Gran Turismo 6 Track Maker Teased in Newly-Released Video

Since the Gran Turismo 6 “Track Maker” was first announced with GPS and mobile app compatability, it’s been one of the game’s most highly anticipated features. It’s also been one of the most mysterious – aside from Kazunori Yamauchi’s mention of beta testing last year, we’ve heard next to nothing about it – until now.


The UK-based video agency Pulse Films has quietly published a 1-minute, 8-second commercial for the Track Maker to their creative portfolio on Vimeo. The ad features a man doing tricks on a BMX bike, whose motions are then drawn into the shape of a track. The text reads “design your own track”, “with the new GT6 app you can build your own circuits”, and “the world is your track”, which is then followed by brief gameplay footage and the GT6 logo.


Pulse Films and Ninian Duff, the video’s director, were commissioned by the London-based creative agency Brothers & Sisters to create ads for Sony Europe when the game was released in 2013. Other videos in the series include “Gran Turismo ‘Beat’” and “Gran Turismo ‘Dance’“.

Although this latest ad, Gran Turismo ‘BMX’, appears to have been produced around the same time (it even includes the now-dated #GT6IsComing hashtag), it was only published to Vimeo and Pulse’s web page a few weeks ago. It was left unnoticed until it was discovered by GTPlanet user Dionisiy earlier today.

Because the video has not been mentioned or shared through any official Gran Turismo marketing channels, it’s hard to know what to make of this development. The “Course Maker”, however, remains prominently listed as an upcoming GT6 feature on Polyphony Digital’s official website for the game, so we can only presume it’s inching closer to release.

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Comments (155)

  1. IceKoldKilla

    I know it hasn’t even been 2 years since GT6 came out but I already want GT7 for PS4! Can’t wait for when it comes out in a couple of years, hopefully! Imagine what Polyphony will finally be able to do! Not just graphically but in terms of features and content! One day… one day.

  2. Mason Methot

    Has anyone come to think that the #GT6iscoming at the end means the video was released waaaaaaay before anyone here had found it?

    1. Rallywagon

      I mean there is that, and also the fact that it says pretty much the same thing near the end of the article…

    1. Rallywagon

      I’m with you on that notion. This video was produced before gt6 release. No way am I banking on the fact that someone found it stashed away on the internet as a sign of it coming soon.

    1. Mason Methot

      You don’t need it, you want it. There’s no reason to have this feature other than too create a crummy course which you will probably fail to drive on. What you NEED is an update with more cars or real tracks suck as new Aston’s or Road America.

    2. sayba2th

      You gotta be kidding with your comment mason. The only things one “needs” are air, food, clothing and shelter. You sir win the internets and webs all in one and all at once.

    3. Mason Methot

      Uhh thanks? Fine You don’t need it, what you need is Air (make sure it’s fresh), food, water, clothes, shelter, and maybe a mate to keep you company (if not already acquired).

  3. CeeJay

    Awwww I was legit excited but it appears this is just a commercial from an ad agency from 2013.. that means this video will be 2 years old later this year.. :( Dang, this is just jabbing the knife in deeper. Really wish PD didn’t over promise on this feature & just let it drop like they did.

  4. DrAug

    I don’t get why people complain.. I think they Forget there are hundreds of cars waiting to get pushed to their limits… Remember cars are nor waiting but your hands and brain are…

    1. BrunetPaquet

      Project cars will have it too… so in about one month what you say will be invalid.

      Now don’t get me wrong, I’m eager to this track editor on Gran Turismo too… no offense meant to you.

    2. BrunetPaquet

      All right, all right chill out and tack your prozac before rising that golden, white shield against me, PD defence force… I made a mistake… Get over it… I just noticed that there isn’t no track editor in Project Cars… Go take your ritalin.

    3. Johnnypenso

      @Brunet…you made it out by the skin of your teeth on that one…lol.

      @Methot…”Has” implies that the CM is in the game already…which it is not. “Might have some day maybe”, might have been more accurate. Hence the irony.

