“Sierra Time Rally” Video Shows Full Lap of New GT6 Track


GTPlanet user TurismoBad went digging through last week’s live stream from Polyphony Digital’s Tokyo offices, and discovered a gameplay session which reveals a complete lap around the new Circuito de la Sierra track, based around the town of Zahara de la Sierra in southern Spain.

The track will be featured in a new Special Event within GT6, hosting the “Sierra Time Rally”, which appears to bring with it some new time-rally-specific gameplay elements such as checkpoints. One particularly interesting thing, noticed by AJHG1000: the player passes 22 cars during his lap of the circuit, six more than the game’s current on-track maximum of 16. “Quick Match” online mode also appears briefly in the game’s top menu.

According to comments in the live broadcast, the track and “Quick Match” mode are both set to appear in GT6 update 1.12, slated for release sometime this week. Stay tuned for more details!

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Comments (279)

  1. dbentzjr

    One last thing, I noticed some shadow issues on the track while getting the Toyota GTV car, so Im sure we’re looking to get another minor patch sometime to fix the issue.

  2. dbentzjr

    I just had a chance to check out the new track and I LOVE IT!!! The new patch checks in around 485 mb, but takes around an hour even on high speeds to install. Circuito de la Sierra is an amazing big track that takes a good while to lap. It takes roughly 9-12 mins to get around as long as you keep going. Id love to see some of the top times that get posted. GT6 should keep track of our personal track records and speeds too. It frustrates me going back to a track Ive been on a million times to see that I don’t have any personal overall top time displayed to work on or beat. Anyhow the new track is outstanding to me and I’m holding out hope for the sounds patch and track maker mostly among other things.

  3. dbentzjr

    I can’t help but be a little upset about gt6. GT5 isn’t even that old yet and they took off the online features forcing us to play a newer game that lacks many of the features that made 5 so great. I wouldn’t be that upset if I could go back and play 5 online, but really? Is whats going to happen to gt6 as well? No online after 3 years because gt7 releases? The company PD is full of promises of this and that but no valid times or dates for anything at all. I have much to talk about because Im not trolling, Im actually a very big fan of gt series and have been playing 6 a LOT. I also loved 2 and 4 a lot. 5 was good. The issue is (imho) that gt4 had better sounds than gt5 or 6, 5 had car trading and speed tests, 2 had rally racing, and they all had tracks that are absent from the current game. Is it really so hard to add some pixels to a few great tracks that should still be around? and don’t get me started on the cars. Id rather see one single foxbody mustang than 1 more miata or skyline. I wish they took like the best 2 or 3 cars of any given year and left it at that to make room for more different cars than 50 something mx5s. Where the heck is the track maker? I want to make my own tracks? Another thing gt5 had…even though it was plain horrible… to those who are curious, when I first popped in my gt6 for the first time (when it came out) there was a screen in the game promising track maker, gps thing and b-spec. That screen has since then been removed somehow. Also, on back case it clearly states “Access and create online events with web based enabled devices”. It has been about 10 months since the game released and the only thing we have is the useless gps thing in the menu. I have every right to be upset and state my opinion, but its not out of hatred. I just think that it would be nice if instead of hiding everything, PD could let us know some general timelines to look forward to so everyone would stop b#**%^*@! and just start sharing ideas and such. Personally, I’m really itching for better car sounds over anything else at this point. Itching, but not holding my breath.

  4. wvmgmidget

    I’m a little disappointed but it wasn’t official but it would have been nice. Oh well NHL 15 has my attention now

    1. kekke2000

      Prizes in the HUT auction seems to be very low at the moment. Its possible to do some real bargains, at least for ps4

  5. Makkan786

    Speaking of zahara man tt course was mentioned month back i think im more excited to know if that will apear in gt7 or will there be a tourist trophy 2 hmmm

    1. Makkan786

      The post says ‘according to the comments’ not officially by pd so we will have to wait for official announcment

    2. sayba2th

      The supposed arrival that Jordan and GTP mentioned was advised by a fellow GTP member bring more tuna. He was at the event PD hosted where the footage had come from. So send your greivences to him instead of posting comments as such. Since there is nothing official it isn’t happening until it does. Most of us are as keen as you to get this update as the next player but we have enough common sense to not post blame game posts. Know your facts before running that acusatory yap.

    3. Synapticgap

      Yeah, we can blame ourselves as a community for listening to our own hype and speculation…

      Nevertheless, I feel duped because “officially” they did announce Zahara for February.

      Well, I can’t play anyway because my wifi sucks so bad at my house, everyone’s trees are leaning my direction…

  6. F1Racer68

    I have said it before and I will say it again.

    There has been NO OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT by PD regarding the 1.12 update other than what has been mentioned in this news article on the official Gran Turismo website.

    “Last Updated: Sep 04, 2014
    Quitting the Game During the Update Installation Process (Valid Only for Update 1.11 or Older)

    If you quit the game during the installation process of a Gran Turismo 6 update (by pressing the PS button or any other way), the installation process may fail. Please make sure to allow the installation to complete before attempting to exit the game.

    If the installation fails due to the above mentioned scenario, the data may be able to be restored by restarting the game or by deleting the partially installed Game Data files from the “Game Data Utility folder” in the PS3™ XMB. For details, please refer to the “Related Links” at the bottom of the page.

    This issue could potentially affect any of the previous update files including “Update 1.11″. After the installation of “Update 1.12″ (planned to be released in September 2014), this issue will no longer occur.”

    Note the last sentence where is states “(planned to be released in September 2014)”.

    The link to the original article is here:

    This is the closest PD has ever come to “officially announcing” the 1.12 update even exists, let alone that it is coming, and at no time have they mentioned a specific date.

    Do not mistake comments posted by GTPlanet forum members as “Official” statements. You will only find yourself disappointed and then waste your time leveling blame on the wrong people (much like I am wasting my time right now by stating the above, since most here won’t get it).

    Until something is officially announced by the manufacturer, everything is speculation.

  7. joeledward

    The new track will be released when it is “ready” .How will we know when its ready for down load ? When we turn on GT6 and it says ” An update for this game is available for down load”

    It will come , stop torturing yourselves with the speculation guys. I am not defending PD or jumping on anyone either but constant guessing and theories wont make it happen any quicker either, cheers all some decent TTs up at the moment enjoy :)

    1. Fazar88

      Yep, sure… “When its done” and its done anytime in the future…2038?
      I have something February in my mind.

      On the PC this is called “Early Access” and its not the full price
      because there are Functions not implemented yet.
      GT has everything you could imagine (even Physics change)…sometime in the future, yeah sure…

      PD is by far the worst Company when its coming to Customers, hey PD WE ARE PAYING YOU!

      Switching to Assetto, no full price and its clear that its not a finished game yet.

      Loved the GT-Series but now its time to end this love, not sometime in future NOW!

    2. SugoiTVR

      Thank you omg. I’m so sick of people bombarding PD with the whole WE PAID FOR AN INCOMPLETE GAME AND WE WANT OUR FEATURES (that the community recommended and PD never really promised us)
      When I bought GT6, I never thought wow it’s an incomplete game, I was too busy oogling at how great everything that was IN the game was.
      There’s been no official announcement, and PD is always keeping things under wraps, so everyone is just losing their minds over this, I’ve seen the same exact thing happen with Grand Theft Auto V. People are hyping everything up themselves and losing their minds when the company doesn’t meet their demands and their timelines.
      Calm down guys, enjoy what’s in the game already, there’s over a thousand cars with their own details, quirks and things to throw in, there’s plenty of stuff to do, seasonal events to do, and there are other games out there if really cool kei cars and the really odd concepts that GT throws in aren’t your cup of tea. relax and play it or don’t, but don’t kill yourselves over deadlines and dates that aren’t 100% accurate released on speculation.

