New Gran Turismo 6 Tracks to Release Monthly as DLC

June 18th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

An interview with U.S. Gran Turismo producer Taku Imasaki recorded after last month’s GT6 reveal was just recently published by, and it contained a few interesting tidbits of information.

First, Taku confirms that all recent SEMA Gran Turismo Award-winning cars will be available in the game, which would refer to the following:

These highly customized cars will likely join other previous winners already featured in GT5, including Art Morrison’s 1960 Corvette and JR Rocha’s Infiniti G37.

Taku also reveals some interesting aspects of how Polyphony Digital captures track data, stating that teams of over a dozen people can spend “weeks” at a circuit, examining different seasons and lighting conditions.

He also hints at the company’s recent visit to Australia’s Mount Panorama Circuit, where the scanning team was spotted by local GTPlanet community members.

Finally, the interview helps shed some light on the large scale of downloadable content players can expect to be released for Gran Turismo 6 after its release, as Taku confirms that “at least one additional track per month will be downloadable.”

Considering that “over 33 locations and 71 track layouts” have already been confirmed to be included in GT6 from “day 1” in the official announcement, the game’s track roster could grow quickly in size throughout 2014.

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  1. Jun. 19, 10:52am

    I am vehemently against the Concept of DLC also (like others have stated), I also grew up during a time where you bought the game once, and were treated to a completely Full Game with all the Bells and Whistles and Unlockables from day one..

    There are those corporations that release shoddy, unfinished games that have things that are obviously missing, that miraculously show up as DLC later; Games with no unlockables, no good variety in content, integral characters/equipment/assets missing, or just extremely short in general then Lo and Behold they have DLC that fills that gaping hole (usually within the first week, month, or even same day as release)–but Polyphony isn’t one of those companies, they often treat us to Free Content and cheaper DLC and I believe and hope that they haven’t gone in the direction of others and proceeded towards this Money Grabbing Culture most of the Industry has adopted..

    I look forward to buying these Tracks, because I believe their prices will most likely be sensible (they usually are in PD’s case) and if they are the Classic Tracks, they will need a revamp before reappearing in GT–so it’s not like they are withholding Tracks they’ve had for years, most will have to have been redone all together..

    No lie I will be very observant of these Tracks’ quality and prices, as (like I’ve said before) I dislike DLC altogether, but I think things will work out in our favor in GT6..

    Video Game Producers make plenty of revenue from the cost of their games, it has been told and retold over and over again that the Industry is a multi-billion dollar juggernaut that makes unbelievable profit and since the advent of DLC it has skyrocketed to even higher heights, believe the hype if you want young’ns but this is not a sinking ship where DRM and/or DLC is needed to keep it afloat, they are trying to increase their already bloated profits by getting more money from each respective player, brush up on your Economics, pick up a Wallstreet Journal and see the Truth.. You’re paying $100 plus for a game instead of the flat rate (which they already made plenty of profit from)..

    • Jun. 19, 11:12am

      ”I also grew up during a time where you bought the game once, and were treated to a completely Full Game with all the Bells and Whistles and Unlockables from day one..”

      It was great, now people look at dlc like great addictional stuff, but the truth is that we’re paying double games that even with dlc are half of the content of a random old game. Everyone is like”omg you want all that stuff paying just one time??” Yes i want, just like we did before. I don’t buy a car without two wheels adding more money for the other 2. ”hey but you have your car anyway right?” Madness.
      The new battlefield isn’t even out already and you can already preorder the first expansion,(of 4) and they already talking about the second one. Hope for gt isn’t going to be THAT bad in the future..

    • Jun. 19, 11:18am

      I do not think a lot of you understand capitalism. First and foremost who are you to decide how much money and profits someone
      should have. PD is a business and the number one priority of a business is to make money and as much as possible. cracks me up
      when people always say these corporations are making to much profit and they are just money grabbers. Simple as this, you do not have to buy the DLC. A lot of you are young and probally do not have full time jobs yet or work at all. You will understand this
      when you enter the work force.

    • Jun. 19, 5:47pm

      you cant compare contemporary games to “historic” games. huge difference in data and what you say is half a game now has about 1000 times more data than those from the past. DLC is a great way to receive stuff that couldnt make it into the game before especially when a company is ambitious as PD (you have to give them 10/10 for ambition) If you wanted a truly complete game as you have said, you would have to wait a few more years for its completion by which time it would be obselete anyway especially now with PS4 arriving soon there would be no point. DLC is the future whether you like it or not so just start liking it.

  2. Jun. 19, 10:50am

    So that Jag in the background ~3:14, is that the one we (well, most of us) already have? Or is it a new Jaguar? Just wondering.

  3. Jun. 19, 10:36am

    The only thing i dislike from DLC is that alot of people is going to have
    which means: they will have a car that you can’t have(and sometimes it’s great as hell, like the HSV-10) and worst of them all, the tracks. “oh great, i cannot play this because it’s a track that i need to play.”
    thank god the DLCs doesn’t cost that much. How much is GT5’s DLCs? 2 to 5 bucks? yeah, atleast you don’t like for example: 10£ for something that makes no sense for a game that is completely broken. what game is it? SIM CITY AMUSEMENT PARK DLC!

    • Jun. 19, 9:20pm

      if you cant afford it then a friend can share it with you at least..any way theirs gonna be so many cars..know one will have them all…that”s the point.

  4. Jun. 19, 9:48am

    So, i will wait till all the DLCs will be on the disc when you buy it. (just like GT 5 Academy edit.
    Until then i will rather play GT2 because it has more tracks and cars than any other GT. :))

    • Jun. 19, 3:55pm

      That sounds extremely similar to my plan. Besides, I’m still missing that STP Taisan Viper.. Next two years of my life, here I come!

    • Jun. 19, 5:19pm

      Mitsubishi 3000GT LM, TRD 3000GT, Nismo R33 GT LM (race car), … so many missing. Honestly, thought some of them woupd make it to 5. But that’s what you get for believing the HYPE. And that’s why I won’t be getting any of those “special” advance purchase cars. Like my one and only chance of driving a most special car to me. The McLaren F1 Stealth. Still looking towards 6.

  5. Jun. 19, 9:38am
    i love gt5

    Why DLC, why not free? :censored:

    • Jun. 19, 1:27pm

      Do you work for free? Thought not…

    • Jun. 19, 2:01pm

      +1 MeanElf, people need to think about this logically.

      Also, why do people assume all the DLC is completed? PD have stated it takes quite a while to scan tracks and I’m sure upgrading old original tracks isn’t exactly quick, so why is it so hard to believe this stuff is a work in progress?

      I will say though, if they plan on starting the release cycle early on, it will sting a bit.

  6. Jun. 19, 9:01am

    I am excited for the 71 camaro. They don’t have one 70’s camaro in the game currently. And this may mean they might insert the ’71 as a regular car (Fingers Crossed). And for DLC I seen someone say some 1.5 ovals. They could release a pack lets say for $5 with atlanta, Las Vegas, Kansas, etc. and release about 3. I don’t knoiw much about devolopment but maybe they would use the same basic technology since they are roughly the same track with a few differences. And you could raise the price of the DC even though they are basically the same.

  7. Jun. 19, 8:55am

    With a good onboard camera and fidelity track plans it’s enough for recreate a track, if PD make smooth and flat tracks, what’s the pupose of spend weeks there ???

    There is no bump or irregularity in GT tracks, that’s a same.

    • Jun. 19, 10:52am

      I’m with this guy. I would love to see more rough surfaces, bumps, cracks, etc for some of these courses. Could you imagine if PD re-created Sebring? It would be a shock to any real-life race driver who’s ever run that track in Florida. Bring the nasty, PD. Let’s really put those new physics models to the test.

