KTM, Producer of X-Bow Sportscar, to Participate in May 15th Gran Turismo Announcement Event

May 9th, 2013 by Jordan Greer

Sony’s official press release for the big “15 Years of Gran Turismo” event planned at Silverstone Circuit on May 15, 2013, offered a few hints at what’s to come. One interesting paragraph discussed car manufacturers who will be participating:

This mutual respect and increasing blurring of the lines between the virtual and real, has led to the Silverstone event being well supported by a host of other manufacturers as well, such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, KTM, Mercedes Benz, Tesla and Toyota. Real-life versions of their cars, old and new, familiar to the legions of passionate Gran Turismo fans will be on display and on-track as part of the event.

One of those manufacturers should stand out to observant Gran Turismo fans: KTM is an Austrian motorcycle company. They only produce one car, the “X-Bow”, a popular, lightweight, open-air sports car powered by a turbocharged, four-cylinder Audi engine.

Needless to say, the car has never been featured in a Gran Turismo game (KTM bikes were not in Polyphony Digital’s Tourist Trophy, either), which makes their participation in such a major event for the brand very intriguing. With Gran Turismo 6 being suggested for a reveal next week, could the X-Bow be one of the title’s new cars?

We’ll find out soon enough – GTPlanet will be attending the Gran Turismo event at Silverstone on May 15th, providing full, live coverage of all the day’s activities and announcements as they unfold. Mark your calendars, and stay tuned!

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  1. May. 13, 11:06am

    I would love to have Mount Panorama before Silverstone – But i gladly take Silverstone if that’s what’s coming hehe – But Mount Panorama is a gorgeous Race track – Did you know that a Dane set the Fastest time on Mount Panorama in a Ferrari 458 –

    Allan Simonsen :O) youtube.com/watch?v=XM4QpKaTNtc

  2. May. 13, 8:29am

    Just got an general advertising Email from Sony telling me ‘Something big is coming’…

    When I clicked on CLICK HERE FOR MORE it took me to the PS Mobile site and it happend to take me to the Vita section of the site but had a 404 error saying ‘the page couldn’t be found’ Now why would it take me to the Vita section when I clicked on the tell me more bit?! ;-)

    • May. 13, 8:33am

      Forgot to add, the email was advertising this announcement on Weds!

  3. May. 12, 1:32pm

    http://www.gtplanet.net/gran-turismo-5-demo-available-now/ Maybe it will be something like this? (FREE) Gran Turismo 6 Time Trial Demo at Silverstone?

  4. May. 11, 2:31am

    Sony’s Senior business manager “Shahid Kamal Ahmad” announced a Big Game on PS VITA!!
    I think next week they ll announce GRAN TURISMO VITA.
    Not GRAN TURISMO 6….

    • May. 11, 11:13am

      I am quite sure, we’ll see both.

    • May. 11, 12:07pm

      ^ This +1

    • May. 12, 8:33am

      If they announce only Vita version. they can go to hell :)

    • May. 14, 9:11am

      @karelpipa haha I needed a good laugh. A do hope that all the hype isn’t only over PS Vita.

  5. May. 10, 10:04pm

    Almost thought the top picture was a Photo Mode/Screenshot lol–anyways, some fresh new faces in the ever-growing Brand Department of GT would be gladly welcomed, but let’s not get our hopes set too high, there are a lot of vehicles I would think were sure bets for GT (under Brands already licensed) that never saw the Light of Day, and others that appeared in Previous Titles that didn’t make the cut into the Later Versions, we’d all be a lot less disappointed if we keep our expectations in check..

    • May. 10, 10:42pm

      Would’ve loved to see the “New Lancia Stratos” Pininfarina crafted a few years ago, for those Stratos Fans who haven’t checked it out–it is a must see, and I’ve been waiting for a Jaguar XJR-15 since the beginning, (there are close to 30-40 I personally wish for, or want to see return to GT) but these amazing cars just haven’t made it–an X-Bow (and it’s upcoming successor) can’t really be guaranteed, no matter how much we may want it..

