The Easiest Ways to Make Money and XP in Gran Turismo Sport

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If you’re anything like us, you’ll currently be sitting at level 32 in GT Sport, with a couple of million credits. That silver PSN Trophy for hitting level 50 looks a long old way off, especially when you find out that you’re not even 5% of the way there yet.

With only a few hundred XP available for each Sport Mode race, you could be forgiven for thinking it’s a thankless task. Fortunately there’s a couple of ways to score a some bigger XP rewards.

We’ve covered the game’s “Achievement” micro-reward system already. However, the payouts there are one-time only. Thanks to the Christmas v1.10 update there are number of XP farm events in the game though to help you level up quicker.

GT League, Premium Sports Lounge, Blue Moon Bay

The biggest money spinner of them all is this oval event.

You’ll get around 2,200XP for 12 minutes’ work if you enter Race 1 of this series, at Blue Moon Bay, with a car in the maximum N1000 class like the Bugatti Veyron. That’s doesn’t seem like a huge number, given how much XP you need to hit level 50. However GT League also gives out bonuses for winning in lower tier cars, so you can earn much, much more.

Essentially any N500 class car with racing super soft tires can win this race. We’ve successfully used a slightly tweaked Porsche 911 GT3, to win with ease for 4,620XP and 210,000cr. That rises to almost 7,000XP with the clean race bonus.

While it’s an easy victory, it’s also a little unambitious. You can use any car worth 100,000cr or more, and anything that can turn in a 49 second lap will win this race. The ultimate money-spinner is the KTM X-Bow, which also arrived in the v1.10 update. As an N300 car it pushes the handicap rewards even higher, but its short wheelbase makes it tricky around Blue Moon Bay.

It’s not cut and dried. You’ll certainly need to do some tuning work to get it pointing the right way — we’ve found success by fitting racing super soft tires to the rear, with racing medium tires on the front, and traction control set to at least 2. If you can make it work you can score 8,250XP and 375,000cr each time, with the clean race bonus.

You can make life easier for yourself by ensuring that the grid doesn’t contain the Ferrari LaFerrari. If you can find a grid that also omits the Bugatti Veyron, it’s a cinch.

In terms of XP and credits per minute, there’s no faster way to earn than this race. Just watch out for the Dodge Viper when you cut through the field the first time, and the Porsche 911 when you’re lapping them!

GT League, Porsche Cup

If plodding around an oval isn’t your thing, look at the Endurance events in GT League. You’ll need to be level 30 just to access them though, so this is suited to higher level players.

The Porsche Cup is a simple, 30-lap race around Suzuka in the roadgoing 911. Despite 20 seemingly identical opponents, a standard car is more than enough to win. Even on hard tires and with a lean fuel map, you should win comfortably in a little over an hour after a single pit stop.

The base payout is 7,500XP and 420,000 credits — among the highest in the game — but you can detune the car to N400 for more. If you can hit the 50% clean race bonus too, this earns you around 200XP per minute of proper racing. Don’t count on it though, as the AI cars here are quite aggressive…

GT League, Premium Sports Lounge, Dragon Trail

So what if you’re not up for an hour’s endurance race, and ovals leave you cold? Premium Sports Lounge again comes to the rescue.

Just like the Blue Moon Bay event, this one is all about using the least powerful car you can get away with. Luckily, February’s content update brought the perfect car for the job: the Alpine A1600S ’72.

As with the oval race, the event permits cars of up N1000, with bonuses for using cars in lower brackets. You could just use the KTM if you’ve already tuned it, but the Alpine gives you scope to go in an even lower bracket.

In fact the Alpine can keep pace with the fastest cars here in completely standard N100 form, if you fit racing super soft tires. That’s largely because the AI only has an advantage when it can accelerate — under braking and in bends, of which there are many at Dragon Trail, the Alpine makes up for it and more. However it’s difficult to eat into the starting advantage the lead AI has.

Tweaked into N200, the little A110 — the lightest road car in the game — is more than a match. It’s a little wayward, so you may want to seek out a tune for it, but it can win comfortably in otherwise standard form. Just beware of cutting too much curb as it’s possible to roll it…

With the clean race bonus, this event is worth 9,000XP each time. That’s only around 450XP per minute compared to nearly 700 for Blue Moon Bay, but it’s a lot more fun.


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