Bathurst in GT6: First Gameplay Video and Hands-On Impressions

Gran Turismo 6 was on display last weekend at the EB Expo in Sydney, Australia, and the demo included the just-announced Mount Panorama circuit.

GTPlanet member “Flunkus” attended the show and recorded the first-ever gameplay footage of the new track, which can be seen above. He also shared his impressions with the latest build of game here and here in our forums.

Other GTPlanet community members from the Sydney area also attended the show, and shared their comments here and here.


One of Mount Panorama’s most famous races, the Bathurst 1000, takes place this weekend.

Assuming Sony Australia takes advantage of the marketing opportunity, the game may be available to the public at the event, which hopefully could result in more gameplay footage over the next few days.

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    1. sayba2th

      Sang, I think it will be only Mircosoft and Turn 10 that will be there, they seem to feature heavily on the V8 Supercars web page, even can pre order the game from there and there is an Xbox One sponsored Commodore Racing in the 1000 so I don’t think we will see or hear much from PD on track hence why PD may have announced the track when they did. Having said that I am not at the track this w/e so I can’t say either way, just surmising based off what I have aforementioned.

    2. ShiftingGears

      Forza 5 is the telecast partner for the TV coverage. Forza and XBox also have significant advertising presence on the circuit, but I don’t know if they have booths or not.

      No PD presence at the circuit at all.

  1. DYLAN777-is-not

    This is probably going to be the first track im going to try after getting the game. then apricot hill, then seatle circuit.

  2. Gizzaard

    Thanks for the welcome Sayba2th, hopefully well get some more news regarding supercars I’d love taking van gizzys beast for a a mean hotlap man im so excited for the big race this weekend getchapull all

  3. Gizzaard

    g’day all i this is my first post,cool site and am looking forward to december to go and thrash round mt Panorama with you all keep it sideways lads and pinned

  4. raernst

    With so much effort focused on precision models around the physics of the car and small details that help improve the experience of a driving simulator, why in the world do folks keep highlighting videos of GT6 with sim drivers that are the absolute worst?
    I would have to boot this kid within the first lap for his constant lack of respect for the racing line and other drivers in general. What a joke. If you are looking for an arcade driving game, look elsewhere.

  5. Feldynn

    Track looks good, fingers crossed we also get a couple more V8 Supercars to run around it! Even if they’re generic “race mod” type ones we can repaint (to avoid all the team / sponsor related license issues), still the track alone is a nice addition to GT6.

  6. Swagger897

    this is going to be possibly the only track in which a fiat 500 wont be able to reach the top…

    thank, God..

    1. sangdude82

      @ Ace Carrera
      I’m sure that it was like ‘it’s time to slow down (looks at the girl)… crash!!!’ lol.

  7. Zuel

    Bathurst’s, which I call the “Bat” myself, is going to be a challenging track for some if not all of us to master. I know drivers who like tight walled tracks will excel faster at the track than others, though it will be a tight track to remember. I’m even more eager to use the seven pot as of now, I’m really excited what it will offer.

  8. sayba2th

    Well let’s discus what really matters, the track, I have to say from what I can see PD have hit this one for a Grand Slam and knocked it waaaaaay out the park. What for me is was the most important part to nail was through the esses section of the track and its gradient. From what I can see of this vid was it looks like the have really hit that right.

    Everything appears to be as it is at the track and I can say that based on personal experience of having driven it. I am really excited for the buffs out there that have never driven this track before either real or a digital rendition as you guys are in for an absolute treat.

    Thanks Flankus for providing this footage of Oz’s finest. PS Ta for getting in a little extra “background” scenery for our additional viewing pleasure

    1. ScotteDawg

      Something I noticed that no-one has mentioned as yet is that on Conrod (on the first lap, when he goes back to 8th) after he regains himself and drives down a bit, there is another car (an A.I. car) that has crashed and is waiting for him to pass before it carries on! In my experience with GT5, A.I. cars don’t crash that easily – they usually go off track then straight back on!

    2. research

      sorry ScotteDawg but they do this in GT5, a lot. I always see A.I. (including my Bspec Bob) waiting to get back on track like they are at some sort of traffic light.

      But you are right about the “not crashing easily” part. We def need A.I. to be more lifelike and make some major mistakes, as that is always fun to watch.

