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Watch Live: 2020 Logitech G Challenge EMEA Final

The 2020 season of the Logitech G Challenge is coming to a close over the next couple of weeks, starting with the Europe/Middle East/Africa region grand final today. After three… Read More »

Logitech G923 Review: Mainstream Mainstay

Earlier this month, peripheral manufacturer Logitech brought out a new racing wheel and pedal set. Going by the official name of “G923 TRUEFORCE Sim Racing Wheel“, it’s the brand’s first… Read More »

Logitech Reveals G923 Wheel for PlayStation and Xbox

Right on cue, Logitech has revealed its new console and PC racing wheel, which it calls the G923. As you might expect from the name, and from the image above,… Read More »

Logitech G Teases New Racing Wheel, Reveal Due August 5

Although we heard some good news yesterday that the PlayStation 5 would continue to support PlayStation 4 racing wheels, it looks like Logitech has something else up its sleeve. The… Read More »

Logitech G Challenge Kicks Off for 2019 Season

Esports 2 Jun 26, 2019 by Andrew Evans

If you fancy following in Igor Fraga’s footsteps and becoming the Logitech G — and McLaren Shadow — champion, your opportunity starts here. The Logitech G Challenge qualifiers are starting… Read More »

Logitech G703 and G903 Gaming Mice & Powerplay Pad Review

We know a mouse is the last thing you want to play a racing game with. However, we also know that many of you are more than just sim racers;… Read More »

DriveHub Allows You to Use (Almost) Any Driving Wheel on Any Console

Hardware 1864 Aug 19, 2017 by Andrew Evans

One of the great bugbears for driving game fans is wheel compatibility. Unless you’re willing to spend huge sums, one wheel won’t work on both major consoles. And, it seems,… Read More »

Project CARS 2 E3 2017 Hands-On Impressions

While we were at E3 2017 last week, we got time behind the wheel of some of this year’s most anticipated games. One of these titles was Project CARS 2, shown off in… Read More »

McLaren Details First Two Rounds of World's Fastest Gamer Competition

Early last month McLaren-Honda revealed its entry into the world of esports, known as World’s Fastest Gamer. Partnered with peripheral manufacturer Logitech, WFG aims to help the F1 team find the ten… Read More »

DiRT 4 Complete Hardware Compatibility List Released

DiRT 4 3 May 25, 2017 by Kyle Patrick

Planning on playing Codies’ newest racer with a wheel? Chances are it’s on the list…

Are You the World's Fastest Gamer? McLaren-Honda Needs You!

Esports 27 May 4, 2017 by Andrew Evans

Logitech and McLaren-Honda want to find the world’s fastest gamers for a very special prize!

What Mysterious Esports Event is McLaren-Honda Teasing?

Esports 27 May 4, 2017 by Andrew Evans

McLaren-Honda and Logitech’s partnership seems to be heading in an esports direction in these social media teasers

Apple Uses Logitech Hardware in Autonomous Car Testing

The tech giant turns to a familiar piece of sim racing hardware for its autonomous car project.

How to Use Any Steering Wheel with PlayStation 4

Hardware 68 Apr 12, 2017 by Ali Samy

Have an older wheel? Don’t worry, you can still use it with any PS4 racer, including GT Sport.

McLaren-Honda Announces New Partnership With Logitech, Teases "Plenty To Come"

Hardware 24 Mar 27, 2017 by Kyle Patrick

Could future Logitech G wheels come branded with the unmistakeable speedmark? It sounds like it.

Thrustmaster Launch Logitech-Compatible DB9 Pedal T.RJ12 Adapter

Hardware 12 Mar 3, 2016 by Matej

New adapter has the power to bond Thrustmaster and Logitech together in racing rigs everywhere.

Project Cars: 2015 SMS-R Driver Network Championship Winners Crowned

Project CARS official inaugural season comes to a pulsating close.

Logitech G29: First Video & Hands-On Impressions

Hardware 12 Jun 25, 2015 by Jordan Greer

InsideSimRacing offers a first look at the latest steering wheel from Logitech.

Logitech G29 Officially Announced for PS3 & PS4, G920 for Xbox One

Hardware 111 Jun 11, 2015 by Jordan Greer

Logitech officially announces their return to the sim-racing hardware market with two new wheels for consoles and PCs.

Logitech G29 Official Photos & Details Leaked on Amazon.de

Hardware 29 Jun 9, 2015 by Jordan Greer

More information about the next Logitech steering wheel hits the web via an Amazon listing.