MINI Joins Vision Gran Turismo Project for GT6

June 20th, 2014 by Jordan Greer

mini cooper s gt6

MINI, the fabled british manufacturer, has joined the Vision Gran Turismo project with a new concept car now scheduled to be in Gran Turismo 6. The company was added to the Vision GT list in the game’s 1.09 update, as spotted by GTPlanet member X-DEVIL7675.

As the newest Vision GT project participant, MINI’s concept car is still likely a ways off. Until then, you’ll have to join our community in speculating what the company’s designers might be working on…

Vision GT has, of course, been picking up steam over the past few weeks, with cars released from BMW, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi, and Nissan’s coming next month.

GT6 Photomode image by GPR.

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  1. Jun. 23, 8:00am

    I can see them making a bigger mini. The new mini is not a mini. Its just another medium sized car shaped like a mini and named a mini.

  2. Jun. 21, 5:23pm

    All these concept cars & good but I’d rather have some classic real cars instead.

    • Jun. 23, 2:46am


    • Jun. 23, 3:27am

      Yeah ..I am starting to curse the damn program myself. I would like to know how in good conscience we can worry about fantasy stuff when there are new M cars, AMG cars, new Super Cars …even Hyper Cars that are out in the cold? I was sold by the message that Gran Turismo is like an Encyclopedia of cars …I hope PD is not losing sight of that particular “Vision”. Look, these fantasy cars are fine but for the love of all things encyclopedic, please also introduce at least 1 or two regular cars from the manufacturer in question? I mean, how nice would it be to give us the fantasy MINI and also give us some JCW and GP MINIs?? Come on guys …ENCYCLOPEDIA!

  3. Jun. 21, 12:15pm

    What great news! Mini just made my day!

  4. Jun. 21, 10:58am

    If Mini is British company, then why does all the cars from Mini in GT6 say that it’s a German car?
    Please explain.

    • Jun. 21, 11:52am

      The make was bought and revitalised by BMW some time ago.

    • Jun. 21, 5:22pm

      Mini’s should be still under the British tag as Lamborghini is owned by the German VW group but still is Italian.

    • Jun. 24, 4:16pm

      I can understand why the new, BMW Mini is classed as a German marque, but surely the original, 1.3i Mini in the game is a British car ? BMW had nothing whatsoever to do with the original, it was Isaac Issigonis who designed it and BMC who built it therefore it should have the recognition of it’s country of origin, not the country who bought the name !!!!

  5. Jun. 21, 4:56am

    I want a mighty fun MINI.

  6. Jun. 21, 3:55am

    Love Mini, I have a 2013 Mini One, great fun car to drive, handles great, can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  7. Jun. 21, 1:24am

    oh my god yes

  8. Jun. 20, 7:02pm

    I absolutely can’t wait, MINI is my favorite widely famous car manufacturer! :)

  9. Jun. 20, 6:02pm

    I think it’s that bigger version of the Countryman.

  10. Jun. 20, 4:22pm

    PD, you the best bABY. I like it when I don’t know it’s comin’. Keep it a surprise, baby.

  11. Jun. 20, 3:12pm

    Hope it includes design elements from the Superleggera and Biomoke…

  12. Jun. 20, 1:52pm

    ‘Fabled’ I’m fairly sure that Mini’s are real Jordan and not just hearsay ;)

    • Jun. 20, 2:26pm

      “Fabled” also means famous or widely known.

    • Jun. 20, 6:25pm

      Fair dinkum – never heard it used in that context before though.

    • Jun. 20, 8:10pm

      I use the term quite frequently, actually.

      Regarding MINI being added, I must admit, I’m curious – BMW have already had a go at it. They created a full-on race car. MINI could be a more sedate – or more fun – car.

      I’m also starting to think that the other manufacturers are about to start rolling their own cars out at a faster rate than PD can model them. Still waiting for Subaru to make their announcement, but with VLN coming soon, and a few concepts being displayed, I think it is next!

  13. Jun. 20, 1:31pm

    Mini Superleggera Vision GT confirmed?

  14. Jun. 20, 1:29pm

    hope it’s a tuned version of the Superleggera Concept

  15. Jun. 20, 1:22pm

    Good, although it will be ages before their concept comes out, I’m more looking forward to some of the more outlandish companies such as Lamborghini’s to come out, that will be mind blowingly insane!

  16. Jun. 20, 1:01pm

    I want my Super Mini ASAP.

    • Jun. 20, 1:18pm

      Can’t wait! I just hope it’s NOT a 500hp monster.

      Keep it where mini should always stay :)

    • Jun. 20, 1:41pm

      did anyone else do the math? if they release a VGT every month we will be playing GT6 for like 2 more years… :)

    • Jun. 20, 2:02pm

      I’m hoping it will be a MINI monster truck.

    • Jun. 20, 2:56pm

      Maybe it will be a Maxi?! :)

    • Jun. 20, 3:25pm


    • Jun. 20, 4:18pm

      MightyL, I would not be surprised if Vision GT carried over to GT7, there’s quite a few to go yet.

    • Jun. 20, 4:21pm

      Mini concept could be anything really, I think it could be an open top pocket rocket.

    • Jun. 20, 4:41pm

      It could be a space shuttle…

    • Jun. 20, 4:56pm

      kollosson..MightyL….Or foward to a GT6 on PS3 and PS4 maybe.

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