GT6 Gameplay Video: Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 at Willow Springs

June 12th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

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  1. Jun. 15, 12:29pm

    So they repaved Willow Springs and it’s smooth as glass now? Go over to Youtube and check out “1:27.59 Lap — Getting Quicker at Willow Springs”. See how the car is constantly reacting to the bumps? That a very big aspect of realism that’s 100% missing here.

  2. Jun. 15, 3:30am

    Will we get the old race track someday????

  3. Jun. 13, 4:54pm
    Rafael F

    I think it will be fun driving out side of this track, i’m very curious to see a rally footage! ^^

    • Jun. 13, 8:12pm

      So am I, would like to see how good physics will handle on dirt and snow. :D

    • Jun. 15, 10:21pm

      I agree! I can’t wait to see what rally tracks are in GT6 (I don’t know why I’m excited because I hate rally tracks :) )!

  4. Jun. 13, 1:23pm

    maybe its the background noise which is why the cars appear to still sound like vacuum cleaners

    however, can somehow plz explain to me why is it that the trailers for all GT games are identical to the actual gameplay other than the camera angles used for replays, and the sounds are great!

    so PD know how to make cars sound great but when u actually play the game, the sounds in the gameplay are nothing like the trailers, why is that???

    ive not been so bothered about sounds until now cus vacuum sounds are getting annoying cus all cars sound really similar and some cars sound awesome in real life and by what is shown in trailers, PD make cars sound incredible, dare i say it “even better than codemaster games” so its a let down when its not the actual gameplay :(

    • Jun. 13, 1:45pm

      Its because they use real life engine sounds in the trailer. The trailer will always look better than the game itself.

  5. Jun. 13, 11:53am

    the game looks amazing!

  6. Jun. 13, 10:19am

    im prity sure the SLS sound sample will be improved when GT6 is released, i think because Sony wanted PD to show GT6 of at E3 they just used GT5 sound sample on this car while working on the actual sound sample they recorded for the SLS, maybe the sound sample wasnt quite ready for the SLS, after all Kaz did say they would try make sounds more sexier.

  7. Jun. 13, 10:15am

    Of course PD listens to its customers wishes. And it’s not so difficult to record engine sounds and use them on a game – it’s been done for years. The issue here is the “definition” of real. If Kaz, who is himself a race driver and knows better than anyone what racing cars sound like (when he is taking his Nissan down the curves of Nordschleife under his helmet), says that these are real why shouldn’t people believe him?

    Because most of them are used to “photoshopped” arcadey sounds and just want to hear that T-Rex burp? Because most of them hear from outside – as a spectator – when cars are passing by? Because those few who had the chance to drive one of those powerful machines didn’t do it in real racing conditions, using all peaces of equipment that are known to create a barrier between the engine and the ears of the driver? Why does PD record from inside trunks? There’s gotta be a reason.

    It doesn’t matter if YouTube has videos contradicting GT5/6 sounds, because these recordings will only tell how a microphone “hears”. They will never clarify what a driver knows by experience. What matters is: how does the driver listen to them? How does it sound like inside his head? How does helmet, balaclava, windshield, metal body and all that stuff interfere in the normal flow of sound waves until they reach the driver’s tympanum? These are the things to be considered. The rest is just speculation I guess.

    • Jun. 13, 10:34am

      Finally someone who is talking logical. I”ll most likely get hammered for what I am going to say. I bet 95% of you have not heard
      a v10 or v12, or say a stock camaro with a racing transmission and exhuast put on it. I would think PD knows what they are doing
      They are professionals, we are not. I think most people want the engine sounds to sound like they would be listening on the outside of the car. If you ever watched a NASCAR race, all you here is the whine of the transmission when they show the in cockpit camera. Personally I do not have a problem with the sounds. All the other racing games are over exaggerated, they are not realistic.

    • Jun. 13, 12:59pm

      Well I’m going to talk from experience then! And I tell you that they never ever got their asses in a Lamborghini Miura. it doesn’t matter if we talk about exterior or interior, the Miura in GT5 doesn’t sound anything like the real thing…So I’m highly doubting the accuracy of their sound recording methods. Ferrari BB512 however is not bad at all. It’s just that there are a huge part of the cars they didn’t put effort in regarding the sound.

    • Jun. 13, 1:19pm

      I’m sure PD will cut corners and copy one car to another, that is very possible. I am no expert on car sounds what so ever, I’m just
      sick and tired of people every time a new car comes up they start ranting SOUNDS NOTHING LIKE THE REAL THING. It’s just a video game to me, I guess I just don’t take it as seriously some folks. Maybe I shouldn’t read the comments anymore and just enjoy
      the game.

