Damage Modelling in Gran Turismo 6 “Similar to GT5”

May 21st, 2013 by Michael Leary

If you were expecting the damage model in GT6 to have undergone some drastic changes you might want to curb those expectations, as a recent interview conducted by Kotaku’s Stephen Totilo suggests otherwise. When Stephen posed the question to a U.S. PlayStation producer it was met with the following response:

The rather pleasant producer tells me that it’ll be similar to GT5. Polyphony isn’t about smashing cars up…

Gran Turismo has always focused on the unadulterated beauty of the cars, and after experiencing a high speed accident (scroll down to “Gran Turismo Behind the Scenes”) there’s no wonder why extensively modelling damage would be the last thing on the minds of the staff at Polyphony Digital. As it stands, damage was only included to such a degree largely because it was a requested feature for years.

GT5 Photomode image by SMfan.

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  1. May. 22, 7:47am

    I’m glad to see that PD is not entertaining all of people’s whims and desires… they are are focusing on important things like driving and I am 100% sure we will experience a physics engine more like that of a PC sim now.

    • May. 22, 7:55am

      You are happy a company is not doing everything possible to please it’s customer base?

    • May. 22, 9:26am

      @Jeremiah… its like this… there are millions of GT users around the world, I think Sony said about 70 million. Now, imagine you were the CEO of a firm that needs to please 70 million people, do you think you would be able to satisfy absolutely all of them? No! So you focus on the things that really matter… people wanted damage, they got damage but its not all-important and honestly does not really make that much of a difference to the game… look at everything PD has done for its fans… its not perfect but lets be honest, no other company has even come close to them… I love PD and I think they are doing an awesome job and you will start to see that with GT6… but dont expect it to be perfect although I know its going to be a step above GT5

    • May. 22, 9:55am

      I get your point. If you try to please everyone, you please no one. I’m optimistic for GT6. I’m glad there’s going to be customization of some sort for our cars, and I’m eagerly awaiting the game.
      (Haven’t been on here for a loong time. excited to be somewhat back)

    • May. 22, 10:11am
      Pit Crew

      Im part of the GT consumer base and it doesn’t bother me at all. I dont play GranTurismo titles with the mindset to wreck my car. Agreed Neilson.

    • May. 22, 10:22am

      @ultimateBMWfan and Pit Crew.. thank you and yes I am also looking forward to the customisation options although, I’m not sure exactly what it means yet but yeah if I am able dress up my cars pretty much as i like with aero pieces and decal, I would be soooooooo happy…

    • May. 22, 11:46am

      JeremiahTB, just who should the customer base be? The one thing GT has going for it that other games lack is the DRIVING MODEL. Kaz has been straight up about that from the beginning. From the beginning it has been “the ultimate driving sim.” So if you want superficial stuff, you aren’t the target customer, and in fact there are lots of other games out there that maybe do that stuff better.

      So go play those.

  2. May. 22, 7:47am

    here we go again… GT6 = GT5 + new tracks and cars…nothing else… please PD make me wrong

    • May. 22, 8:07am

      Well, what about the new physics that are one of the core elements of a simulator?

    • May. 22, 10:30am

      errr lets see –
      entire game code refactoring
      more compact engine, less loading time
      200 new cars
      completely new physics engine
      completely new tyre model (perhaps introduction of tyre model)
      new tracks
      increased rim selection
      new track editor
      new online club and championship editor
      and PD said there is more to be revealed at E3

      Yeah definitely the same old game

    • May. 22, 10:32am

      oh I forgot

      new customisation options
      thousands of new aerodynamic pieces

    • May. 22, 11:40am

      Can You Read????? Are You Blind????? New Physics Engine, New Tire Modelling developed with people who build parts and generate data in the real world.

    • May. 22, 12:14pm

      forgot to mention enhanced graphics

    • May. 23, 12:20am

      We can all READ what PD says it’s going to do different but what’s the end product going to be?

      Is this really an incredible new incarnation of GT or just what GT5 should have been in the first place?

      Time will tell.

      I’m voting that it’s going to be great but even if PD put a coupon in every box for a FREE REAL LIFE GT-R just go get it from the dealership in ever box, haters are going to hate it, fanboys are going to swoon for it.

    • May. 23, 6:04am

      GT6 will be as PD says it is going to be and GT5 is as it was meant to be. Dont say GT6 is going to be what GT5 should have been because we already have more than what any other game would offer us anyway.

  3. May. 22, 7:36am

    Personally, I do not like damage to the body work. The mechanical damage is appreciated, heavy or light.

  4. May. 22, 7:32am

    I couldnt care if the damage was the same. Ive experienced some really good damage in GT5 and experienced some really bad damage. Its a driving sim, as long as I can tune my car with amazing physics and improved car sounds thendl damage aint worth the space on the game. Id rather have little things. I do agree with having a major crash and being able to retire. In forza mechanical damage only happens in races where as free run its only visual. Im glad they are puttin vinyls in just for number plates anf making British touring cars. Can wait for GT6, not expecting much more than GT5 but who cares.

  5. May. 22, 7:31am

    I don’t expect any drastic changes in GT6, the teaser/trailer looked more like GT5,5.. More of the same stuff. Which sucks, the old school fans want more I suppose.

  6. May. 22, 7:29am

    If you want damage go play Flatout or Burnout, this is Gran Turismo.

    • May. 22, 8:02am

      If you don’t want damage, turn your PS2 back on and play the old games. Realistic damage is realistic driving. Realistic driving is what GT strives to be.

    • May. 22, 8:05am

      you still think there’s a working ps2 in the world? hah..

    • May. 22, 8:29am

      There’s working PS1’s so I’m sure there’s working PS2’s :D

      But honestly I’m not sure what to think about this, since I try my best not to crash I don’t really care.

      Real drivers won’t be affected by this, and to be honest nobody had high hopes for better damage modelling.

      Those kids that use barriers to their advantage can cry all they want, they’re not playing the game properly anyway.

    • May. 22, 8:46am

      I have both a working PS1 and PS2 :P

    • May. 22, 10:18am

      You think there ISN’T a working PS2 in the world? I just completed my GTA SA for the second time on it.

    • May. 22, 11:51am

      Even without damage, GT6 will still be a real driving sim! The operative word is driving!!


      As Kristus said, if you want “real” damage to be visible, go play a different game! The GT community does not want you!

  7. May. 22, 7:10am

    hope that bumbers fall of easyer (Drifting)

    • May. 22, 8:29am


  8. May. 22, 7:06am

    I think most fans have come to except that there won’t be any serious damage modelling. I can’t say the lack of damage ruined my experience of GT5 in any way. Sure it would be nice but it’s really not a priority. This isn’t a racing game after all, it’s about the experience of driving cars.

  9. May. 22, 6:57am

    I hope PD improves “Jeff Gordon” modelling and let him look less like a frog.

    • May. 22, 8:03am

      …or remove Gordon all together.

    • May. 22, 11:49am

      lolz. The Sebastians, (Loeb and Vettel) look pretty weird too. But I think I have seen those guys in like .000000001% of my game play…

    • May. 23, 12:21am



  10. May. 22, 6:52am

    I love how people are defending this.
    The damage in GT5 is so pathetic that it actually ruins the game.
    It needs to be done properly or not at all.

    Collision noise do need an upgrade, same with most noises in the game. Someone mention smashing window noises, unless windows actually smash… Dumb idea.
    If they do smash: great idea.

    Gt claims to be ‘The real driving simulator”…
    Damage, actual damage would make this claim true….

    • May. 22, 8:31am

      It’s not our fault you’re a bad driver.

    • May. 22, 11:50am

      Thank You Lord!!!! The game is “ruined!” Perhaps you and your ilk will fckng give up on the series now. Please! May I buy you a copy of another racing game? Just stay out of here and off the online rooms forever.

