Subaru VIZIV GT Vision Gran Turismo Car Revealed, Coming to GT6 Update 1.14

Gran Turismo 6 73 November 18, 2014 by

The “SUBARU VIZIV GT Vision Gran Turismo” gets a full reveal today, as Polyphony Digital confirms the car will be in the next Gran Turismo 6 game update, version 1.14.

Inheriting the design language of Subaru’s “SUBARU VIZIV 2 Concept” revealed in 2014, the Subaru design team have added dynamic and solid shapes to the model that visually express Subaru’s pursuit of a safe and enjoyable driving experience, while its large diffuser, roof-integrated rear spoiler, and shooting-brake silhouette stand out for aerodynamic performance.


Thorough weight reduction was a focus in the design of the body structure, and carbon materials have been utilized everywhere. As a result, the vehicle weight was held down to 1,380kg, despite being equipped with heavy batteries and motors.


Propelling the light-weight body is Subaru’s legendary 2-litre horizontally-opposed engine that has been fully tuned with years of motor sport experience. The direct injection turbocharged engine has been powered up with revised restrictor diameters and is combined with one high-power motor in the front and two in the rear, achieving a total system power output of 591 BHP and 800 Nm(82 kgfm) of maximum torque.

By independently controlling each of the motor outputs, turning ability while cornering is drastically improved, while the torque vectoring lamps built into the fenders visualize its movement.

With confirmation of the VIZIV GT, list of new content expected for update 1.14 continues to swell, including GM’s Chaparral Vision GT project car, the BMW M4 Safety Car, and an updated Suzuka Circuit.

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