    • Jun. 13, 1:27pm
      Eager Snake

      Well, I think we are three now jajaja.
      I have always thought the same. You are wearing a helmet during the races. And Kazunori is not just the creator of the game, is a racing driver so, I want to think that he knows what he is doing, but he also could be wrong. We can’t say that the sounds are perfect, but they are actually pretty good, at least for me.
      Though I would love to hear more agressive sound, not exagerated, but a little more loud.
      The only car I heard, and from a spectator point of view, is the Corvette ZR1 and, like erik1127 said, I will get hammered for this, but the sound was THE SAME, not more, not less, the exact same sound. I remember my smile jajaja.

    • Jun. 13, 1:50pm

      You’re talking about the sound quality. You cant simply say that GT5 had accurate engine sound samples because it just didnt. And for the retards out here whining because people are complaining about the sounds, just leave. If you’re going to create a simulator, youre suposed to make it as close to reality. That includes sounds. Im beyond surprised how a small racing sim on the PC has better engine sounds than the famous GT franchises…

    • Jun. 13, 1:57pm

      retards? Your intelligent, what are you fourteen?

    • Jun. 13, 2:46pm

      actually…. i kinda retract that statement.. now that i hear the higher notes on the game video its pretty close.. wait till the guy driving on the video i posted hits a long straight you can hear it. i guess all in all its too tough to judge an off screen video. i needa hear this for myself.. i reserve all other judgements till i get the game

    • Jun. 13, 2:48pm

      Seriously people?! There are still people out there, which try to explain PDs soundsamples are accurate? Think we had this example a thousand by now: the V12 Lambos got the same soundsample like the V10! They will never sound the same, no matter the recording position and a helmet or what else. A grumpy V8 will never sound like a high pitched V6….stop defending facts that are obvious.

      We have racedrivers here in this forum and i think no one of them will tell you, that their cars sound that different from the recordings everybody knows from youtube real life onboard videos.

    • Jun. 13, 4:15pm

      My car sounds MUCH better in person than it does in the game. Either they decided to ignore it and everyone is wrong about the sounds or all the cars sound pretty bad and 99% of the population are right…

    • Jun. 13, 11:31pm

      I grew up Racing Dirt Track an Drag racing i started at 14 in the car but i’ve been in the pits since i was 10. I’ve also owned my fair share of Cars an trucks I’ve owned 2 Mustangs an S2000 and currently an STi and i can tell you this GT’s sound files are so messed up Look at the Mustang in game when you start to mod it it turns into a v6, The S2000 is one of the closer ones But it’s still not accurate the STI makes me want to go all columbine PD. The only time the cars in game sound correct is when you select them in the Garage and they Start the car other than that the sounds are horrible. NFS Prostreet was one of the most accurate sounding car games an trust me i hate giving any sort of credit to EA but they where alot better than GT look at the Rx7 in GT an if you have Prostreet go play it tell me which one is more accurate. An the excuses about racing trans an lack of sound dampening material in the cars is even more bs because if thats how the where going to do it you would have so much road noise which is nearly nonexistent in the Game. Quit Bitching either way about the audio in the game PD will do w/e they want they give us a great game nothings ever perfect so get over it or go work for them an fix it i’m so sick of all the whining on here.

    • Jun. 14, 2:00pm

      There is one VERY IMPORTANT aspect of this whole discussion which is not mentioned (or very rearly): your sound EQUIPMENT. Yes, I am talking about those tiny little flat panel TV speakers or ~$100 (even less) headphones most of people are using.

      Try playing ANY GT game connected to the serious audio system and you’ll hear sounds you haven’t heard in the past before. I remember even GT1 ON PS1 sounded so much realistic with full size speakers connected compared to CRT TV. And these days we have 5.1 audio sets with subwoofers and so on. Sounds are real, your TV’s speakers are not.

    • Jun. 20, 4:13pm

      Have a home theater system and they still sound pretty terrible. Listen to any episode of Top Gear (BBC version) and tell me that the cars sound the same in the game. Notable ones are the Corvette ZR1, Ford GT, Pagani Zonda R, any of the production Ferraris, and some of the Mercedes-Benz V-8s. Oh, and let’s not forget the giant Viper V-10s that are almost inaudible.

  8. Jun. 13, 9:22am

    Game looks great, and to be honest the engine sounds are just okay. I just don’t understand one thing, Kaz says he listens to our fans and suggestions, I am sure/positive that PD can do a much better job with the engine sounds but it just doesn’t seem to be their priority. PD your known for graphics, your known for soundtracks, your known for physics, please crown/perfect the engine sounds.

  9. Jun. 13, 4:03am

    Remember the first Lambo Gallardo vid from GT5? That sound was horrible, but the final game got a really decent sample (my last hope for GT6 is that step of improvement on EVERY car).

    All those gameplay vids are “only” GT5 qualitiy enginsoundsamples (the carsounds in those GT6 trailers were no real ingamesound).

    @PD if you want real good 6L V8 samples, contact me and i will leand you my vette for recodings.