    • May. 22, 12:53pm

      lol fordskydog

  11. May. 22, 6:52am

    I don’t care much about damage modelling, but if I crash into a wall at 150mph, I want my car to stop working. I mean, I’m not asking for a cut scene of my driver getting airlifted to a hospital and a crew to run out on the track and clean the parts, but if my car is involved in a devastating accident, I want to lose the race. I realize that that would irritate some people because occasionally the AI does tend to be too aggressive, but I’d like an option to have to retire a vehicle after a serious collision.

    • May. 22, 6:53am

      clean the parts up*

      Obviously they’re not planning on putting them on display or anything.

    • May. 22, 7:04am

      Aggressive AI? Which game is this?

    • May. 23, 12:22am

      The AI tends to be stupid and act like a road cone more than a competitor

  12. May. 22, 6:47am

    You wouldn’t go to Africa to taste fine food…………

    You need to come to Africa dude! Garanteed to change your mind about Africa and fine food.
    If you love cars you have to love Granturismo. It is not about crash damage, it is about learning to drive fast without bumping your opponents and most of all enjoying yourself while you doing it.For me at least!

    • May. 22, 11:55am

      Seriously. I am in 110% agreement with you. In fact, on those online rabbit chases, I quit and start over if I hit the AI. I wish all the peeps who want it to look real when they f up other people online would just quit playing.

      Kaz, I’m with you. I am your customer base, and I don’t care about or want you to spend any more time on the damage model. It is good enough, and improvements to the physics model are the most important thing. I think Kaz knows better than the whiners what to do and how to stay successful…

      There are other games that maybe do the superficial stuff better. Some of these peeps should go play those and quit bitching.

  13. May. 22, 6:39am

    The fact that you can scuff and bend the cars at all is good enough for me.

  14. May. 22, 6:37am

    I don’t really care about the damage model. As long as the sounds are improved, that’s all that matters!

    • May. 22, 6:39am
      Magic Ayrton

      Could not possibly agree more with you.

  15. May. 22, 6:21am

    I dont plan to crash cars in GT, so i dont care bout damage..
    But hopefully this means they have been working on other things, like being able to tune the cars properly.
    Or upgrading S14 kouki and zenki to premium.

    They know we want removal of spoilers and bumbers, and engine swaps..
    Lest hope this is something that PD have been working on..

    I cant explain how much i miss my 600 hp 180SX with no spoiler..

  16. May. 22, 6:14am


  17. May. 22, 6:10am

    i hate damages!

  18. May. 22, 6:08am

    I couldn`t care less.

  19. May. 22, 6:07am

    Polyphony is turning into another square…..

  20. May. 22, 5:57am

    When Grid and Burnout (Very out-dated games) have better damage than GT6 then you know PD are slacking.

    Either do it properly or don’t put damage at all.

    • May. 22, 8:32am

      They have like what? 20 cars? Modelling damage on 1200 cars would be a huge waste of time.

      I can only imagine you whiners are kids that tend to crash a lot.

  21. May. 22, 5:49am

    Gee, I didn’t realise people bought games from the Gran Turismo series just to crash cars. I must have been in a completely different part of the internet for the past 3 years or so. Gran Turismo is a driving simulator, not a crash simulator; please do not mistake it as such. The idea is that you practice control of your cars, tune your cars, and learn how to drive them. If you believe Gran Turismo is a lesser game because of the lack of detail in it’s damage models, then you’ve just completely missed the point, my friend. The same can be said to those who complain to no end about the poor exhaust notes. Gran Turismo is NOT a race car sound simulator.
    You wouldn’t buy a Call of Duty game for the story.
    You wouldn’t go to Africa to taste fine food.
    So why do people expect a driving simulator to reward people for being horrible drivers by showing them huge, explosive, blood and gore crashes with car parts flying everywhere and possibly orbiting the Earth? It just doesn’t compute at all.

    • May. 22, 6:16am
      Ben Rogue

      Its not about destroying cars, it’s about simulating consequences, being rewarded for NOT hitting a wall or being an idiot and damaging your car. And if you do happen to hit a wall at least having the decency to have realistic consequences. I don’t want to be able to win a race if i plow into my opponent or them do the same to me. If I happen to clip a curb and loose my chin spoiler, scrape a barrier and loose a wing mirror, bump the car in front of me and bend a suspension component, reward through avoiding consequences.
      Road tyres shouldn’t be able to hold together at 350mph so why should my bumper stay on when hit a wall at that same speed? Its all about immersion isn’t it?

    • May. 22, 6:37am

      Immersion, in regards to a simulator, is about trying to get the very best out of what you are given. The desire to become a better driver is what pulls us in, not the possibility of losing every body panel in a head-on crash. While I would agree with you if you were to say something like ‘better damage would create a fuller experience, so to speak’, I do not agree because that isn’t what’s being said.
      Gran Turismo 5 provides you with settings to enable mechanical damage that DOES penalize you and effects your car. That doesn’t stop idiots in online lobbies from choosing the heaviest car in their garage and hurling it around corners at other drivers. Better damage won’t make people drive better – if anything, it’ll give them incentive to drive even worse.

  22. May. 22, 5:37am

    mmm… can you HEAR ME!!! … DAMAGE SOUNDS!!! WORK ON DAMAGE SOUNDS! we need more that “bump” or “Toc” …. and dont forget GLASS BROKEN SOUNDS! PLEASE :)

    • May. 22, 6:09am

      Can I get an Amen to this post?! I think so!

      Dude, spread the word! We bought the game because we love cars and racing, not destruction. Whoever wants to smash cars, buy something else.

    • May. 23, 2:25am

      the news talk about “damage”… can you read?… and sounds of racings are also this… not only drive..in a superclean race you can “touch” other cars.. and i dont hear only “toc”. .. think about it … wakeup my frined!

  23. May. 22, 5:21am

    great, no sense of consequence, fail. nothing like driving a real car, and not be on the lookout for everything.walls, other cars,people. some sim! wouldnt damage help the online first turn crash bs! consequence (and sound

    great, zero consequence. fail. risk is half the fun!


    • May. 22, 5:23am

      sorry hammerd lol

  24. May. 22, 5:10am

    @ Ben Rogue, ‘ Half the reason most people don’t enjoy playing GT games is because of lack of damage ‘ ? first, GT is the biggest selling racing franchise on the planet, second, i think the damage in GT5 is fine, even the standards have it, like when i’m in the Countach and braking into a corner and go into the back of car in front and the Countach nose is all bent and scewed, i think thats good. For me one of the joys of GT is sitting back after a race and watching the replay ( which GT is best at ) i don’t think i would like to see cars all smashed to bits really so i think the damage model is more than adequate and if its a choice between less detail on cars because of hyper realistic damage then i’d rather not have it.
    rumbalumba is bang on, its not a deal breaker.

    • May. 22, 5:32am
      Ben Rogue

      You completely misquoted and appear to have misunderstood me. I said; “Half the reason most people don’t enjoy playing GT games is because, no matter how well the cars physics represent the real thing, the driving experience isn’t there. It’s not immersive or enjoyable when you hit a wall at 100mph and the only result is a dull thud and at most a slight dent.”

      I was speaking about immersion, yes it has damage modelling but but its very poor. The “half” I was talking about is the reason, not the amount of people. But most people who don’t play GT resort to playing Forza or NFS to get an “enjoyable” racing experience, even if those games don’t represent driving physics in the least.

      The PD team miss the little things that make GT, as a racing simulator AND a video game, fun, rather than just being all about vehicle physics. If I wanted to know what it was like to drive without having enjoying myself I’d just drive my car around town, not break the speed limit, but that wouldn’t be fun!

  25. May. 22, 5:03am

    Lol.. this is very bad news. I will be playing project cars instead. Thanks.

