Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo Teased, Coming to GT6 in September

August 7th, 2014 by Michael Leary

After the overwhelming positive response when revealed to the world at the North American Intertnational Auto Show earlier this year, Toyota is once again showing off its FT-1 concept vehicle, this time in racing trim as reported earlier.

Not much is known of the wide-bodied variant at the moment, but with it due some time next month you can expect a full reveal fairly soon. Keep an eye on GTPlanet for more.


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  1. Aug. 13, 1:59pm

    If it come like the FT1 we have they can keep it

  2. Aug. 12, 9:37am

    We don’t need theses VGT cars, we need real cars that we had in our streets

    Sierra GMC
    KIa Forte (Koup) /Gt4 Stinger Concept
    Dodge Dart ( new model)
    Toyota Corrola (2015)
    Nissan Sentra, Maxima
    HYandai Elantra
    SUsuki Kizashi
    Mazda CX5

    • Aug. 12, 2:39pm
      SZRT Ice

      Opinions are like butt holes bro’.

    • Aug. 12, 2:45pm

      Those cars are like butt holes. I’ll take a pimped FT-1 over all of them. Each to their own though…

    • Aug. 12, 2:51pm
      SZRT Ice

      Lol : )

    • Aug. 12, 9:41pm

      Not a fan of the HYandai Elantra and the SUsuki Kizashi?

  3. Aug. 11, 1:51pm

    The fact is almost a year with no dlc now that the crew and drive club is coming in 2 months then nobody is going to care about track editor or zahara track i will gladly say bye bye to gt6 aka gt5 update:D

    • Aug. 11, 2:32pm

      My hope is that the reason so many of the new features have been delayed for so long, is that Kaz and PD realized they should have just made GT6 a cross-generation game, so all we’ve gotten is the Senna stuff and VGT in terms of content along with basic bug fixes and features because PD are in emergency mode working on a PS4 port of GT6 instead of rushing a full new game in GT7.

      If this is not what’s going on behind the scenes, there’s going to be an aweful lot of wasted effort going into a PS3 game that an aweful lot of people won’t be playing. However, if they can somehow push out an even slightly upgraded (visually) version of GT6 for PS4, even though it’s not a ground-up next-gen game, it will still hold it’s own against the competition visually. ANd more importantly all the work and tech that’s gone into GT6, and is yet to come like the track creator, community features and new production cars/tracks won’t all just be wasted effort.

      It’s still early, and if PD could just quickly (a word that really doesn’t exist to PD) pump out a PS4 version of GT6, the game could still end up being a huge success instead of just a moderate one on PS3 alone. And for minimal effort (we see how fast these ports to PS4 can be made), PD buys themselves a good 2 years or more to pump out a true PS4 GT7.

    • Aug. 11, 3:12pm

      Larry true dude but no1 is goin to give gt6 a second look in 2 months ps4 with big titles are coming if pd releases gt6 on ps4 i will avoid it at all costs i aint paying extra

    • Aug. 12, 6:10pm

      @LarryL will PD provide me with a PS4 to play this updated and fixed GT6:PS4 version?

      Instead of rushing a full new game? I’d say PD are good at rushing things, if they weren’t in such a rush to push GT6’s release all the promised feature would’ve been included at release.

  4. Aug. 11, 7:54am

    Who cares about the vgt cars can they bring back like late 90’s mustangs, BMW M6, the v6 mustangs what about Volvo s80r.we guys love cars why don’t kaz worry about now and let the future be the future. I would love to see the car dealerships have the cars they made right now on the game. The game is missing alot like cars from Kia,Volvo,Mazda,Nissan(USA),just to name a few. But there are so many new cars out now and the game dealerships are out dated.and missing please kaz listen to the real gamers and give us are moneys make up love the game again like u did when u first started.

    • Aug. 11, 7:56am

      I meant our monies worth

    • Aug. 11, 11:48am
      SZRT Ice

      The contract with these auto manufacturers is finalized. VGT is already set in motion. It’s a 1 year plan that’s 8 months in already and could bleed past the 12 month mark a bit, so don’t be alarmed if it does (Mini JUST joined in). You’re regularly scheduled vehicle updates will come when they can, but GT7 and PS4 are both a thing, and they’re happening. So expect your P1’s and La Ferrari’s to show up there because I highly doubt they’d waste them on 6.

    • Aug. 11, 12:06pm

      Personally, I’m prepared to plunk down coin for production cars in GT6. Thinking that VGT cars are going to maintain (or even attract) interest in this game is just sad. The most impressive car additions to this game, (reminder: we’re 8 months in now!) has been the Senna content. I certainly understand the relationship between the automakers and PD…that is good, and I’m not knocking that. However, if you don’t think that the community is thirsting for production model vehicles, than go check the forums in the car suggestion section…oh, be advised, you’ll be clicking through several pages as you read the case that’s been made for each request!

    • Aug. 11, 12:36pm

      Why do I have a feeling you guys think it’s just a mather of modeling a car? You really think that is enought to make a digital copy of any car to make it playable in the game? Why was the Senna content delayed again? Oh yeah, the licensing issue!……

    • Aug. 11, 2:40pm

      I like the VGT concept, and while it took a little while to get rolling, the cars are coming at a good pace now, and I’m enjoying them and the program. And as a GT fan through and through, another really positive aspect of the VGT program is that it’s putting new concept vehicles in GT with minimal effort on the part of PD themselves with the manufacturer’s design teams doing the modelling and specs, which frees up more of PD’s hands and time……which we all know is absolute GOLD around these parts with the pace PD works……to work on more important matters to the game and series itself instead of having to focus on fantasy rides, which also have their place, but really aren’t as important as things like the Senna content and the promised features we’re all still waiting for.