      I learned that just because a Brand is there, the Car you want isn’t guaranteed to make an appearance.. I’m hoping KTM and/or Polyphony will announce their inclusion, but that’s the only way I’ll buy them showing up in GT; I highly doubt Bikes will be included in GT6, Tourist Trophy was actually one of my All-Time favorite Games but they wouldn’t have Bikes On-Track with Cars/Trucks, it just isn’t Polyphony.. Perhaps if they had seperate Races (like Karts) or Online it would work, but as I said before let’s not aim too high here, I’m just realistically hoping for more Tracks more On-Track Competitors and Basic things along those lines for GT6..

  6. May. 10, 6:57pm

    I wonder if Skid Recovery Force will be stuck on in that car in real life now? Is that part of the deal?

    • May. 10, 7:42pm

      BWX is losing it. -__-

    • May. 11, 1:49am
      Pit Crew

      C’mon BWX, I know you’re disappointed about some things, but you’re better then this Post.

    • May. 11, 2:48am

      ^ That’s BWX for ya. XD

  7. May. 10, 4:42pm

    N4G.com have a story that SCEE’e Senior Manager says there’s an amazing big title coming to Vita. The 15th of may event could be the unveiling of a GT Vita Title.

  8. May. 10, 2:24pm

    KTM make 2 cars actually. The X-Bow, and the X-Box GT (which has a windshield, hahaha.)

    • May. 10, 3:28pm
      Pit Crew

      Actually it’s like six excluding the Race Car. There’s even a Police car version.

  9. May. 10, 1:19pm

    Hennessy Taurus SHO. 455 HP AWD terror

  10. May. 10, 1:16pm

    Bring on the new Ecoboost Fords. Focus ST. Fiesta ST. Taurus SHO. Escape 2.0. Fusion 2.0

    • May. 10, 1:20pm

      Don’t start car wishing please..

  11. May. 10, 12:38pm

    There is no AMAR clues?

  12. May. 10, 12:14pm

    Can’t wait for the 15th no matter what happen.

  13. May. 10, 10:30am

    What is wrong with the news reporting on GTPlanet? Everything is all speculation, jumping the gun, and just poor reporting that would make the Daily Mail better than this. But then I’m just annoyed by the smallest things in GTP’s journalism. It’s not even a real news agency, so I should not be criticizing like this.

    But I feel the news reporting has gotten worse over the course of the period after GT6 speculation.

    On the comment on the actual news, it does seem promising KTM X-Bow could make an appearance in a future GT title, but right now they are often seen as a filler car for many game press launches. They do this with NFS too.

    • May. 10, 12:03pm
      Pit Crew

      Unfair statement. Makes 1 wonder why you joined as a member. Your OP is a very petty principle to stand on.

    • May. 12, 1:38am

      It IS speculation – but hardly jumping the gun.

      Where did it say that the X-Bow was confirmed? Nowhere. There was a statement clamping that KTM – a manufacturer with only (technically) car in its line-up, will be participating in GT Academy. Hardly bad reporting.

      In fact, it is ASKED if the car could be included in the next game – and that we will see what happens in a matter of days. Not once does the article say it will r it is likely. (Though, obviously, it IS likely with the statement made).

      And it’s the same for most articles, usually regarding which platform GT6 could be released on. The news points to statements made by external sources (like Sony executives), but never takes that as fact, or gives the reader an opinion to agree with. (As news should be). The only opinions here are from what the readers take as fact, and then comment about. It is nothing to do with the reporting.

  14. May. 10, 9:59am

    I hate this things, is just an excuse to drink free champagne, why just not say “ok guys, GT6 will be out in august 15 it gonna cost xxx bucks and will be for PS4” period, so much hysteria!! ill buy it anyway!!

    • May. 10, 10:31am

      Don’t forget it’s the 15th Anniversary of Gran Turismo, a milestone to have a toast at.

    • May. 10, 10:35am

      Crazy, the may 15th its my birthday, a milestone to have a toast at.

    • May. 10, 12:07pm
      e30 freek

      Its my birthday today and i got a renault 5 turbo from signing in, never knew about this what a great feature

    • May. 10, 12:14pm
      Pit Crew

      ^ Really e30? well Happy Birthday bro. Birthday ticket gift has been around since the Beginning though.