    • Jun. 19, 1:56pm

      Nordschleife and Circuit de la Sarthe are certainly NOT “smooth and flat”. Same goes for a couple of created tracks including Trial Mountain and Deep Forest. That’s just off the top of my head, so what you guys say is clearly not true. Find another way to troll. ;)

    • Jun. 20, 2:06am

      Yeah they are a lot smoother and flatter than the real tracks. Even very bumpy in GT5 are way more bumpy in real life. Smooth tracks in real life are like glass in GT5. The completely static view from the driver POV doesn’t help either. Even Dirt 3 does a way better job in that department, and that is an “arcade game” in comparison to GT5.. well, it does have better physics, ai, and gfx in a lot of ways though. PD could learn a lot from Codemasters unfortunately, it should be the other way around.

  8. Jun. 19, 8:42am

    DLC facts, imho:

    – DLC doesn’t mean a game is not complete without it. The disc version sold in stores if fully playable.

    – Nobody is obliged to buy DLC but 90% of consumers certainly will, as they’ll feel left behind if they don’t or just because they are fans and need to have it. It’s psychological.

    – All DLC data (or at least most of it) must be ready and finished by the time the game hits the shelves. In PD’s case, for example, it must be impossible to build a whole new track in one month’s time. Developers just have to decide when to release the pieces, one by one. Every company must be working like that now, not only PD.

    – During game development it may be decided what content will be on disc and what will be separated to be sold as DLC. Even on early stages of production they may already know exactly what is what. And both content must be created simultaneously.

    – 90% of DLC is paid – it’s an income that will allow the gaming industry to abandon DRM and online pass altogether. That’s why Sony is advertising that people can trade and sell their used games without restrictions. They just don’t care anymore.

    – DLC is an irreversible phenomenon and there’s no turning back. It’ll be everywhere.

    • Jun. 19, 9:12am

      – DLC doesn’t mean a game is not complete without it. The disc version sold in stores if fully playable. Nobody is obliged to buy DLC but 90% of consumers certainly will, as they’ll feel left behind if they don’t or just because they are fans and need to have it. It’s psychological.


    • Jun. 19, 9:23am

      Then they should release with just 1 car and 1 track. It would still be a complete game because it’s “playable”.

      Then they can charge for every single car and track after the first. Perfect business model. Except nobody would buy it.

      So the question is really simple. How willing are people to pay for “bonus” material that is almost certainly ready at release but withheld?

      I’m not against dlc, but paying for content that’s done at release but withheld leaves a bad taste.

      And you’re living a fantasy if you think DRM will ever go away, no matter how much money you give the game industry.

    • Jun. 19, 9:24pm

      dead right its bin like this since before gt5 was ready…

  9. Jun. 19, 7:47am

    The track in RU Faster than a Redneck

  10. Jun. 19, 7:46am

    Circuit of the Americas please and maybe a couple 1.5 mile ovals

  11. Jun. 19, 7:08am
    Akiras Mantis

    GT6 Online: ‘Oh, I don’t have that track’ ‘I didn’t buy that one yet’ ‘I can’t don’t have track’ ‘Don’t have DLC’ ‘I don’t have track’

    • Jun. 19, 12:00pm

      It’s the same as GT5 – A right pain in the assteriods!

  12. Jun. 19, 6:58am

    I pay for DLC’s, and i’ve no problem with it.

    I really hope we’ll see some of the old GT4 tracks back again via DLC. Especially Midfield <3

    • Jun. 19, 8:03am


    • Jun. 19, 9:48am


      …and I hope they give us DLC with cars from older versions of GT :)


  13. Jun. 19, 6:14am

    Do any of you people already complaining about DLC, have any idea of how much it costs to build a track? Both in terms of man hours AND budget? This isn’t content already on the disc… this is EXTRA content. I’ll be more than happy to pay for them.

    People saying “these track DLC’s should be free”…. really?…. WOW.

    • Jun. 19, 7:51am


    • Jun. 19, 8:08am

      Stop being such a fanboy, DLC is nothing more then an extra way to squeeze more money out of the customer.

      They already have most of the tracks and cars scanned for GT6, from GT5 and GT4. It doesnt suddenly cost alot more either to do that. 2~5 years ago they could afford to make 1000 cars and god knows how many tracks for the price of one game, why would they suddenly not be able to do that anymore?

      It feels like GT6 is nothing more then one big DLC for GT5, with extra extra extra DLC in the future.

    • Jun. 19, 8:51am

      For a new game (not so new) we spect more than 7 tracks, that’s not enough for 69 euros…

      IMO that’s not so important that detail in tracks… i prefer some simple “track creator like” famous tracks all over the world with well done corners better than few tracks with weeks spend on them… silverstone doesn’t like so espectacular, and asphalt textures aren’t imperfect like in real life…

      I don’t care if trees are in the good place or not ! I only care about the fidelity of the track-path.

    • Jun. 19, 9:01am

      Cogency is right.

      To repeat, tracks CAN NOT be created in a months time. What isbeing sold as DLC is content that exists already when the disc is sold.

      Do not be fooled. You are going to pay in addition to the price of the game, for content that existed on day 1.

      That is a FACT, again because tracks cannot be created in one month time.

      Consider this, then think about if you are getting good value for your money, or if this business model favours the publisher.

    • Jun. 19, 9:10am

      Is it fair to have people waiting on the lobbies just because they don’t pay again for extra content?
      Yeah, well said, GT6 fells like GT5.5

    • Jun. 19, 12:30pm

      +1 to anim8r_uk (and Toko)

      Where do you other’s get your information from?

      Firstly, who said we will pay for EVERY piece of DLC? Remember, some of GT5’s DLC was free!

      And secondly, of course this business model favours the publisher – how do you expect them to keep going, keep giving us updates and DLC and creating more stuff to either add to the game or the next game they produce?

      EVERYTHING in this world is getting more and more expensive or didn’t you notice!? Rent/mortgages have to be paid, petrol needs to be bought, food, clothing – the list goes on! But it’s not just you and me – the people who make these games for us are affected by this as well! So, we hand over a few dollars for some extra stuff for the game… Who gives a damn? I want the GranTurismo series to keep going so I’ll do my part!!!

    • Jun. 19, 1:36pm

      So then mef, who says PD will need to create each track in just one month? How about they have already begun the process, y’know, prepared a back catalogue in readiness. That doen’t need to be on-disc content either. By the way, all DLC will be stored online…it won’t be on your disc.

      But you go ahead and believe what you like, as you clearly don’t worry too much about the facts, as you have yet to see the game, play it or anything – so how can you know?

  14. Jun. 19, 5:30am

    I really hope it’s free DLC. I hate to pay for a game and then I go online have to stand watching. It’s very unfair. I don’t mind cars being release as DLC but tracks, come on. I will think twice before buying GT6 because I feel I am being abused.

    • Jun. 19, 6:12am

      I agree.

    • Jun. 19, 7:49am

      Are you MAD!? Of course you have to pay, devs need money to continue working on their games. If you don’t want to pay, than you’re not getting anything, simple as…

    • Jun. 19, 8:20am

      please enroll in Economics 101.

    • Jun. 19, 9:06am

      @Toko: Yes, I’m mad. In my time I only had to pay for the game ONCE and you’d get access to 100% of the content. These youngsters nowadays who are addicted do DLCs… really, are all you guys (or your parents) rich? If the content is on the disk, no one gives care, but if it’s released later as DLC, it’s the best ever…

    • Jun. 19, 10:36am

      Go play jailbreak , all free.

    • Jun. 19, 1:07pm

      Read my answer to the comment above (or on the previous page) – I’m NOT writing this out a second time!

      Keep in mind that I’m 43yrs old and not rich!