    4. Mason Methot

      @Johnny sorry, was a nearly midnight when writing that comment and was truly tired. Any how, sick and tired of the complainers, if you don’t like GT, then get off this site:)

      A friendly comment, from your truly:
      Mason Methot

    5. Johnnypenso

      @ Mason … “if you don’t like GT, then get off this site:)”…joking or not, it’s not a phrase that’s looked upon too kindly by the moderators so I’d be careful with that if I were you.

      @Brunet…nah you’re safe buddy. No one pays much attention to these News items after a few days…lol.

    6. Mason Methot

      @Brunet I always feel the heat after somethings posted, you never know what might come your way:D
      @Johnny A friendly suggestion:D (more or less a joke) (but would be nice if people would go complain somewhere else, like Forza’s website)

    7. Johnnypenso

      Mods have made it pretty clear as well that they don’t want every thread turned into GT6 vs. Forza. It was a pretty big thing a while back but it’s all blown over. No, the place to complain about GT6 is right here in the GT Forums.

  5. infamousphil

    I want the course maker as much as anyone else. But know it ain’t gonna happen (in GT6) unlike the rest. Been done wishing and being just plain… whatever… with whatever they bring to the table. Maybe y’all see it in 7.

  6. LVracerGT

    Too little, too late. Still very upset PD relied heavily on these features to advertise GT6 to drive game sales and STILL haven’t delivered the main feature. Waiting for the lawyers to start slapping PD with lawsuits.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Did they ever announce a definite date for the feature? No. So they can’t be sued for false advertising because they never said for sure when it was coming out.

    2. Johnnypenso

      In a civil lawsuit under common law, the “reasonable man” principle often applies, it’s not a black and white issue as you portray it to be. It could come down to people paying full price for a game and advertised features did not get the full $60 enjoyment of the game because the features were released too late in the game cycle. I would think a reasonable man would expect advertised features to be delievered within a year of release wouldn’t you? You don’t need to prove a loss of $60 in enjoyment either. You could shoot for $10-15 and when you multiply it by 1 Million copies it adds up. It would be much worse for PD as well if somehow it got out that they knew they’d have a hard time fitting it onto the already overcrowded PS3 and Kaz’s statements of 100×100 then 50×50, now 20×20 and delivered as ?? x ??, if ever, won’t help either.

  7. Azabear6

    Am I a fanboy, probably. The GT series has been the sole reason our household has moved from one gen ps console to the the next. The course creator advertised was my main reason to pre order GT6. I as a “fanboy” believe Kaz is doing everything to make this a reality as promised. But can he deliver? I’m optimistic but becoming concerned. I paid for what was promised no more no less. 14 months and still patient. If the course creator and B-Spec don’t arrive, I doubt any promises proposed for GT7 can be believed. PD I believe but fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. Side note kudos to the member who found the video, obviously not indicating any progress but great find. Cheers all and see you online soon.

    1. Rallywagon

      At this point, even if they did get it delivered on gt7, I won’t buy in. I too was a “fanboy,” but I do really feel burned by the overly long delay in to many features, while putting what appears to be top priority to only niche features with extremely small use groups such as that nismo GPS track recorder. It works with like one nismo car, sold in Japan! Maybe 5 people ooutside of PD and nismo probably use it, if that.

  8. KoldStrejke

    GT7. when GT5 came, it was and still is undone. GT6 came, still an unfinished, behind the times project. After all these fans spending money on all these games and prologues, PD still cant finish a game. What a joke.

  9. Ian_83

    What a load of rubbish. If that advert was made with the #GT6IsComing hashtag then surely it’s nothing new and therefore just a company (creative agency) showcasing its talents and showing an old advert which they put time and effort into creating and didn’t want it to go totally to waste.

    As Daisey327 said below, ‘it’s too late’ now, GT6 has grown old already and many players have now moved on to either the next gen console’s or PC gaming.

    PD should be ashamed that they couldn’t deliver the track maker sooner.

