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Live Stream: FIA Gran Turismo Championships Tokyo World Tour (Vision GT Presentation and Pro-Am Race)

This weekend sees the last of the GT Sport World Tour live events before November’s big final in Monaco. In just a couple of days, we’ll know who the final automatic qualifier is, as 24 drivers scrap for one last spot. There’s also the small matter of the Manufacturer Series, and the final of the GR Supra GT Cup, all packed into two days right in the middle of the Tokyo Motor Show.

Gran Turismo World Tour Tokyo Preview: One Last Push

It’s almost time for the last of the Gran Turismo FIA GT Championship World Tour events before the big final in Monaco. We seem to have rattled through them in recent weeks, with New York and Salzburg in quick succession, leading up to the last event this weekend in Tokyo.

Fanatec Replaces Thrustmaster at the GT Sport Tokyo World Tour Event

If you’ve been keeping an eye on Gran Turismo Twitter today, you’ll have spotted something rather unusual. A Tweet posted by racing driver Teruaki Kato showing the GT Sport World Tour stage build at the Toyota Mega Web venue has revealed a very unexpected equipment change.

Fraga, Hizal Talk About Controversial FIA GTC Nations Cup Finish

The latest Gran Turismo World Tour event in New York City exploded in controversy after the Nations Cup final. The drama began after reigning champion Igor Fraga defended against an attack by Mikail Hizal with a contentious move, lifting off the throttle just as the pair passed over Eau Rouge and up Spa Francorchamp’s famous Radillion.

Igor Fraga Wins Controversial Nations Cup Final at New York World Tour

Brazil’s Igor Fraga has taken his second successive World Tour Nations Cup victory, after a highly controversial final race in New York. Fraga won the race by just over five seconds from Germany’s Mikail Hizal, but that margin was rendered much smaller thanks to a post-race penalty for the world champion.

Gran Turismo’s New York Event is Open to the Public, August 24-25

For the first time since the FIA GT Championship EMEA Regional Finals in Madrid last year — which I personally declared the “best Gran Turismo event, ever” — Polyphony Digital is extending an open invitation for the public to attend its next major Gran Turismo competition.

Gran Turismo Nurburgring World Tour Recap: Fraga Wins as Rivals Stumble

There was a lot to digest from Gran Turismo’s most recent World Tour event at the Nurburgring. It had close, unpredictable racing, it revealed some tantalizing new content for GT Sport, and put the race stewards squarely in the spotlight of controversy. In the end, it wrote a memorable chapter in the 2019 season of the FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championship.