    • May. 10, 12:35pm

      Happy Birthday e30! i almost forgot that feature!! nice BTW.

    • May. 10, 8:09pm
      e30 freek

      Thanks guys 33 today well yesterday now

    • May. 11, 12:44pm

      It’s not possible for it to be on PS4, its too early, the next X box has not been revealed yet!

    • May. 11, 4:33pm

      ^Tell me, i just bought ace combat assault horizon, i play it very little time

    • May. 12, 1:43am

      When PD had early access to code environments and dev kits? PD helped decide on what went in to the PS4, and knew about it FAR before we did. They very well could have been able to develop for the PS4 platform around the time we know GT6’s development started (a bit before GT5 was released).

      GT6 on PS4 is NOT out of the question. What IS out of the question, is GT6 on BOTH PS3 and PS4, as they are very different environments. It would be too much work for the time passing for it to be possible.

  15. May. 10, 8:07am

    Michael Schumacher loved the car (Race of the Champions). So why shouldn`t I?

  16. May. 10, 8:04am

    all this means only 2 things for me..

    we are getting this open roof orange car


    manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Jaguar, KTM, Mercedes Benz, Tesla and Toyota, Real-life versions of their cars, old and new.. all will be together with PD team.. they should get new HD photos etc. for premium models…..


  17. May. 10, 8:02am

    Bring it on pd I’m ready for this event!!!

  18. May. 10, 6:51am

    A GT Related Release party with no Mention of NISSAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am i the only one who noticed this? Could this finally be a sign for us who hate GT’s over use of the Skyline? Glad to see Ktm in this after an American ATV/Snowmobile Company saved them from closing there doors. If that wouldn’t have happened we never would have seen the X-Bow.

  19. May. 10, 6:37am

    Mmmmm …BMW, Silverstone, Real Life Cars on display. Somehow I do not think they will only bring the Z4, M Coupe, 135i, M3 Coupe and old M5. My guess is that they will bring the latest round of M cars including, and may I say YUM-YUM, the 1M. These days they have also been displaying the legendary E36 M3 Touring Car and the M1 Race Car a lot. I wonder if they will also bring those.

    Whatever they bring, I hope Kaz is walking around with eyes wide open …

    • May. 10, 10:46am
      e30 freek


    • May. 10, 3:18pm

      Sweet Jesus if we get the E36 M3 Touring Car…shut up and take my money

  20. May. 10, 5:39am

    Dealerships who attend to the event on the 15th will be in the game GRAN TURISMO 6 . Am I correct? anyone correct me.

    • May. 10, 5:55am
      tube chaser

      One would hope so, otherwise its a bit like arriving at the prom in your snazziest suit – but without a date.

  21. May. 10, 1:59am

    Hope to get the Peugeot 208 Turbo 16 Pikes Peak Proto!!

  22. May. 10, 1:20am

    Oh, no, I don’t like the KTM X-bow….. so I hope it’s not on the way in to the game….

    • May. 10, 2:27am

      Well. If it does, don’t drive it. Simple as that.

    • May. 10, 8:13am

      +1, it seems I will try it out.. but 99% of the time, I dont use cars older than 1999 year.. they look horrible, drive horrible, the cars itself in real life are horrible due to cheap automated manufacturing (compered to old type of cars, they can drive for 20 year without huge repairs…) new cars can drive only 2 years without a problem, there is just too many things that can go wrong.. (I dont talk about supercars!)

      also all these new cars are booring to drive since they have all those computer added assists and other improvements… hope this x orange car dont have them..

      I just wish PD focus mainly on good cars, not on those new Nissan Leaf type of trash.. meanwhile I understand that new cars are just advertisement, since any mature human being if he has some knowledge about history or passion for racing cant like those new refrigerator trash cars….

    • May. 10, 12:11pm
      Pit Crew

      The KTM was brought to market in 2008. Obviously Tvensky you dont visit the main forum much. Though not confirmed theres growing excitement over the possibility this car could end up in a Future GranTurismo title.

