Sony Won’t Clarify Executive’s Comments on Gran Turismo 6 Coming to PlayStation 3

As the news spreads that Gran Turismo 6 may be headed to the PlayStation 3, sparked by SCEE Vice President Michael Denny’s recent comments, the situation is gathering more attention and investigation by larger media outlets.

IGN picked up the story last night, and managed to get a (brief) comment from a Sony spokesperson:

All a Sony rep was willing to tell us was the following: “In 2010, Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed that Polyphony Digital had commenced development for Gran Turismo 6. We look forward to sharing further details on this title in the near future.” When pressed for more information beyond that, Sony refused to give us further comment.

This was a clear opportunity for Sony to downplay or back away from Mr. Denny’s comments, but they didn’t take it.

Either his comments were true – and fans should prepare for a GT6 release within 10 months – or they’re buying more time before building hype around the game’s eventual release on the PlayStation 4.

For now, we can only continue to speculate on what the future holds for the series. As always, stop by our Gran Turismo 6 forum for more perspectives from our community. Thanks to SolidSnakex for the tip!

Edited GT5 Photomode image by rpanico14.

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Comments (190)

  1. QSpec

    They always complained about how the PS3 system didn’t have enough memory to handle everything they wanted to do with GT5. Why then, would they consider releasing their next game that would supposedly require more memory on the same system? A system that is going to be outdated at the end of the year. I expect them to wait until PS4 comes out and do the usual delays well until the 2nd or 3rd year after PS4 has been released. I agree with kollosson that you’d think there’d be two for the PS3 system as well but GT5 wasn’t released until much later in PS3’s life. I don’t think PD cares about this track record and would rather wait and release their new title on the next generation where they have more room to do what they are capable of. Who knows what the future holds? Enjoy GT5 for now. Happy driving!

  2. kollosson

    Its common knowledge that Kaz was unhappy with GT5, the game was pushed out in an unfinished but playable state and then honed through many updates. If you look at what was happening before GT5 or what was going to happen, remember GT4HD? i think somewhere along the line Polyphony realised that GT5 would not look as impressive against an HD GT4, maybe that was why it was shelved, that and the fact that they decided they were going to use GT4 assets (standard cars)
    We know Kaz is a perfectionist and thats a good thing, so it must have killed him having to release GT5 when it was not up to the standard he was striving for. I think GT6 will put the record straight, all premium cars, added features, more tracks etc.
    Historically there have been two GT titles on every Playstation and if you think about it the even numbers were the best ones,
    GT2 was better than GT1, GT4 was better than GT3 and its a no brainer that GT6 is going to be better than GT5…its all good

  3. infamousphil

    I’m afraid whatever they decide to do, they’re going to make the same mistakes. PP ratings w/o hp/wgt restrictions, standard cars or fewer and/or less desirable models, continued limited wheel selection (still waiting for a six bolt wheel for Vipers), no caster adjustment, paint chips, no livery (Turn 10/FM rights), no revisits to old circuits, race cars w/o a class to support them (AudI A10, Peugot 908, Lister Storm V12 and Jaguar XJ220 race car) and non-supported race classes (modern PD/LM and historic GTS/1)… you get the picture.

    That said, I will remain faithful as I’ve been from the beginning. Hope you’re listening Kaz ;)

  4. trk29

    This is the normal BS by Sony and PD all this secret stuff and when GT6 comes out it will be missing all the stuff that makes sense. Come on Project Cars!

  5. SendEmToMars

    As long as they make a better game that GT5, it doesn’t really matter what system they release it on, but that’s just my opinion, and who knows maybe they’ll release it on both systems, Just like they’re doing with Watch_Dogs

  6. braunracing88

    I think GT6 should start out as a PS3 game. All previous iterations of the Playstation have had two Gran Turismo installments available for them, so this approach would at least keep some consistency.

  7. Halcyon925

    I’d like to see a GT6 Prolouge on PS3 this year, then GT6 on PS4 after the PS4 is released. I don’t think it would be a good idea if Sony releases two racing games at the PS4’s launch. PD should wait for Driveclub sales to go down, then realease GT6. Or, somehow make Driveclub be delayed so GT6 can be a launch title. Driveclub doesn’t deserve to be a launch title if GT6 is around the corner because PD is Sony’s best money making company they have, and the people that made Driveclub are just amatures compared to what PD has done.

    1. Pit Crew

      This>> Driveclub doesn’t deserve to be a launch title* Totally unfair assumption.

      This>> the people that made Driveclub are just amatures compared to what PD has done.* Totally Bias.

      This>> GT6 Prolouge on PS3 this year, then GT6 on PS4 after the PS4 is released. Highley unlikely.

      This>> I don’t think it would be a good idea if Sony releases two racing games at the PS4′s launch.* How did you get to that conclusion, considering PD hasnt even released a working GT6 demo, playable on PS4, but Evolution was ready, and Sony was willing to give them a shot.

      This>> Driveclub doesn’t deserve to be a launch title. Evolution put in work for their Drive Club IP, just like PD did for GT series, so they do deserve it.

      Kaz arrogance and single minded all about me attitude is why Evolution studios is Sony’s new favorite son IMO.

  8. Kite

    Actually, GT6 on PS4 wouldn’t make sense, seeing as how it was possibly already in development before PS4 dev kits were available. It would only be logical creating the game on a system they’re already experienced on. GT5, despite being the best selling PS3 game of it’s time so far, wasn’t up to par with it’s predecessors, in my opinion at least. Now that PD has developed a base for GT on PS3, they now have more freedom to polish and change a lot of things to make GT6 better.

    1. f1_stig

      They said they started working on it not that they started coding for it. They could have just been creating designs or taking pictures of new cars or better pictures for standards. They could also be working on getting rights to new car makes or racing leagues.

  9. HarVee

    Because the PS3 has a larger install base, PDI would sell more copies and move their product to as many users as possible. Which is better to PDI as a business: Selling 10 million copies to existing PS3 users, or selling 2 million copies to early PS4 adapters? The choice is obvious.

    Many of you must also remember that not every single person that plays video games likes the Sim genre, and not everyone who purchases a PS4 system is going to purchase a GT title. So even if 4 million PS4 units were sold, and GT6 was available as a PS4 title, doesn’t mean that 4 million copies of GT6 will be sold.

    Also, Many of you believe that having GT6 as a PS4 title will make the game better, and that is where most of you are wrong. The quality of the game might actually suffer due to PDI having to learn the ins and outs of the new console. Where as with the PS3 they already know the limits of the hardware.