    • May. 22, 5:28am

      Bye bye.

    • May. 22, 11:14am

      Bye bye to you too.

  26. May. 22, 4:57am

    Who cares about significant cosmetic damage?

    That’s like asking for realistic dislocating of shoulders in an NBA 2K game or something.

    People wanting cosmetic damage are the ones who like to smash their cars and replay the hell out of it.

    if mechanical damage would try to replicate what happens in real life, a lot of people will be pissed at the game. This is a video game, afterall. With the amount of crashes every person out of those 10+ million userbase, how many do you guys think will get frustrated whenever they won’t be able to drive anymore if they hit a wall at 100mph on a 5-lap race? Yes, it’d be the realest of them all, but Kazunori once said GT is still a video game front and center and they didn’t want a single crash to be a game over screen just like in real life.

    Now, cosmetic damage can just go away. Not a deal breaker.

    • May. 22, 6:29am
      drag lab 101

      Great analogy with the NBA 2k and bum shoulders!
      It seriously sounds just like that.
      Example: Oh man!!! Ill never play NBA 2k again because when my guy is injured I can’t see the broken bones and torn muscles!!! Argh!
      It’s silly to me that its such a big deal to some.. At least the appearance part. Mechanical.. Different issue.
      But appearance? Really?
      I play Forza and other games and it personally doesn’t change my experience to see damage or not.
      I laughing at oh it’s so real when in Forza…
      You crash the Vey at 250mph and its just scratches with a broken windows and a missing fender.
      Soooo real!

  27. May. 22, 4:22am

    “Hood cam shouldn’t be half way back along the roof of the car like I’m driving a truck.” This!

    Why not the lower edge of the windscreen? why roof?

  28. May. 22, 4:02am
    Ben Rogue

    So as “The Real Driving Simulator” they won’t work on including any realistic visual damage!? That is just pathetic! And most of you are fine with that? Even some PS2 games did better at simulating damage (visual and mechanical) than GT5! To say that the cars are pieces of art and there should be no need to see them damaged is silly considering how damn ugly they can be made in game and how ridiculously undrivable you can make them.

    Half the reason most people don’t enjoy playing GT games is because, no matter how well the cars physics represent the real thing, the driving experience isn’t there. It’s not immersive or enjoyable when you hit a wall at 100mph and the only result is a dull thud and at most a slight dent. This is a second attempt at a 3rd-gen racing sim we’re talking about here, it’s about time we see some creativity from Kaz and PD.

    On a side note, haven’t commented here in a while so thought I’d complain about a few other things! XD.

    This whole standard and premium cars thing is also a big issue. I know that they have worked really hard on the physics, and that there are soo many cars in GT, but come on already! If they include ANY MX5’s, Skylines or anything else as standards that could easily be added as premium by making minor changes to existing models, than its just laziness, pure and simple. I do 3D work all the time and it takes very little effort to make these changes and compared to the scale of GT games this would take almost no time or resources. Making all the standards premium is a very massive task but why hold onto such old models just for the sake of having them in game, while were at it redo the physics and slap some HD textures on some GT2 models and call them sub-standard!?
    The days of being able to easily spot polygons is gone, so PD needs to make a real effort this time around. No more 2D copy and paste trees or crowds, would rather not see any than that eye sore. Tracks need a little more attention, no point driving a good looking car you can’t see half of if your looking at a bland low-res environment.

    Easy custom paint and livery options and more wheels, simple stuff!

    For the love of enjoying driving please PD, do something about the sounds already. Who cares if they are ‘soo realistic’ that the system cant represent or reproduce them properly, they don’t sound real or dynamic while playing the game. There have been less than half a dozen cars in GT games that have ever sounded real or good. At least give us some better effects, some dynamic tyre scrubbing and chirping, crackling and backfires on shifting and hitting rev limits, gear change clunking and transmission/drive train whining.. Even GT Legends had all of the above! A huge part of the driving experience is the noise, hearing that the car is being pushed to its limits and just enjoying the sound!

    And some adjustable camera positions or some consistency in positions would be nice. Hood cam shouldn’t be half way back along the roof of the car like I’m driving a truck. Some FOV, positioning, movement options, etc. The Cockpit cam in GT5 got better with updates but its still doesn’t move realistically. It should move more independent of the car, stay fairly smooth and focus on the horizon, sway based on body movement and not like a bobble head, shaking violently causing seizures.

    Anyway, that’s just a few things of the top of my head. Been a GT loyalist since GT1, clocked over 1000 hours on a single save of GT4 alone and got a PS3 just for GT5. I know all these fan boys will defend ANYTHING PD does but FFS this is GT6 we’re talking about, time to step up your game PD!

    • May. 22, 4:12am
      Ben Rogue

      Or maybe PD is holding off for the PS4, one can only hope!

    • May. 22, 4:19am

      You will never have everything you need which means that you will never ever be satisfied with a game that you are a “loyalist” to. That is sad. But I am not criticising you ..or defending Gran Turismo. I am just saying that if it was me, I would think it sucks that for the next couple of years I will not be entirely happy with a game I love. Good luck man …hopefully PD helps you out as time goes by.

    • May. 22, 4:33am
      Ben Rogue

      The problem is that even though it’ll be the best there is available, there will still be major oversights that are such easy to fix things.

    • May. 22, 4:44am

      Nah …I hear you man. I understand what you are saying.

    • May. 22, 4:57am

      Try not hitting walls at 100mph….as if you were trying to say simulate driving in the real world?

      GT6 The Real Crashing Simulator lol

    • May. 22, 5:47am
      Ben Rogue

      @77 But accidents happen and that’s all part of the racing experience in GT. Part of simulating racing is consequence, creating a sense of immersion and rewarding the driver when they hit that perfect racing line or just managing to avoid loosing control at speed. Part of the beauty of racing is the high speed and close contact nature that will either result in epic, adrenaline pumping battles or a spectacular crash. Its hard to appreciate the driving experience when the only consequence is a crooked bumper or headlamp, its all relevant.

    • May. 22, 5:59am
      Ben Rogue

      @77 Sorry to double-down and double post but saying: “Try not hitting walls at 100mph….as if you were trying to say simulate driving in the real world?” would be like saying to someone playing a shooter game; “try not to blow up anything” because we didn’t bother simulating any of that. That’s the whole reason Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2 were fun games, even though they weren’t the best FPS they let you destroy almost everything around you. Which is much more enjoyable than just a realistic shooting sim. Hence the reason i traded in BF3 but still play BFBC1 & 2.

  29. May. 22, 3:16am

    Im pretty happy with that and I agree, this game isn’t about bashing cars around.
    It’s all about quality, modern cars, and world circuits. I little more beefed up realistic sounds and where good to go.

  30. May. 22, 3:15am

    Why is when someone puts in their 4 cents worth about supporting a decision that PD has made, someone responds with smart arse answer worthy of a dirty politicians excuse at why they did something wrong in the first place. Then analy analysing that persons answer to make their argument against said subject sounding better. Please. They’ve said the damage model isn’t going to be changed from GT5, deal with it. It won’t change my way of playing GT6. Like someone said if you want crunched up cars, go play Burnout or Need For Speed!

  31. May. 22, 2:23am

    I too am not overly bothered about a lack of significant damage modelling. I echo the many nods on here towards an emphasis on mechanical damage. One of the ripple effects of not having proper mechanical damage to me seems to be that there is an extremely awkward and manufactured punishment system. Running hard in to the back of another car results in being spun to the side in a very unrealistic fashion. It’s a nonsensical substitute for what would otherwise be a natural punishment.

  32. May. 22, 2:22am

    no no no… we’ve not got it! … we DONT need better damage! (the PS3 is limited) WE NEED BETTER CRASH SOUND! WITH GLASS BROKED SOUND! …..REMEBER KAZU REMEMBER…. at least like toca race driver 3 :)

  33. May. 22, 2:21am

    I don’t care about damage, but care about physic which make me buy this later.