    • Aug. 11, 6:22pm
      SZRT Ice

      The community thirsting and PD being able to oblige the community are to different things. If PD changes focus away from the VGT project, these automakers will likely hit PD with lawsuits and such. The content we want will come when they are able. This project enables PD to do much more with these auto makers, and makes their relationship with PD/GT a more personal one. PD may now have access to year to year production vehicles in their design phases thanks to this project, and in the future, we may see the release of production vehicles and their digital counterparts on the same day/at the same time (Corvette Stingray anyone?). VGT is here and now, if they can get the licenses for relevant vehicles and model them for GT, it will likely be for GT7. GT6 has a fair amount of content coming, let’s just take GT6 for what it is and look forward to what GT7 will be. I’m not expecting many more high-end street vehicles for GT6. Although I will be happy if we get them.

  5. Aug. 10, 11:41pm

    Right on guys! I think the ‘like VGTs’ have it now. Absolute solid reasons to keep it alive. Project Vision is a GO! A keeper for future GT editions.

    Now it’s time to focus on what to do with these machines as a community. Wish I had the time to cruise Nurburgring and other circuits online with friends, parading around for photo ops, cuz work keeps me away from home. But, I belive is the best way to enjoy GT’s freshest concoction.

    Jordan, Terronium… I’d love to see some pics of these machines on the road… in mass and blurring the world around them ;)

    Thank you in advance for your support.

  6. Aug. 10, 7:29pm

    I haven’t posted on GTP in some time for varied reasons. I do feel I need to speak on this though. Now as we all know there are various things in GT6 that still need fixing and adding and each of us have a different view with regards to what we feel needs attention first or most. But for the love of cars people need to stop knocking VGT. This is a fantastic project and those who make things happen in the car industry, the manufacturers, agree also hence why so many have signed up to participate. Also these cars are being done outside of work hours for many design teams. As far as not being “real” well they are designed by real world companies as opposed to studio design teams so I don’t know if that’s the most adequate noun to use in this situation.
    C’mon guys if you love cars and I know I do then how can you dislike this? OK so the VGT’s are not available to drive real world (for the most part as the MB had 5 to be commissioned to be made and the rest who knows down the line) but even if they don’t see the light of day many of us will not get to drive some of the real world cars that are in the game anyhow.
    Disliking VGT because of that alone to me makes no sense, why not enjoy them for what they are glimpses into the possible future and design that pushes the boundaries. The one thing I have noted in each of the videos is that all have said this is a designers dream come true being allowed complete freedom to create the best that believe they can achieve. Regardless of it’s short comings for me GT is still the best overall driving experience on a console and there is more to appreciate about this game than not.

    ******Apologies JHW that was not intended as a reply but as a post in it’s own right*****

    • Aug. 10, 7:56pm
      SZRT Ice


    • Aug. 11, 3:21am


      I’am 100% with you mate. The major problem are the people who belive that the VGT project keep the programer away from fixing the issues they have with a game and that the “fuggly” Nissan 2020 could be simply replaced by the P1. Try to convince people they might be wrong…. better no.

    • Aug. 11, 6:42am

      U guys just like to lick pd a** if this becomes a habbit vgt is the future? Seriously dude cars like la ferrari mclaren p1 there are so many new cars that have been released past year and what u guys want is vgt that dont even have real performances its plain stupid where is the real driving simulater the only decent thing pd has released is the new driving physics and the bmw m4 wich exists in the real world thats all gt6 since the day of its release its stupid fake advertisements fake dates fake promises this game is a fraud to make money just to create gt7 wich will be far better than this gt5 update its not even gt6 dude

    • Aug. 11, 9:21am

      Makkeroni chill out ok! You are overreacting.. just a litle bit! And to offend people becouse you don’t agree with them? Man you have some serious problems… someboy call a doctor!

    • Aug. 11, 11:59am
      SZRT Ice

      Funny. Me of all people licking PD’s rear? You must not read the comments much. I’ll just say VGT is a 12 year plan that includes $billion+ industry automotive manufacturers of the vehicles of the vehicles you and can walk outside and see to no end. PD can’t carelessly change focus away from this contractual agreement just because they feel like it so pipe down. They’re not gods and they have limits to their abilities. We don’t know what they’re doing as of now so zip it. Whether you love VGT or hate it, it’s a thing, it’s beyond our control, & it’s happening so simmer down a bit.

    • Aug. 11, 12:02pm
      SZRT Ice

      12 month* (12 years! Could you imagine?!).

  7. Aug. 10, 6:43pm

    I know I might have a reputation on this site for opposing criticisms and gripes people express about GT6 and PD but I think that this time round I have to agree with concerns regarding VGT.

    My attitude towards new content is that any new car is welcome and I stick by that approach. However, the new content for GT6 (regarding cars) has been almost exclusively vision GT cars. I think that VGT cars are cool simply because they are designs that we have never seen before and it gives us an insight into the future directions of car makers. The downside of VGT cars is that they are fundamentally works of fiction, and so their characteristics in the game are also partly fictional as well due to the lack of a fully functioning real life counterpart.