    One could come back with the argument of that PDI were supposedly helping development of the PS4, and even if they were actually doing so, that doesn’t guarantee that PDI know the limits of that console yet. Not to mention that every time PDI has made the generational leap, the quality of the first GT title on that console is not quite as good as the second title on the previous gen. (e.g. GT3 compared to GT2 and GT5 to 4.)

    And finally, PS4 already has DriveClub as a 1st-party racing title, I highly doubt Sony wants two competitors on the same unit jut quite yet, especially when GT6 would steal the spotlight from DriveClub.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      PD doesn’t have final say over when a GT game gets released and on what platform, Sony does. So if Sony wants it on PS4, it’ll be on PS4.

    2. HarVee

      I know that. I’m just stating reasons as to why I believe GT6 is very likely to be a PS3 title, not to mention the situations with the interviews of the two Sony execs.

  10. JeremiahTB

    A lot of people are saying Sony won’t sell many PS4s if GT isn’t released on it. They act as if the GT series is the deciding factor for the system’s sales. Most PlayStation gamers I know don’t even like racing games. I know the GT gamers are a huge community, but there are going to be thousands of titles for the system that will make millions upon millions without GT.

    1. QuikSlvr223

      I keep thinking the exact same thing. The biggest seller these days is Call of Duty. I can guarantee these people will buy a PS$ for CoD because they believe that graphics are everything.

    2. TokoTurismo

      Thank you @JeremiahTB, very well said. People who need GT6 to be on PS4 JUST, for it to sell well needs to get over themselves…

      @QuikSlvr223 I agree with you, and that’s the thing. Graphics is ALWAYS the top thing people look for in games… Seriously?

    3. Magic Ayrton

      Well, Gran Turismo will have to be much better on PS3 or PS4 to get people’s faith back that’s for sure.

  11. Duesfas

    I’m guessing that PD may release a GT6 prologue for the PS3. Graphics & physics may be similar to GTA 2012, giving us a taste of what is to come. Then I guess maybe a year or so down the line, they may release a PS4 GT6 bundle with the full game. I don’t think GT6 will be a PS4 launch title. Just speculation but we’ll have to wait and see what happens!

  12. Magic Ayrton

    I will be thinking long and hard about any further Gran Turismo games.. I know GT5 was pretty good at times, most times the engine sounds and such left me real cold.. so I am not going to buy anything until I read reviews etc.. don’t be sucker sheep and push them towards making the game and console we actually want people!! Driveclub will have nothing on the GT series potential and only a sheep will buy a PS4 for titles that are unknown quantity.

  13. Dude27

    Look like they want to cash in twice! From a marketting point of view, it seems clever (if you see the fans as a sheep herd): You release a downsized GT6 on PS3 few months prior to the PS4 launch: all the fans will buy it…. then few months later, you release the upgraded to PS4 standard which will be MUCH better and once again, the fans will bite again to this marketing trap. Voila!!! you sell the same game twice! Despicable from a ethical point of view but a win-win financially!

    1. Tenacious D

      Be honest though. How many of us will be good little fans and grab a copy of GT6 for PS3, with a better game for PS4 within a year or two almost a sure deal? *raises hand*

      Give me a GT6 without those annoying paint chips, more to race with and on, and a better online system, and I’m there.

  14. 5m0k3w33d420

    I cannot fathom how people see the possible release of GT6 on the PS3 as a ‘win’. Polyphony Digital weren’t lying when they said they had maxed out the console trying to make GT5 playable – but still, some of you seem to have ignored that. If GT6 is released on the PS3, we aren’t going to see hundreds of tracks, billions of cars or infinite dynamic lights with lens flare (obviously I’m over exaggerating), what we will see is a game almost identical to GT5.
    To make GT6 perfect, like it should be, they need to build it the PS4; otherwise we’re going to see the same half finished game, and the same “omg sucha desaster PD r da worst” on GTplanet forums with every inevitable patch.

    1. Pit Crew

      No game is perfect. Of course GT6 will be better on a PS4 but according to a source more reliable then you, and considering no real Damage Control over the statement has yet to surface, its a mute point.

    2. 5m0k3w33d420

      Point? What point? I just highlighting the fact that GT6 being released on the PS3 system is by no means a win. More of a loss, really.

    3. TokoTurismo

      Yeah okay, so lets wait till 2053 for GT6 to come on PS4 which would REQUIRE a new engine JUST for perfection… Honestly I would love for GT6 to be on PS4 but everyone (including YOU) seem to always forget about DriveClub, and what GT6 will do to its sells.

      Really, who cares and get over it, I see GT6 being on PS3 as a good thing because GT6 could sell very well for PD to make GT7 ready for the PS4, PLUS since everyone has a PS3 in their homes already they can easily buy GT6 and than be ready play without needing to fork out money for a system and one game, so keep thinking GT6 will be anything like GT5 such as being half finished when it was in development for 2 and half years now…

      Overall, keep QQing because I won’t reply back. When GT6 is actually better and complete on the PS3, I’ll like to see what your response will be by than.

    4. 5m0k3w33d420

      “Really, who cares and get over it,” he says before going into a huge rant. Good one, Toko.
      By your logic, they may as well release GT6 on the PS2. I mean, who doesn’t have a PS2? They’d sell millions! Yeah, great idea!PD should do that for sure!

    5. 5m0k3w33d420

      Heck, let’s see if Turn 10 make Forza 5 for the 360. Maybe instead of using their new console, Nintendo will continue to produce their flagship games on the original Wii console instead of the Wii U.


      Most the people just dont want to buy a new console to play a new Gran turismo , but where was it written there would have to be 2 gts released on the ps3 ? Nowhere . If people are massive fans of the game then surely they want it to be the best it possibly can be and on the ps3 it wont be compared to a next gen gt ! I hope its not on the ps3 as if they get a version out at launch on the ps4 it will probably be a bit shy of content and there will be a lot of dlc , but you will definetly see another gran turismo released on the ps4 .GT5 REALLY screwed up the momentum of the franchise and please pd not prologue dont waste time on that just get a new gt out .

    7. Tenacious D

      Guess I’m replying to both Sm0k3 and TURBOMATIZ.

      On the point of lots of content in GT6 on PS3, actually you’re wrong. The modeling won’t be any easier on PS4 vs 3, just the game coding and graphic effects. Models are models, and we’d see the same AMOUNT of content no matter which system it comes out on.

