Subaru VIZIV GT Vision Gran Turismo Car Revealed, Coming to GT6 Update 1.14

The “SUBARU VIZIV GT Vision Gran Turismo” gets a full reveal today, as Polyphony Digital confirms the car will be in the next Gran Turismo 6 game update, version 1.14.

Inheriting the design language of Subaru’s “SUBARU VIZIV 2 Concept” revealed in 2014, the Subaru design team have added dynamic and solid shapes to the model that visually express Subaru’s pursuit of a safe and enjoyable driving experience, while its large diffuser, roof-integrated rear spoiler, and shooting-brake silhouette stand out for aerodynamic performance.


Thorough weight reduction was a focus in the design of the body structure, and carbon materials have been utilized everywhere. As a result, the vehicle weight was held down to 1,380kg, despite being equipped with heavy batteries and motors.


Propelling the light-weight body is Subaru’s legendary 2-litre horizontally-opposed engine that has been fully tuned with years of motor sport experience. The direct injection turbocharged engine has been powered up with revised restrictor diameters and is combined with one high-power motor in the front and two in the rear, achieving a total system power output of 591 BHP and 800 Nm(82 kgfm) of maximum torque.

By independently controlling each of the motor outputs, turning ability while cornering is drastically improved, while the torque vectoring lamps built into the fenders visualize its movement.

With confirmation of the VIZIV GT, list of new content expected for update 1.14 continues to swell, including GM’s Chaparral Vision GT project car, the BMW M4 Safety Car, and an updated Suzuka Circuit.

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Comments (73)

  1. StigBelcherStyl

    Great car to drive, sounds like a subaru drives really nice corners great, thanks subaru for the vision GT car really enjoying it

    1. Halcyon925

      Dang. I had to exit a Championship because I’d rather download the update than earn petty cash without the 200% Daily Bonus.


    I think maybe the new sound team could give us a demo of the future car sounds? Or they still haven’t started working yet.

    1. ironman44321

      That might be tough to do on a fake car…I’d rather see them add a new real car to show off the new sounds.

  3. dddsprayshop

    Nice, i see car color more than 2.
    Looks vision, more stealth but yeah.
    Crap. Nurburgring? please the GP/F or the GP/D, not the full one.
    Only thing that worries me? How many MB’s? at least 400mb? or is the BMW pace car also there? And the suzuka stuff?
    And after the update? please no hotfixes…
    And please full customable settings like the 1st Mercedes VGT.

  4. Amac500

    Ehhh, I kind of think the gray is just a bad color for it. I’ll have to see it in game in a different color before I base my judgement. Does remind me a bit of the Mitshubishi from some angles.

  5. sirjim73

    I’m really liking the look of this. To me it has the Subaru “look” (especially from the front) while still being something new.

    The Subaru Fish-Iv GT?
    Powered by nuclear fish-ion maybe?

  6. SavageEvil

    Oh, nice car. Looks like the coupe version Legacy on steroids, I hope this handles well. Hope PD updates the aerodynamics so front spoilers work correctly, the rear spoilers work to greater effect than what is actually shown, PP boosts given to underbody upgrade is too high for some cars. I await more tweaks to physics and the removal of that online roll over code, that is absolutely horrendous.

  7. ironman44321

    I’m starting to think car designers aren’t actually that creative. A good portion of these VGTs look a good bit alike.

    Oh, and when I read that the car was going to be in the next update 1.14 I thought for a split second that the update was coming 1/14/15 and almost died. Luckily, I’m an idiot.

  8. Riblo72

    The design is HOT… i like this car…
    but… i guess again no interior… pity…
    useless without interior for me…

    1. OpticZero

      Yes, it is. The real cars have them. They have even shown pictures of a few. Why would the manufacturers tell PD that they are not allowed to open the doors or look in the windows to make interiors?

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      Because the design mockups are not final. They change very frequently – and often very drastically – many times bore the car is finished.

  9. Whodoyouthink

    Hey guys the new Subaru VGT is great! Oh WAIT…..nevermind, that’s just the Nissan VGT……………seriously they really held themselves back here with the design.