    As many have expressed before, I would much rather have production cars or fully functioning concept cars in the game rather than something that is basically a drawing board concept. It’s not just about having a fully detailed cockpit view, it’s also about being able to replicate reality in the living room.

    That’s not to say I don’t want the VGT cars, I just think that PD could start bringing more production cars or working concept cars to the game as well. There are plenty of standard cars in the game that people would dream to have as premium models (cough LOTUS CARLTON PLEASE cough). The current Toyota FT concept car in the game is a good example of what I’d personally prefer, as that has a working real life model.

    There are plenty of concept cars I’d personally like to put in the game or just turned into premium;
    Cadillac Cien
    VW Nardo Concept
    Bentley Hunaudieres
    Dodge Charger Concept (1999)
    Plymouth Pronto Spyder (ahhh the good ol’ days of GT2)
    Peugeot Oxia
    and the list could go on and on

    The point I’m trying to make is, VGT cars are cool but I think most people have a much higher enthusiasm and want for new real cars to be added to the game. As I’ve said, I don’t want VGT to stop, I think it’s just that people would like it if PD added maybe 1 or 2 real cars with every new VGT car they add just to give people not only more content but content we will be more enthusiastic about sinking our teeth into.

    Since the launch of GT6, PD will have modeled several dozens of new cars by now. My impression is that PD are shelving a lot of new content for the next installment of the GT franchise.

    • Aug. 10, 7:28pm

      I haven’t posted on GTP in some time for varied reasons. I do feel I need to speak on this though. Now as we all know there are various things in GT6 that still need fixing and adding and each of us have a different view with regards to what we feel needs attention first or most. But for the love of cars people need to stop knocking VGT. This is a fantastic project and those who make things happen in the car industry, the manufacturers, agree also hence why so many have signed up to participate. Also these cars are being done outside of work hours for many design teams. As far as not being “real” well they are designed by real world companies as opposed to studio design teams so I don’t know if that’s the most adequate noun to use in this situation.

      C’mon guys if you love cars and I know I do then how can you dislike this? OK so the VGT’s are not available to drive real world (for the most part as the MB had 5 to be commissioned to be made and the rest who knows down the line) but even if they don’t see the light of day many of us will not get to drive some of the real world cars that are in the game anyhow.

      Disliking VGT because of that alone to me makes no sense, why not enjoy them for what they are glimpses into the possible future and design that pushes the boundaries. The one thing I have noted in each of the videos is that all have said this is a designers dream come true being allowed complete freedom to create the best that believe they can achieve. Regardless of it’s short comings for me GT is still the best overall driving experience on a console and there is more to appreciate about this game than not.

    • Aug. 11, 4:07am

      @sayba2th – Well said and very well constructed argument. I agree with all you said about GT in your last paragraph. Unfortunately, however, I would also prefer to have real world cars. Sure I will never get to drive most of these BUT they are all aspirational and this, to me, is important. VGT cars should continue to be made and released but I really would prefer it if it was in-between real car DLC releases. I would appreciate the future (VGT) much more if the past (E30 M3) was in my grasp.

    • Aug. 11, 12:06pm
      SZRT Ice

      +1 to you both.

  8. Aug. 10, 3:17pm
    Eyes Fried Open

    Hey all what has happened to the rewind. it seems to have slipped of the face of the planet.

    • Aug. 10, 6:13pm

      The hype train has derailed and the pulse of the community is plummeting…

    • Aug. 10, 8:00pm
      SZRT Ice

      That’s deep…

    • Aug. 11, 3:17pm
      Eyes Fried Open

      @Cobrajet. :-( you could be right

  9. Aug. 10, 3:39am

    I like VGTs, it’s in my blood, LOL… love concept cars from i was little… maybe every production cars start with concept cars, i should respect the original idea.. before (usually) getting uglier when become production model… LOL :p

    Bring ’em on PD!

    • Aug. 10, 9:41am
      SZRT Ice

      ^My thoughts on the matter, exact.


    • Aug. 10, 1:04pm

      Me too always loved concept cars

  10. Aug. 9, 11:55pm

    HuskyGT dude not everyone have jobs and money don’t grow on trees i’m using most my money on bills and food by time it over with i barely have anything to spend

    • Aug. 10, 1:39am

      That being said…the combined total of GT5 DLC was approx. $40, that’s not much considering you did not have to buy any of it if you didn’t he strictly said he bought it.

      In my opinion to the VGT, keep them coming. I enjoy driving them and photomode and what not so it adds a reason to play and i persoanly have not gotten bored of the 1,200+ cars in the game.

      The negativaty i do get from VGT is Kaz wants to release “12 Months” of DLC for GT6, as of August it’s been 8 months already. Counting from BMW (because Mercedes was on release date) it’s been 3 months. Like i said i enjoy the Vision project because it’s not Gran Turismo as much as it is world renounced car makers, but i personally am wishing for more than VGT cars as well.

  11. Aug. 9, 2:41pm

    Arguments about free VGT cars and paid-for dlc cars made me think: I would love to see the number of people who bought dlc for GT5. I for one bought everyone except Subaru BRZ. If lot of people bought those dlcs, then wouldn’t PDI invest more on getting this done? Maybe number wasn’t so good, so PDI is holding back. If what vr6cas said is indeed happening, then maybe I should just stop supporting GT6 and wait for GT7. Fantasy cars are all good and well, but I won’t have them at the expense of great, real cars that should’ve been in the game already, especially if a rival game do have cars I want in it.
    Having said that, thanks for VGT cars anyway; free stuff is always cool!!