      Now, the NATURE of that content is another story. As I’ve posted a number of times, PD will have to trim back on the features and resolution of GT6 if they hope to make it better on PS3 this time. I doubt SONY will let go of 3D for the sake of their new TVs, and that is supposed to be a great experience – for those lucky enough to be wearing those glasses anyhow. So something else will have to give, and most likely a drop in resolution to 720p. Hardly the end of the world, but I’m sure Kaz will hate giving up performance he’s achieved for GT5. Particle effects simplified? No improvements in shadows? Probably. There might be more tracks with day/night transitions and weather, but don’t look for any improvements in the weather system. Lighting isn’t going to be any easier, so the same weird night racing with cars lacking headlights save for the closest two or three. There isn’t going to be any way to squeeze a huge performance boost out of the Cell Engine, so forget any kind of Codemasters-like damage system, probably any damage at all. Race Mod could be expanded greatly, but with the same old PS3 to run everything, will we have to do without our hoped-for Livery Editor? I wouldn’t count on a much better Course Maker either. Sound could be improved, the net structure could be extensively improved, but that’s about it.

      No more cars on track, unless they manage something for the Standard cars. I personally love them, but the fans seems pretty divided over them. Still if you want more cars on track and multiclass racing, you’ll probably have to learn to love Standards.

      On the other hand, gameplay could get one heck of a shot in the arm. A.I. might be marginally improved, but the game could be expanded quite a bit with a huge bunch of things to do as with GT4, since the coding is pretty much the same as on GT5, just expanded with lots more events, like Manufacturer Cup races and far more events in general. Online could be reworked a lot to be more like what we’re used to with PC sims, with SONY investing in a bigger faster network to support PS4. But without a Livery Editor, a lot of the individualizations the Forza world is famous for won’t be ours this time either.

      As TURBOMATIZ says, GT5 really frooked up the rhythm of the franchize, as Kaz fought to improve GT5 to ridiculous extremes, and took years to do it. In that sense, I’m very glad we got to play a very big Prologue game while we waited on GT5. Unfortunately, GT5 wasn’t the epic game we were hoping for, as I believe we actually had fewer events than we got in GT3. And of course he got sidetracked with some really strange notions that didn’t belong in a Gran Turismo game, like the paint chip system, horns and Museum Cards you couldn’t delete duplicates!

      I will have to say that a proper Prologue shouldn’t delay GT6 more than a month or so. GT5 Prologue was as big as some racing games, save for the tracks, and that likely did require a bunch of work. And it looked to be a test bed for PD, as we got a good deal of content as DLC for it, and an online system made for it. Frankly I’d love to see another Prologue for GT6, but with GT5 as good as it is, I won’t be dogmatic about it.

      They may well make GT6 for PS3 first, with a much bigger, much improved GT6 A-Spec in a year or so for PS4. If they do, I’ll shell out my cash like a good little fan, but I’d rather they focus on the big enchilada and give us the real deal. I can wait


      An idea for tenacious d,
      I think nowadays for modern cars the modelling is probably very easy as the manufacturers will have designed there cars on computers and have all the dimensional data for them , so i would presume they would supply them to pd.

  15. jjsahagun

    Here is my theory:
    GT6 will be released this summer; everybody will buy it. Then PS4 comes out, GT6 for PS4 is released this winter and still everybody buys PS4 and GT6.
    Sony will squeeze a last drop out of the PS3 and then move on to PS4.

  16. zargdin

    I hope that it’s true that GT6 will launch on the PS3. I won’t have to buy a PS4 then.

    However I can’t see it happening. I think that geezer doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It would be crazy economics.

  17. Pit Crew

    This>> Polyphony Digital, has been working on the game since 2010, a time when PS4 dev kits may not have been available even to Sony-owned studios.

    This>> Likewise, this may put into perspective why Sony is allowing another of its studios – Evolution – to work on a Gran Turismo-like game for PlayStation 4 in the form of DriveClub.

    1. 5m0k3w33d420

      Sony aren’t “allowing” anything. Evolution Studios themselves said that they have had this vision – of a huge online driving game – for a very long time, but the technology did my exist.

    2. Pit Crew

      Sony is allowing them to develop the game for the PS4. Your cluless dude, and you failed to make a relevant point to properly contradict the OP.

      Evolution is a Sony entity just like PD, but they got the opportunity to show their game cause obviously SCE likes the idea which in return garnered them an invite to showcase the new game (10 year development window). PD was backstage working the lights or something…

    3. 5m0k3w33d420

      You’re saying that Sony had “allowed” Evolution Studios to create a “Gran Turismo-like game” that isn’t like Gran Turismo at all apart from being based around cars, because PD want to release GT6 on the PS4 instead. Like I already said, Evolution Studios have been waiting a long time to create this game. Sony hasn’t made them or given them suggestive permission to do it, as you make it seem. It’s being made as their vision, not as a Gran Turismo stand in.

    4. Pit Crew

      Uhh yeah… you realize Evolution can’t do that without a publisher?

      This>> in September 2007. Both Evolution and their satellite studio, Bigbig Studios, in Warwickshire were acquired by Sony.

      Basically without Sony, Drive Club would still be a 10 year and running idea.

      This is the Driving/ Racing game Sony wants to launch with the PS4.

      * You’re saying that Sony had “allowed” Evolution Studios to create a “Gran Turismo-like game” that isn’t like Gran Turismo at all apart from being based around cars, because PD want to release GT6 on the PS4 instead.*

      ^ I didnt say that, you did^ I said they are allowing them to develop it for PS4. There is a difference.

      Drive Club is based on Team Racing not just cars.

      Yeah… you dont have point, just an attitude.

  18. Schmo

    Look on the bright side. We won’t have to buy. Ps4 now. GT5 sold what 9 million? They would of sold conservitvly 5 million PS4s just from GT players. Bad move on my watch.

  19. ioxon

    Well if you think about it, E3 is where they will want to make the biggest bangs happen. I’m sure they’ll make us wait until then to hear or see more.

  20. QuikSlvr223

    Yeah, because normally, when something is accidentally announced, you get every single freaking tiny detail.

  21. JayKayEm

    Blimey Sony, we are not asking for blood. We are not asking for content, screen shots or a release date. We simply want to know what console it’s on. Your lack of info, and your rather content-less ps4 event strikes of a company that hasn’t got a clue where they are going.

    1. SZRT Ice

      So if I have plans, and I decide I don’t want the world to know my plans until I actually do them, that means I haven’t got a clue? Yeah, that makes sense.