  34. May. 22, 1:59am

    laziness pure and simple.

    • May. 22, 2:12am

      There is a reason for it, but it would certainly not be laziness. It is actually quite silly to suggest such a thing.

    • May. 22, 2:16am

      He just assumes it is. He must love his cars look UGLY, than go play Burnout…

    • May. 22, 2:29am
      Pit Crew

      Hes still mad GT6 is a PS3 title. Petty.

    • May. 22, 2:31am

      He’s not lazy. He even said in a development video that he didnt even want to make damage on cars. So your just lucky to even have damage at all!!!

  35. May. 22, 1:56am

    Don’t care.

  36. May. 22, 1:43am

    Considering changing my name to “FlaminRickyBobby”, cuz these children have no respect for art. Like the no talent hack rapper and producer who think its a good thing to scratch up the old LP. I have been done with ogooling at wrecks since “King Richard Petty”s, it’s a miracle he survived, pirolette of doom, dance of death crash in a 90s Daytona crash. I was certain he was a gonner.

    Then I lost two of the most beautiful great nieces a great uncle could ever have in one of those Ford SUV/Firestone rollover accidents. So, yeah I don’t dig scratched paint or crumpled sheet metal. It’s not pretty and it hurts to the heart bone when it happens to you. Survivor guilt?

    Therefore, I say don’t be the halve candy assed hypocrite and demand the whole enchelada. Or shut the hell up about damage. dang kids.

    • May. 22, 2:03am

      “Like the no talent hack rapper and producer who think its a good thing to scratch up the old LP.” …as a part-time DJ, I could not have said that any better my brother. And I am sorry to hear about your nieces ..my condolences to what I consider a proper GT fan.

    • May. 22, 2:22am

      Thanks JohnyP ;)

    • May. 22, 2:49am

      In your first paragraph you managed to prove the argument of the “children” you’re arguing against. Collisions are a part of every form of racing, and as you have unfortunately experienced first hand, a part of life. It’s not that they don’t appreciate art, or necessarily want to look at giant crashes because they look cool, it’s because cars get damaged in the real world. GT calls itself the “Real Driving Simulator,” and in the real world, crashes are as much a part of driving as an accelerator pedal. It should be in the game. I don’t want to destroy my beautiful car. Most people who play GT are car enthusiasts, meaning they already appreciate the art of the car and are not playing the game to smash their cars to bits. If I buy a brand new GT-R and take it around a corner too fast and do $10,000 worth of damage, you know I’m not making that mistake again. Damage would add a whole new level of strategy and consequence to the game, making all of us better drivers and, in my opinion, create a much more realistic experience.

    • May. 22, 4:17am

      @daveaye You’re right, the real driving simulator. Not the real crash simulator. And that’s precisely what it is – a top driving sim.
      Try to race a lap of the Nurb in Arcade mode in a tail happy AMG without touching a single opponent car. If you can do that you don’t need damage recreated.
      GT Academy isn’t to teach drivers how to crash, it’s to learn how to spot opportunities to take the fastest line through a circuit.
      GT6 is still very much in that mindset so don’t expect an accurate damage model.

  37. May. 22, 1:07am

    Visual damage – not a concern of mine.

    Mechanical damage – B- Needs improving. See me.

    • May. 22, 1:46am

      Thank you.

    • May. 22, 1:52am

      true and better collision/crash physic.
      cars are unable to flip and had terrible car jump physic.
      if car landed with great impact it should be take mechanical damage.

  38. May. 22, 1:05am

    Dont really care about damage. Hate seeing the cars all banged up anyways. Keep it change it, its all good to me.

    • May. 22, 1:46am

      Thank you ;)

  39. May. 22, 12:45am

    Oh man you guys make me laugh….don’t forget the irony that is the damage molding in GT5. I mean there is a freakn trophy for having a part of your car fall off. It takes a pointlessly unrealistic and large amount of crashing to achieve this.

    Why they have to fret so much over not having any sort of respectable damage modeling is beyond me. Just copy GTA IV’s style of damage and I think those of us who care to have better damage will be satisfied. It doesn’t need to be on par with the rest of the game, but to ironically make terrible damage is a disappointing decision. Not a buy or not buy type of decision, but something I’ll whine about until the end of time because it’s a feature they simply “didn’t feel like” putting effort in.

    • May. 22, 1:16am

      Yeah but the cars in GTA4 don’t crunch, they bend.

  40. May. 22, 12:25am

    I just hope they get rid of that horrible loud thud bass noise when you hit the wall or something. However it might just be the way my speakers receive the sound.

    • May. 22, 12:36am

      I dislike that noise too.

    • May. 22, 12:44am

      No it’s not your speakers it just sounds that bad.

    • May. 22, 1:17am

      That’s odd, I get a “sleigh-bell” type of noise when I hit a wall or another car, but only from the right hand side!

  41. May. 21, 11:59pm

    Nobody likes visual damage?

    • May. 22, 5:32am

      Well for me not like that, but I think the one we have now is okay I guess…

  42. May. 21, 11:51pm

    Well I realyl hope they improve mechanical damage and force it to be on at all times. Seriously, you guys have no idea how much cleaner the racing online would be if mechanical damage was always on, like heavy damage. That’s the way it should be.

    I highly doubt Kaz is ok with dirty drivers even in a game so I think they should force it. Or maybe they should just take my idea, have ranked and unranked lobbies. Ranked will be full realism, tire wear, false starts, heavy damage, only can use tires the car came with, no assists, and locked to manual shifting and cockpit view. Unranked can be custom lobbies. Screw the clusterf*** that GT5 is, they need to narrow down the lobby regulations for us, since nobody can agree on how to race. Maybe the racing soft noobs will finally learn how to drive if only realistic racing is ranked.

    Also, that’s my other idea, having an online rank which will not just be experience/miles traveled based, but also collision, spin out, and shortcut based rating. Kind of like the safety rating in iracing except not as douchey. Won’t happen though, GT is too much catered to casuals with no appreciation for the good physics this game will have. We need more sim snobs like me.

    • May. 22, 12:43am


    • May. 22, 1:53am

      Absolutely not! There are those of us who can drive clean (and are very good at it mind you) who enjoy dirty racing.

      Myself, three Canadians, another Australian and a guy from Belgium, get together with a load of Americans and play a game called Cat & Mouse. This game-within-a-game is fun and we can blow off the steam that is built up from racing against the “don’t scratch the paint on my car” type of retard like you!

      If the game had fixed damage and penalties, this release would not be possible! And, as there are those who have absolutely no idea of how to drive clean, the game would be out of reach for them (ie. it would be of no use to them and they wouldn’t buy it), and Sony and PD would lose money from lack of sales! As a result, there would be no further developments made to the GT series and any future titles & DLC’s would not be possible!!

      In an online room, if we want these features that you hold so dear to your heart turned on, then turn them on! How bloody difficult is that you elitist twat!?

    • May. 22, 2:09am

      An easy fix to your problem is to find and join a decent racing club. I race with a group called GBRC who are based on a site called GTArena.com. We have organised events where the racing is exceptionally clean, regulations are set and adhered to and penalties issued if required – however none have been issued which shows how clean the racing is. Feel free to check it out.

  43. May. 21, 11:33pm


    • May. 22, 1:23am
      Pit Crew

      Manufacture specific Crate Engines and Custom built chassis would be nice.

  44. May. 21, 11:25pm

    I don’t care about damage only babies do waaaa aaaa waaa!

  45. May. 21, 11:24pm

    GT5 does a better job than just about every game out there at replicating small bumps and scrapes.

    These small bumps and scrapes are quite common in racing and I think that GT needs to keep this current damage system.

