, I just think the PS3 is better in many ways; more RACING games that I’ll enjoy, plus others, MUCH more reliable than Xbox, (it’s failure rate was between 50 – 67% before the Xbox “slim” model came out) The PS3 came with an internal bluetooth “modem”, (the Xbox used to need a $100 (USD) USB modem to connect to the internet) PS3’s internet service (PSN) is free, The PS3 (at first) was the only system to have Blue-Ray, the PS3 has a Web Browser application (among may others, like a video editor, a photo album application similar to iPhoto, a weather channel, etc.) which the Xbox only JUST got a few months ago, and the list goes on. it was late summer of 2009 when I got my PS3, so the major issues with Xbox were still prevalent. Plus, I started with a PS2, (and also a GameCube, but the Wii didn’t really have any good racing games you could play WITHOUT a motion controller) so I had obviously wanted to get a system that could play my 20+ PS2 games, and bought a Backwards-compatible version, which, even then, weren’t being made any more, and were becoming rare. Xbox is good, but like most people here, (for many different reasons, obviously) I’m sticking with PlayStation.

  32. Gtracingboi1

    See I play video games for fun I dont care if there something wrong with it if I cant see it I don’t care if there are standards or not that much high res tracks but I just hope gt6 won’t take up 8 Fu**ing gigs

  33. lancashire lad

    I would bet this is for the first game on PS4(GT6) and don’t care what tracks on on it as long as the cars don’t sound like hoovers and they have a damage model(of which every other racing game has). Not a moan more a hope.I do think they work hard on the updates /DLC but most of it is lost on me with electric cars and cars i would’nt drive if someone gave them to me let alone race on a game.The GT series is called a simulator but it does not simulate driving in simulates RACING so why would i want to drive an electric silent car round a track at 60 mph or an old jap car or bog standard euro car?Seems they try to please everyone and spread themselves to thin and end up with a miss match of nothing outstanding.I also think the insistence on having the game in 1080p was a big mistake on the PS3 and added to the very long release of GT5.The PS4 will probably be able to handle the graphics better and we won’t get lego shadows and hopefully some damage models and sound to put shift 2 to shame.Fingers crossed.

    1. Mercedes-BenzCL

      I don’t mean to cause a problem but GT is “the real DRIVING simulator” so in other words, the stupid electric vehicle are expected. However I do agree with you, the standard cars all sounds similar and with the Titanium Racing Exhaust on any car, it sounds the same. The PS4 is not coming out anytime soon I can guarantee it. Why do we need to update our consoles anymore? We don’t, PS3 is still the top of the line console and is still capable of at least 5 more years. GT6 was started in 2010 and judging by the somewhat disappointing result, GT6 should come soon and GT5 was just to tide us over.

    2. Youngun

      i agree with the real DRIVING simulator tag line trickery, yes i love the racing (how short it may be) and variety (to a point) i think there missing something where not many games fulfil, gta iv to a point but real driving, around cities real or fiction. and the ability to just drive around, street race, drift round roundabouts, drag at the lights or have a car meet to create a race (pretty much a driving lobby)…. umm like Midnight club la infact but better.

    3. Quakebass

      @lancashire lad:

      Why are saying the game shouldn’t have been in 1080p? GT4 had 1080i graphics, so I don’t understand why GT5 shouldn’t be 1080p, especially since all of its competitors (in fact, most games right now) were and are using that resolution. And yes, it is the “Real Driving Simulator”, so you should expect regular street cars, muscle cars, sports cars, super cars, classic cars, and the likes. It can give you ideas of how a car that most people could buy (like the Nissan Leaf) could drive and feel. It is a racing game, but it must incorporate regular driving if it’s called a “driving simulator”. Don’t forget, PD wanted at least two more years to work on GT5, but Sony forced the release because of all the delays. I think if PD hadn’t announced the release date so early, they could have gotten more time to work on GT5 and give it everything it deserved; no standard cars, a broader range of cars, all tracks in high resolution and with day/night and weather cycles (plus all of the old tracks), all features complete and fully fledged, (rally, drift, time trial, endurance, leaderboards, etc.) and maybe more. GT5 had (and still has) many things wrong with it, but I believe PD is one of the best and most supportive developers of all time, and in my opinion, will DESTROY the competition with GT6, and leave GT5 as a bad memory, but one that was still enjoyed and loved by their fans.

    4. ch3ng

      @ Lancashire

      I hope they work on the Sound, but the Sound is as Bad as GT1 Sound. Including some Premium Engine Sound.


      The current console can’t handle nativ 1080p in current AAA Games.

      They will Not destroy the competition with GT6. Other Developer Teams are Great too. And at the Moment i can’t See PD “destroy” Forza or other Games. This will be a Hard Fight, but its Great for the Customer :)

    5. ch3ng

      @ Mercedes-BenzCL

      The PS3 is finished. The PS3 will Never Never be Capable of 5 New years.

      ND said that U3 uses 99% of the PS3 Hardware. Did you See the UE3.9 Tech Demo? Did you hear about the UE4.0 Tech Demo which was shown to a few People? Did you See Games like BF3 on Computer?

      PS3 and 360 are finished.

    6. Quakebass


      I didn’t mean actually put the other companies and developers out of business, I meant that it would show the other developers what GT was supposed to be, and could stand as “role model” game… or something along that line. It probably won’t blow away the competition it has at it’s time, but I’m pretty sure it will blow away Forza 4 and Shift 2. It’l be competing against Forza 5 or 6, maybe Shift 3 or 4, which will probably blow away their predecessors. Much like how GT6 will blow GT5 away. I used the term “blow away” a bit too much, didn’t I? Sorry to be so unclear. No matter what, I can’t wait to see what the future holds.