    • Aug. 9, 5:17pm

      Yes, I for one bought all of the GT5 downloadable content and add-ons but there’s a lot of people who didn’t or only bought the packs they were interested in. There was people who didn’t buy the car packs but bought the paint packs and vice versa. I remember buying a second paint pack just to get that Toyota FT-Concept. So I guess it wasn’t a success because everyone was not onboard with what they did with the dlc on GT5.

      On a side note, I’m about to snitch on myself, I think I’m the man responsible for PD having the update to where you couldn’t kick out a host who started up a room. When Spa was released, they was a week or two late with releasing it in the U.S., so me and some friends (to whom I will not name because I’m not a snitch, but I’ll tell on myself tho) used to go in a room when a host started a new Spa room and we would vote him out and take his Spa track, lol. I paid for the Spa dlc but they was to late with the release in the U.S. and we wanted to drive Spa. After they did release it in the U.S., I do remember the issue was where if there was someone in the room who did not purchase the dlc Spa track and we switched the track to Spa, the people who did not buy it could not race it and they was forced to leave the room, or watch, same thing with Motegi, but that was a simultaneous release worldwide, so no need to steal that track. So this might be the reason why they are not doing dlc this time, idk.:)

    • Aug. 9, 5:19pm

      I agree with your post and I’m actually curious if this is the case. However, I feel it’s more a lack of personnel and time to work in the game that PD is suffering of.

      Me, personally, I bought every single DLC package for GT5, and I would do for GT6. It’s sometimes frustrating when you see people thinking that because they don’t want to spend money on something, either because they think it’s not worth it, or because they can’t afford it, they should get for free. I really hope this isn’t the case and PD isn’t doing this to please freeloaders in expense of us who want quality content, no matter if there is a price; but I’m sure it’s only paranoia on my part.

      I’m here today, again, asking PD to offer quality DLC content, and telling them that I would happily pay for it.

    • Aug. 9, 9:10pm

      Ahem… excuse me if I’m mistaken, but I remember not having to purchase any DLC cars. Tracks, yes. But cars? Maybe a car would come with a pack or something.

      Anywho, I wasn’t interested in purchasing something I could win, like chips, helmets and suits. So I ran (grinded) the career races for those items and credits. Then would give them away as ‘Best of Freinds’ gifts. That was a fun part of GT5. I spent sooo much money on Forza dlc, before GT5 came on line… it was such a turn off. These are racing games, … GAMES. The less money we have to fork over to a developer, for content that should already be in it, the better for all of us. And GT, with all its flaws, is still an excellent way to go. And still a better racer that any other, imo.

      I like free stuff. And if I can keep up with a room without the need to purchase a dlc?… well lets just say… I’m not that frantic ;) But it makes GT so appealing to me. Right now GT is the best bang for the buck. And Sony/PD know this. And throw in a chance to go pro? I don’t wanna see that change.

    • Aug. 9, 9:18pm

      It was not long ago that people were moaning about ‘ where are the vision GT cars we were promised ‘ now that they are rolling in and people don’t want them, they would rather have more production models? I think as far as some people are concerned PD can’t do right for doing wrong…

    • Aug. 10, 3:10pm

      I don’t remember complaining about VGT cars or lack thereof…but I do remember me whining about cars that are not in the game already…
      You know what I don’t think I will ever be satisfied with PDI’s choice of cars in their games ever since GT2 days. Far too many econoboxes and not enough “passion” cars in GT games quite frankly. At least VGT cars are quick and interesting to look at.
      If there’s a dlc for a new Nissan Leaf, I’m shooting my PS3.

  12. Aug. 9, 2:16pm

    Lot’s of gripes regarding the VGT’s. That’s what we get for FREE guys. Lot’s of concepts are done w/o cockpits.

    Would it be fair to exclude those who don’t have a cockpit? Or be respectful to make up your own… just for the sake of it?

    Money dictates businesses like that. I get the VISION concept. Like you can see it, but you cain’t touch it.

    I have plenty of reasons to ask Kaz “what the hell…!?, Man!?

    I’m more curious about GT being a ‘real driving sim…’ and coming up with the sounds and performance numbers. What information are the manufacturers providing in those respects?

    • Aug. 9, 2:20pm

      … what info the manufacturers provide for their vision cars. Sorry ;)

  13. Aug. 9, 3:53am

    Love the top mounted rear wing!

  14. Aug. 8, 11:43pm

    Almost all these VGT cars are completely useless to me as long as they keep making them without cockpits. I’m sick of it.

    Once again, because Kaz doesn’t use it, he doesn’t make as big of an effort to have it done.

    • Aug. 11, 2:55am

      Y’wanna take that out with Toyota then and not Kaz?

  15. Aug. 8, 11:31pm

    Less Vision GT cars and more suggestion thread cars.

    • Aug. 9, 11:15am

      Yes please

  16. Aug. 8, 10:07pm

    I see the mods put in some work on some very off topic comments, good job. On topic, I bet they are doing the same thing they did with GT5 with GT6, don’t release dlc so they can have all the new cars for the next game, GT7. I bet they have fifty to a hundred cars they can put on GT6 but they like if we put them out now we won’t have nothing new for GT7. It makes sense but then it makes no sense, smh.

  17. Aug. 8, 9:27pm

    The Vision GT project is not a bad thing. What is does is strengthen the relationships between PD and car manufacturers. And it gets casual car lovers into the GT world to explore.

