Gran Turismo 7 Launch to "Shift From 2021 to 2022"

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Well honestly, it's what I excepted (altough refused to believe it due my personal bias), at the end considering the pandemic situation and considering that, objectively, if we watch the trailer it was already a big suspect that the game was still pretty distant to be finished or completed, I don't know how much progress they did since then but if they said so that the game will be delayed to next year, I can imagine that that the game was (at least in june) still in mid-development cycle (could be wrong, but we must take into accoun that's it's a very big game and PD is a small studio), so well.... Late 2021 is still too optimistic I guess, I don't think we will see GT7 before middle 2022 or even late 2022, which is more likely. But at the end, we will get it when will be time for it, still better than rushing an unfinished game as it was since GT5, so whatewer.... We will enjoy when it comes. Patience is for the strong, as my uncle always say to me :cheers:

however, we will wait updates and news about the game in the coming months, as always

My 2 cents
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PD have never released a GT game prior to a console's first price drop, no reason to really think that GT7 will be any different. Using Covid as an excuse is hilarious, since all prior GT games were also delayed without any global pandemics.

Anyway, happy to keep enjoying GT Sport for now, will look forward to GT7 when it eventually arrives.