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Mazda's Frey Museum is a Celebration of the World's Weirdest Car Brand

2020 marks an important milestone. It is 100 years since Jujiro Matsuda founded a company in Hiroshima, Japan, that would eventually become the Mazda Motor Corporation. Understandably, Mazda is celebrating… Read More »

Gran Turismo Sport Mazda RX-Vision Livery Contest Winners Announced

Following the release of the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Concept in Gran Turismo Sport, livery designers have worked tirelessly creating special liveries for Mazda’s 100th anniversary livery contest. The judges for… Read More »

Mazda RX-Vision Time Trial and Livery Editor Competitions Coming to Gran Turismo Sport

In order to celebrate the arrival of the new Mazda RX-Vision GT3 to Gran Turismo Sport this week, Sony and Mazda are bringing a couple of in-game competitions to keep… Read More »

Mazda RX-Vision GT3 Revealed in new Gran Turismo Sport Trailer Video

There’s a new GT Sport update coming tomorrow, May 22, and it introduces a car first teased at the 2019 World Final in Monaco. Yes, the Mazda RX-Vision GT3 finally… Read More »

Mazda is 100 Years Old Today

Japanese car brand Mazda celebrates its centenary this year, and today marks that exact anniversary. The company started out life as a producer of cork. Based in Hiroshima, which it… Read More »

Mazda Reveals First Details of RX-Vision GT3, Coming to GT Sport in 2020

Mazda has revealed the first details of its new RX-Vision GT3 Concept, which GT Sport players will be able to use in the 2020 FIA-Certified Online Championships. The RX-Vision GT3… Read More »

Live Stream: FIA Gran Turismo Championships Monaco World Final (Mazda Trackside Talk and Pro-Am)

Before all the racing action gets underway in the Manufacturer Series World Final on Saturday, there’s a couple of small matters to attend to. Firstly, Polyphony Digital will be revealing… Read More »

Gran Turismo Set to Reveal New Partnership With Mazda

Japanese brand Mazda is set to be the latest car manufacturer to join forces with Gran Turismo Sport. A video posted on the official Gran Turismo YouTube channel ahead of… Read More »

Mazda Reveals 2020 Mazda 3 TCR Racer

Motorsports 35 Oct 2, 2019 by Andrew Evans

Mazda has revealed an expansion to its global motorsport plans, with a touring car based on the new Mazda 3. The Mazda 3 TCR race car will make its debut… Read More »

Mazda MX-5 30th Anniversary First Drive: Tangerine Dream

Car Reviews 5 Jul 31, 2019 by Andrew Evans

There’s not many marques that survive 30 years in the original mold any more. Even some of the most venerable badges have either had breaks in production, or have switched… Read More »

Mazda Will Build Its Own Straight-Six Engine (Including a Diesel)

Mazda will join the likes of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar with a new straight-six engine in the near future. The Japanese brand announced the new engine model, including a diesel… Read More »

The Mazda CX-30 Plugs a Compact Crossover Niche

In between the 1,900hp electric hypercars and the most expensive new car ever, Mazda revealed its latest production car at the Geneva Motor Show today. Here is the confusingly-named Mazda… Read More »

Miata at 30: Mazda's Best Special Edition MX-5s

Car Culture 19 Feb 11, 2019 by Andrew Evans

Whatever your opinion of it, the Mazda MX-5 — or Miata, or Roadster — is simply one of the most enduring sports cars in the world. Despite being a hopelessly… Read More »

Mazda Celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the MX-5 Miata With a Special Edition

In 1989, Mazda changed the sports car landscape when it debuted the MX-5 Miata at the Chicago Auto Show. Now 30 years later, it’s back in the Windy City to… Read More »

Mazda CX-3 Road Test Review: Big Fun, Small Package

Car Reviews 19 Jan 25, 2019 by Andrew Evans

The motor industry seems to be moving towards a new law. Much like that infamous rule of the internet it now seems that, if it exists, there’s a crossover of… Read More »

Mazda Might Bring Back the MX-6 Coupe According to a Trademark Filing

Fans of 1990s coupes from Japan might be in heaven right now. Car manufacturers are bringing back old names on thoroughly up-to-date cars. First Nissan brought back the GT-R. Then… Read More »

Mazda Debuts New 3 At LA Auto Show With Two Bodystyles

A new Porsche might be stealing the headlines at the LA Auto Show, but Mazda has brought along a showstopper of its own. It’s the new Mazda 3, and it’s… Read More »

Mazda Confirms the Return of the Rotary... as a Range Extender

When it comes to doing things a little different under the hood, Mazda has a bit of history. In recent years, car manufacturers have sought to hit emissions targets by… Read More »

Mazda Adds More Punch Under the Hood for the 2019 MX-5 Miata

Mazda showed off its updated MX-5 Miata and it has a bit of a surprise under the bonnet. Anyone who’s ever driven an MX-5 knows power really isn’t its thing.… Read More »

Mazda Confirms The Return of Rotary as Soon as 2019 (But Don't Get Excited Just Yet)

It’s perhaps one of the most enduring engine partnerships in the world. American muscle has a V8, Ferrari has a V12, Mazda has rotary. But since the Hiroshima brand called… Read More »