    But for those of us who are already established fans of the game, and lovers of cars, PD needs to release some REAL sport cars and REAL racing cars. Where is the McLaren F1? LA Ferrari? How about converting the RUF’s to premium?

    I am grateful for the Monza and Brands Hatch tracks. And I really felt good about the A1-Ring additions. But PD needs to work on better organizing the car categories. They need to let on-line room owners allow or disallow each of the tuning options vice just allowing everything or shutting off everything. What if a room owner wants to race all stock except for suspension, or exhaust or brakes? The future is cool. But how about fixing the present?

    • Aug. 8, 9:41pm

      The McLaren F1’s already in the game. Do you mean the P1?

    • Aug. 8, 10:06pm

      Yes he does. ;)

  18. Aug. 8, 8:28pm

    The way that the VGT are being release is getting bit ridiculous. I would like to see them release all at once and users can win them by complete time trials just like Senna Challenge.

    Based on all the timing of each VGT release, we’ll all be playing GT7 in 2016

  19. Aug. 8, 8:08pm

    Quite a silly move in my eyes. Mercedes did it right, they released a VGT and then a racing version of it. But Toyota seems to have gone the easier route: using an already existent car as base…

    • Aug. 9, 6:00am

      Not really. The FT1 is a concept just like the Mercedes, so they are doing the same thing.

  20. Aug. 8, 5:35pm

    Well, A for Copy and Paste effort. Seriously, the only reason I get on GT anymore are for 3 open wheel series. I ignore everything else. Now, if they start adding new tracks and some cars that don’t have a VGT badge, then I might start really playing. But I doubt that GT6 will get much. PDI says that GT6 is still their main priority but more and more I feel their attention has shifted to GT7.

    • Aug. 10, 9:52am
      SZRT Ice

      ^This. But since everything they do for GT6 will be on GT7, they can label it as one and the same, then pick and choose what to keep out for later and what to put in. Enough tracks to make your hat fall off, a majority of which will be on GT7. Better to just accept it. There needs to be some incentive for the next gen jump.

  21. Aug. 8, 4:45pm
    Piotr Jawniak

    tbh i am quite disapointed with this one

  22. Aug. 8, 11:28am


  23. Aug. 8, 10:00am
    Nando deBem

    I don’t think everybody here is a troll…
    So I want to ask you something. Please, answer if you like…
    You guys didn’t know from day 1 that all these VGT cars were going to be released?
    So… Why every the time one of them gets released, everybody comes here to say they were hoping new real cars instead?

    I’m really trying to chat a bit and understand it… not trying to start a “fight” or anything.

    • Aug. 8, 1:13pm

      I have nothing against VGT personally. But understand that it’s kind of upsetting that all we get is half-finished non-existant cars, when all most of us as car enthusiasts want is real cars, historic sports cars; cars that turned us into the the enthusiast we are today.

      Understand how frustrating it is to get a make-believe car that most likely most of us won’t use more than once, instead of getting something that really feeds our passion.

      These cars are nice and all, but I honestly rather pay my hard earned money for a BMW M3 E36, for example, than to have 20 free VGT’s. And I’m sure I’m not the only one.

      Most will say it’s free and that we should be thankful, but what good it is when we are getting stuff that most don’t care about other than the stuff that we all care about? PD can hide their failure to deliver quality content by disguising all this nonesense as “FREE,” when in reality we are not getting anything, while the competition releases all the cars we always wanted in Gran Turismo in a monthly basis (scam or not).

      VGT’s should not be all that GT6 will get as add-ons. VGT should only be a bonus apart from the real stuff that PD isn’t delivering.

    • Aug. 8, 1:34pm

      It’s very simple. When you don’t care about something you can’t be pleased. I like the VGT project and I’m glad they are coming monthly. I’m anxious to see the Viper, Lamborghini, Alfa, Alpine and all the other cars.
      On the other side I preffer some new circuits over more cars… even if they where fictional one.

    • Aug. 8, 1:35pm

      +1 Husky. My thoughts and feelings excatly.

    • Aug. 8, 1:43pm
      Nando deBem

      I understand you guys want classic cars and stuff. I want them too…
      But I do not understand complaining about VGT. We knew it was going to be like this…

      In other words…

      I get it when people say: Please PD, classic cars!

      But I don’t when people say: Stop throwing fake cars at us and give us real cars!

    • Aug. 8, 2:07pm

      Well, I don’t see how is it difficult to understand. VGT was supposed to be a side project, and that’s cool if adding quality content to the game, and focusing on the game solely is PD’s priority; when in reality it’s not happening. When it’s been almost a year with nothing more than this and a couple of other small-time add-ons, instead of the good stuff, then that’s when you get people complaining.

      I mean, VGT’s don’t even have a cock-pit (it’s a huge deal for a lot of people) and you can’t tune them (another huge deal for most people). So what do you end up with? A bunch of cars which have almost no use, while we crave for real cars.

      At the end it comes to what’s been a trend for PD in the last years: a game of waiting and uncertainty. We get these VGT’s announced as a huge deal, when it’s in fact the complete opposite. It’s a strategy to divert people’s mind from what they really want. That’s when people get frustrated.

    • Aug. 8, 2:31pm
      Nando deBem

      Got it.
      I think they came short too…
      But I like VGT and the new physics.
      What I would really love is… Interlagos in Gran Turismo.
      With all the fuzz about Senna and the images of Interlagos Kart Track in the intro, I thought the F1 Interlagos track would be there.