    3. sayba2th

      Good to see some level headed people exist nice posts all round. Sorry to hear that Fazar88, I can understand your POV. Good luck with finding a new love to replace GT!

    4. MonSpaNur

      SugoiTVR, you are a blatant liar.

      At the PolyPhony’s site:

      Players can create their own clubs, communicate with one another in the forums and organise race events for their members. It is possible to select from a private racing club, and a public racing club that is open to everyone. This feature will be added in a future update.

      Course Maker
      This feature, available at a later stage through an update, will allow you to create your own custom tracks that can be driven in the game. Additionally, in another update we will add the possibility to generate a track by capturing the GPS coordinate data of a mobile app while you are driving that course. This GPS-generated tracks will be available in the game as playable content.”

      And people buying the game via Sony’s site, do not even known that the Track Maker and Community are to be added later.

      “Personalise your tracks, create your own then go online to connect with friends, leagues and tournaments, and discover a world of driving you didn’t know existed. The globe is your racetrack – start your engines…”

  8. toms318bmw

    Sometime this week…… Ohhh why they gotta lie. PD is like a child when there parrnts ask them to do something, soon ill do it soon,by the end of the week i swear, just like bad kids, they lie lol.

    1. MeanElf

      So, who at PD said it would be this week? I know someone reputedly said it in the background, but I’ve seen nothing official as of yet.

    2. HuskyGT

      PD never said anything about being released this week. As far as I’ve seen, there has been no official announcement.

    3. F1Racer68

      There is no lying by anyone. Only pure speculation by some individuals who have no more insight than you or I.

      There has been NO OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT by PD regarding the 1.12 update other than what has been mentioned in this news article on the official Gran Turismo website.

      “Last Updated: Sep 04, 2014
      Quitting the Game During the Update Installation Process (Valid Only for Update 1.11 or Older)

      If you quit the game during the installation process of a Gran Turismo 6 update (by pressing the PS button or any other way), the installation process may fail. Please make sure to allow the installation to complete before attempting to exit the game.

      If the installation fails due to the above mentioned scenario, the data may be able to be restored by restarting the game or by deleting the partially installed Game Data files from the “Game Data Utility folder” in the PS3™ XMB. For details, please refer to the “Related Links” at the bottom of the page.

      This issue could potentially affect any of the previous update files including “Update 1.11”. After the installation of “Update 1.12″ (planned to be released in September 2014), this issue will no longer occur.”

      Note the last sentence where is states “(planned to be released in September 2014)”.

      The link to the original article is here:


      Never did PD state “this week”. Do not mistake comments posted by GTPlanet forum members as “Official” statements.

    4. sayba2th

      So you have never lied in your life Tom, answer me no and you will seal that fate. Another one who does not check facts before pointing that finger. People……sigh……………

  9. Hyland

    The track looks fun albeit nothing extraordinary nor is it something that will make me play GT6 again. Perhaps if they threw in a bike or two with the update.

    1. MeanElf

      We still have a few days – Sunday is usually the last day of the week – though most evidence has been pointing toward tomorrow.

    2. HuskyGT

      I’m afraid my guessing might be accurate. I don’t think we’re seeing anything soon. There hasn’t even been an official announcement.

    3. sayba2th

      I think you are probably right there Husky, if I remember correctly the guy who posted the vid was the one who made the comment and that was what Jordan had linked to the news story. There hasn’t been “official” word as yet and I can’t verify the validity of the GTP member who posted. I am hopeful but its starting to head toward 11th hour as there has not been a weekend update to date if mem serves me corectly.

  10. SZRT Ice

    Intriguing. This looks like something fun and new to the GT series. The track has a flow reminiscent of Deep Forest and Trial Mt. (2 of my fav’s), and it’s tight enough for some challenging racing, yet wide enough for passing to be made possible.

    The challenge will be in the racing & the tuning. The track is meant to be taken in and enjoyed, so I’m not stressing the lack in technicality. Save that for THE ISLE… OF MAN. This track is going to be good fun.

    Anyone else notice the little hops here and there along the track? It will definitely mix things up and make for some epic high speed moments and pictures. But what’s peculiar is, the miniature jumps seen in this video are much less exorbitant than the jump seen in the original video from the February reveal. Which (imo) leaves 1 of 2 possibilities as to the reasoning behind this…

    1. They did a revision, and toned the jumps down.


    2. There’s alternate variations of the track. (Which in turn, leaves the opportunity for the possibility of a more technical variation open!)

    Then again the 3rd possibility could be that the jump IS in fact still there, and unchanged, and I simply didn’t recognize it because of the different perspectives (1st person race view vs Replay/Cinematic can), combined with the fact that a slower vehicle is used this time as well. Anyone mind verifying this?

    1. ScotteDawg

      There is the possibility that the “driver” in the above video knew about that particular “jump” and eased off a little so as to not crash, which would result in him not grabbing a lot of “air”!

      Depending on the angle, a replay jump can seem bigger than how it feels through the eyes of the driver. You should also remember that the February reveal video was basically advertising for this track and they would have used a tuned 2014 Corvette to showcase it’s speed and the jumps, whereas the video above shows the driver using a stock Ferrari GTO!

    2. SZRT Ice

      You pretty much reiterated the 3rd possibility I listed (although it was actually a Toyota FT-1 from the February video) in your second perspective, but your 1st POV is another likelihood to consider. However, he didn’t seem to do much slowing down in the straights or jump sections from my point of view, it’s really hard to tell from a video feed, shown from a 3rd person perspective.

    3. ScotteDawg

      Yeah, guess I did reiterate your 3rd point, but I basically agree with your reasoning!

      Either way, I saw it as you saw it and, in the eyes of others around here, that’s gotta mean something in how the track be for us consumers. It also shows that some people do agree on things and not have to be negative or closed off to other’s opinions or to other possibilities!!!

      My bad re the car in the February reveal video…

  11. aboe

    The track actually looks a little disappointing, imo. It’s fast, which is kinda cool, but I didn’t see many tight twisty sections. But nm, it’ll make a decent track to race on I expect.

  12. catamount39

    We have 36 more hours until yet again the hype-train derails on the PD bridge of sick Jokes. I bet PD means September release as in “September 31st” or “September 2015”. Look at it this way…if we don’t expect it to be released and it is, great! And if it doesn’t that’s fine too because we didn’t expect it anyway.

    Funny how when PD was always silent we wanted them to talk. But now that they talk it just makes things less understandable or worse. lol

    1. Synapticgap

      Zahara was supposed to be released in February…

      My best guess is that just like with Willow Springs and Bathurst they found too many glitchy areas and held the release back until they could be sure it’s good enough.

      My theory on the giant mega-update patch a month ago is that it contained the Zahara track already, for beta testing. I bet they have a bunch of people all over the world secretly trying out the new content before it’s officially released (lucky b-words) and giving feedback on it. So if that has any truth in it, the official release for the track is imminent, and there will be only minimal downloading of DLC necessary. A small patch would be enough to unlock the content.

      I WAS hoping for a Tuesday release… but it’s not like I get to play that much during the week anyway. Now, if it comes on Saturday night, I’ll waste my night downloading and can’t play until Sunday night for a bit, then again the following Friday, so I don’t care if it’s this week or next or 2016.

  13. Inconspicuous

    Hey @meanelf, what’s better? Passively leaving my opinion or lurking on every comment someone leaves and giving your own 2 cents just to give yourself a sense of place? GTFO old man nobody cares about you.

    1. GT5 Level 41

      Reread elfs comments. Not much there to get bent over. Don’t bring PC smack here and expect not to get called out about it.

