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  1. seadog777

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    I did a couple of laps in the P1 (nice to have somewhere to drive it!! :) ) and was amazed to see I made it into the top 1,000!!
    Then I checked and found there are only 1,341 players!! :lol:
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  2. LeGeNd-1

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    I know it's late but just wanna say thanks for this. After using this line and your tune I finally managed to dip below 0.3 in the dying hours .... with a .298 :lol:

    IMO, the clutch really only makes a difference if you're chasing for the top spot. I counted there are 4 upshifts over the whole lap, so maybe if it gives 0.01 advantage per shift it's only 0.04 sec over the whole lap. Even without the clutch, I'm still only around 1 sec slower than the top time (my usual gap at Tsukuba), so I don't really lose much.

    In fact, in past games when I still used the G25, my clutch times were usually slower than non-clutch, because if I focus on downshifts, I mess up my braking and vice versa. So the top clutch players are actually making the game harder just for a small gain, and I respect them for that :tup:
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  3. MOPARbarrett5

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    United States
    Here is my best lap for the Brands Hatch event that is currently the fastest lap in the world for anyone using a Viper.

    There is about a tenth and a half more I can get but it might take over a thousand miles of practice.
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  4. Mr P

    Mr P

    Run some laps at BH in the Megane Trophy.. It's not the fastest car that's for sure but it's very consistent and easy to drive! I reckon this would be great for the online race and string smooth laps together :tup:

    Will try some more cars tomorrow :cheers:
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  5. sdi_03


    Brands time with audi TT 1:28.9.
    Optimum was .5xx
    Yes, ff cars are bit too powerfull.
    Huracan was also nice to drive, but slow :lol:
  6. MOPARbarrett5

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    United States
    Am I the only one who is not fastest with an FF car? To me the TT is only a bit better on the straights and maintaining stability on grass, but FR cars are a bit better everywhere else. I don't think I can gain more than a few hundredths of a second in the TT
    yet could still gain nearly two tenths in the Viper, mostly in the second to last sector.
    The Viper can carry a noticeable amount more mid corner speed than the TT and that makes the biggest difference.