    When I’m racing my friends, I’m okay with seeing a few bumps and dents on the car. It makes my car look raced and pushed to the limit.

    I’m glad that it doesn’t replicate 200 MPH damage. These cars are extremely beautiful and to wreck them makes me very sad.

    I don’t want my car to look like it survived a bomb test. If I want that, I’ll go play Burnout Paradise.

    Their damage is fine IMO, I don’t care about damage that much, and the damage that GT has is perfect since I don’t see the point in modeling 200 MPH damage considering it happens relatively infrequently in real life and when it does, the result can be gruesome and the car will not run.

    There’s no point in modeling a car to that extent of damage because in the real world, it wouldn’t drive anymore.

    If I’m doing an endurance race, I don’t think it’s fair to end my race 20 hours through because I took a turn too fast.

    There needs to be a balance of realism and video game-ness in these games.

    I’m okay with some minor mechanical damage issues and major ones as long as I can get it fixed.

    But to model the damage anymore would just be a waste of time and I personally would dislike it.

    • May. 22, 2:05am

      Ever heard of NASCAR? 200mph wrecks happens 3 times a year. Thankfully, we don’t loose race car drivers at that rate. Funny thing is, you want to ugly a car for realism but only to a certain degree. Lol, that exactly what you got. And it’s stupid cuz of the man hours spent on damage could be spent in other areas. It’s just plain wasteful.

  46. May. 21, 11:24pm

    I just wish they would scrap visual damage altogether since it serves no purpose. Meh, visual damage may be realistic, but it isn’t quite useful in a game such as GT.

    • May. 21, 11:53pm

      Agreed. Mechanical is what matters. Plus physics are more important, above everything and GT5 already has the best on console hands down. Now, lets hope GT6 can approach the super realism found in netkar Pro and assetto Corsa

    • May. 22, 12:52am

      Agree too. I wouldn’t miss it at all. I rather have the car suffering from wear during the race, and also mechanical damage to the engine, brakes, transmission and suspension.

    • May. 22, 1:29am
      Pit Crew

      Nothing beats trying to Navigate the 24hr Nurb course, in the rain, at night, 100% saturation, with Front wheel and Engine Damage. Epic beyond compare lol.

    • May. 22, 2:06am

      Thank you HarVee, Tom and Husky ;)

  47. May. 21, 11:05pm

    I wonder how many people actually care about damage? I personally do not, but I know others do, so I can understand why people would want in Gran Turismo.

    With that said, I can’t see damage reaching amazing levels until the PS4 comes around.

    Oh well, it could be worse, as the folks in Oklahoma found out.

    • May. 22, 1:29am

      I agree 100%, especially that part about Oklahoma.

      Does it make me a bad person in I was worrying more about the possible classic cars that were swept away in that tornado more than the death toll?

    • May. 22, 3:06am


      yes.. that does make you a bad person

    • May. 22, 7:51pm

      I still worried about the people, but the cars are what came to mind first

  48. May. 21, 11:03pm

    GT6 is just getting worse and worse everyday…

    • May. 21, 11:07pm

      GT isn’t about the damage. It’s about the *driving experience.* You want gratuitous damage? Go play GRID.

    • May. 21, 11:50pm

      @TeamCZRRacing Crashes are part of the *driving experience*. For a game claiming to be “The Real Driving Simulator”, it’s pretty dumb that it’s doesn’t have at least decent damage. Hell, GT5 doesn’t even have decent crashing physics, and realistic physics is something really necessary on a Real Driving Simulator, no? Even without the cosmetic damage, if GT6 doesn’t improve on the crashing physics and mechanical damage it’s already lacking where most simulators (which aren’t smug in claiming they’re the real driving simulator) already do rather well.

    • May. 21, 11:56pm

      Wankel you don’t know what you’re talking about. How many crashes have you been in? The crashing physics are fine, maybe not with the AI cars, I’ll give you that but with humans the cars crash off eachother in a very realistic way. The mechanical damage if set on heavy is already good enough mechanical damage. You don’t need to total cars in it, already if you hit something your race is pretty much ruined anyway when it’s on heavy. I would like improvements to mechanical damage but you’re making it sound like there is none and there is.

    • May. 22, 1:34am

      @TomBrady, especially if your on a track that doesn’t have a pit road like the TGTT. I could barely get my Celica rally car up to 100 while approaching Bacharach. If that’s not realistic, then I don’t know what is. +, I almost went off on the Follow Through with an already destroyed car. That’s one of the easiest turns on the track!

  49. May. 21, 10:59pm

    Cosmetic damage? Meh…

    HOWEVER, cosmetic damage should translate into mechanical damage, if there is such.
    i.e. you take too much curb on a corner, rip off your splitter
    =no splitter
    =no downforce at the front,
    =the visual of no splitter.

    OR you hit a curb sliding sideways on the nürb
    =bent rear suspension
    =messed up handling
    =model of messed up wheel alignment

    DON’T FORGET mechanical damage….. lets say you downshift 5th-2nd by accident (H-pattern) and dip the clutch back in before the engine is blown to pieces
    should = off engine timing
    or = just a crappy running car

    Don’t play GT5 anymore, just throwing my opinion into the comments.

    Just was sick of GT5 in the sense that the car felt like it didn’t have enough variables to it..

    …and how hitting a curb felt like bouncing a bar of soap off the side of my bath tub. :/

    • May. 22, 1:37am

      In GT5, you can mess up the wheel alignment on your car very seriously. I’ve done it countless of times. & you can see the changes both mechanically & visually.

    • May. 22, 2:03am

      @JasonMann – Do you bounce soap off the side of your tub very often?

  50. May. 21, 10:43pm

    At least we’re getting answers on the regular. I switch damage off.

  51. May. 21, 10:41pm

    I could care less. This isn’t “The Real Demolition Derby Simulator”.As long as mechanical damage is there, I think that’s all that matters. Visual doesn’t really mean anything. What I do want is mechanical damage in career races, that will add some good challenges to the career races.

    • May. 21, 11:00pm

      Good for you but the damage or lack of is a REAL problem with Gran Turismo wether you like it or not, you may not care but that doesn’t fix the rpoblem.

  52. May. 21, 10:33pm

    Personally, I would like to see damage be extremely real, so that car break just as easily as they do in real life, or not bothered with at all. Either do it right or don’t waste any time with it at all and put that saved time into something else.

    • May. 21, 10:40pm

      +1 I wish mechanical damage would be improved which include failures. The 24 hour races would be frustrating and exciting to say the least.

    • May. 22, 2:14am

      PanJanDrum, you get the “FlaminRickyBobby” award. ;)

  53. May. 21, 10:33pm

    I do not care about damage, I always turn it off, it doesn’t help make a better simulator until you crash, at which point I still don’t care, get it right while you’re driving on the road, forget about what happens off of it.

    • May. 22, 2:19am

      You sound like so many of those cats who bounce off guard rails and knock off opponents left and right. But don’t like to spoil the action photomode shots and pretending the carnage you left behind didn’t happen.

  54. May. 21, 10:16pm


    That SUCKS.

  55. May. 21, 10:16pm

    I approve PD’s reason. KY mentioned he never liked seeing damaged cars. Me neither. But lots of people keep pestering about visual damage and eventually he gave in. The modeling isn’t great either, I hate it so much, and I reckon PD themselves hate the feature too. If they offered an option to turn off visual damage offline, that would be fantastic. I’m the few who weren’t happy with it, because there was no need.

    However, I wonder if rally car damage modeling from the WRC premiums would work with every premium model now.

  56. May. 21, 10:11pm
    Fire Yoshi

    This doesn’t bother me.
    I’m actually with Poly on this one, I don’t really like seeing banged up cars in games like GT and Forza. I always turn the cosmetic damage off when I can on games like those.
    If I really wanted to smash a fender, I would play a game like Burnout or Flatout, where smashing your car is the point. Smashing you car is NOT the point on games such as GT or Forza.