    2. MeanElf

      You clearly do Inconspicuous…and isn’t that comment of yours a bit ageist? Aren’t older gamers allowed here?

      Like GT5 Level 41 says, if you post rubbish, expect some kind of response.

    3. vr6cas

      Inconspicuous is right, glad somebody said it, and it’s not just elf, there’s some people that go up and down the comment section replying to everyone’s comments trying to “expose” , one up them, prove them wrong or like he said, give them a sense of place. And MeanElf, your right, if you post rubbish your going to have people coming at you, but a lot of times post do not be rubbish and some people still try to belittle or chew apart people, I guess it just the exposed getting exposed.

    4. MeanElf

      Yeah, that is unfortunately the nature of the internet and of some people – very easy to act all tough when they aren’t face-to-face with the person they’ve got an issue with.

      It would be a good place if people did in fact deal with one another with respect – you should see the things Inconspicuous put in his PMs…that one isn’t a person who understands how to do that.

    5. Inconspicuous

      I’ve in fact read what he says…and then I go back to his not-so-clever pokes and immediately disregard them.

      You brought this on yourself so stop playing victim and own up to your own faults. Face to face unfortunately isn’t an option so you get what you pay for. Learn to be a little more objective of yourself :)

      Getting respect involves giving respect

    6. Inconspicuous

      @vr6cas Exactly. My opinion is just that and some people apparently can’t handle the truth. Besides, MeanElf seems to have a cute little vendetta on his hands so if he really has nothing better to do I’ll let him spin his wheels. :) oh, dumb people.

  14. JAY VTEC

    seems to me like a high speed track for the most part… ill use the R35 spec v for my first run or maybe the Nismo GTR if its in the game at the release of the update

    1. sayba2th

      Plus you could save “Ice” buckets of $$$$$ on flights to Spain ;-) I really loved Fujimi Kaido from Forza 4. Agreed Kaz this is a fantastic suggestion.

    1. sayba2th

      If it happens it will be in the next 24-36 hrs as PD have yet to release on the weekend if memory serves me correctly.

    1. raweer

      … sorry, what was that? Please, repeat the last sentence … omg, PD is really a danger for our ears! I’ve experienced so much trains, i really need an acoustic hearing aid :( r.

  15. 0r3n

    In the video… the first sub menu appears to have two options… the first (the “rally” mode) which has a further three options is very similar to the A spec races IMO… only the cars you overtake dont seem to ram you from behind the next corner and now you have a countdown clock. Im hoping the second option is timetrial at various pp levels (3 hopefully more). That would mean six new modes to play with a payout. I for one am excited by this.
    Free content! STOP WHINING!
    Also for those haters of VGT (slightly off topic I know) there is nothing wrong with PD integrating with car manufacturers and having the parties working off the same models and software…Im not a big fan of how these cars look (we took our current design and squashed it from above) but PD is doing a great thing here … manufacturers working with PD will be able to provide PD with models of current and future models … I just don’t see the downside… PD is integrating with and outsorcing the work to the person most suitable (and with the most incentive) to do the thing properly… just imagine …..we can finally get that 1995 Mazda mx 5 Japan edition ver 42… ;) and it will sound just like the real thing.

    Now give me my favourite track (rainbow road on Mario Kart) and a 1986 Subaru Wagon or ill threaten to go play another game not yet released.
    But seriously … off to bash around in a Praiano tuned 1967 Toyota 200GT in anticipation of Sierra. Peace out*

    1. Johnnypenso

      The downside is easy to see. Effort made modeling VGT cars could be used to model real cars. The game was released 9 months ago, outside of the Senna content promised before released, how many real cars have you seen as DLC? That’s the downside.

  16. Hentis01

    The Sierra “time rally” is a special event. That will when released be available to lg your best time / score etc. The track will be able to be used in online / offline races.
    Now all we need is an offline event creator and I will be happy.

    1. research

      Tell em, hentis!

      (No seriously, we know you have an “in”, so please tell that pd-employed cousin of yours that GT needs an offline Event Creator like plants need sunlight.)

      : )

  17. SVX

    I must be the only one who finds this track boring. Was hoping for a really technical track, but all I see is just high speed corners. Probably has some technicality, but I got too bored to watch the whole way through. Quite anti-climatic really.

    1. joeledward

      Wait a minute , have you tried this track ? Did you manage to down load a preview somehow and play it. Can’t say I’ve ever found something that I haven’t played yet, boring.:)

    2. Fredzy

      Totally agree, the track looks abysmally boring. I watched about 7 mins of this, waiting for him to get to something interesting. This was like watching someone play an alpha of Cruisin’ USA. Horrible.

  18. sircarltonlotus

    I wish no ill on upcoming releases but I’ll be very interested to see if these games that are gonna answer everybody’s prayers live up to it. I was gonna make the investment of a ps4 and driveclub until I’d seen it. Maybe pcars (console) will live up to the hype. We shall see.

  19. Makkan786

    I really love gt6 since its release but being teased and trolled by pd telling us this such n such updates are coming but never releases them and now we get news of zahara!!! I truelly think pd has left it too late i will say bye bye to gt6 when drive club arrives and then onto project cars in november. I will enjoy zahara until next month of drive clubs release date.

    1. infamousphil

      Wow Makkan… I probably dig GT as much as you do. But lol, it only took 4hrs to change your mind. Hope I never get that schizophrenic ;)

    1. MeanElf

      Good for you Cobra that you’ve found a game that you will like – but why would you want GT6/7 dead – surely it shouldn’t make any difference to you?

    2. sayba2th

      I feel Elf that some of the people making this level of spiteful comment must have had someone do some serious injustices done to them and feel the need to take it out on a game or the community or both. Maybe a trip to the therapist is in order or at least a stess ball wooosah!

    3. Johnnypenso

      Do you guys read english? Cobra didn’t say he wanted GT dead, he just made a prediction that it would be killed by ProjectCars. He’s wrong of course, but it’s no different than predicting the Super Bowl or World Series.

    4. HuskyGT

      You guys have WAY too much faith in Project Cars… I can guarantee you that it won’t be that big of a deal. Good physics and some race cars doesn’t make a car/racing game. It’s all about a balance between features, great variety and good quality.

      If this game can’t offer more than this, then it should’ve stayed the way out of the console market.

    5. MeanElf

      Yup JP – my English reading and comprehension skills are just fine, thank you. I think it’s fairly implicit that Cobra is happy about PCars potentially ‘killing’ GT6/7 – so how far off is that from wanting GT6/7 dead in the first place? Not enough to make any difference.

      I agree with your last bit and Husky’s observation though. I think pCars (on console) won’t be the ‘saviour’ that some are clearly expecting.

    6. sayba2th

      No, agreed and further to that what it will do is bridge the gap and in fill in what GT does not have. This could very well be like Forza 4 and works nicely in conjuntion with GT6. I am doubtful we will ever see one game check all the boxes. I am looking forward to Project Cars as well but I don’t want to see GT6 dead which as JP stated won’t happen.

  20. Need4Speed685

    Sounds like it has an Overtake mode similar to GRID where you have to pass as many cars as you can before you run out of time and each pass adds more time to the countdown.

    This is something I’m very interested in and I’d love to see more of it.

    1. HuskyGT

      If I recall, GT has done this before in driving Missions. Or in that GT Academy thing from 2008, if I’m not mistaken.

    1. SolidSnake7735

      This track very much looks like a Touge. I just wish is was a bit more technical and not so high-speed centric.

  21. Magic Ayrton

    As much as I love the GT series, I haven’t touched the game in ages.. I am playing more and more Assetto Corsa in 2560x1440p! was worth the upgrade to my PC it’s that good.