    1. Johnnypenso

      Or perhaps they don’t care. How else would one perceive it if they are promised something 15 months ago, paid in full for it, haven’t received it yet, and the kicker is the guy who is supposed to give it to you is absolutely silent on the matter beyond a vague, “Yeah, we’re working on it”? In perspective it doesn’t look good for PD.

  10. Oyashiro-sama

    What an incredibly stupid commercial. And the best is that the moves that the guy is doing with his bike are completely different than the track generated.


    1. JDM_Tuning_S3OZ

      He was never meant to be creating the track using bmx flat ground tricks…

      It’s about advertising the endless possibilities when it comes to making a track using the new track editor.
      It really doesn’t take much to realise that.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Which just highlights how silly a commercial it is since it has no connection to the game whatsover beyond the subtitles, nor how the device would be used. There are much more effective ways to advertise this.

  11. SVPSkins

    So let me get this straight.

    The track maker that was promised, has now been turned into a mobile app, rather then a direct added feature to the game?

    1. Johnnypenso

      Ultimately it’s both, but they are separate features. However, neither is released because this is a promo video from before GT6 went public.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Why does everyone blame Kaz for everything? Has no one entertained the thought that maybe the issue is someone or something else’s fault?

    2. Jimmy_DA

      “I suppose PD could release it unfinished and broken. You’d love that, wouldn’t you. ;-)”

      What you mean the full-production GT5, GT6, GT7?….

    3. BrunetPaquet

      Don’t you love it when the PD Defense force attacks the PD Bashing force and vice versa? Always like this in the new section… so annoying.

  12. blackjack

    The one thing the GT community doesn’t need is more hype about the course creator without a rock solid release date imo.

  13. vrossi

    OLD NEWS – GT6
    NEW NEWS – ProjectCars
    (Sorry Kaz, but no one in the States will be thinking of GT6 after Feb. 17th)

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      Well, I certainly will be thinking about GT6 after March 17th. pCARS is about as surface-deep as racing sims get. There’s nothing to it… at all.

    2. ironman44321

      Last time I checked I live in the States…and also will be thinking about GT6 after march 17th…Game, Set, Match. *mic drop*

    3. Johnnypenso

      “There’s nothing to it….at all”…LOL. Your mind couldn’t be more closed if it was encased in a steel trap…lol.

    4. TeamCZRRacing

      Actually Johnny, I’ve had the preview version for over a year (possibly more) now, and aside from the hotlapping and 64-car random-grid races, I haven’t really found much to enjoy with it. At least with GT6 there’s a bit more to do, like the moon missions and seasonals. Take my word for it, pCARS is utterly barren compared to GT6. A real shame too, I wanted it to evolve into something more than what it is.

    5. Johnnypenso

      I think you misunderstand the goal of PCars. It isn’t about moon missions or painting brake calipers or chasing rabbits. It’s only about one thing…racing. Offline and online. If one isn’t into racing for it’s own sake, no, they won’t enjoy the game at all and it will be barren to them. On the other had, if good racing with sim physics, full flags, full race weekends, and a full racing atmophere is what turns you on, then GT6 is barren in that regard as well. It’s all about preferences and what you’re looking for in a game. Each game scratches a certain itch and if anything, they compliment each other very well and aren’t really competition for each other. If one has a PS4 and likes to race, they’d be foolish not to pick up PCars in my opinion. Yours may vary.

    6. BrunetPaquet

      Here, lemme fix it for all you guys…

      OLD NEWS – PD Defence force Vs. PD Bashing force.
      NEW NEWS – Isn’t the world a beautiful place? …no.

  14. smskeeter23

    I’ve gone so far into the GT pessimism crowd that I see this and say “yeah nice try and here comes the hype train to smash the hopes and dreams of many once again” all the while staring at my rig that literally has a good deal of dust on it. This is a big statement considering how those who know me here know how much of a blind GT cheerleader fanboy I’ve been over the years.

    If it comes I say AWESOME and jump on the bandwagon again but at this point I don’t even bother checking for updates anymore. Haven’t loaded the game since the last one.

