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13 New Gran Turismo Sport Scapes Shots From PSX 2016

We admit it: these slipped through the cracks. Amidst all the news surrounding GT Sport during the PlayStation Experience earlier this month — a new 4K trailer, a massive selection of screenshots, and new car reveals — there was a small collection of new Scapes images shown off by Kazunori Yamauchi himself during a presentation.

Ars Technica Hands-On Experience with GT Sport VR Is a Mixed Bag

Ars Technica had the opportunity to spend some quality time with Gran Turismo Sport at the PlayStation Experience this past weekend. Not only getting a first-hand demonstration of the stark contrast of GT Sport’s HDR from series creator Kazunori Yamauchi, but scoring some seat time with the game’s dedicated VR mode as well.

Watch a GT Academy Finalist Play Gran Turismo Sport

Although we’ve finished sharing the direct-capture GT Sport videos, we haven’t touched on the off-screen recordings from the general public that attended the 2016 PlayStation Experience. Possibly one of the earliest among them provides more information on several aspects of GT Sport. Darwin Albano, a 2012 GT Academy USA finalist, shared interesting footage showing new in-game menus, new performance statistic bars for each car and more sub-groups for the road-biased Gr.N.

Direct-Capture GT Sport Footage: Fishermans Ranch

There’s never too much of a good thing and we’re continuing to use that mantra as we bring you even more direct gameplay footage from 2017’s upcoming GT Sport. We’ve had a look at the Nürburgring, Tokyo Expressway and Brands Hatch so far but this latest video takes us down and dirty at Fisherman’s Ranch.

Could the Acura NSX GT3 Appear in Gran Turismo Sport?

The 2016 PlayStation Experience held this past weekend brought us the new GT Sport 4K trailer, which confirmed a handful of new models in Polyphony’s racer. One of these was the road-going Honda NSX, the sleek successor to the legendary NSX of the 90’s. Though no racing model was spotted in the trailer, the latest find hints that one could just appear in GT Sport.

Direct-Capture GT Sport Footage: Nürburgring and Brands Hatch

After months of off-screen gameplay, our patience has been rewarded at PSX 2016 with direct capture videos of GT Sport in action being provided by Polyphony themselves. Yesterday, we focused on clips from the Nürburgring as well as Tokyo Expressway, abut today we have footage of both the Green Hell and the venerable Brands Hatch in glorious 1080p, 60fps.

The 5 Most Exciting GT Sport Car Reveals from PSX 2016

After months of near-silence, Polyphony Digital showed off a fair amount of new Gran Turismo Sport content this past weekend at PlayStation Experience 2016. The event in Anaheim played host to a new, 4K-enabled trailer, and a massive collection of screenshots.

PlayStation Experience Day 2 Live Stream Starts Here

Yesterday gave a lot of PlayStation gamers plenty to add to their wishlists for 2017. Not only did the opening day of the PS Experience reveal new installments in much-loved franchises like The Last of Us and Marvel vs Capcom, it also represented another step forward for GT Sport.

GT Sport Screenshot Blowout: 124 New Images

We’re now comfortably into day two of PlayStation Experience 2016. Yesterday, to kick of the weekend, Polyphony Digital unleashed the first 4K trailer for Gran Turismo Sport, showing off all types of cars racing around the game’s circuits.

Latest GT Sport Screenshots Highlight Time-of-Day & Weather Changes

PlayStation Experience has kicked off in sunny Anaheim. Gran Turismo fans were treated to the brand’s first 4K-resolution footage today with the latest GT Sport trailer. The two-minute video showcased a handful of new cars — more on those later — as well as a closer look at the range of time (and weather) variations players can expect of the title in 2017.

PlayStation Experience 2016 Starts Today: Watch the Live Stream Here

If you’ll allow us one cliché: Christmas is coming early for select PlayStation gamers this weekend. The Sony-hosted PlayStation Experience is about to kick off in Anaheim, California, where over 100 titles will be playable, many before they’re available on store shelves.

Sony Confirms Polyphony Presence at PlayStation Experience 2016

Sony’s big end-of-year event is fast approaching. The PlayStation Experience, held December 3 and 4 in Anaheim, California, is a rare opportunity for gamers to go hands-on with a wide collection of the company’s offerings and hear from the developers. This year, the list of 60+ studios includes Polyphony Digital.