      You say “In my time…” – when was your time? As I said, I’m 43 but my time is, well, NOW! And right now I play GT5 and am looking forward to GT6 and all of its DLC!!! I live in the present and I have adapted to the present. I don’t like that I have had to, but what’s the alternative? Living in the past? It can’t be done!

      Think about this – If your grandfather had said to you “In my time we didn’t have cars, we had horses and push-bikes!”, what would you have said to him? “Oh, but it’s the future of transportation!”. Now, imagine if we had no cars… We would then have no driving/racing games – No GranTurismo!!!

      One last thing to point out is my uncle. He’s 67yrs old, owns a PS3 AND an Xbox, has about 6 games that he likes to play and, though he doesn’t play GT5 online, he has downloaded all of the updates and bought all of the DLC that has been offered.

    • Jun. 19, 9:33pm

      scotty dog….yep the future old man! im 47 in 3 days… my dads 68 and he got al the special dlc…

    • Jun. 19, 10:14pm
      drag lab 101

      Scotty +1 on all that… I’m 34 & play with mostly older folks, 25 in game friends for GT5 & only 2 are under 20 & 1 because its my friends kid. I couldn’t agree more to all of what you said & am blown away when some says something along the lines of what Oyashiro said.
      & rich? Are you kidding me?! Since when does one have to be rich to purchase DLC? If its monthly and you factor the cost its less then a quarter a day in most cases… Is it that hard not to supersize your meals, buy one less pack of smokes ect ect?! Ppl expect so much just given away to them it seems.

  15. Jun. 19, 5:25am

    I hope reverse tracks don’t count as ‘ tracks’. Never been a fan of reverse tracks, it’s just not how u do things

    • Jun. 20, 12:10pm

      Did you know that Laguna Seca is run in the reverse direction for MotoGP? That’s the only real life example I know off the top of my head…

      The Original Circuits in the GranTurismo series are NOT real tracks, so if PD give us the chance to run it in reverse, that’s just how we do things!

  16. Jun. 19, 5:14am

    You spend so much time and money adding minor details to cars that no one will ever notice because the cameras are so restricted yet you leave important things out like freaking TYRE PRESSURE! :/

    • Jun. 19, 5:20am


    • Jun. 19, 9:09am

      Yes, but it has always stressed the ‘driving simulator’ aspect more than the tuning aspect.

      Tuning has always been very unrealistic. Think of the HP gains made by swapping ECU, intakes, exhausts. That is all completely artificial along with much of the other tuning options.

      There is no point in adding tyre pressure if the whole underlying model does not support it. But maybe with improved tire and suspension dynamics in GT6 tyre pressures might make more sense (would do for formula cars where a lot of suspension travel is in the tire)

  17. Jun. 19, 5:07am

    “Examining different seasons and lighting effects” I hope that means most or all tracks will have some type of weather and /or time changes

    • Jun. 19, 1:13pm

      Eventually, but most likely to be in GT7!

  18. Jun. 19, 3:59am

    can’t wait dec to buy GT6!!!!
    hope it ll be a good wait for GT7 on PS4!!!

  19. Jun. 19, 3:21am

    thats fine and all, but will the DLC tracks be intergrated with the single player mode? the DLC tracks for GT5 are worthless in A-spec mode.

    • Jun. 19, 1:19pm

      Ummm, I do believe that Spa has featured in three seasonal events! Maybe more, I’m not 100% on that…

      I only know of one GT500 race and two drift events…

  20. Jun. 19, 3:20am

    I love the fact that thay are doing DLC’s every mounth. keeps the game fresh and new exciteing. I also like the fact that the choice is individual. no packs, hope they do the same with cars. Hope this trend happens in all new games not just gt. It’s all business any way thay get more$$ you get new content everyone’s happy.

    • Jun. 19, 5:33am

      I’m not happy with that. Keeping the game fresh? Why not releasing the game only with 2 tracks and 10 cars and then you pay extra for the rest, and end up paying thousands of euros for a game that should be 60 euros? Really… -_-

    • Jun. 19, 8:38am

      iRacing does that very same thing despite having a recurring monthly fee. Plus the cars and courses are a lot more expensive than Gran Turismo’s DLC.

    • Jun. 20, 5:09am

      Oyashiro, how did you come up with THOUSANDS of euros? I have spent less than $100 on GT5, and we here in Australia get charged up the wazoo for absolutely everything!!!

      It is most likely that a fair amount of this DLC will be free! Remember, GT5 had free DLC! To get free stuff in this world of “NOTHING IS FREE” is a pretty good deal if you ask me!

      And what isn’t free will be easily affordable… Anyway, all the money goes to our favourite developers (in this case PD) who in turn keep the DLC coming and keep working on the next game! Hell, I sleep better in the knowledge that I have done my part in supporting the game I love!

      So shut up, sit back, relax, hand over some support and enjoy what is to come!

  21. Jun. 19, 3:19am
    Magic Ayrton

    I am so very happy with the way things are going at the moment.. GT6 is shaping up to be pretty darn good.. if they keep their promises that is.

  22. Jun. 19, 1:46am

    How in the world they can release cars and tracks for GT6 when they have to work on GT7? And of course they will charge, even some of money. They will still make millions $$.

    • Jun. 19, 2:10am

      GT7 will be much easier to make, so releasing DLC for GT6 won’t be a problem.

    • Jun. 19, 5:05am

      Also, all asset work on six will be useable on seven.

  23. Jun. 19, 1:44am

    So I have to buy with damn console monthly if I want full effect ?

    Stupid assed industry. 2005 and up is dead to me

    • Jun. 19, 5:58am

      I feel the same. I don’t buy games anymore, except for GT. And I’m not sure if I’m even buying GT6.

  24. Jun. 19, 1:23am

    People, stop talking out of your a**es. Nowhere does it say that monthly DLC’s will cost anything. I guess 50% of them will be free of charge (like old GT tracks), completely new scanned tracks and cars should cost no more than 3$, £, € and no less than 1$, £, € with all the layouts of the track.

    I just hope they inculde some newer BMW’s, Audi’s and Mercedes cars on disk itself. And I think every racing gear or colors should be free. I don’t like paying for 100 helmets if I only want to use one of them.

    And last think I really hope Kaz was truthful about all the liverys being available for almost every car in the game.

    Plus, bring Supra RZ premium and realistic tuning options (some Supra’s have 1000 hp+ :) and Nissan’s GT-R AMS Alpha packages should be included as well :) that shouldn’t be a problem with Nissan, since they are the GT Academy’s representatives.

    I really think this time we can hold Yamauchi san for his words, of course if no unexpected problems occur :)

    Go PD! You make my life worth living!!

    • Jun. 19, 1:26am

      *think = thing :)

    • Jun. 19, 5:59am

      I’m with you on Paint colors i hate the fact you have to either pay for the colors you want or acquire them threw the game it irritates me that i can’t just go into a paint booth an paint my car a certain color i have to spend all the extra time of buying a car with that color or waiting for it to show up an i’ve spent 20 bucks on paint pack because i like 3 colors that are only available in there.

    • Jun. 19, 11:17am

      Cost anything? No offence but, where do you live? Mars? Of course you pay, you pay again and again and..

  25. Jun. 19, 12:16am

    If they work on GT7 for the PS4 once GT6 is out, they might aswell sell you that content in the form of DLC and cash the profit twice, you people you buy into this are tools.

    • Jun. 19, 12:30am

      No, we’re people looking to expand our content selection. We’re people who want new content in the game.

      Keyword – new.

    • Jun. 19, 12:44am

      @HarVee +1

  26. Jun. 19, 12:13am
    Mister Slow


  27. Jun. 19, 12:06am

    I wish they’d do the Singapore night city track…

  28. Jun. 18, 11:25pm

    Holy crap. A new track EVERY MONTH!

