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Gran Turismo Car Models Now Made in Three Months, Outsourced to India

Back in August 2018, we brought you some rather interesting information on the inner workings of the Gran Turismo series: after two decades of almost exclusive in-house development, Polyphony Digital had decided to bring in some external talent by outsourcing some of its vehicle modeling tasks.

Polyphony Digital Celebrates Its 22nd Birthday

Today marks 22 years since Polyphony Digital came into existence as a game developer. April 2 1998 marks the start of a long path that has lead to the game’s best player standing alongside multi-millionaire celebrity race drivers to receive their trophy and recognition of their talents.

Polyphony Digital Presents Procedural Landscape Generation Techniques at CEDEC Event

The Polyphony Digital team has again been presenting some of its technical expertise at the CEDEC event in Yokohama. CEDEC, the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference is an annual conference for the computer entertainment industry. Taking place at the Pacifico Yokohama, an exhibition center in Yokohama, earlier this month, CEDEC includes seminars from noted figures aimed at improving the industry as a whole.