  22. KilzoneStrife

    *reads article*

    Im buying a PS4 day 1. Kaz, If GT6 is on PS3 and if its been held back by the 7yr old PS3, Im waiting for a GT on PS4 thanks.

    1. KilzoneStrife

      lmao. Its all just rumors/speculation ..
      im hoping its cross platform. If they want Vita cross play, it would NEED to be PS4 also.

  23. Neilson248

    Ok maybe if we should think a bit more logically about this; as H3avyM3tal said “If Sony wants this game on PS3, it will be on PS3. It has very little to nothing to do with PD decision.” Good point. If there has been a decision to release gt6 on ps3 there must be a reason for it and probably some clever marketing ideas going on. For example, we know that the ps3 is a very good console capable of some fantastic graphics and physics as witnessed in gt5 already. I reckon that it is feasible to see gt6 on ps3 but this gt6 is not going to be an all new game with all-new physics, graphics etc. The difference between gt5 and gt6 on ps3 will be like the difference between Iphone 4s and Iphone 5 or Iphone 4 and Iphone 4s… noticeable but minimal improvements. All the hidden track icons, leaked videos of unseen tracks and perhaps some more premium cars as well as updated graphics and physics could be enough to call a gt5 “spec 3 or 4”, gt6 if that content were to be released in one complete game.

    As Sony exec Mr. Denny said, the ps3 is a fantanstic console with plenty of life in it yet. Also the ps4 might not sell too well at first if the price is fairly steep so sony may have opted for a little more continuity with the ps3 and a more complete gt5 aka gt6 would be great for that purpose.

    The real gt6 or whatever they may call it, gt6 hd or gt7 may take another year or 2 to be released on ps4… Dont forget that the ps4 has been designed for easy programming and I am sure I read a story with Kaz saying how difficult it was to create content for ps3 which may be the reason for gt5 being delayed and appearing to be “incomplete”. Creating a ps4 gt will hopefully be much easier and faster for pd to do than gt5 on ps3 so hopefully we wont see the kind of time gaps and delays we saw between gt4 and gt5 and a ps4 title will hopefully be release not too long after ps4 is launched… or perhaps I am talking complete nonsense and so is Mr Denny and gt6 will be launched on ps4, possibly as a release title.

    Just my thoughts.

    1. Neilson248

      Just thinking about it now, GT6 launch title for ps4 is the best way to shift a few ps4s… perhaps I have debunked my own theory… lol

    2. NA

      Hehe, they’re both valid arguments. Has long as you don’t start walking down the street, loudly arguing with yourself, you should be fine….

  24. kollosson

    Could Polyphony have coded GT6 ready for PS4 launch? was the time scale for GT5 based more on the limits of the PS3 and what became years of tweaking ? i’d say a big yes. The PS4 is a hugely powered PC based console, converting games to fit and run will no longer be an issue. I think its quite possible that GT6 could be a launch title.

  25. H3avyM3tal

    Yes, because the decision to release GT is for PD to make… If Sony wants this game on PS3, it will be on PS3. It has very little to nothing to do with PD decision.

  26. joetruckv8

    There’s no need too, no one is believing pd is dumb enough to release a game on Ps3 when Ps4 is coming out and it takes him 5 life times to create the next title anyways!!!

  27. David Brooks

    So you are saying Sony’s lack onf comment suggests GT6 will either be on PS3 or PS4.

    I think you’re right.

    1. UrieHusky

      Because the G27 survived the transition from PS2 to PS3 perfectly fine and most people can safely assume it will do the same with the PS4 too..? common sense is your friend, as is turned off caps =/

  28. SavageEvil

    Sony has sold a boatload of PS3’s, with PS4 on the horizon launching GT6 on PS3 is pointless as what would that accomplish? GT5 has sold upwards of 12 million on PS3, why would you want to not move at least a 3rd of those sales to your upcoming console. Even if GT6 doesn’t fly off the shelves right away on PS4, it will continue to sell the entire time just looking at how GT series has sold in the past GT on a new system; it will still make the numbers. PS3 already has a GT game and a base, no point in wasting an opportunity to launch your new system with your strongest 1st party title in tow…that would make the first PS system to launch with a GT game, which was promised since PS2 GT3…vaporware…PS3 GT5…vaporware until 2010 3 years after the system launched. Sony has some historic blunders to fix, and launching a system without your killer app is one of them. Notice PS2 and PS3 were both nightmares to program for…now we hear PS4 is the exact opposite strikeout avoided by Sony. PS2 and PS3 both didn’t launch with GT game PS4 should most likely fix that with GT6.
    We know PD started on GT6 2 years ago, right after GT5 went to retail. They also had input on specifications of PS4 and lo and behold PS4 has more RAM than any PC knows what to do with…I see that GT6 was probably being built on a projected power output of PS4 the entire time as we see things in GT5 that are on disc but are activated for one reason or another, inability to have a 16 car standing start with AI, limited light sources in night races, no puddling effect on wet surfaces. Sony is probably just letting misunderstandings just continue as it will only create buzz around the title. Now lets hope Kaz and company with PS4 ease of development really throw down the gauntlet and GT6 really hits like GT2 bringing all that we loved about the franchise(boat loads of cars, courses, numerous tuning options, weather, day/night transition, 24 hr races on pretty much any course, tough AI opponents; plus things we want leader boards, full on livery editor, streamlined interface and more options for online rooms really need to give much more control over car selection and tuning limits).

    1. Tenacious D

      S.E, I’m certainly inline with your remarks, having said the same things for a couple of years now. I have no doubt that Kazunori was focused on having Playstation 4 specifications meet his requirements. Was keen to get GT6 on PS4 from the start, to give him that blank canvas he could paint the ultimate Gran Turismo game. I’m sure most of SONY Computer Entertainment feels the same way, and a number of officials in SONY. It’s a no-brainer that if you want to gt gamers to buy a new system, you put out a must have game for it. And there are very few must-haves with the draw of Gran Turismo. Plus, if your reputation as a developer is on the line, which it is now more than ever, if you want to make the biggest most feature rich game you possibly can, you’ll want to take advantage of the most powerful gaming system on the market. PS3 isn’t exactly obsolete yet, but it’s very much outdated, and its resources have been mined about as far as it can be. GT5 has made this abundantly clear.

      This whole thing may be a ruse to generate publicity and focus gamer attention on PS4, and get people talking about it hot n heavy. There is no bad publicity, except possibly in this case, because it depends on what the rulers of the SONY empire have decided. If this is all designed to drum up publicity, well, it worked way too well. If this was an inadvertent admission… oh jeepers, a lot of fans are going to be aghast.