    I just hope we get more content in GT6 and soon.

    1. BrunetPaquet

      @MeanElf Ah, Ignore ’em people comparing PC to consoles… they just want attention. ;) Good thing I seem to be immune to graphic-based complaining unless it’s unplayable anyways.

    2. Johnnypenso

      Over react much? Magic A didn’t make any comparison to any PC sim, all he said was he was enjoying Assetto Corsa. One can’t enjoy other games now, only GT?

    3. Magic Ayrton

      @ Meanelf please change your name to Mean Troll.. I was just being honest and stating a fact.

      again, I hope PD can keep up with all the change that is happening in racing games and simulations.. and soon.

    4. sayba2th

      Surely Magic you should realise that if you make statements as such in an article pertaining to GT6 and specifically this new track as it may very well draw comment like Elf has made. Yes it may be a fact that you are playing AC more and more but it’s irrelevent to this article. Save it for the sub forum on other racing games and discus it there.

    5. MeanElf

      Exactly Sayba. Magic, in the past few months your posts have begun to make sense, mostly, and you have been known to discuss things politely, also bringing important points to said discussions – so why revert to simplistic name calling here?

    6. BrunetPaquet

      @Magic Ayrton *Fails to come up with a good reply* “U A Troll!!11 MeanElf1!!”

      …Just because you fail to back up your argument and that you don’t agree with said person doesn’t mean you’re allowed to backlash at ’em by shouting “troll11!!”

      Ahhh… You remind me of TokoTurismo a couple of threads ago. Fighting an illusional war for a game you don’t like anymore… Go do something productive and don’t bother replying, you’ll keep exposing yourself even more.

    7. Magic Ayrton

      @ Brunet and Mean elf, I don’t need to justify myself .. typically aggressive and rude replies from you two. I expect nothing less. Good day!

    8. MeanElf

      Sorry MA but if you post something, then you sort of do have to justify your comment, certainly if someone questions it.

      And how was I being rude?

  22. montecarlo87

    Looks like a very fun track. Able to keep decent speed and what looks to be a real track day time trial, which is what the Nurburgring has always been missing from the GT series. Kaz seems to have quite the affinity for Spain these days. Hopefully that will translate into more than just the one SEAT, street car and race car alike.

    1. MeanElf

      Well, people in Japan in general apparently likes that part of Spain – something to do with the mountains; so maybe one day.

    2. Bom15

      Ascari the car company is a British based company owned by a dutchman if I remember right. The name comes from Alberto Ascari and the track/resort is owned by them. It just so happens to be in Spain. It would be nice if they were added though. And they have the track so it could be a possibility one day.

  23. Jeebz15

    Umm anyone elses log in bonus not working? I’m clearly connected to the internet and have had it kept on 200% all week but now I’m not getting anything for it. Reset my ps3 twice and tested my internet connection.

    1. MeanElf

      Sorry, meant to get back to you on this after checking. Mine has been working fine, in fact I can’t recall it ever going down – try rebooting your internet router maybe.

  24. KlubbinJay


    At GT5 was everyone complaining that you/we needed to pay for some simple and useless DLC’s. And even now that the updates are free (DLC-less) i see people complain….i mean: YOU LITTLE SPOILED BRATS! Be happy that you get all this stuff/cars/updates for free, there are many games that you need to pay for 1 or 2 extra cars as DLC or for some tracks as DLC.

    And if you know better how to develop a game why do you still play GT6 and why dont you start developing your own game if you keep complaining….lets see how you will build up your own game-community (incl. game) and how much you will forfill the wishes of your community.
    And if you donnot know how to start something like that and to keep that in order, than i will friendly ask you to SHUT your spoiled mouth!

    Play GT6 and bring some good ideas to implement into GT6 instead of allways complaining about each update at this page!

    Be happy with what we get and receive for nothing!

    Regards, Jay

    1. GTHEAD87

      I hear ya there. If people had to pay for VGT cars, I’m sure not many would. The tracks on the other hand, I wouldn’t mind paying for them at all, they picked good tracks to add.

      People have brought good ideas for years. Nothing has been done about it for years. Since day one I’ve seen nothing but complaints about the track editor, engine notes etc. Instead we got a few things that doesn’t really apply to your average gamer or driver at that. Fair enough its a driving simulator, but its on a games console. people expect some features that they can play with and have fun. Unless you have a wheel set up, not just GT6, but any racing game is pretty boring. They still have loads of VGT cars to come so fingers crossed those features people have been crying about for the past 9 months will arrive.

      Making a game would be solid to do. I had a friend working in game design and he said it was unbelievable how hard it is.

    2. vr6cas

      First off I’m not a spoiled brat, I’m a grown man, second, all what stuff for free? We got 5 real world cars not including the Senna content and one track not including the brands hatch 80s layouts, so really, all what stuff in almost a year? I would gladly pay for a regular dlc with real world cars and tracks then to wait years for so called free content that a lot of people still feel is irrelevant. Give us at least some content the community wants not just what PD wants.

    3. KlubbinJay

      @VR6CAS why do you take it TOO personally? The fact that you post/reply me with such a reaction tells me that you are one of them….you clearly see your own mistake overhere. So dude behave yourself as a grown man instead like a spoiled brat.

      @GTHEAD87 I understand ya bro. But people like you or me wont complain when we need to pat for a couple of extra tracks. But other do complain cause it cost some money….and even when they donnot need to pay money for these tracks and updates they still complain. I dont get that….why do people still play GT6 if they only can complain? Why the hell did they bought in the first place?

    4. HuskyGT

      Talk about spoiled brat. Just check your attitude. If it bothers you when we complain, then get the hell out of here.

      GT6 is a mess; far from being what it should’ve been due to the bad decisions its developers have made. This free content hardly makes it up for the lack of other more important features, and quality DLC. It’s like they are just sugaring the spoiled milk. If you can’t see it, then you must work for PD or are new to the franchise (I know you’ll pull up the classic “I’ve been playing GT since first game”).

      Do you know how difficult it is to wait for improvements and promised features through the entire life span of the PS3? And doing it while there is no other option available?

      Personally, when I see news on a new color for a car that doesn’t even exist, like it’s the great big thing, followed by the classic “soon,” while other games get pack after pack in a monthly basis, that is worse than a kick to the face.

      This new track will hardly make it worth if we still have terrible sounds, lack of tire and fuel consumption, faulty A.I within other nuisances.

      And no, I won’t move on to Forza. I tried it for a month and although it offers great features, the physics are terrible. And those PC sims are boring as hell. GT is my game, and I’ll stick to it. And I will complain as much as it’s needed until PD delivers.

    5. scobra1cz


      @vr6cas: If PD is doing only what community wants, they will do nothing, because community is very wide term and people like you and other experts for community opinion and community wannabe ambassadors would always complain about something. Bear in mind most of so-called “better racing games from better development teams” have not that much content right from box and have no support and no DLCs a year after launch. But it seems PD is getting started now, mostly one year after GT6 launch.

      Maybe this website should be renamed to GTHatePlanet…

    6. scobra1cz

      @HuskyGT: Complaints are useless, demotivating and maybe the reason, why PD is not paying much attention to the community …opinions? …no, complaints, complaints everywhere. No one should pay attention to complaints. Constructive criticism yes, complaints no.

    7. KlubbinJay

      @HuskyGT Why did you bought the game in the forst place? To complain?!?! Besides that…you knew that GT5 was a mess what do you think that GT6 makes it better? All i see is complains, complains and more complains. 20 of the 200+ reacts like “wow awesome” and the others always complains. Leave the game if you only can cry about a game that you apparently dont like. -_-

    8. vr6cas

      So KlubbinJay, complaining about the complainers and calling people spoiled brats, what does that make/say about yourself? Think about that for a second, I’ll wait.

