GT Sport's Next Major Content Update Due At Month's End

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Kazunori Yamauchi tweeted this just now.


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I've colour coded the one I think I either correct or close lol. Orange is a aventador, yellow is a Subaru or a escort cosworth, green is a mk3 supra, purple is the old model R8, grey Lamborghini urraco? The red one is a BRZ/86/FRS drift car, blue is some kind of older model Porsche?


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2nd middle looks like a Pantera (more likely than the fairly unloved Urracco)

Bottom left I haven't a clue. Possibly an 2nd Gen MR2? It's too short for an NSX and has a very curved rear end, almost Tvr like.

Bottom right looks to be a decent sized single seater with square sidepods and a rear wing, 2 things the LCC Rocket doesn't have but the 97t does!
..yes, but, if it follows the pattern of all the other content updates thus far, that puts the release on the 2nd of March.

Everybody and nobody was right.

On the more positive note, I see:
Alpine A110 (the one that's actually important), Aventador, an Impreza of some description, Mk 3 Supra,
what looks like an 86 of some description (probably that drift car we were supposedly getting at some point), Lotus Europa, the older R8, a muscle car of some description (Mustang Mach 1 seems to have the right sort of curves - or maybe it's the Mach 40?)
something I'm not quite sure about, what could well be the new A110, what looks to be another muscle car and the LCC Rocket (or, given evidence presented below, that could actually very well be the 97T - even better)
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As posted before it looks like there is a monthly set schedule in play here though it remains early days.....

The key though is not the release date it is the internal sign off date which looks to be around Friday of the third full week (normally) of month around 23rd or so. Once PD are comfortable content is ready i.e.. passed testing I assume, Kaz will tweet the car teaser.

Release will then drop towards end of following week after with content notification mid week - in this case actual release drop date might be March 1 or March 2.....

Good to see PD delivering to their 'promise' - should help rebuild credibility after the perceived'missteps' of the PS3 era.