    Bah, this means nothing people, go back to bed and save some heartache.

    1. littleregret265

      Makes sense. If you recall, he did make a statement regarding the beta being in his hands last June. And it’s February… Honestly, I wouldn’t mind sitting out on the hype train, because it really is that much more surprising and welcome if you aren’t expecting it or waiting on it.

      By the way, the other two commercials in the post are even less relevant than this one… skilled actors no less, but all fail miserably [to deliver] in my eyes; they do catch you off-guard though.

  15. littleregret265

    I don’t know what to make of it, I just know that the Hype Train is in the station. Where’s my ticket?

  16. Scheer

    OK, so this is just some unused showreel released by some folks who worked on GT ads. Don’t wish to derail the hype train, but this is not from PD, in fact it was seemingly held back by PD when they realised that the phone app GPS course creator was a bit too ambitious for either PD, the PS3 or both. Kaz had the course creator ‘in his hands’ months ago, but it was probably too glitchy to release, and may still be. I really hope they can make it work because I have some fantastic roads to sample and a good few smaller circuits that will only make it into GT by this feature. Thing is, the vision is there and if it doesn’t make it into GT6 it will surely be in GT7. We maybe just have to get used to waiting…

  17. Lambob

    GT6 Spec II, featuring the famed course creator for **puts on sunglasses** B-Spec racing only! **lenses fall from frame**

    well, PD does have bags of trick up its sleeve, and they must release to coincide with the attention shifting Project Cars that is soon to make its debut, to keep things interesting.

    Can’t wait for GT7, and can’t wait to try some wild and wacky tracks from the community too.

    Can’t wait to try Project cars either.

    1. Mason Methot

      “The ad features a man doing tricks on a BMX bike, whose motions are then drawn into the shape of a track.” Read what it’s about or figure it out.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Which has absolutely nothing to do with Course Maker hence the confusion. It would have made much more sense to see Granny cruising around a park on a bicycle with a plastic helmet on and a devious grin on her face, a couple of long shots of twisting pathways, and then a cutshot to Granny with the DS3 or a TM wheel in here hand, helmet on, fierce look on her face, and the exact same pathway turned into a matching strip of racetrack. Now that would be a commercial!!

    3. Mason Methot

      @Johnnypenso Would make a bit more sense but the couple of guys who sat in a room thinking about it didn’t think hard enough, it makes you start to think that they hate GT, if you look at every other commercial they make for GT it’s also crap and confusing. If they would just spend a bit more money for some action shots then it would be believable.

  18. Sir_Flynn

    If it is coming I’d put money on it being around March 20th. A good course maker is about the only thing that will stop it collecting dust once project cars is out.

    1. TomBrady

      What is with this ridiculous notion that people can only play one racing game at a time or that any time a new racing comes out, it replaces another one?

      Do you know how many times people have said this crap? “PD better do something fast because GT5 will be a ghost town when Forza 4 comes out” or “if you get a gaming PC and Assetto Corsa, you’ll never even think about GT6 again”, or “once pCars…” and look how all that has turned out?

      Gran Turismo will never be replaced and certainly not by some third party game.

      Hell, there are still people playing Grand Prix Legends on the PC yet you think everyones gonna jump ship on GT?

    2. Scheer

      True, Tom. I have DriveClub, DIRT, GRID Autosport, Codie’s F1 games and Forzas on the X360 (with the crappy MS FFB wheel) but whatever spare time I have seems to be spent mostly on GT. It has a sort of honesty that I appreciate. I’m looking forward to pCARS hoping it might have some of that GPL/GTR vibe, but even if it’s fantastic I won’t be dropping GT. I have high hopes for PD and what they may do with GT6 and where they may go with GT7. Whatever, we have a few good racing titles coming up and I plan to try them all.

    3. Johnnypenso

      Leap to conclusions much? All Flynn was saying is there isn’t much left to draw him back to GT6 once PCars comes out. He didn’t say anything about not playing other games. And even if he’s a one game guy, so what? Not everyone wants to bounce around from game to game, some guys like to settle in for the long haul. To each his own.