    And somehow, the whining little bitches here still find a way to complain.

    • Jun. 19, 12:18am

      People whine, because all that is being made is empty promises. There is not way they can pull this off without cutting content from GT6. It takes PD supposedly 6 months to model just one track.

    • Jun. 19, 12:26am

      I’m all for new tracks every month , if it also includes an expansion to the career mode , not just arcade mode and online. Sure seasonals are fun but that only lasts for an hour or so. With new tracks I want new races through out all of A-Spec (special events, beginner, intermediate, expert , one make races ect…. New tracks should = New races. If not I’m sure I’ll still buy them because they’ll be used for WRS events.

    • Jun. 19, 1:45am
      drag lab 101

      GTP_Remo.. I couldn’t agree more.. I’m not expecting we will get that. But, I’d love to see that breath life into the Aspec like they do with Seasonals.

    • Jun. 19, 1:55am

      Maybe because content is being with held and sold as DLC unless you think they can make a new track at least once a month?

    • Jun. 19, 2:19am

      They don’t have to cut back on gt6 content to release a track every month. They might have started with a new track 5 months ahead of launch and another 4 months ahead and so on. Those would never be in the game if it takes 6 months to complete a track and it would work with a track every month since they don’t start with a new track every month, the only finish one every month.

    • Jun. 19, 5:08am

      That’s the way I see it too.

    • Jun. 20, 11:41am

      Yeah ok whatever!
      Thats a big coincidence, in 3 years of GT5 they give us 4 tracks (2 made up and one of them an oval) but all of a sudden now they want to charge for them they can bring em out regular as clockwork, and cars!

  29. Jun. 18, 11:22pm

    ewwww tasting a car? smelling a car you know people do fart. so that was a bit too much information about how much detail that’s going into the game.

  30. Jun. 18, 10:17pm

    If they’re going to be releasing it monthly, they better keep it fairly priced. Hopefully PD will make it $2 per track, max I will pay is $3. Also they should release some free content once in a while. Maybe give players a free car per month, and in addition they can also release car pack DLC. As long as the content keeps coming and it’s priced well, I’ll continue buying!!

  31. Jun. 18, 9:57pm

    BATHURST!!!!! YAY!!!

  32. Jun. 18, 9:47pm

    I hope there’s Gymkhana track hohoho… i like to test he new physics with lots obstacles and tricks :p

    • Jun. 18, 10:30pm
      drag lab 101

      I could go for that but don’t see it happening…

    • Jun. 19, 1:07am

      We had that in GT4, so it’s not impossible. It’s just a little piece of tarmac. If we don’t get it, we still have the back straight in the Top Gear Test Track.

    • Jun. 19, 1:40am
      drag lab 101

      Oh I know.. I just don’t see it happening for GT6 is what I meant. I’d love to see it though… Could be great as a license tests.

  33. Jun. 18, 9:43pm

    Gran Turismo – love it or hate it…

    • Jun. 18, 11:02pm

      Mixed opinions. I Lovate it. :sly:

  34. Jun. 18, 9:30pm

    Personally, I reckon these DLC tracks will be some of the fan favourites remastered and optimised to GT6 quality, like Apricot Hill and Seattle (seen in GT5 trailers last year) and Grindelwald (the folder found in a documentary on PD and racing at the Nurburgring a few years ago) and even Pikes Peak and El Capitan (Information/video Red Bull accidentally leaked)

  35. Jun. 18, 8:35pm

    PD don’t make the tracks monthly DLCs!! Cars, yeah. Tracks, no.

    • Jun. 18, 9:24pm

      Perhaps they have behind the scenes ;)

  36. Jun. 18, 8:30pm

    Oh great another unfinished game going to retailers… this is not a good trend. one day a game will be released and its 1 car and 1 track :(

    • Jun. 18, 8:38pm

      That’s already happened before. Believe it or not.

    • Jun. 18, 8:40pm

      In what way does DLC mean an unfinished game?! It’s just PD making a little extra money from us loyal GT fans that will shell out our hard earned cash.

    • Jun. 18, 8:43pm

      DLC doesn’t mean unfinished game UNLESS, it’s day 1 DLC. I highly doubt they would do that. If they do, I’ll be pissed but still buy it LOL.

      Everybody was pissed when they stopped making DLC for GT5 so I think this is their way of giving us hope, or something. I don’t know. Or maybe it’s a way for to to say, yes, there’s only 33 tracks to start, but we will add more after.

      I just hope we get Macau city circuit, Virginia International, Zandvoort, and Costa Di Amalfi. I also hope we get some touge tracks

    • Jun. 18, 9:25pm

      Wait and see OP, wait and see…

    • Jun. 18, 9:33pm

      No. They aren’t doing it because its unfinished.
      They are doing it to keep people interested in the game and keep it fresh.
      Think about when the DLC for GT5 came out, people started playing again. Even if it was only for a month or so.
      So imagine the interest that a new DLC pack, Whether it be car, track or both, would generate.
      You can’t tell me you wouldn’t want something new every month to keep the game interesting?

    • Jun. 18, 10:51pm

      Games are way too expensive now. This is a real good business model that works, and helps make extra profit. Most people love DLC and extra content for the games they buy and they are willing to pay for it.

  37. Jun. 18, 8:02pm

    “at least one additional track per month will be downloadable.”

    Mhmm, yeah. Good luck with that.

  38. Jun. 18, 8:00pm

    ha ha Taku was the guy that said we would get DLC every 2 months on gt5..and they held him to it ..a moaned like baby’s here…last almost looked like he didn’t want to really say that..ha ha.. 1 track a month..look out Taku they”ll bend your ear if your one day late…

  39. Jun. 18, 7:41pm

    I have the feeling that as the track roster grows, my purse will shrink.

  40. Jun. 18, 7:35pm

    I only hope PD brings back Special Stage Route 11.

    • Jun. 18, 8:11pm

      They will, in the GT6 Reveal trailer you can see the layout of it, in that scene where theres a lot of track layouts

  41. Jun. 18, 7:26pm

    I think they need to focus on more of the new cars for dlc

    • Jun. 18, 7:27pm

      but then again they havnt had much different track in all the other gt’s so it’d be nice to c something weve nvr seen b4

    • Jun. 18, 7:34pm

      I reckon they will provide the tracks from previous GT games as monthly DLC then slow down a bit and release the new tracks in every 2-3 months but who knows.

    • Jun. 18, 8:10pm
      Tenacious D

      sangdude, this is what I’ve been saying too. Once they run through the legacy Gran Turismo tracks, it’ll be brand new tracks, and the real world locations can take as much as two years to finish.

    • Jun. 18, 8:17pm

      But I reckon those legacy GT tracks will keep me entertained for months and months since there were so many awesome tracks got left out from GT5 :)

  42. Jun. 18, 7:20pm

    I like this bit,” He also hints at the company’s recent visit to Australia’s Mount Panorama Circuit, where the scanning team was spotted by local GTPlanet community members.” your welcome :P

  43. Jun. 18, 7:11pm

    New tracks as DLC every month? Keep it coming, for I don’t care about more cars, just tracks. I’d rather have 1200 tracks and 70 cars.

    • Jun. 18, 7:13pm

      Lol, 10/10 bro!!

    • Jun. 18, 7:35pm

      That’s not a bad idea at all lol :)

    • Jun. 18, 7:37pm

      It would be nice if they get rid of some of the cars that nobody would drive and focus on main stream cars ranging from everyday to full on racing. Then, have a lot large selection of tracks.

    • Jun. 18, 8:04pm

      @sangdude82 ..stop that..why get rid of anything…can we not just have it all….

    • Jun. 18, 8:07pm
      Tenacious D

      You play that game.

