Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Features GT6’s GPS Data Logger


It’s been a while since we’ve heard about Gran Turismo’s GPS “Data Logger” functionality, formally revealed at a joint press event between Polyphony Digital and Toyota at Fuji Speedway almost exactly one year ago.

toyota-yaris-hybrid-r-concept-2013-frankfurt-auto-show_100438744_lThis feature, which collects GPS and telemetry data from a car driven in the real world and then re-creates it in the game, has reportedly been in development and testing since 2009.

It could finally be released to the public in GT6, according to a report from MotorAuthority on the new Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R Concept:

“Also borrowed from the GT 86 is the CAN-Gateway ECU system that allows drivers to download onto a USB or smartphone racing data collected while driving on the track. The driver can then transfer this to the upcoming Gran Turismo 6 Playstation video game. GPS data, longitudinal accelerations, steering angles, gear changes, engine speed, vehicle speed and even water temperature are used to reproduce a real lap of the track inside the game and which can then be played virtually.”

The report goes on to note the Yaris Hybrid-R takes the feature one-step further, allowing drivers to import their lap data from the game back to the real car, which will then analyze and determine the most efficient way to use the vehicle’s energy recovery system and traction control on the circuit in question.

Thanks to Dionisiy for the tip!

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  1. Blood*Specter

    I think it would be wise of PD to partner up with as many car manufacturers as they can. And that should include Porsche.

    Scratch the backs of the car company and they will use PD to get publicity for their products. Makes perfect sense to me.

  2. Mr C5 Z06 Vette

    I am genuinely surprised that pd decided to partner up with toyota for this gps data logger. Personally I was expecting pd to collaborate with nissan considering how we have a partnership with nissan. However I am also pleased because I am a big fan of the supra and frs/brz. Still I would be even more pleased if pd collaborated with chevy or dodge/SRT preferably both considering that my 5 favourite cars of all time from 1st place to 5th are the C5 Z06 Vette, C5r, C6r, Oreca Viper, and finally the SRT Viper for 2013. Then again kaz is japanese so he would obviously go with the japanese car manufacturing giants over the american super car giants.

  3. Leggacy

    At first I thought this feature was cool but useless.

    Now I’m thinking: put a real race driver in the car, and use it for an on line challenge.
    Imagine trying to beat stigs actual lap of the topgear track.

    Either that or I’ll have to win the lottery, buy that car and go to some track days to make any use of it :(

    1. biftizmo

      We already did that with a ex race driver on topgear track to..
      .I didn’t, beat him but sum say they did…

      The pont is its going on sale as an accessory to GT6..
      I’m sure race data collecting is big business and complicated
      and maybe to exspencive for the amateur racer…
      But GT seems to simplify it all into one package..

  4. Lambob

    3 months to this day to go! (tomorrow we can say it’s less than 3 months time finally!) this is gonna be hard, I need to stop doing this.

  5. Bodyguard

    I think they’re both real, just look at the car’s ride height. The photographer managed to capture the bottom of the car, as well as the car’s shadow under it; you can’t do that in GT5 without raising the car to absurd heights.

    Of course, I haven’t taken pictures in GT6, so I don’t know about that, but that picture is not from GT5.

    Also, note that the picture is obviously heavily edited, so it is near impossible to tell whether it’s real or not. For all we know, it could be a rendering.

  6. Dready1984

    This sounds really cool. What i’d really like though is a gps app that tracks where i’m driving around town and could then convert that data in a custom track in game. There are some really nice roads through the forest near me which make and awesome race track!

  7. Hawker4

    I know this is off topic, but what’s up with the app right now? It’s literally just the website through the app now!?!?

    1. Nissan Lover

      The website is undergoing maintenance as informed by Jordan and soon the app GTPlanet will be completely gone or useless.

