Video: Ben Collins vs. Gran Turismo 6 at Goodwood Hill Climb

July 2nd, 2014 by Jordan Greer

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  1. Jul. 5, 12:32pm

    Video @ 1:50 min. Was Kaz handing out the Data Logger as a prize that they are suppose to be developing for the game?

  2. Jul. 4, 2:42am

    The commentator messes up from the start by saying “I believe we have the original Stig at the helm of this car”. Perry McCarthy was the original Stig (black suit) long before Ben Collins. Ben was the longest running Stig and possibly defined the role.

  3. Jul. 3, 9:57am

    I wonder what SMS thinks of Ben’s treachery?


    • Jul. 3, 7:51pm

      He’s just a consultant at SMS. Obviously he was smart enough not to sign an exclusivity agreement…lol.

  4. Jul. 3, 12:36am

    Will love to see this thing replace the current version that’s in GT6 for GT7. Gotta have that quality, GT7 is begging for it PD!

  5. Jul. 3, 12:10am

    Cool event.

  6. Jul. 2, 10:46pm

    At the end..Kaz is thinking. “how much longer can I get away with this charade”?

  7. Jul. 2, 9:49pm

    The new St is basically a face lift ain’t it

  8. Jul. 2, 9:39pm

    Some say that in his spare time he likes to play gran turismo 6 and that he is mad on kazunori for how this car sounds in game all we know he is called lord stig

  9. Jul. 2, 9:35pm

    I was hoping that this was an indication of a new Focus in the game but,………NO. :-( Still the video is amazing and I enjoyed every second of it.

  10. Jul. 2, 9:07pm

    So, the new car might be released soon?

  11. Jul. 2, 8:36pm

    Who would have ever thought there would be a time where a video game would have a place in a real world real life racing event and have so much of the spotlight and press surrounding it. Thats amazing IMO.

    • Jul. 3, 10:21am

      Amazing really…

  12. Jul. 2, 7:45pm

    The car in the game has a wrong ratio in 5th and 6tg gear, and PD left it wrong since the game released!!!!!!!

  13. Jul. 2, 7:45pm

    Here’s a link to my solitary photo of the Ford Focus ST from Goodwood (would have taken more but it was pretty much the first thing I saw when I arrived and I had Vision Concepts to find…)

    Couldn’t miss it, what with the ST on the side in big bold letter lol

    Hopefully its ok to put a link up here? If not, I’m sure the mods will let me know :)

  14. Jul. 2, 7:19pm

    That is epic!!!!

  15. Jul. 2, 5:57pm

    I wish the Focus in the game sounded like the real car. I could barely hear it, but you could hear that sweet grunt from that 4 cylinder. not as good as the European old 5 Cylinder Focus, but very nice sound.

    By the way, I can’t really see a difference between the two cars. I guess it’s just a minor update.

    • Jul. 3, 2:09am

      Not much difference really, it literally is just a minor facelift.

  16. Jul. 2, 5:53pm

    If he would of beat the Stig, I think that the PS3 may of blown up…

    • Jul. 2, 6:41pm
      Magic Ayrton

      If it did, GT6 wouldn’t be for sale at £15 now.

  17. Jul. 2, 5:52pm

    Hmmmm. I must admit, that was pretty cool. Now replace the ’13 ST with the ’15 ST for GT7. >:)

    • Jul. 2, 5:59pm

      Why would you replace one car with another? I’m pretty certain that there are folks that would prefer the ’13 car to the ’15 car. Just add the new one and call it a day, gives people you know like choices.

    • Jul. 2, 6:07pm

      IMO, it’s always good to update car lists in racing games, especially having to rebuild it for next gen, like Forza did.

    • Jul. 2, 6:15pm

      Old and new together for me. Let Forza do it their way, doesn’t mean that everyone else needs to follow.

    • Jul. 2, 11:32pm

      Yeah why would you get rid of the ’13 just because the new one is added? The ’13 is a perfectly good premium car new to GT6. Would replace temove the C6 Corvette from the game just because the C7 is added. Should the other Corvettes also be removed because the C7 is added. The ’15 is a different car from the ’15 too. I’m really not seeing any logic there. Don’t see how what Forza did was good either especially because their DLC’s are just selling you all the stuff they removed back…

    • Jul. 2, 11:37pm

      ^Wow were there some typos in there. I think you can still understand what I’m saying though.

    • Jul. 2, 11:56pm

      Ugh, why are you guys being so sensitive over what I said, especially with Forza. It was used as my example when redoing the entire game for next generation. Nevermind then, geez…

    • Jul. 3, 5:47am

      TokoTurismo: Beacuse you are not right and we don’t want this approach in GT7.

    • Jul. 3, 6:57am

      And that kids, is why GT will never be move to modern times. Gotta keep stuffing up dem old junk. Quantity over quality is what makes GT famous…

    • Jul. 3, 10:29am

      Toko..u got some mixed up idea of how things should be when they don’t have to be anymore..GT is shaking off those old restrictions and is all generations all the time…

    • Jul. 3, 12:21pm

      GT shouldn’t become another Fartza. What makes Gran Turismo so special is that it wants to be different. Doing things no other companies have done before.

      For example, take a look at the ever expanding Vision GT project.

    • Jul. 8, 12:34pm
      SZRT Ice

      I think Forza is actually more different as of right now. With features that it has that I won’t discuss here and Horizon as an alternate, FM has really come into its own. But, we got the VGT project! Ain’t no topping that!

  18. Jul. 2, 5:46pm

    Now don’t get me wrong, the guy on the game was going up against the stig, so more than likely 9 out of 10 your going to lose, but the guy on the game probably lost because he switched the in game Focus ST into fifth gear, lol.

    • Jul. 2, 7:09pm

      Does anyone know what tyres they run in these ‘like the real thing’ events?
      I’m always impressed with the virtual reality of this game, but tyres always seem to be either too slippy or too grippy.
      And do they do any other tweaks for that matter? The times are remarkably close for two differing physical environments.

    • Jul. 2, 7:52pm

      At 0:44 you can see it shows CS (comfort soft) on the in-game HUD.

    • Jul. 2, 7:54pm

      Like the SLS challenge on GT5 on the Top Gear Test Track they use comfort softs, I don’t know what tires were used in this challenge for the focus but I’m willing to bet they were comfort softs. I highly doubt they do any tweaks to the cars, they more than likely ran a stock Focus ST. And yes they are close and it just shows the remarkable closeness that only Gran Turismo can provide from the virtual to reality world. That’s why GT will always be the leader and the rest of the followers are still playing catch up. Kaz is really getting big and playing a major part in the automotive world and this is more proof, and the big players is taking notice, as such the FIA.

  19. Jul. 2, 5:23pm

    Stig I mean

    • Jul. 2, 5:37pm

      Some say that he sleeps every night with a vodoo doll of Rubens Barichello and that he has a tattoo of Jeremy Clarkson on his right foot

    • Jul. 2, 7:02pm

      All we know is…he’s called Cuddles. XD

  20. Jul. 2, 5:19pm

    1st lol go sting

    • Jul. 2, 6:18pm

      Wait, Sting is the real Stig?!!!

    • Jul. 2, 10:06pm

      Some also say that he can drive this car on this track blindfolded and that in his younger days he was fan of fift gear all we know he is called stig

    • Jul. 3, 1:38am

      Jeremy Clarkson:

      Some say he is the best novel writer…..

      Meh. Thats sacked Stig. We should get rid of him.

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