Driveclub Will Not Get a PlayStation Pro Upgrade

Chikane takes his Zonda Type R for a spin.

With Sony’s PlayStation conference last week finally making the PlayStation 4 Pro official, the benefits the system can bring to pre-existing PS4 games has brought hefty discussion in the racing genre community.

One game that has crept up as a potential suitor to these performance upgrades is Evolution Studios’ DriveClub. Having had continued post-release support until Evolution were shut down by Sony, many believed the confirmed existence of DriveClub VR gave hope for PS4 Pro functionality for the original game. Unfortunately, this won’t be the case:


Confirmed by ex-DriveClub director Paul ‘Rushy’ Rustchynsky on Twitter, Sony haven’t approached him or the team regarding the new capabilities of the upgraded console — whilst hinting that from a technical perspective the PS4 Pro could definitely give room for improvements. With this said, the answer seems so definitive that the dream of a 60fps/4k DriveClub will remain outwith reality.

The PlayStation 4 Pro could have definitely enhanced the title, with many developers already showcasing what the extra oomph can do for them. Perhaps the best example is Square-Enix’s ‘Rise of The Tomb Raider’, which will adopt a PC-like model of having multiple run options. As per Dualshockers, players with the Pro will be able to choose between three different options: ‘4K Resolution’, ‘High Frame-rate’ and ‘Enhanced visuals’, choosing exactly which experience they want. Racing games would definitely benefit from a similar model.

With DriveClub ruled out of the running, focus will now shift to the developers of other racing games in regard to what PS4 Pro could potentially offer. Codemasters and Slightly Mad Studios have yet to comment in regard to DiRT Rally and Project CARS respectively, for example. Hopefully those titles (or any sequels) will make full use of the expanded power of the PS4 Pro.

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  1. TomBrady

    Lets be honest, it doesn’t need it. No racing game this generation will top its graphics. I guess they could do a 60 fps mode, but it’s not necessary. Driveclub is clear proof that racing games don’t always need to be 60 fps. 60 fps is a luxury not a necessity.

    1. MeanElf

      I agree that 60fps isn’t necessary – you know what most people are like though, it’s the same as PC gamers having to have everything ‘maxed out’.

  2. gigio79

    Let me tell you something about Driveclub and Sony. They said ” We will give you support untill the end of 2016. No true!!! They have not kept their promises, last patch was in march or apri, that’s a shame. I am sure they talked about support only to sell more copies of the game.

    1. MeanElf

      So you call DCVR and the new tracks no new support? Sony said a long time ago that the game would continue as a ‘service’ which is what has happened. What kind of support did you expect – a second season pass? That was never promised. Sony have also been practically giving away the game and season pass for a year now – so how does that fit into this ‘scam for cash’ idea of yours.

      It’s had support – it’s still getting support with the free track patch. It’s maybe not your interpretation of support, but that doesn’t make them liars (and who are ‘they’ – Sony or Evolution?)

    1. MeanElf

      GT Sport looks as good or better – it’s only natural almost two years along the line after DC came out – both development teams are full of talented people.

    2. occasionalracer

      Yes I agree GT will have an edge over DC. Its likely that the duplicate/additional licenses cost a good chunk of money and maybe the execs at Sony decided to merge all assets for GT Sport. I could imagine what they’re getting themselves into with futhering their partnerships and probably still developing all kinds of technologies to gain understanding etc. is stretching the budget limits, so it’s solely putting all efforts towards making GT very special and unique. We still got that GT movie hopefully still in the works which might spawn tons of new interest and sales for Sony.

      Basically it’s possible for a GT Sport to easily add an open-world mode that would offer DC type of gameplay (hate to use the dreaded ‘sim-cade’ term) with the whole roster of cars GT will/would’ve had and DC will/would’ve had. : ) They should drop a 2 disc version with mass content.. which, right now, is hard to imagine. In 2 years time I’m sure we’ll reach that Spec II stage where it will be quite a large game.

    3. TomBrady

      Nonsense. Pro or not, GT Sport won’t even come close. GT Sport isn’t supposed to look better. It’s 60 fps, this is 30 fps. Making GT Sport look better was never in the cards.

  3. Donnced

    Well…completely expected,cause sony closed the studio after the development of driveclub VR finished.. That was what i call a big thank you from part of sony…

    So now that they aren’t working for Sony anymore, why should they make a upgrade update for PS4 Pro.

    1. Donnced

      They presented driveclub VR completely playable and with the mirrors and all working in the CDG a couple of months before the clausure of the studio, so i guess when the finished the development, they get the studio closed.

    2. MeanElf

      AKps3 is correct, a tweet from Rushy mentioned that Sony had asked them back to work on completing DCVR after the studio was closed.

    3. letdown427

      I wonder if because racing games are a really good fit for VR, when it became apparent there wasn’t going to be a GT release any time soon they had to get back behind Driveclub instead?

    4. Donnced

      @AKps3 @MeanElf well,thanks to you guys for the information.
      That shows me that Rushy is a really good man,because if it was my studio that sony closes…. I realy Should stop the development of DC VR and let sony in the trouble they deserve.

      But like i said about the news,it’s logic that they don’t make the upgrade update for PS4 Pro.

    5. AKps3

      @Donnced you’re welcome
      I don’t know if it was Rushy’s decision to finish DC VR. Maybe Sony and Codemaster had an agreement

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