  8. Swagger897

    I am starting to think that this image was taken in either GT6 or GT5..
    Why? because (and yes i know they are blurred) the clouds clear in the back look like crap.. The windows are all showing different exterior surroundings, other than a pirelli, a DHL, and the coke board thats behind the camera shot..

    but I noticed something else. The 24 hour downhill pit to eau rouge is open. If you ever have, please dont say, but in GT5 you can glitch into that wall.. When I use to do it, the car would stay on the surface no different than it would as on track. It wouldnt sink in like it normally does, and you could also see the tire marks is you gassed it or braked. So there is a possibilty for that section of track A to be open B to be both open and usable

    1. Swagger897

      whoops.. hit submit..

      but the second picture not so much… it looks pretty real. Whats interesting about the two though, is that when you open the picture in a new tab/window/whatever, it has “frankfurt auto show” labeled. So Im not sure if GT6 was debuted there as well and I havent heard any news about it, or there is already a post but I dont remeber it..

      but thats basically it…

    2. ScotteDawg

      If you look at the background, there is way too much detail for it to be a game track! Then again, I haven’t seen Spa on GT6 yet and do not know how detailed that may be…

  9. sibbystiggy

    Why don’t PD use Data Logger to improve the ai?

    I mean make real racing drivers do laps of tracks and capture their driving style and apply to the game, that would mean ai’s are real driver’s pre-set times, maybe they can also add the GT accademy drivers to the ai’s too

    1. infamousphil

      I have to believe that the AI is purposely programmed to be slower for the newbies. This would would explain why the Bspec drivers are quicker as their experince level increase. Too bad we didn’t get to compete against them in 5 and the experience was limited 40. Maybe PD will allows us to team up AND race against them, at level 100 (or 170% of 40). While they’re at it, they couldallow us to use the tuned cars from our garages. PD and Kaz really let me down on that one ;(

    2. Pit Crew

      That is quite an interesting idea sibbystiggy. I remember Jann said some in game “Hot Lap” techniques could be applied in real time driving. Id love to see my Gran Turismos A.I. put down a sho nuff lap by way of our GTAcademy friends (Good Fortune to you !!!Tidgney!!!) as compared to the “Rookie Driving” technique they use in GT5.

      I had no desire to want to compete with the BSpec driver, considering they drove or chose brake points no better then the default A.I. especially when motivated. Basically thats all your Bob racer is…plus we haven’t gotten much details about hopeful ASpec changes, for the better or whether PD will continue with the BSpec dibacle from GT5, in GT6. I’d rather share seat time with the BSpec driver the way it was in GT4. Eventually, you’ll begin beating the A.I whether its skill is improved from its present state or not.

    3. infamousphil

      Use the bspecers as fill in, on and offline. I got the idea from FM. Neat idea, but may not be implemented at GT because of FM rights? Shame if not done in 6 in either case.

    4. sibbystiggy

      Well they can keep the terrible ai’s for the easy lvls and once people get to the harder (expert) levels then they can bring in championships when you would race against real racing drivers i mean, sabastian vettle set those lap times on gt5 with the red bull and the challenge was to beat or match his lap time, they can do the same but on a bigger scale with alot more drivers,
      there was also a trophy in GT5 where you had to beat a lap time set in real life on the nurburgring in the GTR,

      so these philosophy of real drivers connected to the game + real vs the game were used in GT5, the data logger can take this further by turning the ai’s into real drivers who set laps in real life vs the player at the difficult end of GT6’s career mode.

      they should definitely bring back the function of you working along side your b-spec drivers because it made more sense.
      there won’t be anymore XP in GT, i would be glad if licences are back in the picture, only skilled drivers will be able to get to the top, not just anyone who has alot of time on their hands

      & allowing your B-spec drivers to join you in online lobby/lounge’s is 1 thing ive been wanting even before GT5 was released, it will help fill up the empty space, give your b-spec drivers another way of building skills & experience.

      B-spec mode has been left aside in gt5, it should get more involved with other aspects of the game in gt6

      Formula 1 (codemasters) games have the option for adding ai’s to online races to fill up the space, so its not under FM rights, & FM doesn’t have a b-spec mode either, driveavatar (or whatever) is just a replica of the user, not another driver who builds experience and you have to manage.