  10. Jun. 13, 4:02am

    My thoughts on engine sounds:
    At low revs the cars sound very realistic. RuF, Scoobaru, the vast crop of Fezzas, the Astons, the V8 Esprits, even the Audi S3.
    Trouble starts when we start winding up the power.
    Then the Scoobs sound very hooverish and the S3 worse.
    The RuF, Lotus V8, Fezzas and the Astons sound great when they having their necks wrung though so I guess the sound processor just fails with certain pitches and tones.

    I just drive my beloved RuFs and Esprit :)

  11. Jun. 13, 3:52am

    Some numpty reckons Forza Horizon has better graphics, really, I played that the other day and its aweful, the handling is just terrible, no feeling of grip what so ever, in fact its like driving a bar of soap down a road of vasaline and graphics, apart from the scenery which is excellent, are just poor. It always makes me laugh, Turn 10 have been on this mission to beat GT and they never quite nail it do they, now Forza 5 looks very nice and it should with 8 gigs of RAM ( maybe thats 6 cos 2 of those are gonna be running the 3 OS in the XBOX ONE lol ) but it does look nice especially the scenery but I think GT6 will be up there with it and that’s on this generation running 500 megs of RAM, Polyphony are still the masters : )

    • Jun. 13, 9:40am

      I play Horizon with a Fanatec and I couldn’t disagree with you more.

    • Jun. 13, 9:48am

      If driving is like a bar of soap slipping on Vaseline, then sorry, you must not be good at the game. I never had such an exprience. And why are people even comparing Horizon to GT? They are not going for the same audience and it wasn’t even made by Turn 10.

    • Jun. 13, 5:23pm

      Horizon is the only good forza. Not because of the physics which suck compared to gt. but the gameplay. The customizing and open world like the old (and good) NFS’s. funny, even forza can make a game like that but NFS can’t get their heads far enough out of their A$$’ to see that

  12. Jun. 13, 2:16am

    Okay I don’t know if anyone has said this but that vacuum cleaner noise is probably just the wind and as a person who has heard the R8 LMS in person roaring down a track I can say that yes the sound for this car at least is very good and is accurate to the v10 it runs. I am looking forward to the game and I am noticing improvements.

    • Jun. 13, 2:18am

      Wrong page sorry (facepalm)

    • Jun. 13, 3:48am


  13. Jun. 13, 1:26am

    What if the game sounds are actually so accurate they sound fake.
    (Mind blown)

    • Jun. 13, 2:36am

      Now you sound like Kaz…

  14. Jun. 13, 1:08am

    I’m not whining and I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I’ve been always a GT fan but I am more excited about DriveClub.

    • Jun. 13, 4:30am

      Go see a shrink! He will set you right!!!

  15. Jun. 13, 12:04am

    im not a fanboy actually i hated GT5 so much and it was a major disappointment for me but saying graphics are bad ?? that is stupid GT5 has the best graphics along side naughty dog games and GT6 graphics are even better

  16. Jun. 12, 11:46pm

    This doesn’t look good, honestly forza horizon has way better graphics than this, and seems more realistic… Oh and this guy sucks at driving, even uses the line and can’t figure out when to brake

    • Jun. 12, 11:49pm

      You just went full retard. You never go full retard.

    • Jun. 13, 1:19am

      Somebody take him to a mental hospital.

    • Jun. 13, 4:43am

      I’m sorry, cartoons look better than real life???

      You see what happens to people’s perception of reality when they spend their lives playing video games and don’t leave the house?

      I love GT5, I am really looking forward to GT6, I have played other games like Most Wanted and Midnight Club, my uncle has an Xbox and Forza 4 (which I’ve played) but I also have a job and REAL LIFE friends – I get out of the house as much as possible! In doing so, my perception of reality is not obscured in any way!

  17. Jun. 12, 11:38pm

    Hope to see newer gameplay with opponents. Hopefully the frame rate runs just as smooth with 12 to 16 other cars.

  18. Jun. 12, 10:01pm

    Will they show the interview with Kaz on tomorrow?

    • Jun. 12, 10:30pm

      For what!!? So we can see a huge ego claiming that there’s nothing wrong and this is the next big thing?? Thank you, but I’ll pass!

    • Jun. 12, 10:40pm

      I always loved GT so I will get it. The only things that I was disappointed on was the car selection & sounds.

  19. Jun. 12, 9:49pm

    Oh God… They need to fire the clown in charge of the sounds department ASAP!!! What’s the BMW going to sound like?? Wait I know yes you guessed it… Vacuum cleaner!!! Wait… The Merc already sounds like that! :p

    • Jun. 12, 10:02pm

      May be the BMW will sound like a microwave? xD

    • Jun. 12, 10:28pm

      LMAO!! So that’s what Kaz was buzzing about in that interview with making the sounds sexier!! New sound model = Microwaves :D

    • Jun. 12, 10:31pm

      But yeah it sounds like the sounds on GT6 will be improved compared to GT5. May be we gotta wait until GT7 to get sounds that match the rivals likes of Forza & NFS franchises.