    9. KlubbinJay

      @Vr6cas that doesnt make me a spoiled brat. I complain about complainers because i donnot why people complain while they still play the game. And how do you think how the devs think and feel about all the conplains? They feel as crappy as you do while you receive some critism about your behavior and complainings out of me. So pls dude grow up and act like a man of your “mature”-age

    10. MeanElf

      Weak, vr6. The man has a valid rant – I’ve seen plenty of other rants from the negative side which get allowed out into the wild, so why shouldn’t KlubbinJay’s?

    11. BrunetPaquet

      @KlubbinJay +1 as many times I can. I’m sooo TIRED of people complaining. Ha… well I was like that a couple ‘a years ago… Good thing I learned.

    12. sayba2th

      The sad thing is that everytime people complain it’s validated by the other wingers moaners that regularly attack with the same antiquated BS. Those who offer valid, thought out and logical issues I refer not to you. But the second someone gives some support they are fanboys, appendage riders ect. Yes GT has flaws but there is improvement. If you don’t feel that way by all means go back to V1.0 and report back. And yes I am seeing also this sudden swing back to GT5. Kinda like remembering an old flame, you remember the good times only. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed other games at the time but for me 6 is a definite improvement on 5. I have only been back to 5 twice in the whole time I have GT6. I have Forza 4, Grid, GT4 & 5 at my disposal. Guess which game gets my attention 90% of the time.

    13. MeanElf

      Aye, nostalgia is a strange thing indeed.

      With all this hankering for GT5 all of a sudden, I suspect the reason why so many laud GT4 is that they haven’t played it in years; good ol’ nostalgia has slipped in to cloud their memories.

    14. smirwin

      Well said Jay. But, let’s not forget another very important fact. We’re not helping the homeless or curing cancer or freeing the oppressed people of a third world country here. It’s a video game. What have these people reduced themselves to when they want everything to revolve around their personal desires. So I won’t say that they are spoiled brats. They are pathetic spoiled brats. I don’t care what your age is
      There’s nothing wrong with stating what you’d like to see in the game but when they run PD’s name into the ground and complain about their work ethnic they have crossed the line.
      If people really don’t like the game then don’t play it.


  25. apexpredator100

    “We want *insert anticipated feature or track here*!”

    The anticipated feature or track is announced to release this week.

    “Boring. I was never interested in the first place.”

    1. GTHEAD87

      What do you expect when children are allowed to roam forums? lol It was all the same but worse when GT5 come out.

    2. sayba2th

      Yep I have seen that statement more than Justin Beiber, One Direction and Lady Gaga have had veiws on their you tube vids combined. Big +1 Apex!

  26. HuskyGT

    Couldn’t watch the whole vid. I really don’t want to get hyped, because if this track ends up being unusable in other modes, then it’ll be another useless 20 minute add-on just like the Senna TT’s.

    Track looks fun thought, but the jumps kind of ruin it. An improved A.I could also help as well as the sound update to go along with this.

    1. MeanElf

      So, how was the Senna content useless? We got cars, had fun, kicked ass and so on.

      I mean, it’s not liuke cats and dogs started living together…

    2. sayba2th

      Hahaha Elf too funny, I was expecting a little more of the Senna content however. This may be due to from what I recall PD were going to be releasing in segments. I am wondering if maybe we will see some more with upcoming 1.12 but if not may be it might be in an update or twos time as Kaz recently advised some big updates are impending. Possibly held back awaiting Horizon 2’s release. Who knows though.

  27. vr6cas

    For some reason I’m not to impressed, I mean maybe it’s a placebo effect of being walked with PD on my back with a stick in front of me dangling features for almost a year now. Then when they do give you the features they been dangling for so long, it’s just not the same. I can see it now, do a few laps of this, then back to the real world tracks. I will be excited to see some real world tracks and cars, Sebring and VIR please.

    1. MeanElf

      has the updatelanded yet, do you see in front of you what it will comprise of apart from one part (maybe.)

      Come back when this is true.

  28. BrunetPaquet

    I’ve watched the video partly and I gotta say, I really like that voice. I hope it shows up in other events. Probably not gonna right away, but I hope so, just like that voice in Gran Turismo PSP where the guy says “Ready?” “Start!!” and “Finished!”.

    1. BrunetPaquet

      Ah! Right, I forgot. Haha, I remember when the volumes were all set to 10% and the volume of my TV was overly high, he just said “ONE HUNDRED, EASY LEFT.” I rarely get startled like I did when it happened. I hope the voice volume is in sync with the option this time around… heheh. ^^’

  29. Bisse_B

    For those of you, who think the track needs corners, try to go to Google Earth, search “Zahara Spain”, smack Enter and look at the roads around the lake. It’s kind of easy to figure out the track layout that way. There plenty corners, but also some very fast sections. I guess some chikanes would be possible, but hey, I’ll settle with a track like this :)

    @PD: Now hit that “Broadcast/Release” button. I know you can do it.

  30. SpawnBlack

    Pointless track. AS soon as this download comes with an update it will mess up everything else in the game again. I still see nothing in GT6 that is special enough that it beats GT5. Are all of you really getting what you’re asking for? I’m not, believe that. The game is boring for someone who has owned every GT since it’s inception. I don’t know what’s next and whatever is next it will need to be way more outstanding than what is already in GT6. Sorry to be so negative but really we’re all being duped.

    1. sircarltonlotus

      I’m not having a go, but I really don’t know where the love for gt5 has suddenly appeared from. Not just from you but from lots on here. I’m very confident, always have remained so, that the features promised will turn up. Level up with experience points was the worst thing ever to appear in gt in 5.

    2. SpawnBlack

      Oh don’t get me wrong. The Level up system was a bad idea along with capping the credits received at 20mill. But I would have preferred if they had B-Spec, Shuffle Races online as well as an Easy, Hard, Pro and Expert level. Main reason being for the sake of not having AI that seem to drive like beginners no matter what part or how far you have progressed through the game. I think there is too much focus on these Vision cars that are actually concept cars of which some will not be released in real life. The state of the Online gaming side when choosing a room to go to seems to be lacking in how many people are in those lobby’s and types of cars and PP used. I would like to see in place of shuffle races a GT5 Prologue set up that consists of 450pp, 500pp, 650pp, 700pp and 750pp, with upper tier pp levels. There are many more things that I could mention which I’m sure you could too, but I hope you see my point. I find that with each release of GT there seems to be something fundamentally different/missing/not quite the same. I pray when GT7 comes out on the PS4 that they have thought it through from all the features from GT5 to GT6 and build on it from there. This is the best racing Sim out there and I don’t see anything else coming close. But when this type of game needs to be on a level that gives everything that other non sim racers have, it fails terribly by not offering a more fun family experience. And one more thing. I miss the days when I could take my memory card to my brother’s house and have a good old 2 player battle. But it seems that era is long gone with no way of making a comeback.

    3. GTHEAD87

      I love the fact that this track is actually happening now. I’m with Spawn on this, GT6 blows. Never thought I would say it but it does. Not played it Since the last update (which I dome one race chasing cars and got bored). Where are all the car and track packs we were meant to get from day one? Fair enough we have had a few tracks, but the cars? Come on to f#@k, we all payed extra for this and we have had VGT cars? sorry but that to me sucks so bad.