    4. Sir_Flynn

      I also play lots of other racing games, gt is by far my favourite, obviously, I’m a member of this site. All im saying is it’s ageing now, in an old console. I’m looking forward to somthing fresh.

    5. Johnnypenso

      “GT is my favourite, obviously, I’m a member of this site”. ….lol. This site is about a lot more than GT, in fact there are many parts of GTP that are much busier than the GT forums. There are also forums for every major console game and pc racing sim/game ever made.

  19. motokroy

    You seem to be pointing at smoke. As if, for some reason, you cannot divulge the fire specifically, nor can you stay quiet, but then, they switched from the Swingline to the Boston stapler, but I kept my Swingline stapler because it didn’t bind up as much, and I kept the staples for the Swingline stapler and it’s not okay because if they take my course creator then I’ll set the building on fire…

    1. TomBrady

      I loved the Milton reference. I’m laughing out loud literally. As soon as you started mentioning Swingline I knew where it was going

  20. Johnnypenso

    The ad has no GT feel to it at all. The wording is very awkward and not well presented. Looks like a slot car track. Smacks of total amateurs to me. Maybe it’s just a prototype they threw up there to gauge public reaction.

    1. Scheer

      Yeah, maybe not amateurs, but this looks like a very old promo (#GT6IsComing). The release of this ad is clearly nothing to do with PD. I can only imagine they’re having a hard time making the course creator they had in mind to work smoothly on the PS3. I live in naive hope…

    2. Mason Methot

      Like it said, it was made by UK-ians, I’m not saying there bad, just saying they don’t always do things right…like there cars…

  21. PsuPepperoni

    Confirmed: Course Maker will have rumble strips on the wrong side of the track.

    Also it bothers me that the track looks nothing like what he did on the bike…

    1. Mason Methot

      It’s hard to say that they’re the same, but if you put together how many spins he did, you would never be able to drive on that;)

  22. ironman44321

    For now I’m just going to assume this is unrelated to PD and that it’s just the agency putting up ads that they have made.

  23. Mubble

    Can’t believe PD are still faffing around with this game 2 years after its release and on an almost-obselete, decade -old console. Racing games have moved on and PD desperately need to get working on GT7 as a priority to recover the damage done to the franchise ever since GT5 and GT6 came out on previous gen.

    1. black300zx

      PS3 is almost-obsolete now? Doesn’t it still have a much larger user base than the PS4? I do hope this doesn’t delay development of GT7. Hopefully whatever work they put into GT6 is ported over (cars and tracks should) so I’m ok with the game getting new features.

    2. Nomadpt1

      what makes you think they are not working on GT7? Kaz already talks about the PS4 architecture so this means he and his team are working on something right?

    3. smilerftm

      How many of those PS3’s on the larger user base still get used though? Mine certainly doesn’t as my PS4 has taken over and I suspect many millions more are the same. It’s a genuine question though but virtually impossible to answer as there are too many variables

    4. TomBrady

      @Black PS2 has a user base almost twice as large as PS3, does that change the fact that the PS3 is the more relevant console? No.

      The user base doesn’t mean crap when such a small percentage of them are active. Look at the sales for any game that comes out on PS3 and PS4. Other than MGS 5 GZ, there hasn’t been a single game that sold better on PS3 (or xbox for that matter). PS3 is becoming irrelevant and obsolete whether its install base is bigger or not

    5. black300zx

      Obsolete seems a bit of a stretch, we’re barely a year into the new gen and not everyone upgrades but I know what you mean. PCars dropped the PS3 version and I’m glad so they can focus on the new gen consoles. I’m not going to bother looking at the numbers but I would still think the “active” PS3 user base is larger than people may think. If you narrow it to GT6 user base it may be more relevant to these updates, but like I said as long as GT7 is not affected I’m fine with that but I’ll be playing pCars anyway until GT7 releases.