  20. Jun. 12, 8:50pm

    the sls sounds like a aston martin v12 vantage

    • Jun. 12, 9:09pm

      They used the same sound sample. originally it’s from the Ferrari 599… they’re all V12’s

    • Jun. 12, 10:22pm

      May be they gonna collaborate with a recording company to obtain realistic engine sounds for GT7 lol.

    • Jun. 13, 12:23am

      That’s a good idea, instead of partnering with suspension and tire companys, they should have partnered with a high end, top of the line, high tech, state of the art, (you get my point lol)recording company? Food for thought pd.

    • Jun. 13, 2:26am
      Pit Crew

      ^What^ ???……..

    • Jun. 14, 12:24pm

      @MGTurismo since when has the sls been a V12

  21. Jun. 12, 7:36pm

    GT6 is a game to hold us over while they do GT7 prologue for PS4. But anything that is improved IMO is a great thing. They could have just put new DLC and said we’re working on the next one. Plus it gives me time to save up for the PS4/GT7 pack.

  22. Jun. 12, 7:18pm

    Any replays available after driving or do they just call out “Next!” When the time limit is over?

  23. Jun. 12, 7:16pm

    One thing I’ve noticed about sounds, since the first GT6 video sample posted a while back, was the way the downrev or slowdowns, sound just much better , than they do in GT5, and that is a major step forward in the immersion factor, good enough for me. But if some sounds can be replicated as we’ve seen in the GT6 E3 trailer, ‘in game’ , then (regardless) I simply can’t wait to drive ALL cars on the Nurburgring as soon as GT6 is installed. (Unfortunately, might need an extra day to unlock the damn track in the AMG special)

    Imagine if they allow for the GT6 demo to feature the Nordschleife… I’d play just that until Dec 31st, only to play it again then.

    • Jun. 13, 3:53am


  24. Jun. 12, 7:06pm

    The track looks incredible! I love the fact that it looks like there are no invisible walls.

    • Jun. 12, 7:47pm

      Incredible?! Wow, you’re easily impressed. Just looks like a basic course-maker track from GT5 to me.

    • Jun. 12, 8:18pm

      @Mubble Google or Youtube search Willow Springs.

    • Jun. 12, 9:05pm

      @Mubble Actually, this is the most accurate Willow springs on any console game I’ve seen. SHIFT over did it adding banners and ruining the purpose of the track. Willo Springs is meant to be empty like this. It’s part of its beauty.

    • Jun. 12, 9:32pm

      Yet again, Mubble, you are proving what an uneducated moron you are!

      If you ever made a track on the Toscana section of the course maker in GT5, you would know that there are still invisible walls on whatever you make!

      Also, Toscana has trees and buildings! Willow Springs doesn’t, which adds to the charm of this track!

      Polyphony Digital prides itself on it’s realism, so what you see here is REAL! No embellishments to make it appealing to immature little wondertards such as yourself!!!

    • Jun. 12, 9:53pm

      I second Dekropttiv, this is the best version this track has been. ProStreet as another NFS example that was bloated with the junk. I really want to see GT add more people into the stands for all tracks, not jsut some.

    • Jun. 12, 10:00pm

      @dekro It’s the most accurate version of Willow Springs period. The mod in rfactor isnt’ nearly as accurate as this. No other sims have it. Until iracing laser scans this track, GT6 will have the best version ever made, just like they currently do with nurburgring nordschliefe

    • Jun. 13, 10:21am

      I’m impressed when things are done right. I’m sure you feel pretty embarrassed about your response now, Mubble!

    • Jun. 13, 12:11pm

      @ScotteDawg – Haha, you really now how to embarrass yourself on a public forum. Someone comments that Willow Springs looks like a basic course maker track (which it does – regardless of whether or not it’s accurate to the real life track) and you move in to full insult and aggression mode with comments like ‘uneducated’, ‘moron’, ‘immature’ and ‘wondertard’ all in one reply. Wow, you really need to get control of yourself son. Try replying but with a more grown up approach next time. Good lad.

  25. Jun. 12, 7:06pm

    Of course, this is chase view but the exhausts are front side exit on the GT3 SLS. So more exhaust than engine sound would be correct on the GT6 version.

  26. Jun. 12, 7:04pm

    Not to sound too negative, the game looks great… but, do they purposely find the worst driver in the crowd when showing the demos of new simulation games? It always happens, without fail.

    “You, yeah you. You look like you’ve never driven a car in real life. Want to take a few laps so we can show people what it looks like?”