  10. JohnyPiston

    This is just awesome. I just got me a 2012 330i and will start doing at least two track days a year. I love the fact that I would be able to come home and watch and analyze my lap on my favorite game while sipping a beer and wondering “mmmm …could I not have done that corner faster with a late apex?”. I also love the fact that I would be able to send the lap to, say, a more experienced driver and get an opinion …even if that person was thousands of miles away …provided they have GT6 ofcourse. There is only one problem …my local track is not in the game and there is little chance that it will be. So I suggest that the team at PD keep going with this innovation till they can get to a point where they can represent a track using uploaded GPS data …though the scenery would have to be sacrificed and replaced with a generic “Scenery Template”.

  11. cartrucks

    (off topic) Does anyone know if Noble will be one if the car companys?

    (on topic) If i understand this right, you need to own both, the yaris and gt6 for it to work.

  12. Not_A_Guest

    Guys, I think that a few people may have misread this one. It doesn’t seem like you can create your own track, so much as take the lap you set in your car and see the whole thing recreated as a replay that is an exact duplicate of what you did. Kinda creepy if you ask me, but awesome nevertheless.

  13. Flash3001

    I want to use my phone to track GPS data, then use it in Course Maker.

    It would be cool to recreate the road that goes to the next city.

    Depending on how they are going to implement the New Course Maker, it wouldn’t be that hard to do.

  14. RacerTed

    This isn’t restricted to race tracks is it? I did a paint estimate a few years ago about an hour away from where I live and I had to take this road that ran by a river, speed limit was 55 on this country road and while it wasn’t crazy twisty and all that but the whole time I’m on this stretch I’m thinkin’ Man what I wouldn’t give to be in a Ford GT right now! Didn’t hurt that Lift Me Up by 5 Finger Death Punch was on the radio for part of it either.

    That road was the first I thought of when I heard about the GPS feature.

  15. biftizmo

    if there are to drivers with different driving styles..the car can be set automatically ..based on best performance..or if on the day conditions suddenly change…it can be tweaked remotely…this is space age tech dudes..

  16. biftizmo

    Gran Turismo demonstration. This “CAN-Gateway ECU” technology will be distributed as a demo to members of the racing industry starting from spring 2013, and will be on sale later that year.
    09/2012 this was said,,
    if your not interested in gaming…this is the best racing tool ever is not the yarns that is special here. or any car it is fitted to….to visualize it you need one of PD;s high spec real to life tracks.
    there gonna take the motor world by storm with this little gadget they dreamed up years ago..

    My ??? is the car GPS Data recorded locally (on site) or terrestriallllly.. that is if it requires no special equipment at the track…then pd can make this available for any car any track they make..apart from the fantasy ones of course.
    as for as a mobile app..i’m only reading it here,,,?

    1. Swagger897

      I would really like to see someone like Audi use it in their R18.. (but they wont ever release it) and see how they do at Le Mans…
      Maybe save it as a ghost replay and try to race and beat it..

  17. Johnnypenso

    Seems like a gimmick to me. If I could drive my car or truck on a race track why would I want to recreate it in GT?

    1. tpark103

      Hmm? I don’t know maybe you could used the data that you have saved to find out how you can shave off time off laps. I’m just sayin’

    2. ScotteDawg

      Two good ideas above, here’s a third…

      Make a track of a route you’d drive in real life and use different cars on it in game! You could also go faster than in real life too!!

    3. infamousphil

      This would seem to benefit only those who have a (GT) car AND access to a (GT) track. However, if PD would allow us to create a track using the track creator in conjuction with the data analyzer… that would be AWESOME!

  18. mef

    None of this has any relevance until this becomes a standalone GPS unit everybody can buy. Or even better, an IOS or android app that can talk to the ECU via ODB/ODB2 or CAN. The technology is out there. But if you can only use it by buying a Yaris or GT86 it really is just a gimmick

    1. Swagger897

      Im quite positive you cant only use it on a yaris or any of the GT86 family cars… I believe they picked those cars that have decent handling and a different powerband to see the difference from a hybrid and non. Plus, you dont want to really use a fast car to first try it out.. More of a slower, but able to have a high pace. The cars they picked, especially the 86, have relatively crap engines, but are able to keep up to pace with others, AND are very finesse cars to drive. (Seriously, If you havent test driven or just rode in one of them, go down to one of the ten trillion toyota dealerships, and just say, “hey, I’m not interested in the car, but I want a test ride”)(I would also say this to a younger male salesperson who looks like he has the nads to actually do it…)

      but anyways… I would definitely think this will be patented and sold to other top tier PC games (simraceway, iRacing… the whole lot) and be used to once again, maintain dominant sim racers..