      As for online, finding a lobby where people stay for more than a race, thats not ‘friends only’ blah f@#$/&g blah is damn near impossible. Yes its easier and quicker to look for lobbys or friends lobbys now but it sucks. The fact offline play is limited to one difficulty applied overtaking challanges really sucks. Dunno why I bought it for a rip off price and pretty much nothing to show for it. Look at GTA 5, they have had loads put in ‘FREE’ and the game was a standard game price. They have one chance with me, and thats GT7. If that blows, PD are goners in the gaming world.

      Hope your team reads this Kaz. If not, they better start.

    4. sircarltonlotus

      Sure, certainly the ai isn’t to a level we would ideally want. But the a spec seasonals show some improvements. According to gran-turismo.com this quick match feature will offer a similar experience to gt5p. So I’m looking fwd to that. And I’m starting to lean towards this new track being the beginning of the roll out of the course maker. And physics wise gt6 beats 5 by a decent margin. One thing I do wish would be the ability to change grip levels to real in career

    5. apexpredator100

      There was never any car or track packs that were announced for GT6 to begin with, and quick match is coming in the next update. It doesn’t make sense to beg for features like Course Maker, B-Spec, and Community, only to say “I’m not interested in this anymore” when the stuff releases, but I guess you gotta keep the pessimistic cycle going.

    6. GTHEAD87

      Actually we were “promised” new cars and tracks every month. We shouldn’t have to ask for things that were in the previous game.

    7. sayba2th

      Actually we weren’t. KY advised there will will be an update nearly every month. Nothing was stated by PD to that effect in regards to DLC. Sony may have run their yaps but not PD. There has been an update every month bar one and some months had multiple updates hence v11 at the 8 month mark. As far as pointless track that is a matter of opinion…..

  31. wudy201

    If it a real world track and dont have hairpins then why would they be added in. Also my god theres a lot of angry people over a video game. Just play it.

  32. beezball

    It’s funny that even PD employees have to go through the menu to turn off TC, how does it not occur to them to have a default off/adjustment setting?!

    1. GT5 Level 41

      About that menu. Didn’t it seem to have more options than what we have? Maybe it’s a language difference? When he scrolled down right before he started the run that list just looked really long compared to what I’m used to seeing.

    2. moxlox

      Beezball – that is EXACTLY what me laugh so much. I’ve been to Japan several times and I tell you they think in such a different way to any other country I have visited. Maybe that’s why we can never figure out PD’s priorities! Crazy but great place.

      Track wise: looks great and I can’t wait to play this. Naysayers please go home,

  33. BrunetPaquet

    Looks ah-mazing. P.S. for those who don’t like crowd noise, whether it’s cheering or booing, I just turn off the Menu SFX. No more crowd, better concentration and so on.

    Anyways, back on subject. I’m gonna be doing lap after lap after (you get it.) of that location. Me and my dad are speed freaks when it’s down to racing gaming and he loves high speed tracks.

    As for me I’ll be cruising until the tarmac on this track peels off. (Figure of speech, of course.)
    I’m really happy this track is almost confirmedly gonna be released this week.

    GT6 is far from dead IMO. I won’t get too much ahead of time, but I think GT7’s got a great chance.

  34. Streeto

    Damn, coulda thrown some tighter bends in there kaz, maybe a hairpin or two…

    Oh well I guess it’ll be fun for cruising if nothing else.

    1. HuskyGT

      I will have to agree with that. I remember in the GT5 days, whenever I made a I high speed track it got boring really quick.

    2. NixxxoN

      Lets not forget that this is based on a real world location, and an existing road. Watching the track layout, and watching google maps, probably a big part of this track is actually based on the real road.

    3. Johnnypenso

      Let’s not also forget it’s a game and some artistic license could be taken to make it a little more exciting for the fans.

    4. sayba2th

      Let not forget that every fan has a different veiw of what they want. PD could throw in VIR and there will be those saying that sux the fans want Road America or vice versa and that PD again dont listen to the fans. But then again this statement will probably be wrong

  35. TRLWNC7396

    I want to know if we will be able to use our current car, or if we will only be able to use the available car.

    1. Monatsende

      Seems that it´s a counter which counts the number of passed cars. It got reset after crashing [5:05].

      {The background noise people are really having a good time.}

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      @Monatsende They’re excited that the track around their lake is finally finished and they don’t have to pay an insane amount to go to Catalunya to watch a race! Though I’m afraid that excitement will be tempered slightly when they try to go home and discover that all the junctions have been removed…

  36. sayba2th

    Good to see the speculative complaints are in full effect. Nice to have negative Nancy on board the hype train. SMH

    I will look forward to this update and enjoy this track without watching the video so I have something new to enjoy without spoiling it. For the life of me can’t see how a track modelled on a real world location can seem arcady?????? I must not be living in the real world if this is the case

    1. MeanElf

      I wish I had the strength of will not to watch – mind you, I did skip forward a few times.

      In truth though, the amount of detail visible in the vid isn’t brilliant as no one is manning the camera, so the lighting on brighter sections makes a hash of anything beyond the kerbs. This means I haven’t realy seen much of it either :)

      I know it’ll be a surprise.

    2. ScotteDawg

      Well, I’ve watched the whole vid – I have no self control, or self respect for that matter, but that’s for a different area on the interweb – and I know that driving it, as opposed to viewing it on a B-grade vid, will still be as exciting for me as unwrapping my Xmas pressies as a kid!

      The only arcadey thing about this will be the sector markers and the pinging sounds when overtaking cars. But then, isn’t the drift mode arcadey in that case??? I’m pretty sure that driving on the track in a normal race would not feel arcade-like in any way!!!

      BTW sayba2th, Qld is not in the real world….

    3. sayba2th

      Exactly Elf thats partially why I avoided. I checked the teaser vid and that was enough for me to get the gist. Bring on the surprise!

      Yep Scotte agreed on that front and this update should inject some life into the game and enhance it further. Tell me about it the Gold Coast has an overly fake population. I am an Englishman (NSW) in New York (QLD) :-)

    4. MeanElf

      “…but that’s for a different area on the interweb…” now I’m intrigued :)

      Christmas pressie is about right there Scotte – enjoy yours, I sure as hell will enjoy mine.

    5. ScotteDawg

      HaHaHaHa…. Yeah, I actually do have self respect, but I also have a very warped sense of humour and I don’t get the opportunity to use it as much as I’d like, so it set itself loose in this forum!
      I also have self-imposed Tourette Syndrome and selective Alzheimer’s!

    1. sayba2th

      Yep ok cuz whatever, go try one of Ridox2JZGTE replica tunes and see what you think. You don’t need to lie to make friends

    2. Atomsforpeace

      Because its a real world location with probably stunning winding roads on it irl, but we get a typical boring a road with lots of gentle fast turns. I was looking forward to this more than anything as having a real road to test my ‘real driving simulator’ out on seemed a must but no opertunity missed, we get a borin road with arcadey checkpoints and overtaking bonuses. A real mountain road with hairpins/ hills and blind creats would have been amazing and really give a real life comparison to how the cars are in the game compare to my real life experience.(never driven a car on massively wide race track) so cant compare that to my real world experience. Gutted to say the least.

    3. sayba2th

      I will reserve judgement til I have all the facts and seen the variations if any before passing a yay or nay on this. That is what people with common sense do before stating fact or opinion on how good or bad it is. If anyone takes that last statement personally then maybe you made need to fill up on some.

    4. Atomsforpeace

      The fact is we have these wonderful things called eyes and this video can be viewed with said eyes. Therefore i can judge with my eyes that the track is as i described. If two of more versions of track come out then i will eat my hat, but i highly doubt this. So i used my common sence to deduced that the video of said zahara/sierra is actually the track zahara/sierra.