  23. May. 9, 11:21pm

    SHORT________PS4 4Q 2013/ PS4>GT6prologue in 2014

    • May. 9, 11:37pm

      Say NO to prologue!!!!

    • May. 10, 12:08am

      on PS4 yes!!!

    • May. 10, 11:24am

      Rally squad assemble.

      No to GT6 PROLOGUE!!

      No to PS4!!

    • May. 11, 11:17am

      I would prefer a full game. Who would not. But when GT6 is PS3 & Vita, I would love to see a Prologue next year on PS4 rather than waiting for many more years until a full GT on PS4.

  24. May. 9, 10:19pm

    I love the X-Bow maybe we can be able to include SS class cars in GTPlanet events if it shows up in GT6 :).

  25. May. 9, 9:46pm

    I hope the KTM will be in GT6 or GT5. I’ve been saying for a LOOOOONNGGG time that GT needs more track day cars like the Radical, ariel atom, more caterhams, or the Xbow. I love the Caterham in GT5 but we need more stuff like that. THe X Bow would be a good start. Radical next please

    • May. 10, 2:23pm


  26. May. 9, 8:00pm

    KTM presents: Gran Turismo karting like you’ve never seen before!

  27. May. 9, 6:37pm

    If the KTM X-Bow does end up in GT6, that will be great news. However, just because it’s participating in the media event, there is no guarantee that it will actually be in the game.

    Until there is more information on the car list, we can only speculate.

    • May. 9, 7:11pm

      I’d like to see any one of the areal atoms! That would be a treat!!

  28. May. 9, 5:23pm

    Still waiting for the giant conglomerate that’s Sony to move a few things around and make it possible for Porsche to be in GT6. If they really want it, they could get the millions of fans involved to petition Porsche and EA (whomever owns the rights) to have their cars in Gran Turismo. I wanna see that happen in my lifetime.

    • May. 9, 5:33pm

      Forza got it. I don’t see why Gran Turismo can’t.

    • May. 9, 5:42pm

      the reason why Forza got Porsche was because EA let them have a sub-licence. I’m not even joking! Its crazy right!

    • May. 9, 6:33pm

      They only got the sub-license for a month, though… That’s why no Porsche got into Horizon, only in one DLC for FM4. T10 is under Microsoft, one of the largest and wealthiest companies out there – I’m sure that the asking price for a sub-license is rather large, as EA is quite the greedy company. Microsoft likely put large funds into T10 for the sub-license. I’d bet, and PD knows this, the money put aside for the license would be FAR better used to work on something else.

    • May. 9, 6:43pm
      Nuff Said163

      You be preaching the truth @Quakebass, Salute

    • May. 9, 6:54pm

      @Quakebass Excatly that, which is why it’s better to get more RUFs into GT6 and all premium as well. I really don’t want Sony/PD wasting money for a sub-license from EA. EA’s rather greedy to give money to IMO…

    • May. 9, 7:37pm
      Pit Crew

      Poor Quake, it must get on your nerves a little to have to explain this Porsche thing to people who constanly go on and on about what PD should do to get Porsche. Good work bro, but honestly they dont want to understand.

    • May. 9, 8:10pm

      Forget an actual Porsche licence – just concentrate on adding new RUF cars and adding Gemballa cars to GT and I’d be more than happy.

    • May. 10, 12:51am

      I cannot see how Porsche continues to want to be associated with EA. Are they aware that EA has been voted “Worst Company in America” …TWICE in a row??? And, what is worse, this award is voted for by the public! How can you continue to want to be associated EXCLUSIVELY with that? Considering what a good job Porsche does of selling their cars, I have no choice but to believe that EA has Porsche by the proverbials and they cannot get out of this contract. Porsche is a leading brand and I honestly have a hard time believing they actually want to be locked in with EA at this point. But then who knows these days but really, in corporate terms, EA as Quakebass said, “is quite the greedy company”.

    • May. 10, 4:17am

      ^^What Nato_777 said.

    • May. 10, 9:41am

      I second (third?) Nato777’s post, as well. RUF’s and Gemballas would be fantastic- even though the pure GT-class racing porsches would still be missed. The presence of Porsche in worldwide GT racing is just too much to ignore. Another company worth looking at would be TechArt, though I’m not sure if they make new VIN vehicles or just produce aerokits- which, by the way are fantastic.