      Like I said, just about all the fans around the world will buy GT6 for PS3 if that’s what the kingpins decided. But all along the way, we’ll be crying for a GT6 A-Spec for PS4 to give us the game as it was meant to be.

    2. RESHIRAM5

      GT6 at launch won’t help sales for GT6 as Sony won’t get the 9 million people who brought GT5 in 1 year and it would only boost the PS4 sales by 2 million at launch as people usually wait for a price drop (I felt dumb when I brought my 3DS before their massive price drop. Not gonna make that mistake again).

  29. hamtidamti007

    After this massive fails with GT5 they shouldn´t call it GT6…..the new name should be” GT a big BETA” or “GT restart” or something like that.

  30. TheGTGuy

    I think GT6 is being developed for PS3 and 4 Simultaniously for 2 reasons. 1. GT6 would sell a huge amount of PS4 hardware for Sony with GT6 as a launch title. 2. There are over 70 million PS3s sold worldwide so there’s a bigger fan base with ps3 naturally.

    1. Tenacious D

      I know that this is a strong rumor, and it could be true. But I can’t imagine this coming across much better than the two level Standard and Premium content in GT5. Having GT6 Beta on PS3 and GT6 A-Spec on PS4 is going to be about as strange. But… hey, I’d rather they do this than just stick us with a PS3 game for a year or more while Kaz and the team make the game they intended to all along for PS4.

  31. opelgt1969

    All a Sony rep was willing to tell us was the following: “In 2010, Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed that Polyphony Digital had commenced development for Gran Turismo 6. We look forward to sharing further details on this title in the near future.” When pressed for more information beyond that, Sony refused to give us further comment.

    So when Kaz says GT6 will be released in the near future He’s talking 3 years down the road!

  32. WangansGodHand

    GT6 coming out on PS3 makes complete sense. Who knows, the game could be 60% done, and putting it on the PS4 could mean starting completely over. That would delay the game massively, and waste nearly 3 years of development.

    1. Tenacious D

      Except porting to PS4 will be easy.

      Making a game that barely fit on PS3 – and with issues – and then making the sequel for the same system means that unless something gives, the game would work even worse. Something has to go, from 3D which I’d say good riddance, to 1080p to reduced “something” to allow GT6 to run on PS3 without graphic issues and framerate drops. And it would be nice to play GT6 on a system which could give us more than 16 car racing, perhaps a lot more. Or does online multiclass racing mean nothing to you guys?

      I’ll buy GT6 at launch no matter what system it comes out for, but if it’s PS3, I’ll be anxiously awaiting a port which will allow GT6 to be the game it was supposed to be.

    2. Quakebass

      Not necessarily – the architecture of the PS4 may be easy to write for, but if GT6 (at least the engine and other non-asset items) has been written for the PS3 architecture, it may not be able to transfer. Then PD WOULD have to do some heavy work. They wouldn’t have to start completely over on the engine – they could use a base model engine and edit it like most games rather than creating a whole new one.

      So the question is what Pd was developing for –

      This article shows that PD had decent involvement with decisions on the PS4’s hardware, so they could’ve been one of the first studios that knew what to develop for, and FAR earlier than any others. That would’ve given them time to develop GT6 for PS4 – since the assets (cars, tracks, etc.) can transfer, they’d really just be doing work on the engine, and then also the upgrading of standard cars and tracks that they would (or SHOULD) be doing if GT6 was to be released for PS3. But, after some discussion here:

      (Specifically post #488) – comparing to other PS3 games like Uncharted 2, there were extremely long load times for certain events, but then their sequels were all real-time, with little loading. This is because the developers were able to prime the engines to run extremely efficiently on the PS3, MASSIVELY improving game performance. Why couldn’t GT be the same way? PD has had time with the architecture, so they could prime the engine for GT6, and make it run super well while looking even better than GT5. Read post #488 on that link for more detail – I’m not being very in-depth.

      But I honestly don’t know what GT6 will be on now. It would be more logical from a business standpoint, pushing more console sales on PS4, but then again, the game would be more readily available to consumers if it was released on PS3, and could get quite a few more game sales. It almost seems equally easy to do for either console, but I’m thinking now it will be on one or the other. And it depends on what hardware and knowledge was available to PD at what time – which we don’t 100% yet. It’s still too hard (for me) to tell which console it will be on… But with this “leak” of sorts, and looking at improvements of other games on the PS3, I’m actually beginning to lean over to the PS3’s side now…

  33. Antmeg26

    Think of the sales. How many PS4’s will they sell if GT6 is released with it? If GT6 comes out on PS3 before the PS4 is released, how many of you will rush out and buy a PS4?

    1. MockngBrd

      For me, if it came out on PS3, i’d buy it without batting an eyelid. If it came out on PS4 though, i’d sit on the sidelines and adopt a wait & see attitude before deciding. I’m not flush with cash.


    PS4 won’t support PS3 discs (probaly the next Xbox will not support it as well as people are saying the next X box won’t support discs). Why is the Wii U and 3DS the only disc or game card backward capability 8th gen console

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      It won’t support them *natively.* Sony is trying to figure out a way to use a cloud service (Gaikai) to assist in rendering not only PS3 titles, but PS2 and PS1 games as well, so if they end up succeeding, you’ll be able to play any of your PlayStation games that you choose, as long as you’re connected to the Internet.

    2. HarVee

      The problem with Gaikai is:

      1) not everyone has good enough internet to make good use of it.
      2) Sony is mostly likely going to charge money to use the service.

    3. TeamCZRRacing

      @HarVee For the first one, that’s true enough. For the second, I wouldn’t mind terribly having to pay a premium, if one does end up being charged. I have a huge collection of PlayStation games, and it would be cool to play them all again. :)

  35. Cloutair

    Geez peoplez gt6 in a way will be on the ps4 anyway… Putting out on the ps3 is smart because itll get added to the ps4’s store library, so people can play it on the ps4 alwell. It’s not like if it comes out as ps3 title dosent mean it completely abandons Sony’s way of playing older gen games like for the ps3.

    1. SKOT_FREE

      Actually If GT6 comes out on PS3 it won’t be on PS4. Sony has already said that PS3 games will not play on PS4 due to the different architecture of PS4 and that included Digital Downloads. Now Sony did bring up PS3 emulation on PS5 but gave no specific timeframe when they would start doing that from when PS4 launches.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      If someone typed “lame” for every time a game company pulled this sort of stunt, then half the text on virtually every gaming site out there would all be the same word: “lame.”

