Official Gran Turismo Website Update Coming May 8th As Sony Hints at “Game Announcements”

Gran Turismo 6 109 May 7, 2013 by

The official Gran Turismo websites for Europe and North American regions will be getting a major overhaul on Wednesday, May 8th.

As some may recall, Polyphony Digital’s Asian websites were updated last month, offering a new look while removing some of the site’s older content, press assets, and screenshots.

Meanwhile, on the European PlayStation Blog, blog manager Fred Dutton gently teased readers, hinting the company has “some intriguing game announcements planned” this week.

While there is no specific reason to believe the website’s update or Mr. Dutton’s comments will bring with them Gran Turismo news, excitement and anticipation is growing around the web and here in our forums.

Stay tuned, and keep a close eye for more news or formal announcements as they develop.

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