  34. FLX1981

    My oh my, what a story. Now excuse me as I go thrashing around Bathurst in Project CARS right freaking now. :)

  35. diabolicwyvern

    is it possible too design a game for a system not currently in production? wouldn’t you be hedging against current system vs the new one without evidence?

    1. Youngun

      Developers get the system coding year.. 2 years in advance so they can develop for next gen, how else they gonna make console release games…. just like motorstorm and resistance were developed before hand to show the ps3s future potential

    1. MrDinosaw94

      @ Youngun. There is soooo much more to Australian car history then what TopGear UK puts on television. At the risk of this becoming a rant, i’ll just say highlight this website:

      Put it in your browser and learn a thing or two. Or feel free to google image search…
      FPV F6 Typhoon
      FPV GT
      Holden Monaro GTS
      Holden Torana SLR
      Ford Falcon XY GTHO
      Valiant Charger E49

      Not to mention the V8 supercars, the classic Group A racers, the cars produced by other International companies exclusively for Australia and the countless other classics produced by Ford & Holden

  36. Praggia

    its hilarious how everyone on here drives themselves nuts with speculation

    It’s not PD’s fault if you lose your minds remember that

    1. Quakebass

      Waiting is a virtue that some people don’t have, but it can get nerve racking when news doesn’t show for a long period of time.

  37. Master_gamer438

    I think GT6 will be for PS3, if you think about it. PS1 had GT1 and GT2, PS2 had GT3 and GT4, PS3 has GT5 and most likely will have GT6 if they keep averaging 2 games per system.

    1. ch3ng

      Maybe. But things can change.
      Look at the New Situation.

      – GT5 can get Patches and DLC
      – GT has a big competitor
      – GT has more competitor

      And some other Things

    2. Youngun

      no chance, to soon A. after the games release B. GT5 took years so adding an developing new stuff and new ways for that stuff will take time C. With Next Gen consoles on the brink, why release to a dieing console. Same will be said for Forza 5 which like us, forza fanboys will be talking about cuz noones ever happy

    3. Quakebass

      GT5 is a bit different; now that it has online support, it can get DLC and updates, extending the run time of a game… but even so, GT5 was a very awkward release what with Sony forcing it’s release… and many MANY issues and unfinished parts in the game… Its really hard to tell. It could be PS4 due to online extended life span, but then again it was un finished, so they may want it on PS3 to get a COMPLETE and BRILLIANT game out there quickly. All I know, is that I’d rather see GT6 on PS4, so that PD gets more time to work on the game, and make it a perfect release with new and exciting features with no missing or bland parts.

  38. Stormtrooper217

    One thing that makes me suspicious is how the photographer kept saying, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

    1. sangdude82

      As if they were instructed by PD to talk like they know nothing about whether Bathurst will be on GT5 or GT6.

  39. Jarnac

    Bullocks to GT6 – GT5 still plays in many ways like a pre-release version.
    “Is it an update or… Do you think they’re making GT6 or…?” is a very leading question.

  40. HKSBro92

    Why is everyone talking about the PS4? I highly doubt we’ll see it until maybe late 2014. The PS3 still has a lot of life left.

    1. foefke

      yes for the current technology it haz , but not for improvement or innovation , look at the probs. of BF ,skyrim, Uncharted and GT5 even Xbox performs better . i stick with Sony but they have der problems

    2. ch3ng


      Wii U – 2012 (confirmed)
      Xbox “Next” – 2013 (50:50)

      Naugty Dog Said they use 99% of the PS3 with Uncharted.

      The future in Racing Game is better graphics, more Details, better AI, up to 64 Cars on Track etc.

      Or Short pCARS.

    3. ch3ng

      I think PS4 will be out in 2013-2014.

      GT6 on PS3/PS4? I dont know, but Yamauchi complained about the PS3 and GT6 on PS3 can’t compete with pCARS or Forza 5 on Next Gen Hardware.

      I think its more realistic to say that GT6 will be on PS4.

    4. HKSBro92

      @ch3ng yeah I see. I never hear any news about the PS4 so I assumed it won’t come out for a while. But I agree, I think GT6 should be on the PS4. But part of me wishes it will come out on the PS3.

    5. Youngun

      There is some News, Sony have hired in the console Division, There testing new CPUs from IBM with Improve GPU, and Talk of SSD instead of HDD (most have evidence to back it up, but weather its fake evidence beats me) cuz i cant see sony dropping the Cell Processor that is also developed with IBM, cuz its still ahead of its time now, just needs work

    6. aronh17

      @foefke Most games run better on Xbox because the companies port over to PS3 and don’t pay full attention to it. My PS3 runs games fine. We need new systems and games will get better. Not major graphic jumps but higher polys on the screen at once, farther rendering, smoother shadows. We are maxed as it is for both consoles. To the ones saying we haven’t, BF3 has to run at 30 frames for those graphics and performance.

  41. Izain

    That’s a big leap of logic. Assume the photographer isn’t covering, and that he’s even a PD employee at all to begin with, he sounds like he could be a contractor who could do this sort of photographic work for anyone. He’s been sent out by his boss to do this and is not even really sure what game it’s for. He knows photography, and possibly even something more specific as well like 3d modelling or motorsport, but he’s not a gamer and doesn’t know what version of GT is even on the market (6 could be the current release for as confident as he sounds). The guy shooting the vid leads him and and basically feeds him the answers he wants to hear.

    Huge thanks and props for for doing this, and A for effort, but a D for investigative skills ;-)

    1. Moglet

      What he said. For all we know the guy just repeated what was asked. Saying “Is it an update or… Do you think they’re making GT6 or…” was quite misleading and the poor guy might have thought he was being asked if it was for an update to GT6, thinking that was the latest game!

      This is interesting but nothing is confirmed IMO.