    6. Johnnypenso

      Don’t want to let some fact spoil the party but PS3 software still outsells PS4 4:3. So yeah, there’s that…

    7. Scheer

      I know some folks feel the need to sell or trade old consoles, but obsolete? They all have their merits and their killer apps. I’ve managed to hang onto mine so have a teetering stack that includes PS3, PS4, PS2, X360, Gamecube and a few older ones in the shed that may need to be resurrected (Jaguar, N64, A400, ST) At what point does an old console get to be called RETRO? It’s surely all about the software and the experience!? GT6 is not fading away anytime soon..

  24. Nomadpt1

    This is the feature I want mostly. Can’t wait to recreate the roads I normally drive in RL and do timeatacks in the game with my modified cars. I honestly hope for a gravel option in the surface of the track. Gravel tracks in this game are not bad but there is no fun in then for me.

    1. Martin_320nm

      but not just ‘gravel’, but **varying** different surfaces, and puddles and water splashing etc. followed by mud, asphalt, etc.
      ie wherever you want to put them.

    1. TomBrady

      I hope not because I’d like to use it too and all I got is a android. I couldn’t justify spending money on a high end smartphone

  25. Martin_320nm

    I couldn’t care about Android or Apple. I have neither. It should be a PS3 ‘app’ — so everyone with GT6 can use it.

    1. DUC748inMD

      You need the mobile platform IF this is to include the GPS functionality to record your real life travels for inclusion into Course Creator. Not all of us have Playstations in our cars. ;)

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      The point of having it as a mobile app would be so you could open the app and then drive your course’s route while the app records your location and maps it out.

    3. Martin_320nm

      @ TeamCZRRacing

      >>The point of having it as a mobile app would be so you could open the app and then drive your course’s route while the app records your location and maps it out.<<

      Yeah — I can just imagine it, my commute to work is gonna be really exciting in GT6 ! ;-)

      What I want to do is to be able to design a fantasy jungle / tropical beach / paradise island rally track featuring varying road surfaces in the same course — eg. mud, gravel, sand, puddles, avoiding logs & animals on the road etc., and climb up hills etc. and have split routes (ie to be able to have a choice of routes to take); or drive from one location to another (ie. not just go around in circuits). And define weather/day/night etc.

    4. Siren

      Oh yea let me just put my ps3 in my pocket or in the glove box of my car. The app is used to to record and map out the location. Its then created in GT6. Its 2015, get a smartphone already its not expensive. If you can afford a ps3 and a new game you can afford a Galaxy S3 at least.

    5. Griffith500

      You don’t need a smartphone to record GPS. If PD use proprietary data formats to transfer from the app to the game, we may be in trouble. If not, or if the game itself takes more types of data as input, irrespective of the app, we may be in business.

      If the app is not available for all three of the “big” mobile OSs, I think PD will have missed a trick. I mean, Sony itself uses Android, so iOS-only would be as dumb as the dumbest thing you can think of.

      It’s possible the app will have more functionality than just recording positions. I wouldn’t expect it, but a “draw your track” feature would be fun. Just doodle a little course on the train, or something, flesh it out on the PS3 when you get home.

  26. Stoop Solo

    Oh good. I hope there is a good degree of editability. I’m hoping I can recreate a reasonable facsimile of the ICAR Mirabel Circuit.

  27. YukinoSuzuka

    I don’t see the problem if the app is only for IOS or not.

    If they do it good, thy will launch the application just to IOS and Android right away, if they don’t, then it’s just a matter of GPS fixing. I think the GPS data won’t be that hard to crack and just make your own tracks using Google maps or something :D

  28. Seablade91

    My only hope is that the App is compatible with Android and not just IOS…
    If only Iphone users can use it, then, well, that would be a ‘go to hell PD!!”

    1. DUC748inMD

      It’s reasonable to think they would follow the model of the Playstation Mobile app when considering the release platforms, but I hear you on the Apple concerns. I tried going through the Kaz documentary to see what phone he was holding to his ear but he never presents that side of his body well enough. =P Being a Sony guy, maybe us Android users are fine?

      I really want the GPS component of the update! Lots of great places to utilize that.

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