    • Jun. 12, 8:47pm

      I think exhaustion from being at a convention walking aroud a lot plus the atmosphere with all the noises and people are pretty distracting and effecting his driving. I wouldn’t say he is bad purely based on this video

  27. Jun. 12, 6:54pm

    I hate to witness GT6 being near perfect game, completely ruined by those horrible sounds samples, from the tire squeal to the exhaust note… A BIG TURN OFF!!

    • Jun. 12, 7:25pm

      This +

    • Jun. 12, 9:05pm

      I just played about an hour of GT PSP while my kids hogged the PS3 and I have to say that the tire squeal noise in that is 100,000x better than GT5 AND what iI’ve heard so far from GT6 :-(

    • Jun. 12, 10:01pm

      What???? You’re nuts. I have GT PSP and it’s the same garbage tire sounds that are in GT5p, and they sound horrible.

    • Jun. 12, 10:29pm

      Maybe it was just turned up too loud and distorting lol. Idk, I’m tired…

    • Jun. 12, 11:21pm

      Completely agree. Looks like we’re gonna get crappy engine sounds again.

  28. Jun. 12, 6:43pm

    After watching the R8 LMS Ultra video I compared it to some other videos on youtube. From what you can hear, it sounds pretty close to the real thing.
    The SLS doesn’t sound as good. It seems to be lacking the V8 rumble (same as most V8’s in GT5) BUT the sound quality isn’t great and I cannot find a like for like video to compare it with (No roof/bonnet cams IRL, No Onboard GT6 footage). If Jordan or someone else could get a cockpit view shot, you could make a better comparison.

    • Jun. 12, 7:12pm

      The recording method, sound output, volume, system or even if you were there in person wouldn’t matter at all because it’s simply not a V8 sample. It’s a V12 sample.

      The Audi R8 did have a V10 sample, reason why it sounded right.

    • Jun. 12, 7:44pm

      Husky it does sound that way, but I cannot see any reason for them to use a V12 sample? The SLS AMG in GT5 has a V8 sound, why use a very wrong V12 for the race version

    • Jun. 12, 10:56pm

      Because PD has been doing that for ages. Many cars sound way off. Listen to the Mercedes CL600 in GT5. It’s supposed to have a V12 yet it has a V8 sample, when it sounded great in GT4. The BMW M3 E46 has a V8 sample as well, when it had a perfectly correct BMW L6 sound in GT4. The Saleen S7 used to have a racing V8 sound in it yet they changed it after an update and they gave it a completely unrecognizable sound. It took them more than a year to update the sound on the Corvette RM so it sounds like a V8; previously it sounded like some sort of 6 cylinder.

      So this is nothing new in Gran Turismo. There are tons of examples like these in previous games, so it’s no surprise that they would choose a completely wrong engine sound for this car.

      My thoughts are that this is still an early build. There is still months before the game gets released and I’m sure PD will fix it.

    • Jun. 13, 3:50pm

      Seems like misappropriation of the sound samples, the Premium cars and new cars tend to have the correct sounds more often than not. It just seems like having so many cars that these guys mix up a lot of things, they really need to sort this stuff out and before even letting that game loose on the public get some testers who know engine sounds, the stock engines in street cars and race cars should be an easy bucket. the modification stuff I can forgive if they screw up but stock engine note the one that they actually record as the modded sounds are created by distorting the sound sample in accordance to air flow and exhaust size and resonance is more of a work in progress. But testers should be really good with knowing how each car should come across. Turn up the race car engine notes please, these things are deafeningly loud.

  29. Jun. 12, 6:35pm

    Sounds like a damn Nissan V6. One them cars my older sister drives.

    • Jun. 12, 6:43pm

      Nissan GT-R? ;)

    • Jun. 12, 7:16pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      Oh lol, I’d appreciate a Nissan V6 right about now ;)

  30. Jun. 12, 6:24pm

    Stop saying the cars sound like a vacuum cleaners. They sound nothing like a vacuum cleaner, so while you are reading this and you still think the cars sound like a vacuum, turn on your vacuum cleaner and see what it sounds like, if you think it sounds like a car, you vacuum is messed up

    • Jun. 12, 6:40pm


    • Jun. 12, 7:17pm
      Ferrari Alonso


    • Jun. 12, 7:40pm

      No. Of course they don’t sound like vacuum cleaners. The sound more like my grandfather when gargling water when he has a bad case of laryngitis.

    • Jun. 12, 10:02pm

      He’s right. No vacuum cleaner in the world sounds like that. The sound needs to be improved, I agree. And not even because I think it’s that important, it’s because I AM SICK OF HEARING PEOPLE WHINE LIKE C*N*S ABOUT IT

    • Jun. 12, 11:34pm

      @TomBrady, you must be the first donkey here that gets affected by peoples complaints. People complain about the sounds because its something that belongs to a car. You dont call your game a real driving simulator if you dont even know the difference between a v12 or v8 sound.

