February Driveclub Update Teases Nissan R34 GT-R and Gameplay Filters


It looks like the heavily-requested Nissan R34 GT-R has secured a place in the Driveclub roster.

The title’s Twitter account teased racers with a short 8-second video showing the player’s car chasing down the Japanese icon in a clip with a monochromatic filter, something not possible in Driveclub’s current form. However in a further tweet Community Manager Jamie Brayshaw confirmed that the next update for the game will provide all filters that were previously restricted to photo-mode as options for visually modding the gameplay.

Driveclub director Paul Rustchynsky also quipped in a reply that you will be able to alter the intensity of these filters to find a level that isn’t too intrusive for your preferred driving style. Worth noting in this clip that the car being driven seems to be an R34 itself, with the offset NACA duct matching up to the real vehicle’s hood.

Without a doubt the most impressive aspect of this teaser is the inclusion of the R34. It is a car that fans were shouting for since the inclusion of the modern GT-R. Now with the confirmation of inclusion, it has further made Driveclub players realize just how far Evolution Studios have come since the launch of the title.

The addition of gameplay filters may not interest players who simply want to race but for the thriving photo-mode aspect of the game it could prove a popular addition to those desperate to find that perfect shot.

Driveclub’s next update is slated to land in February.

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  1. CallmeDan

    Great article. I got this game yesterday with the season pass bundled and I’m loving it so far. Hopefully the car will be free, or cheap at the very least.

    1. Brend

      Could be part of a new season pass although thats pure speculation from my part…new tracks are supposed to be incoming soon too!

  2. richiem2282

    Awesome game and unbeatable in terms of pricing. The constant love and attention it gets from the developers should be a benchmark for all other developers and their titles. Anyone who calls themselves a virtual racer should have it in their collection, A must have in my opinion, plus the bikes a mental!

    1. Brend

      The pricing of the game is the real knockout when it comes to Driveclub. PSN-tier pricing for full retail release quality.

  3. Normalaatsra

    I was expecting the Z-tune given it is high powered and exclusive, which is what Driveclub’s car roster is mostly all about, but given the BNR34 in the video footage didn’t feature either the V-Spec rear bumper and the Z-tune bonnet, it’s indeed a bone-stock 34R. I wonder what performance class it will fit into.

    1. SavageEvil

      As Psychopulse says it’s most likely the V-Spec II, which version of that is to be seen. Could be the Nur model but I highly doubt that, it will most likely fit in the same class as the US muscle cars Camaro and Challenger.

  4. MeanElf

    Brend’s first article – nice one!

    I still find it highly amusing that so many complain about the number of GT-R34 versions in GT – yet as Brendan pointed out, players of Driveclub have been begging for one from almost the beginning.

    1. Brend

      Thanks Meanelf. :)

      100% on-board with your comment. I do believe the more variations the better as long as they don’t intervene with other cars making it into the roster.

    2. SavageEvil

      @Brend actually it’s just the pessimists who like to push their imaginary ideas of how PD goes through selecting cars. They think/assume/believe that PD will forego other cars and stick in a GT-R. People ran with that nonsense and there you have a subset of folks flying that flag. No one wants to stop the madness but this is the internet might as well leave the ignorant to their own bliss and always have amusement you can count on.

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