      I’d rather play Gran Turismo, which has nearly a thousand unique cars, impeccably mapped tracks, legacy tracks coming along regularly as DLC, and courses I can create myself. I’ll still have so many tracks to learn, it’ll take more than a year to do it.

    • Jun. 18, 8:46pm

      Well if they get the initial car list right, we won’t need new cars but you know damn well they won’t. Like usual, they’ll completely miss the mark on the cars list.

      Then they’ll mostly miss the mark on DLC as well, but the more we get, the closer we’ll get to having the cars people want instead of a bunch of japanese cars and slow cars that most people don’t want

    • Jun. 19, 12:24am

      @TomBrady Yeah, that’s exactly what I was trying to say.

  44. Jun. 18, 6:59pm
    Pit Crew

    I don’t care what flavor it is I’m not tasting any car. I may kiss it but thats as far as i’ll go.

    • Jun. 18, 8:33pm

      ha ha yeah… he almost made it sound like they actually employ llicker’s,sniffers and tasters…

  45. Jun. 18, 6:58pm

    EBISU and all the layouts should be in GT, please give us drifters this track PD

    • Jun. 18, 8:28pm


      I hoping that even if EBISU isn’t an official release, the new “create track from GPS data” feature might allow a local to drive the track and share that online for everyone. Of course it wouldn’t be anywhere near as good as an official release which would include all the background graphic details, but it sure would be nice to drive the layout at least.

  46. Jun. 18, 6:41pm
    GT5 Level 41

    Kaz, these are straight answers. You should try it.

  47. Jun. 18, 6:41pm

    Track I want to drive the most is Circuit Of The Americas! Please don’t leave this one out!

    • Jun. 18, 7:21pm

      U got that right!! And Imola please as well.

    • Jun. 18, 7:41pm

      You’ve got my vote for those tracks too! Imola is such an iconic track. Not only with its reputation but it’s the track where the F1 legend Ayrton Senna had an accident and lost his life. If Imola gets included on GT6 as DLC, it will make us quite emotional :)

    • Jun. 18, 8:38pm

      COTA (short course) is now used for one round in the Australian V8 Supercar series! I have only seen that one layout used and I like it!!
      I have seen maps of the full circuit and I think it will go down a treat in GT6, as would Imola!
      But I still really want Bathurst (Mount Panorama)!

    • Jun. 18, 8:46pm

      That would be cool

  48. Jun. 18, 6:22pm

    BTW, I’m totally a Sony/Gran Turismo fan, but I recently watched a game play of Forza 5 and it looked really good. I don’t know about their driving physics, but their graphics look as good as any Gran Turismo. PD/Sony: time to shift it into a higher gear and offer all the new/cool cars as soon as you start working on GT7 for PS4 and work on offering the best graphics/physics ever. Also, GT7 shouldn’t take as long to make as it’s now easier to make games for the PS4 and PD is an in-house Sony game producer with unlimited access/support to the PS4 hardware.

    • Jun. 18, 6:31pm

      Yeah, PD is definitely responding to their rival games by admitting and going to improve AI and engine sounds plus they have claimed that they will give us car & track DLCs.

    • Jun. 18, 8:47pm

      From what I’ve been hearing is that FM5 is less realistic. If they stayed on the open roads like Horizon, I wouldn’t say its a problem but as long as they try to make their version of gran turismo, it’s always gonna seem boring until they step up the realism.

  49. Jun. 18, 6:18pm

    That’s what I’m talking about finally. GO PD!!!

  50. Jun. 18, 6:18pm

    Bring on PD/Sony! And while you are at it, start converting the “standard” cars into premium and release them 10-15 cars every month. And please don’t forget to include many new cars such as the V-series Cadillacs, Porsche’s, Mustangs, etc, etc…

    • Jun. 18, 6:19pm

      No Porsche :(

    • Jun. 18, 6:23pm

      We can always be hopeful.

    • Jun. 18, 6:26pm
      Pit Crew

      It’s no use sangdude. People have explained and explained to this guy why we won’t see Porsche brand in GT series for a year or more now. He doesn’t want to know.

    • Jun. 18, 6:32pm

      However, it shouldn’t be that difficult to scan some of latest RUFs since PD already has the licence with them.

    • Jun. 19, 1:42am

      @ sangdude: Exactly! I totally agree about RUF’s.

  51. Jun. 18, 6:16pm

    Haven’t we heard this BS before…… And then what happened…….
    If it does work, wonder if they’ll be a season pass like other games…..

  52. Jun. 18, 6:15pm

    What is the point of 1 track a month when lets be honest soon as we get bored of GT6 chances are we will boot the PS4 up instead.

  53. Jun. 18, 6:14pm

    Watkins Glen (all layouts) Riverside, Road America and Road Atlanta (all layouts) Now you’re talking USA….USA….USA….

    • Jun. 18, 9:03pm

      Keep calm B*S, there are other countries that race in this world!
      Mount Panorama is a track that nearly EVERY Rally, NASCAR, BTCC, F1, DTM and Indy Car driver AND MotoGP rider wants to race at!!
      The tracks you mentioned, plus COTA, Sonoma and Virginia, are ok, but Bathurst is a world renowned race and the Mount Panorama circuit is an eagerly anticipated inclusion to the Gran Turismo series by A LOT of people all over the world!
      (I hope I didn’t over use the word ‘world’)

  54. Jun. 18, 6:12pm

    Implying that they’ll actually have DLC every month…

  55. Jun. 18, 5:58pm
    SVT Cobra GT

    “One track downloadable every month”

    That says to me, classic GT tracks as DLC with a couple of surprises/new ones thrown in.

  56. Jun. 18, 5:56pm

    What I’m wondering is, how are they going to release the DLC? If they update the game every month, including the content every time and selling a “key”, like they do now,I’m not sure if i have enough space on my hard drive. Basically there is a risk that people who do not play regularly get forced to update the game for at least 20 minutes every time they just feel like picking up GT for a few laps. This could get annoying after a while. I see it happening to me right now as the weeks fly by and I can’t find a few hours to play wjthout having to update again for hours.
    Plus, is it technically necessary for me to have loads of GB of stuff on my ps3 that I possibly do not even want or have no intention of buying?
    What do you guys think?

    • Jun. 18, 7:41pm

      it was always inevitable that we would run out of hard drive space..(local storage)…its looking like we will all have to sign up to plus at some pointyy if theirs going to be endless cars and tracks in the future..not all cars are in the game to start and have to be unlocked , then we run out, new game! as is the old way….gt5 was different it was completely extendable ..but as is with prototypes for a new system…its had to be fine tuned…now gt6 is the new gt5 and we will get all those add on’s they been working on and saving , for ever plus is the way! were going to have to keep all our extras there. also the content becomes the problem and managing it becomes a night mare for the customers…yes better let them do it on cloud computers…there good at it…

  57. Jun. 18, 5:53pm

    hopefully they ring back red rock valley and midfield and complex string

  58. Jun. 18, 5:46pm


  59. Jun. 18, 5:39pm

    Also hope they get licensing if they don’t already for Circuit of the Americas…this and aforementioned RWB wish/request/prayer/etc = Heaven

  60. Jun. 18, 5:30pm

    Im in.. will buy every track.. just hope it will not end like with gt5.. PD sayd DLC every 2 or 3 months.. in reality we got some 4 tracks only… and very limited amount of cars.. almost none of the requested…

    • Jun. 18, 5:31pm

      yeah thats true

  61. Jun. 18, 5:25pm

    yeahhh that´s nice :D and cars every month too via DLC??