  42. Radit

    GT6 should be released only on PS4. PS3 is definitely wont enough, GT5 on PS3 is kinda not solid so and so. Its because the PS3 cannot handle the awesomeness of the PD’s so many heavy ideas and inovations. if sony can provide the ultimate gaming machine in PS4, GT6 definitely will be freakin awesome. Even forza 7 will nowhere near that

  43. NBH

    GT6 will be pretty much more of the same like GT1 & 2 on the PS1 and GT3 & 4 on the PS2, they historically have released 2 main games per console. The difference now is that we have DLC so apart from a financial point of view I see no point in making a GT6, everything can in theory be added to GT5. In fact we have hardly had any DLC and they are talking about GT6 already?

    It does worry me a bit that PD say they modelled cars etc in greater detail then the PS3 needs. That leads towards they are preparing the game for better hardware in the future but what level have they gone to? If you asked someone to produce car models for the PS2 but make them a bit more detailed, would they have been good enough for the PS3? That is basically what happened with the standard cars in GT5 and we all know the disappointment that created, only the premiums were up to PS3 standard.

    I think PD are thinking to the future and collecting info ready to model for new hardware and then will just knock out a quick GT6 to GT5 standard at the end of the PS3 life cycle.

  44. Neilson248

    @ thehemulin you need to stop moaning and just appreciate the beauty of gt5… We know it’s not perfect but it’s still awesome

  45. Buzz17091991

    The PS3 is in the end of 2012 6 years old.
    Sony released every 6 years a new PlayStation.
    It would make sense if a PS4 comes in Stores in 2013 or 2014.


    The PS3 is on the limit because it cannot display every game in 1080p and 60 FPS.
    The SPU is 6 years old, RAM only 2×256 MB.

  46. foefke

    Next Year wil be for next gen gaming , don’t forget the lack of RAM that the PS3 has now , i dont give it 3more Years + PD is not gone suport 3 more Years af DLC , it wil be Cool , but I have one doubts , i think . sorry for posting the rong line above

  47. jacoja06

    Did I mention how much I love you, Polyphony Digital? =D

    I know they won’t release it until GT6, and I’m glad about that. If they too much content to GT5, there will be nothing to look forward to on the new game. Plus, they will incorporate it into the game much better, rather than adding another unused track in career mode… like Spa.

    Anyway… This is happy, happy news!

    1. polizei

      i’m looking forward to tracks that are updated beyond their PS2 counterparts, and 100% new/improved car models that look better than their PS2 counterparts. Should i continue? hahaha

  48. raybould1345

    I’m really looking forward to driving this track! Hope they get a few more new tracks in there too. I really wish they get Silverstone in there. My most favourite and wanted track to be in the game!

    1. Quakebass

      I don’t know many tracks, but because I played Shift 2 a while back, (which I hated, by the way) I learned about all sorts of tracks I’d never heard of and would like to see, plus the old GT tracks. I started looking up these circuits, and here’s what I’d like to see:

      Real Circuits: Silverstone, Bathurst, Pikes Peak, Road America, Sebring, Ebisu, The Gotland Ring, and other variants of the Nurburgring GP course (that could actually be quite easy; just to edit the existing circuit in the game with different routes; they’re already drawn in and everything).

      Old GT Circuits: Seattle (my home town), Midfield Raceway, and Apricot Hill.

      Of course, tracks aren’t the only thing I’d want to see; I currently want a livery editor the most right now, plus more aero and race mods for cars. Along with that, I want the game to show how much weight and drag would be gained or lost with the addition/removal or an aero kit, not just downforce and pp value changes.

  49. tawfiq

    GT6 SHOULD come to the PS3.
    Its a bit obvious, Because GT1 + GT2 on the PS1. GT3 + GT4 on the PS2… ;)

    1. foefke

      Next Year wil be for next gen gaming , don’t forget the lack of RAM that the PS3 has now , i dont give it 3more Years + PD is not gone suport 3 more Years af DLC , it wil be Cool , but I have one doubts , i think

    2. ironbru86

      The PS1 has GT1 and GT2. The PS2 has GT3, GT Concept, GT4 Prologue and GT4. The PSP has GT PSP. The PS3 has GT HD, GT5 Prologue and GT5. The PS1 is the only Sony system to have 2 GT games. Even the Dreamcast had a GT game, GT2 using the Bleemcast

    3. Quakebass


      According to that math, the PS3 should hold 6 different titles;

      Heres my guesses:

      Currently: GT HD, GT5 Prologue, and GT5.

      Upcoming: GT6 Prologue, GT6, and GT 1440.

      Also, the PS Vita would have two games:

      GT Vita, GT Vita 2.

      HA! just kidding about all of that – If any NEW GT is released on PS3, I’d be willing to bet that it’d be GT6 Prologue. Maybe GT6 as well, but I think these will both be PS4 releases.

  50. Youngun

    All this talk about Ps4 for a rubbish, would only be revealed at e3 next year battling the xbox ‘durango’ and released year after. yes the PS3 life wont be completed till 2017 but as with the ps2, will still be living after the the 4th is released. so GT6 could be for both, we will see if theres a prologue and we could make a timeline for release. hopefully more spy shots on other tracks will pop up soon! someone should sit outside PD to see if they wheel in Cars and such too

    1. TP1

      Look at Nintendo. Their new Pokemon will come out as a DS title, not 3DS, even though it’s their newest console and they would want to push its sales.
      That’s because they need to chose between “forcing” the sale of an expensive new console or make millions of sales with not too much hastle.

      But I also doubt GT6 would come out on PS3, as it will turn out a dussapointment for the second time around: when you think how GT5 flaws come from the lack of PS3’s power.

    2. HuskyGT


      But lets remember that GT5 is cluttered with unnecessary things like B-Spec, a ton of repetitive cars, visual damage(lets be honest, this was unnecessary since the average GT player never crashes, and the damage modeling is so poor that’s not worth it), the course “creator” (a nice feature, but it lacks variation and after a couple of tracks created you realize it’s not really worth it), 60fps (the game could easly run at a constant 35-40 fps like most games and it would be fine).

