Gran Turismo Sport Mazda RX-Vision Survey Awards In-Game Credits

Gran Turismo and Mazda are interested in hearing from players with the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept. With that in mind, they’ve created a short survey to find out what you think, and will present you with in-game rewards for doing so.

Until the recent addition of the Toyota GR Yaris, the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept was the latest car to come to GT Sport. The race car concept is based on an earlier road-going concept presented by Mazda in 2015 called the RX-Vision. Both use Mazda’s famous rotary engine in place of conventional piston engines.

Since it was introduced in May 2020, some half a million players have bought or been awarded the GT3 concept car in GT Sport. There’s also been a special time trial event — won by none other than 2018 GT Sport World Champion Igor Fraga — and a livery editor contest. Mazda lead designer Ikuo Maeda crowned Hiroki Tanabe‘s entry as the winner.

If you own the Mazda RX-Vision, or entered the time trial or livery contests, Mazda and Gran Turismo want to hear from you for a short survey.

The survey won’t take that much time to complete. Along with general questions about your age, employment status, and driving experience, the questionnaire asks about your motorsport experience and interests, and familiarity with the Mazda brand.

As with 2019’s Toyota GR Supra survey, there is a small, in-game reward for taking part. It’s not an exclusive car this year, but it is a boost to your coffers to an equivalent value: 300,000cr.

The survey is open for a month from now, up to 1500 UTC on December 20. In-game rewards will arrive in the first half of 2021, starting January 15.

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