    • Aug. 8, 5:59pm

      Husky i agree and so true

    • Aug. 10, 10:36am
      SZRT Ice

      The mistake I and many of us made was to view the VGT Project as a “side project” in the 1st place. It’s obvious now, if looking back at pre-release advertisements and articles that the VGT Project is/was a big “primary focus” thing for Kaz/PD. Big real life events, reveals, and actual models of cars being made. It’s clearly more than “just a video game thing”.

      Gamer logic says it will be a side thing, mixed in with our usual releases of up to date car models and track DLC in a balanced fashion. PD/Kaz logic is completely different. “Blurring the lines between reality and gaming”, “Human Drama”, “FIA partnerships”, etc. They’re not thinking about more up to date car models for GT6… Why should they? You have 1200 of them to play with! Most of which are from previous iterations, but who cares?!? <-= PD logic. However, they are simultaneously solidifying firm relations with car manufacturers. Which will likely help GT to obtain exclusive content, joint in-game/real world reveals of future car models, and earlier turn around times for vehicles to make it into GT games upon their real to life reveals.

      The obvious thing for us to do however, in regards to the VGT Project is to wait until after the 1st year/12* or so months that they were predetermined to be released is up for GT6 to get back to basics. It says it on the back of your GT6 cases with an asterisk: "Availability of vehicles may vary." Not every manufacturer joined the VGT project at the same time, and the content is being produced in real time after GT6's release (further proof that GT6 was rushed out to counter the lack of a next gen racing game PlayStation side). The VGT project would have likely been better suited for GT7, but it is what it is, and it's here now.

      It's likely that the contract signed with these manufacturers places this project top tier, and anything else has to be put aside. With obvious time constraints, the contract is considered met as long as the car is in drivable form in the game (interiors can be done later). And other projects are being ran with smaller teams in the background in preparation for 2015, FIA, etc. at the conclusion of the VGT project window.

      These are my guesses on the issue, but regardless, VGT is a foreknown thing, and complaining about it is pointless, especially considering the other bigwig players involved. It's not a choice PD can just make on a whim to reduce VGT focus. And if they don't have the extra manpower necessary, it may not even be a possibility even if they wanted to.

      I am positive however that PD is likely caught up with the Project, thus the increased pacing in their VGT output, and GT will soon be back on track with the content, DLC, and features we were all coming to expect (with a few surprises, obviously). So for now, all we can really do is be patient.

  24. Aug. 8, 9:40am
    The Stig Farmer

    I’m getting sick of these pre-existing concepts getting rebranded and made over as VGTs… c’mon guys where’s the originality? Aston, BMW, Merc and Nissan didn’t have trouble making their own unique VGT models, and tbh that’s what everyone was expecting.


    • Aug. 8, 12:07pm

      That is going to be one thing I’ll hate about the VGTs if it continues. Also, what’s the point in teasing this car this month, and than releasing it in September? There is nothing different about this car, it’s just looks like a race mod…

    • Aug. 10, 10:38am
      SZRT Ice

      Agreed, teasers should be done a week or 2 before the actual reveal. Or at least within 30 days of the drop date.

  25. Aug. 8, 9:01am

    Quite reminds me of the SYNC-i from Ridge racer Vita. I want to see the rest of the car soon…

    • Aug. 8, 12:03pm


  26. Aug. 8, 8:45am

    Where the line between a normal concept to a vgt concept car. I just don’t understand really

    • Aug. 10, 10:40am
      SZRT Ice

      “Future Automotive Designed Concept Vehicles = Vision Gran Turismo”.

      They’re one and the same.

  27. Aug. 8, 6:07am

    Hey, a good exhaust note…

  28. Aug. 8, 5:09am

    I hope that, this time, will be possible to modify the setup; it’s really weird that we have some car in which this is not possible… the new Nissan VGT, the Toyota FT-1 in the game now, the BMW M4, just to make some recent example.

  29. Aug. 8, 4:46am

    Teased on August….. presented in September…. released in October…

    • Aug. 8, 5:54am

      … fixed in November… adjusted in December…. J.K. :D updates are good, m key!

  30. Aug. 8, 3:56am

    Castrol, Castrol, Castrol! :D

  31. Aug. 8, 1:20am

    May I just make a prediction here, I think that this (Toyota FT-1 VGT) will come with Zahara. I say this as Zahara is in the game along with the Alfa VGT but if you remember a few months back there was a video of the Toyota FT-1 driving around what looks to be Zahara. So in short, I predict that the FT-1 VGT will come when Zahara does sometime in September. Just my prediction, anyway.

  32. Aug. 7, 11:16pm

    It’s as ugly as the Nissan. That’s hard to do……………………

  33. Aug. 7, 10:31pm
    Ricardo Ima

    Can only be joke … toyota you go hug the bmw because of laziness enough kazunori ¬ ¬ (edited sorry)

    • Aug. 8, 2:46am

      It’s funny because it’s 100% Toyota’s design….

  34. Aug. 7, 10:21pm

    I was hoping for the toyota supra VGT -_-

    • Aug. 8, 8:12am

      Technically FT-1 stands for Future Toyota and the model they made here is based on the supras model along with 3 other cars. But yeah I too was hoping for a supra VGT tbh :/

  35. Aug. 7, 10:18pm
    Fire Yoshi

    I’m willing to bet that this thing will be understeer heaven. :(

    • Aug. 8, 5:16am


    • Aug. 8, 11:46pm

      Understeer heaven? That’s an oxymoron. Understeer heaven would be wear IT DOESN’T EXIST

    • Aug. 9, 1:16am
      Fire Yoshi

      Not really, but it depends on how you look at it I guess.
      What I meant was, a heaven full of understeer. As if it was a heaven for people who love understeer, which is the joke.