      So yes, although it might not be possible, a GT6 for PS3 would make a lot of sense. They can make a much better game with what they have already. Graphics don’t need to be improved at all since they are already superior to any other racing game. Think of a bigger A-Spec mode with better events. A list of at least 600 cars all Premium with every single manufacturer having an oportunity to showcase at least 20 cars ranging from classics and historics to their newest lineup.

      Yes, a much better GT could work marvelously in the PS3. It’s just a matter of reorganizing priorities. Although a GT6 for a PS4 sounds nice it would be bad because:

      A) most of us will have to wait for at least a year or two to afford a PS4.
      B) What scares me the most; GT6 not being half of what GT5 is, and just an eye candy demo like Prologue with a couple of more cars and tracks… This is the main reason I would rather have GT6 for PS3.

  51. tawfiq

    I have to disagree about GT6 getting delayed.
    GT5 was an obvious delay, but they’re not going to re write every code again for GT6 ! So it wont take time + the ps3 came out in 2006, and GT5 came out in 2010. Not 2 years late, 4 years :)

  52. Punknoodle

    Nice work on the investigation, I realise it would have been awkward to ask more questions seen as it was kinda secret and all, but one question was screaming at me while you were talking and it would have been ACE if you’d asked it… “Are you taking shots of Australian cars while you are here, like the V8 supercars?” More Aussie content would be AWESOME. But I’m not detracting from what you did, it was good of you to film it for us.

  53. Buzz17091991

    I hope that the PS4 will be released in 2013, at the latest Spring 2014.
    The Hardware is at the limit.
    It would be nice if Polyphony Digital brings us new DLC like cars for instance new Audi and Mercedes-Benz.
    However, the work must go on for GT6.
    It would be excellent when GT6 will be an release titel for PS4.
    For us gamer and for Sony :)

  54. wolfie210484

    Perhaps, and you can call me mad if you want. But perhaps they were TOLD to say its going to be on GT6 to stop the DLC speculation fireing up?

    you guys really should be reading between the lines – yes its possible they are telling the truth but its also possible they’re towing the company line

  55. marktyper

    This is interesting :) But there’s one thing behind my head right now…
    Will GranTurismo 6 be released for PS3 or PS4? But HOPEFULLY it would be for PS3 because there are 2 GT series in each consoles (supposed to be)

  56. ironman44321

    I don’t see why so many people want GT6 on the PS3? The PS4 (which I think most of us will be getting anyways) will probably be out late 2014 (just a guess based on chatter/sales patterns) and I wouldn’t be surprised if GT6 came out within the first few months after that. It would allow Polyphony alot more system and room to work with so that they could add more of what we wanted from GT5 without giving as much up.

    1. marktyper

      well I think that’s an ignorant comment of you.
      1st: For people like me, I bought my PS3 a year and a half ago only for PS3 .
      2nd: Not everyone has that money to upgrade for this kind of unnecessary appliances.

      3rd: not needed cause those 2 evidence support my topic.
      No offense mate but I think that’s what you’re trying to say.

    2. Quakebass

      Yeah, price is an issue for the PS4… I’m hoping I can get my personal business kicked off this summer and start bringing in some decent cash; The PS4 will be one of many things I’ll want to get when it comes out. I already want an Xbox, (Please don’t kill me) just for a few games that are Xbox exclusives (Halo, Forza, and a weird but fun German racing game called “Crash Time”). Then I’m also contemplating the Xbox “720” or whatever its being called these days, and then a bunch of other PS3 games. Then, unrelated to gaming, I’d like to get the newer GoPro, but I don’t know when the HD Hero 3 comes out… so I’ll probably wait. Then a bunch of Scalextric slot car stuff… and some computer programs… I’m going to need to make thousands of dollars to afford all this stuff, and I’m coming up to the point where I’m going to get a personal car and start putting most of my cash flow into my College savings… So much stiff to do, so little cash, so little time… Sorry I bored all of you with my life stories… XD

    3. ironman44321

      Well I’m not saying everyone needs to get it right away. I’ve had my PS3 for about the same amount of time and I waited like 6 months to get GT5.

      I’m saying that it might aswell be on the PS4 since it will be a better game that way and most people will upgrade at some point anyways.

      Also as I said a 2014 PS4 release date seems pretty likely so it would be surprising if they got it done early enough for it to come out on PS3.

      Not to mention that if you want any GT games after 6 you’ll certainly need a PS4.

    4. ucwepn

      Its time for new hardware, when ps3 launched it was almost the equal of a moderate gaming pc now it has been lapped several times by pc hardware. Bring on the PS4.

    5. Quakebass

      I hope Sony will announce the PS4 early; maybe somewhere around the lines of 1 – 2 years before the confirmed release, so that people can start saving up some cash and be able to afford it; the PS3 when it was first released was $600 (USD), and I’m expecting the PS4 to be greater than or around the same price.

    6. marktyper

      welll yeah ofcourse everyone wants a new console especially a PS4 with a better GT6 quality.. I’m just saying that I hope the price of the new upcoming PS4 will be affordable enough especially for people earning minimum wage. Plus like me the reason why I HOPE GT6 will be for PS3 is that, I only got a job twice but currently I’m unemployed (but it’s good I freshly graduated fromg HS :) )
      but yeah.. hopefully all those G25 and G27 and DFGT will still be compatible with the new PS3 ! :D

  57. Quakebass

    So whats going on with the new Acura NSX concept? Everyone seems to have forgotten about it; it was in the trailers for its own advertisement, and I’m assuming it wasn’t in DLC 3 because of all of the special technology under the hood that wasn’t finished in time… I’d like to see it in this supposed March DLC/Update, among other things.