    • May. 21, 10:14pm

      Sad just Sad. No one said we want GT to be about smashing cars, But collisions, crashes do happen. A reaL DAMAGE MODEL encourages clean driving, and any real sim should have some damage/mechanical failure for bad driving. Sigh PD is so out of touch.

      Pathetic excise this post is.

    • May. 21, 10:35pm
      drag lab 101

      bigspleen… Sad just sad is your regurgitated comment left in like 7-8 different spots copied almost exactly.
      Its apparent you have no valued input to add as you can only muster the same response over & over.

      Trolling is sad! You have a comment to make for whatever reason, make it, but no point to post it in response to everyone over & over again.


    • May. 21, 10:37pm

      @bigspleen, are you just going to keep saying the same pathetic comment over and over again. GT5 has mechanical damage, just turn it on. Somehow I feel you haven’t even played this game because the option is there every time you start a race.

    • May. 21, 10:37pm
      Fire Yoshi

      Or maybe you just don’t know how to create a legitimate reply to a legitimate opinion, hm?

    • May. 21, 11:07pm

      Games with damage online look like demolition derbies, such as grid etc . True story..

  57. May. 21, 10:01pm

    I don’t give a damn about cosmetic damage; I want to know if mechanical damage will be in career mode.

  58. May. 21, 9:37pm

    I don’t know what’s the big deal…just don’t crash.

    • May. 21, 9:43pm

      Thank you!!!!

    • May. 21, 10:15pm

      Sad just Sad. No one said we want GT to be about smashing cars, But collisions, crashes do happen. A reaL DAMAGE MODEL encourages clean driving, and any real sim should have some damage/mechanical failure for bad driving. Sigh PD is so out of touch.

      Trying to defend this with the “Don’t crash” nonsense is pure fanboyism. It happens, people bang into oyu. GT5 is a pure punters paradise. Sim my arse./

    • May. 21, 10:43pm

      Good point but I’m sure that’s not the reason why everyone wants better damage. They just want to take a Bugatti and crash into a wall going 250+ and go “ooh snap bro my bumper fell off!!” I have Forza 4 and to be honest I can’t even tell you if the damage is good. I had a few fenderbendershere and there but nothing serious. I guess I’m an AMAZING driver huh? But I did screw up my clutch a few times, pardon my shifting lol

  59. May. 21, 9:21pm

    Everyone remember the damage that first appeared in the so called best buy kiosk gt5 demo? How come that damage didnt make it into the final game? I think it was better than what made it to gt5 ,just youtube the gt5 best buy demo damage,that looked BETTER#!!!

  60. May. 21, 9:20pm
    Ittybitty Stigy

    GT is supposed to be a “simulator”, it isn’t about crashing into wall repeatedly trying to damage your car or ramming others off the track. If you want that, go play NFS. The people who are most likely to buy GT don’t care about cosmetic damage and would rather expirence better physics, more cars, etc. Thank you for not spending tons of time on damage.

    • May. 21, 9:25pm

      But part of the simulation is the risk of crashing, whether or not it’s crashing out or suffering aerodynamic damage, whatever, that is all part of racing and I absolutely think it should be part of the simulator in some form better than it is now.

    • May. 21, 9:57pm

      Its meant to be a simulation, i enjoy racing not crashing, but crashing is a part of racing and when you crash and the car just bounces with hardly any visual damage its the kind of thing that kills the illlusion.

    • May. 22, 12:02am

      But there needs to be consequences for crashing, especially in multiplayer. GT5 has what we need, mechanical damage, but it lets people shut it off. That’s crap. Not to mention “light” damage, which is only a half measure.

      If heavy damage was always on, that would solve the problem in my opinion. Sure, GT5 isn’t about crashing but it is about simulation, and if you crash in a race you should have to go to the pits. Especially online. You have no idea how much better and more fun racing is when everyone treats it like it’s real racing. Even with clean racers when damage isn’t on, they all take much bigger risks than they would have, and crashes happen more often. Turn heavy damage on and everything changes. Trust me, I’ve raced with all kinds of people and done serious racing in GT5, and PC sims which always have damage on. Racing is better when it’s fully realistic.

      Also, no more ultra grippy racing soft tires, those don’t feel realistic on any car, and noobs use them even on street cars. The tire grip should be set to realistic levels.

    • May. 22, 7:24am
      Ittybitty Stigy

      Yes, I agree GT does need more mechanical damage. In my post I was strictly talking about cosmetic damage.

  61. May. 21, 8:36pm

    I would like to have mechanical damage, not so much visual damage. If you run off the track and hit a berm you should have something broken maybe suspension or steering etc. I do not care if the body work is crumpled or not.

  62. May. 21, 8:13pm

    I just hope for an option to turn off the visual damage tbh.

    • May. 21, 8:38pm

      For A-spec? 0.0

    • May. 22, 11:18am

      Yes, for normal A-Spec racing. I was just annoyed that in GT5 that the only way to turn visual damage off was in online racing.

  63. May. 21, 8:09pm

    So damage like on Forza where you hit a bump and it magically scratches the door?

    • May. 21, 9:44pm

      That’s funny

  64. May. 21, 7:47pm

    I don’t give a damn about damage. I rarely crash anyway. Honestly I thought they were going to take it away for good and replace it with more dirt accumulation. I would’ve been very happy with that.

    Never in my life I’ve seen a new GT getting so many news out in such a short period. I don’t know if I will be able to wait until December… CANT WAIT FOR GT6!!

  65. May. 21, 7:40pm

    SO Kaz wrecked a car once, and it scarred him so much that now he’s hesitant to include damage modelling, preferring to live in la-la land where you can drive into a wall at 200mph and nothing happens. Interesting.

    • May. 21, 7:45pm

      That’s not what was implied.

      I used that as a backdrop to give rhyme to their reasoning.

    • May. 21, 7:53pm

      their “reasoning” stinks worse than your rhyme, T12!

      Is this game for looking at cars or.. ahh nevermind

  66. May. 21, 7:35pm

    I don’t really mind the damage model as I prefer to see the beauty of these cars and don’t like damaging them.

    • May. 21, 7:36pm


  67. May. 21, 7:33pm

    I race clean and definitely don’t want damage. If you race wrecklessly the game will slow you down enough. It’s fine don’t waste precious man-hours on it…. Model more cars!!

  68. May. 21, 7:31pm

    Nice gt6…or Gt5.1? lol sucks

  69. May. 21, 7:28pm

    Can’t we get the dirt to kick more realistically when we run off and do thinks like get our front intake filled with grass, that kind if thing that would cause the engine to overheat if we didnt pit to clean that off? I guess I’m talking mechanical damage, does that include mechanical damage or are we just talking cosmetic? Because I think I care about mechanical damage much more. Tire punctures from contact with the wall/other cars? Blowing the motor if your revving too high? Transmission/drive train problems from shifting at the wrong times? Burning out the clutch if you do something dumb like drop into first at 150 mph? You know, that kind of stuff? And I hope that damage doesn’t just make the car favor to one side, at least give it the real handling characteristic. And even if the car doesn’t get cosmetic damage, can the barriers at least look like they’ve been hit? Ya know, the tires move if a car slams into them?

    • May. 21, 7:40pm

      ^This is exactly what I would want, it adds that ultimate realism, on top of that it discourages short cut takers and drivers who use their opponents for cornering/braking, I would love to see more adverse effects to cars–mechanically though, cosmetics are pretty ok in my opinion..