    3. sayba2th

      yeah I gotta agree with Search SD I have that happen as well on GT5 its like they stop…collaborate and listen

  9. Quakebass

    I find it funny how people are complaining about the driver’s skills when he’s probably just a casual gamer trying the thing out… The guy who submitted this said in his thread that he asked the guy if he could film him…

  10. TheGTGuy

    Does anybody know if there is qualifying for online races, I heard something before about it but I’m not sure.

    1. Ittybitty Stigy

      To be honest, I wouldn’t want offline qualifying. Just kind of pointless and time consuming considering the AI pace. I can defineitly see why some people would want it though. I guess they could just put on the option to skip it.

    2. sangdude82

      @ Ittybitty Stigy

      Yep, that’s a good idea. It will be nice to have an option to have a grid start or a rolling start as well.

    3. research

      ^ but what about the A.I. pace when they’re on Racing Tires, and you are on Comfort Tires? Check out the “Arcade Love Hitlist & Gamechanger” thread in the GT5 forum, and you will see how we can achieve some good (and some great) races vs GT5’s A.I. (and yes, it is an achievement due to the effort involved!)

      Qualifying and Standing Start options would be a great addition if they weren’t already defined as horrible omissions. : (

  11. nostuner03

    There’s so much negativity in these forums it’s stupid. Did any of you who said he can’t drive maybe stop to think he’s at a game show full of people yelling and talking at the top of their voice. Or all the people walking around, standing as close as possible to see GT6? No you probably didn’t. Y’all are always quick to put someone or something down. Grow up. GTP is 90% whinners and complainers, the other 10% is constructive criticism. One if the main reasons I been on GTP since Feb. 2004 and barely made close to 400 posts. Just be happy he even shared this with us. Oh wait, nevermind. Most of you won’t.

    1. sailworksman

      No, he sucks balls like most game play video drivers. These videos are garbage and do no justice to the game.

    2. Quakebass

      This was just a civilian… It wasn’t supposed to be professional footage, nor a professional driver. He’s probably a casual gamer just trying it out… It’s a gaming expo, y’know…?

    3. sailworksman

      Lol, whining is: Awww, I wish GT can have a livery editor like Forza (while stomping feet). Fact: Many game play videos do not give GT6 any justice, as in, the game is better than what is being presented. Bad driving with the driving line on is not a staple for sales if you are incoming to the GT series. sayba & Stigy. Here, have a cookie.

    4. sayba2th

      sail, no dice, the video shown above is from a trade show that has people from beginner through to hard core gamer. This is not an official PD video therefore there is no imput from them about what is / isn’t shown. Do you feel the same watching an elderly person fumbling with an iphone or galaxy that the phone is being misrepresented? GT is not just for the “heads” but for everyone. how good / bad someones driving is or driving lines on the road does not make you look at the game and go well that is not going to be worth buying. If that was official I would agree with you. But its not so here is your cookie back.

    1. Pit Crew

      @ Classic: Yeah that’s not quite the shape of a badonkadonk Missy Elliott intended for that word to be attached to lol.

      This escalated quickly…

    2. Swagger897


      I seriously hope you arent the middle-aged man I had the picture drawn of…

      bit creepy there my friend

    3. sangdude82

      She looks like in her early 30s so there is nothing creepy about it even if ScotteDawg were a middle-aged man :)

    4. ScotteDawg

      43 years old but young at heart!

      When I was 37 I had a 21 year old girlfriend – both her parents and all her friends approved, as did mine!

      Actually, it all started when I was 17 and this PYT walked into my flat while I was at work and when I rang home to speak with one of my house mates……

      Oh, umm, wrong site…

    5. sangdude82

      You lucky bugger :p anyway, getting back to the world of GT… when is the official opening day for Bathurst 1000? Thursday or Friday?

  12. Pit Crew

    Interestingly, too many people are judging this video on the merits of how the player drove. I’m just glad he had fun and regadless of how he drove, chose to share this video with us as his initial point was most likely give GT fans a players perspective of the Full course as best he could.

    As also has been stated on this blog, in the GT6 forums thread, he actually breaks down the situation from the gameplay footage, (not the in video commentary) from his hands on experience. Why not check it out, with an open mind, instead of zeroing in on how he drove the course.

    Thank You Flunkus :tup:

    1. sayba2th

      (insert sarcasm starting here) Yes that’s it unpredictably, we’re a bunch of lunatics so make sure you never come down under or I will drive over you and if I miss there’s always another who won’t. (ending sarcasm here) Asking that question makes you look like an uneducated git.