    1. OldF@rt

      Erm, GTPlanet regular tracks a PD crew in the act of getting info for one of the world’s great racetracks, and gets confirmation it’s going to be in GT6. Strikes me as quite a scoop.

  58. Foxiol

    PD always put cars from the Geneva Motor Show. I am seeing videos from some cars there…holy cow…A Pagani Huayra with all the exterior made with bare carbotanium the same material of the monocoque construction on all Huayra´s. (looks like carbon fiber like the R but brilliant, Amazing)

    1. TokoTurismo

      I’d just watched it, and man I’m blown away of how beautiful that Pageni looked. :D I hope the Pagani Huayra ’12 comes in GT6, it’ll be epic in that game, especially if GT6 has it’s very own GT Vista to showcase cars. :)

  59. Quakebass


    I’ve been able to play Forza, but not extensively enough for me to make a PROPER analysis; What I am 100% SURE of though, is that the cars and DLC is a bit better in Forza, but actually driving the cars isn’t as fun as GT5 – and this is little things… how the car bumps and bounces in corners, how the camera stays locked on the car, the amount of smoke released in a slide; it all matters. Forza doesn’t release enough smoke in a skid; only a few smoke particles; and in GT5, you’ve got large clouds; which I’d say is just the right amount. Most racing games don’t use enough smoke, but I think GT5 has got it just right… it just needs to last longer. Since the Spec II update, GT5’s chase camera sticks to the car a bit more – so you feel nearly every slight bump the car feels, not to mention the other cameras. With Forza, and many other racing games in fact, you have a very loose chase camera, so you may SEE the car jiggle and lurch over rough terrain, but you don’t really FEEL it; this means you could miss some of the minor jiggles, lurches, and bumps. This stiff camera is very helpful in drifting; it makes it feel more cinematic as the tail kicks out, and you can easily tell the car’s starting to lose control. With Forza, you drift, and you can see the inside side of the car; this happens in NFS and Dirt, and many other games. I’d have to agree that the Forza car list is a bit better than GT5’s, and that’s partly because theres 100 – 200 duplicates of a few cars without much point, and a few unnecessary cars in GT5. Forza replaces much of GT5’s useless and pointless cars with other well-known, popular, and interesting cars. I can’t really say anything about Forza’s track list, because I don’t know whats in it. A big issue I have with Forza is the Xbox 360 controller; I don’t find the triggers really good for holding the accelerator or brakes in one place; they’re too loose and don’t have any firmness to them. With the PS3 controllers, the trigger is very sensitive at low pressure, and as you increase pressure, the trigger gets stiffer. I find that more fun, in my opinion, to have to press the trigger harder to go faster, not just to change the position of your finger… but that can be argued with. I see where Forza has advantages, but I just find GT5 more fun to play. Plus, I don’t want to have to purchase a new console. I simply don’t have the money. I had a PS2, and wanted to still be able to play those games, so I got a Backwards-Compatible PS3. Its all about heritage with these new consoles coming out nowadays.

  60. ParkourVeyron

    You all do recognize that it takes 2 man-years to make a track, right? Yes, man-years, not team-years. Kaz said that it would take 2 years for a SINGLE PERSON to make a track, not a team of 5-10 modelers, right? Right. If a team of people is working on a track it will take a lot less time to get done. So stop flat-out PROCLAIMING that GT6 is two years away. I’m not saying GT6 isn’t two years away, but you all need to stop assuming something and passing it off as a fact.

    1. Quakebass

      Yeah, and GT6 isn’t going to be GT5 with Bathurst added in. They’re adding MUCH more to the game. I’m expecting at least two years, but not for just Bathurst to be developed.

    2. Youngun

      May only be a few months to model one track but multiple tracks and multiple new cars and multiple new additions and it could possibly be 2+ years. lets hope there re doing most standard cars, not all

  61. HuskyGT

    I feel that GT5 has had enough for now. It’s time to concentrate on GT6. Don’t be negative, guys. Just imagine how amazing GT6 will be not only with new cars and tracks, but also never before seen features.

    I’ll have my hopes high that GT6 will be huge. With huge I don’t mean 1000+ cars, but huge in gameplay, features, details, sound and replay value. Something that unfortunately GT5 has suffered from a bit.

    Let the waiting begin!

    1. Foxiol

      I still remember those last days before the release of GT5 waiting for a release date and GTPlanet collapsing because of the amount of people here. Amazing moments. We are going to have that again, be sure of that.

    2. HuskyGT

      Oh yeah… Those were the days.

      Let me tell you, it’s a matter of time, maybe a year or two before we start making GTPlanet crash again due to user overload.

    3. Quakebass

      I’d expect more than the current car count; I’ve got a feeling that PD will update all of the cars to higher resolutions, including the Premiums. I think PD’s already working their butts off trying to update GT5 and develop GT6. I’d actually like to know what percentage of their workforce is working on GT5, and how much on GT6. Based on how much content is being released for DLC in GT5 compared to how much was in GT5 to start plus the fact PD started from scratch, (run-on sentence) I’d DEFINITELY say less than 40-50% is working on GT5… probably around 25-30%. Even so, it’s quite impressive what they’ve achieved so far, and I’m sure the remaining 60 – 75% is all adding in new features, and updating and adding tracks. I’m excited to see how it turns out. I only started with GT5, but it has been the first game that has become this dear to me; it’s more than a game at this point, its a hobby.

    1. Lambofanghini

      Me thinks they may be working on GT6 for PS3. PS1 GT1, 2. PS2 GT3, 4. PS3 GT5,….. Keep hope alive.

  62. Foxiol

    Even Forza fans recognize that GT5 looks better. I haven´t got it and i can´t say anything about physics. The only thing that i must admit that they made better is the car list. But nothing more. (well maybe the livery editor)
    But as far as i concern GT5 is the best game.