    1. 77

      I personally think gt5 is a masterpiece to behold, I enjoy every moment i play the game. Its only shortcomings are a small handful of people claiming to be “fans” who have nothing good to say about it.

    2. Quakebass

      You don’t see 800+ cars with previous-generation detail as a short-coming? Lack of tracks? Short A-Spec? Non-competitve AI? Terribly supported features (Drifting, Rally, F1, NASCAR, etc.)?

      These shortcomings make the game less of a masterpiece to many people, and therefore they complain. It’s the fact that the game disappointed to PD’s standards, where there wasn’t a sense that the game was rushed or incomplete. Some areas feel complete, but not all.

      Fans still complain about the things they love; They do it in hope that the issues they have get fixed so that they can continue to enjoy whatever it is they are a fan of.

    3. researchALLwars

      c’mon 77, you’ve gotta be able to easily filter out the ridiculous whiners, and allow the constructive critics to be heard. Don’t let the negative noobs get to you. Ignoring is the best method. On the other hand, there is a substancial group of players who really care and want to see the franchise excel. It would be wise of PD to mine sites like this for reports, ideas, solutions, etc. Also, you would be in an extreme minority if you actually believe that GT5 has no shortcomings.

      A multi-million dollar, 6 year project from a group of people who have previously produced excellence could certainly have been a little more complete, and replayable. Here’s to hoping that it’s really a 9 year project with a finished product called GT6.

    4. Projectoutlaw

      I hate multi gen games. The heart of gt6 would be built for ps3 and then just be ported to ps4. If they do this then they wont be using the ps4 to its full potential and that won’t be a console seller for me.

      If you remeber when they made games for ps2 and ps3 the ps3 version wasn’t good because they had to design it for multiple platforms. I don’t want this.

    5. JaySamurai

      I think my comment below was a fair and just one. Shortcomings aside The Gran Turismo series is easily the best racer on console for me, but pretending everything is “great :)” is not going to help the series.

      Every now and then my wife ask’s “if her butt looks big in those jeans” and with regret i have to be honest and say “yes” It doesn’t mean i love her any less. Likewise with the GT series we have to be honest, being an honest critic does not mean we dislike the series.

      Quakebass and researchALLwars nailed it, being a constructive critic whether good or bad will only help benfit the series in the long run. As for the fanboy war, i’m an oldboy past that generation to medal in that argument. (Apologies for the analogy) lol

  36. JaySamurai

    I would prefer GT6 to be on the PS4, but still welcome the idea of it being on the PS3. I would personally be happy with an up to date version of GT5 that meets with the gaming standards, basically a no nonsense Gran Turismo. Away with standard vs premium cars/tracks, away with shortcuts, cutout the dinky music, and away with the grannyfied style of driving the AI does. I just hope they don’t endup spreading themselves to thin, i think this was a major problem with GT5 which made for an inconsistent experience.

    With Turn10 you can kinda guess what direction they’re heading in, i’m sure they’re is still a lot to complain about regarding FM4, but i get the feeling that Turn10 listen to their fans more so than PD. I get excited and nervous about GT6 because of past errors in the GT series that has crossed over and made its way into GT5 that PD still hasn’t fixed.

    And when all is said and done, i’m still here playing GT. Their is a level of class and feel that GT5 has that is still hard to find in other racers. I hope PD and Kaz take notice of us minions here on the GTP forums.

  37. Gwiz2010

    pardon me? ah … if you would remember how long it took for GT5 to actually make it …. remember? KY said that he wished he would have had more time to release 5… so 10 months from now… no chance …how about another 2 years.

    1. TeamCZRRacing

      They’re using the same engine. It’s just a matter of creating new 3D models for cars and tracks, updating the handling to be more realistic (even though GT5’s handling was pretty much perfect), and maybe adding a new game mode or two. Hopefully, they’ll also redo the UI for the GT Life mode, because that was a bit clunky. So barring a major engine update – which I don’t see happening – I’d say it’s very likely that GT6 could hit in the next 10 months to a year.

  38. Hemi71

    You guys are forgetting something, company need money, and moeny actually move the company, pretty much said this. With Ps4 coming in winter ’13 regardless which game gos on what and wht not, expect it to be on one or two consoles but they don’t plan to dump PS3 anytime soon cause they got customers out there and devs still making fo it.

  39. 2012GT325

    I’m tired of how people here are crying that they can’t afford the PS4 and so Sony should keep making games for the PS3, an obsolete console. If you can’t afford it, nobody is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to buy it. Besides, your iPhone/iPad costs more than any console out there, and they are not as much of a gaming machine as are dedicated consoles.

    If you can’t afford it, then save up ($10 a week, for example) and you’ll have enough money by the time the PS4 is released. Or, start working a bit more and spending a bit less. Or, just don’t buy it (again, nobody is forcing you to), but just stop whining and crying.

    1. emanuelmelo

      You seem to be whining and crying because you want a new toy… Like a 4 year old kid in a toy store. I bet you even were pouting while you were writting that post.

      If there are 77 million PS3 sold worldwide and they manage to sell something like 10 million PS4 by the time PD launches GT6 (which I really doubt), do you really think they’re gonna launch GT6 in PS4 to sell at max 3 or 4 million copies, when they can sell 10 or 15 million if they launch it in PS3?!

      Wake up people! Sony and PD are not in this world to “sell dreams”; They’re here to make money and, in the end, it all comes down to business. So, stop dreaming awake and get used to the idea: if GT6 is going to be launched during the beginning times of PS4 on sale, it will be launched in PS3! Oh! And btw, it doesn’t mean it can’t be launched in both platforms!

    2. TokoTurismo

      @2012GT325 WOW talk about being seriously selfish… SHUT IT and get over yourself already, NOBODY is whining or crying wanting Sony to keep wanting games on the PS3, and NOBODY ISN’T going to do your crap (OHHhh you guys should shut up and start saving money to buy the PS4 just because its more powerful). That’s really being selfish and ARROGENT and I HOPE GT6 does go on the PS3, which seems VERY LIKELY.

    3. HarVee

      Why do you just assume that everyone has an iPod or an iPad? I don’t have neither, and nor do I want either one.

    4. igota33

      @ emanuelmelo You fail to take into account the fact Gran Turismo is a system seller. Many people bought a PS3 because GT5 was released and GT fans will buy a PS4 if GT is released on it close to launch.

