GTP Photomode Competitions: Tournament Semi-Final!

Thanks to some computer difficulties, the Photomode update just wasn’t possible last week, but we’re back… and just in time! The knockout-style Tournament is in it’s semi-final round, with only four users left for each division. And, of course, we’ve got our weekly competitions, five in total, that are open to any registered GTPlanet member. Want to take part? Read on!

(Clockwise from top left: ijkhk4, tonilleshusband, honkydonky, Boabdulrahman)

The Tournament has continued onward since our last update, eliminating half the users each round, and we’re now in the voting stages of the semi-final round. Above are our current participants in PMC division – head here to vote for the two semi-final match-ups – and remember, it’s multiple choice, so ensure you’ve voted for both before hitting that submit button!

(Clockwise from top left: bmxmitch, SlipZtrEm, DarkR, fkxpro)

2.0 allows for moderate image editing, and those above are who’s left this round. It’s the same situation as the other division, folks – head here to cast your votes on the two match-ups. These polls are only open until eight more hours, so don’t delay!

(Click to view full-size of KlausPSU’s winning shot)

The F1 season has started, and aptly enough, Klaus has selected, er, F1 as his theme this week. Hop into either Ferrari model, or PD’s now-classic iteration of the breed, and snap some pictures at any of the real-life tracks the F1 circus typically visits. Go go go!

This Week’s Poll: We had an H2H poll this week with Germany vs Italy, and conveniently enough, we’re now down to the two shots that represent each side! This makes your voting that much easier – just vote for whichever you prefer in this final poll!

(Click to view full-size of ShaolinMasta’s winning shot)

Taking a page from Sackboy and LittleBigPlanet this week, we’re visiting The Creatinator. Well, we’re visiting GT5’s Track Creator, at any rate. The only limitation for your images this week is they must be shot on a track created with this handy feature – your car choice is entirely up to you. If that sounds like your sort of fun, hop over to the thread now to submit your image!

This Week’s Poll: Unfortunately, the 2.0 poll just closed – but feel free to browse the Le… (wait for it)… Gends! poll to see which automotive icons got the special treatment!

(Click to view full-size of RED3MON’s winning shot)

Red scores a double-win this week with this and the Photoshop competition. For Certain Car Certain Location, he’s decided on First Super Car, focusing on the mis-understood (and often under-appreciated) Jaguar XJ220, and it needs to be storming London’s downtown core. You heard the man!

This Week’s Poll: Another closed poll (an early congrats to DarkR), but feel free to browse The Kafer‘s poll, and look at some epic Volkswagen Beetle shots!

(Click to view full-size of RED3MON’s winning shot)

Another win for Red, another theme! This week’s Photoshop theme is Absolute One Off, getting inspiration from Lamborghini and their stunning Aventador J concept from the recent Geneva Autoshow. In a similar vein, Red wants to see you create an utterly bespoke, one-of-a-kind car out of GT5’s lineup. Warm up your editing program of choice, and get ready for some craziness!

This Week’s Poll: Did I mention the Geneva Motor Show? Why yes, yes I did, but our competition users beat me to the punch, creating some excellent posters for the event. Now your job is to vote on your favourite, which I recommend hurrying for, as there isn’t much time left!

(Click to view full-size of CCShaft7’s winning shot)

So, you’ve been driving around your favourite GT5 track, and you’ve totalled your car. CCS7’s request? Since you’ve now become an Accidental Tourist, you might as well snap some of the natural beauty found in the environment! You’re limited to the tracks of the game for this one, so no Photo Travel, but no cars can be in your image. When you’ve got it, don’t forget to submit it anonymously to CCShaft7.

This Week’s Poll: The lateness of this week’s update means this poll is already closed as well, but Forza Italia brought with it some stupendous photography, so you’d be doing yourself a favour to go have a browse!

All sound a bit complicated? Read this thread for an explanation on how to get your images off your PS3 and onto a computer, and read over the individual rules in each competition’s thread. If you’re further stuck, feel free to Private Message me (click here). Start snapping those digital shutters!

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    1. Foxiol

      See it for yourself: www . outerra . com or go to the forums and check the “GT5 Bathurst leaked” thread and in the last page i posted something that only one person saw…i must make an entire thread for it maybe. you can find videos on you tube.