  63. tnt_8_9

    Lets hope that GT6 will be a PS3 format and that the DFGT model will work on the new game, otherwise they will alienate many from the series!! Most fans are PS3 because of GT and it would be a shame if you had to get another console and wheel for the new GT6!! Just a point to take in to consideration.

    1. Foxiol

      If GT6 will be for the PS3 the only things that maybe they can do to make the game better ( in graphics) is just put new HD textures in all tracks.(get rid of the blocky shadows too)
      Remakes of all the old GT series tracks as the ones that are also almost a copy paste from GT4 to GT5. (those tracks need a remade from scratch, new trees,textures,layers,crowd)

      Hold the same car list as we have in GT5 but this time with all cars PREMIUMS + all new models + the ones missing as old M3 models, etc (they put Nissans for each year and what about other car companies with their own legends?) + some new dealers as Koenigsegg and hopefully Porsche + updated Race categories again to the year of release : NASCAR, DTM,F1, GT series, Super GT500 and Super GT300 and LMP (as R15 and R18).

      More customization that includes: livery editor, more car customizations and race modifications, and i don´t know maybe some more.

      An upgraded Track editor with more features and freedom.

      All tracks with day/night transitions and weather changes.

      And to me and many more…REAL ENGINE SOUND that matches the realism of the entire game/cars.

      Overall quality.

      If GT6 not deliver this…i´ll still buy it but i want 90% of this.

    2. Maddens Raiders guys know that PD is a SNE studio and has never been or will be on another console….right?

    3. Foxiol

      And that means? GT is one of the unique racing games that still being in a single console sells millions of copies. in the day of the release of GT5 they recovered all the money that they spend in doing it. I think if we (the people who buy their product) ask for features and the best for make and be the best game that we are going to buy again in the future is the right think.

      So keep asking people.

      I bough Signature Edition of GT5. Still bought rFactor 2, pCARS and probably GTR3 because i need a mixed experience…but if some day GT series comes close to perfection my money is going to follow the same direction with no doubt.

    4. HuskyGT

      @ Foxiol

      GT6 for PS3 is a possibility, lets say 60-40%

      For a PS3 GT6 game to be massive in comparison with GT5, there is no need to improve graphics. The blocky shadows aren’t really a problems since I believe they have been sacrificed for other more important things. We already have great graphics. If they could slollow their pride and lower the framerate to a steady 35-40fps like in the replays (but I mean STEADY 100% of the time), I’m sure that they can tweek the rest of these graphical details like the shadows and make a better looking game. 60fps is not always the best choice.

      What would make the game a million times better would be a better and more ballanced choice of cars. A list with a healthy 600 cars without the unnecessary repetitions would make the list bigger than GT5’s by far. Imagine every manufacturer with at least 20-25 models ranging from classics to the latest models, all Premium, all customizable.

      Another thing that would improve the game is what you say about the tracks. I’m pretty sure that the trees, textures and ather things can be improved. That would make a difference. It wouldn’t even hurt if they reduce the grid to twelve cars maximum to give space for these upgrades, or again, the frame rate.

      I also have to agree with the Premium thing. This time there won’t be any excuses. All cars WILL be Premium. But PD has to be careful to include most of the standard models which are favorites amongst the GT fandom. Only new models would be unforgivable. And by that I mean keep the old M3’s, the Catherham, Minolta Toyota, FGT, Chaparral, Corvette GS, DeLorean, Supra MK4, Mitsubishi GTO and hundreds more like these. Even the infamous cars like the Dodge Ram and the Tank Car should be included; cars that GT wouldn’t be GT without them.

      Customization is something difficult since it adds a lot of content. I think that’s enough with the body kits that we altready have, but at least add this option for every single car. What the game needs is more wheels definitely. And option like “todays special” from GT4 in which you could interchange wheels between models would be a hit if it returns. A livery editor even if it’s simple would make a difference, plus a paint chip store in GT auto. RM’s for more cars is a must.

      The track editor is a great option but I can’t help to think that it’s using valuable space in the game. A new GT without this option but with most things that we all want would be much better.

      I have to give you thumbs up for the day/night cycles. If weather can’t be included on all tracks, it would be nice if at least they add a day/night cycle to the most tracks possible.

      Sound effects are perfect in GT5, but the problem is the sound samples which is a completely different thing. They don’t need to sound exaclty like the real thing, but at least it would be appreciated that they make V8 sound like V8´s, V12 sound like V12’s, v10 like v10, and so on. Those fake and horrible sounds that the Sports/Semi Racing/Racing Exhaust adds to like 85% of cars have to go for good. Even if they only have two basic sounds for each car (a stock, and a more throaty version of the stock that keeps the correct sound) it would be more than enough. If ancient games like NFS Underground 2 could do it, then GT can.

      Another thing would be a better A-Spec mode. And we are talking about something in the likes of GT4. Manufacturer events have to return like in previous titles too. B-Spec even if some people like it has to go away FOREVER. If they are going to include it then it has to be like GT4 where it is not mandatory to use it, except if you want to change driver during an endurance. Prize system from previous GT titles has to return. That’s the only reason previous GT’s gave you to repeat races.

    5. Foxiol

      Agreed. About the sound it should match the overall quality. I know it sounds great because i have a Sony Bravia 5.1 350W via optical fiber connected to my PS3 and i made some tests with most of the cars. If you have time try this one (one of the most noticeable) get into the M3 E92 and if you have a G27 use manual with clutch. Go to any track and put the rear camera. Start to rev but never pass the 4000rpm mark (do it slowly not racing lol), push the clutch and change to 2nd as in a normal car when you are driving in a highway and so on. You are going to find that the car sounds exactly the same as the real one. That happens with almost all cars in the game. Strange but my point is that at max revs the engine/rev sound goes crazy after 4000 rpm. All i want is the real rev sound at max revs as we can hear in the trailers or for example in the intro when the SLR is trying to catch the SLS in Nurburgring, or what about the new NSX trailer with that lovely VTEC real sound. They have the sounds already.