  31. Jun. 12, 6:07pm

    I can’t believe everybody is still stressing the sound of the cars when kaz said himself a while ago when gtp interviewed him, he said to everyones face that the sounds are perfect and “too real”. And they told everybody what they changed in GT6, suspension, aero, and tires. If they would have changed the sound, I would think they wound be promoting the hell out of it, esp since they know that is a major flaw and most requested fix for the GT series. The only car that got a sound fix was the HSV honda super GT car. So like I said I’m not surprised at all that nothing is done to the sounds of the game, GT5.5 until they show me something seperating 5 and 6. And im sorry if a few cars and a couple of tracks is not going to do it, for all I know they could be just saying they got all new physics, tire and suspension models just to sell a the game, and I say again it’s a BUSINESS at the end of the day. Why do you think they can’t really show anything new, anwser because they really don’t have anything new, I bet they gonna give the full car list out two days before release. lol just saying.

    • Jun. 12, 6:23pm

      I have to agree with you, not every car like in other games sounds like a monster engine car, my problem isn’t the engine sounds, my problem is the transmission sounds, they need to be louder.

    • Jun. 12, 7:17pm

      I agree with the transmission/differential sounds. They were great in the original TOCA game. Realistic for a PSOne game back then.

    • Jun. 13, 1:41am

      You really do know nothing about this, don’t you – half-quotes, rants and a big pouty lip. If you read Jordan and the two other GTP members’ accounts about the handling from Silverstone, you’d know that it’s real and different…not just something PD are saying is there…

      What a muppet…

  32. Jun. 12, 5:59pm

    Looks like someone screwed up in sound department, that doesn’t sound like a V8 more like the V10 of an M5. The racing V8 for this car is really really gruff at the low rpm’s and gets progressively louder with a tinge of rasp but still bassy. One thing I noticed is that transmission whine can actually be heard from this car but only when this car hasn’t been running long, once it gets going you’ll be hard pressed to even hear that whine that PD seems to love to make louder than everything else.
    I think that no matter how well PD records engine sounds they need to pitch match and balance them according to how it sounds to the ear because regardless of what microphones pick up we do not hear exactly like that because of air, pressure and hundreds of anomalies that change the sound on its way to our ears.

  33. Jun. 12, 5:55pm

    nice hair lol

  34. Jun. 12, 5:33pm

    I’d be shocked if this one wasn’t released before the holiday season.

    • Jun. 12, 7:42pm

      I’d be more shocked if it actually was.

  35. Jun. 12, 5:31pm

    No invisible walls???
    Hoping the same goes for the Top Gear Test Track!!!!
    I beg of you PD, please!

    • Jun. 12, 5:56pm

      game walls?

    • Jun. 12, 10:04pm

      Agreed. I cannot stand invisible walls, especially on rally tracks. I’d rather have the game teleport you back to the track than have stupid invisible walls

  36. Jun. 12, 5:28pm

    You know, let’s forget about the car sounding like a V12 instead of a V8. I’m sure the car will have a proper V8 sample when the game gets released.

    Other than that, I can’t get enough of that bodyroll! I hope we get some gameplay footage of the Nurburgring soon, because with all those bumps that thing is going to look (and feel) epic!

    • Jun. 12, 7:18pm
      Ferrari Alonso

      What the man said above! ^

    • Jun. 12, 9:53pm

      I have a feeling that the Nurburgring will not be in the demo. But, if it is, no-one at E3 would drive it anyway because they only have 5 minutes and would not be able to complete a lap! Therefore, no gameplay footage!!
      Ask Jordan if it will be in the demo, I’m sure he’d know…

    • Jun. 12, 11:02pm

      Wasn’t there a very short replay video of the Audi R8 LMS racing against the GTR GT3 at the Nurburgring? I personally don’t think they will include it in the demo either, but I’m sure someone must have a video with a full lap on the car.

    • Jun. 13, 12:51am

      Thank you! I get real sick of people complaining about the sound of the cars when there are many other things to appreciate about the game… and I’m really looking forward to everything that GT6 has to offer! Willow Springs looks really fun

  37. Jun. 12, 5:22pm

    Apparently Sony have revealed at the E3 press conference that GT6 will go on sale on the 31st of December. So the very last day of 2013?!


    • Jun. 12, 5:23pm

      Really?! DAMN!! Almost seven more months of waiting? NO!!! D:

    • Jun. 12, 5:27pm

      I’m guessing March

    • Jun. 12, 5:28pm

      Well atleast we have a solid date and plz Sony keep pushing it back.

    • Jun. 12, 5:31pm
      drag lab 101

      I haven’t heard or read this anywhere.. Not that, that means its not true.. But still I’m kinda thrown off by that release window with a demo due in July.
      That’s 6months ahead of the game release… Seems to long to me from the demo release.
      Personally I was expecting something more like Thanksgivingish.

