New GT6 Senna Tribute Video Reveals ’83 WSR British F3 Car

May 21st, 2014 by Jordan Greer


The latest Ayrton Senna Tribute video teaser has been officially released by Polyphony Digital, and it includes our first in-game look at some of the new content, including Senna’s Lotus 97T and 1978 DAP Kart.

The video also reveals Senna’s West Surrey Racing formula car, which he used to win the 1983 British F3 championship in dramatic fashion.

As announced, the free GT6 Senna content will be released Tuesday, May 27th. Stay tuned for more info!

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  1. May. 27, 11:32am

    sorry, untrue :-(

  2. May. 27, 11:17am

    I believe it is loading here now..

  3. May. 27, 11:02am

    ”As announced, the free GT6 Senna content will be released Tuesday, May 27th. Stay tuned for more info!”

    what a joke ,, ha haha hha ha ha a hha a ahh ,,

  4. May. 27, 12:52am

    So where is the update? Is it not at midnight like normal?

    • May. 27, 8:56am

      haven’t we already got the content in the last update and it just needs unlocking? I’m thinking that the VW is debuted tomorrow. Whether it was in game or not who knows. But was the M4 released the day it was debuted at the motorshow? Can’t remember. But if they release the VW in GT the same day as it’s debut tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be midnight tonight or something? It would be nice to know whats going on though.

    • May. 27, 12:26pm

      nvm. Just seen the newest news regarding the VW.

  5. May. 26, 11:49pm

    Does anybody remember in GT3 when they had that Lotus F1 from Senna. Why PD don’t wanna put every single car that Senna driven from McLeran MP4/4- to the 8 version. PD have the money but they need to get help from Project cars for sounds and cars.

  6. May. 23, 9:49pm

    The hell song is that?

  7. May. 22, 11:51am

    And it’s suddenly private.

    • May. 22, 12:18pm

      Also on PD site?


      That Lotus is comming for sure, but where are the F2007 and F2010 from ferarri? I mis those cars in GT6.

    • May. 22, 6:28pm

      yus that is weird.

  8. May. 22, 10:18am

    Damn, it is released the day I go on holiday to Malta. Looks like I may try to download it before I go to the airport.

  9. May. 22, 8:30am

    next is his paddle baby kart, right? So cool…. and no need for engine sound, yeah!

  10. May. 22, 8:19am

    Yes! Classic F1 cars are coming to GT6 :D

  11. May. 22, 7:33am

    He was murdered.

  12. May. 22, 6:10am

    I swear this trailer shows four cars!?

    • May. 22, 8:45am

      When did they show this 4th car?

    • May. 22, 11:02am

      I think he means the Toleman TG184. Pause in 1:23 and take a look at the picture on the left. There isn’t an in-game look from it though…

  13. May. 22, 3:16am

    Senna content without cars that he won the F1 World championship (MP4/4)(MP4/5B)(MP4/6)!!!!!
    Pd is BLIND or its me???? :)

    • May. 22, 3:22am

      We don’t know exactly the extent of the Senna content until we get it, there may be a few suprises, like the BMW VGT car that was not even mentioned….

    • May. 22, 3:43am

      Apparently some of the Senna Mclarens can’t come to GT6 as codemasters has exclusitivity rights for F1, I could be wrong though, so please don’t quote me on that.

    • May. 22, 4:41am

      i see.
      too bad for the exclusivity stuff…..

    • May. 22, 4:48am

      Licensing, what a bummer, hope it is wrong, would love to have a blast of that monster Mclaren

    • May. 22, 6:58am

      Simraceway has the MP4/4. They have quite a few mclarens. 7 F1’s including the M23, M26 and the more modern stuff. Plus they have 7 other cars. Like the M8C, M1B, M6GT. So maybe the exclusive deal is with them.

    • May. 22, 7:32am


    • May. 22, 9:32am

      @TheGTGuy, CM has exclusivity rights for current F1 only… for F1 2013 they couldn’t get any rights to use any classic McLaren (I clearly remember people complaining a lot for not getting any Senna car or other content for that game, as back then no one knew about PD having acquired the rights from Instituto Ayrton Senna)

      Having said that I hope we not only get the MP4-4 with which he got his first title, but also the MP4-8 from ’93 with which he performed some miracles in that season in order to achieve 5 wins against the massively superior Williams FW-15

    • May. 23, 4:18pm

      @Bom15 How the funk does simraceway even have the money to afford the license, GT trounces it in funding.