      With the rest again i have to say agreed with you and myself. ;)

    6. terminator363

      I agree with all the points stated. I also agree with the whole “increased revs = terrible vacuum cleaner noise”.

    7. OldF@rt


      I hope GT6 is on the PS4 and only the PS4.

      1. GT5 is right up against the limits of the PS3 graphics hardware. Note the shadows problems that didn’t occur in GT5P.
      2. GT5 is right up against the limits of the PS3 CPU. Having a field of only twelve on long tracks like Le Mans and the ‘Ring is a joke.
      3. because of 1 and 2, a lot of development effort in making a significantly superior GT6 is going to be wasted in trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot – I gather this was a major reason for the delays in GT5.
      4. a PS3 GT5 would come out right at the end of the PS3s life, by which time all interest would be on the upcoming PS4.
      5. having GT6 as a launch title for the PS4, and a title that shows its full potential, would be much better for both Sony and PD, would result in greater sales (qv GT3, a launch title for the PS2, being the biggest selling GT so far) and hence more money to be plowed in by both
      6. the game would be a quantum leap with the better hardware, while a PS3-based GT6 could only be an incremental development of GT5 with more content.
      7. at some stage PD would have to develop a GT for the PS4 anyway.

    8. TokoTurismo

      ^ Will I think the PS3 could handle one more GT until the PS4 comes, which will be along time from now. I know PD could do it.

    9. HuskyGT


      More is not necessarily better. I don’t understand why most of the people want more and more when there is enough material to meake a new and better game. People expect GT6 to have 1000 times better graphics, like 5000 cars and such. PD can take away many things that GT5 has and still make a better game. It’s not about the PS3 capabilities, it’s what PD gave priorities to in the first place, reason why GT5 wasn’t up to the standards of many gamers. Too many unnecessary features that take the game to the limits…

  64. NISMO DK

    I hope gt6 dosent take 5 years of development. Also I heard some rumors about Granturismo 5 3.0 update and how they are trying to give all standard cars premium detail and also some more racing modifications for different cars.

  65. kregore610

    Instead of doing gt6 prologue, they should make gt6 for ps3 and for ps4. Gt6 on the ps3 should have the same engine as gt5 but with better shadows and anti-alising. Ps4 gets a new graphic engine. Thats my opinion anyway

    1. Quakebass

      That’d be a lot of work, having to convert a game to a new engine… Thats what made GT5 take so long…

    2. evo516

      Great idea. That way if people send money buying the ps4 then they will get better game qualities.

      The best idea yet.

      Nice one

    3. kregore610

      #Quakebass Yes they will work for a long time but its also better because if gt6 comes out lets say 2014 then in like 2 years gt6 is already old and ps4 is still new. I want gt6 on ps4 in like 2 years after ps4 realese. sorry for my english i had to write this fast

  66. Quakebass

    I think GT gives you about 3 times more gameplay and replayabilty as well; though replayability depends on personal preference…

  67. jjh101

    i can fill in the first question mark in the transcript for you, he says
    Photographer: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… A PD games… Err… Gran Turismo

    i can’t remember exactly way he said about Bathurst after saying gt6 but i think he said “with”

    hope that helps, I’m heading out again tomorrow to ask a few more questions

  68. Barry Spock

    Hopefully that means that they’ll have a couple of V8 supercars to drive as well. It makes sense that PD are getting interested in Bathurst, considering that it was a pretty popular track in S2U, and more importantly, Nissan are joining the V8 series next year.

  69. pudge

    “However it also means that Gran Turismo 6 is at least 2 years away, given earlier remarks from Polyphony regarding the time taken to recreate each real track for GT5, giving us a first glimpse into any kind of timeframe for the next full game in the series.”

    No. For all we know this is not the start of the process, but in the middle or end of it. There’s no way for us to tell.

  70. GTP_geoff

    So do you really think guys gathering data for a new track weren’t prepared on how to answer any questions?
    There’s no way GT6 will be on the PS3. I remember waiting for GT5 and the PS3 to come out at the same time.
    History repeating itself?

  71. omgitsbees

    Kaz said in an interview because GT5 launched, that a new track can take up to 2 years to create. So I wouldn’t expect GT5 to get Bathurst if they are still not done scanning it.

  72. BIOHAZARD9519

    People need to remember that it takes great accuracy to create a track that can reproduce real life data. Im just glad every time I hear GT6.

    1. HKSBro92

      This is one of things we can’t really bet on. For all we know it could come out January 2013. I’m just hoping its better than GT5 and not just a copy and paste game.

  73. khooke

    great news scoop, but what on earth was going on with the camera, was it hanging around your neck? I think I’m going to be sick…

    1. Quakebass

      He probably didn’t want people to know he was filming… If that camera guy had known he was filming, would he have answered his questions? I don’t know… I don’t think its possible to have that level of crappy filming skills…

  74. KoldStrejke

    What ever PD. god damn and i thought you would be fixing the game you have now. a game thats 5.3/10

    1. BIOHAZARD9519

      is that ign’s crap rating, you need to play the game for at least 5 minutes before you give it a rating. >:(

  75. Nuuj

    I will be fine with waiting for GT6 if this is what they plan to do with it, I only hope that GT6 will fall inside of the PS3’s lineup of games and not waiting for (and having to buy) the PS4, but if the PS4 is set to release within the next 2-3 years–I think Polyphony would aim to be a launch title.. Either way Bathurst most likely will not be enjoyed on GT5, because they have only just started the information gathering process (photos, video, measurements, etc).. But I could be wrong, can anyone confirm if/when their team(s) were seen on Spa? That could give us a good clue of how fast their rendering takes AND whether we could see it as dlc..