      Also @JohnnyP, that is excellent news about EA being voted ‘worst company’ by the public! I’va had a major problem with them ever since they created a legal monopoly (don’t get me started on the laws around here) by purchasing exclusive licensing for the NFL, eliminating the MUCH better NFL2K series by Visual Concepts/Sega- leaving EA’s non-evolving, money-extracting Madden franchise as the only NFL football game. **** EA. :l

    • May. 13, 12:11pm

      I’m saddened that some guys here are accepting things as they are, as opposed to what they could be. GT is the biggest franchise in Sony’s history and Porsche (let me remind everyone) is one of the most legendary car/race car builders of ALL TIME. To not have Porsche (because it costs too much) would be like a GT fan being stuck with a PS 1 and continuing to play GT1 because they can’t afford an HD TV/PS2/PS3. The cost is totally worth it and w/o Porsche, Gran Turismo is not as great as could be. Porsche are distinct cars that other manufacturers can’t match. Others may have the FR or MR V8s and V12s, but Porsche is the only manufacturer to produce the RR beast that’s the 911. And others (like RUF) don’t count because they are simply modified (changed) from their original perfection.

  29. May. 9, 5:01pm

    Ooh. I doubt it, but what if there will be motorcycles in GT6 and on rally courses you can ride KTM dirt bikes! Oh that would be awesome.

  30. May. 9, 4:56pm

    LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! IMPORTANT NEWS! The event is a closed media event none of the public will be able to participate.

    • May. 9, 8:21pm

      That isn’t important.

    • May. 9, 8:40pm

      And in other important news, the Dacia Sandero will come standard with stability control, electronic brake force distribution and patterned cloth seating.

    • May. 12, 1:48am

      ^ GOOD NEWS!


  31. May. 9, 4:53pm

    X-BOW vs Fireblade anyone?

    • May. 9, 6:37pm

      XBow vs GSX-4 would be more appropriate, me thinks. Fireblade is butt ugly, IMO ;)

  32. May. 9, 4:34pm

    How great would it be if they announced GT6 and it was coming out next month? I hate how when games are announced and then we all have to wait and anticipate for months. Why can’t we do it like CDs? They announce them like 1 month before the release. In the case of Radiohead they announce it like 1 week before release. Why can’t we do that PD, I don’t want to sit with an itch for months!

    • May. 9, 5:34pm

      I know artist that announce CDs as early as a year before they’re officially released lol.

    • May. 9, 9:29pm

      Guns ‘N Roses comes to mind… funny story when I preordered my GT5 collectors edition, you got to come up with a little gift message thing, and I put a lil joke in it, just being a smarta$$. GT5, the Chinese Democracy of Gran Turismo? Little did I know how many people would actually believe that and see it more then just a joke…

  33. May. 9, 4:19pm

    Alright! I love track cars and it would be a riot to have a track car series in GT6 with PREMIUM cars! I hope for the Ariel Atom as well though, I like them more then KTM X-Bows. I would really love Radicals too, they make fantastic cars for a spec series!

    • May. 9, 5:22pm

      I agree, I would love to have some kind of track day range of cars, Caterham R500, KTM X-Bow, Aerial Atom, Radicals, Lotus 211. Would be amsome fun.

  34. May. 9, 3:59pm

    Looks like a bumper car on steroids.

  35. May. 9, 3:49pm

    Thing looks like a Decepticon.

  36. May. 9, 3:03pm

    Those are the cars seen in “Race of Champions”, aren’t they?

    • May. 9, 3:12pm

      Yes, the X-Bow were at the Roc for many races. Drivers like it, but not KTM for drivers detroyed a lot of X-Bow during the practices.

  37. May. 9, 2:43pm
    Pit Crew

    That X-Bow is just plain …Nasty.

    Why am I not surprised to see Audis hand in its development.

    • May. 9, 3:01pm

      It’s something, at least. I think the X-Bow is awesome.