    • May. 26, 6:35pm

      And I know that how? Ask them. Just pointing out that they have a fair few of there cars. So maybe they have some kind of deal.

    • May. 26, 6:39pm

      What I do know is they charge a fair bit for the cars and have a few top drivers involved in some way or another. Allan Mcnish for example. But I know what you mean. I tried it ages ago and didn’t really like it. Only know about what happens there cos I haven’t unliked their FB page.

  14. May. 22, 3:14am

    awwwwwwwwwwwwww yiiiiissssssssssssssssss

  15. May. 22, 2:57am

    This is the same trailer that was taken out of the 1.07 patch via the ninja update/ hotfix. Nothing new really.

  16. May. 22, 2:15am

    @1:10 Senna is so good he doesn’t even need to steer his kart!

  17. May. 22, 1:07am

    “New GT6 Senna Tribute Video Reveals ’83 WSR British F3 Car”

    Look, but don’t touch. And just be content, will ya?

  18. May. 22, 12:08am

    Those hoping for an MP4/4 are going to be disappointed. It isn’t happening.

    • May. 22, 3:02am


  19. May. 21, 11:44pm

    I hope we get the MP4/4. I mean, come on…we have his suit from 1988, the same year that car raced. That wouldn’t make any sense at all to not include it.

  20. May. 21, 11:04pm

    McLaren MP4-4.. please… I’m begging you please. that was arguably his most iconic car and this whole Senna content wouldn’t be complete without it

    • May. 22, 1:53am
      drag lab 101

      I feel the same way.. It’s what I hoped most for with this.

    • May. 22, 6:25pm

      @ drag lab 101 I certainly don’t feel the same way after seeing double periods in a sentence. #MINDGAMES

    • May. 23, 6:45am
      drag lab 101

      @ GTP_GTDOJO.. Oh, what a surprise to see you trolling me here to stalker. Glad to see you can still stay on subject at hand as well.
      Would you like my autograph cupcake since you’re stalking me officially now?
      I mean how many useless two cent bits are you gonna try & come up with.
      You continue to public troll sweetheart, just gonna end up getting you banned junior.

  21. May. 21, 10:53pm
    Mini Stiggy

    Sweet :D

  22. May. 21, 10:51pm


    This is such a disappointment compared to trailers of GT5…

  23. May. 21, 10:47pm

    Whats the car at 1:14?

  24. May. 21, 10:38pm

    It would’ve been nice if this actually came out on his anniversary and not at the end of the month smh.

  25. May. 21, 10:38pm

    Hopefully the Toleman F1 car is still possible…

  26. May. 21, 10:37pm

    Really looking forward to this car, I think it’ll be great fun on Comfort Softs or Sports Hards.

    • May. 22, 1:27am

      How about running it on rims? Now THAT would be a challenge for the brain dead, wouldn’t it? …lickers. Polyphonies Dummies has now concentrated on the kneeding money cows from the west. GT6 was the knife in the gut for the franchise, Project CARS will be the trusted friend with the katana that will chop the “head” off. Can’t wait… Really!


    • May. 22, 2:51pm

      “How about running it on rims? Now THAT would be a challenge for the brain dead, wouldn’t it? …lickers.” – Huh?? That’s too cryptic even for

  27. May. 21, 10:34pm

    Surises the trailer didn’t show more , though they seem to reveal 1 at a time don’t they? I would be hugely surprised if we didn’t get Kartodromo du Interlagos, which is the track at the start of the GT6 intro video. Also if we don’t get Interlagos with the update I expect it to be the final track in GT Academy.

    • May. 21, 10:36pm

      Final track in GT Academy is Spa. I’m pretty sure we ain’t getting Interlagos at all.

  28. May. 21, 10:30pm


    • May. 21, 11:12pm


    • May. 22, 1:35am


    • May. 22, 5:00am


    • May. 22, 10:51am

      What the hell? o_O

    • May. 22, 11:16pm

      @Toko, “the trolls strike back” (Star Wars reference) lol.

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