    1. Quigz125

      well for everyone complaining about the driver, that would explain why he’s doing so bad. lol like the Axe Body Spray commercials say, “guys are being distracted everywhere”. this proves it xD

  13. flip55

    Man, this place looks super narrow! A lot more than I though it was going to be. Online is gonna be interesting.

    1. smskeeter23

      I’ve run this track on several other games and sims… that section through the walls on the Mt. is a b***h.

  14. gabrielGT

    GT6 need more close camera view outside the forza series. but love GT6 love sim racing.Not for all people.

  15. Flagmo-T

    Yaaaaiiiiiiii Bathurst for GT6 ‘ it’s much more fun to look at the teaser video from GT, this is a joke hehe..
    Butt thanks for the inside.. It really looks like a first class track, beautiful surroundings, great vibe in general, so looking forward to see more new tracks from PD, because now they seem to go for the small details as well..

    It’s an illusion, and it should take you into the game, living in the illusion, then it works perfectly, and Bathurst track looks like it will take you on a journey :o)

  16. SZRT Ice

    My 1st time playing Gran Turismo 1, I was shocked at how I had to approach each corner so realistically. Coming off of NFS games and other arcade racers, I was truly shocked at how hard it was to keep a Viper GTS under control. I was hooked at the challenge, and honed my sim driving more and more, until I was a beast (atleast,in my own opinion) and could control the car even under the loss of control, be it under or oversteer. But this took time, practice and training.

    Now, I’m sure there are people who hopped on Gran Turismo and were instant naturals. But I ask that some of you temper your expectations when watching, and think back to when you 1st played your 1st GT or your 1st sim, and remember how much trouble you had adapting fresh out the gate. It’s not so extreme for most of us, but even people familiar with GT are saying that the driving is more realistic, yet more difficult this time around. And it could verywell be that these drivers are breaking there “GT Virginity”…

    So pump the brakes and take a chill pill or whatever man. Damn. Feel good knowing that there are people out there that make your driving ability and skill look so phenominal and chillax. Driving in Gran Turismo 6 should not be approached lightly, this proves this. GT is an elitist driving game, End story. Stop complaining. For a place where the best come to show what they’re about, we sure do carry ourselves like a bunch of whiny b**ches over here. Let’s set a new standard around here before the GT6 drops, shall we?

    1. eztgr

      “people familiar with gt”? I think you’re off the mark here.
      Gt has the same concept as any other racing game: accelerate, brake, steer.
      Zero steering and braking here.
      Anyway, I got the chance to have a drive (after waiting 45min).
      Bathust is a thrilling track. And the those grid girls made a lot of us spin out.

  17. Rios

    I don’t get people who play racing games and just smash the gas and never let up, the game even tells you when you need to start breaking and yet they just hold the accelerator down and plow through everything, I mean that’s not how you drive a real car so why do these people play Gran Turismo like this? The brake is there for a reason, maybe try using it.

    1. Oyashiro-sama

      True! The number of GT6 videos with noobs playing is too damn high.

      It is hurting the game image, if I were PD I’d be worried. But serves them right, if PD posted regular gameplay trailers themselves this wouldn’t happen.

    2. Pit Crew

      Oyashiro-sama, Kaz recently said research into GT players playing habits leans towards the casual player, not the Pro, so you really shouldn’t be surprised at the lack of technique in the user made videos, and the fact GT6s physics model is unlike GT5s.

      The gameplay trailers by PD have been consistent with each New to GTseries (except Apricot Hill) track announcement, so we really haven’t missed out on much and can’t expect PD to show us everything right now.

    3. Quakebass

      …”Number of GT videos”…

      As in self-captured videos, where casual gamers are usually playing…?

  18. 2012GT325

    I’m very worried about GT6: So far, I have watched a lot of game play videos and it seems as if PD forgot to design a brake into the game. Car’s are slowed down by hitting opponents or walls. This sucks. Sony/PD, could we please have the brake pedal/button back?

    1. ScotteDawg

      WTF you jibber jabbering about???

      The driver’s are not used to the tracks or the rigs (steering & pedals) that are there! More importantly, no-one is yet used to the new physics!!

      Oh, and who REALLY wants a Porsche (overrated Volks Wagen) in GT6? We have RUF, be happy with that!