      Your right, Sony and PD are in it to make money, it’s my opinion they would make more by selling GT6 AND PS4’s rather than selling just the game to people who already own a PS3. You may sell more games if it’s on PS3, you’d sell a lot of PS4’s if GT6 came out on it.

      It will be interesting to see what happens, I just hope GT6 is the game we all want it to be, the best console racing experience.

    5. Both Barrels

      igota33-You’re absolutely right, I only bought a PS3 for GT5. All the other PS3 games I have are for my kids. If GT6 is available for PS3, it would tide me over for years, the same way GT5 has. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, I’m sure in 2 years time a PS4 will still be cutting edge. For me, it can wait.

    6. SKOT_FREE

      An easier way to do this is Make GT6 for PS4 with a voucher so when they port it to PS4 those who bought it can DL it for free. If you don’t know PS4 is NOT backwards compatible.


    It doesn’t matter to me as I’m getting the PS4 next year (Wii U first :) ), it just makes a little more sense for it on PS3.

    1. Dekropttiv

      A Wii U? Who even has on one of those lol.
      I really hope all this news is correct. I’m really not in the financial state to afford a PS4 this year. This will be nice on my wallet and ill also have time to see how the PS4 performs before deciding when I should get it.

    2. 2012GT325

      @ Dekropttiv: The PS4 wouldn’t be much more expensive than an iPad, so please, everyone, stop crying about how you can’t afford it. Just start saving $10 a week and by the time the console releases, you’ll have enough money to buy it. Period.

      Also, if you can’t buy it right away, you could always wait and then buy it a bit later, at a lower price. I didn’t buy my PS3 until later in 2008, and then got it for a much better price than when it was released.

      There are always options; working and saving money is one of them. So please stop whining because nobody is forcing to buy anything.

    3. Pit Crew

      @ 2012GT325 Why does Dekropttiv concern about not being able to afford a PS4 this year a point of contention for you? If you can save 10 bucks a week to put yourself in line for a PS4 at launch then take your own advice, set the example, but dont dictate to anyone how they should spend their money, and on what, just cause your in overstressed mode, too focused on why some wont buy new console when it goes on sale.

      Just like you know whats going on in your house, Dekropttiv, and the rest of us GT/PS owners know whats going on in ours. Your ten dollars a week saved for 9 months could be the next man/womans gas, food, expected baby supplies, car note/insurance, first apartment/ upgraded residence, vacation stash.

  41. Rob-F1-Fan

    I suppose if GT6 comes out on PS3 we can all hold off on a PS4 til its cheaper and has more games. It will still be brilliant and GT7 on ps4 will be out of this world .


    We sometimes forget that PD and sony need to make money !!!!! releasing GT6 on PS3 makes commercial sense.

    GT6 could be GT5 spec 3.00 ?

    -premium cars
    -new tracks
    -A slick new interface like the one we saw in GT academy .

    JOB DONE !!

    GT7 has a much nicer ring to it and will be on the ps4 or we could get Gt6 on ps4 who knows??

    1. HuskyGT

      Although I’m not interested in GT Academy, the menu and interface was absolutely brilliant! Simple, but right to the point. And the menu music in GT Academy was so awesome.

    2. igota33

      Does releasing GT6 on PS3 make commercial sense? You would sell a lot of games to PS3 users, you’d sell a lot of games and systems if it was on PS4. Most of my mates bought a PS3 when GT5 was released and they would do the same if GT6 was released on PS4.

      Gran Turismo is a system seller, I believe that’s why we got a partially finished GT5 when it was released, it helped move systems into homes when Sony was struggling against the 360.

      I’m sure Sony have crunched the numbers and i’m no economics major but surely GT6 on PS4 would sell systems and get a nice install base going for PS4.

      I know i’d do anything to get a PS4 if there was a Gran Turismo game on it, so would a lot of you guys. Sony can’t let Microsoft jump the gate again, launch PS4 with GT6, you’d sell a ton of consoles!

  43. researchALLwars

    The very simple fact that the ‘DLC every two months’ has turned into ‘VERY sparce DLC every 5 months or so’ is (basically) proof positive that PD has been thumping hard on GT6, which likely has a very real deadline: Fall 2013.

    Get ready fellas. It’s time to race. All of you dingbats clamoring for the next GT to be only on PS4 must want those cars to be REALLY shiny! LOL

  44. 2012GT325

    The reason the Sony Exec stated GT6 would be on PS3 was due to not revealing the coming of PS4. What he should have said is that the game is in development and that’s that. It would make absolutely no sense to release the game on an obsolete console. Especially if that console (the PS3) had a hard time with GT5’s massive graphics demands.

    So, to recap, I think we should all be patient and wait for an official announcement. However, I’m 99.99 % sure that the next Gran Turismo will be on the PS4.

  45. Tvensky

    I think it will be on both PS3 and PS4… why not? I remember this to happen for many, many games when ps3 was launched ps2 had 50% of the games….. same thing must happen with GTA5 since it will get released on PS3, it must be on PS4….

    and in the end everyone wins…. and if you think that that would make ps4 pointless.. no it wont, since graphics and other stuff will be exclusive for ps4…. and I would buy GT6 on ps3 and then later on PS4.. when I buy it.

    1. TomBrady

      I think that would be great man. It wouldn’t force all of us to get a PS4, but when we do we’ll have the best console racing game ready to go on it. It won’t hurt the sales of the PS4, GT6 being on it in any form will be a huge boost

    2. HuskyGT

      I was thinking the same with GTA5. That game looks simply too big for the PS3 unless Rockstar knows what they are doing and make it work. The PS4 would make it wok better.

      However, with GT6, I’m sure PD could make a much better game than GT5 and still release it for the PS3. If they release it on PS4 then I’ll buy it also.

      All I want is a GT6 this year. And if it is for the PS3 I’m sure it will be a beast like previous gen GT’s. If it’s for the PS4 this year, I’m not really hopeful that it will be better tan GT5, except for the graphics.

    3. BMfan

      I would love know why you think it must be on 2 consoles.

      The PS3 came out end of 2006 and a AAA title game called God of War II(PS2) came out in the USA on 13th March 2007 and only came to PS3 on 17th November 2009.

  46. leeson

    Guys, I’m telling you, GT6 will be out on the PS3 November 2014. NOT 2013. NOT on PS4. Don’t ask me how I know, I just know. Clairvoyance. Hurry up and wait.

    1. HarVee

      Do you have any reputable clarification to back your claims? Otherwise, it is kind of hard for the vast majority to believe you.

