GT Sport's Next Major Content Update Due At Month's End

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Is it live yet?
What a day to release an update!
My college has closed due to the weather over here! Yayy:D

Kaz must like me.

Back in 2013 when GT6 was released, I was suppose to be in school but the heaters where all broke so I got the day off.

Not relevant, I'm sorry but, I'm just happy I'm off the day of the update lol.:P
Your statements make you sound as if you don't even enjoy the game, which I would then wonder why you're playing it then.

I want to thank everyone for your constructive feedback. Some more than others...
In my limited seat time, I enjoy the On-line, Head to Head competition with good Friends.
Even Sport mode is a good alternative. But you don't have any way to Invite a Friend to join the event.

My Free time, I desire to spend with comrades and strengthen to bond we share together.
GT Sport affords the opportunity to do that with Friends who are distant.

Some of you are right, I Hate some aspects of the GT series. And that is wasting my time, Grinding to earn in game credits to purchase the cars.

Someone suggested I hire and pay someone to do the grinding for me.. I had to Laugh, because I've already done that with a previous version
of the series.
It didn't last, as boredom set in, and no amount of compensation (within reason) offered, persuaded him to continue.

Anyway, I hope I might have stimulated some thoughts.
For me, the Grinding is just such a waste of time. I get no enjoyment from it.
The AUP is quite clear.

By all means address his point and disagree with it, but the second you start to get into personal digs then becomes unacceptable.

Don't do this again (and its not open for debate).


No worries, I wasn't looking to start anything, merely gave my opinion on his view.
I just can’t get enough of the Pantera! It is so much fun to drive, even for a DS4 user like me, and that Ford V8 sounds wonderful!

It's a surprise favorite of mine. The Pantera and the Challenger are nice to drive in VR
As a mach one owner, the Engine sound is decent . The car doesn't idle that loud ( deep / throaty) unless you give it a wee bit of gas. And when you floor it is a lot louder / throatier. Once you get to speed the engine is pretty silent . My favorite memory with my mach one happened about two years ago. The car was running a tad lean once I turned it on and it was about to die so I floored it . I was at In N out right behind the girl who takes The order facing the drive through .. Needles to say she jumped up throwing her tablet after the car reved up . The guy in the car ordering burst out into laughter and gave me a thumbs up . I felt awful , but it was kinda funny .
As we have had 0 new Honda's still which is surprising for a Japanese title and how significant they are, I assume they will release a Honda cars DLC, primarily focused on Honda.

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