    • May. 21, 7:45pm

      FIA GTR has most of this and its an early 2000 game…….. In the end the damage cosmetic damage isn’t important…… to add what you said Aero damage would be great also… hit the front, damage the splitter and front downforce is affected….. same for the rear diffuser…… Also dropping into first wont burn the clutch, it would over rev the engine and bend engine valves (at high speeds)…. and down shifting too early would result in tire locking (specially on a RWD vehicle, and not as high a speed)

      Flashy cars and interiors isn’t going to cut it anymore, whats the point of GT6 ?…….. If sony could confirm some of this racing physics…. I would pre order GT6 no problem

    • May. 21, 7:49pm

      @Amac500 you hit right on the head visual would be nice but if we have this then pd is doing good with time. i really want this kinda damage the most

  70. May. 21, 7:25pm

    I don’t know why I seriously laughed out loud as soon as I read the Title of this, but I did.. I never cared about the damage in GT though, I still believe smashing into something should have a more negative effect on your vehicle; whether it be the handling, acceleration, flat tire(s), engine temp, or aerodynamics (of course), there should be something along those lines.. But never wanted it to be Twisted Metal or Burnout..

  71. May. 21, 7:25pm

    You know, if any of you were real, mature racers, there wouldn’t be any damage on your car in the first place. Stop whining. Also, learn to spell and use correct grammar!

    • May. 21, 9:47pm

      That’s not true at all. Accidents happen occasionally. Have you even watched professional racing?

    • May. 21, 10:16pm

      How about you stop telling people what to comment? I agree with BubbleBelly. Accidents happen, whether you’re a “real” and “mature” racer or not. I don’t really care for damage either but I understand the people who want it to be improved. It’s a very real part of racing.

    • May. 21, 10:16pm

      Sad just Sad. No one said we want GT to be about smashing cars, But collisions, crashes do happen. A reaL DAMAGE MODEL encourages clean driving, and any real sim should have some damage/mechanical failure for bad driving. Sigh PD is so out of touch.

      Learn racing/

  72. May. 21, 7:23pm

    I don’t mind that much about cosmetic damage, but mechanical damage is a MUST for a driving simulator. I would do 20 lap races on the TGTT in arcade mode with heavy damage & you really see a difference, by lap 8 I cant even make it ’round Hammerhead without cutting across or driving really slow. This is where it really shows.

    • May. 21, 7:25pm

      How refreshing to have more adults in on the news page.

  73. May. 21, 7:17pm

    As long as they retain the option to turn visible damage off like in GT5, I won’t mind. Personally, I’m not a big fan of visible damage anyway.

    • May. 21, 7:22pm
      e30 freek

      Same, I think its a waste of time it doesnt really add anything to the game and I’ve got fm3 which has damage looks cool but its not worth the time

    • May. 21, 7:30pm

      Being adult sim fan and GT fan going waaaay back, all I care about is how close the driving experince is to reality. Sure the cosmetic damage looks cool but, not for me.

    • May. 21, 7:50pm

      Exactly my thoughts. I, as many others will still switch it off. Even if it’s on, the damage is so minimal that it’s really just a waste of a feature.

  74. May. 21, 7:15pm
    GT5 Level 41

    Damage is overrated. Mature drivers don’t care about it and GT is for mature drivers. If the kids want to play smash up derby, buy smash up derby. I’ve played Forza and damage is a joke! It magically disappears over time, a very short time. What is there a onboard mechanic/body man? Whatever.

    • May. 21, 7:22pm
      e30 freek

      Well said

    • May. 21, 7:30pm

      Damage doesn’t automatically mean a smash up derby, it means the consequences of normal racing, that’s all. Isn’t being to bounce the car off anything fine a bit arcade-ish?

  75. May. 21, 7:12pm

    Hey I know it’s not about smashing cars up, we all know that. It’s not about smashing cars up when we watch motorsports in the TV either, but incidents do occur in racing, and when they do occur we just ask that the damage looks realistic. Come on GT, you are the real driving simulator. That means the full experience and crash damage is part of that. I mean isn’t having consequences for your mistakes part of driving? If I do something dumb in my car, I damage the body or strip the trans or something. In GT if you screw up… not much, they don’t care about crash damage. Guess I can bounce my car off of whoever I want then! Stupid driving like that is something GT5 solved with ghost cars. Remember people, in the real world ghost cars = crash damage.

  76. May. 21, 7:11pm
    Pit Crew

    Not a game changer for me. Kaz & PD, do what you gotta. Personally if I go out of my way to get upset about the damage model staying the same, I won’t enjoy it. I refuse to be that petty.

  77. May. 21, 7:08pm

    next, we’ll hear engine noises isn’t important lol……. was really expecting better…… suspension and tire damage physics need to be exceptional, as so far its a let down….. just seems like GT5 with a large DLC pack……. I guess it makes sense why GT6 didn’t take long to make

    • May. 21, 8:05pm

      Its been in development for 8 years or more.

  78. May. 21, 7:06pm

    Awful lot of butthurt over this… sheesh.

  79. May. 21, 6:59pm

    Kaz needs to get help from Criterion Games, the creator of the Burnout series. While Polyphony Digital focuses on whatever they’re doing, Criterion can worry about damaging, and from playing Burnout Paradise, they’ve done a damn good job at it. So why not? Kaz, please consider support from other companies. that way, Gran Turismo will flourish.

    • May. 21, 7:01pm

      It’s not that… The two reasons of Kazunori feeling that damage isn’t the best idea and licensing realistic damage on 1200 cars isn’t exactly cheap. If you notice, Burnout uses all fake vehicles, so they can do the wrecking physics as far as they want.

    • May. 21, 7:02pm

      ^ This.

    • May. 21, 7:04pm

      You have a point. I’ve noticed in Forza how less important, less expensive cars get a fabulous damage treatment, with full carnage front to back, should you decide to abuse such car. Compare that to the Veyron, for example, that only suffers from scratched paint and crumpled bumpers.

    • May. 21, 7:05pm

      Same with GTA. Cars look like the real thing but have joke names and are styled slightly differently – means they can smack those bitches up to the max.

    • May. 21, 7:33pm

      Going back to what “aronh17” said as a reply, Burnout (R) can use their own crash physics. BUT, PD could make their own crash physics, to whatever appeases their never-ending creativity. I doubt that anybody goes on YouTube (R) and creeps on IIHS (R) to examine new car crash-test scores. So, who’s to know if the virtual car looks very similar or completely different than the real thing.

    • May. 21, 7:43pm

      @carguy333 You don’t have to put (R) after every company name. :)

    • May. 21, 9:50pm

      There’s also the fact that PD’s assets have WAY higher polygon counts, MUCH more advanced lighting, and an entirely different engine that the game runs on. Deformation isn’t coded/designed in GT5’s/GT6’s engine the same way Burnout’s (or any other game’s) engine. It isn’t just Kaz’s mindset and licensing – though licensing DOES play a big part in it. It’s more licensing, expense, and sheer difficulty. Then there’s also hardware limitations. I’m not going to expect a decent damage model until a PS4 GT is out.

      If PD can make every car’s damage similar in extent (as in not some that can take more physical damage than others), then I’d be fine, as long as they also reduce the unrealistic stretching that can happen at many times. If they can’t make it consistent, I’d rather it be left out until it can be made to look good across the board.

  80. May. 21, 6:57pm

    As long as the damage is equal on all cars it’ll be good. On ‘Super’Premium cars (like the WRC cars) the damage isn’t too bad, so if all cars had this level of modelling it’ll be good.

  81. May. 21, 6:57pm

    The damage is fine to me, maybe they can expand the mechanical damage they introduced a bit and allow it in A-Spec races for higher money output you earn for playing on more of a difficulty. Remember, that mechanical damage we have was added through an update. They could possibly make it even better. I’m not about smashing my car up, but I’ll take the current damage model and possibly tires having the capability of popping off. Either/or it doesn’t degrade the game for me. I’m glad they focused more of their time on the main thing that happens when you drive… Physics. With the tires popping off being said, I’d much rather have in depth tire physics than tires popping off/realistic damage. Like flatspotting, dynamic tire wear, dynamic grip levels and tire deflation and/or the rubber seperating from the wheel.