    • May. 9, 3:30pm
      tube chaser

      C’mon Pit, you don’t fancy a spin in Batman’s orange kart?

    • May. 9, 3:32pm

      Its not in its development, just an engine. You dont see bmws hands over Weismann or Mercedes over Paganis cars. Its a block they order. The car is great but expensive, handles well but only if dry and driven correctly, after all its a track purpose car nothing more (Aerial Atom rival)

    • May. 9, 4:25pm

      Wait, what’s wrong with Audi? Nobody in the GT racing world runs a better program then Audi, no question and that’s regardless of wether you pull for them or not. Car manufacturers in the VW groups help each other a lot but KTM isn’t part of the group so why is it not a surprise?

    • May. 9, 5:34pm

      @ Pitcrew –




      Completely out of touch with reality.

      Do you’re homework on how innovative Audi and the VAG group are.

    • May. 9, 7:14pm

      Agreed nurburg

    • May. 9, 7:44pm
      Pit Crew

      @ Nurburthing. Get off your High Horse dude. I do my homework, which is why I said that. I could careless if you agree. You just worry about what you know, and correct me if im wrong on real world facts. Other then that dont go out your way to put down peoples opinion just because you don agree with it.

    • May. 9, 8:20pm
      Pit Crew

      I guess I could have chosen my words a little better. When I saw it uses an Audi engine, I was like wow Audi power an innovative design, it looks like a heck of a vehicle. Doesnt mean im out of touch with anything but of course, Internet Thugs go out of theit way to stress insults,

      Audi gets around in motorsports and I have the utmost respect for them. The words surprised and development…yeah maybe not the best way to phrase my OP.

      Maybe should have said; And it uses an Audi engine, which probably transforms it into an animal on the track, especially at that Power to weight ratio. During its development of all the companies they could have sourced an engine from KTM chose an Audi, meaning these guys are serious about competing in their respective race class.

    • May. 9, 11:32pm

      I love the audi ktm mix I have the same motor in my a4 and its fast I could only imagine it in something that weighs nothing and since I ride ktms that’s just a plus for the name but I think me a nurb looked at it wrong cause I read it now and it seems like you were +1 audi and ktm

    • May. 10, 12:09am

      is the X-Bow faster than the V8 Atom?

    • May. 10, 1:35am

      The Atom is faster. It wins in handling and as far as power it’s V8 kills the KTM X-Bow’s 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine. It does have an Audi and it is turbocharged, but its not a big Audi.

    • May. 10, 1:56am
      Pit Crew

      ^ Word is the KTM X-Bow is expected to receive a new 335- 480 hp 5 cylinder, in a couple years. Testing the 335hp with prototypes now.

      Yes tube chaser I would love a ride in that car. Its quite snazzy, just looks so much fun to flog around the track on a crisp Saturday afternoon at Virginia International or Summit Point.

    • May. 10, 4:27am
      tube chaser

      You know it compadre! Although I have an urge to rip it a new one around Trafalgar Square at midnight. In GT6 of course; the rozzers here are too co-ordinated in their wee Vauxhalls.

    • May. 10, 11:46pm

      Still not quite the 500 HP the Ariel Atom is packing though! Love the Atom.

  38. May. 9, 2:42pm

    Looking at the teaser, it looks like it’s a possibility that PD would be focusing on more sports cars. This is good news.

  39. May. 9, 2:37pm

    Please tell me the KTM is coming to Gran Turismo!!!!!!

  40. May. 9, 2:25pm

    What are the bloody ticket prices to the event!?!?!! Is it free!?!?! I can go if I wanted to but I need bleed’n prices!

    • May. 9, 3:18pm

      I would imagine it’s invite only :(

  41. May. 9, 2:20pm

    Great… can’t wait to drive this marvel around the ring..!!!

    • May. 9, 4:35pm

      Kart Space. >:)>

  42. May. 9, 2:18pm

    Looking forward to this.

  43. May. 9, 2:11pm

    Who will you send there guys ?

    • May. 9, 2:20pm

      I’ll be attending and covering the event.

    • May. 9, 2:26pm

      @Jordan is the event free? Send me the ticket prices as I could go too :) Thanks mate!