  62. Jun. 18, 5:22pm

    When he was talking about how they model the cars in GT6, it reminded me of the marble from the Spongebob episode

  63. Jun. 18, 5:07pm

    We need the Callaway Sledgehammer

  64. Jun. 18, 5:06pm

    I see a hint on that GT2 video. Classic tracks coming to GT6 :)

    Whatever PD has in mind with this possible monthly DLC, I’m happy with it.

  65. Jun. 18, 4:59pm

    Finally! Some American muscle!

    • Jun. 18, 5:07pm

      Oh yeah! That Mach Forty looks like a beast!

    • Jun. 18, 5:11pm

      The old school American muscle cars needed to be converted into premium.

    • Jun. 18, 6:20pm

      I will be happy with whatever new Premium muscle car we get. But there is just one I am really wanting; The Superbird.

      A street Premium GT40 would be awesome as well.

    • Jun. 18, 6:47pm

      Oh yeah, the Superbird. I fell in love with that car with fast & furious 6 :D

  66. Jun. 18, 4:57pm

    At least one track every month? Sounds too good to be true.

  67. Jun. 18, 4:55pm

    Awesome game and all but…PREMIUM AE86!….please.

    • Jun. 18, 5:01pm

      and Toyota Supra? ;)

    • Jun. 18, 5:05pm

      Hopefully those will already be available on launch. I still can’t believe PD let them out.

  68. Jun. 18, 4:53pm

    As long as they include El Capitan I’ll be happy!

  69. Jun. 18, 4:50pm

    Just read that Forza 5 will have La Ferrari and possibly the Aston CC100… Hopefully we’ll either get these from the get go or as DLC soonish. Especially La Ferrari

    • Jun. 18, 4:53pm

      Isn’t it ironic that GT5 had around 1000 cars yet it was missing so many iconic super/road/racing cars from around the world? I really hope that PD can redeem themselves with GT6 and its DLCs.

    • Jun. 18, 5:01pm

      Yep, La Ferrari gotta be in GT6 along with 599 GTO, 599xx, Fxx, 458 Spider, FF and F12 Berlinetta.

    • Jun. 18, 5:43pm
      Nissan Lover

      Yes, but who is going to buy a Xbox One just to play Forza 5?

    • Jun. 18, 8:05pm

      Who will even buy an Xbox One?

    • Jun. 20, 12:37am

      Ill take La Ferrari, 599GTO the FF, 458 spider amd F12… if I get those then the game could include 900 different versions of Mazda Demio and I still wouldnt mind haha

  70. Jun. 18, 4:46pm

    ‘Tidbit’ is not a word. It’s ‘titbit’.

  71. Jun. 18, 4:44pm

    I wonder if they would make a “classic” DLC pack, with stuff like Special Stage Route 11, Seattle Circuit, The Tahiti rally tracks, etc… That would be amazing!

    • Jun. 18, 4:54pm

      I will buy that pack straight away!

    • Jun. 18, 9:24pm

      I would buy it if it was the only way to get those “old” tracks, but a re-rendered version should be free and included as an update!
      The only tracks we should have to pay for are Real World Circuits and ‘new’ Original Circuits, not the tracks that have already been in the GT series!!! Although, if included as a pack of, say, 10 “old” Original Circuits, I’d understand the cost because it would show PD was working extra hard to get them to us!

  72. Jun. 18, 4:38pm

    I’ve been wondering, will Spa & Twin Ring Motegi be part of 7 new tracks for GT6 or will they come back as track DLCs? Also, I have a good feeling that most if not all of the tracks from the previous GT games will come back for GT6.

    • Jun. 18, 8:24pm

      I’m thinking GT 6 will be much like GT5 and we will have many versions old and new ..and the dlc we have will carry forward..obviously there getting better at making cars and tracks now with new features….but i think there will still be both versions….i think there biggest regret in gt5 was calling them premiums and standards. they may continue now to upgrade tracks,cars,photomode..and bring us the latest versions as and when..i’m looking forward to an updated Spa with night and day as well as some of the good old tracks we”ve been missing.

  73. Jun. 18, 4:26pm

    Monthly Forza DLC – “This is awful, what moneygrabbers T10 and MS are. PD would never do that, Kaz respects us”
    Monthy GT6 DLC – “This is great news, shut up and take my money!”

    • Jun. 18, 4:32pm

      difference being GT contains a lot more cars and tracks at launch compared to Forza

    • Jun. 18, 4:37pm

      Heeeey Samus! Is that you? :)

    • Jun. 18, 4:51pm

      @NeuroticVows: Stop spreading false info. Thanks.

  74. Jun. 18, 4:22pm

    Anyone thinking these tracks can be old GT tracks that have since vanished, but now may return in higher res and detailed form?

    • Jun. 18, 4:34pm

      I hope so :)

  75. Jun. 18, 4:21pm

    couldn’t you just sell the game 20 euros more expensive instead?

  76. Jun. 18, 3:54pm

    7 locations, hmm… I predict Silverstone, Shanghai, Bathurst, Interlagos… Not sure about the other 3, so lets go with Sebring, COTA, and Paul Recard. Actually, that can’t be right, would PD ever add 7 locations without adding a Japanesse one? Lol, they’ll probably put one in there.

    Not so realistically, the track I really want is Belle Isle Park. I am openly bias towards this track because its my home track, but hey, I can make a case. The new layout they started using this year produced exciting racing with alot of passing and the Grand-Am race was great to, so it works for sports car as well. The location is picturesque as well. Belle Isle is an island in the Detroit River, kind of like how Montreal is only it doesn’t take up the whole island and it wasnt designed as a race track, it’s a normal street course. The facility is eye pleasing as well, as its the only temporary street circuit in America that actually has grass around in areas, not just concrete and walls, and more so then that, I can’t think of another track like that outside of Australia that holds major racing. The fountain section of the track us beautiful as well, as you race through the casino area you are racing around quite a large fountain. And hey PD, don’t you guys have that deal with GM now with that new Corvette? Chevy sponsors the Grand Prix and more importantly, the Renaissance Center, which is GM’s world headquarters, is very prominent in the tracks backdrop and you literally see it from wherever you are in the facility. Also in the backdrop is the Ambassador Bridge, which is the bridge from the US to Canada, as the island is smack in the middle of the 2 countries. Plus, don’t ya think it would be a good idea to have a track in Detroit, the Motor City, it’s the automotive capital of the world? The big 3 is based here, being GM, Ford, and UAW Chrysler. So there ya go, made my case for my home track, had to do it :P

    • Jun. 18, 4:01pm

      On top of that track list I would like to add Barber Motorsports Park, Infineon Raceway, Road Atlanta, and Mid Ohio! Watkins Glen would be nice too. Show the American road courses some love! They are some really good tracks actually..

    • Jun. 18, 4:07pm

      No doubt, Road America too! That I mean we deffinently deserve more then 3 tracks that don’t have weather, Daytona is the wrong layout for the road course and was rendered like crap (2006 or earlier by the infield Nextel signs), and we didnt even get a street course.

    • Jun. 18, 4:33pm

      and Virginia International Raceway :D

    • Jun. 18, 6:50pm
      Pit Crew

      Uhh… Willow Springs Matterhorn are confirmed, We’ve seen photos of Seattle and Apricot Hill, so we gotta consider those two. Silverstone we know, Possibly Sebring and Bathurst. Only leaves one if all the other courses we’ve actually heard connected to GT6 to be revealed, which could be SS11.

    • Jun. 18, 9:34pm

      @Pit Crew – Andalucía (in the course maker) was considered a “new” location!