    2. Magic Ayrton

      What are you talking about? I drive customers cars everyday, do I tell them “sorry I crashed your car because I am not used to it or the roads you live on” pffffffft

    3. ScotteDawg

      So, do you drive customer’s cars at 250 kmh or faster? No! I’m sure you putt around at 30 kmh so as to not put yourself in that type of situation!!

      Driving in REAL LIFE is way different than driving in any racing/driving game!

      I used to drive customer’s cars back in the 80’s (I was once a detailer), and there was always a different and noticeable feel to each and every car. I never crashed one either!

      Every person reacts differently behind the wheel of a car or on a sim rig!

      So, I’ll see your pffffffft and raise you a pffffffft!!!

    4. Pit Crew

      2012GT325 What are you talking about? How do you even come to this conclusion from the standpoint of watching someone else playing a game we haven’t touched yet, on a track you or a number of us haven’t driven on yet in a GTseries game?

      You don’t use a wheel when you play GT or you would be sympathetic to the fact the one the players using isn’t synced to his driving style, and probably effects his braking points.

      You can ask for Porsche in GT6 all you want, but once again, it’s not PDs fault that brand isn’t in GTseries games, and if it will make you feel better, Forza 5 won’t have Porsche either unless something changes.

  19. WingZeroCustom

    One thing I wonder is did they fix the air ducked things on the Lambo’s? Because the Lambo’s on GT5 those don’t come up at all. And if I remember those are suppose to get air to the engine AND keep the car Stable at high-speeds. Hopefully they fixed that on the Murcielago’s.

    But overall just from this little bit of footage the track looks really good. Can’t wait to try it for myself.

  20. Flunkus

    Sorry about the quality, angle, and speaking through it, guys. I didn’t know I’d be the only one to get such footage!

    1. SZRT Ice

      I actually rather enjoyed the commentary! Bathurst looks like a beautiful handful. This is one I’m actually looking forward too!

    2. ScotteDawg

      The angle is the ONLY thing that should’ve been better! The rest was fine…

      Talking through it probably gives people in other countries some insight as to how much Bathurst means to us “Strayans”!

    1. Ittybitty Stigy

      So you would rather see nothing? If your going to complain about it, why don’t you go do it yourself?

    1. eran0004

      Pick your hypothesis:

      1. It’s the first time playing Gran Turismo.
      2. It’s the first time driving on that track.
      3. It’s the first time playing the game with a wheel.
      4. The person had very little previous experience driving with sports tires (which may be what is used in the video).
      5. When you know you’re being filmed, you get nervous and tend to make more mistakes.
      6. A combination of some or all of the above.

    2. ScotteDawg

      If either of you had read the comments in the forum links, Flunkus TOLD us why he was driving like a noob!

      I’m not going to bother telling you, do your own research!

    3. Johan

      I have seen some world class rally- and racingdrivers look like fools the first time they try games like these. Other real world superstars I’ve seen perform in game just like they do in the real world.
      In a new world it takes takes time getting used to how things work.

    4. eran0004

      @ ScotteDawg. Funny thing is that he doesn’t. He only talks about his own experience, doesn’t mention the driver in the video apart from having to sympathise with him. Being subject to sympathy does, as far as I know, not cause driving errors, in fact the causality would rather work in the opposite direction.

    5. MLRSparco

      Yea I read the forum post but he still drives like a 5yr old,it didn’t even look like he was paying any attention to the driving line,and as he said in the forum he’s played GT games before so the general physics he should be familiar with,it didn’t seem like he was making any attempt to adjust how he was driving.

      @johan and as for you most world class racing drivers don’t play video games and thats why when they play a racing game for the first time they expect it to feel like a real car but it doesn’t.This guy on the other hand has played GT games as well as iracing so I feel no reason to pity him.

  21. Blood*Specter

    I’d like to a V8 Supercar DLC package released along with several more Australian courses that those cars run on.

    1. ScotteDawg

      There is, apparently, one more Australian track to come! As for cars, wait until next weekend… I’m sure that Sony will announce any Aussie cars and how they will be released at the Bathurst 1000!

      Remember, there are 200 new cars being put into the game and we have only been told of 28! There is a good chance that Aussie cars are in GT6!

  22. HuskyGT

    I’m a car nut in general, but not very knowledgeable when it comes to tracks. It’s the first time I’ve seen this track with so much detail and I have to say it’s freaking amazing! I always say this, but GT6 keeps getting better and better!

    I wonder if they’ve fixed the McLaren’s engine note. I can’t hear much.

    … and LOL, a kid got lost XD

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