  36. Aug. 7, 9:15pm

    man, these Toyotas are getting boring. :/

    • Aug. 7, 9:58pm

      I’m sorry, you’re mistaking Honda for Toyota. Please edit your post to reflect this.

  37. Aug. 7, 8:29pm
    GTP Ziggy

    I thought that the normal version of the FT-1 was Vision GT, so this is not so much of a surprise to me. I knew this was going to come somewhere down the line. It’s cool though.

  38. Aug. 7, 7:44pm

    I cant believe they designed this car just down the street from my house. Didn’t know that until about 3 months ago :)

  39. Aug. 7, 7:41pm


  40. Aug. 7, 6:33pm

    Oh this is nothing. A while ago I heard Toyota was looking at making another concept of the FT1 for production and that they were looking to send a racing version of the FT1 to Gran Turismo, and from the trailer I can tell that this is exactly what that is. I thought it was weird to start with that Toyota didn’t make the FT1 their VGT because it checked all the boxes, now they’re just slapping the VGT badge on the project since they were doing it anyways.

  41. Aug. 7, 5:11pm
    Ben Rogue

    Let me guess; they took the interior out of this one just to F with us.. The outside looks nice though, nothing we couldn’t envision ourselves seeing the original concept

  42. Aug. 7, 4:27pm

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want to wait until September to also get the Alfa Romeo Vision GT and Zahara de la Sierra as well? Hopefully there’s another august update. The Toyota does seem nice but not a really a fresh idea.

    • Aug. 7, 6:37pm

      The Alfa and Zahara already being in the game, I think PD probably added the unlock code for the content in the 1.11 update. I think that’s probably why they called a 30MB bug fix 1.11, otherwise they would have called it something like 1.10.1 as they’ve done in the past. It will be interesting to see what happens at Gamecon, wouldn’t surprise me if PD presented there and unlocked or right on the spot following a presentation.

    • Aug. 7, 7:09pm

      Don’t forget about the Subaru VGT, it’s in there too :tup:

    • Aug. 7, 7:43pm

      “Don’t forget about the Subaru VGT, it’s in there too :tup:”


  43. Aug. 7, 4:25pm

    Great news.

  44. Aug. 7, 4:03pm

    Pd if u are not going to add real cars can u atleast add interiors into the vgt cars please

    • Aug. 7, 4:19pm


    • Aug. 7, 7:45pm

      I wonder why some people seem uncapable of writing properly and not txt-like. Oh, yes, English is a language with veeeeery long words…

    • Aug. 8, 2:24am

      @quattrodelta that’s incapable not “uncapable” buddy ;)

    • Aug. 10, 10:52am
      SZRT Ice

      It’s a forum. Not an essay, novel, or literature piece. I don’t get the fuss over it.

  45. Aug. 7, 3:59pm

    RIP Headphone users.

  46. Aug. 7, 3:53pm

    This is the first vgt I’m really keen on

  47. Aug. 7, 3:12pm

    Nice, another 500HP+ supercar VGT. I want it, although I would have liked more “original” VGT instead. Maybe Toyota ran out of fantasy car designers…
    I still want “real cars” dlc,PDI!! Ferrari LaFerrari, Lambo Veneno, Mazda MX5 Superleggera…Where are they I wonder. GTplanet community, help me out here!!

  48. Aug. 7, 2:52pm

    It was said when the FT-1 showed up that it was probably the Toyota VGT. Now we know it is for definite! ;)

  49. Aug. 7, 2:38pm

    I have to say Vision Gran Turismo is a fantastic concept. Direct involvement of many motor manufacturers speaks volumes for the reputation that GT has. And it gives the series cars that cannot appear in any other game.

    To my mind all have been good fun so far, and good to drive to.

    My favourite so far is jointly the BMW and the Aston. Most mental is that Nissan!

  50. Aug. 7, 2:38pm

    Looks good, but it won’t sound like that. :sly:

    • Aug. 7, 2:54pm

      That’s the second thing that I thought of when I watched the video. The videos for Gran Turismo always have 10x better sound then the actual game. Can someone say “false advertising”?

      …and how much you wanna bet that it won’t have an interior. C’mon, PD; get it together.

    • Aug. 7, 3:05pm

      I thought it was mentioned a while ago by someone that the reason VGTs don’t have interiors is because they’re released before the manufacturer has a chance to finish designing them. Not PD’s fault.

    • Aug. 7, 4:18pm

      If that is true, then it is PD’s fault. They have had plenty of time to do the interiors to the ones that have been released. At first I would have no problem with it (even though a notice as to why would have been nice), but they should have worked on it after the fact instead of just forgetting about them.

    • Aug. 7, 5:20pm
      Tenacious D

      Sound doesn’t get you around a track at speed.

      I must say that in racing trim, GT3/Super GT 500 style, the FT-1 sure looks better. Now PD, get permission to race mod all the Visions like you did the Citroen.

    • Aug. 7, 6:38pm
      SZRT Ice

      The original FT-1 has an interior. Hopefully that means this one has a better chance at having one as well.