  77. Jun. 18, 3:50pm

    I am liking GT6 better than GT5 so far mainly because it just seems like a much more organized, unrushed affair in comparison to its predecessor! And this interview also proves just how much work and time is put into the game, and just how special it is to the people working on it. It’s that undefinable magic that makes Gran Turismo so special and unique :)

    • Jun. 18, 4:10pm

      I agree. No wonder I felt so uncomfortable with GT5, because it felt so rushed and unpolished. GT6 is just sounding a lot more better than it, and I also like the fact that GT6 is more organised as well. :)

    • Jun. 18, 4:20pm

      I just read in a magazine that GT6 is a last call for the Gran Turismo series. It wont be released for PS4 because Sony doesn’t believe in the franchise, instead they chose Drive Club as their release game. They also mentioned that GT6 is more an expansion of GT5 than it is a new game. I get so provoked when reading that in a magazine. Youtube comments can easily be shaked off, as can forum posts. They did the same for GT5, it was even listed in this same magazine as number 2 in a list of “Top 5 Success games with horrible odds”. They were actually surprised by the sales of GT5. I bet they sit there with their Xboxes and Forza t-shirts when they write this stuff.


  78. Jun. 18, 3:46pm

    Yes, take my whole wallet.

    I’ll buy everything. Cars, tracks, whatever.

    • Jun. 18, 4:22pm

      I’ll sell you a badly scetched Nissan GT-R with a GT Logo on the side for a million bucks ;)

  79. Jun. 18, 3:34pm

    great, looks like we’re buying a half finished game again… tracks should be free DLC’s but it should really be ON THE DISK ….. Paying for Car DLC’s is fine…. no wonder the release date is so quick after GT5 lol

    • Jun. 18, 3:45pm

      The biggest problem with track DLC is that it does split up the community. What i’m hoping Polyphony does, is that if you don’t have the track you can still race on it in multiplayer, but the host has to select that track. If you host a lobby, you can’t do it yourself. Although I thought that was already possible in GT5? So hopefully it carries over.

    • Jun. 19, 10:55am

      I always think about spa (and remember, they finished that track after the release, now we’re talkinb about stuff left out from the disk), a track that i wanted so much, online after track vote the situation was always like ”half of the lobby don’t have it, revote”. With cars it’s ok, with tracks doesn’t work at all in my opinion, you will end using them only in free run. People is happy to hear news like this, personally i’m like boosted, we will have a good gt ruined by this. Sony will never let pd do what you say omggitsbees, even if i think that way can make everyone happy without ruining the game.

  80. Jun. 18, 3:34pm

    Hopefully Polyphony is finally starting to listen to it’s fans….Not the cry babies but the die hard race fans! Give us great tracks, great cars and you will have fans well into their 50’s and 60’s. People that have the disposable income to buy consoles, rigs and so forth but don’t necessarily have the time to spend a weekend at their local track. It really isn’t rocket science!

    • Jun. 18, 3:39pm

      I’d like to see all the tracks from the previous games. Red Rock Valley, Grinderwald, El Capitan, Smokey Mountain, Grand Canyan, Apricot Hill, Midfield, Driving Park and the list goes on!

    • Jun. 18, 3:46pm

      @GTchicken, I completely agree. I particularly love Apricot Hill and Midfield, easily two of my favorite original tracks they’ve made.

    • Jun. 18, 4:44pm

      +10,000, I love all of those tracks, please bring them back at some point in the GT series, along with the ‘Coffee Break’ feature during licenses, which were fun little mini-games.

  81. Jun. 18, 3:32pm

    Lol, I read about the track releases over a week ago. Hey don’t forget about the Concours de Elegance cars too. There is that Ferrari, the Ghia Plymouth concept, and I forget the other one at the moment

  82. Jun. 18, 3:29pm

    Mary’s Camaro is all I care about. Will he spending countless hours driving my dream car. Please get the exhaust note right though.

    • Jun. 18, 4:18pm

      Well according to that interview, the engineer team photograph, scan, smell and taste the cars, but lets hope they start listening to them as well.

  83. Jun. 18, 3:28pm

    Polyphony should release the DLC tracks and cars for free for GT6! Or, at least be able to purchase them with your Gran Turismo credits.

    • Jun. 18, 3:41pm

      It takes man hours to create. Which means real cash has to paid to these people. They should and will charge real cash for them.

    • Jun. 18, 3:48pm

      Of course they need to be paid. The point is, Gran Turismo 6 is supposed to be like GT5 completed. As long as they get all of the tracks that I miss and add new tracks after that, thats fine.

    • Jun. 18, 3:51pm

      For the brilliant work Polyphony does, they does the money. Polyphony puts alot of time and care into making every GT technically perfect and beautiful!

    • Jun. 18, 3:52pm

      Good point OwensRacing. I think it’s also important to realize that DLC can be important for the company to be able to maintain the servers. I don’t know if PD is in that particular position like some smaller developers are, but PD and Sony would need a little money to maintain them and monthly DLC would greatly help if the community supports it. Just think to yourself, these DLC tracks will probably cost like $5, $10 at most. Just think of it as a couple cases of beer, because if it’s a track worth getting then you’ll be having way more fun with that $5-$10 than a case of beer would because the track never runs empty! Video gaming is very cheap for the amount of fun that takes place throughout the lifetime of the product, which is why I have no problems supporting a company like PD through buying their monthly DLC… if I like the content.

    • Jun. 18, 3:57pm

      Every game Polyphony makes is a piece of art and fine craftsmanship. Unlike Need For Speed, Polyphony takes time and puts alot of effort into making every game. I have purchased DLC for Gran Turismo 5 in the past. I bought the cool disco kart tracks and the test tracks in GT5.

    • Jun. 18, 4:05pm

      Gt6 is not suppose to be like GT5 completed, it’s like saying GT5 was GT4 completed and so on. We are the only ones saying GT5 wasn’t completed. Kaz said he wanted more development time for GT5, but in PD’s book, that’s a completed game, not an unfinished project. GT6 is just the next thing.

      Paid DLCs are deffinently a good thing as by keeping revenue coming in on the game is how it is maintain, as was mentioned. I’m fine with paying $10 a month for a DLC, $5 being the track pack and $5 for the 5 or 6 new cars. How I would prefer they do it though is each thing individually, $5 a track and $1 per car.

    • Jun. 18, 4:12pm

      Gran Turismo 5 is not my favorite in the series for many reasons. I am really looking forward to Gran Turismo 6 and cant wait to play it! I think my GT5 game will be collecting dust when GT6 is released.

    • Jun. 18, 6:08pm

      @racingRAW – What amazingly cheap beer are you drinking for $5-$10 per case?! Decent beer by me is about $1.50 each!

      Anyway since I spend about $15/wk on said beer it’ll be easy to pick up a DLC once a month instead of barley and hoops for one week ;-)

  84. Jun. 18, 3:26pm

    I love this game and will buy the DLC no matter what.

  85. Jun. 18, 3:24pm

    I certainly don’t mind at all. Turn 10 did a good job making monthly DLC for Forza, but were only cars and not tracks sadly. :\ I wonder how many cars PD will release? It doesn’t have to be 10, it can at least be 5 cars a month or something. Just “one” track at a time PD, than after you’ve finished that, than you’re home free letting us know you’re done. :)

    • Jun. 18, 3:34pm

      I’m gonna go with 1 location at a time, because if there are different layouts I’d rather buy it as a location instead of keep getting different layouts from one track for 4 months.

    • Jun. 18, 3:52pm

      ^ True. I could go with that too, makes good sense. :)

    • Jun. 18, 3:58pm

      I don’t know why they would release different versions of the same environment over time.. that just seems stupid.

    • Jun. 18, 4:03pm

      ^ Well for one like Yas Marina Circuit, that may take awhle but I understand what you mean. Lol it’ll piss everyone off.

    • Jun. 18, 4:21pm

      God, can you imagine how awesome the Yas Marina Circuit will be at night in GT6’s graphics?