    5. sayba2th

      You miss my point. We have only got this footage, the check point system and passing may only be in the rally which may be only one guise for this track and not when racing or free run. If you just think that the track is boring due to how it appears then that is subjective only. Until v1.12 comes out judgement cannot be passed. And by saying your gutted before even its release you have already set that in play and will more than likely come to fruition.

    6. Atomsforpeace

      Yeah ok IF More than one version of track come out then brilliant the people who want a motorway style road will be happy and those like me will be happy with the more realistic mountain roads i expected from this area then win win. I am only commeting on what i can see on that video anything else is speculation. I hope you are correct that two or more versions will come out and as a positive person i am hopefull that you are correct. I am only commenting on what i do no now from what i have seen and it looks dissapointing imho. I will still enjoy the track like i enjoy the rest of the game regardless but i cant hide my dissapointment from what i have seen in this video of what it could have been.
      My comment ended up in wrong place for some reason so 2nd time lucky.

    7. MeanElf

      True words Sayba – pre-judgement is silly and it’s where the word prejudice comes from.

      Atomsforpeace – where are you getting the idea that this road is of the mountain variety? Those still look like hills to me, and hairpins don’t usually get used unless there is the need to take the road through a rapid elevation change. I’m sure there is a section or two where that could be possible down by the lake, but really, judging by the flow of the road, it’s really like driving on the moors, or any other elevated area.

    8. Atomsforpeace

      If you are currect and this time trial event is an extra on a different version of the track then fantastic that a bonus and i appologise for my negativity. I just reacted badly as i expected something different. You may be right as the first versions of track on video that we got(the one with toyota) was a much more twisty track from the little bit we seen. Will keep my fingers crossed for a proper road as its all i have wanted from gt6.

    9. Atomsforpeace

      I suppose i am spoiled in real life with the fantastic roads i drive on in real life so i was wishing for something similar as the road in this video isnt anything special, infact my local bypass is more interesting. Im usually really positive about the game and for me a good mountain road like corsica/alps type thing is all gt is missing to make if perfect for ME. Some of the roads in that area of spain irl are amazing which is why i was hoping for something similar, suppose a fast high speed road like the one in video would be a cool addition is just not what i hoped but i will enjoy it regardless.
      Sorry for long winded messages and negative slant it just took wind out of my sails watching this today. Happy gaming.

    10. MeanElf

      Well, you’ll hopefully have the GPS feature to copy some of those roads you drive in real life into the course maker, when it comes.

      Here’s hoping for you.

    11. sayba2th

      All good cuz I guess if I had those roads as well I would possibly would have felt that way a bit also. For me as always the proof will be in the pudding. One of the reasons I try and avoid vids that are shot like that. Happy gaming!

      Elf you know me cuz try to remain level headed and unbiased as possible like yourself

  37. super_gt

    I saw the second video with New Toyota FT-1 VGT at Nordschleife on the super fast Antoniusbuche corner the driver enter too fast with full throttle on the exit of the corner car understeer step in to the grass the rear end just did not move at all!GT physics at high speed is
    wrong,in real live if you enter too fast in this corner on exit the car will immediately spin off without touching the grass and you can”t catch it at all instead to understeer!

    1. Atomsforpeace

      Yeah ok IF More than one version of track come out then brilliant the people who want a motorway style road will be happy and those like me will be happy with the more realistic mountain roads i expected from this area then win win. I am only commeting on what i can see on that video anything else is speculation. I hope you are correct that two or more versions will come out and as a positive person i am hopefull that you are correct. I am only commenting on what i do no now from what i have seen and it looks dissapointing imho. I will still enjoy the track like i enjoy the rest of the game regardless but i cant hide my dissapointment from what i have seen in this video of what it could have been.

    2. Atomsforpeace

      Yeah ok IF More than one version of track come out then brilliant the people who want a motorway style road will be happy and those like me will be happy with the more realistic mountain roads i expected from this area then win win. I am only commeting on what i can see on that video anything else is speculation. I hope you are correct that two or more versions will come out and as a positive person i am hopefull that you are correct. I am only commenting on what i do no now from what i have seen and it looks dissapointing imho. I will still enjoy the track like i enjoy the rest of the game regardless but i cant hide my dissapointment from what i have seen in this video of what it could have been.
      My comment ended up in wrong place for some reason so 2nd time lucky.

    1. Tenacious D

      I’m hopeful that there will be some nice improvements to GT6 in this update. I’m mildly enthusuia’d about the Zahara track itself, because it’s mostly good for serious race cars like GT3 Class and above. For sports cars, this is more of a cruiser, allowing for close fields and sweeping turns with some nice scenery.

      The bot cars using racing numbers is a nice touch I’m hoping is a prelude to a Livery Editor of some kind, and if the A.I. gets some schooling and races much better, this game is finally going to be in the big leagues.

    1. Tenacious D

      What’s wrong with a bonus in a Special Event? Some of you will gripe about anything and everything when it comes to Gran Turismo…

    2. Tenacious D

      It’s not boring to me, except for the fact that it’s made for high speed racers. But what’s wrong with that? I’d personally prefer more curvy guys made for cars with 350hp and below, but if you don’t like Zahara, no one will make you race on it.

    3. TRLWNC7396

      What about “Quick Match” tells you that it has NOTHING to do with shuffle….. ?

      I’ll be hopeful that it includes that. Won’t say it does, but it looks POSSIBLE.

    4. advent

      This looks amazing! I was thinking along the lines of Outrun rather than Sega Rally though: Glorious open roads, the occasional car to overtake, a few big jumps, nice ultra-flat road surfaces with minimal camber and surface variation, plenty of barriers to bounce you around the corners and hold the speed, some watery scenery and the odd tree thrown in to peruse. Just a pity there isn’t a soft-top Testarossa available in the dealership and the option to plant a sun-kissed blonde crumpet in the passenger seat to enjoy the experience with.

      Can’t wait to test this out …. Bring it on!

    5. moxlox

      What’s good about that is that it is something different and adds yet more variety to the game.

      Plus we don’t know yet if this track will also be available in traditional GT modes. Think the special event Nurb bits in GT5, and then that track was obviously still available on other modes.

  38. WarriusZero

    I’m not going to watch the video, I want to discover it by myself…

    And actually, I shouldn’t have read the comments, because I feel like I’m going to be a bit disappointed. These rumoured new features sound far too ‘arcadey’, this is not what Gran Turismo is about.

  39. fghwe3

    Did anyone notice that the main menu is a bit different? I will have to check on a bigget screen, but It looks like the driver selected this track via a special event on the right of the screen (under the lunar, good wood and senna events.) This may just be an overtake challenge (which may explain the number overtakes that happen) a bit like the Mercedes one in Gt5.
    Was there also something different on the left hand side of the main menu?

    1. Hentis01

      Look carefully you have 8 seconds into the video where you have online mode and seasonal events Is the third option quickmatch or something else. Both second and third option’s state new on them.

    1. JohnyPiston

      Lol …I am in the same position. Good grief what is that …about 4 GB to catch up. With my 3G connection I will need a whole weekend. It sucks to get left behind but really, those previous updates were not worth me clogging up my internet connection.

    1. OldF@rt

      Er, if I want to use it as a “driving simulator” I’ll use a view that looks like driving a real car.

      If I want to treat it as a game, I’ll go into front car view and be a bit faster.

    2. TomBrady

      Are you delusional? Cockpit view is the only realistic view. How else are you going to simulate the differences in visibility between cars?

      News flash, in real life, you drive cars from inside the cockpit.

    3. HuskyGT

      Of course! I don’t care if he’s a f***** PD employee or Michael Shcumachchchidh (however you spell it). If he’s using bumper cam, he’s doing it wrong.

      Cockpit is the way to go.