      Basically is a game engine still in development. The main feature is that the entire Planet is modelled in 1/1 scale (yes the planet in full size made in 3D and inside your PC) and you can travel inside or outside it into the space and in the future they are planning to make a galaxy with planets which is possible by now but first they want to model the entire planet with lakes, rivers, cities and add tons of missing features to make our own thing.

      Of course you can make a game with that and has tons of possibilities for flight , race, train, sail (boats, ships, submarine), space simulators.Then also you can make games like “sim cities”, MMO´s, FPS, RPG or whatever in huge open environments with physics implemented (gravity, wind, day/night transitions depending in the seasons during the year). Imagine the entire planet to play with at your will. And using real mapping, data from Google Earth (satellite,GPS info).

      Mountains in the planet by now are placed in the actual real place, you can see the continents, islands, oceans, etc. It uses a fractal algorithms.

      Yeah it is cool just take a look and by now you can try it for free. (i paid for get upgrades and make new things but only 15$/11€)

      BTW, it is Open GL based so it is not way too heavy for old PC´s and weights 256 MB. You at least be able to see what i am talking about.

  1. Foxiol

    One question that has nothing to do with this…i want to know the width of Bathurst…anyone knows? Google can´t help me today and it is driving me sick. Why i want to know? Because i made it in Outerra engine but need the real size of the width. I have it custom in 8 meters.

    1. Jordan

      A question such as this would be better suited for the forums. I’m sure someone will be able to help you out there.

  2. Maddens Raiders

    Ok great man. I’m definitely going to get in on this. I’m currently on business travel abroad and away from my GT Lair at home so this is the perfect time to upload some pics. I make a lot and distribute them to my PSNmates and they always urge me to enter, but I never really understood how. Thanks for the feedback and btw sweet pick of the Speed 8; one of my faves!

    One other thing. Is it necessary for these photos to be retouched or is it ok to submit the photos directly from the GT editor?

    1. SlipZtrEm

      The only competition that requires editing would be the Photoshop Competition. The original Photomode Competition (PMC) actually requires no post-GT editing, while the Advanced competition (2.0) does allow some. CCCL and Secret Santa typically alternate rules sets; on odd weeks (this week’s 43 for Secret Santa), it’s the strict PMC limits, on even (this week’s 54 for CCCL) it’s the more open 2.0 rules. That all said, there’s nothing stopping anybody from entering a non-edited shot in any competition that utilizes the 2.0 rules – it’s just that, typically, edited pictures do better in those ones.

      Another great thread to find out how to submit images easily would be this one, since it explains the methods for the three main image hosting sites we typically use (I prefer Flickr these days):

      Thanks for that, the Speed 8’s definitely a favourite of mine too. Hope that all made sense!

    2. Maddens Raiders

      Great stuff man! I’m not too keen yet on what CCCL & Secret Santa are but I will definitely learn. I’m glad to hear that Photoshop is not a requirement, b/c I like to see what we can do against each other w/ the same tools, but there is no limit to how good these cars can look w/ a good knowledge of PS. I take photos for a living and shoot cars and nature shots as an enthusiast. I wish we could use tinypic for a host but I will make an account with Flickr soon for uploads. Thanks again mate – great information!

  3. Maddens Raiders

    Ok so which competitions are actually going on right now? I’ve always wanted to participate, but the whole process seems a bit confusing. I’d like to get in on the action.

    1. SlipZtrEm

      The first paragraph under each competition image, explaining this week’s theme, is where you’ll want to look. Just click on the theme title (“F1”, “The Creatinator”, etc), read the first post it links you to, and submit an image in said thread (except Secret Santa, where you’ll submit anonymously). Hope that helps!


    The SLS picture is just AWESOME . Best picture ever seen . The f40 one is good too. Can i get a link for “fullscreen” images ? Want that SLS as Home Design/Background , and the f40 for my mobile phone.

  5. TokoTurismo

    This made me felt alot better after seeing these awseome picutres from the winners. Great work guys. :D Very *artistic*

    1. m8h3r

      Ah that’s a shame, maybe I could look for a website where I can create one using my own images and do my own with my 12 favourite images.

    1. RED3MON

      Thank you everyone for the kind support in making me the double winner last week :cheers: and good job everyone !!!

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