    • Jun. 18, 4:26pm

      OMG. I know excatly what you mean @sangdude. :) Them night photos from there.

      *.* :drool:

    • Jun. 18, 4:51pm

      Toko, would you like to see the Yas Marina Circuit to be divided into day time and night time or to have the time change just in Abu Dhabi Grand Prix where they start in the day time (afternoon) and finish in the night time? Let’s have all of 3, imo :)

    • Jun. 18, 4:54pm

      Maybe they will release different layouts of the same location. Take Willow springs, There are 3, even 4 separate tracks there. Who knows if all will be available on disc. I hope they will be, but then again, I would pay for the different layouts.

    • Jun. 18, 6:32pm

      @sangdude Absolutely! The more tracks with day/night cycle, the better. :)

    • Jun. 18, 6:34pm

      Oops, it meant to be ‘just like in’

  86. Jun. 18, 3:23pm

    Hi everybody, i’m new on this page but let’s get to the important bit: is the Scuderiaa Glickenhaus P4/5 Competizione going to be in the game, because i saw an image of some PD-guys taking photos of it and of the Alfa DTM Race Car

    • Jun. 18, 3:30pm

      Hey man, welcome to GTPlanet. :) I’m not too sure, but there could be an high chance we’ll see the Alfa and Lancia. The P4/5 could also be a high chance too.

    • Jun. 19, 3:27pm

      Yeah, hopefully. So we can race it against the GT3 cars like Audi and BMW even if it’s a GT2 underneath. :)

  87. Jun. 18, 3:21pm

    Ehhh.. big deal. The DLC on GT5, especially the cars wasnt that special and I kinda felt ripped off. Perhaps if they stick to their schedule and offer new and different cars, not standards to premiums, then I’ll be more inclined to buy it.

    • Jun. 18, 3:36pm

      The standard to premium was the only time I felt ripped off. I was a little disappointed in the TC pack that there was only 1 car that wasnt Japanese and no European cars. When we think GT racers we think European cars, why didnt we get any ones that are actually raced in real life?

    • Jun. 18, 4:03pm

      The spa dlc was pretty awesome, most the cars were pretty weak, but I certainly don’t feel “ripped off”.

    • Jun. 18, 4:23pm

      I reckon a lot of people will be happy if they convert the Toyota Supra from standard to premium and put on GT6. If not, release it as a DLC later.

  88. Jun. 18, 3:18pm

    Kaz you have great taste in cars!

  89. Jun. 18, 3:13pm

    So GT6 will have 7 new tracks, and thats it. You’ll have to pay even more money for the rest.

    • Jun. 18, 3:25pm

      7 new tracks is a lot of tracks in fact. It may not sound like that, but 7 is a big number when talking about tracks.

    • Jun. 18, 3:36pm

      Umm, 7 locations ontop of 33 – that’s almost 25% more than GT5 came out with…

    • Jun. 18, 3:37pm

      I agree, 7 is a good number, assuming that is 7 locations and not 3 locations with a total if 7 layouts

    • Jun. 18, 3:38pm

      Seven locations and nineteen layouts.

  90. Jun. 18, 3:12pm

    yeah… like the new sound, it’s blurry enough to tease you but without to be 100% sure it will really happen…. typical PD PR.

    • Jun. 18, 3:21pm

      That’s a fair-enough comment :)

    • Jun. 18, 3:42pm

      What’s blurry about there will be at least one DLC track every month? Stretching the interpretaion a bit aren’t we?

  91. Jun. 18, 3:11pm

    I would like to see Interlagos circuit, (Sao Paulo, Brazil), the new COTA – Circuit of the Americas (Texas, USA), A1-Ring (Austria), Hockenheimring (Hockenheim, Germany)…

    • Jun. 18, 3:16pm


    • Jun. 18, 3:27pm

      Yes, all of those please :) Btw, A1-Ring became ‘Red Bull Ring’ since late in 2008 since Red Bull has done a €70m reconstruction.

  92. Jun. 18, 3:08pm
    Lazy Liquid

    Touge, please.

    • Jun. 18, 3:58pm

      Yes, all the drifters want the touges to be added into GT :D

  93. Jun. 18, 3:06pm

    Although not that big of a deal, I hope there is a season pass this time for the DLC. With GT5, the DLC, PD just kinda winged it a year into the game. I’m glad they are actually planning for DLC this time from the start.

  94. Jun. 18, 3:05pm

    I hope that they will release the detail of DLC cars & tracks. I also hope that while PD staff were in Australia, they’ve scanned some of latest HSV & FPV cars as well as V8 Supercars.

    • Jun. 18, 3:31pm

      I would like some of the classic Bathurst cars:
      Torana A9X
      Torana XU1
      Ford GTHO
      Ford XC Falcon


    • Jun. 18, 3:56pm

      and the Gibson Motorsport Nissan R32 Skyline GT-R that won the 1992 Bathurst 1000 which ended the Australian Group A Touring Car Championship and brought the Holden vs. Ford era.

    • Jun. 19, 12:29am

      I actually rang Holden (I live in S.A. so it was a local call) and they said that they have not been approached by either Sony or PD…
      However, that does not mean I was told the truth! They are probably keeping it on the down low by agreement.
      As there are two Holdens in GT5, I would not be surprised if they have updated them to premium models. But the two Fords from GT4, what happened to them!? Ok, they left them out of GT5 – I hope they come back in GT6!
      The cars hotdogxx60 mentioned Would be a great inclusion, though not as race cars. Have them as Australian Muscle but use the Race Modification section in GTAuto to do them up as Bathurst cars and (hopefully) use the Livery Editor to obtain one of up to ten different liveries for that particular car… (I can see every man and his dog using Brock’s on a Holden and Moffatt’s on a Ford!)

  95. Jun. 18, 3:04pm

    I dont agree with Day 1 DLC, if its done then put it in the game via a patch… asking for people who have just bought the game to then pay a few bucks more is a little cheeky

    • Jun. 18, 3:08pm

      May be they are following Turn’s 10 way of making money. Still, it’s hard to believe the PD with their promise of monthly car & track DLCs for GT6 considering they couldn’t even deliver their promised of car DLCs every 2 months on GT5.

    • Jun. 18, 3:08pm

      Is not Day 1 DLC.

    • Jun. 18, 3:26pm

      @sangdude82 Don’t start with the whole “promise” crap again, because Kaz didn’t promised us nothing…

    • Jun. 18, 3:37pm

      True, I just had a look at the GT6 presentation and it just said ‘cars & tracks will be added online’. Sorry guys. But Toko, I’m sure that some people will complain about the promise crap on this page lol.

    • Jun. 18, 3:46pm

      They will always complain and make assumptions.

    • Jun. 18, 3:53pm

      @sangdude82 lol. That’s just how it is. :)

  96. Jun. 18, 3:02pm

    Yeah, just like gt5 got dlc every 3 months, huh?

    • Jun. 18, 3:05pm

      Ahh remember those crazy 9 months…

  97. Jun. 18, 3:02pm

    Mount Panorama aka Bathurst. GT-6 would be worth the price of admission for that track alone. Now all we need is a Commodore with the Mobil 05 livery :-)

    • Jun. 18, 3:09pm

      Bathurst better be one of 7 new tracks and available from day 1 on the disc…

    • Jun. 18, 3:49pm

      It was scanned at about the same time as Silverstone, earlier I think and a V8 championship would be a nice addition to the series :)

    • Jun. 18, 6:36pm

      Aus V8 Supercars Championship along with GT3 Championship on GT6 will drive the racing fans crazy :D

  98. Jun. 18, 3:01pm

    As long as they aren’t released on release date!

  99. Jun. 18, 3:01pm

    Bathurst anyone?

  100. Jun. 18, 3:00pm

    Fantastic news!! :)

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