    1. xx666Kris666xx

      if look at the history 2 (main – not concept, prologues etc) games per console with the second a refined and improved version of the initial i’d say it’s almost a given that GT6 will be half the time to produce of GT5 and possibly end up one of the PS3’s last main release titles before PS4….just my 2c ;)

      and it’s about bloody time Bathurst showed up!!! faith in polyphony still holds ;)

  76. NascarManiaco99

    If you are right saying that GT6 must be 2 years from us, wouldn’t that mean that the game will be rushed like people say GT2 was rushed?

    1. Quakebass

      Do you know what the term “at least” means? But that thing is, the “2 years” per track is the time it takes for one person to build. The tracks are usually built by multiple people, greatly shortening the development time. GT6 won’t just be GT5 with Bathurst included; theres much more to be added, and I’m expecting GT6 to be a PS4 release. When your see a news article, don’t jump the gun on judgments and expectations.

    1. Nuuj

      Normally I’d say you’re right, but Polyphony seems a good natured company/employer so they may give those guys a break, it is sensitive material, but it’s also good publicity on the other side..

  77. fureddo

    Any new element brought to the rumor mill is always exciting, but it should be used with caution. It seems that the photographer is not very comfortable with English. Knowing the level of secrecy in average Japanese companies, I seriously doubt anyone at Polyphony Digital would deliberately authorize any leak on hypothetical contents of its future title. Any hint at future elements to come have always been announced officially via Kaz sama himself. I’d be very surprised two photographers from PD would dare speak about “secret” topics en lieu of their boss. Arienai…
    Still, like I said, it’s very exciting to know that something new regarding GT is on the work!頑張って皆さん!

    1. Rushton1996

      Still, Space empire, a GTP member leaked the info on dlc pack 3. He must have been an employee. If not someone from PD must have told him. Unless it was a deliberate leak, authorised by Kaz, which i doubt.

  78. kennyuk77

    Ironbull forza is relatively poor in comparison with gran turismo, i’m an experienced driver and can state as such with confidence.


      Your right, but atleast they “produce” DLC for their current game. I can care less about bathhurst coming to a PS4 near me in 2018.

    2. ttfn

      Ironbull? where did you get 2018 from? think along the lines of 2014. As for DLC for forza, why bother, if you wanna do arcade racing id stick with NFS, which is a much better product than forza ever was

  79. SimonK

    You’ve taken the two year for a track wrong, they mean individual man hours, not realtime. It would only take two years realtime if only one man worked on it.


    My breathe I am not holding. Can’t get any decent DLC so at this point any more bathurst discussion is just another waste of bandwidth. Turn 10 will have a newer, better Forza out before another copy and paste GT game noneless ‘Bathhurst’ comes out.

    Which won’t be until the PS4 drops.

    1. evilserpentman

      Every single time someone like you comes along and spits out some rubbish about Turn 10 and/or Forza.

      It’s breath by the way, and nonetheless.

    2. jasono12345678

      you know, even froza 4 or even 5 would be a much newer games than gt5 or 6, gt would still have better graphics than froza. in froza 4 witch is a year newer than gt5, they still hasn’t got any weather and night, and gt5 still way ahead with the grphics, better force seed back, and better physics.

    3. Quakebass


      I’d agree, but heres the thing – GT5 has around 750 – 800 cars in the standard category, which pretty much just have PS2 level graphics. And EVERY car in Forza 4 has 1,000,000 polygons, which is much higher than GT5’s Premium car polygon count of 500,000… so Forza does have much better graphics, despite the fact that it’s newer.

      My opinion is that GT5 is more enjoyable, and has other content that Forza doesn’t have, like weather and day/night cycles. I explain more deeply about this on one of my other posts.

  81. bombe32

    The positive is that Bathurst is coming to GT, whether it’s 5 or 6 doesn’t matter to me. But if I had to place a bet I would bet GT6.

    Now we just need reports from our other GTP spy crews. Go to all tracks in the world, friends! ;)

  82. Snaeper

    I would refrain from making any judgement calls in terms of the timeline for how far GT6 is away. This could be DLC for GT6, it could be held until GT7, any number of things could happen. This is just a photographer he talked to, someone who is low on the totem pole and not trained in discussing information like this. He could say that it’s for GT6, but somewhere along the way they might decide that there’s enough stuff that they scanned years ago to say “Hey, lets just make GT6”.

    tl;dr There is not enough evidence to suggest that GT6 is two years away.

    1. Snaeper

      The reason why I take the photographers comments with a grain of salt is that he was lead into saying Gran Turismo 6. I don’t mean to make it sound like our friend was malicious and that the photog is a liar, but I think it would be much more convincing if the Photog came out and said that this was going to be in GT6, rather than simply agreeing with our friend who offered up the words first.

    1. Quakebass

      I doubt it will be in 2012 or 2013; I’m expecting a 2014 – 2017 release. And on I believe it will be on PS4. I don’t know if I’d want it on PS4 or not, because of course I won’t be able to get a PS4 until a few years after it comes out and its price reduced… So I won’t be getting it until I get a PS4. GT6 will be SO much better if its on PS4, though, because the system will be MUCH more powerful, and the game will be able to do so much more in terms of graphics and content.

    2. Nuuj

      There seemes to have been two GT’s per PS system generation so far, but Quake is right–I see a PS4 launch/release coming, seeing as GT5 took a decent portion of the PS3’s lifespan before arriving.. If they released it at the end of the PS3’s run it wouldn’t sell as well as being at the beginning of the PS4’s, I’m also with him on wanting it on the PS3 (for financial reasons) but wanting it on PS4 (for jaw dropping awesomeness reasons)..

    1. Quakebass

      Yes, definitely it will be used in some GT… otherwise, what would be the point? The only question right now is when and where it will be used.

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