    4. NixxxoN

      Actually, cockpit view is not realistic, because if you play with a wheel, you see two wheels instead of one. The most realistic one is the bumper cam because then the screen feels like its the actual window of the car, and the wheel feels like the actual one of the car.

      Also, another reason why cockpit view is overrated and stupid is the poor visibility. Unless you have 3 screens like in this video, the visibility is pretty bad compared to real life. You have a far better vision angle in real life, and you can simply turn your head left or right instantly. Its a pain in the ass to change camera views in the game.

    1. Hentis01

      Really, dont think I’ll take your opinion to be honest. The footage looks great. I will make my own mind up thanks.

    2. Tenacious D

      So, you’re still playing GT4? Most of us have moved on to the next generation, and are awaiting glorious things on PS4. ;-)

    3. MeanElf

      Just ignore ‘Inconspicuous’ folks – he likes to live under a bridge and make one derogatory post per news item/thread and chuckle to himself.

    4. Inconspicuous

      Do what you must but a points system now? The only thing missing from this unrealistic high speed mess is the headshot voice from CS when you make a pass.

      When I say I want something realistic, I didn’t mean rumble strips and points. I meant canyon roads with little amounts of guard rails, tight corners and nice view. This is the most Arcady portion of the game I’ve seen yet. They’re going backwards…

  40. sircarltonlotus

    Well that guy knows how to drive, he’s not exactly hanging around. Interesting to see his score looks to be just over 900,000 at the end, some 95,000 off gold. Also you hear “time extended” “overtake bonus” and “speed bonus” several times during the lap. Looks very interesting indeed

    1. NW48

      O’ll be using my monsterous Lamborghini Aventador or the Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo, coming in v1.12, for my first drive.

    1. ScotteDawg

      And here I was thinking a stock standard 250GT, 1200 VW, ’69 Camaro (actually, anything from the 60’s, as long as it’s stock)!

    2. Amac500

      I grinded in February for a Lambo Miura to break in on the track when it was suppose to come. The car is still sitting in my garage with 0 miles waiting for this track…

    3. MeanElf

      I think I’m going to need some extra traction for any sudden surprises, so it’s going to be the Aston VGT for me.

    4. ScotteDawg

      The Miura is definitely a good choice! I guess the Aston VGT is too!

      What I’d really like to see is a race of about 5 laps using standard (no tuning) cars from a chosen era. Eg, all one make/model races, all one year races, all one decade races… etc, etc. And once all the VGT cars are out (or at least 16 of them), put them in a race on this track too!

      My first photo shoot from this track will be the Ferrari 250GT, with racing numbers but otherwise stock!

  41. forzaturismo

    what ll be the downloading file size of this track???
    And how long ll it take to download it??
    Wondering it dont take a all day…. ;)

  42. Amac500

    I also counted the corner and got 82, which is bit surprising because it’s longer than the Ring but has less turns. But yeah, 82 give or take the corners that are grey areas.

    1. ScotteDawg

      Imagine… If there are checkpoints, will we also have point to point races? You know, choose a sector to race when in an online lobby. Or choose to race the whole track. The world (Sierra anyway) is our oyster!

  43. KYD302

    Don’t get me wrong i’m super excited to have a new track but…. i want PIKES PEAK!!!!! They left it out for to long. I only turn on my ps3 to keep the DB up and will actually play the game again until i get bored of this new track. If GT7 is as lackluster as GT6 is GT7 will be my last GT purchase and i’ll go back to PC permanently. The game promised so much it’s almost a year old and we still don’t have half the stuff we were promised to have. PD is a poorly ran company and gt5 and gt6 are proving that again and again. The quality is superb but i’ve never seen a company so bad at keeping a timeline.

    1. ALB123

      ” The game promised so much it’s almost a year old and we still don’t have half the stuff we were promised to have.”

      I hear this comment a lot. I had never played, nor was I aware of what Gran Turismo had, didn’t have, was planning to have in it, so I’m always confused when I read this comment. Could someone please tell me exactly what was promised for Gran Turismo 6 and what hasn’t been delivered as promised? Please don’t just list the things that are still missing. I’m trying to see if they promised 10 things and only delivered on 5 of them. That would be half. Thank you…

    2. ALB123

      PaMu1337: What are community features? I don’t go online often, so I don’t know what changes people have been asking for. I could be wrong, but I don’t think PD or Kaz ever officially said there would be a new track released every month. I have seen the video where some other employee says it. It looked like he was at some trade show. Did he misspeak? Probably. I guess I’m asking “Was a new track every month!” something that was printed under the highlights of Gran Turismo 6, way back like in July of 2013, long before it released. Again, I think people refer to a video where some random employee kinda throws out that they’re aiming for a track a month. Lastly, did PD promote a “NEW sound engine” for the game when they were marketing Gran Turismo 6? I don’t remember seeings anything from PD stating that they changed their “sound engine” for GT6, but then again, I’m a GT newbie, so perhaps I missed it. Thanks for the reply…

    3. Benny44

      They never promised a new sound engine. They have said GT7 will be better in the sounddepartment and that they were working on small improvements for GT6, so don’t expect anything there. People on here LOVE to complain, but most things they complain about have not been promised or they haven’t been given a certain time to be out by.

    4. ALB123

      Benny44: That’s kind of how I see things too. Yes, there are some things that clearly are still missing from the game. I’m looking at my game case and 2 things stand out to me. 1) “Messaging/Friend Invite In Game” and 2) “Access and create Online events with web based enabled devices”. Now, I don’t know exactly what they mean by #2, but it seems to me they’re implying smartphone or tablet/pc integration. Currently, there is none. There is no mention of B-Spec on my game case. I think people get angry because of rumors they heard, or the fact that something isn’t included in GT6 and it was in GT5 (like B-Spec). But it doesn’t mean it’s “missing”. It means PD decided not to put it in.

    5. TomBrady

      Pikes peak is a shell of its former self. Ever since they paved it it’s an abomination, and it has no place in GT

      I’d love for them to put the old version in though

    6. wudy201

      Some things your right some not. On gt website it has listed unde gt6 features and its been there before its release. Data logger, visulizer, community, quick match, b spec, course creator and mobile devices. It doesnt give release dates just lists them as features, im just posting not complaining im in no hurry for anything and like the game as it is.

    7. Jeebz15

      ALB123: its not so much that they promised things that they haven’t given us but as wudy201 already mentioned what annoys me is that the official GT6 website lists all of the previously stated features as being added in a later update. But Kaz also said in an interview with (ign? I’m not sure who but I will find a link if you want) he stated he was going to release 12 months of DLC and we are in the 9th month of the game so does that mean only 3 more months of a couple new cars and maybe one new track? That timeline is the only one I hope is completely wrong. Hope that helped.

  44. Pophead

    release the update PD, preferably today (Tuesday)

    this track would bring me back to GT tenfold.

    we shall see tonight if they will…….

    1. ScotteDawg

      Looks to be a cross between Bathurst, Matterhorn (pick a track…) and the Nordschlieffe – three of my favourite tracks! I’m excited too!!

      With the hint of 20+ cars on track and the checkpoints, this should be amazingly good!

  45. hairystig

    What’s going on here?

    Some of your technology may be out of date, and this video may not play properly.

    Damn you’ve picked a bad time to fail me now phone!!!! grrrr!!!!

  46. chengman

    Releasing this right before Forza Horizon 2? Good timing PD? I mean yay, but nay. Yay we get a new track, but Forza Horizon 2 is on a completely different level from Sierra. This is nowhere near Forza Horizon free roam.

    1. Benny44

      Yeah, comparing a driving simulator with a completely different style game on a system that is 8 years newer than the PS3 is a bit silly

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