Gran Turismo 6 Rumored to Include Large Number of Tracks

Gran Turismo 6 307 July 25, 2012 by

While helping out with the Polish GT Academy 2012 finals, Lucas Ordoñez made an interesting comment about Gran Turismo 6‘s development, which he’s reportedly involved in.

According to a reporter on hand at the event, Lucas suggested the series’ next flagship title would include a very large number of tracks. Though the Polish source article is not clearly translated by Google, but we now have a full translation kindly provided by native Polish speaker and GTPlanet reader, Alex (Vatrox):

“We are not sure whether to consider it a rumor or a verified information, but you can be sure we are the first in the world to report it. What’s the matter? The day before yesterday (that would be 23 of July – Vatrox), “our” guy Jacob took part in the GT Academy finals held in Warsaw. Beside competitors, there was also well-known Nissan’s driver – Lucas Ordones. So what?

Well, Jacob managed to chat with him for a bit asking about Gran Turismo series and it’s future. And the information he managed to get is very interesting. Lucas gave away that Gran Turismo 6 production is in progress and we will be very surprised how accurate and well-reproduced are all the tracks. Also, the amount of them will be simply jawdropping.

Asked what platform it is being delevoped for, he replied
enigmatically: “Now, that’s a very good question…” How much truth is in that? As a Nissan’s driver and the face of GT Academy he obviously knows more than an ordinary mortal. And GT6 is certain for some platform.”

Representatives from Polyphony Digital have, of course, already been spotted at the Bathurst circuit, scanning and photographing it for Gran Turismo 6.

Over 25 different circuit logos also remain on GT5‘s “Remote B-Spec Racing” website, though they are not currently available in the game.

GT5 Photomode image by NBDESIGNZ.

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