Gran Turismo 7's Next Update is Coming September 28, Adds Three New Cars

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EG Civic has finally returned to GT.
Although not stock version, it's still nice to be able to drive the first licensed EG Civic in modern racing game.
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I could honestly care less about what new cars come, I'm more interested in the actual content that the updates bring (races etc) and can see that a lot of people will be disappointed by yet again only 3 cars. I am glad to finally see a new Gr.4 car though
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Not sure how I feel about the cars themselves for in-game.

One remark I will make, though, is the Mazda3 we knew would be there, and the RCR Civic was also something we strongly suspected would be coming soon, and that prior knowledge just makes the whole silhouette reveal process less fun. As instead of reacting with surprise I just sort of went "yeah, those cars makes sense to be in the update".
Probably we can expect new group4/wtc700 event this time. I wonder on which track/tracks.

Also those Civics… with those already in the game, maybe new Menu Book with new event type? Like Civic Showdown or something similar to Silvia sisters?
Finally, return of the 190E
Mazda ND RF
Robles EG6
Tesla Model 3 Time Attack car
Can’t have an update without a Toyota. Everybodies favourite, but not my top pick…. drum roll…….

….Lexus LFA

I’m fine with this. I’ll build an FL5 TCR to play with the other FF race cars. The GR Corolla won’t really work with the AWD, but I’ll throw it in with a 5:95 torque split.

Edit: If the EG6 is like the other GT Awards cars, we should be able to delete the rear GT wing.
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Two things of note concerning the FL5:

  • We already have a "Type R" extra menu that has the '98 EK Civic in it, so if we get a Civic-specific one I suspect it'll be FK2+FK8+FL5.
  • Between this, the Z, and the GR Supra, we now have all the base silhouettes for the 2024 SUPER GT GT500s.
来週、アップデート来ます。映画「グランツーリスモ」に、GT7のサラが出演してる! 映画を4回観て気づきました。Update coming next week.I noticed on my 4th viewing of the movie that Sarah from GT7 is in GT Movie!
Kind of disapointing with the cars with almost 2 months gap, it should be at least 5 cars, i ecpected something bigger with fm releasing in 2 weeks, but it could still offer other big things who know, but unless their is something big in this updated being tracks events, more endurance races, grimding races i will go back to gt7 at a later date i have crew motorfest to keep me busy anyway for a while
I see it as Mazda (FIA)Manufacturer getting a true version of a current race car. The Gr.4 Atenza, being 4WD, wasn’t actually a car they raced. It had been FF in Chinese Touring cars. The Gr.3 was pretty much the Grand Am race car.

People have been crying out for updated cars. We’re getting the up to date Civic Type R. That’s awesome. For me, at least I’ll be able to experience it in VR, without actually going to a dealership and book a test drive at road legal speeds.

I’m not too much a fan of this custom EG6, but it should be fine next to a widebody Integra ‘98, with a K20 swap.
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I still haven't decided if I like the look of this new Mazda. Let's see if this racing version convinces me...
If this don't come with new track it might be the worst Update, they ever released imo.
I don't care much about race cars and yet here we are with three of them and no other variety of production cars as GT7 is still lacking newer car models.
The level of drip feeding is ridiculous.
Needs good paying events with no PP restrictions ridiculous country of maker requirement and without high tire and fuel wear.
I can only repeat those races few times a day, ****'s felt like 9-5 job now having to micro-manage not only my fuel map tires and pit stops and also driving in a way that I won't wear tires out as much.
GTs used to be fun until they put restrictions on most events and make VISION GT cars almost useless.
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More cars is always cool but one thing I wished they did is increase the garage limit atleast on ps5.
With the current 2000K car limit it means you cant have every car in BC in ever color/livery and plus add to that all the cars in UCD/LCD also add to that if you wanna have multiple of the cars from the LCD or UCD.:(
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Pants just as I suspected 🤣

A custom Civic (we obviously don't have enough of them) the latest Type R (doubt there's a whole lot of difference Vs 2018 version) and a Mazda 3 Bio Concept that most people have never heard of. Absolutely epic 👏🔥

Roll on Forza Motorsport I say 👌

It kind of makes sense why they are drip feeding pants content and why they priced so many cars over 10 million credits. If they were realistically priced, everyone would have acquired all the cars in the game over a year ago. This way, they can continue to provide players with a 'goal' to work towards i.e. grinding your **** off hour after hour 😂
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