  19. Pit Crew

    Is it me or is that Spa that this car is driving on?

    First GT (Gran Turismo) Yaris I may actually enjoy driving, as long as it doesn’t do that weird thing the Tesla does online, where you get stuck waiting in the pits if you don’t run fuel tank to empty.

    1. Swagger897

      another stupid car? dude… whoa.. id take that back.

      similar cars like the Renault’s, Citroen’s, Peugeot’s, and maybe.. maybe a fiesta are the cars to get nowadays for both road and track for cheap money, good looks, and practicality. Audi have their A3/S3 sportback and Hatch coming out, BMW have a one series that has Hatch option, and Merc just came out with a CLA thats in a sportback.. (please be a hatch as well!!) Dissing these are the cars that make road driving fun. If you just use cars like these for point A to B driving, yes, they are quite campy, but if you drive like you race in GT ( I do and its amazing when you stop and think about it) you will have a lot more enjoyment out of a car. Try to feel feedback from the car. Thats where you become a car tuner when you listen to what it says.

      You dont need an Aventadore to do it. Neither a Recaro bucket seat and a DSG gearbox. Just time on the road where you can think as you drive.

    2. ScotteDawg

      I have driven a Yaris in real life. It is the most uncomfortable car I have ever driven!

      Also, being an Australian male in my 40’s, I have a passion for V8’s! Although I don’t own a V8 and I do see the practical side to owning a small car (I have a Celica myself), I would never own one of these “hot hatch” things!! They are for girly men!!!!

  20. Primus Ortus

    A little confused here (nothing new). If I get this right, I would have to buy the Yaris in real life. Then I would have to race it on a track that is represented in GT6 in order to get the data logged for cross-comparison on the virtual track in GT6. Then, once I race it on the track in GT6, I could download the information into my real Yaris “which will then analyze and determine the most efficient way to use the vehicle’s energy recovery system and traction control on the circuit in question.” Did I get this right? Does the data logger also function to create a track? In other words, if I took the Yaris around my city in real life, could I then download the information onto GT6 in track creator? To use the vernacular of the 90’s, that would be cool. :)

    1. sayba2th

      I think you will find the vernacular of the 90’s cool dates back as far as the 60’s-70’s and is just as popular now if not more so than back then.

    2. TeamCZRRacing

      No, it means that the car will use its KERS and traction control systems to improve your lap time, not to create a new track. :)

  21. Mr C5 Z06 Vette

    This seems cool(still don’t know how it works) now we need the ability to put wide body kits on our cars in gt6 along with vinyls and stickers

    1. sayba2th

      From what I can gather you can take your Yaris to the track and GPS will track your cars positioning and speeds attained during your best lap, you can then feed that info into GT and it will recreate your best lap. From there you can drive against your downloaded data and see where you can improve. Then you can feed that info back to the Yaris and it will optimize your ERS and TC. That is what I make of this C5, I maybe wrong however.

  22. Droogie

    I know some people think this looks useless however, there are racing enthusiasts out there that find this new technology very interesting. Also, competing with a real driver sounds awesome to me.

  23. 05XR8

    Complaints again. Embrace the technology and be happy that someone cares enough to at least make owning these cars fun. This leads to bigger and broader things folks. Not everyone will own a GT-R and experience all the techno-wizardry in that. The 86 and this Yaris look like fun cars. There’s lots of fun to be had even in a hybrid at the track. It’s not like its going to eat up its tyres and brakes from too much wheelspin.