    • Aug. 7, 11:38pm

      @OpticZero Not really bet because I KNOW there isn’t going to be a interior in this car… Or there might. You just don’t know with PD, their freakin random I hate that so much…..

    • Aug. 8, 8:20am

      If you guys look closely, when you go to VGT and select one of the manufacturers (Mercedes Benz, BMW, VW etc) all cars seem to have a teased interior design when you select it. So I wonder whats the beaf with that?

    • Aug. 8, 8:53pm

      It’s the manufacturers’ fault for wanting to release their car before the interior is done. as far as licensing, PD is pretty much at the manufacturers’ whim. If the maker wants to release their car before the interior is complete, PD is forced to comply. Besides, if the makers all took the time to design the interior before releasing the car, we’d have to wait a year *per car.* Is that what you want?

    • Aug. 8, 8:53pm

      That was directed at Opticzero, by the way.

    • Aug. 10, 10:57am
      SZRT Ice

      GT6 was rushed out & released too early. That’s where the problem originates.

  51. Aug. 7, 2:31pm

    Lol, they used a GT-R for the sound effects.

    Kind of lazy on Toyota to use the same car they just released, tune it in racing trim and badge it as Vision. No innovation for an already stale and almost uninteresting portion of the game.

    But whatever. At least this one won’t have an excuse for not having an interior, since they can use the one of the “street” version as a base.

    Well, at least they are almost done with this vision thing. Hopefully 2015 will be the year for Gran Turismo 6. Will have my wallet waiting.

    • Aug. 7, 7:43pm

      “Almost done”?
      No way! There’s still more than TWENTY cars left to be released.

    • Aug. 7, 7:44pm

      or, wait, did you mean the whole Vision GT project or just this one car?

    • Aug. 8, 1:27pm

      Damn… I kind of lost track of the VGT thing. There are a lot left still :(

    • Aug. 11, 10:13pm
      SZRT Ice

      But with just 4 months left in their planned 12 month release period, they could just release an average of 5 VGT’s a month to meet their deadline.

  52. Aug. 7, 2:31pm

    This is so perfectly perfect. GT500 everything please.

  53. Aug. 7, 2:26pm
    Rafael F

    Looks good.

  54. Aug. 7, 2:08pm

    Well that GT3 style is certainly different from the vision cars. I think the car looks great, but I kind of wish it wasn’t so heavily based on the previous concept FT-1. I like that the other vision cars are completely there own look and represent the characteristics of their company.

    • Aug. 7, 5:21pm

      NOT true bro. BMW is based on 2-series coupe, Mitsubishi has only took their concept from 2013 Tokyo autoshow and VW has just done basicly more harcore version of concept 1 year old (from Whorthersee 2013, it was Volkswagen Design Vision GTI concept) and that one, guess what, is based on Golf GTI. So…
      FYI: Toyota FT-1 is completely original concept, so you can take this VGT the same way as the Merc AMG VGT racing series, just more hardcore than that.

    • Aug. 10, 12:56pm

      Of course the VGT are based on other cars. They are designed by their companies to represent the companies signature so to speak. At least that’s how the current VGT cars work. I hate that this GT3 FT-1 is simply race modified car, not its own concept.

  55. Aug. 7, 1:45pm

    That’s pretty cool! And September happens to be my month of birth.

    • Aug. 7, 3:34pm

      Same thing here! My birthday is September 9th!

    • Aug. 7, 5:23pm

      OK we can make fun club :D 12th for me!

    • Aug. 7, 6:29pm

      9th of September is mine… Virtual birthday present!!!

    • Aug. 7, 6:44pm

      But PD is always later than sooner so it will come on my birthday on the 18th :P Sadly I won’t care about it too much though, I’ll be more interested to see what else is in the update.

      I am a big fan of the VGT project, but I do wanna see adding more real cars too. Like how in the VW update they added 2 real cars, wanna see that. Hopefully they aren’t Japanese bias though, cus I’d love to see the Alfa Romeo 4C.

    • Aug. 7, 7:07pm


  56. Aug. 7, 1:44pm

    Another GB of update

    • Aug. 7, 2:46pm

      Yep. pretty soon i wont have any space left!

  57. Aug. 7, 1:44pm

    Looks like the car’s made for GT3 or Super GT.

    • Aug. 7, 2:30pm


    • Aug. 7, 6:45pm

      GT500 for sure more than GT3, GT3 cars are production based and don’t get super radical.

  58. Aug. 7, 1:39pm

    More and more vision and concept cars, GT6 is like the Gran Turismo Concept released in PS2. But i’m not complain.

  59. Aug. 7, 1:34pm
    SZRT Ice

    We already know what the original FT-1 looks like, and combined with this “teaser”, little is left to the imagination. With that said… The car looks awesome.

  60. Aug. 7, 1:33pm

    I’d like to think the sound in the teaser trailer is a teaser too of what is coming.

    I do recognize some GT-ish elements from the sound.

  61. Aug. 7, 1:13pm

    It’d be nice if the VGT cars actually sounded like they do in the teaser videos.

    • Aug. 7, 1:31pm

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • Aug. 7, 1:52pm

      Sounds a bit like a JZA80 Supra.
      Of course, that’s not how it will sound in the game, but…

    • Aug. 7, 2:34pm

      That sounds more like a GT-R. Almost too identical. It even has the auto tranny sound. But then again, it’s just a trailer. the car will probably have a generic sound in the game. Most likely shared with the Super GT cars.

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