  10. doblocruiser

    Not my cup of tea. Boring and empty design. However it’s good to see the VGT’s are being released more rapidly! Can’t wait for the Peugeot :)

    1. infamousphil

      That’s exactly what I was thinking, Regret! Only reason I have to use credits on the Mitshu and keep both in the garage. Maybe I’ll try the Nissan VGT if it works out. ;)

  11. Broda

    Looks like they used a dodge charger and a hyundai to get the front end.

    Haven’t been a fan of Subaru car design for a while. There cars all look so plain. This one isn’t plain. I think I’ll grow to like it, but to me it almost doesn’t look Japanese. Sounded good in the video.

  12. alifra

    I don’t want to be mean, but I am tired of “fake” cars… they should start concentrate on updating the car list with real new cars. Was fun at the beginning to have a prototype to test, but now… I want to try, for example, the new LaFerrari, or whatever came out this year.
    You remember when they came out with the M4? that was exiting…
    I hope they still know that GT is a Driving Simulation.

    1. Siren

      So you don’t want to stick around for the development, just the end result ? Whether you like it or not this is how cars are made my friend. The Concept phase is a very crucial stage in the development of a car. Its either hit or miss. They may be fake cars to you but they’re as real as the final product because without a concept there would be no LaFerrari or whatever car that came out this year.

    2. alifra

      I am not arguing with the use and necessity of prototypes, (I perfectly agree with you), I am only saying that I’d love to see new “in-production” cars, not only prototypes.

    3. Swagger897

      As would I like to see PD get something from the manufactures other than futuristic concepts.. It would be nice to get an actual production car for each VGT at the same time.

    4. Niku Driver HC

      It’s a valid concern you have, make no mistake, alifra. It’s just that there are so many people that go on and on about “OMG, where’s the P1, the F12, the Porsches?” every single time a new VGT is released. I understand people would like to drive newer real-life cars, but they don’t need to bash the VGT project every time a new car is released. I’m no PD apologist, I also think this is an important issue, but this is PD’s problem to resolve. They just don’t communicate with us the reason why they aren’t adding more real-life cars.

    5. alifra

      @Niku Driver HC
      Thank you, I didn’t know so many people complained about it, this is my first comment.
      Let’s hope the future is going to be brighter… with more real-life cars :)
      Thank you

    6. dimassa19

      Niku Driver, I liked your point:”They just don’t communicate with us the reason why they aren’t adding more real-life cars.”

    7. Niku Driver HC

      Thanks for the compliment, alifra, I guess you haven’t read all the other comments about the real-life cars issue since you haven’t commented here yet (and trust me, there are a LOT of these comments around here, so much it’s annoying). I’m ok with you wanting these cars as long as you don’t write the same thing everytime when a new VGT arrives get shown, your point has been made clear so there’s no need to repeat yourself. :)

      And dimassa, I said those words about “communication” because we don’t really know why does it take so long for PD to model and add new real-life road cars to the game. Licensing issues? Lack of time because they are busy with other projects? We don’t know. Therefore, PD should just be honest with the worried fans and tell them why hasn’t this issue been solved properly yet. I like the VGT cars, but that does not mean I’m oblivious to this problem.

    8. sailworksman

      I agree with a life a on this fake car business. There is not a production car in the world that looks anything like these cars. Just another DLC to shelve. And if there was, about 95% of us could never afford it. Pretty soon, console sims race games will resemble the Jetsons, flying around the skies. Well, were just about there with the DeLorean.

      Time to get rid of the tired old car list and give us REAL updated makes and models. There are so many out there. We’re missing a lot folks.

    9. Johnnypenso

      I’m with you Sail, and others. Concepts and fake, imaginary cars hold zero interest for me. When the VGT program was introduced and we were sold the, “Quantum Leap in DLC” lie, I mistakenly assumed that it meant the VGT would be on top of the usual “real car” DLC. Instead, in one year we have 5 new real cars, and a bunch of fake, concept and VGT cars. A tiny number of people on GTP seem excited about it and that’s great, but for the rest of us looking to drive new, real cars, we’re going to have to look for greener pastures.

  13. GBalao888

    OH YEAH!!! The VIZIV GT Vision GT looks really sexy and can totally Pown the Concept XR-PHEV Evolution Vision GT with ease.

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