    • May. 9, 2:44pm

      It’s an invitation-only media event, not open to the public, unfortunately.

    • May. 9, 3:22pm

      @ Jordan. Find out EVERYTHING you can on GT6 that day. You know, the insides & outsides…. lol
      Hopefully, you can give us alot of info on May 15th! And thanks!

    • May. 9, 3:27pm
      tube chaser

      This indicates its gonna be a huge event fellas. I mean a train ticket for Famine is a lot cheaper than an air ticket for Jordan. Bring_it_on!

    • May. 9, 4:07pm

      I’d just like to know an up to date list of cars for GT6. If old and new cars will be there at Silverstone: E30 M3, M4, M6, 1955 Mercedes-Benz Le Mans race cars, CLK BLACK, SLS BLACK, Homda RA272, Jaguar D-Type, F Type, Audi RS5, R8 GT. I could only hope but, I’m guessing the cars from Gran Turismo past will be on display and not new in-game cars.

    • May. 9, 4:27pm

      @05XR8 You forgot the 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO (starts drooling)

  44. May. 9, 2:10pm

    Once again, thank you Jordan for keeping us all update with any and all news. : ) :cheers:

    • May. 9, 2:11pm


  45. May. 9, 2:09pm

    Hell yeah ktm

  46. May. 9, 2:09pm

    The fact that Jaguar is attending COULD lead to the possibility of some more of their cars being included in-game. Seeing as how all we have right now are a few old models, the XK and the XJR-9.

    But hey, speculation is speculation.

    • May. 9, 3:35pm

      Plus XKR-S – Thats a beast
      XJR – the power of luxury
      F-type ……- the new E-Type, nuf said

    • May. 9, 4:29pm

      The new F-Type is a supreme disappointment. The car doesn’t follow the lineage sleek, sexy designs laid out by the C-type, D-Type, and E-Type. It just looks like a normal Jag and doesn’t at all resemble the sporty shape of past Jag-Type models. It would have looked good if it was new back in 2003, but today that car is an extreme disappointment.

    • May. 9, 6:33pm

      The XJ220 could do with a premium makeover. That car’s fast! Impressive for a V6.

  47. May. 9, 2:07pm

    The X-Bow was in some game before though wasn’t it? I swear I remember driving it in some PS2 game just can’t remember which one.

    • May. 9, 4:40pm

      It was in LA Rush on the PS2 and also in Test Drive Unlimited. Booyashaka!

  48. May. 9, 2:06pm

    X-Bow would be cool unless PD does with it what they did with the Firebrand 7: make it unable to participate in seasonals, never develope a race for it and make it just a gimmick that nobody cares about. kinda like the Nike One in GT4. DON’T get to excited about this one; it’s not a Skyline or S2000 so Kaz won’t be overly supportive of it in his obsession er…his game

  49. May. 9, 1:53pm

    YESSSS!!!! I love KTM and X-Bow, sick car. :) I bet it will be in GT6, but I never knew they make motorcycles though. Motorbikes in GT6? Either way. I’m really happy to see KTM join in the event, I’ve always wanted them to be apart in GT, and it’s finally happening! :D

    So can not wait for next week. :) The reveal of GT6 (I hope) will blow everything away! XD

    • May. 9, 4:32pm

      Motorcycles and off road vehicles are where KTM made their name, the X-Bow I believe has been their only foray into cars, and its hasn’t got the highest reviews compared to its peer group probably for that reason.

    • May. 9, 6:58pm

      ^ Ohh alright. Thank you for the info about KTW Amac500. To bad the X-Bow didn’t get good reviews, but I still love it either way of course. :) If KTM and X-Bow does get into GT6, I’ll drive it at Silverstone and Bathurst. :D

  50. May. 9, 1:53pm

    I can’t wait anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. May. 9, 1:52pm

    I’m not a huge fan of that car, but it would be great addition to the Gran Turismo world :)

  52. May. 9, 1:51pm

    X-Bow in GT6 simply HAS to happen. Has to.

  53. May. 9, 1:48pm

    hell yeah

  54. May. 9, 1:47pm


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