  47. csdesign

    As far as i see @ Sony conference, Sony learn a lesson about developers needs and what gamers want(more or less). I beleive that Sony learn from the erros of the past years and i believe that.

    GT5 is a big disapointment (for me ofcourse), i don’t see my favourite tracks, a good software without bugs(even when the game spend so much time to “polish” by PD). And the cars ofcourse we pretend to see more variety of cars and no GTRs etc…

    I expect to see GT6 in a sign of respect for the erros of the past, but i tinhk Sony will drop ps3 developemente in 1st party developers to the new PS4…

    My expects, GT6 for PS3 and PS4, all tracks availeble by day one even if i have to buy some of them form DLC’s, good fast menus and small loading times(plz) i in demos you can PD, try to not disapoint this time.

    best regards to all

  48. Jaycue58

    Do you think the outlay of a new console plus the purchase of the game itself is worth it just to play GT6 ???????? no bring it to the PS3 please from what i have noticed with most commments is you begrudge a small fee for DLC so what makes this different

    1. igota33

      Yes, I do think the outlay of a new console is worth it to play GT6, Gran Turismo sells systems. I bought a PS2 when the demo of GT3 released on disc and played the hell out of it. Everyone has their own opinion i guess, we’ll just have to wait and see.

    2. mistersafeway

      I did the same thing igota3, I bought the PS2 primarily for GT3. I also bought a PS3 planning on getting GT5:P and GT5 on release. Considering money is (very) tight for me currently and I’d STILL buy a PS4 as soon as GT6 came out if it were released on it and I had enough money (even if I couldn’t realistically afford it), I think GT6 on the PS4 would massively boost sales.

  49. lbpomg95

    PS4 has a lot more potential, obviously – and I’d like to see what Polyphony can do with it. GT5 has showcased much of what Polyphony can get out of the PS3, so to truly advance, I’d prefer GT6 to be on PS4. Financially though, I can see why they would release it on PS3. Still, nothing’s been confirmed by PD yet, so we’ll see!

  50. Serjury

    I wouldn’t mind if GT6 is on PS3 because I don’t plan on jumping on the PS4 early like I did with the PS3. That said, I won’t be upset if it is on PS4, so it really doesn’t bother me. What I may be concerned about is it being on PS4 and only being PS3 quality akin to GT5 on PS3 with a major chunk of the cars looking like trash.

    1. researchALLwars

      Infinite room for improvement. It’s time for that old GT2 feeling to return. Even my friends who casually pay attention were like, “why did you pay $100 for the collectors edition when you know that GT6 will be the real PS3 Gran Turismo?”

      I couldn’t believe they had paid enough attention to be aware of the history, considering they have no interest in racing sims, but they were probably right.

  51. HarVee

    “Sony Won’t Clarify Executive’s Comments on Gran Turismo 6 Coming to PlayStation 3”

    Well gee, that’s to be expected, right?

  52. WanderingSoul

    Yeah… Again, I don’t see any good coming from this if it came out on the PS3. Granted, I’d still buy it, but I don’t see it being much better than GT5. Releasing it on the PS3 will also give people another reason not to switch over to the PS4, which Sony won’t like. PD was involved with the PS4 as well, stated in an earlier article. That would send a strange message if they decided to release their star game on old hardware. I’m hoping they play it smart here, if not for a better overall product in the end. I can wait for it.

  53. StiggyGT

    Considering that I’m a die hard driving simulator fan, what else would the PS4 have to offer, (excluding ‘Motorstorm’, that’s far from realistic)?

  54. TokoTurismo

    I don’t mind GT6 being on PS3 as long as it comes out this year (which seems very likely imo). Got over myself about wanting GT6 on the PS4, DriveClub will take care of that cause I’m getting a PS4 anyway this year hopefully. Can’t wait for GT6. Nitro, brake upgrades, every upgrade will return. :D

    That rumor about GT6 featuring lots of tracks like Willow Springs and Seattle Circuit. Pikes Peak too for rally? Oooo GT6 is gonna be strong. :)

  55. Fisha695

    They could in theory launch it on the PS4 as a bundled game with every PS4 sold. It would not only ensure a decent install base at launch but would also be a way to potentially cheat sales numbers a bit higher because people who wouldn’t normally buy the game would be buying it with their PS4 nomatter what.

  56. huhobanut

    Ok everybody … Let loose all your hopes, dreams and more wild speculation … Starting …………………..NOW !! .. Go go go … Ha ha


    It’s better for GT and PD to release it on PS3 as they’ll get more money that way because when PS4 is just release they won’t see 10 million dollars in their table at launch it needs time and a GT6 for FM4 release still wouldn’t get the PS4 to 10 million with a snap if Sony’s fingers not to forget that when games try to be launch titles half come out wrong, remember the PS3 Sonic 06, that was ment to be a lauch title.

    1. Pit Crew

      Agreed GT6 on PS4 wont make that profit margin within the first 6 months Sony/PD would like to see. Both entities would absorb loses before gains.

      1million PS4 consoles sold between Dec 2013 and May 2014 wont all be purchased with GT6.


    SONY NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PS3 use your noodle! Learn from ps3 you need to release your big titles at launch if poss, not over half way thru the machines life span !I bought my ps3 for gt ! People will buy ps4s just for gt6, dont let all the ps3 owners dictate the direction of gt it needs to use the benefits of next gen . If its a ps3 release you will just have thousands moaning about the sound due to lack of ram even tho they wanted it on the ps3 !

    1. HKSBro92

      I don’t think lack of ram has anything to do with the sound. There’s a lot of racers on the PS3 that has waaay better sounds than GT. Even the new NFS most wanted has really accurate sounds.

  59. HuskyGT

    You are killing me here!!! XD

    I just want to see a trailer or official news about the game. I need the hype, I need to be excited about Gran Turismo again. I could care less in which console will it be released.

  60. HighPlainsDrftr

    While I would like to see it on PS3 it seems like it could be better on the PS4 with its added power. Maybe give us a ‘light’ version until more of us can get a PS4 financially. They could definitely bring in some cash releasing something for the PS3

  61. Foxiol

    Nothing is sure until someone makes it official…the only one can be Sony…or in that case PD…but mostly Sony.

  62. Lambob

    nothing to see here, moving right along. Turning off ‘GT News’ until GT6 is on the “Playstation Harddrive sometime between 2013 – 2016′ currently enjoying Raceroom experience.

    1. WanderingSoul

      I was thinking of diving into Raceroom, but I wasn’t sure if it was worth jumping in. How well does it play flat out free? Should I sink money into it for the ‘real package’?

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