Private Multiplayer Lobbies Added with Driveclub Update 1.24

3-DRIVECLUB™_20151102183841– November 3rd, 2015, courtesy of GameOver77.

Update 1.24 is now available to download for Driveclub. Weighing in at 400MB, the update introduces the long-awaited private multiplayer lobbies that were talked about earlier this year. The new feature has a variety of adjustable options and modifiers for the likes of grid position, gear changes, and camera perspective to name a few.

Other features introduced in the newest update include a new multiplayer accolade, new ‘Elite’ driver levels, two new sprint tracks, and more based on the continuous feedback from the community.

  • Private Lobbies have been introduced to Multiplayer, to play custom games with your friends online competitively or for fun.
  • Private Lobbies include a wide range of customisable options and modifiers for things like; Grid Position, Penalties, Vehicle Collisions, Drafting, Gear Changes, Camera Perspective, and more.
  • Introduces a new Multiplayer Accolade. Earn fame rewards for playing online via the event browser or with your friends in Private Lobbies.
  • The Club Level cap has been raised from 50 to 55, with a new reward to unlock at level 55.
  • ELITE Driver Levels 76-80 have been added, with a new reward to unlock at each level.
  • ELITE Driver Level Challenges can now be played directly via a new option in your Driver Profile.
  • A new in-game store has been added to make finding add-ons for DRIVECLUB much easier.
  • Adds a steering wheel profile for DRIVECLUB Bikes, and reintroduces look left and right on the steering wheel d-pad for cars.
  • 2 new Sprint tracks for Glenmorgan (India) and Chungara Lake (Chile).
  • An adjustable ‘Braking Assist’ is now available to aid those less familiar with the tracks, generally helping make the game easier for novice drivers.
  • Includes general improvements for game performance, stability and usability.

As has become routine with Driveclub, Update 1.24 arrives in preparation for something more later this month:

  • Adds support for the EBR Expansion (coming to PlayStation®Store as a free expansion for DRIVECLUB BIKES on Nov 17) – which includes the Erik Buell Racing 1190RX, Erik Buell Racing 1190SX and EBR Tour Pack.
  • The EBR Tour Pack includes 6 new Events and 3 new Trophies. Collect every star in the EBR Tour to earn a bonus Livery.
  • Adds support for the free All Stars Tour Pack (coming to PlayStation®Store as a free add-on for DRIVECLUB on Nov 17).
  • The All Stars Tour Pack includes 6 new Events and 3 new Trophies. Collect every star in the All Stars Tour to earn a bonus Livery.
  • Adds support for the EBR livery pack (coming to PlayStation®Store on Nov 17). The pack contains 5 new livery patterns to customise your bikes or cars with.
  • Adds support for this month’s free bonus livery (coming to PlayStation®Store on Nov 17).

As Evolution Studios continues to look toward Driveclub’s future after this recent update, the team is planning to release more Sprint tracks every week until Christmas; introduce more cars, bikes, and tours; adding an ‘Easy’ difficulty to tours; additional accolade ranks that will give you more to play for and bigger fame rewards for completing the challenges; more customization slots that will help you to switch between designs easier, and more.

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  1. gigio79

    Only one word ” AMAZING”, this game is amazing, cars and bikes, challenges all around the world, time attack, races, tour, multiplayer, driveclub is the most nice arcade racing game of the last 10 years.

  2. wallpaper42

    If they do another season pass I will buy it. The first one was probably the best value from a season pass in any game so far. It made me come back every update to do the new tours, drive the new cars and get the trophies.

    It’d be nice if the Forza car packs came with new events and achievements too.

  3. DUC748inMD

    Cars and Bikes exist in separate areas of the game.

    The addition of bikes is great! While purely arcade, the bikes are a lot of fun to ride and compete with across the various Driveclub locations. Well done!

  4. Obelisk

    (inb4 Johnnypenso)

    The bikes look awesome. The Crew’s also getting bikes in a few weeks, can’t wait.

    Can you race bikes alongside cars? I think you could do that in TDU2.

    1. Obelisk

      Darn it. I remember you could race them together in TDU2. I wish they’d bring that back…Maybe The Crew will do that?

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