  82. May. 21, 6:54pm

    I am very ok with the damage being similar, I just want it to be easier to deform the car. I love having my back bumper all deformed and stretching out to the sky.

  83. May. 21, 6:52pm

    GT5’s damage is unrealistic. I’d rather it be removed all together rather than leave it as it is. It kinda lowers the quality of the game to see weird bending and stretching of spoilers, bumpers, and fenders.

    If they do things to prevent the stretching, make all cars have similar damage to the rally cars, allow more parts to be dislodged (not just doors – hoods, bumpers, spoilers, wheels, suspension components all need to be able to come off), and make the mechanical damage interact well, then I’d be satisfied with the damage.

  84. May. 21, 6:52pm

    I like the damage in arcade mode, and I know the car doesn’t looked that damaged but the most important thing is how your car drives and they do a good job with that.

  85. May. 21, 6:51pm
    drag lab 101

    For me this also isn’t an issue… The mechanical damage is more important then the appearance of damage, in my opinion. It’s kind of like the card board forest… I don’t mind.
    If you can deliver the physics and the cars and tracks, the rest seems unimportant.
    Would it hurt to have these things?!
    Surely not, but at the cost of losing something else more important.. No thanks 4 me!
    If GT6 can deliver on some kind of livery, the added cars, the upgraded select standards mods to premium, improved physics and some added tracks…. Well ill personally be pleased as punch!
    Just my two cents…

    • May. 21, 6:54pm

      Indeed, mechanical damage is the one thing I don’t mind having for damage.

  86. May. 21, 6:50pm

    I don’t care I love it!

    • May. 21, 7:46pm

      lol either you are an imposter trying to make GT fans look bad or… you are.. freakin out man!

      Seriously, don’t do that.

  87. May. 21, 6:44pm

    Not buying this I’m speaking with my wallet, Getting a PS4 and upgrading my PC. PD is getting by on name alone at this point. I am betting the AI and a-spec will also be as bad as ever.

    • May. 21, 6:59pm

      “Not buying this I’m speaking with my wallet”

      Okay bye. :)

    • May. 21, 7:08pm

      See ya

    • May. 21, 7:15pm

      Because buying a PS4 and upgrading your PC deffinently cost the same as a copy of GT6

    • May. 21, 7:23pm

      The GT series is unique and has its own character, from the navigation sounds and music (Scott Joplin as you choose new rims) to the fact that you can’t smash up your car.
      We were gifted the ability to roll a car in GT5. I thought this was cool and better than having damage. However I’ve grown to like the battle scars on bodywork and think there’s no need for more cosmetic crunching.

      It’s all about finding a clean racing line afterall.

      I think if PD expanded the run off areas and did away with barriers where possible it’d make for more freedom for those who want to muck about (TGTT club).

      As many folks have said on this thread, mechanical damage should prevail. Online races suffer because the foolish and the eager rush headling into corners with no real intention of using anything but the car in front for braking. If there was a hardh consequence for this perhaps the online competitions would become more of a honing ground to improve skills, instead of the demolition derby I often find myself amidst.

      That, or those waiting to join a race can pick a grassy knoll somewhere on the circuit and take pot-shots with a paintball gun at racers as they pass by???

    • May. 21, 7:29pm

      Balls I meant all that as a new comment.

    • May. 21, 9:35pm

      Think I might pass on this one as well sadly….. Just waiting for that killer feature to push me over the fence. I love damage in racing games. GTR 2 , iracing. Watching a replay in which my car is fully intact and running flawlessly in a fully damage enabled race brings a great sense of accomplishment. For me anyways.

  88. May. 21, 6:43pm

    Sad just Sad. No one said we want GT to be about smashing cars, But collisions, crashes do happen. A reaL DAMAGE MODEL encourages clean driving, and any real sim should have some damage/mechanical failure for bad driving. Sigh PD is so out of touch.

  89. May. 21, 6:40pm

    The damage model is the least interesting aspect of GT6. I would rather they have removed it all together.
    I’m interested in two things, and two things only.

    In order of importance:

    1. What real world race tracks will they include
    – If they don’t include hockenheim, I will dissapoint!

    2. What racing cars will they include
    – They NEED to include older racing cars from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s!!!!

    • May. 21, 6:44pm

      i would not want it removed all together they do need some kind of damage system to make it competitive and stuff…

  90. May. 21, 6:37pm

    As long as the mechanical damage is realistic i hate how people can just smash off walls, treat cars like bumper cars and nothing happens it really makes me made that people don’t race mature on gt5 and i’m 99% it’s cause there is no consequence.

    so as long as they fix this for gt6 i’ll be happy happy happy

  91. May. 21, 6:35pm

    Not news…and I don´t care about damage…I care about physics, features and sounds. Hope they at least change the sounds. The PS3 can´t do more than what it is doing at the moment.

  92. May. 21, 6:28pm

    Wow huge letdown

  93. May. 21, 6:28pm

    i was hoping for realistic damage, but i dont mind if the feel of the cars are improved

  94. May. 21, 6:27pm

    Meh, don’t really care for damage to be honest. Love my cars looking clean and beautiful. :)

  95. May. 21, 6:26pm

    Similar to gt5, so crap

    • May. 21, 6:43pm

      What a let down right? Was expecting an improvement from GT5’s lacklustre damage system.

  96. May. 21, 6:26pm

    I understand them. I don’t get why people are so eager to smash their cars up.

    • May. 21, 6:30pm

      since getting on Forza a few months ago, full simulation damage 20 lap races are pretty exciting.

    • May. 21, 6:33pm

      @GranTurismo916 Especially the burnout way. D: I’m glad PD isn’t focused on damage for cars. It’s sooooo minor.

    • May. 21, 6:34pm

      I understand that too, but GT is about the beauty of the cars, not how they look when they’re wrecked.

    • May. 21, 6:36pm

      That was @BoneSawTX BTW

    • May. 21, 6:45pm

      Collisions and crashes are a part of racing, it also encourages people from Smashing into walls and cars to pass, which is rampant in GT. PD 6 years behind the times.

    • May. 21, 6:46pm

      This is such a lame excuse. Who doesn’t love a good crash? It’s exciting, it looks cool and it adds more consequences to the game. Consequences that exist when you drive a real car.

      I do think that collision physics are more important though.

    • May. 22, 3:03pm

      if it’s only about the beauty then just make the game a giant photo mode and strip away the “driving simulator” tagline which is false anyways.

  97. May. 21, 6:23pm

    swing and a miss, strike one

  98. May. 21, 6:23pm

    Wasn’t expecting any major updates in damage anyways.

  99. May. 21, 6:22pm

    This isn’t really bad news to me, I don’t think it negatively impacted my experience on Gran Turismo 5 at all.. It’s about racing, not having a smash up derby.

    • May. 21, 6:30pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      My thoughts exactly. Yes, I like to see my car get damaged in a realistic way, but when I’m racing I’m not looking forward to smash my car up just because it looks “cool” :tdown:

    • May. 21, 6:47pm

      totally agree and we can’t forget that games like shift 2 and dirt 3 for example have less than 100 cars so it’s normal that has very quality on the damage of the vehicules

    • May. 21, 6:52pm

      ^ Excatly. :tup: Same thing I thought, even pCARS has way less cars so it is normal that damage for them is important.

    • May. 21, 6:54pm

      This is sucha garbage argument. Collisions and crashes happen, others bang into you. The real driving sim except you can play bumper cars and smash into walls with impunity lol. No one wants to crash buit it happens, right now there is no recourse if you smash int others to get ahead. There should be/ GT6 still for the casual noobs.

  100. May. 21, 6:21pm

    Oh dear :(

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