    • Jun. 12, 5:31pm

      Strange it’s right on the 31st. It almost sounds as if they are setting a safe time window just in case it isn’t ready by the holidays.

      But I’ve survived all that nightmare of waiting for GT5. I can try and wait seven months.

    • Jun. 12, 5:34pm

      He’s incorrect. That’s what the date shows right now for ordering it online.

    • Jun. 12, 5:37pm

      And apparently there’s life on Mars. That was also revealed at the press conference, I heard.

      Now, do you have a source or not?

    • Jun. 12, 5:37pm

      I agree there’s no strong commitment to the holiday season so if its not ready no one will be disappointed. That being said with the amount of sales that they would miss by releasing this title a week or two earlier than the projected date has me baffled.

    • Jun. 12, 5:44pm

      “Apparently”? In what way is it apparent?

      Releasing 6 days after Christmas would be moronic. Not going to happen.

    • Jun. 12, 5:48pm
      drag lab 101

      HaylRayzor… Agreed, after Christmas makes no sense. Also so far after next gen and newer gaming that would surely eat into sales. It makes no sense at all.

    • Jun. 12, 7:55pm

      Wow, common sense people. If we knew what the real release date was, don’t you think Jordan would have posted it on the news page by now?

    • Jun. 12, 8:16pm
      drag lab 101

      MuoNiuLa I’be seen GTPlanet beatin to the punch on info many times.
      As busy as they are now @ E3 I suppose its possible the info could be out and not posted here as of yet.
      I doubt it.. But it’s possible.

  38. Jun. 12, 5:19pm

    Stills same sounds. Sounds like a V12 not a racing V8

  39. Jun. 12, 5:18pm

    I don’t agree yo can only hear exaust sounds in the 3rd person view.

    We can hear them in cockpit and in “roof view” too !!! That’s like real life and that would solve vacum sounds !

    • Jun. 13, 1:08am

      What video of a v8 supercar roof camera. tons of whining noises lol

  40. Jun. 12, 5:17pm

    Thanks for the videos Jordan.

    But I would like to see full replays. The little bits that I saw looked amazing.

  41. Jun. 12, 5:14pm

    In the 2nd trailer I noticed on the matterhorn track with the Audi S1 and the Alpine the weather went from very cloudy scene looking as if theres going to be a snow blizzard to the nice sunny weather as the camera angle turned to follow the cars go down the hill. Also the engine sounds as they drove past, this was a very quick short burst of engine sound, but was very very realistic sounding and nothing like a hoover sound as a lot of people are calling it. It actually sounded like the real thing, however this may have been a dubbed engine sound because when the 2 C7’s were driving it sounded like race cars and not the corvette. I just do not know what to think of GT^ atm. PD need to deliver!

  42. Jun. 12, 5:12pm

    Still no shifting sounds

    • Jun. 12, 5:19pm

      Agree with you ! no shifting sounds :(

    • Jun. 12, 6:30pm

      What are you looking for exactly that stupid click-clunk sound in NFS?

      Sarcasm aside, really what DO you want exactly for “shifting sounds”?

    • Jun. 12, 7:24pm


    • Jun. 13, 1:10am

      Maybe the pause or dynamic sounds of using a clutch? Thing is, GT doesn’t simulate a clutch. It would be nice to have a clutch

  43. Jun. 12, 5:01pm


    • Jun. 12, 5:15pm

      Your “vacyoom” must sound pretty epic then.

    • Jun. 12, 5:22pm

      +1 for sarcasm

    • Jun. 12, 5:30pm

      Haha that was good stuff :)

    • Jun. 12, 7:11pm

      Dude, WTF did you learn to spell? Lose the capitals – even the way you attempt to spell s*** is lame, if this is your best effort at being amusing then stop. Either way = crash and burn. PS I hope you can read correct spelling

  44. Jun. 12, 5:01pm

    I facepalm to everyone below me that thinks the engine sound of this SLS is accurate. It sounds far from what it really does. Why did they copy the ferrari 599 and v12 vantage’s engine sound of gt5 and not just sls amg? I really like their sound quality but the samples are just plain garbage. After hearing the 370Z and this SLS im afraid that they didnt progress with the sound samples.

    • Jun. 12, 5:07pm

      You’re into something. I like it. I’m surprised how they got the street SLS near perfect in GT5 even when they could’ve just copied the V8 sample form the other V8 Mercs. This is indeed taken directly from those two V12 cars. But my thought’s are that they will change it eventually.

      As I mentioned in an earlier post, same thing happened with the Gallardo’s V10 sample in one of the last GT5 videos they showed prior to the release. It had the Cizeta’s V16 sample, yet they eventually fixed it and gave it a more proper V10 sound in the release version. So I’m sure that being such a characteristic car with a very characteristic engine, they will use a proper sample for this Mercedes in the release version of GT6.