  24. SavageEvil

    PD really should avoid outing these types of stories as the average player of GT isn’t all that astute when it comes to technologies that are being tested to see how well it can perform before being released out into the wild. If this keeps getting tested and refined, I would wager to guess that we’d be able to use an App on our phones to log our GPS data from a drive around any neighborhood and then come back and upload it to GT game and have the game map out the data complete with elevation changes, then sync that data with Google maps to create scenery or just go with a template. Possibilities are there to use this for user created courses. I live in NYC and I can tell you that this place would make for some interesting driving routes minus all the traffic and pedestrians. Nascar races using Brooklyn bridge, heading across lower Manhattan up the west side then shooting across Canal street before barreling across the Manhattan Bridge onto Flatbush Ave Ext. to Atlantic and back onto Red Hook Lane back toward the Brooklyn Bridge. Mind you none of these roads are actually straight, the bridges are straighter by far.

    User created courses using user GPS logged data would be one of the most interesting things a video game could feature these days. I don’t mean driving fast just logging the data from the trip. My mind is going off on a tangent, I think I should get back into programming I have some ideas to play with.

    1. AcenSpades

      someone posted a video doin a full lap of manhattan island, did the run in 24.7 minutes, ran 1 red light. whatever route he took i would like to recreate it. that way nypd wont come lookin for me lol.

    2. sayba2th

      Acen this is the trouble and this coming from someone who has done more than my fair share of dumb ish as a younger buck in my car. The road IS not the place to be doing this kind of thing, saying what you have makes you sound like what proper motorcyclists call a squid. The only place people doing this kinda stuff is in a controlled environment. Doing what you have have talked about that person who posted that vid shows complete and utter disregard for everyone else sharing the road with them at that time.
      The road is full of unexpected encounters and no matter how good a driver you are or think you are do you really want to be responsible for having the blood of an innocent child on your hands because you thought it would be sik to recreate a you tube moment of your own and didn’t account for the mother, who didn’t even see you coming as she was reversing out the driveway just over the crest of a hill you were flying over?
      This is why games as such are fantastic it allows you to go crazy and get it out of your system in a safe and controlled manner. Please people for heavens sake lets keep the roads a safe place for you, your family, the rest of the GT community as a whole and everyone else.

  25. Zuel

    I wounder what other companies are developing a ECU to be compatible with GT6? They’ve already set the wonder clear that PD were working with manufacturers. What else could come within the first year of GT6 release.

    Love the car, enjoy the the sharp lines. A toned up woman.

    1. HuskyGT

      I don’t think it’s GT6, but I did have my doubts. If you look at the backgrounds then you’ll know it’s definitely not Gran Turismo.

  26. mobiletone

    this is for such a niche market it’s basically pointless. why not just let us download GPS data from any of the systems available on the market already?

    1. sayba2th

      Because that will not optimize the car’s performance, also this will quite possibly be the way of the future with other manufacturers, who will after working with GT for years, no doubt will be aware of this feature and working on similar systems for their cars compatible with this. Also with just a GPS you would not be able to just import that data direct into GTs interface. I agree it’s only useful to a small percentage atm still it’s a nice feature that lends itself to interesting possibilities.

  27. keyop

    Damn I was hoping that we could use gps logged data to recreate our favorite roads within the GT Track Editor with such a huge space to play with it would be great.

    1. sayba2th

      Really nice call! There maybe the possibility to do so further down the line once they have it perfected, great idea Keyop!!!

  28. jimantonic

    Unfortunately I don’t really see the use in this, ok maybe if you had a track prepped 86 and were a regular track day attendee at on of the in game tracks, but I assume that any form of competitive car would ditch the original cars wiring loom and modules etc. in favour of higher spec units.

  29. 05XR8

    I hope the throttle position is better for use DS3 users in GT6. It’s ask most impossible to cruise at low speeds in electric mode. I’m also interested to see what tyres will have to be used in the game to achieve comparable lap times from the real world to the game.

  30. Minty

    The tech is really awesome. I just really hope this was more of a side project. I would hate the see resources sent to something like this at the expense of the actual game.

    1. SkierPS3

      There’s no way it won’t be, PD wouldn’t put all this effort into this new project and not put its first partnered car into the game.

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