    • Jun. 12, 5:11pm

      Oh, and I think the 370Z does sound very accurate. I thought the same until I saw a video comparison with GT5’s 370Z (which sounds exactly the same as GT6’s 370Z) and a real stock 370Z and I could hardly notice the difference. There was something missing, but it was very accurate.

      Still, I’m sure that changing the exhaust like with the majority of Japanese cars, will give you that throaty and melodious V6 sound that I think you’re looking for.

    • Jun. 12, 5:18pm

      I heard the 370z in real life countless times and believe me, they do not sound anything like the GT5’s sample.

  45. Jun. 12, 5:01pm

    I’m getting bored of this now. Why is PD not releasing any information about the game? I thought they said they will reveal a lot more facts about the game at E3? This is very disappointing.

    Good video.

    • Jun. 12, 5:13pm

      patience, young padawan.

    • Jun. 12, 5:13pm

      E3 isn’t over yet, maybe something will come out tonight or tomorrow like a new track or new car list. That’s what I want to know!

  46. Jun. 12, 5:00pm

    Nom nom nom. Keep them comin’ Jordan, thanks!


  47. Jun. 12, 4:50pm

    The impression that i have is if you commit one mistake, you’re finished, more than ever. About the track i think Willow Springs was a good choice for GT6, a high speed circuit with good overtake points. I see amazing races going on this track.

  48. Jun. 12, 4:48pm

    Oh my god, they have done it again with the sound! That glorious roar of the SLS GT3 has been transferred to sound like a generic honda…

    • Jun. 12, 4:53pm

      See? comments like these were the ones I was talking about. If you can’t give a proper feedback and constructive criticism, then why bother commenting?

      And if you think a Honda sounds like that then you are obviously the wrong person to be criticizing the sounds here.

  49. Jun. 12, 4:46pm

    Was I the only one who heard GTAV at 1:00 to ~1:13?

  50. Jun. 12, 4:42pm

    Before some troll says we are fanboys defending PD blindly, let me tell you that we can also point out when there is something wrong, and contrary of just bashing the game we give proper feedback.

    Here are my thoughts about what I and many other Gran Turismo and car enthusiasts noticed.

    The sound in the Mercedes is far from accurate. It’s the same sample that the Aston Martin V12 Vantage has. It sounds great, no doubt about it, but it is not accurate for this car. A nice deep racing V8 sample would go fantastic with this beast. So PD, I trust in you with the final product :)

    • Jun. 12, 5:17pm

      I agree, the sound isn’t accurate. But I can tell you it does not sound like a vacuum cleaner, I’ll give you that.

  51. Jun. 12, 4:23pm

    go home, driver: you’re drunk

  52. Jun. 12, 4:23pm


    • Jun. 12, 4:24pm

      Best video yet.

  53. Jun. 12, 4:19pm

    don’t wanna say it too loud but it seems to me that the sound aren’t so bad.

    • Jun. 12, 4:21pm

      It’s not accurate.

    • Jun. 12, 4:22pm

      I would wait until the demo is In your hands or we can get a replay uploaded to YouTube before I’d say anything about the sounds, it’s too cluttered in these videos to be able to hear anything. But so far it seems promising.

    • Jun. 12, 4:38pm

      Why not accurate? It seems to me indeed. The sound of the SLS is pretty much the same

    • Jun. 12, 4:47pm

      @ fet_thunderdone

      Does that sound like a V8 to you? That’s what he meant when he said is not accurate. It’s not about how loud it sounds or how he recording was made. That’s clearly a V12 sample that were used in other cars in GT5. It sounds pretty neat I must admit (love hearing it in the V12 Vantage), but not in this car.

    • Jun. 12, 4:50pm

      How can u say that its too cluttered to tell. I can CLEARLY hear an not much given thought V6 generic sound on one of the most raw and viscous sounding race cars. Completely blew of my boner of GT6.

    • Jun. 12, 5:08pm

      I can’t honestly say. I had a fairly good impression, but not sure. You are telling me we’re far from being there, so maybe my hears are playing tricks to me

  54. Jun. 12, 4:16pm

    No walls!!!!! Also that track is so beautiful!

  55. Jun. 12, 4:14pm

    Looking great!

  56. Jun. 12, 4:14pm

    Were there no invisible barriers in the middle or are they just farther than where you drove?

    • Jun. 12, 4:21pm

      He said earlier that you could drive as far as you wanted, but after a certain amount of time it resets you back to the track.

    • Jun. 12, 4:23pm

      If you look at the screenshots taken from the sky, you can see a line around the track, which is probably where the invisible wall is. It is quite far away from the track though.

  57. Jun. 12, 4:14pm

    Shame they didn’t get the sound right at all.

    • Jun. 12, 4:22pm

      It’s still a WIP I think. Hopefully when the demo drops this July, they get it right

  58. Jun. 12, 4:10pm

    Sooo pretty

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